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LIZARDMEN COLLECTORS’ GUIDE What is a Collectors’ Guide? The Lizardmen Collectors’ Gude isthe definitive tome for anyone interested in the Lizardmen miniatures range. Is idea for anyone who collects Lizardmen, containing the full ange of Lizardmen models and their component part. We've laid the range out following Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen. Al the Hero choices are in one section, folowed by Core, Special and Rare units. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or components you ate looking for. The Lizardmen Collectors’ Guide is far more than a simple catalogue. Also included within are a number of other features such as Lizardmen Sacred Spawnings, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop statf and hobbyists, conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. So if you collec, paint or game with Lizardmen, then ths is the book for you Classic Range Models When you reach the Components section, you will find that some of the models are labeled as Classic. Classic Range Classic Range models (ike the Classic Skink Salamander pictured right) are no longer available in stores but are still ideal for use in your army. Don't worry all the Classie models will be clearly labelled inside Ordering any ofthese models is simple and Convenient. All you have to dois select your models from this book then use any of the following ordering methods below. How can I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staf will be more than happy to help you use our in-store ‘order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any ofthe catalogues available in the stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the world, Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is mast convenient for you. ONLINE STORE ‘The Games Workshop Online Store carries the full range of Lizardmen miniatures, as well as large selection of other Games ‘Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our website is secure, With our fast order picking your order will bein your hands in no time. To vist our Online Store go to: GIVE US A CALL ‘We have a team of Hobby Specialists standing by to take your cal. If you would like to order anything from this Collectors’ Guide, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 91 40000. ‘WRITE TO US |W you prefer to post your order or write us a letter, then send it to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. st Pest une peasy Sas tan epee Uses rans = pee Yona pra at ese ns eet ee eh Pen maa soem ny ie ce yy re pen aoe an ai aye aan cet Pre cores of iy Wes. ese ‘oer Sey pe Prego ame Were brags eun sone Cog rane, Mer ees apr e Sarin oe e pee eee Sacred Spawnings ofthe Lizardmen ‘5 Uzardmen Components list: Lords & Heroes 11 Uzardmen Components list: Core 21 Uizardmen Components ist: Special 29 Lizardmen Components lit: Rare 32 Uzardmen Showcase 40 Lizardmen Scenery 41. Lizardmen Conversions 444 Lizardmen Golden Demon Entries 46. Lizardmen Dioramas ‘S10 HERO ON COLD ONE ern ms aes up oaur ate iene aot a econ mney he ores 1 SACRED SPAWNINGS yée UZARDIMEN ‘since thelr war against the loathsome Skaven. Sotek isthe deity of vengeance, and embodies the Lizardmen's righteous anger. Redis the colour associated with Sotek land the physical representation of his blessing can vary from red skin and seals to subtle hues of red on the crests. S= isthe pre-eminent Lizardmen deity, and has been [nc ee entero the pantheon of Lizardmen deities as the protector. l bony prossions nd epecaly tc Mle 2 tuanchi isthe predator god, whose