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Welcome @ Numbers @ Plural nouns 1 Write the numbers. 4 Circle the correct option. 1 forty-fve= 4 5 1. city - citys /Gitied 2. seventy-eight =____ 2 dog - dogs / doggi 3. nineteen=____ 3. watch - watchs / watches 4 thirty-six =____ 4 woman - women / womans 5 eighty 5 sandwich - sandwichs / sandwiches 6 fifty-two=____ 6 nationality - nationalitys / nationalities @ The alphabet @ Classroom language 2 Complete the pattern. 5 complete the questions. dDeeE eAbBcC Sf = can | how | pronounce | English zyxw repeat | listen aei___ abed___ oanon @ Countries and nationalities 3 Complete the nationalities. mnop MNOP qrst ____ aGj__se_h_ -an -ish 1 Am & 5SP2 4 Nish 2 Argent______an || 6 B______ish ] -ch -ese | 3F_____ th 7Ja______ese 5. What's ‘sila’ in 4D___ch BPort______ese 59 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing © / @ Santillana Educacién, $.L. 2008 62 @ Subject pronouns 1 Circle the correct option. 1 Rafa Nadal 2 Madonna and Justin Timberlake 3. an MP3 player 4 my family and! 5 me 6 Angelina Jolie 1 G8/she/it 4 they/he/we 2 we/you/ they 5 we/I/you 3 I/it/she 6 you/she / we 2 Circle the correct option. 1 My name is Paul Davis {)/ He am from Baltimore. 2 My team is the LA Lakers. We / They are an excellent team, 3° My mother is Rose. It / She is a doctor. 4 My brother is Mark. She / He isa basketball player. 5 live in LA. It/ He isa fantastic city. 6 My favourite films are Spanish films. It / They are brilliant, @ be: present simple 3 Write the sentences with contractions. 1) My name is John. I am into tennis. My name's John. Im into tennis. 2 Lama fan of Daniel Craig. He is my favourite actor, 3 Tlove Isabel Allende. She is my favourite writer, 4 Dan and Joe are my friends. They are cool, 5 We are into hip-hop and pop music. 6 ‘Hi Brad. I think you are a fabulous actor.’ Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing @/ © Santillana Educacién, Reinforcement 4 complete the sentences. 6 He's | They're | 'm | She's It’s | We're Hi, MynameisDJMay, me a very cool mother. Tina is my daughter. best friend. my We love music, hip-hop and rap. We like Fifty Cent. brilliant. fans of ‘My favourite book is Harry Potter. brilliant. I'm into Tokio Hotel. coal. @ Question words 5 Circle the correct option. 1 DJ May, Where / When 's your birthday? ‘That's easy. It's on 1*May. How / Who old are you, DI May? rm 36. Who / When's your favourite actor? It's Brad Pitt, When / What's your favourite film? It's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Where / What's Tina? She's at home, What / When's Tina's birthday? It’s on 12" June. L. 2008 @ Favourite things 1 Complete the sentences. cat | DVD | bike | trainers MP3 player | books 1 [love cycling. My favourite thing's my bike. 2. I'ma fan of Orlando Bloom. My favourite 's The Lord of the Rings. 3 JK. Rowling is brilliant. I'm a fan of the Harry Potter __ 4 My favourite thing's my Tlove music! 5 I don’t like shoes, but I love 6 My family love animals. We have two dogs anda Match the parts of the sentences. It's expensive, but Ilove this 4. ‘My favourite musical instrument's the __ Ilike my new __ Mario Bros and Sims are __ ‘This photo's cool. Ilove this _ oak ae Ne Ilove sports _ piano, computer games, camera, games console. mobile. clothes, wonone Extension @ Sport 3 Complete the sentences. 1 Tikerug ? ¥ 2 Imaf___ofsnowh_ 3 I'min__ten___ 4 Ilo_.__horse____ 5 My favour______ sport's kara __ 6 Baske 's brilliant. 4 complete the list with your favourite things. Cbve tin into. [Tria fan of. | ~ Myfavourtte @ Dictionary work 5 Translate the words. Sports 1 gymnastics 2 table tennis 3° billiards __ Favourite things 4 drum kit 5 roller skates 6 rabbit 63 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 @ Subject pronouns 1 Write V or x. Correct the mistakes. 1 My name's Dee. You like basketball. X_ Myname’s Dee. | ike basketball. 2. This is Joe. He's into pop music. __ 3° Joe and Dee are friends. We're from York, _ 4 York's in England. It's a cool city. _ 5 Ilove my cat. You're a Siamese cat. __ 2 Match the questions with the answers. Then complete the answers. 1 Where's Paris? 4 2° What are karate and football? __ 3. Who's Britney Spears? __ 4 Where am 1?__ 5. Are you into rock music? _ 6 Mary and Laura, are you sisters? __ a ‘re at school b No, re friends. c sa singer a fee in France. e re sports. £ No, ’m into rap music. @ be: present simple 3 Order the words. 1 a/fan/n't/you/ are/ of / The Simpsons Youaren't.a fan of The Simpeons. 