Why is the Southern cross beating the Maple Leaf?

• Current population 21
million (google.com) • 600,000 registered basketball players (Basketball Australia Website). •The Australian Alps receive more snow per year than the Swiss (squidoo.com).

Current population 33 million (google.com) • Approx. 650,000 registered in Canada (raptors.com, 2009). •A black bear cub from Canada named Winnipeg (Winnie) is the bear that inspired Winnie the Pooh.

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Walking for exercis Aerobics/fitness Golf Cycling


Mex (MEX ico )


Trinidad and Tobag (TR o I) C anada (C AN)


•700 sporting scholarships per year •142 Olympic medals won by AIS

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China (CHN) United States (USA)

Current FIBA ranking: 11th (men) 3rd (women) NBA & WNBA: 4 men 7 women Best International Results: 2003 Junior World Champions, 4th Sydney, Atlanta Olympics (men), 2006 World Champions, Silver Sydney, Athens, Beijing Olympics (women)

Current FIBA ranking: 19th (men) 12th (women) NBA & WNBA: 4 men 1 woman Best International Results: Silver Berlin Olympics, 4th place twice (men), 4th 2009 Junior World Champs, 10th Sydney Olympics (women)

“The worst mistake you can make, is repeating the one’s you’ve already made.”

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