symbol is the stealthy Jaguar. The servants ofthis Old One deity exhibit prodigious skis of hunting and stalking, and are able to move through the densest areas of jungle with tle effort. he Lizardmen worship the dety of Tepok asthe feathered ] serpent god ofthe air and of sacred places, a powerful symbol of protection against harmful magic ‘The feather serpent toter-creature is believed to refer to Cost! =a mythical creature said to be a bizarre hybrid of serpent and bird — whose feathers are invariably represented as purple or deep blue lazcotis sad to embody the cold-blooded impassiveness T ofthe Lizardmen race, and his followers are unmoved by events around them, no matter how extreme or unnerving. A tinge of yellow is often noticeable on those spawned under Tlazcot's cold eye. - A ee Ihotec isthe god of the sun, and as such is imbued with a fiery energy that belies the cold-blooded nature of the race. His colour is fiery orange, and his folowers bear arms and armour of gleaming gold and carry icons that reflect the light of the sun to dazzling effec. 5 well asnaturaly exuding A: subtle musk that Cold Ones recogrise and are comfortable wits, those blessed by Il often have elaborate bony headrests his mast auspicious and rare blessing i easy recognisable, for those who beat will usually have white or even albino skin tones. They are ‘weated with much reverence, E for their fate is seen as important In the eyes of the Old Ones. Section One: Lords & Heroes LORDS & HEROES Slann Mage-Priest = ft A SSLANN MAGE STANOARD e ‘oxrozoteta 2 ‘SLaNe mace 800Y SLAM AGE PLATFORM HORNS ovanouot es SLANA HAGE-PRIEST soften 8 Complete SanaennnInneineeneeneneeeseenetaemeenemenneeaeeeieenemminneeeet | Venerable Lord Kroak [ical il ou itr webct {hee oy ety Cn nda on) Shon eh ak pon, ‘poms courzsnas ta VENERABLE LORD KnoAK cottons Compl ate ae ppent on Pt ts nj ee 0 pn wn ra Cal ris a be oa ry, cae tie aa es tse 5 Sturn aia pron Pes ued ep Ge inp Sah ont Se et: ade eles mene sgh om es LORDS & HEROES Prophet of Sotek oarounseos 22 ssrounoest 8 ‘TEHENHAUI, PROPHET OF SOTEK | to oy Pots ay fy ops ewan pes oy Some Wee nr amine cn pe 8 LORDS & HEROES Lord kroq-Gar on Carnosaur Koo-can spean kRoa-aan sooy orricy ‘oem ea knoo-@an senuE s7oa-onn sanous kROO-GAR HEAD Kmoa-can ROG-GAR CARNOSAUR TAIL Koo-can ‘CARNOEAUR LEFT Lea evracenne £250 ‘CARNOSAUR mci LEG Kn00-can KROO-GAR CARNOSAUR BODY knoo-can ‘CARNOSAUR LEFT CLAW ‘exroconet” 6 ‘CARWOSAUR RIGHT CLAW ovriamoens 1 surance Pets tae pose on Psi cts na) Pcs en be tin lab rt me ages rey Prescot ef on es (Srl rose aya pve Ps uso pees ly Goes Wana rags ear bande eas mags ey he es te LORDS & HEROES jae w “ee Lizardmen Lords on foot LuzaRoMeN Loo Luzanowen Loro luzanouen Loo ox Foor sto 2 ‘ou Foor HEAD ‘ON Foor HEAD? ‘on Fo0T BODY FOOT WEAPON + Foor WEAPON? “oAZAzQME ORO oNFOOT | is Classic Range OMEN HERO Luzanouen eno on Luzanouen eno "rea ae yates Sseaost tp ‘Srsmve et ‘sist ‘COLD ONE LEGS LUZAROMEN HERO ON COLD ONE ‘COLD ONE seAe 2 twossnzi COLD o ooectbst £9 (Complete) croensts 2 eons £7 LORDS & HEROES ‘Skink Priests Classic Skink Priests | Classic Range ‘Ths aang alae te st ere ese yr Lane ‘CLASSIC SKINK PRIEST HEAD ‘corona et Cctassic sxx Priest B00Y ‘ck Pest cLassic skank PRIEST scrosoTot 3 soos 8 (Complete) stint? et (Complete) Classic Priest Classic Oxayot! | uae st pte stem yur Lien Lassi OxAYoTL eo TT GHaMELEON SKIN ns (Compe) ‘Skink Warchiefs a ae oi smon2065 8 (2 random models) ‘crenonesth £2 ‘arose £2 herons 2 ‘coast £2 Pee tae eps Ode cm may Pcs spe waste ata Chl yes ay bugs sn cre Pres cnet ry ae, at ‘0 ‘amc cue tay a pres