2. is/in/Paris/n't/the/ US 3 n't/he/ British / is 4 we/cais/n't/are Extension 4 Complete the interview with be. ~ Melinda! Are you a fan of techno music? No (1)1__ftinots — What are you a fan of? I'm a fan of Julian T. (2) He great but he's OK. Ilove Beyoncé, And Christina Aguilera. (3) They’. cool But are they your number one singers? No, (4) they = 1s Julian T your boyfriend? No, (5) we’, = Who's your number one singer? friends. (6)r______ my number one singer! @ Question words 5 Look at the answers. Write the questions. 1 your / birthday? Whenis your bicthdlay? —It’s on 17 August. 2 old/you/ Melinda? -I'm 39. 3° your / favourite / actress? -It’s me, of course, 4 your / favourite / song? ~It's ‘Five minutes’ by me and Julian T. 5 is/your / house? 8 they / from /are / Japan / n't —Iv’s in London, Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing @ /@ Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 © Family 1 Find six words. aos t om g tg x o i yec¢ge voeven nh ¢ ayatim L> ids ae ® Circle the odd word, 1 mum | mother | Gon 2 grandfather | dad | grandad 3° stepfather | granny | grandmother 4 dad | nephew | father 5 aunt | uncle | cousing 6 niece | nephew | parents Complete the next word in the puzzle. 1 daughter - mother - oandma 2° son- father - gra 3 aunt-niece-unclo-nep____ 4 mother - stepfather - father - stepm 5 mother-daughter -father-s___ 5 dad - father - mum - mo Adjectives for pets rite the words. My sister's catis very___clean (nzele) llike rabbits. They are (ddlyuc) My dog is (yfriend) Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing @/ © Santilana Educacién, 5.L, 2009 Reinforcement 4 My mother thinks spiders are ——_____. (caysr) 5 Our bird is never quiet, It's very —_______ (cinsy Idon't like ants because they are ——________. (onnaying) 5 Match the pets and the people. John's pet is scary. € Granny's pet is cuddly. __ Katie's pet is messy, __ Dad's pet is intelligent. __ Grandad’s pet is clean. __ My pet is quiet. _ 65 Reinforcement @ this, that, these, those @ Possessive ’s 1. Circle the correct option. 3 Complete one gap in every sentence with ‘sor’. Pop star Madonna's got a big family. She's got two sons and a daughter. 1 Madonna __ is my mum&_ favourite singer and I like her too. Madonna’ __ daughter __ is Lourdes. Her sons __ names __are Rocco and David. Lourdes __ dad __ lives in New York. aon On Madonna’s brothers _names __ are Martin, Anthony and Christopher. 6 Her sisters names are Melanie and Paula Mae. @ Present Simple 4 Write the correct form of the verb. 1 Bambi is a celebrity dog. (be) i 1 @hid/ That is my dad, Max. 2. This / That's Delia. 2 She____witha famous 3. This / These are my best friends. actrase. (ive) 4° That / This is my games console. 4 Bembi Preah ebaane 5 These / Those are my computer games. with the actress and her friends. (eat) 6 These / Those are my books. 4 Bambi___many friends in Los Angeles. (have) @ Possessive adjectives 5 She on the beach in California. (run) 2 Match the sentences. : 6 She to New York at the eae e ‘wookend, (aly) 2 I've gota sister. S| Tye alzo-got a bupther 5 write the sentences. 4 Welive in the ocean. 5 Wet 1 Bambi / swim every day. / je've got a pet ant. ails 7 6 We've got a lot of cousins. Bambi swims every day. I a lisname’s Pant, 2 2. Bambi/ play with cats. X b Myname’s Neno, __ thocolate. X | o “Hirmanies Neva. -— 3. The actress / give Bambi chocolate. | They're actors in animated films. _ i 4 Bambi / stay at home every day. X @ Ourhouse is cool. _ | f£ His name's Nimo. __ 5 Bembi/ have got an MP3 player. / Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 @ Family 1 Write the correct word. 1 Penelope Cruz is an actress. Her issret is Monica Cruz.__Ster__ 2. Paris Hilton is rich. Her rfahte has got a lot of hotels. __ 3. Javier Bardem is Pilar Bardem's ons. 4 Billand Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel are orthbers, 5 Suri Cruise is the aghuterd of Tom Cruise. 6 Myname is Zahara. Angelina Jolie is my thmroe, Match the descriptions with the words. 1 My mother's sister is my 2. My mother's mother is my__ 3 Another word for father is__ 4 My mother and my father are my __ 5 My uncle's children are my _ 6 Another word for mother is__ a grandmother b cad © cousins a mum e parents f aunt Adjectives for pets ij 3 Circle the correct option. 1 My grandmother's cat bites She's friendly /Gcary) 2. My cat understands many things. She's intelligent / cuddly. 3° Dad doesn't like the hamster. He says hamsters are clean / messy. 