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To: The Commission on The Economy and Climate of

the World Bank,

Greetings to you all. According to the document you






(, some 89 Trillion USD are

required as investment during the next 15 years to
make the transition from high to low carbon economy,
furthermore, you say that the good news is that
between public and private sources, there is sufficient
capital available


to finance...many new

industries and market structures are already emerging

in both the developed and developing world.
You insist further on with: There is sufficient capital





Accessing this capital will require the right long-term

policies...including carbon pricing and regulation.
Significant, near-term opportunities can reduce the
costs of finance by up to 20% for low-carbon energy in
all countries through a mix of financial innovation,







concessional debt, and increased development capital

This is a good global level finance model and
evidently adequate to deal with such an enormous





please consider that these same ideas and the

resources they can bring are needed just as urgently
to attend an even bigger picture.

Sadly, there are

other terrible problems facing our world: Millions if

not billions of people have been transferred to
overcrowded urban centers to live in squalor where
violence and substance abuse run rampant. They are
exposed to toxins in the air that they breathe, the
water they drink and food they eat. For a long time
now, Humanity has stopped living harmoniously with
Nature. Indeed our modern society needs all the
support it can get to overcome this great suffering. We
MUST help the people whose lives have been
damaged by the transitions coming with progress.
Furthermore the land has been ravaged. Deforestation
has been used to make way for agriculture, mostly for

food but also for biofuels!

Also we all well know:

many fresh water bodies, aquifers and waterways are

terribly polluted - killing living beings that depend on
Our proposal is to restore the planet and recover the
quality of life it offered to its residents before the
pillage came about in just the last few decades.
It is true that nearly a hundred

trillion dollars are

possible to obtain in the way indicated, the application

of these resources should not only be in the creation
of a low carbon energy economy.

These resources

should go to the correction of the severe problems

mentioned above as well. They should also be used to
purify our water, for reforestation, for dykes, irrigation
systems, and of course to the recovery of millenary
harmonious ways of life that permitted contact with
nature and peace of mind of every individual.
We have inherited treasured knowledge and wisdom
but it has not been consulted. It should be one of the
more important bases for obtaining the solutions we
all desire and need - to survive. Of course with in the
right conditions, we will gladly collaborate with our

body, mind and soul to get the job done: obtain a low
carbon economy restitute our biosphere. All for the
benefit of present day and for the coming generations
of Humanity. Please, let us make a profound analysis
of the situation so that we can all coordinate to
achieve these two basic goals of the global agenda.
Let us use the 89 trillion in the most efficient and
effective way possible.

Frente Cvico