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pa eed ea: wi. CAMBRIDGE ih clee ere RT Tire i E Cambridge English Grammar for PET with answers pte eat ie Te Tutt ie eats rile la sla LOUISE HASHEMI and BARBARA THOMAS Official preparation material for Cambridge English: Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET) CAMBRIDGE Grammar for PET with answers | Self-study grammar reference and practice | | LOUISE HASHEMI and BARBARA THOMAS CAMBRIDGE UNIVERATEY PRESS | eeemnny Pratt Honune, Casebidge co2 We, United Wingate = (Combectge Unteeraity Pree ts part of the Univeruty uf Cambridge. > Settee he Winery 9 tumor by dumeronating (ence les aoriene of edoamem, Inattitg ail feacaich af Ge highest internatienal bevels of wee cenbende oe ‘erm coe thd tithe rere caren idige ng VTHOI2 1001207 t (© Castetdige Cinveniry Press 2000 “Ths pubtiemriom i in copyragt. Subject te starutoes excepeson send the phorinoss of sefenant collective liornaing agrermnenst, “so scpradection of any part may take place without the wren ipormseni af (Casnbeidge Liarversty Pres, Feit published 2008 Vouk granting 2813 Praned fnaly by LEGO SpA gas tec Nor ther pmblratm os amily fay phe Riwe Labrary (SBN W75-0.571.40100-7 Estinon wath anewers and Audion CD SNS ROAD HO121-4 Ration wttho atawers \Casmibradge Uisiveraity Frese has i erepnnsibiity for the peraitence oe wocuracy (of URLs for exeernal or third purty intrenet websites selerred tn in this publication, screens or apgroprine [eformaten tegacding prices, orrerl cmetahies an ocher ‘Geral information grey in shin wr: is sararet at the tie of Best panting bout aerate 1 it nine cies 0) Ben Dengeend and prcteced by Kamae Lhewgs Ontond “ear; present contigs prews imple Seana ae CD tracklist pectic tr pf ep Dt a her clei taefaul ene ‘The authors would like to thask their editors, Alison Sharpe, Jamie Senith and “omit and all the other people who have contribured comments and vier. ‘The authors and publishers are grateful to the following for permission to i pouica SoPsHAGHL seria be BOkrva es pat Wheat sources of all the maserial used andl in such cases the publishers would welcotne information from the copyright owners: ph Action Phas: p, NOG All/Nedl Tingle Bes b 0) facia Welnboch, p40) Melis McManick 46 Ta 47 Tony Anderson, p. 87(1) John Beatey, p, 7(r) Will & Deni McIntyre, P71 Greg Ceo, p, 95 Roberto Espinosa, p. 97(cr) Ghisiain & Marie David de p+ 103 (C) Soathern Stock, (F) Jerry Kobalenko, p. 106 Pierre Bourrles, Pp ) China Tourism Press, p. 133(r) Mark Scott, p. M42 Brier Erlanson, P13 (1) Stephen Derr, (2) Paul Costello, (3) John Sann, (4) Jason Todd, ‘hy rey trae aac mmpaat al amaibe aida lagetaliaa Sann, (3) Leland Bobbe; p. 115{cr) Mark Jones, p. 115(br) Ben Osborne, p. 161 (1) Botanica; Rex Features: p. 97(l) Clive [Mann, 103 Beers me Leary o S5d0) along, pet Alara Hans Hlustrations: Kamae Design: pp. 56b, 57, 62. 77b; Mark Duffin pp, 1, 13, 14, 5t, Be eae neta nema 7 22, 49, 55,61, 67, 73, 75, 79, 127, 157; Ben Hasler pp. 17, 19, 25, 31, 37, 39, 58, 63, 6, 9b, 129, 163; Jo Taylor pp. 56t, 77m, 78, 94, 115, 120, 139, HO, 145, 146, 147, 156, 178; Lan West pp. 33, 112, 135, 165, 169, {top =, botvom = bh, middie =m, left = right =e, centre = ch To the student ‘Who this book is for? This book is for students preparing for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test, Ie covers the grammar you need for the exam. You can use it wich a general English linguage course for extra grammar practice of with practice tents as part of a revision . You can use it in class or for self-stody. What is in the units? This book contains thirry units. Each unix is. in four parc ‘AContext Hateaing This introduces the graramar of the unit in contest. It helps you to understand she grammar more easily when you sudy section B, fk alse gives you useful listening practice, Play the recording aid anawer the questions. Then check your answers in the key before you read the jrammar section. © Grammar Head through this section before ‘you do the exerciers. For cach grammar point there are explanations with examples. At the end of each section, there is a note to tell you which exercises in C practise this grammar. You can alsa check in this section again when you are daing the exerciscs. (C Grammar exercises: Write your answers 10 ‘each exercese and then chock them in the Key. D Exam practice Each unit hasan exam task, These help you practise the different parts of the exam. The exam task is followed by a grammar focus task. This gives you xa practice in the