4 My rabbit plays with my friends He is noisy / friendly. 5 Ohno! ‘The antsare in my sandwich. ‘They are very annoying / clean. Extension 4 Complete the sentences with adjectives. @ Dictionary work 5 Translate the words. Family 4 2 3 4 mother-in-law father-in-law half-brother half-sister Adjectives for pets 5 6 7 8 playful moody crafty proud 67 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educaci6n, S.L. 2009 @ this, that, these, those 1 Circle the correct option. Extension 3 write v or x. Correct the mistakes. Bart Simpson and his family are famous. 1 Hissisters's names are Lisa and Maggie. X. His sisters’ names are Lisa and Maggie, 2. His mum's name is Marge. _ ® are ® 1. That /(Thi3 / Theso is my English class. That / This / Those is our teacher Daniel. 3. This / These / Those are my friends from the class. 4 That / These / Those are our pictures. Those / This / These are our books. 6 This / That / These is our English homework a @ Possessive adjectives 2 Complete the sentences. 1 Love music award shows. My __ favourite show is the MTV Europe Music Awards. 2 = Thave a favourite male singer. name is Kanye West. 3 Britney Spears is good. [like album Blackout. 4 My friends have a favourite group. name is Tokio Hotel. 5 favourite presenter is Justin Timberlake. We think he's great! 3. Homer is Bart's father. _ 6 Selma and Patty are Marge sisters. _ @Present simple 4 Change the sentences from affirmative to negative or from negative to affirmative. 1. The ideal sister eats my chips. The ideal sister doesn't eat my chips 2 She doesn’t do my homework. 3. The ideal sister isn’t friendly to me 4 She doesn't give me money, 5 The ideal sister watches my television. 6 She plays music in my bedroom. Write sentences about the ideal brother. 1 The ideal brothers * 4 Y in his room. @ Hed 6 The ideal brother i____' __ messy. Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing @/ © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 @ Daily routines 1 Write the words in the correct category. tobed | a shower | lunch to school | breakfast | heme co HAVE 2 Order the words. CET | WN —_ Steve wakes up at 11am. (keswa) Hehas____ ined. (fastreakb) ‘Then he his teeth, (treshebus) He goes to at 1.30, (loosch) He has a {ershow) He has ___ in a hotel. (nchlu) 3 Complete the sentences oak ONE Bilyge® § UY P ati2o'ciock. Heh____ di____ er ima restaurant. Heg______ ho__e at 9.30 pm. He do_____ some exercise at home. Bilyh____asho____ He go____ tob_____ at 11.00. Reinforcement @ Free time activities 4 Look at the pictures. Correct the text about Paul's day. Paul sees books He chats on the computer games. He listens to friends. He plays shopping. He does music. He reads on the Internet. Faul sees his friends. oak ON OTBONH 5 Circle the correct option. 1 Talways(@0)/ listen exercise. 2 Atthe weekend I chat /listen on the Internet, In the afternoon I do / see my friends. 4. We normally go /read shopping. Tusually read / play computer games in the evening. 6 sometimes read /meet books. 69 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 @ Adverbs of frequency 1 Order the sentences. 1 Juanes// in the shower / always sings Reinforcement 3 Complete the questions. do | where | what | does where | when 1 Femando, where do you live? live in Colombia. Shakira and Juanes are from Colombial 2 What you like reading? Ilike reading Harry Potter books. hanes alnays sings in the shower: 3 do you go to school? 2 he /at the weekend / often plays / football papa eatosl erety dey, Sam. Meniiay-to Friday. 4 do you mest your friends? 3 never sings / he / rap music I meet them at our football club. 5 Where your best friend 4 he / around the world / often travels iva? He lives next door See et ot fel does he do at the 5 on the Intemet / hardly ever chats / he a 6 his friend Shakira / usually meets / he @ Present simple: questions 2 Complete the questions with do or does. Match the questions with the answers. 1 Shakira, do you listen to music? you like Juanes? your boyfriend like Juanes? your mother like your music? 5 —______your fans chat with you on Internet? o your sister speak English? Yes, they do. __ No, he doesn't! __ Yes,Ido._1 Yes, she does, __ Yes, Ido. __ Yes, she does. _ mona e 70 weekend? He listens to music at my house. @ love, like, not like, hate + ing form 4 write true (t) or false (f) for you. Then correct the false sentences. 