Independent Reading Project: RUBRIC

1 Poor C-\D+ Lacks effort

I convinced everyone to read my book


Doesn’t seem to enjoy the book. Didn’t sell or try to sell it. Mumbles. Made it up as they go along. “ I like, liked this like book, like so you should like this like book, too. Totally.

2 GoodAverage B-\C+\C Demonstrat es Effort Have enough information …

3 Very Good B+\B\B Shows Hard Work Told about most of the characters, plot, and conflict.

4 Excellent “A\A-\A+ Goes above and beyond Can’t live without it.

The name of this book is… The author’s name is… (and that’s it). No pizzazz. Tell but not show

Description of project

Giving detail plus dark chocolate plus whipped cream and it’s as good as Nanny McPhee. Show a lot!

Draws the reader in. Captures your interest from the beginning.

Detailed and engaging

Engaging the audience .

Unnatural like you’re a rock or a person that’s had too much Botox.

Like get the audience involved. You’re not talking to the wall. They seem interested.

Natural, like wood and grass.