grammar for that unit. ‘What is in the key? The bey contains: ww anawers for alll the exercises, Check your answers at the ene of each exercise. The key tells you which part of the Grammar section you need to look at again if you have any problems. sample answers to help you check your fea teetee BS ee era © sample answers for all the writing tasks in the exnm prroctice section. Read these after ‘you have written your own answer. Study the Language used and the way the ideas care organised. Recording seripts ‘There are for the context listening for ‘each unit, for the exam practice linening, taaks. Look at the script after you answer the questions [t ism good idea to play the recording again while you read the scrips, Note on contractions This bouk generally uses contractions, for example f'm for Jane, wasn’) for was rot, because these are always used in speech and are commen in written English. The full forms ure used in formal written English. i Flaite ranstdiadarnethianttartttiteadl tia! 1 oatammanntidinananntittttha sastrdftacterienssteadddiarsstitbartiartittatieatlanat i Faflenteitssttlvsailt! ast di uindaitlsis Hi tenauthittutsrattivessthilth cbtfalssditilazics ‘gunbopsadeisstl yeetGb stadt ila tatiflia i Tr conor istonne IF) Look at the things im the piceures, Which of the adjectives in the hex cam you use ¢o describe them? You can use some more than ance. ‘beautifil ong short black grey white © cotran eather silk wool ee a eee CE Bd vou are going te hear a conversation berween Callurs and Erily What are they doing? Which of the things in A1 do they talk about? 5. Who is bored? i What is interesting” 7 What is exciting? 4 Who isn't really interested in clothes? What is the difference between adjectives ending in ef and «ing? Finish the sonernces. We use adjectives ending in to describe people. ‘We use adjectives ending in — wo describe things and people. ©) BED Listen to the second part of the recording again and fill in che gaps. =. shire boons. ‘uraiteers Which describe: someone's opinion? —__ sine of shape? ‘What kind of adjectives usually go Fire? _ What kind of adjectives usually go last? - Adjectives usually go before nouns: Ebongght a white Taint. (not a-Pshee-shive) A. Adjectives don't change, (mot ssnetohines Etre) Adjectives go after some verbs (e.g. Av, get, become, look, snem, appear, sound, neste, smell, feelp: They're comfurable onal cheytt look good with she sir, ‘The manierial felt rrably waft ALA few adjectives (eg. affaid, alone, asleep, awake) cannot go before a noun: The rep wun asleep on the Beal (nee a ee f= [El Adjective order When there are two or more adjectives, they go in this order: ® between two colour adjectives a hfiack urd white bee + between two adjectives after a verb: (loves ff chaps bering en crawled. EE Adjectives onding in -Ing and -od hegre ary (eaerrattre jo el (2) Nouns used as adjectives When wa put teu nouns iagcter, the fits one works he’ adjective, eg. « birhaliy prey: birthday tells us what kind of party tr bs. a iirehday port, « coches shop, «computer puss, a language whorl wenudenrcond = SEND Dement] Match the halves of these sentences, 1 My hoyfriend sounded a an thned because! gor up toc early. 2 The school was a+ ‘b bad so we didn’t drink ir, 3 My bows seemed = © wonderful because it was home-made. 4 We got a dead on the phone & The bread casted - © angry bor she was just ina burry. G twas feeling — € wer because we didn’t have our raincoats, 7 The milk smelled —— @ unusual because it had no rales, Rewrite these sentences adding the adjectives in brackets, 1. My friend gave me a ring for my biruhday, (sdher/ansigue) Sy nend gave et de artqie she tig for oy beta 2 [wore my jeans when I painced the ceiling. (ali/bhwe/airry) 3 [borrowed my sister's dress to wear to the party. ese 4 Tver soipoel aac ou UL LCL RII) | 5 He bought some shoes yesterday. (expensive’new) & Jenny's father gave her a necklace for her 18th birthday, (long gold‘bewueifialy Underline the correct adjective in each sentence, 1 Tha was an jgeerrsting ineerevend lesson, 2 My pareens were riring/tired after the long flight, 3 We were boring/boned so we went to the cinema. 4 Lenjoy my job trur it’s very siring/tined. 3 Youll be surprising ‘surprised when | tell you what happened. (6 We were exriting/exeted about seeing Michael again. 7 All che programmes on TV tonight book boring/bored. B Pm staying in an amazingamazed hotel 4 My friend wai anneyingiarnoped with mo because | was late. 10 Hans is inéermemg!inierested in art so [ cook him to the Picasso echibition, i