1 love listening to rap music. _ 2° Thate watching action films. __ 3 Thate doing exercise._ 4 Idon’t like shopping. __ 5 Ilove dancing. _ 6 Tlike swimming. _ Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educacion, S.L. 2009 @ Daily routines 1 Match the descriptions with the daily routines. You do this in the bathroom. This is the first thing you do every day. ‘This is the last thing you do every day. You do this every morning and night. When school is finished you do this. ‘The teacher tells you to do this. One wNE brush your teeth 4 wake up __ do homework _ gohome_ have a shower __ mo mane goto bed __ 2 Write about a perfect day for Chris. 1 Aperfect day for Chris First he wakes up at 10.50. 2 He sleeps for another 30 minutes. Extension @ Free time activities 3 Write the correct words in the gaps, ‘My name is Tomoko. I'm thirteen and Ilive in Tokyo. In my free time I (1) chat (heat) on the Intemet. After school 1@) (mee) my friends, ‘We go to the library and (3) (dear) books. Or we (4) (nilste) to music - Hove hip-hop. In the evening I do my homework and (8) (yapl) computer games. Then 1 (6) (od) some exercise 4 Complete the email with verbs. ewes Hi Tomoko! My neme is Er, 'm twelve and lve in San Diego, Cafforia, In my free time | often (1) read Hove manga comics! And | always @ on the Internat. 1(@)____my friends at tho beach, The weather is very good here. We also love hip-hop music. | (4) to music and (5) ‘exercise on the: beach, | also (6) computer games. My favourite game is Super Mario Bros. @ Dictionary work 5 write the words in the correct category. Neots to the library | supper | a snack aie 3 Then, he goes to the swimming pool fora walk | nething and cards | chess | yoga 4 He swims for an hour. Afterthat, Go HAVE 5 Then, he goes to the cinema supper He a 6 Finally Do PLAY nothing 1 SL, 2009 72 Extension on the train. __ 5 Tomoko always is friendly. __ 2 @ Adverbs of frequency Yes, Eva Amaral lives in Madrid 1 Write v or x. Correct the mistakes. 3 1 Tomoko usually goes to school by train. ahi he does. Juan Aguirre also lives in 2° The train hardly ever is late. X a The trains hardly ever late, - 3 Tomoko does usually her homework on the Yes, they do. They write their own songs. train.__ 5 ee No, they don’t. They normally sing in eee et eee Spanish. 4 She sometimes sees her English teacher 6 aa er Yes, they do. The address is: www.amarales @ love, like, not like, hate + -ing form 6 She never has lunch at home. __ Write sentences about Erin, 1 Ein / always / speak Spanish at school, Eninalways speaks. Spanish at school, 2 She / usually / be tired on Monday moming. oor a a ee 3° She / hardly ever / watch TV in the morning 4 She / sometimes / send text messages. 5 She / always / be happy to meet other manga fans. ee 4 Look at the notes. Write the sentences. 1 ThewniterlovesFiftyCent. dove) 6 She /never /be tired of manga comics. TTDI 2 a ee 3 @ Present simple: questions 4 not tke) 3 write the questions. Bo hate) 1 Doyoulike Eva Amaral? 6 (hate) ‘Yes, I think Eva Amaral is a great singer. Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing @ / © Santillana Educacion, S.L. 2009 @ Food 1 Find the food words. Then complete the sentences, 1 kiesiactoastiwoausodsnac 2 i@eorangejuicelaowpsntio keowuabaconlewostanxoe Poepizzawietahskocaleiak Nretwgsaroastbeefbaowue oan ew Gawlevegetablesoepwand toast For breakfast eat 2 Talways drink 3 Tsometimes eat sausages and et 4 For lunch leata My mum makes me sandwiches with Reinforcement @Schoot subjects 4 Write the correct words. My favourite subjects are: 1 Atr& ngides =n 6 My dad doesn’t eat 2 tema 3 renhef 2 Match the foods with the category, 4) edison a meat b fish 8 simu © drinks 6 geophygrap d vegetables e fron 5 Complete the school timetable. f other 1 banana and apple_¢ MONDAY | h 2 ham and bacon _ | [200 - 0.00] teen ch | ® PE Physical 3° water and milk _ sical Treldlacals 10.00 - 100 fan iy 4 bread and 1 leese. t 7 in | BREAK 5 mn and tuna a a Wis ~ 11s [3) Met _ 6 ube onion and cucumber _ aan eae Write examples for each category. BIB U5 | and Communication Me SE foe he tee drink | vegetable i UUNEA Beene rie —— |__| ({ 230-330 |) He l |} [330-430 le Delf ere =| @ Countable and uncountable nouns 1 Circle the correct option. 1 Llove a bacon. 2 Do you like pasta? Do you like a pasta? 3. Ihave two apple for lunch every day. Thave two apples for lunch every day. 4 need a onion for the salad. Ineed an onion for the salad. 5 I'm sorry. Idon’t eat a meat. I'm sory. I don't eat meat. 6 Would you like milk with the coffee? ‘Would you like milks with the coffee? @ a lot of, some, any 2 Complete the sentences. any | some | e4ot | any | some | alot alot leat of fruit, Teat of chips. Inormally don’t eat cheese. 