Pes cued ew pecs oy ae Wenn Sets mt soe ogi of wos Pid eles pene tara Me co Section Two: Core Units CORE UNITS ‘kinks Skink Sprue Sra shown at fl ue 12 Corts cen siya ps Pr gaa Cts pas met anges ty re es umn Pau on See sehr one Nee eas wane CORE UNITS Classic Skinks GLASSIC SKIVK ARCHER + ‘CLASSIC SKINK ARCHER 2 ‘CLASSIC SKINK ARCHER 3 cLassic sxc ARCHER 4 earotnoce2 2 ‘arcnamont 2 ‘ovrogetoat £2 ‘osroeosts 2 CLASSIC SKINK Cuassic sin ‘euassic skin cuassic sain Fortes canoe o copie STANDARD BEARER + sranbano TOP STANDARD BEANER 2 STANDARD TOP 2 cle Sk Sarr Bee? ‘Srromeowie e2 sotreanenert Sop fuceneniae £2 surazansnd cop £2 CLASSIC SKINK CHAMPION CLASSIC SKINK CHAMPION ‘CLASSIC SKIMK ORUMMER 1 cus stn pau 2 senanenete £250 seqeenea” £250 aa 2 3 3 cassie sank cHauPron cuassic sxc ccuassic sic cassie sx ccuassic skin ‘wit dave we Save ‘we saveun's ‘wer saves ‘wore aaveun's serene 22.50 solroeanr's 22 space 22 sseroainori 2 ‘straint e2 sp trips ro ces, Pratap ed aoe eta Cd ret ay gos ut hore Prete ee org es last Sassari an pa Pew ee rons by es Woah reap son Se aie AO abs ese coum baunpss—13 | | sa | : | ' CORE UNITS Classic Saurus Warriors Command = ‘CHAMON Ge ARM ‘secon SED omens t2 soazstste £250 erates Op = Pact ta ampli Sus Wr Campenni pr Pease se ge 1 ocean pr. ff. cuss sauus ‘cuassic sauRus cuassic saunus Panes mare fone ‘DRUMMER 1 ‘Daunte 2 ‘DRUMMER ARM these Sus Cromer somes E250 sorantosar £250 seaman £1 cuassic sauRUS STANDARD BEARER AR ‘czars £8 i t cuassic saunus ccuassic saunus CLASSIC SAURUS CLASSIC SAURUS Fated eanplat cones SSOOARD BEARER 1 ‘STANDARD BEARER 2 STANDARD TOP? STANDAROTOP2 cau Suna Suna oer ecanrsi0 2 sromeoeat 2 onrenenitt e150 ob 701805" 1.50 fe ee nh Pru cnt mary rats ee cb Cetin tad pat maybe gems ae rach rescore nel ir ps lak eee int rn Pom unto ep ly Gane Wonop Prot oon ws cenopa ee, ede wales we apr erg Pa own ees 15 CORE UNITS Classic Range ‘emotion th a8 a ogee "Ses tle perc a ye Classic Saurus Warriors rear am 668 " candos eoes) srw town a acs ae Za ‘cuassic saunus B00" 1 ccuassic saunus B00¥2 ‘cuAssic SAURUS BOO" 3 cassie saunus B00v« ‘roeeneat 2 estou 2 otazomsts £2 evotnonnt 2 4 ‘CLASSIC SAURUS SPEAR 1 ‘cuassic saumus Pick ‘uiripotons £+ ‘uetbomon? et Ra Raye Fm Ys cuassic saunus sPean 2 Lassie saunus SPEAR 4 ‘cuassic saunus seme cLassic sauRUS SorTHe) osroanenns 1 esroomoeas ‘xrazonois' ‘mre 2s are eros loa Clase Sus Wares Pu rapes cy Pts yr Ps wpe an snl Ce is sc ay enw tl ey Pe cet sh a ovat true aa pres Pes xt ePIC a) Ges Wp Bg cut Se Cason ws, ee eles He are Sg Pa eh CORE UNITS Jungle Swarms BS Su sotsbetes (Swarms) Sou ot = La = luzano 1 uzano2 asso 4 semen} £1 sosronenie sesretets et we 8 satan SP CORE UNITS wy CORE UNITS Temple Guard w 4 TEMPLE GUARO ‘Tewus ouaRo ‘TEMPLE QUARO TEMPLE GUARD SweLD 2 HALBERO 8 THALBERDC 'MALBERDD frcsane to" 6p sorconroe £1.50 soucansisicr £180 sscromcsioe 1.50 Classic Temple Guard ‘Susssc TewPLe GUARD + ‘cuassic TewpLe GuARO2 Lassie TEMPLE GUAR? CLASSIC TEMPLE HALBERO ceercmsozot e250 ‘aroaenat2 £250 ‘ecoenins £250 ‘ovroaeniot E180 rt uns Posi at yay Pre on wa Cath otic be nwo neat Ps coat ine ey es sn icv sy ad ree Pe ov prs iy Gane Mop Brosh sn ore casopet ws Rapede eles we ere omen ecm pee 19 Amid the darkness and horror of a world splintering apart, the armies of the true creators, we who were ancient at the dawn of time, will march forth once more. We shall sweep away all that is chaos and disorder; for ours is the true path, and none " shall defy us. Section Three: Special Units SPECIAL UNITS a ame | ah a romeo" | cerceosri2 TERRADON RIDER 1 “TeRRADON BoOY TERRADON RIDER 2 ‘suiceensan <2 : eroanasah 2 ‘soetzonsia 2 TERRADON LEFT waa + ‘TERRADON RlGKT WN 1 TTERRADON LEFT wana 2 TERRADON RIGHT WING? saramssroe E280. ‘soizomts caso sarounsros 220 Dospatosrar e280, Pers to sae pos Pcs nay, Pcs pate an aso Cr i ri a be ow dy, ce cot at ie gs. 22 Cocca aya rns Ps us oe etc Gres Mon oun Soe ais we sm eles bers Seg he SPECIAL UNITS Classic Terradons se CLASSIC TERRADON2 CLASSIC TERRADON 3 ooenens €5 (Tracom ont) seoiinan os omaon ony) eo & SGLsSSc SKINK RIDER 1 Lassie sxc noe 2 Lassie skank SHEL CLASSIC SKINK RIDER? —_—CLASBIC SKINK RIDER ¢ Chameleon Skinks Unrane hamen Sink ae as aaa te lig it CHAMELEON SKINKS snonen47 8 (9 andor model) sax ‘Seamer eon skin 1 ChiasteLEON sxinx 2 ‘CHAMELEON SKaNK 3 CHAMELEON SkINK + Sereno e280 Cotroaenta2 2250 ServunosTos E280 ‘orasinsos e250 raat puns Parry ay Ps ib nd en, Ca a esi ay be gu Hel mary Peat eo os eect ty ron, Mom nt on hp sty cane ossoy bongs nate opr wb Papen aie eeateangbe om as 23 SPECIAL UNITS Classic Kroxigor A es ceuassic xRoxicon cuussicKRONGOR CLASSIEKRONIGON CLASSIC KRONIGOR ‘alt TAL? coercing a seoumits e —saradetins es dD GLASSIC KROKIGOR BOOY1 CLASSIC KROXIGOR WEAFON ARM | CLASSIC KROXIGOR BODY? CLASSIC KROXIGOR WEAPON ARM 2 e70N00 es ‘recor. 62 soocen08 et ‘eteomott © Tichi Huichi's Raiders TEA HUCHTS RAIDERS (conte 3 mass ineuaing comma) onan reaor ese) 2 pa ean peso; arena rte spend aoe ea Cl rs ray go 0 corey Ps ce ee oe es, ass SS eS an poms Prins eed a pos sty aes Wess ra oe dee SPECIAL UNITS Cold One Riders 1 random spr) ‘Spin shoe tea So fos ors so as Were a SPECIAL UNITS Classic Cold (One Riders Classic Range Tin og ins se ae ‘ey ane oy Sows a 795 fale, eronot e280 CLASSIC COLD ONE ——_cLASsiC con SHIELD sosrateotot 1 sseratntos CLASSIC COLD ONE BODY? ‘ouczenoie £20 Pears rns puns oy edu cma may ay Pt sl pas aoe eta Cal ets ay yo us ey ee Ce Ae Ga a es 28 “cuts ay prem Ps deep 08 Ge rtp i mn Soe ont Mtn De ere Ge Oe i Section Four: Rare Units STEGADON BOLT THROWER teroeeniers et “Se Serene 8p SSTEGADON SHIELO SPRUE STEGADON ‘earner e2 snssoutes. £28 Comp DA steoapow onew Stegapoucnew2 _stegaoowcnews _sTEgAoW cnew 4 ‘STEGADON crew 5 enersas £2 siecsttt 62 erates 2 roanstce 62 Classic Stegadon Crew “ours syp Pr u 8 sd ae Ws aac cape seas awe ob ee be RARE UNITS Skink Salamander ‘SKK SALAMANDERS poa | (random Salamander &3 Sinks) | oert80203 op SALAMANDER BODY ‘SALAMANDER SKINK + SALAMANDER SKONK 2 etree 8 aos 2 soeroausszas 2 Classic Range Classic Skink Salamander cusssic SALAMANDER LEG SxnTaen 712 6p ete oa cmt Cass Sint Sander we ce. cuassic sunk cuassic sxc cuassic sain cusssic sxc RUNNER? sarizonias|©2 sostineoas £2 soaTomsorra” 2 ft pons oy Ptr yy Psi dpi nurse Catal nh ras a be nw eset Ps oat me cg pes, pe Petcare ny apie Pre a ro by asap ego Ses anpr ws hoes wale ve ng hae oe past SHOWCASE THE HOST OF BOTLEGAR By Vicky Hare Games Workshop Stockport 3 to paint i adtion ofthe Vieky: I taken me nearly this army, but with the Stogadon | think | as Nat ferent basecoas to diferenate between the aquatic Shnks and the scaly Saurus, The Saurus are basecoted with Scaly Green, the with Hawk Turquoise, and both are highlighted wit Camo Green, The scales 1 ‘The Slann was a nice break from green. | tally cteent from those orange. Because the creature | did't gi washed his slum wih Burnished ‘ute a mystical him any pupils and | ed-down and the fantastic artwork that, the army, and now that! have jungle fighting rules fo use in Lustra | might actualy win some games! SHOWCASE CANNIBALS FROM THE DRAGON ISLES By Andrea Scarponi Games Workshop Italy ‘Andrea without any Slan, they have