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Tom Barnes For those that are aware of the Drama Therapy Issue iacal high school, we are trying fo save the prooram and tho save the job of one of most beloved teachors and the principal 2s wel f you live in Maryland and especially in the Harford County or Havre de Grace area, please go and sign our SUPPORT DRAMA THER... See More Support for the Hlave de Grace igh School Dram Therapy Program Pesivon ‘ Support fer the Havre de Grace High SchoelDrara Therapy Frearam ion sted st DelonOaline cern ‘hours ago- Comment: Uke Stare Tom Barnes and? others ike ths. Ld be @ Q ‘bab Cummins Thank you Tam. Th has become futrageausy ual. HOW CARE someone neice my Fete ot aU noROSRARET IN IIT777 Sand lito ABUSEIAI MeN ‘Deb Cummins HOM OARE MEnmsi iy ensatat ‘Tom Barnes might thee ith you. wil all Temoraw te gu tome more deads, bt f they want Siabd, Taye give ham Hose {am also calle ona boveat ofthe businesses of thor hat started this ttre ress ie tenet wih Te “Tom farses ETW Deb that goes WAY beyord the Ine Yo ates nent got a attareey ana sue fer any cublc onmnents ade sich 2 his. wat bth jacobs ard Imole eat You canbe wl be focusing 2 LOT of Sheroy or thi over the mex few mont Deb Comming Thank yor. Mark isa wreck and COD. ep those who cause enybing te happen to hm, Deb Cummins Rachels behind this, am ceri. ‘Deb Cummins Agreed, He hay sandere, ple ane fetamed, No one Says PORNOGRAPHY ond TEACHER the same unherseard ges away with. HE AND SHE. ave gone agus “Tem Barnes She tas en behing this entre thing. hove lest ALL respect forher an er tet begin ‘De Curamins Welhe te pupgetat the Recor ulpaie as welt a you thank shes on tel payrl “Tom ames You mean the “ther Rachel the Record? Theor sine ve no doubt theresa buddy sfuation. ‘Seimany pwople ads, no kids tell me that they back ups BY aed Mari Timet pit out there a le Why are people to Intidsted by these peop??? “Thor mean NOTING sna ald no power Deb Cummins We nee netp, Tom. Deb Gummine Realy Tom arnes ({4(DEB)) CUMARKIDY Glenn GoeskRalving troops! Use Menamara-arber Wout en. needed Something to and tis will wrk for me-TRe/ Hane sed ané you bet my mouth wif tlh vdlwortbe nee. Ta0! ur tack p=. ‘cummies ian guarantee you that | lunucectheennereecrcrweey enredstacts aren ete Yo ate Dah Cunmins Thank you, Thy Have gone WAY *Foc0360360 FARINNIMIN I rate neces (earn Ws act buger kia shecattTevelt ie Way. Lisa eeamara—barbor Tie fous to callthe NMaciaLaPs ge ll of our docs ied tp ard lets start terrae thelrnesuneating. ll do what they have done to Mark and Deb