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Shirley Bittlingmaier
Shirley show aptitude from dance and poetry in her childhood and began
performing at age of 5. Inspired by her mother to pursue an adventurous life in
theater, she held a bachelor degree in Dance and Theater from the University of
Antonio Nariño de Bogotá – Colombia, one of the country top university for art.
Her interest in culture went a step further and started to dabble in folk research
and management in the creation of school art education, strengthening me as
General Manager Project, Municipal Dance School of Sincelejo "Nutcracker" in
2001 and co-director of professional Folkloric Ballet of the Municipality of
Sincelejo in the same year, achieving many awards at national level over the
Back in her hometown she quickly became one of the most popular and respected
performers in Sincelejo area. Her intensity, musicality and technique set her apart
from the average performer. Shirley brings to folkloric dance, grace, musical
focus, and quality of movement that brings mere technique to life with her unique
vision of Latin-America dance and innovative ways to use it in choreography. She has also studied ballet,
contemporary dance, Salsa, Cumbia, Jazz, Samba, and Flamenco and have a especially in scenic production. She
continues to study other dance, not as a formal study, but for her essential continuing education and inspiration.
Shirley relocate to Rochester NY on winter 2013 and become the Artistic Director and Program Coordinator for Viva
El Folklore, a program by Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester that invites all participants to enjoy folklore and
cultural journey through dance by our Latin American roots. These classes are aimed at all those lovers of traditional
folk art and culture that led to a scenario shows the greatness of our ethnic backgrounds.
Shirley is committed to continue with her passion and love for dance leading Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester
into the future with innovative and extraordinary works. By commissioning brilliant choreographers and nurturing the
development of new talent, she will ensure that Viva El Folklore program will present evenings of dance that touch
the soul and engage the imagination. She is here to INSPIRE and learn in her new community.
Shirley reside in Greece with her husband David and son Alberto Mario and she will be teaching on Monday at Buena
Vista Manor for our senior program, and every other Wednesday at Webster Recreation Center, from beginning to
professional levels in technique, choreography, performance skills, dance conditioning, Spanish language and culture
Please join us in wishing Shirley all the best in her new journey.

Evelyn D’Agostino
Executive founder of Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester