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The National Academy of Sciences, India
(The Oldest Science Academy of India)

The National Academy of Sciences, India
5, Lajpatrai Road, Allahabad - 211 002, India





Dr. Niraj Kumar
Executive Secretary


Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh
Asstt. Executive Secretary Grade II

The Academy




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Regulations for Academy's Awards
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Scientific Contributions of Fellows Elected in year 2014


Scientific Contributions of Foreign Fellows Elected in year 2014


Subject wise list of Honorary Fellows, Foreign Fellows and
Agricultural Sciences
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Lecture Awardees
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Dr. P. Sheel Memorial (Young Woman Scientist)
Lecture Awardees
Prof. Saligram Sinha Memorial Lecture Awardees
Prof. R.C. Gupta Endowment History of Science Lecture
Prof. R.N. Tandon Memorial Lecture Awardees
Prof. B.K. Bachhawat Memorial Lecture Awardees
Prof. B.K. Bachhawat Memorial Young Scientist Lecture
Prof. U.S. Srivastava Memorial Lecture Awardees
Prof. Shri Ranjan Memorial Lecture Awardee
Award Lecture in the field of Toxicology
Prof. Krishnaji Memorial Lecture Awardees
Award Lecture in the field of Biodiversity
Prof. Archana Sharma Memorial Lecture Awardee
Prof. R.N. Tandon's 90th Birthday Lecture Awardee


Prof. Meghnad Saha Platinum Jubilee Lifetime Honorary


NASI President's Platinum Jubilee Gold Medal


NASI-Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellows


NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award


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A Brief History and Activities of the Academy
India could Justly feel proud for its unique contributions to science in
the ancient past. However, successive foreign invasions and alien
rule for centuries pushed science in the background and the country
went through with what may be described as the dark age for
science. Western science attracted Indian intelligentsia after the
establishment of the western system of education and the
universities; and despite many constraints, the country could produce
giants like Sir J.C. Bose & Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray.
The 1st world war and the world-wide economic depression caused a
setback to scientific research globally - much more so in India whose
scientists found it difficult even to publish their research work since
they had to be almost entirely dependent on foreign journals. The
post world war India also saw the rise of the freedom movement
which incidentally also drew attention to the numerous problems of
the Indian populace like poverty, hunger, diseases, recurrent floods,
droughts, famines etc. Patriotic scientists felt deeply concerned with
It was in this background that the idea of establishing a forum for
scientists, which would help them in publishing their researches and
bring them together to discuss and find scientific solutions to the
problems of the country, was mooted by Prof. Meghnad Saha, a great
scientist, patriot and then Professor of Physics at Allahabad
University in 1929. His views were published in the article entitled 'A
Plea for an Academy of Sciences' in December 1929 issue of the
Allahabad University magazine.
Thus, the National Academy of Sciences, India was founded in the
year 1930, with the objectives to provide a national forum for the
publication of research work carried out by Indian scientists and to
provide opportunities for exchange of views among them. The
Memorandum of Association was signed by seven distinguished and
patriotic scientists namely Prof. Meghnad Saha, Prof. K.N. Bahl, Prof.