4 Ihave moming. cereal in the 5 always have hot chocolate after the cereal. 6 Inever eat. Thate them. vegetables! 3. complete the words. Tick (/) if the sentences are true for you. 1 Idinks? MM € milk every day. 2 Idon'teata____ chocolate. ___ 3 Teatal_____ of pasta. __ 4 leatss_______ bananas every day. __ 5 Idon'teata____fish.__ 6 leatal____of vegetables. __ Reinforcement @ Frequency expressions 4 Order the words. Complete the sentences. 1 Rafa Nadal plays tennis every day, from Monday to Sunday. (eryev) 2. We play tennis a week at school. (witce) 3 And! go to the tennis club times a week. (reeth). 4 He only does his homework a week! (ceon) 5 My teacher gives the class homework times a week. (oruf) 6 My dad says, ‘Do your homework every _! (yad) Or no more tennis! —_—_—— I want to be the next Rafa Nadal! | @ How often? 5 Circle the correct option. Mum How often (1)(doe3)/ do your teacher give you ICT homework? Juan She gives us ICT homework every day. ‘Mum How often (2) does /do you do your ICT homework? Juan I do it every day, mum! ‘Mum How often (8) does /do your English teacher give you homework? She gives us homework twice a week. Can I watch television now? Mum Juan, how often (4) does / do your sister watch television? Juan She never watches television! ‘Mum No television for you today. Juan Mum, how often (5) does /do I say this? Claudia watches TV on the Internet! Juan Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 Extension @ Food 4 Complete the sentences. 1 Tike___History __because I'm 1 Circle the odd word. interested in the past. 1 onion, tomato, Gheesé) 2. Iplay the guitar and the violin. [have 2 = mayonnaise, roast beef, ham —___________ classes every day. 3 tuna, salmon, salami 3+ My mother is a computer expert. She says that________is very important. 4 bacon, cucumber, sausage 4 Lwant to be an actor. My favourite subject & orange juice, water, eggs at school is 6 vegetables, fruit, onion 5 My worst subject is 2 Complete the words. 1 because I hate sports, 6 I'ma fan of Stephen Hawking and Einstein. ‘This is a fruit. It is long and it has Tread a lot of books, 2 You need this for sandwiches or toast. @ Dictionary work Por 5 Translate the words. 3° This is a drink. It comes from fruit Food 1 peppers 4 2 olive oil sree 3 herbs © School subjects a See 6 5 Literature SS 6 Philosophy @ School subjects 6 Complete the sentences with the words. 3. Match the subjects with the examples. 1 2 3 4 5 6 a b © a e f 1. Who are we? Where are we going? These are ts important questions in _Fllosophy. st & Design © 2 is the study of living Music __ organisms. Geography _ 3. Idon't like mayonnaise on my salad. Maths _ Iprefer___ enon. 4 Ifyoulike to read, you will like studying PE Do you put__on the meat? hip-hop, rock and classical ‘Bonjour Madame. Je m'appelle Vanessa’. basketball and football, 32x 10=320 Picasso was a painter and sculptor. ‘The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. ‘There are yellow, red, orange and green. 75 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educaci6n, $.L. 2009 76 @ Countable and uncountable nouns 1 complete the text with a/an/s/- This is my perfect lunch: 1 First, leat 4 hamburger with __ bacon and __ cheese. ‘Then I have ___ham on __ toast. Or L eat __ sandwich with chip _. Tlove roast beef __ and vegetable _ Orleat pizza with __ spinach. oak ON For dessert I have __ orange or _ banana. @ a lot of, some, any 2 Circle the two correct options. 1 Ineed allot offfomatoe’ Asachild, Christina w___. always happy. 4 The children at school w_ . nice to her. 5 Christina w____ a presenter ona TV programme. 6 Justin and Brimey w______ on the TV programme too. 2 Order the questions. Then match them with the answers. 1 Christina's / where / born / was / grandmother ? _Where was Christina's grandmother bom? 2° Christina's / first album / what / was? 3 was/when / bom / Christina's first child ? 4 Christina / was / famous / in 1990 ? 5 divorced / were / her / parents ? Extension @ Past simple: regular verbs 3 Complete the sentences. finish | land | climb | discover ereate | study Last week on Celebrity Island: 1 Last Monday Nicola created ig sculpture. 2. On Tuesday Danny gold 3 Mandy atree. 4 Bob jumped across the water and on the other island. 5 Last Wednesday Susan some maps. 6 Max his house. 4 True or false? Correct the false sentences. Make them true for you. 1 We watched Celebrity Isiand in class yesterday. False. We dicn’t watch Celebrity Island inclass yesterday. 