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P.D. No. 612

Ordaining and Instituting An Insurance Code Of The Philippines
P.D. No. 1460
A Decree to Consolidate and Codify All the Insurance Laws Of The Philippines
Act No. 2427
An Act Revising The Insurance Laws
And Regulating Insurance Business In The Philippine Islands
R.A. No. 10022
An Act Amending Republic Act No. 8042, Otherwise Known As The Migrant Workers
And Overseas Filipinos Act Of 1995, As Amended, Further Improving The Standard
Of Protection And Promotion Of The Welfare Of Migrant Workers, Their Families And
Overseas Filipinos In Distress, And For Other Purposes
R.A. No. 386
An Act To Ordain And Institute The Civil Code Of The Philippines
R.A. No. 8282
An Act Further Strengthening The Social Security System Thereby Amending For
This Purpose, Republic Act No. 1161, As Amended, Otherwise Known As The Social
Security Law
R.A. No. 7875
An Act Instituting a National Health Insurance Program For All Filipinos And
Establishing The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation For The Purpose
R.A. No. 9679
An Act Further Strengthening The Home Development Mutual Fund, And For Other
R.A. No. 7394
Consumer Act of The Philippines
R.A. 9520
An Act Amending The Cooperative Code Of The Philippines To Be Known As
The "Philippine Cooperative Code Of 2008"