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Innovation, Security, Safety

Yellow Cab Cooperative Pays Drivers with

smartOne Visa® Pay Cards
The Challenge purchases or withdrawals wherever Visa Challenge:
Debit Cards are accepted. Drivers are also
Yellow Cab Cooperative in San Francisco
covered by Visa’s Zero Liability* protection A way to limit the amount of
was looking for a way to limit the amount cash needed on hand
if the card is lost or stolen, and deposits are
of cash it needed on hand at the end of
FDIC insured.
drivers’ lease periods to settle their receipts,
and the cash drivers’ carried after “First National Bank of Omaha worked Solution:
settlement. with us to create this solution that solves smartOne Pay Cards
both our cash problems and helps us to
streamline our settlement operation,” said
Nate Dwiri, president of Yellow Cab Results:
“smartOne provided a pay
Participating drivers can keep track of card card solution in which funds
value and usage by logging on to a secure
are available to the drivers
immediately following their
Web site. Drivers can view purchase
lease periods”
transactions, print statements and confirm
value load transactions by Yellow Cab Nate Dwiri,
Cooperative. President of Yellow Cab Cooperative

“We are always ready to find and design

The Solution
solutions that help our customers succeed, to businesses and organizations
Through its relationship with First National and we are pleased Yellow Cab Cooperative throughout the United States. Built on a
Bank of Omaha, Yellow Cab Cooperative asked us to help them create and manage half century of card issuing expertise,
now offers drivers a large portion of their their new driver smartOne Visa Pay Card,” smartOne uses a flexible and nimble
receipts on a smartOne Visa Pay Card said Scott McCormack, vice president of methodology to provide custom
instead of in cash. First National Bank of Omaha. “Working prepaid card design, branding, and
with Yellow Cab Cooperative we were able program management while offering
At the end of each lease period, Yellow Cab to develop a pay card solution in which superior customer service and value.
Cooperative drivers turn in their cash and funds are available to the drivers immediately For more information, visit
credit card receipts for settlement as usual. following their lease periods. The pay cards
Instead of receiving cash for their credits, are able to provide convenience and security
participating drivers will now receive to the drivers and cash management
The smartOne Visa Pay Card is issued by First National
Bank of Omaha pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A.
payment on a specially branded Yellow Cab efficiency to Yellow Cab Cooperative by Incorporated.
Cooperative smartOne Visa Pay Card. The eliminating the worries associated with *Visa's Zero Liability policy covers U.S.- issued cards only
cards are issued to each participating driver having significant amounts of cash on hand.” and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions
and credits are made available to them at the not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card
transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of
end of their lease periods. The smartOne smartOne Prepaid Solutions from First any unauthorized use. Consult issuer for additional details
Visa Pay Card carries the Visa Debit logo National Bank of Omaha offer secure, or visit

and allows the cardholder to use it to make creative and innovative prepaid programs
smartOne Prepaid Solutions
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