2 We watched a movie in English class yesterday. 3 Our teacher didn't come to class. 4 I didn’t study in the afternoon. 6 Christina / bom / when / was ? Her first child was bom in January 2008. 3 ‘Yes, they were. __ Her grandmother was born in Ireland. _ She was born in 1980.__ Her first album was Christina Aguilera No she wasn't. __ a) Photocopiabl 5 My friend phoned me at 9.00. 6 went to bed early. : Richmond Publishing @ / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2008 @ Things you read 1 Find the words in the word pool. 1 heishapcomichauekswoalsm nohstahenehstanovelhsieuakl hstetextbooksahweixandkoali vejmagazinetqaduoiolanskjso gdthaspnelksdcsonglyricshsie gatsgjewodyshudiaryhdjasieq Danan 2 Circle the correct option. 1 There is a big text message /Gign)in front of our school. It says ‘No Parking’ 2. Every evening I write about my life in my diary / newspaper. 3. like reading my friends’ blogs / newspapers on the Internet. 4 Tlove the text messages /Iyrics to Coldplay's songs 5 You only need ten seconds to read a text message / novel. 6 My friend is an excellent artist. He writes and draws for a sign / comic. 3 Complete the sentences. novel 1 Wereada our English class. every year in 2. My friends and I love reading celebrity 3) Weusea lot of at school. 4 Isend about ten every day, 5 Some people read a every day. 6 All drivers understand __ Reinforcement Adjectives of opinion i 4 complete the sentences. Hey guys! was at the cinema on Friday, The film was (t)__Poring _.(ringbor) ‘Then | went shopping with Lara, ‘That was (2) (looc) ‘We went to a pizza restaurant. The pizza was (3) . (tasfantic) But the salad was (4) - (tulaw) In the evening we went to a concert. Fifty Cent was 6) - (lal tirgh) But Kayne West was (6) (mazaing) How was your weekend? 5 Complete the words. Eerie HiTinal | was also at the Kayne West concert Itwas (1) gr € 2 2) watched TV first. | saw a horror fir. Itwas 2)g______. Then my family went to the park itwas (3)f___. Mary Chie eeietaeaecameake tie Mest iene Hello all | went toa museum yesterday. That was (6) 89 Phetocopiable: Richmond Publishing @ / © Santillana Educacién, $.L. 2009 90 Reinforcement @ Past simple: irregular verbs @ there was/there were 1 Complete the sentences with the verb in 3 Circle the correct option. past simple. 1 Last monthtfhere wa/ there were a big 2 festival in our city. RET Welcome to Aoastare | Academy, Wis vias ony week. 2 There were / There weren't concerts, films, theatre and sports events. It was fantastic 3. There weren't / There wasn't time to see everything. 4 It was cool because there was / there were a school holiday. We didn't go to school. 1 OnMondsy!___0te anew 5 Were there / Was there alot of people? song. It’s called ‘Introducing Joe’. (write) 6 Yes, there were / Yes, there weren't 2 ThenI lunch with Sally 5 Taleo t simple: and Twa, (ave) @ Past simple: questions On Thesday I uplate. (got) 4 Order the questions. 4. The Popstarz director M Middy 1. go/you/ did / to / festival / the / last month? Did yougo to the festival last month? Yes, I did. I went to the colebrity football match and to concerts. my song was awfull (say) 1 to my bedroom. (run) I my mother. I wasn't happy with the Popstarz Academy. (ring) 2 any /you / concerts / did / see / good ? Complete the sentences. Yes! I saw Shakira and Alejandro Sanz. Thoy were great. see | say | say | speak | go | go 3 meet / you / your friends / did / there? 1. Yesterday on Popstarz Joe did t go to the hip-hop dance class. No, I didn’t. My friends were on holiday. 2 Sally w______ toher music class. She 4 eat/you/nice food / did ? ‘was 15 minutes late! 3M Middy s____ Todd and Chad dancing. ‘The food was all right. 4 Hedi__'__ s____it was temtible. 5 to/any famous people / did you speak ? 5 He sa___ it was great 6 Joe sp______ to M Middy. He said I said ‘hello’ to Penelope Cruz, ‘Iwant to practise more’ 6 your / go/ family / did? My sister went, but my dad didn’t go. Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 @ Things you read 41 Match the words with the descriptions. 1 anewspaper4 4 songlyrics__ 2 atextmessage__ 6 a textbook _ 3 anovel__ 6 asign__ This is a book. It has information about a subject you study at school. b This gives information, directions or a warning, c¢ These are the words of a song. d_ This has news and photographs. There is often a new one every day. e This is a book with a long story. The characters and events are not real. £ This is a written message. You send it ona mobile phone. Complete the sentences. 