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Report Title— z Report prepared for: Henn aay Se eee Report prepared by: : Name, posih'en , Company 30 October 2007 tet TABLE _OF CONTENTS — ee - Ep Executive Summary ee ee Mitvodus ction Concusions i _® Recommendations 2 w Conclusion ®__ Appendices : eee Executive Summa iad i Thi report “provide & an overview a of... shine ___ this _repor ec 0) SI eee eee ec Wheat the report 18 about = Why you wrote if What your findings are = What actions you recommend z if = How muth rey'l)_ cost 2 oo Summarise every section of report, nrasea tt interesting but not more than 1 page. End with conclusion and/or recommendation. — Precise subject of the report — Reasons for the report - Che way the report is _organrred) -_ State Who asked you }o do what = State the purpose of thre report = State the scope (anal limitations, if any) — May also Arscuss backa rpund ot ? prevailing ffuaten or Aéstony or problem 2 er context “Conclusions _@ Recommendations @ Costs an ___Discussion cette —— el Subpart 8 . _ Subpart _C¢ _MEMORANDUM 10: same, Potion Company an, Conrparn FROM: Wane Po: _DATE: “30 October _200F “SuBIET: (State subject spechially) __turpose: —Cwhen, whe, what, where, why) have been ¢ +o pre m. Ka with the purpo oA proviching intarmatien on» Summary: (Give main points [short summary ef whole memo) __ Speer fecclly, ‘ics mamermnatm ste penta hummary of Discussron; © Give barkaround facts (these whe wil read in a Paw qeart* Fre) Names & Jitles of pengle invelvecd PR Dates of earlier memos @ Expand prints of the Summary Support qour pointe) Use subheadings eg. (ZZ haactien, Problem, Koluchion, Ereluation)._ __# Use lots of heaclin. Recommenclah'ens * Action Cif not an Hhoematve ona) __tn Summary.... [outline main porn ], et “What fo do tf + inetacle alternahves Lei Sha * State what you wit do and « a ae Cull you 0g .wir, information Or = Cartrtation please olon’t hesrtnte 12 Cow'nd mg. ares Namne ext. 3095 Cit internat memo) ____ E=pAie FROM: (ou nant) OL yeu loq's name). 0."12 To: “Cooler aolelres gn Q:hd ee: lo Cother har parton concerned iP any )Oleoy name).cone SUBJECT: (Be SpecFe) Rede 100 beating ) Do net use “Res! Gerson's name) Here isthe information you teauested. Regards. U Cyour name) "Cour postion) 2 ae Cour Coy’ nama) Phe *) DRAFT (FP rekvant) ii i ei Discussion Pager on ee Cyour topic) Otteber 2007 ad _h. Inbreduchion Terms ot reference ce a Purpose Scope Be = 2. Backgreumd = 3. Key Diseastion Issues 0 3.0 Dis SSI s : Copied 3 Sema 2. > ee oe 3-3 Diseussion (ssue 3 Gopic) ~— Condusions | Recommendations /_ ___lavetacth a Cunhebever_is_rleveunt) : te NOTES a Cite) i ‘ Prepared by (OPTIONAL) Bae i Cyour name) _ a Bee _ oP TIONAL, Gor the other persor)) Date: 30 October 2004 Chea ding) to (sub heading) Main points Examples, Supporting details 1.4 Sees Ra eee eae Main poteda 2 _Detarls 2. | Ze ie Csetond heading, 7 2.) ee = subheading) Main points Exeunples st ae Main points Exam les Maria (aledonyo COO NUH cra analy ses report Mawia laledonia_is_an taternohorol Busiress Consulpanl Witt, ummm Casetror's name £ position | quatitoxtion) Put key sentences first Write tn short sentences __Indroduction ee - Heading : Cadi leo = td Srey Outune Cle) (Headline - brif one sentence) Greetings. C. Plan Celt ee audience whet you are going fo tell Hom ) 2. Diseussion (detaned cuthne of each topic from the Plan) if Topic L cere Chtading from your vlon) Definrhons - optional math teas examples Topica aoe — ORE tang Cheading from your plon) Definitions - optonal Wain foleas éxamples Condusion (iain points of what you have told the audience) What questions do you have ? i _ Closing Seertence iat hank “you for your attention) ean AGENDA — 4. Apolagies z eee 2+ Minutes of Previous meeting, 27. Beard meetirg | October 2002) 3. Matters arising = (backaroumcd ef any matters currently arising which vill _be _censictered in future) HEE 4. Financ’al Report CIP a few _reports om the agenda the