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Research Group
Punchawpa Rimaynin
Word of the Day
For English Speakers

Southern Unified Quechua

This programme was first broadcast in 2015.
This is not an accurate word-for-word transcript of the program. presents Word of the Day, a series of daily 1-minute podcasts
(radio features), that support your Quechua language vocabulary studies.

This is your Quechua minute for today, so you could be in the Know!
on the Go!

The Word of the Day is ruray ["RUwaj] (See example 1).

(1) rura -y
make +Inf
to make something
In English it means to make something, it is spelled:
Now lets repeat it 3 times: ruray, ruray, ruray.

Now listen to it in context (See example 2):

(2) Huk turu mankata ruray
Huk turu manka-ta rura-y
one clay pot+Acc make+Inf
Make a clay pot.
This sentence translated into English means Make a clay pot.
Now lets listen the sentence twice:
First time:
Huk turu mankata ruray.
Second time:
Huk turu mankata ruray.
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