1 Ohnol I've got an English test tomorrow and I can't find my English textbook. 2 Mum! You can’t read my 4. It's private! 3. What does the s__ It says ‘STOP’. say? 4 I'mabig fan of Manga o. 5 I started to road this n, last year. It's got 700 pages! 6 The students can’t send 1. m when they are in class. @ Adjectives of opinion 3 Circle the correct option for you. 1 Hip-hop music is coo! / boring / OK. 2 James Bond movies are alll right / amazing / aweful, Chatting online is great / OK / boring. Sport is fun / all right / awful. Reality shows are OK / terrible / cool Museums are interesting / OK / boring. oan we Extension 4 Complete the sentences with words from exercise 3. Then match them with the illustrations. 3. I'mnota big fan of the Harry Potter films. They'te____ 4 would like tomeet______ people. I don’t like homework, 6 Ihate sport. It's 12 20 3_ 4 @ Dictionary work 5 Are the adjectives positive or negative? astonishing | tiresome | marvellous dull | terrific | horrible positive negative marvellous Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® /© Santillana Educacion, S.L. 2008 92 @ Past simple: irregular verbs 1 Complete the sentences with a verb in past simple. Extension @ there was/there were 3 Complete the sentences. 1 6 Last month there w_2__$_ a parent teacher meeting at my school. We went home because there w_______’ __ any classes in the afternoon, ‘There w______ alot of parents at the school. It was fulll After the meeting there w____ a concert. ‘There w______' __ any food at the concert, But there w_____ some good music! @ Past simple: questions 1 Yesterday Fantastic Fred had A Order the questions. Match the questions a fantastic dream. with the answers. 2 datas. on 1 bes aus y English oF / say / what ? peta | | 1 Pt. rat.dld the English teacher say? 3. A famous singer aetins 2 did /you/ where /later / go? party. 4 He some famous 3. did/ your parents / what / say ? footballers playing football. 6 Anelephant_____tohim. 4 time /start / the meeting / what / did ? 6 Then Fred__ 5 did you/to/go/ what/ of/type/ True (t) or false (f)? Correct the false estatranive sentences. 1 Fredate ice cream in his dream. © f 6 parents / give / you / a present / did / 2 He rang his friends from the party. your? He didn't ring his friends from the party. 3 Fred wrote an email at the party. _ a We went toa Chinese restaurant, © b Itstarted at 2.30 p.m. __ 4 Fred saw a giraffe talking. _ ¢ He said my English was very good. _ d They said they were happy with me. _ bel ale Yes, they did. A new pair of trainers. _ 5 Fred liked his dream. _ See £ We went to a restaurant to celebrate. _ 6 When he woke up, Fred wrote in his dream diary. __ Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / @ Santillana Educacién, S.L, 2009 @ Holidays 1 Write the words. rustoothbh tanthirush gbooduike nsu camre breumlla lotew kninepef = Seas ene spascom 2 Complete the words. 1. Mum always has the passP O * t 6 with her. Poe 2. Gran always takes a com. 3 Dadtakes the to_____. 4 My sister takes a lot of bo. 5 6 Itake my favourite sh___ We never forget our swims Reinforcement 3 complete the sentences. guidebook | penknife | towel sun cream | passport | umbrellas 1 After swimming, dry your hair with your ‘towel. 2 Ifitrains, we can use the We can cut things with a 4 A_____ has gota lot of great information for tourists 5 When you go to another country, you need your 6 When it’s very sunny, Iput on @Rules 4 Circle the correct option. Granny's rules for the family: 1 GhocBy Disturb before you come into my room. y Don't try on / Don't look on my clothes. wo Don't put / Don’t take my things. They're not yours! 4 Don't take me / Don't disturb me when I'm sleeping. 5 When you take things, put things back / ity things back. 6 Don't touch / Don't try on my cat. Complete the sentences. 1 Don't? 2 * atmy diary. Ifyou have a question, ask me 2 Don’tu____ my mobile phone! 3 Don'tL_____ inmybag. 4 Pleasedon'td_ my dog when he’s asleep, 5 Don'tt________myletters. They're private. 6 Don'tt____ on my boots. They're very expensive - and they're mine! 93 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / @ Santillana Educacion, S.L. 2009 94 @ going to 1 Look at Tom's diary. Complete the sentences. Reinforcement © must 3 Write the rules. Use must or mustn’t, Tom's mother’s rules | Monday Mistmaseum J | for the party. | Tuesday play, basketball | with Mack 1. Don't play the music too loud. | wesmesday | “2 4 “re Maths teat 7 Youmustn't play the music too loud. | iy watch TW x 2. Finish the party at 12 odlock | Thursday | do the Maths test! ¥ . 