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ELVEN COLLECTORS’ GUIDE Po a CC) Va re What is a Collectors’ Guide? The Elven Collectors’ Guide isthe definitive tome for anyone interested inthe Elven miniatures range. its ideal for anyone who collects Elves, containing the full range of Elven models and their component parts We've laid the range out following the various Elven Warhammer Armies books. All the Hero choices are in one section, followed by Core, Special and Rare units. We hope this wll make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or Components you are looking for. The Elven Collectors’ Guide is far more than a simple catalogue. Also included within are a number of other features such as painted examples of Elven colour schemes, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staf, conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. So if you collect, paint or game with Elves, then this is the book for yo. h Classic Range Models ss ‘When you reach the Components section, you will find that some of the models are labelled \, as Classic and Collector Classic Range Classic Range models (like the Elven Champion pictured top right) are no longer available in stores but are still ideal for use in your army. Collectors’ models Collectors’ models are no longer available in stores but represent a real piece of Games. Workshop history (some models being over 10 years old!). Although they are mostly no longer covered by the rules, these models still make great collectors’ pieces or as a basis: for conversion work Mordheim Mordheim is a tabletop skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. Many of the models (lke Aenur Sword of Twilight pictured bottom right) are fully compatible with the € Warhammer range, and make a great basis for conversions, Don't worry, all the Classic, Collectors’ and Mordheim modets will be clearly labelled inside. Ordering any ofthese models is simple and convenient. All you have to dois select your ‘models from this book then use any of the following ordering methods below. How can | order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you use our in-store ‘order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any of the catalogues available in the stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the worl. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is most convenient for you. ONLINE STORE ‘The Games Workshop Online Store carries the ful range of Elven miniatures, as well as a large selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our website is secure. With our fast order picking your order willbe in your hands in no time, To visit our online store go to: www. GIVE US A CALL We have a team of Hobby Specialists standing by to take your call If you would lke to order anything from this Collectors Guide, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 $1 40000, WRITE TO US It you prefer to post your order or write usa letter then send i to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. Piet Ps: CONTENTS I 2 Elven Realms 4 High Elf Realms 7 High Elf Components ist Lords & Heres 19 High Elf Components ist: Core 29 High Ef Components list: Special 37 High Elf Components ist: Rare 42, High Elf Collectors! Models 44, High Ef Showease 5 DarkElf Realms 55. Dark Elf Components list Lords && Heres 6 Dash Elf Components list: Core 69 Dark Elf Components list: Special 77 ask Elf Component is: Rare 8: Dark Ef Collector’ Mocls 84 Dark Elf Showease 02 Wood Ef Realms 95, Wood Elf Components ist: Lords & Heroes 105 Wood Elf Components list: Coe 115 Wood Elf Components ist: Special 124, Wood Elf Collectors’ Models 12s. Mordheim Elf Models Wood Elf Components lst: Rare 136 Wood Elf Showcase 4 crepits etn Ce i ar GH ELF LORD coupled wily rrowledge. 5 Mga feminine et Mage exten of the fos expansion at the ih of tr Safari por. For wore delailed cartographic gplendaurs Z refer tye honourable gultenan Logie te7*: pre lla ee austere, they are fair of fate, but fierée of spi eirs is arcale-of ingernecine warfare when brother foughe brother in a bitter civil war. The island of Ulchuan is where the High Elves make cheir hoi t fand of soaring mountain peaks and mysterious forests, It is a magical land + for the High Elves are at one withthe ancient art of sorcery ~ wreathed in, protective watds and sigils to deter invaders. For allitheir power and majesty, though, the High Elves are a race in decline. Their ey days are but faded memory, tinged by remembered betrayal. E aughty and noble, che High Elves are @he< tu old races oftehy world. Tall and are af Serpents “ths ccalm is noted for wizardry and within i stands the White Tower, home ofthe Loremaster of Hocth. Is a sparsely poplated lap where tbe Sebiy of Suphery study the as of mage and many choose voiht in ‘Bamle as wizards. : =e om al ove thu deen young Eves ao come ope of being accepted into the Order of Swordmasters ‘Satrors are trained by the Loremasters in the most ancient and arcane of Seal ars; blade mastery, Their distinctive weapon fs the Jouble-banded Srcadsword, a massive weapon they wield as easly a an ordinary Ef might ‘Sandia «knife or dagget. Few can match the phyieal dexterty ofthese, the Guardians of the White Tower. Is sud that they are 9 swift they are capable “ef deflecting an arrow inflight, oF Sighting in total darkness with nought but Ses breath vo guide their hand Chrace ‘Ghaace is mountainous and forested region, with soaring barren peaks and ‘éeep woodland areas, making ita wild and inhospitable place. So much so Sat the Elves of Chrace are an altogether hardier Elf than most of those found in Ulthuan, “The inhabitants of this domain are all renowned as skilled hunters. The swarsiots of Chrace often wear furs and animal pelts over their armour 3s oaks of decorative collars. The most famous are the White Lions who have been the protectors of the Phoenix King since the time of Caledor the Fist. ln battle, such is the determination of the White Lions, they would rather die ‘han abandon theirlord in battle and as such they are often the bodyguard of igh Elf nobility. These brave warriors are distinguished by their white lon ‘pelts and woodsmen’s axes; a weapon so sharp it could hew a full-grown free in half with one swing Ellyrion Ellyrion isa segion of verdant open plains that stretch for many leagues and itis ‘one of the true wild regions of the magical island of Ulthuan, Such a domain lends self wel tothe pursuit of horsemanship and the Fives who {habit Fllyrion belong tothe horse kindeeds, with their herds of fine Elven "Steed, By tradition, the