Year Book 2015

D.R. Bhattacharya, Prof. P.C. MacMohan, Prof. A.C. Banerji, Prof.
Ch. Wali Mohammad and Prof. N.R. Dhar. Of these, the Academy
had the good fortune of having the continued association of Prof. N.R.
Dhar until very lately when he expired on December 5, 1986 at the
age of 96 years. Apart from being one of the founders of the
Academy and taking continued interest in its welfare, Prof. Dhar also
had donated the piece of land on which the Academy building stands
The Rules and Regulations of the Academy were based on those of
the Royal Society of England and Asiatic Society of Bengal. These
have since been revised and updated to meet the emerging
challenges. Prof. Meghnad Saha was elected its first President.
The Academy started with 57 ordinary Members and 19 Fellows.
Today it has 1665 Members and 1673 Fellows from all parts of the
country; including 23 Honorary Fellows and 96 Foreign Fellows from
various disciplines of Science and Technology. The Academy is
financially supported by the Department of Science & Technology,
Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India; and it is also
recognized as the Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation by
the DSIR, Govt. of India.
Presently, the President of the Academy is Prof. Akhilesh K. Tyagi,
Director, National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi A
list of the Council Members of the Academy is given in the end
of the introductory part. The Executive Secretary of the Academy is
Dr. Niraj Kumar, who is also having the designated responsibilities of
Public Information Officer, Public Grievance Officer and Transparency
Officer. Sri A. K. Srivastava, Deputy Executive Secretary of the
Academy is also acting as the Vigilance Officer.
NASI - envisions the cultivation and promotion of Science &
Technology in all its branches through –
 organising meetings and holding discussions on scientific and
technological problems; and promoting scientific and
technological research for societal welfare;
 undertaking such scientific works of technological or public
importance as it may be called upon to perform;

The Academy


publication of proceedings, journals, memoirs, transactions
and other works as may be considered desirable;
creating an adequate impact of the Academy all over the
country by opening Chapters of the Academy in other cities in
the country, where reasonable number of scientists are
co-operating with other organizations in India and abroad,
having similar objectives, and to appoint representatives of
the Academy to act on national and international bodies;
maintaining a Science Library;
performing all other acts, matters and things that may assist
in, conduce to, or be necessary for the fulfillment of the aims
and objects of the Academy.

A Brief Details of the Activities of NASI:
Being the oldest science Academy of this country, NASI has carved a
niche in science popularization and promotional activities. In the
recent past the Academy performed in an outstanding way by
accomplishing the following major tasks successfully, with the active
support of its Fellows/Members; and financial support of the DST,
New Delhi –

Apart from regular publications (Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences, India-Sec. A & B; and the Science
Letters), the Fellows/Members/Officials of the Academy
published a large number of papers/reports on the topics of
research, eg. A book on Water & Health (publisher- Springer),
research papers on Ganga, Nutrition etc.
A history of science in India was published titled
“Introduction to history of science in India”; other parts (I
to VIII; subject wise) are to be published soon.
A book on Dengue and Chikungunya (in Hindi) of about
400 pages is also under publication in collaboration with the
ICMR, New Delhi: A first of its kind in India.


Year Book 2015

Science Communication Activities

The highlights of activities were Children Science Meet,
Summer & Winter Schools, Vacation Training
Programmes, Workshops, Vigyan & Health Chaupals,
Seminars, National Technology Day, National Science
Day and World Environment Day etc. The Academy also
encouraged school teachers for their out of the class science
activities by giving away NASI-Science Teacher’s Awards.
NASI-HQ and its 17 Chapters organized hundreds of science
communication activities throughout the year.
A first of its kind activity (started by this Academy for the
young researchers in 2011), a series of workshops on
Scientific Paper Writing was organized by the Academy. So
far, seven such workshops have been organized, during last
three years.

Science Education Programmes in joint collaboration of other
National Science Academies
The NASI together with other two National Science Academies
namely - Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi and Indian
Academy of Sciences, Bangalore jointly sponsoring the Summer
Research Fellowship programme under the joint Science
Education Panel to provide opportunities to under and postgraduate students and teachers to learn and re-fresh new
Annual Session/Symposia/Seminars & Scientific Discussions
83rd Annual Session of the Academy was held in Goa.
Symposium on “Space for Human Welfare” was organized as a
part of this programme during December 5-7, 2013. This was
attended by a galaxy of renowned scientists, like Prof M G K
Menon, Dr. K Kasturirangan, Dr. K Radhakrishnan, Dr. George
Joseph, Dr. T.K. Alex et al. The proceedings of this symposium
would be published soon.
84th Annual Session of the Academy and the National
Symposium on “Desert Science-Opportunities and Challenges”