financial reporis_ always 90 _ficst). S- Sis (Other reports each separate by nama) "0 Bitar reports each, Separate by nara) ee - z. a any other prearranged Cushesy) B. Geneval Gusinese 7 ; a 4. Dede_and place of nex meeting — (eg, december Boo meeting) EnE NOTE Supyect: PREPARED BY: (ame, Posrton Coy) 7 ee ____State names of pemple co: ned ____ State the form of communication (24- Information received by ema) contact was mad by phone call). What was said —Whot facks were. = What was agreed on_ __What action was taken pr te be taken PRESENTATION NOTES Slide Lb Presentation Topic Key Sontence, as oheadline — optional Slide 2 Aig key. issues. Topic 1. eect Tending tom four pany an Slide_3 Definvhins - opt'ona) ddain_icteas in bullet pomts exavneles Guestions to audience. ___ Slide 4 + Topic 2 Het Fete Dehiattions -_optenal examples Guestions to _audience Slide 5 ———lopic_3. eee See eat (heading trom your plan) Dehiaitions — optional Alain _joleas in _bulfer pores eee Aamples as ——4idestions 1o_ausole ence Slide ee Conclusion Whet questions co you have? Closing sentence S Mutu ves at ES (ube rs meebing ~ Company name) (what meeting - e9- Boar Meeting, Seniir Monat Methig) (place eg. company's Bearclrcom, address) Tuesday 30 October 4007 from Jam +o 3m Present __ i Mr a een Mc [Ms [De ces (Treaswerer) : Me [Ms [pe ‘ ee Au [Ms [0+ a _la_atten dance Bl MNS (Secretory) Cnon-votrag artlen lark) LA 50S Sit ed RGMSseseeeeRagaa?” 3c '. sagaeeteesoanoaneeeeeeniaeeslonosrenaiasaiaasaooteetniaaniseesteentn 2. Coaftematioa of previous minutes il ———The_minudes of thes (HAS meeting) were. approved as a tue record, oe ee = 3, Matters avising == ie i Chackground of any matters Currently arising whreh will b€ ig ea gg 7 - asssasensaie (Summary of the malin points ert, Sree Ss. ji —__Lolher prearranged bussness) pee eee eee 6. Genered business : 7. Date and Place of next metting _ a fou Coq Namne, ae zat oi A Nz anesies Telephone 64 4 4460000, Facsiaite 6 + M46 © ___ 80 October 2004 (partons postion} — Culrent Coy Nome) it Chub fect of the letter) Clerms of reference) Ps requested in your leber dated 28 September 2007 L provide you my advice as to whether... vrrodu ction Topi ce 1. Topre 2. Top ie. Bt _Cendusiens ond vecommendabeas Thank you for jhe opportunity, 4o_ provide my advice. ___ you have any queries please feel fee +o contath me on Ol YA 3160 Yours snearery i 3 Sears CYeur name; pesitten, coy) —> Con seporocte Unes) _O©PimioN LETTER ee fo ben 19 neliiegton” New Zealand Telephone. 644 496 0000 facsimile 64-4 F975 0000 20 October 2007 PLT partons Posen) 7 Cilien? Cog Wane) ee __ Po_hex 100 wellington CUient's adolress) CTipeade AEM seca oe ‘Maclaen) TS Subject af the (eller) ~ ate Terms of reference) a As requested tn your letter dated 28 September 200% we Provide Our oolviee Gs to whether... i batkqeund CAuenonny tacts) Y_wer of backavounol L/we _summan'se nay Jour uurderstanding of the facts below. Please advise me/us if ony bur ——undlexstanding._is_not _corcect. ate = Opinion _ | our Que opinion acintdiog 1. ee Detailed Advice (make refurences 10 authoritative Supeod) —lnaccorlonce with the Financial Reporting Act 1943 2. —|s_requicecl_to prepare general purpose finemeial reports - —lemply wit genecally accepted accounting Prachice (GAAP). GAAP iavudes the apalicahen f the appropriate Financia) —Leporti Standards (FRs) Approve boy ste. Accoursting __ Stanclawels Review Board. Fas - ___is the approved _ Standard for... Way Forward Ey ees ____We_ recommend that —__adlests the approach we have specified in dhe opinion sectten. Our opinion is —_Selely for the Use ef ee directors and eased on she fats provided drevefore. it may not. apply if} dhere is a Change or —_discrepany in these facts. This epinion ~cannot be used ty a ene apa eee mn foc cath OF. GAAP _ rests Thank you for_the -eprortarihy to provide our advice. f Please feet free +0 contact meus ift you__have any ~—queries__regarcding dine. aleove. poe a ows sincerely : He z