watrors ofthis realm are expert riders generation afer {re aught the arts of horscback warfare ftom a young age. These ators, known as Ellylan Reavers, arc experts with botk spear and bow: fn ses during the bleskest period of High Elf history, the Sundering twas the Caledor’s cal to arms. They fought against the ‘Dark Elves that plage m + tne beleaguered forces Bt High Fives. Since that day the Elyian Reavers hi dover been scout gthe open plains and keeping the lands of Ulthuan “They bear the duty proudly and i distinctive feature of | i OR ee ELVEN REALMS a Caledor iDiei < * Caledor isa sparsely populated, rugged. voleanic region which haben. | home o Dragons ing ancen ins, Though Aw such gh beats 2, hhave seemingly dwindled into myth and legend, there are some that exist still and the warriors of Caledor ~ descendants of the nobles that onée rode them — bear arms and armour reflecting the awesome majesty oF the Dragons. The folk of Caledorfvout hot Rr colours for sel ples and {crate mot and Tey ate ly Eves wo Crmmony use HAE fo ples und eres The ning of Dragongll arora Gor andi fom bese tha the Dragon Pines fom, Tel armour Pepe rey ey ; Sts os hoy eee raed frotecton gm fire Such the psd of he Dragon Proce tat th! CMa guia tacremeie Geet veloeel MEME aches ae evel wg oredye te ule ofthe Ponca Eig bres br The Shadowlands ‘The kingdom once known as Nagarythe was destroyed by the sorcery of the Dark Elves during the Sundering. Its population was scattered and became ‘nomadic, wandering in the wilderness of northern Ulthuan, This most heinous act has embittered the inhabitants of the Shadowlands and none feels the betrayal oftheir Dark Kin more acutely than them, The warriors of this realm are known as Shadow Warriors. Organised in small bands, they specialise in sceking and ambushing Dark Elf raiders. Bven in times of relative peace, which are few and far between, the Shadow Warriors ddo not rest. They scour the barren hills and maintain an everwatebful vigil, ‘upon the turbulent shores waiting for the inevitable Dark Elf raiders, They favour dark-tinted armour and tunics and plumes decorated with dark colours, especialy blues and sombre greys. n battle, the common weapon of the Shadow Warrior is the bow: cf < Tiranoc ‘The ancient relam of Tiranoc les on the south-east cast of Uthuan. It is a wild Jand of high mountain crags and dense forests. Its shores lead out into the Sea of Serpents, a dangerous and turbulent stretch of water. ‘The inhabited regions of Tiranoc are largely made up of coastal plains and itis here than the ancient ways of charioteering are stil practised. Before the Sundering there were many charioteers of Tiranoc, whiose skill in this art of warfare was unmatched. A single __word from the charioteers ofthis realm is enough to steady the resolve of a quailing steed: their merest touch all that is required to direct the crushing force of their chariots into the enemy. Alas, the slocy days of Tiranoc are gone, for much of the realm sank into the sea ‘during the Sundering, a fate that the High Elves of Tiranoc have not forgotten: nor Will ever forgive. They endure stil hough, fighting from “the backs of chariots with bow and spear, ever ready’ to crush the {enemies of Ulthuan beneath the whecls of their ancient war ‘machines, Section One: Lords & Heroes Pears trae poss om, robe rs ayy rot So unr ot Can remy ne carey Pe cata mt gr le ans ayo pss Pes ute a dacs ly Sas eo toe ce op we: Rnd eas a rae ernest T TORDS & HEROES 7 Prince Tyrion sonerororte e2 sameniion es PRINCE TYRION po sro 22 sobbtor ets Compete ve ‘TVRION HELMET SPRUE "TYRION HORSE HEAD 9e7et0K007 800 oaroaotons £1.50 Classic Range ‘es rode eo lrger sata see bt cl ery een our hgh Eko. ® “TYRION HORSE TAL “TyRION swoRo ARM TymION B00" MALHANDIR HORSE HEAD au o1015.6op ‘uimzroror 1.80 socezinron 8 setazion02 £1.50 eran rs my heaps sac re cot tie hops run eet abn wap a et TWGH ELF LORD st amp seams «3 soroeneat £9 {\ ot arn sera a aa ones yw cent meh Pen is ae easton srg vm Sees samp wee ae at urine a on TORDS & HEROES | Prince Imrik IWRIK DRAGON LOWER JAW WRK ORAGON UPPER JAW = ceemnentrtate eecastions cae ereara ech Seri ) Xu a meneceareas ssamaarane E LORDS & HEROES: Classic Range sso 20 rye alae sores Dut St petty ease nr gh 9 Classic Prince Imrik ‘CLASSIC DRAGON HEAD ‘CLASSIC DRAGON RIGHT WING CLASSIC ORAGON LET WING eozonaet £4 euasaie STAROLADE ‘Lassie PRINCE MARK ‘CLASSIC PRINCE RIK BACK. ‘CLASSIC DRAGON RIGHT ARM TANCE ‘nici. £4 somone 2 serononaue £2 .GON HORNS, ‘CLASSIC DRAGON LEFT LEG Peo mr so Prot res mayan Fes npn ums Caan Cea yb gr fl ‘Snore lly ane rs Pre sot ets say Ga We uo Ses ase wm reed TORDS & HEROES i Classic Prince Imrik ‘CLASSIC DRAGON NECK. ‘CLASSIC DRAGON TAL CLassic DRAGON BoOY serotooans £3 soaroeaets 22 SBUTzOTEI £4 Classic Griffon Classic Range ‘These msn a noone bln sows, bt "espera a hy Heh tay Ee cLassic LeFT CLAW ‘CLASSIC GRIFFON TAIL ‘renown chs ‘spetzonce e150 sarotooate £1.28 CLASSIC GRIFFON'S BODY LEFT SIDE _—_CLASSIC GRIFFON'S BODY RIGHT SDE (cLassiC LEFT WING. CLAssic RIGHT WING ‘urazonn0t ts souronee £3 soreziono0e £3, ‘aweaone20 3 eae rat pune on rt crs ayy Pri ein eae Cth Cah pis ye gros winch Pcs creat tie on ops pase 12 "Catto acy ars Ps ied a posts anes onion Begs ue Ses cub el aes rept mcg i | = LORDS & HEROES High Elf Mages a ‘w. 021113 gH ELE MAGE 2 B0DY WiGH ELF MAGE 3 EAGLE WIGHELEMAGE2 800 HGH ELF MAGE 2 BASE sucdziatisn et Sooo 128 ‘ovroroti2 ee oucotoin ea Fes ae pues yc canes my vay Po pi a en, ar Ch prac may be argos ect Pct cecal ie fg pr ph Streator Pc ue pecs ae tg Pou sn Se te or aged se ae gre emma er sen 13 TORDS HEROES 7 High Elf Mage Teclis Classic High Elf Mage Teclis _ Classic Range \ ‘sm ano eer alin sos, ite prey nl ny gh my ‘CLASSIC TECLIS WGH ELF MAGE Souolnai" £9 Complete Gann moo Classic High Elf Mages arama Sarat Fete ample ct gh Ete aunts CLASSIC HIGH ELF MAGE MOUNTED CLASSIC TETHANHIGH ELF MAGE CLASSIC HIGH ELF MAGE soarozongont £5 coUIeIOI01 5 seroaoeam2 £8 ts ae pp rt cr re Pub liga an eben Ce pic ray gps are res core at ie fo ap ase 14 Coat snr iy ab pce Se tad wr paar soy Gane Woo rehome cea sags as ess ean er Pres = LORDS & HEROES High Elf Heroes HGH ELF HERO 2 SPRUE HIGH ELF HERO 1 SPRUE NIGH ELF HERO 9 80W surenioriot 22 Towers 2 soaroaiorats 61.28 Pee aan ne ea bo ny nt ne spe Gans Wesaap tess ann ste Sac ete Hee ene atrmeey atom pes 1S TORDS & HEROES Classic High Elf Heroes Classic Range eta n your hgh Erm. CLASSIC HGH ELE HERO WH SPEAR 2 {CLASSIC KORHIL, CAPTAIN OF THE WHITE LIONS High Elf Hero Eleharion ELTHARION sourtoniot 85 ‘urapiovite 2 | concert Er Comp Pi rere pnt ty, rat cone aay Prt eat nur Oth Ch pds ay pes une, come atta gg es. ase 16 "Somer sor ty pce Prt sr rosa Se Wa pio ates See ee, ede ae eg ran nee a LORDS & HEROES Siciastic Range Classic Everqueen and Maiden Guard sec pong wale sos, it spre wate nour hone ms. ‘CLASSIC EVEROUEEN AN MAIDEN GUARO (Gosaine 2 moses} ‘cuassic MAIDEN GUARO oxeI2O5t 6 (Coma 3 con esl) emt ues oy nhc Met po wy Et Vasu eg ens apne reo area nny a 7 You must understand how to command your army: to conduct its many diverse parts into a symphony of destruction; to weave the potent sorceries of your battle mages with the rain of deadly shafts from our archers: to form an impregnable line of spears from which the armoured might of your cavalry can leap to smash the foe. And if you leam all these things then, and only then, will you be a true prince. __ ae COREUNITS— ;{ Section Two: Core Units r “COREUNITS High Elf Sp CORE UNITS High Elf Archers CORE UNITS High Elf Silver Helms i Sys how at acu High Elf Shields NIGH ELF SILVER HELMS SHIELO SPRUE ‘ne oo" 2 Lr SwELDS. oH ELF stleLo SPRUE ssoiateee bop 8 High Elf Horses Spa shom tac si. (mre ele (andombor bo) (ase oe ea) ese tern pn ret nts mya ses spn use Cea Ce pcs ay geo recy re com ie gan pk, pase ‘Setrcaver aya Pes ue pit ody Ge oho Sees sre wie teeta we egrsbe Benn er oman 23 COREUNITS _— High Elf Classic Spearmen and Command < ‘Wes nde we ogra sos bt espero ae your Moh amy Snoonet ‘maa oan all onan eomeet moan e CLASSIC SPEARUAN PONT RAN 2 ‘iy } cans tac ms cuassec nan es casera Pert cainon wrt s0"2 gape sono see onan eas nan areamunn ron acs 4 pace te cxsaer arma mon m4 cas ersanans cuasse srearuana cxsau:eresra mama pot ssonntene as aca ‘Ths es oc Shes some (5865002) on ae 23. es ott pre nrc cas yr up nd eee Cain ict mb gwen eh, at ae tg» rs, 24 "Scr pe Prose neler pce ny Gans Weaap ote cao esl pre ps ne ao ee == COREUNITS — pepasic Range High Elf Classic Archers ro nn eae sas bt Spry enemy tet CLASSIC ARCHER CHAMPION _CLASSIC ARCHER MUSICIAN cusscancnen ‘cuassic ancien 2 " “tomers 3 ‘cuASsiC ARCHER 3 CLASSIC ARCHER « CcLassic ARCHER s cLassic ARCHER 7 ‘CLASSIC ARCHER 8 Setomoners £250 searaeoneron £250 searoeorares £250 fseroaray £250 Seraziocaros e280 : : % CLASSIC ARMOURED CLAssic ARMOURED CLAssic ARMOURED CLASSIC ARMOURED ARCHER ARCHER? ARCHER ‘ARCHER @ eines 250 sesroeuoat? £2.50 sserotvsza? £2.50 sesroeoreamn 12.50 ese eae paints ny: ue ents my, rat lps nasi nC posi ay gest acy re coe! ne gong pa, ease Sects from ay dps Pcs eo xr pos sy es eg Baus oe ur weed mss eager Georg wer ope 25 COREUNITS = High Elf Classic Silver Helms Classic Range ‘estes og a eta your oh my ete ange ot Case Hg Sher em SILVER HELMS LANCE SPRUE 1 SILVER HELMS LANCE SPRUE 2 ercvoten? £3 ‘surizioreeu . 4 \ ; : eee mcarieeat eer sere ener? ot rename ee es ek a ene atone eee SILVER HELIS sven Hews, SILVER HELMS SILVER ELS COMMAND LEGS —SILVERLeLUS LeGS2 STANOARO BEARER ‘CHAMPION MUSICIAN ‘earcoonane t.50 sauce E50 comcevatoy ©, scram ea someon ‘These es ete et is (890002 an ade Eh Ss (88895082 SHSR801) page 23. ee at uo on, rb ons yy rc np rd ra Cat i rots mb nes rac Pes re pig es a 26 "Cont aca ny ree ron ea py Ges Meo os oun cacao west reer ere epee mnt Meo kes _— CORE UNITS” Classic Range High Elf Classic Sea Guard ro nr sai nse bt pers tena He ary : GH ELF LOTHERN SEA GUARD COMMAND sootrise 7 (anaes mote) ‘GH ELF LOTHERN SEA GUAR ‘otros (cone andor ates) {LOTHERN SEA GUARD STANOARO BEARER LOTHERN SEA GUARD MUSICIAN LOTHERN SEA GUARD CHAMPION souczoisen 3 eereconsee £3 eeroensiot £2 ‘Theft Sol pe (08H000 on a8 2. er rane ppc yr ts ma ey Prt So pate wasn Cea Ca pac mayb EU TC Pn ea 9 TS ter cec aby and pee Pres cod es ay Gee Wee rep om Soe ey wos eee eas a ees em ‘TERIA? tp Ss POTCO\EOE top cons ap ‘TURING tp LOTHERN SEA GUARD QUIVER 6 sTOeSOne Op LOTHERN SEA GUARD QUWER 7 Seu O067 sap va ‘TEDIOSIS Op a a LOTHERN SEA GUARO GUARD 1 sorceons70" £250 | i , LOTHERN Sea GUARD GUARD 7 ‘aeroensta? £250 LoTHenN sea cuano| | i LOTHERN SEA GUARD GUARD 2 LOTHERN SEA GUARO GUARD 5 oncansns £250 ‘erceoosae £2.50 LoTHERN sea guano} sere O05708 £250 et et pp oy Panes ma ay Po lar er, en td prc may be gers erect Pct area ie ng Cova eave aay pices Me tla pass sab Gaes Woes rehome cope mb ane als a espn or x = SPECIAL UNITS Section Three: Special Units SPECIAL UNITS High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor é¢ WORSE HEAD? WORSE HEAD 2 our? e128 j \ {raGON PRINCE jragon mance DRAGON PRINCE DRAGON PRINCE [DRAGON PRINCE. DRAGON PRINCE SWORD euytirea” e128 RTCTOOR e128 SROOEEVNOS e150 sEUNONE e150 TIOIND 2 - “SPECIAL UNITS— ARRKRA soarotoote £150 DRAGON PRINCE ‘cuassic onAGON “SIANOARO BEARER PRINCE CHAMPION eereani2n ce eroacozas £4 / ceuassic oRAGON PRINCE BODY PRINCE BOOY’2 [DRAGON PRINCE BODY? «DRAGON PRINCE BODY DRAGON PRINCE BODY & [DRAGON PRINCE poi) comenovoas 3 eomreav000 ‘cOMluAN BODY Classic High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor oo Classic Range Bs i ‘Tes edo 20 ogy lal ses, i ‘pe ptey abe nyu gh amy soaazon3 £1.50 ctassic onAGON ‘PANE LEOS sserovorat £1.50 ‘CLASSIC DRAGON PAINE Boo" > sstreecotee 22 ete ape oa Case Hah Et nese Cae Rrra uns on, rat rt ayy rs upd al Cote pac mate ed era P cata et oe9 Str cae aly ares Psu eats sly Gara Wenn Seog oe Ss aap wise pnd lesa esol rene herons SPECIALUNTTS— High Elf Swordmasters of Hoeth gn 6 Sverre rs alti nou 'WiGH ELF SWOROMASTERS OF ‘sosat 8 cmpate [ MOHELFswonmuasTeRs OF HOETH COMIAND | [eer ered | Sample SWORDMASTER 1 4 § svoromsens svonounsens svonousrens svonourens seas oa Son svorousrens cones seeere, SEES sommes, Pts eae pons on: Prt conn ay Prob lpr seat Cah pecs aye ages arch rts coat ie of 9 rs, ae 2 Cataract rn et! pase soy Ges No regis cu es lg a sh, apace eal ssl ern Op _SPECIALUNITS— High Elf Tiranoc Chariot ‘TRANOC CHARIOT BASE Dt "Tranoc cwamon ACCESSORY SPRUE thax MoHsiEeNoSGaRoT | S=HARIOT BOWMAN TIRANOC CHARIOT SPEARMAN TRANG CHARIOT ‘TRaNoC CHARIOT TnaNoc CHARIOT FRONT mane 250, ‘orIzTONeD| TSO Ler Se. ‘RIGHT SIDE sorrozicone £2 secant €2 sedraeionans «2 ‘es odes ogra seb peyote nyu Moh Bay 7.SPOKED WHEELS sssbonor £128 TRANOG CHARIOT HAFT TRANOC CHARIOT YOKE | ‘CLASSIC CHARIOT ORIVER ‘oerzionens £280 SHTORONOIE £2 ‘anapiowon e8 fe Rt pues oy Pos canes my a Pod 5 eae as west, ea ld rcs may ea ry Pst eo es le Farr sy pcs rs tnt pst Gane: Macey teh oun ove coat oe nae sane arene SPECIAL UNITS— High Elf Shadow Warriors ‘High Et Shasow Waris arate availabe inthe fon TWiGH ELF SHADOW WARRIORS \ ‘osI210100 £8 Complete SHADOW WARRIOR 1 ‘SHADOW WARRIOR 2 SHADOW WARRIOR 3 