The Academy


were organised at Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur from
December 4-6, 2014. Dr Anil Kakodkar, Former Chairman,
Atomic Energy Commission, Govt. of India, was the Chief Guest;
while Dr R. S. Paroda, world famous agriculture scientist, was the
guest of honour. Dr Manju Sharma, former Secretary to the Govt.
of India, coordinated the symposium. The session and
symposium were attended by a large number of students,
teachers and scientists from all across the country.
The Academy awarded 51 Fellowships, 4 Foreign Fellowship and
43 Memberships to scientists belonging to different disciplines, in
recognition of their outstanding scientific contributions. NASISenior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellowships (2015) were also
Singhania Library
Library services has been enriched through digitization and
procurement of more books. Facilities of storage, reading room,
e-library, citation index etc. have also been improved. Internet
and photocopying facilities for educational purposes are provided
to the students almost free-of-cost. The library is connected to
the National Knowledge Network (NKN). A good number of
Hindi Books (Science) were also added to the Library.
Recognition and Awards
Several Fellowships and Awards were given to Scientists during
the year.

NASI–Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Awards (2014) for
the Application Oriented Innovations covering both Physical
and Biological Sciences.
NASI–Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Awards (2014) in the
fields of Biological/Physical/ Chemical Sciences.
NASI – Swarna Jayanti Puruskars (2014-15) for Best Paper
Presentations in the Annual Session, held at Jodhpur.
NASI Scopus Awards (2013)

Now. to ensure Safe Water supply to the people in the area and also to restore the archeologically important baolies of Chandela/Bundela period. NASI-Fellow & Prof. Other Projects & Schemes The Academy organised the Science Awareness Programmes for the welfare of the Jawans. NASI undertook the task of rejuvenating the baolies (step-wells) of Bundelkhand area of M. . The project is being guided by Prof. the gallery is ready. NASI council approved a project on the establishment of Brahmaputra Gallery in Guwahati. Distinguished Woman Scientist Chair. Manju Sharma. NASI organized several programmes/workshops on ‘Technological empowerment of women’ under the guidance of Prof. Past President. Sharma.) Manju Sharma. Also. New Delhi entrusted the task of managing its SoRF Scheme to NASI. (Mrs. Local Chapters 17 local Chapters of the Academy organised numerous activities for the furtherance of the Academy’s objectives. Also joint programme of NASI & ICAR on Farm Mechanization/ Implementation was started during the year. under the Coordinatorship of Prof.P. Establishment of Brahmaputra-gallery In the Year of Science.6 Year Book 2015  NASI – Science and Maths Teacher Awards (2014) by NASI HQ and some of its Chapters in their respective regions. and it would be inaugurated soon. Water Project After organizing several workshops on ‘Safe Water’. during the year the DST. Technological Empowerment of Women During the year. in collaboration with Army.P. K J Nath. V. Assam.

NASI). Apart from these under the guidance of Prof M G K Menon (Advisor. the Academy could create an impact on science & society through its various programmes. have become very successful and fruitful.industry and Academia . a few more programmes were also given due importance. Biodiversity resources etc. New Initiatives. Nutrition. which are aimed towards attaining sustainable development especially in the areas of Health. About thirty senior and more than sixty young scientists have received awards under these programmes in last few years.The Academy 7 Thus. The Academia . and a substantial number of senior and young scientists have benefited from this endeavor. . in last few years. This effort is being strengthened further through new alliances and associations between Academia-industry and Academia-corporate ventures.corporate collaborations developed in the recent past. In this context NASI-Reliance and NASI-SCOPUS alliances are worth mentioning.

