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4th Grade News

September 2015

Sept. 1-30

Upcoming Events:
Tiger Fund Campaign

MAP testing for all grade levels (Reading/Math)

TD Program Information Night (2nd grade only) 5-6pm
Boy Scout Night (Gym)
Labor Day Holidayschool closed
TD Information Night for TD Identified only (3rd-5th)- 5-6pm
Girl Scout Recruitment night(Cafeteria) 6:15-7:45
PTO Room Rep Meeting 9:15-10:15
PTO General meeting/Curriculum Night K-5 (5:45-6:30/6:30-7:15)
Teacher Workdayno school for students
Tigers on the Prowl kickof
28-Oct. 2: Fall Book Fair

News & Notes:

**We use PowerSchool to record students grades. You may check your childs progress using
the same password information you received last year.
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2 Hours of Power:
Curriculum Notes:
We are reviewing and extending the foundational concepts of place value and number sense
to begin the year. In conjunction with this, our first Investigations unit is called Factors,
Multiples, and Arrays. We focus on breaking down the operation of multiplication. We will be
working on understanding how to use multiplicative comparisons/equations to solve problems.
Science/Social Studies:
Science: Students are learning about Rocks and Minerals. We focus on the properties of rocks
and how to use these properties to identify them. We will then interpret the properties to learn
about the Earths history. We will also study how diferent forces can cause these properties to
Social Studies: Fourth grade focuses on the state of North Carolina. To begin the year, we will
review and extend map skills and geographical concepts. Fourth graders will then study a
detailed exploration of the three regions of our state, comparing and contrasting such things as
physical characteristics and the ways of life of the people who live there.

Readers Workshop: We use a Balance Literacy model for Language Arts. It includes minilessons, focusing on vocabulary and comprehension skills. After assessing students, we will be
forming small groups for guided reading and specific skill work.
As the year progresses and we have set the foundation set for Readers Workshop, we will
conduct more and more instruction in small groups or guided by the students. Expect this to
progress throughout the year.
Word Study: Wordy study will have two components. One is a traditional spelling program
focusing on spelling and grammar conventions. The other will be vocabulary that is studied
specific to the content being learned or the selection being read in Language Arts.
Writing: We will be working this year on the process of composing an opinion piece. We will
begin with a simple persuasive paragraph. The students are focusing on providing evidence to
support their ideas. We are extending this skill across various topics and types of text.
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communication that you normally receive from your childs classroom teacher.
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We thank you for your continued support!
The Fourth Grade Team