SuTOROUON 250 voerozovon2 £250 omren01008 £250 soeroeoions £250 ‘uizioroos 280 ‘aerenoron" tao High Elf Ellyrian Reavers [earecpenrom ncen come] ea E ‘ig cng Pests pussy, rer cons ay, rb pn ce Ct Cae pes mayb i sarc rc core ste pa 34 Satu ron ny pcs Pn Qa a Duc ly Ges Noise ot sre ston ws one eles We mes een On [ELLYRIAN REAVER ‘COMMAND BODY REAVER TORSO + sSerctoot £1.50 Sewionsrs e150 seorronsin £150 SOUOTIE E10 ELLYRIAN REAVER BODY 1 ern rase Eh0 'WGH ELF ELLYRIAN REAVER Scs0210189 5 Compete Goa ao mae RAN ELLYRIAN REAVER TORSO? rotoet2 £4.50 somanioae e128 -ELLYRIAN REAVER ‘SWORD AR ELLYRIAN REAVER LE@S 2 earoonat c.50 ‘SPEAR SPRUE ELLYRIAN REAVER LEGS 3 surconsn? £4.50 ELLYRIAN REAVER STANDARD. souetaront t1.8 papi cn Prt ates may ary Pou sl ued ase Cx bl res mayb tng wt era Pt a at eg es as fae aya Ps uted rors aly Ge We vouh oe See anopr owned ees a Mpa eet copes 95 SPECIAEENITS— High Elf Steed sr en 706 sven stEED Head ren sreeosenut somes eas soos eae recon ow fremont eh Classic High Elf Ellyrian Reavers Classic Range ‘it gr ripen aan yer cuasae tava nenvEN cusssi Livan cuassic turnin cuassic eLLyman ‘Sanoano BEamen fekrencuaumion eave sos feaven must Sonnet Seon es) omens sons eso es feat pence yy Po pander nl prc mb nwo ary Ps ct a tg, 96 "Gunn cory an pe exe nee rpc Comes Wetap Bo foun sto ene epee a est ney Pe Section Four: are Units mse ey Ps cats ma ay. Feu sl ped nd sso Cana Ct pac ay ge fd cacy recreate a ee strc aya rere Ps ud a et 508 aes Won on) st Soe, er ete eet au ae apes ewe oer npr 7 TRAREGNITS a High Elf Bole Thrower ney or Complete (came 120 raver em) Classic High Elf Bolt Thrower Classic Range ‘asad neg al oe "osprey sab ya Meh Ea Taal (Comin So owe scam crew) Foe OF ae cuassic gout ranowen cuassc nour ranowen ‘cuassic sour THROWER, CcUAssic 8oLr THROWER: source £2.50 courts 250 seems £2.50 vomorn9t8| £250 a re ues Pre contr yr Prac upd esos Cra Ca recs mab nwo dara Pcs re et ig pes, ‘38 "Soc earn ny pcs rt Qa po Cre Noa ou nse cog et pr eeu TE a oo > High Elf White Lions a is: : a: ware LoNs STANDARD TOP searaeonst2"6op par gn te Lan ao wae i te ‘cowie HIGH ELF WHITE UONS COMMAND HIGH ELF WHITE LONS ‘oss e7 22021040 5 Compote Comin 3 mode) (Core 3 anor moto) 2 ‘ware uoN 3 ware uoN 4 snarztap 250 seatactnet2 £250 sereaonot 2.80 snerztopOo e250 wae LON 5 warre Low 6 watre Lon 7 mare u0N @ soratots £2.50 somrzi08 £250 voteton? 250 soaroaanone £2.50 seta prin oo es ayy Ps 0 rr res Cn CU i a ye ete ie pe fc yarns Pes ue ov ous 8 Gam Wnahop brah mm oe ap wee pr vs apa a TRAREGNITS High Elf Phoenix Guard i artes ample of High Bt Phonic Goze PHOENDK GUARD STANDARD BEARER PHOEND GUARD STANDARD Suna are ‘suze so7o20ro8 e150 Pate ample at PHOEND GUARD MUSICIAN ‘PHOENDX GUARD DRUM Hon Poms Gear Mean eorenovoon 2 drocotsts £1.25 ‘gh Er Pros: Guard and Hon Prosna Guar Command ar ao aati in the flowing eters . ‘WiGh ELF PHOENX GUARD (Gena ar oto) 'WGH ELF PHOENIX GUARD COMMAND ‘nostei0s £7 Complete Conans 3 eal) PHOENDX GUARD CHAMPION comeeiovo0y 3 es ott par cn, Pract my ey Pcs ol pnd eC el pcs mab nus score Pcs cae at ling 9s 40 "Cetus ey ange ee ed frp to ame Wap ng run seca et pre aes esp Seng Pa oe RAREUNITS — y/ PHOENX GUARD + PHOENDK GUARD 2 PHOEND GUARD HALBERD fare oa ‘newest counpovoste ez erceotote eh28 fmt ProeNx GUARD 9 woe cuano« woe ouanos Classic Range scl og ale sows, bt pete) a at Meh ay PHOENKGUARD1 CLASSIC PHOENKXGUARO 2 CLASSIC PHOENEC GUARD’3 CcLassic PHOENDC GUARD 4 seroeeonth 22 comcaionte = somenoni3 3 somenonio4 £3 ps rte puss rte cons ay ry Pros 8 nino Coan Ct ee me no sare Pc cor atopy pe a {Sea carr ny cs Pan ude wou oa) eres Wuor noah Sats cae wate Maar aes eae Sura eons COLLECTORS MODELS High Elf Collectors’ Models Goltectowv Nu (Coma Boo 2 ee) COLLECTORS" UNICORN LEFT (COLLECTORS UNICORN IGT rotors = ‘suaziovien ee Pe uaa ue Pr cs yr rs os np nd ake Cra Grice yb on rah Pe et pe ae 2 "Cow trcrrsnciy od pon raat pcb es Wersap tog on ss eo eh pec awa ose tenga om ls 4) Sa Zed under one banner we fought save all we had built. Those who se to enslave us saw that we not fall. In their spite they to destroy what they could mot possess and so came the ring. They broke the lands terrible magicks, and for a time in looked as though it would vanish beneath the tides. $0 Gees Voss ras wes spar =p HIGH ELVES ARMY OF TOR ELITHIS By Tommy Soull — Tommy: Almost all the pictures and models of High Elves we commonly see show them dressed in gleaming white robes and polished silver armour; these Elves [assume would mostly come from Ulthuan, so I decided that mine simply would not. I began perusing my White Dwarf mags and Army books for ideas, then I noticed the Gilead’s Blood novel on my book shelf: Now here was a picture of a High ELf that broke with the old cl show us a more grim and sinister side thé of whites and silvers to Aquick brows id map soon gave me my answer 1 where these Elves came from. Tor Elithis, south of the Tower of the Rising Comparing its global position over the Warhammer Games Workshop Manchester with Ulthuan, the colours I chose for my army were kind of justified (in a yiniyang sort of way). During the modelling of the army I tried to keep things simple, for the Champions in my units hav feather attached to their head -gear. The Silver Helms however, all have 1 le only feathers, but their Champion has a more ‘extravagant plumage to denote his rank above his fellow warriors. Another simple change was the weapon swap for the Swordms apping the more samurai - this came in the form of twenty Dire Avenger Exarch swords, all thumb and forefinger bliseringly pinned into place! SHOWCASE mee SHOWCASE The Emissaries of Dusk By Christian Byme - UK White Dwarf (Christian: This is my first Warham army, which I started nearly three years ago. They have since had a repaint 28 well as some new additions (the Swordmasters, the female mage and fnew Elven horses). The army is meant 10 represent the garrison of the Citadel of Dusk in the New World, something | decided after I had read the rulebook and the High Elf Army book. When deciding on the colour scheme I deliberately avoided the typical colours of High Elves. I wanted their Tocation in the New World to influence their choice of attire, while retaining a regal Elven look, The colours I chos. were Red Gore and Jade Green discontinued) which at frst loo 1 decided on a pure theme on the trims and headdresses. ‘The banners all have reference to fire signifying their allegiance to the Phoenix King, 00 points, plan to add other units. These will include another unit of Silver Helms, another chariot, wo more Repeater Bolt ‘Throwers, 16 White Lions and a Lord riding a Griffon, That should keep me busy for another year or $0, between ‘other painting projects Jharacters have a ofthe main features of the This High the Battle Standard Bearer and Teclis (no isan Archmage). represent the CONVERSIONS — High Elf Conversions SSWORDMASTER OF HOETH REGIMENT GH ELF ARIEY BATTLE STANDARD BEARER COLDEN DEMON High Elf Golden Demon Entries aH ELF LORD by Jeri Rene (her Denan Uk 128 SworouasreR of oem Recent olen Benn rs 208 "TYRON, EFENDER OF UHUAN TYRION, DEFENDER OF ULTHUAN eaten amen 10 Saye Sr We ronan USA 2008 Pte fe aon oo Pre cor a, Pr ue sete Ctan a pres aye gw nar Pcs coe te tig ps 0 Comunity apes he gtd a pos ay Ganes Woche rah rou eee cog pnt tes ease tng Pa Oo =~ # f ELVEN REALMS. DARK ELVES © + j a EF ar across the Great Ocean, to thelwest of the Old World, fies che vast.continéne of Naggaroth. Ie is a harsh and rugged wilderness above which dark clouds gather to unleash terfible storms upon the land, Beneath the massive mountain ranges lie a huge network of underground cavers through which the Dark Elves sail their dread Black Arks to launch surprise raids on.the distant kingdoms of the Old World, and further afield to Nippon and Cathay. But the principle target for Dark Elf invasion is the magical isle of UIthuan, the majestic homeland of all Elven kind, from which this Dark Kindred were exiled many millenia ago. eg (Chaos Wasteland aggarond Se are called upon to fight dectly for the lordly Malekith, he may = 10 send you a contingent of his personal guard. These are the Black a. the soldiery of our capital Naggarond, and they ae the ficeest ‘a ll of the Land of Chill. Wondrously ruthless and efficient on the cx. as well as immovable in defence, the Black Guard afe the terror of ‘enemies. This is especially true for our reviled kin of Ulthuan. Against Se traitors the fire of their eternal hatred burns bright and searing, and ‘wretched High Elves have fallen beneath their blades. ddo not misuse their abilities, for they owe loyalty only to the ‘Witch King himselt, and should they judge you to be at fault o, Sed, unworthy, you will answer 10 their deadly captain, Koun, ‘Sener swordsman is there in all of Naggaroth and his retribution Seek but lasting. Such unpleasantness isto be avoided if you value i and soul ar Ganeth talking about the warriors you can muster from amongst the tation, itis worthwhile to discuss the city of Har Ganeth, known as [Ganced Place by the slaves who are sent there. This city devoted 10 service of our great god Khaine in his aspect as the Executioner. Here raft of Death is held in the highest esteem. The elite warriors ofthis a the Executioners, and they are foremost amongst the warriors of, ‘ach King the Executioners wield the mighty draich, a powerful ded sword. Few enemies can resist it, and even the mightiest esfall toa single, deadly strike. Foothardy is the enemy who goes into swith the devotees of Har Ganeth without caution. Indeed, always syou deal well with the lords of Har Ganeth, for no Druchit wishes is neck caressed by the cold, unforgiving steel of theit blades, ond Kar ‘the distant days of Nagarythe, our folk have Jexperts at bending beasts and animals to However, some show exceptional fn this, and can command even the beasts with a single word. They are the SBeastmasters. When a child shows talent for ‘animals he i sent to the city of Karond Kar ‘under the masters who dwell there ter areal in Charge ofthe slaves for for and teil are io more than gee ELVEN REALMS WY. The Sky of Karond Kar 2 Ifyou ever visit the distant city of Karond Kar, you will witness a splecticle that ‘sil you with elation and fear in equal meastife, Upon te thermals of. the sacrificial pyres soar the Harpies ~ winged beasts with a savage, primeval beauty ‘Some claim they are the souls of slain Witch Elves given form, others ‘that they are a manifestation of Khaine in his aspect of the predator. ‘They are ereatures of Khaine, that is for suse, for they delight in the tormenting of their victims and feast upon raw Mesh. The Harpy isa sign of good fortune and itis claimed that if they were ever to desert the city, it would fall to the enemy within ninety days: Such dire portents are treated with utmost seriousness by our race and none should ever dubs theie veracity As such, even the sight of Harpies lying over the battlefields of foreign lands isa good omen, often said to be a precusor to the demise of the enemy: Black Spine Mountains While most of ous folk live in the security of our fortified cities, one of the clans, the Shades of the Black Spine Mountains, isa notable ‘exception, The Shades are silent and deadly brotherhood of ‘warriors who guard the mountain passes to the west. They live apart from the rest of Dark Elf society, waging an endless war against the ‘enemies of Malekth Many noble and proud warrior traditions of Nagaryihe are kept alive by these mountain warrior, inchiding the custom in which the newborn are treated. When an infant i born, its parents will lave it outside their tent {or the Bist night of ts fe, and only it survives st deemed Bt to be ‘sed amongst the Shades. Use the Shadow Brotheshood a your scouts and infltrators, for aone are more adept at the art of infiltration and reconnaissance The Dark Elf Fleet ‘Ac the core of our navy are the Black Arks, the great floating fortresses protected by the sorcerous wards of our wizardry. Each Black Ark garrisons an army of Corsairs, and is well equipped with the deadly Reaper bolt throwers A fearsome weapon, the Reaper will serve you well against any foe, cabable of piercing even the thickest armour and felling even mighty beasts. Together, “with the Corsairs, equipped with sturdy sea dragon cloaks, few can stand against a determined rad Alongside the Black Arks, whose majesty and power are enough to humble “ites, are smaller vessels, skiffs and slave-powered galleys which bring our ‘warriors rapidly to the shore or to board an enemy vessel. Though itis the fearsome Doomreavers and lofty Deathfortresses that are the most formidable ships of the lin. Such vessels are borne aloft by great creatures from the ‘depths andaised above the waves by the chilling calls of the Beastmasters. It is atop the sea serpents and kraken our artisans ruse defensive towers and shooting galleries. Section One: Lords & Heroes pet iy Pot cts my. Pits wpe and waste ean ith pts ay egos uel ea, recreate go Pe ce ya ree Ps a est su ae Wega sn es tour aru ane gre Semana ape 77 CORDS HEROES ZF) | Morathi [| wonari ow oan peaasus Seca 8 Complete PEGASUS RIGHT SIDE PEGASUS LEFT SIDE orar B00" Monae HEAD crease © fotos 3 ssercvzisnn £9 sources , ‘ PEGASUS LEFT WING PEGASUS RIGHT WING Peaasus HEAD oRariN HA serorzseat £9 reais? 