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CONTROL INDUTRIAL Power De-rating: As altitude increases, the reduced air density affects a products ab methods. As a result, products which rely on convection cooling (such as t should have their current or temperature ratings de-rated when used at altit: devices current rating can be de-rated per the chart below EN00282 Current Correction Correction Altitude Factor & 1.05 1000 - & 1.00 +—__ 2000 1.000 § oss } 3000 0.980 3 090 4000 0.959 Boss 5000 0.939 000 0.918 100 0.898 A devices temperature rating can be de-rated per the chart below ENO0282 Temp Correction Correction Factor Factor 1.08 1.00 - é 0.96 1.000 § 0.92 0.958 z 08s 0.917 § 075 |_ ___. 084 0.875 0 0.80 0.833 0.76 0.792 Rockwel Automation 451338007 - Altitude do-rating for Solid St Knowledgebase ji: LastModified: 0172622008, General Category: Solid-State Motor Control Product(s): Soft Starters (SMC) Catalog #: 150; 150A; 1508; 150F Series / Revisio Subject (Keyphrases): Summary of Technoto This document provides somo guidolinos for altitude do-rating Information: Question: Do | need to de-rate SMC’s for higher altitudes? Answer: The maximum operating temperature of SMCs is 60 degrees C. Careful cansiderations must be heat sinks in higher altitudes. To eliminate aver temperature faults use the fallwing guidelines For SMC Plus and SMC Dialog Plus Controllers can be sized up to 2000 Meters without de-rating. The allowable ambient must be de ‘The current rating of the smart motor cantroller will remain the same at the lowar ambient temper For SMC3 SMC3 contrallers must he de-rated at altitudes above 2000 meters (G500 feet). Use the next size For SMC Flex: SMC Flex cantrollers must he de-rated at altitudes above 2000 meters (BEND feet). Use the next Rockwet Automation G47637068 - PoworFlox 4 / 40 Altit Knowledgebase {i LastModified: 067042003 General Category: Drives and Motors Product(s}: AC Drives Catalog #: — PaworFlexd; PoworFlexd0) Series / Revision: Subject (Keyphrases): Summary of Technote Information: The environmental specifications on the PowerFlex 4/40 drives show < derating. For altitudes above this level, the drive should be derated 1% require a derate to 90% of drive current rating; 3000 m (9900 ft) would Related Links: Environment |Alitude: 1000 m (3300 fi Maximum Surrounding Air Temperature lwithout derating: IP20, Open Type: 10 to! IP30, NEMA Typo 1, UL Type 1: 10 to« Cooling Method: Fan: All [Storage Temperature: 40 to: PF 400 —[Atmosphoro: Import: where t corrosiy be inste area wt jatmosp Relative Humidity: 0 to 95° Shock (operating): 15G pe Vibration (operating): 1G pea Seismic Rating Meets t Internat PowerFlex 70 & 700 Altitude and Efficier Frame Derate Al |Altitucle “00% — % of Drive Rated Amps 70% 0 1,000 2,000 ility to cool via convecticnal he MCS-E3 and MCS-E1 Plus) udes greater than 2000m. A 0 3000 4000 s000 6000 7000 &000 aintuae = © 3000 4000 s000 6000 7000 8000 atttuae Application Note tate Motor Controllers of Solid State Motor Contrallors. made to exceeding this limit because of decreased efficiency cf fans and -rated by 3 degrees C. per 1000 meters up to a maximum of 7000 meters, rature values. a device when exceeding this altitude size device when exceeding this altitude. General Information tude Derating a maximum altitude of 1000 m (3300 ft) without 6 for every 100 m (330 ft). So, 2000 m (6600 ft) would require a derate to 80% of drive current rating; etc. (8300 ft) max. without derating. Above 1000 m ') derate 3% for every 305 m (1000 ft). 30 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F) 45 dogroos C (14 to 113 dogroos F) drive ratings 70 dogroes C (40 to 158 dagroos F) ant: Drive must not be installed in an area he ambient atmosphere contains volatile or ve gas, vapors or dust. If the drive is not going to alled for a period of time, it must be stored in an ere it will not be exposed to a corrosive here. % non-condensing ak for 11ms duration k, 5 to 2000 Hz he seismic requirements of the 2003 tional Building Code as specified by AC156. icy on) 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 Altitude (m)