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Name: _______________________________________________________ Class: 5B

Teacher: _________________

Date: _____ / _____ / ______


1. Complete each of the following extracts with a, an, the or (no article).
a) This is __________ amazing dance club, but you dont look like youre enjoying yourself! Arent
you having ____________ fun? Is there ____________ a problem?
b) Vegetarians dont eat ____________ meat; they eat __________ vegetables and __________
fruit. Dont make him ___________ greasy hamburger; make him ________ healthy salad.
c) We went to ___________ awful party last night. Ugh. __________ music was bad, __________
people were boring, and _____________ food was terrible. I had ___________ terrible time.
d) I have ____________ awesome recipe for chocolate cake. My grandmother gave me
___________ recipe, and it goes great with _________ big scoop of _________ vanilla ice cream.
e) We stayed in ____________ extraordinary hotel room in Las Vegas. Not only did _________
hotel room have ___________ Jacuzzi and __________ huge flat-screen TV, it also had
___________ large terrace with ___________ unbelievable view over ____________ city.
f) Im reading such ___________ interesting book. Its about ___________ man who decides to
leave society and walk into ____________ wilderness in Alaska. Its called Into the Wild, and
they made ____________ book into ____________ movie. I love ____________ stories like that.
g) We have ____________ beautiful lake behind our house. Every winter, _____________ lake
freezes and we can go ice-skating. When I was ____________ kid, I used to spend _________
hours skating back and forth across ______________ ice.
h) Did you see _________ movie about Dian Fosseys work with mountain gorillas? It was
___________ amazing film.
i) Did you enjoy ____________ book I recommended you? Wasnt that _________ exciting novel?
j) Suddenly, ___________ password Sandra always used to log in to her email didn't work anymore.
Somebody had hacked in and changed ____________ password.
k) A: I know _________ great restaurant called Mumbai on 8 th Avenue. Its ________ Indian
restaurant with ____________ incredible food.
B: Oh, yeah, I know that restaurant! ____________ chef is ____________ good friend of mine.
By Robledo