3 sosroozsine e150 gpimziat Pee nate pues ny: rl cots ay ny Prat nn won Gotan Ct pais ayo cre i cat ae ta ras 5 "Coma my npc esata pe oy Ges Woop eng ane ows ep wba ns ee ego ene Oe ee LORDSMEHEROES AS l= Dark Elf Sorceress || \ 5 & | osreais! €7 | oneor20o" 6s Malus Darkblade ‘sre saw MALUS DARKBLADE SWORD sesrte2i05| cop somoznote £1.25, ssrre HEAD IMALUS DARKBLADE CLOAK sonee200 Compete te poss, Prot as ray Prof deat a sor. Coan Cat ec mayb crus ut re Pk ac el eg ps ee etc sy ers Pes uo ass st Gres Woes brah cw neoprene ies ers ong arene ST 7, TORDS HEROES Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth ‘oe one AM irc xine Booy Wc Kine HEAD wires xe ante ron nama CLOAK fevrenanaoy £4 parca £125 souroctzasns £128 cow £150 BLACK DRAGON RIGHT ARI BLACK DRAGON LEFT HAND irc kine sapoLe BLACK DRAGON HORNS serirzcstt =2 soon 2 70220985 6p sueriaanoon” £1.50, Pe rare pons: rs cons ay Pra uno Cta Cie hs me gees dae Pes ae we gD Pas ea sa Cactus mt pes hn qt ae pac ly Gres Noa rg cn seo oer eles ao wee ney Dew BE (ye . = i a Ec LACK DRAGON. aera LACK DRAGON LOWER JA ‘reeieone Chas 0 6p BLACK DRAGON RIGHT EAR TONNE 0p SLACK DRAGON LEFT EAR sur PLASTIC DRAGON wins soer2ome KS ZZ “ t SN ren a = PP 4 BLACK ORAGON TAIL LORDS & HEROES Dark Elf Beastmaster on Manticore ‘on waneicone covet 25 Complete node gars e Pac Dagon Wes ut orcas re rs pase eo ape 8. $ | Wagallet = 60 "Stree cy apr Meee Poses 08) One Woe Dark Elf Beastmasters | \| | | ani ei BeASTaasTER Phnaciaer es Compe ‘cous toner ‘sma ee ‘saranrate te NY Ne BEASTIUASTER WHIP DBEASTUASTER SPEAR onreensr £1.50 SOOT E18 eae pose Pri rr aya Pra pet unset. Cetin Cal rds may beara tora Pcs coectatnefe0ps ase fe aren nay pcs Pres ct web Desc soy Ges Woe raph sc Sas cep eat sane eee remanence GT BA TORDS & HEROES F 7)\ Dark Elf Assassins ASSASSIN SWORD Assassin B0Dv1 ASSASSIN BoD¥2 ‘ASSASSIN BODY ASSASSIN ARM osroorncon £8 sree ch saroezncns £4 sormernean £1.25 Shadowblade snoeeez Compete Pea rat puss on, Prot ts ayy Pus Sa unped ndwaten Car in dee mayb ng et ey Ps 2S ty gprs Par une er pot 98 am np ou Dt se no ee et se ea COREUNITS. <> he Section Two: Core Units CORE UNITS Dark Elf Warriors et "Cm ty pes Pes ses __CORE UNITS PTa|o a7 i « Y » TS hy: : PH |S ae Ea Ladad C Ie | B COREUNITS Gy /| Dark Elf Dark Riders . 4 sto 2085 £5 Complete Poste tose £8 Complete (Comin + a al ht ean ase Ro sano, (ta anon 4 | DARK RIOER 1 DARK RIDER 2 DARK RIDER 3 DARK RIDER 4 somezinon 3 serena €3 semanas t3 source 3 Pcs tte pono Pt etsy ry Pics sp nd raceme Cri il ads may De ges erat Ps at a eof oy 65 "Get roe at pce Pt ued cst Came Woop tn sun Hs cu te ret rrp or ening Pe om —=_COREUNITS. * GO) = Dark Elf Dark Riders ‘SARK RIDER COMMAND BODY + DARK RIDER COMMAND BODY? DARK RIDER COMMAND SWORD DARK RIDER COMMAND rosea £2.50 sorocest2 £250 Soares tha8 ont ara coumbaists £1.25 ‘DARK RIDER COMMAND LANCE DARK ROER COMMAND DARK DER CROSS DARK RIDER CROSSBOW ‘sarogzsste £1.50 1ss80W" SENT ep STOCK Dark Elf Corsair Command be ‘DARK ELF CORSAIR COMMAND 904022095 €7 Complete | (ames nom Gago I mesean Son es pune on Pot nen ma ay Pods sl an ad sss eC prac may prs as ery Pl cree ey ele fect aya ro Pee or oso 0 are Wehy Poh ep nse had aes ners saneaneg hat once, 6 ” \ 7, > COREUNITS A ‘|| Dark Elf Corsair 1 Q CORSA CHAMPION CORSA CHAMPION 2 CORSA CHAMPIONS —CORSASTANDARD BEARER comin ST camera 63 Sommer Gmerson 63 Somransn ease ue / r 5 > iy DARK ELF CORSAIR + DARK ELF CORSAIR2 DARK ELF CORSAIR3 DARK ELE cor vorvoeanuat £2.50 euIg20t2 £250 ‘uiz2iss £250, SBIR 20O x "Sacco ty ps Ms ad er pass ny ans Wonca rn Ciel pts maybe rg wicca et nao SPECIAL UNITS. ~~ Section Three: Special Units Dark Elf Witch Elves \ a : i wren eur cxauron woron ELF Hom SLOWER wv EL sranonRO BEARER Sveti ounetnes tenance 3 wow eur wren eur wren eur sae 250 sooner E30 sour £50 x Z ‘Z ch Evan ich Command ae Oar er whch Eee Sooner Rey, (Cova ron sels & OnE Wich BF Command (cone oan) wren eur « wren ev sesrenenont £2.50 urna £2.50 Pu tare pone os: Petco a a Pre ip sete Cota Cah ps aye gos es are Pres ot ne 0 70 Sat srt uty pcs rn gd pba Ges Noa ee exam eee coe sapere ar paar Ha SPECIAL UNITS— IN . It Dark Elf Shades } (Corlans 3 anor ose) ‘shave Booy 1 SHADE BODY 2 ‘SHADE Booy 3 sparnieseos 2 eros 2 cauanogeos 2 f ‘shave aooy « SHADES CROSSBOW BAR ‘SHADE BODY 5 suranose0 2 S0r0225508 Op sseroaases 2 GP SPECIAL UNITS. =I Dark Elf Cold One Chariot EAR RAC? BANNER Po soamoezone £1.25 sstr2ansnT ‘chariot CREW 1 chamor cnew 2 ‘cHaniot FRONT cHamor Yore ‘CHARIOT Base Sevronaasoe 2 eevee 2 suuazansons 2 somenenste £2 serosa £2 hah 2 y es Cota a prac my ngs terre we oe a oy iawn SPECIAL UNITS NY we Dark Elf Cold One Chariot \ is 1.28 eycrzsuos €2— SMTOCIQEOTT. op sasmzii02 €2 Dark Elf Harpies sg suxn rues sauroeaoets £125 soaroerote £1.25 ‘s00r2 HARPY BODY 3 ARPY BODY « sotrorzoura £2.50 sourarenier £250 someon e250 ymca pues ca Prot is pen sd ese ne lat pach a ups fee ey, scare ne ng es, pase agra 73 mena to oon wot apes a apes SPECIAL UNITS SS) Dark Elf Executioner Fanasvanpe seer EXECUTIONER MICA aitetoarooOekeh EXECUTIONER BANNER EXECUTIONER einen Sst CectSenesce woreaase ce Bn DARK ELF BxESUTIONER GoamanO _ ‘execunionen Lise Seelaet eon cra Sno oe okie —- Pies aro Ot EXECUTIONER cHANPON BODY xecuTioNen swoRo ‘arson Cen ‘orang 2 ‘suena £125, ‘4 Po camp of Ou EXECUTIONER 1 ‘execuvionen 2 ‘ieoaone3 eneanseny suuraisa spans 2 Pea out ppc Pec mye Proc pad d nenCrtn elctaybesange eorey Pce cana el 74 mature tly arte Pel eu soy Gee Vs apis cm Ses na ese, cat ease es een oe ‘S101 25 Complete ‘DARK ELF GOLD ONE KNIGHT] ‘ieee e8 Complete SSeroezes06 e125 oreeeneo? eh8 tea ——— COLD ONE KNIGHT LANCE 1 fotos roucir STaNOARD ‘COLD ONE KNIGHT souanien 22 (COLD ONE KNIGHT sone «2 eee FS SONE KNIGHT SHIELD COLDONE KNIGHT SHIELD 2 COLDONEKNGHT SHIELD.3COLDONE KNIGHT SMELD4 COLD ONE KNIGHT SHIELO s ereeeNote £38 foeroeabett £18 somanv2e0 £1.25 a & COLD ONE KNGHT COLD one KNeGHT sowie 2 sscrazrnar eon i apo es ae Gennng He nes 78 S \ 76 SPECIAL UNITS Hear, my lord, of the Druchit From distant Cathay to the usurped lands of our accursed kin, from the cold lands of Norsca to the steaming jungles of the Southlands, our armies are rightfully feared. We alone keep alive the great and noble traditions of our ancestors of Nagarythe. Only we follow the path laid by mighty Aenarion the Defender. Only we follow the True Way. 4 / RARE UNITS AL Section Four: Rare Units setteaent 25 Compete (Gotan node E {CAULDRON CANDLES 2 sro2z0e08| Sop ~~ Ss qn cauronon cavoues 1 CAULDRON GUAROUN 2 ‘CAULDRON GUAROWAN cauionon na aves sotrzot7 cop ourneno uciezoio 3 coarzoet es (CAULDRON LEFT ARM CCAULORON RIGHT AE ‘omeniauian e2 soaroez0nok 2 ‘CAULDRON STATUE CAULORON BASE ‘CAULDRON Bom, ‘cauLDRON oUt erceenete ee feureeeaeot ek Saerooeanes t2 oercezona8 £2 Pee urate ny Pra cts may ry Prac pad nas Cra Cn pecs mb gt cry Pesce lg ‘art one sy andres Pes web ods Gane Mes ro for se ane ese poe ees sb nrg Ou —~ RARE UNITS Ax nm Dark Elf Bolt Thrower \ . ! i | DARK ELF BOLT THROWER atest C12 Compl (oti 1 Baton an vo me L ‘BOLT THROWER WINDLASS J 4 ‘SB472120802 6p y A’ B — oarorzaont B80 ‘sucazimsen 350, ‘ooneisan £250 \ 4 ‘BOLT THROWER BOLT THROWER LOADER 1 ‘BOLT THROWER LOADER 2 BOLT THROWER BOLTS. ‘COMMANDER coroyeienr £250 sourizctsns £250 Serapios £150 sonraraases £250 hr mse utc Peet ctr ma 2. Frases spi sbi Cin ih a ay pou td ery, rece ie ng a es, ase feces ty apes Ps a pots 500 Sue Von mug so Se, sure eee amet mae apes denmeng er Sea 7S RARE UNITS = Dark Elf Black Guard Command uy "BLACK GUARD COMMAND ‘S500 1246 7 Compete (Conan andr ote) BLACK GUARO STANDARD [BLACK QUARO CHAMPION WALBERD BLACK GUARO CHAMPION SWORD ‘uinznise 128 SBUTzDISH E150 emctenstt tho ¢ Lack GUAR. Lack cuaRO BLACK GUARO BLACK GUARD fenenenste t250 soxreeenstt £250 seteatnste £2.50 serene? 3 et arate ues nr es ayy Pru So arn ar rasan Cae Ca recs mab ness nd ere Pcs ra et ey 0 "Tat ee natty anes Gd ae fe De ayGaesMonap eo omn scapes Repent eles 8 eset ene es oa —RAREGNITS— Dark Elf Black Guard X bar 5 Complete ‘Cora mos BLACK GUARO HALBERD ‘BLACK GUARD HALBERD 2 oaronznur2 £4.28 souroaowak £1.28 ‘BLACK GUARD BODY 1 ‘BLACK GUARD BODY 2 BLACK GUARO BODY 3 ‘BLACK GUARD BODY 4 sooner £2 coxmoeensta £2 oaroczoeas £250, sro2z0408 £2.50 pues oy Moscone nay ay Pods sl ae sel Can Cd pr mayb pa enc Pe crc ie tayo es. se ory es a utd roasts eGo Woche ea ow a CH ahs apa aes at eposte sean Sa moe BY A E UNITS: , RARE UN Dark Elf War Hydra toa 25 Compete (Conan Warts ant som Rpm) — Ned bbs APPRENTICE WITH CLAW APPRENTICE WTH WHIP APPRENTICE WIP ARIE seroeeoee Bt coxronanrs ea ‘suave 180, Sn Dark Elf Collector’s Models: Harpies ‘COLLECTOR HARRIE COLLECTOR HaRPIE 2 COLLECTOR HARDIE couscron s0ro29000" £2 aeruenet2 £2 ee7o95000 £2 ‘oa Collectors’ Models tread mote cori or leer Pete are pants ny: ot crn my ary Pobre spon web Cth Cl ods ay be goo He ear rts come te 12. Cates nub abe Pte ee ran sbd Ges bch eo sues eee ese sae eas 3 spre eee Onli by the divine will of the Witch King is a Druchit allowed” to study the high art of magic. It is the vitality and power of our magic which sustains us, destroys our enemies and empouers our Black Arks. Those who succeed in the twelve tests of a Sorceress are found worthy and embrace the Dark Art in all its majesty. They become members of one of the st Convents of Sorceresses, ever ready to serve the Witch King. Those who fail and yet survive will serve the cause of Lord Malekith in more menial ways as mindless slaves. rs pups oy Pot ces ma ay Pods so wae adsense prac may psi ne Pl ere a gg pes hae 3 By Yan. mes Workshop UK Direct Everyone has an army that the collect and, regirdless of wha collect, be figures, the and adding Well 'm no diferent and afer play ~ I decided that something a litle more brutal, something that was good at close ‘what you see here is just (000 pt plus army moment is designed to be a raiding army the future will be converting Wood El Glade Riders into Dark Riders by using Dark Eldar head A Sorcereress and Lordling bearing the battle stan the Cold Heart This champion, mounted on a ferocious ‘Cold One, leads the Dark ELF Knights, THE ARMY OF KAROND KAR By Matt Hutson - Games Workshop White Dwarf Ive been collecting this army for the last six years and itis actualy the thie Dark Elf army Ive collected. The army is now getting to the point where it contains almost everything from the army list. ‘When I start a new army I always try 10 think up a unique colour scheme for the race 1 for this army developed {rom one I tried on a Beastmaster. I iked itso much I painted the entire army the same way. The scheme is based on two colours; black and red. Using a limited ‘colour schene makes it quick and easy t0 paint up large units of troops. I also ‘enables me to make elite units such 2 the Cold Ones really stand out by adding a third colour, green in this case ‘To ereate some unique character models Teonverted an army standard bearer using the body of a Black Guard pinned wo legs. a armed with the nasty Crimson Death ‘magic weapon by replacing the standard Of the army standard bearer model with the top of the Dark Ride gs ofa classic Cold One Knight's 10 created a Noble on foot ‘This army has become rightly across the studio, in particular the Reaper Bolt Throwers have put an end. to many an aspiring ger Next for this army I plan on painting a tun of Black Guard as w ‘of Cold One Chariots, als’ ambition. as a couple " This Noble on foot is Matt's conversion: with the Crimson Death Magic Weapon. ‘This mounted Malus Darkblade serves as a hero in Matt's army: GP, CONVERSIONS FSI || Dark Elf Conversions Hon Smopauoe Dow Be cron ore aera ee 7, GOLDEN DEMON. Dark Elf Golden Demon Entries WALUS DARKBLADE ON FOOT Das rasa capa n 20 Nal pion GOLDEN DE INGNN Gon Oomen Spm 200 Ste Swed Wir ELVEN REALMS ~ WOOD ELVES’ ~ A thel Loren ig che most ancient of all the forests of the Old World. Ie is a magigal) dangerous place,said to be haunted by malicious spirits! For wishin.the leafy borders of this most venerable of woodland realms the trees are alive... For thousands of years this dread realm been che domain of che Wood Elves, a capricious and reclusive race descended from their forebears in island of Ulchuan to che west. The Wood Elves are one with the forest, Achel Loren/s borders process by standing scones wrought by them. Few who enter this domain ever leave, for che forest has a long: memory, its recollection tainted by hate and discrust of other races, Only the Wood Elves are safe it, existing symbiotically with it. For itis said, should Ache! Loren évet die then che Wood Elves eB aere Grey Mountains Spellsinger Kindred Flves, no matter their creed or allegiance, are innately magical Of the race of Wood Fives its the Spellsingers that tap into this c of power and are the mages of this culture. The Spelsinges, ike © other being that inhabit the forest of Elven descent, areaniquely sed to Athel Loren, They draw their power from the very magicks i it, Part of the greater intelligence ofthe forest, they