the nope that they came back to ite. This reverted completely to barbarism, becoming caused a bloody cl war which ended with the litle more than animals and destroying what destruction ofthe Saurus, ad tuned Skinks litle remained of ther former gory in bitter and Kroxigos into flesh-eating savages. ni eal For inspiration for my ‘trib theme, | looked Since | was acid, | aways loved movies anda African tribes, and gave my Sknks grass novels about lost ciation, cannibals and skirts and warpant (which | use to forgotten islands, so this quote about the __stinguish each unit from the other). For the Dragon Isles Southland Liardmen shields, | used Zulusike ones which | cast Immediately ignited my imagination. ‘ut of resin, wth bones from the Skeleton [My history forthe army is thatthe Saurus eis So ee could not cope with the death ofthe ast Slann, My Skink Witch Doctors ae converted using and out of desperation forced Skinks and Lizarémen from diferent ranges (Blood Bow, Kroxigors into a lite of slavery to build 5° and 6” edton Warhammer) and the mask enormous sates of thei former masters in of Wurezag from the Orcs & Goblins range In keping wth i army’ characte slelieelelel elelcleletell: SHOWCASE THE SACRED SPAWNING OF THE COATL Duncan Petford Hobbyist Dune tof th Duncan nas u Wood ange SHOWCASE HOST OF ZTITZH By Tim Fenwik Games Workshop Durham Tim: about 3,000 po utre addons includ anothe 5 (one of (ne of Tim's Cold One Rites. hs ride i relate Y) Often, one ofthe mast enjoyable aspects of cllecting an army is personalising ft with Scenery, andthe Lzardmen range oferslts of components which ae grea foc integrating into your scenery projets. Checkout te folowing example. surge wane socio Pe With the many possbilties avaiable withthe Liar ‘gamers and hobbyists nave used components from vai ‘to-make their wonderful creations realy standout! | Any Hoare ‘by eppe Danning saurus ‘SKINK WITH CLOAK OF FEATHERS TE ORACLE OF KROAK ‘by Rear Zelessy by Andy Hoare ENGINE OF THe 600s KROXIGOR ANCIENT ONE Dy Rihers Sweet GOLDEN DEMON ‘The Golden Demcn competition is avery heated contest Every year talented hobbyists pant and convert hele masterpieces inthe hopes of litng the much-coveted Slayer Sword, On the following pages you can see the lve of workmanship that is put nt these awe-inspiring models. (an Demon Uk 008) GOLDEN DEMON sAURUS TEMPLE GUARD HERO Dy ere (cotan Bonen 60) son HERO SLANN MAGE-PRIEST ‘by aaron Won Dy oe Hi fader Dana OX 2201) DIORAMAS. | Dioramas can be used as snapshots to stories, and can also be effective as centrepieces | toyour army. They can also be just as stuning as stand-alone pieces to show some | Perit oar by om Wasengton 4s “Smt cae ay Pes qt pers ay Se Vey Ie omens cope tne apecet alo epee ‘UnWeLcome GUESTS by Pete Jarman a < = < 2 9 a a < = < 2 Q a BT TN aes NONE SHALL DEFY US Long before the rise of Elves, Dwarfs or Men, the Lizardmen existed in the oppressive depths of the ind enigmatic, their civilisation secks to restore the order in the world that iged before their mysterious disappearance. They who enter their lands do so at their own peril. ereaen ponent ‘The Lizardmen Collectors’ Guide is the most comprehensive resource ever compiled for anyone who has an interest in Warhammer Lizardmen models. This full colour, 48-page book is packed full of: en ee eee cluding pictures, prices and codes. Ss eee Rep eR eas The best Lizardmen dioramas, rer a ees Awesome Games Workshop staff and hobbyist Lizardmen armics, So, whether you are a hardened Lizardmen veter: Pere book you really can’t do without! our first Lizardmen army, this is one I i 2 |