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Emmanuelle Prez Carrillo


How does Nancy Mairs life relate to the text?
-Nancy Mairs is a handicapped person and she's talking about her
point of view.
2. Nancy uses the word cripple a few times in the essay why do you
think she chose that word instead of handicapped?
- I think that Mairs uses the word crippled because she is trying to
say it how it is, and show the non-handicapped people that she's
isn't ashamed of who she is.
3. What is the purpose of this text?
- The purpose of this text is to aware the non-handicapped that
being cripple is part of you, but doesn't define you as a person.
Also she is saying that putting handicapped people in the media
can help psychologically
4. what is the genre of the text? What words give you hints of this
- this text is in the form of guidance Achieving this integration, for
disabled and able-bodied people alike, requires that we insert
disability daily into our field of vision: quietly, naturally, in the small
and common scenes of our ordinary lives -Nancy Mairs
This text begins with Nancy Mairs looking for people like her on
the media there wasn't much but finally she find it in a medical drama but

the condition define her. Although the disability is a big part of her it isn't
her whole she is like everybody else, she buys and uses everything that
other woman her age buys and does. Mairs even ask an advertiser why
people with disability are not in commercial and the advertiser response
was that we don't want to give people the idea that our product is just
for the handicapped she thought that there was a deeper reason why
and she concluded that if they put disabled people in daily activities they
are admitting that disability can enter anybody's life. this is bad
psychologically to the disabled people and also to the non-disabled
because if they join this group it will be hard psychologically.