are acutely of the many spirits, Dryads and Treeman dwelling there. ngers have the ability to reshape the forest ro their will. They ean slumbering Treemen and coax the malicious spirits of Athel Loren attack their enemies with storms of deadly branches or cause the very x itself to close in around them. Of the many Wood Elf Kindreds, i shat of the Glamourweave whom embody the link between the Forest d the Wood Elves the most, often acting as emissres between them d the older spirits of Athel Loren. laywatcher Kindred 3, solitary, deadly; the Waywatchers, or Kindreds of Nymeaif, are the inel guardians ofthe many paths leading into Athel Loren. These in, often reclusive Wood Elves are masters of stealth and concealment, ing into their woodland habitat as if t were an extenion oftheir very, Sing. Its true they are more comfortable in their forest realm alone, than theie own kin, oo late is it when an jnterloper within Athel Loren s aware of a Waywatcher's presence, many do not realise iat all, an protruding from their chest their only clue. gywatchers are expert archers, exceptionally so, given that the Wood El Ee is famed for it Few can match their abilities, certainly no manling ot bas the skill. Days on end do they spend in the darkening forests, g their mastery ofthe bow and arrow It i sai that a single arrow ‘Waywatcher's how is enough to kill even a large beast, such is their bal accuracy. ardancer Kindreds and nomadic; Wardancers roam the many’ ding paths of Athel Loren, indeed in some ances the Old World, in tightly knit troupes, cers worship the Elven god, Love ~ the = and for this reason they are regarded ieatble and mysterious by thei fellow Elves dancers shun the use of armour completely, such sie speed and agility. They are known to be able ‘move 80 fast as to dodge a sword blow or avoid Jarrow: In battle they daub their bodies with px colours and their Ferocious fighting style is Wild Rider Kindreds — F | Also known as the Kindreds of Auryaue, the Wild Riders are Wood Bilves who > have Trucbracd piel of Sarno, Eves idhrnc ae Raa a Creatures, perhaps more sprit than Wood El, and serve a Orion's personal.” suardians. They are impulsive, agressive, much like their lord and wade into battle ‘with a furious intensity that leaves many foes reeling before theie might nd anger It is during the winer months, when Orion slumbers in the Oak of Ages, that the Wild Riders are at their most vigilant. More a force of nature than mere lesh and blood, the Wild Riders watch the groves of the King's Glade, eyes ablaze with otherworldy light. Wild Riders, though honoured and revered by their kin, are seperated from the rest of Wood Elf sociewy. Their calling is one they cannot ignore, for i is deep seated in their very blood. They have become more than Wood Elves, a powerful nigh-unstoppable force of the forest ever ready to answer the call to arms, the blaring of the Horn of Kurnous. ; 2 Eternal Kindreds Sons andl daughters of the noble houses of Athel Loren, it the duty of the Eternal Guard to protect the groves and glades of the woodland realm during ‘winter. It is during this time of death and rebirth thatthe forest isa its weakest, ‘many of its most powerful spirits dormant or sluggish. ‘The Eternal Kindred are known as the Kindreds of Selathot in the Elven tongue and they are hardy, experienced warriors. They have to be, for when they are called upon when Athel Loren wanes under weight snow and chill winter winds, they can depend on little oF no aid. As such, the Eternal Guard are steadfast fighters, seldom given to retreat even in the most desperate of ‘igcumstances. For this reason they are often employed as bodyguards for Elven nobles, They are a loyal breed, their personal fighting style deadly but tempered by acurious grace and elegance, For the Eternal Guard, theie watch isan unending one and while theie is breath still in thele lungs, they will never surrender. “| The Wind Rider Kindreds ‘Those known as the Wind Riders or Kindreds of Sethayla ride mighty ‘warhawks into battle. These magnificent bids make their home amongst the lofty crags of Athet Loren on the slopes of the Grey Mountains and. the Pine Crags, Like many. creatures ofthe forest, the Wood Flves have a strong bond with the ‘wathawks, often raising them from fledging chicks. Both rider and beast are one, their unbreakable bond of kinship and trust such that no harness or restraint is required to control the wachawk: In battle the Warhawk Riders soar into the sky, harsying the enemy with rapid, {incisive attacks. The sheer dexterity and agility of those who ride the creatures i ‘unmatched by any other in the entire Old World. When not at war, tis perched “upon the treetops of Athet Loren that you'll find the Warhawk Riders, ever vigilant to the presence of intruders, scouting the great realm quickly in search of potential danger. * LORDS & HEROES Section One: Lords & Heroes ster ya pres Pas ua pac by ame Woo = Cntr na net as ess tn 95 , Mounted Wood Elf Lord £ = MOUNTED WOOD ELF LORD e ounTED LoRO B00Y woueen ono senue courizongt £8 S702 ‘Classic Mounted Wood Elf Classic Range ‘sma olan en sos erect temo ood \ {eLassic uounTeD W000 ELF LORD "e007 9 complete ec uta ua on, Pru esr rts up nd aes Caen as my won ery Pe at ae ts 9 96 ote ty rns Pas ue ve ods ty es nga Des Ste cto ets nnd os a ese rn et -LORDSSHEROES- _ Wood Elf Highboms 1WOOD ELF WAYWATCHER LORD oureuir2 8 WOOO ELFLORO WOOO ELF WARDANCER LORD aie wir.anear wearon Drycha avcua s0ov DYCHA ARIE DRYCHA sncrzonean otapaneana 2 ‘st20862 £5 Complete rst puns ony Pos canes nay ay Pods sa ugar as sen Ce Cad pts mayb gros aoc Petcare te gong prs lio force atta es Pes i a pes soy Ges nes ag sn Se coir wets dr os apne ern ane LORDS & HEROES Naestra and Arahan ~ Sisters of Twilight [piercer een f ques Paste Doge Wg spat dpe pe epg 8 < xy DRAGON RIGHT CLAW SISTER OF TWLIGHT SISTER OF TwMLIGHT 2 DRAGON LEFT CL erezetts £3 ouroeuaats 3 ‘ouranoase £3 coors es 96 "Comet efor ura nay and ron Prose ch a procs Gras Woop Peo un re ataogur mate pede ees fe ees en LORDS & HEROES AO. ‘DRAGON Foor SPRUE. omtcon a emu seroniuln t1.28 ovremunaie [ORAGON RIGHT LEG. DRAGON LEFT LEG arcana? 2 erousera 22 ‘DRAGON BODY DRAGON NECK sorezensit £3 seroeeasas DRAGON TAIL END aeromioeTy ta sisteR spave + austen sprue 2 somzoass £150 ssaroauasere £1.50 se uo on. Pras con a ay Pr grt nse Cn ne pecs ay age dare res eta et og ar ae ar cro yn prs Pes user et anes Woe Pgh oun Se epee ane ass epee Garenag er ope _ [TORDS HEROES Classic Wood Elf Dragon lord Classic Range “ee mn v9 mop {spre abe nyu Wea =aeae ee