3. Dont break anything | Friday have a party ¥ 8 1 He'9.going to visit-a museum. 4, Don't eat all the food in the kitchen, 2 Tom and Mark ms 5. Call me if there are any problems. 4 Heisn't 6. Clean the house after the party. 5 His class 6 He Complete the questions. 1 Hi Tom, __Where to have the party? I'm going to have it at my house. are you going 2 you going to have a DJ? No, we're not. We'e going to have a live band. 3 ______ ype of music are they going to play? Rok, pop and hip-hop music. your mum going to the party? No, she isn’t. She's going to meet her friends, 5 What on Saturday? T'm going to watch a football mateh. you going to do 6 Whereareyou___to watch it? I'm going to watch it at the Bernabéu stadium! @ can: permission 4 Complete the dialogue. Karim Hi Tom. Are you going to have a party on Friday? Can Tom (1) Hey Karim. you come? Karim (2) Yes, I ‘Tom Cool! Karim (3) Tcome with twenty friends? Tom (4) No, you , Karim. That's a lot of people Karim (5) OK then. Istay the night at your house? ‘Tom Yes, you can. In the morning you must help me clean the house. Karim (6) Oh no Tom! I I must meet my twenty friends Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educaci6n, S.L. 2008 @ Holiday 1 Match the words with the descriptions. 1 swimsuit__ shorts __ boots _ torch __ compass _ eae on toothbrush _ ‘This is a light. It normally uses batteries. ‘You wear these on your feet. ‘This helps with directions. You need this to go swimming, You clean your teeth with this. You wear them when it’s hot. sonore 2 Complete the holiday tips. © Aunge pre _sneream on t5 minufes before yas go cut in the. an. (ones earned @®) You don't need te bring a You can use sine, one. fram -the hotel. (owted © be caret en up wee 8 niseter aoe (knipenfe) @& goo ________etps you fo learn about a new crty, oookuigde) © dens pot your 1 you auicase. You need i at the aicpoct. (pactsspa) © 1F yew forget your : ype can buy a nei one. They aren't expensie. orvtoasttt) Extension @ Rules 3 Complete the hotel rules. putback | use | wakeup disturb | look | knock | If the receptionist is asleep, please don't _ Wakehimup 1 Pease don't the. ier % Pease dont in the Kitchen, A Maus on the manager's door before you open it. 3 Don't tin if he's busy, & Pease ‘the. towel. 4 Complete the dialogue. Customer Do you have rules in this hotel? Hotel Manager Yes. Why do you ask? Customer There was a man in our room. (1) He tried on my jacket. (trdie) Hotel Manager I'm sorry about that. Customer (2) And he in my suitcase! (edkool) Hotel Manager (3) Did he anything? (aket) Customer No, he didn't. (4) But he the telephone in the room. (seud) Hotel Manager (5) Did any other person you, sir? (turbdis) Customer Yes, the cleaner came into our room in the morning. (6) She didn’t. on the door first. (nockk) Now Iknow why the hotel's called the ‘Hellton Hotel!’ 95 Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing @ / © Santillana Educacién, S.L. 2009 @ going to 1 Order the sentences. 1 going/I'm/an /be / to / actor Imgoing to be anactor 2 going to be / is /a film director / my sister 3. 're/to make films / going / we 4 to/ going / live /I'm / in Hollywood 5 'm/going/I/to work /a /lot / not 6 the paparazzi / aren't / to disturb me / going 2 Complete the questions. Match the questions with the answers. ‘sho | sheflive | are/visit what/do | erefwai | where/study 1 _4 _ you going to_Wak in Hollywood? 2 —____are you going to after school? 3 are you going to 2 What do? your sister going 5 Is in LA? going to o your parents going to you? T'm going to study in New York. __ Yes, she is. _ She's going to go to Film School. _ Yes, they are. __ I'm going to study Music and Drama. _ No, I'm going to use a limousine. 1 wonane Extension @© must 3 Complete the sentences. RULES FOR HOLLYWOOD SCHOOL OF DANCE AND DRAMA 1. read alot 2. disturb the teachers You mustn't disturb the teachers. 3. do sport 4. eat salad 5. bring your dog to school 6. watch a lot of films @ can: permission 4 complete with can or can’t. 1 You____@__ take photographs of the celebrities. 2 Butyou___@%___ take photographs of the celebrities’ children. 3 You ask the celebrity for an interview, 4 You walk into their house. 5 You disturb them when they are relaxing, 6 You family, he horrible to their Photocopiable: Richmond Publishing ® / © Santillana Educaci6n, S.L. 2009