Shillong – 793022 Prof. Tyagi. FNASc. GOI. FNAE. FASc. FTWAS. FZSI. FAMS. Bangalore – 560080 Prof. PhD. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Sadashiva Nagar. IIT Delhi. Vasant Kunj. FTWAS. PhD(Arkansas. Sudhir Kumar Sopory. FNASc. Akhilesh K. Jawaharlal Nehru University. (Mrs. New Delhi – 110067 Prof. DPhil. North-Eastern Hill University. FASc. CV Raman Avenue. FNA. Chhatnag Road. Professor & Head.P.110029 General Secretaries Prof. Sharma. Rewa. K. FASc. PhD. USA). Chairman. APS University. FNAAS. Chhatnag Road. Kasturirangan. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. New Mehrauli Road. FNASc. FNAAS. FNASc. Allahabad – 211019 Treasurer Prof. FNASc. FHSI. FNA. Allahabad . Allahabad – 211019 Foreign Secretary Prof. PhD. Umesh Chandra Srivastava. B9/6476 (FF). New Delhi . Formerly Member of the Planning Commission.) Veena Tandon. Vice-Chancellor. National Institute of Plant Genome Research. FNA. PhD.211002 8 . Department of Zoology.COUNCIL 2015 President Prof. PhD(Maryland). FAMS. FNA. FNASc. Professor. Satya Deo. PhD. FNASc. Harishchandra Research Institute. Jhunsi. Distinguished Professor NASI-ICMR Chair in Public Health Research at CRDT. N. Jagannathan. Professor & Director. DSc. Doctor of Neurophysiology (Pisa). FASc. HarishChandra Research Institute. FASc. FTWAS. Department of Zoology.110067 Past Presidents Dr. Jayanta K. Raman Research Institute Council. University of Allahabad. DPhil.Bhattacharjee. V. New Delhi . New Delhi-110070 Vice-Presidents Prof. Director. NASI Senior Scientist. Department of NMR & MRI Facility. FNASc. Formerly ViceChancellor. Professor. FNASc. FASc.R. Jhusi.

Institute of Physics Campus. Indian Council of Medical Research. FNASc. of India. Director. PhD. Anil Kumar Gupta. Sainik School Road. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR).226001 Dr. FNASc. FASc. Central Institute of Fisheries Education. Plot H1. Distinguished Professor. Secretary to the Govt. PhD.S. National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT). PhD(Cornell).FIAP. PhD. Timarpur. FNAE. PhD(Columbia). FNASc. Amit Ghosh. Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Chennai – 600031 Prof. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Director. George Joseph. FNASc. Rana Pratap Marg. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. Ministry of Defence. Beliaghata. International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology.D.380015 Dr. PhD. FNA. General Mahadeo Singh Road. J. National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (ICMR) (JICA Building). FASc. Govt. Formerly Centre Director. CIT Scheme VII-M. Immunology Group. H. New Delhi-110016 Prof. P-33. FASc. Ajoy Kumar Ghatak. IIT Delhi. 436. Vishwa Mohan Katoch. CIT Scheme XM. FNASc. FNASc. Bose National Fellow & Director.O. FNA. Director & ViceChancellor. Kanury Venkata Subba Rao. Kolkata – 700054 (Representative of Secretary. Mani. Department of Chemical Engineering. Via Prem Nagar. FNASc. FNASc.Council 2015 9 Members Prof.. Delhi – 110054 Dr. FNASc. Director. Hauz Khas. FTWAS. PhD. V.C. FASc. Santosh Kumar Gupta. FIAN. Chennai Mathematical Institute. Jodhpur Tekra. FNA. FAMS. FIGU. Dehra Dun – 248001 Prof. Formerly Professor of Physics. Head. ISRO Honorary Distinguished Professor. FIABMS.. FNAAS. PhD. SIPCOT IT Park. Ahmedabad . PhD. Chandra Shekhar Nautiyal. Soumya Swaminathan. FNASc. Panch Marg. FNAE. Kolkata – 700010 Prof. of India) . Ansari Nagar. Bhubaneshwar – 751005 Prof. FNASc. of Health Research. DRDO. Mumbai-400061 Prof. Chandrasekhar. FASc. Dept. New Delhi . Director. P-1/12. FNASc. FASc. New Delhi – 110067 Dr. PO Bidholi. Mumbai – 400088 Dr. Wazir Singh Lakra. PhD. FNASc. FNASc. FNA. Lucknow . D-42. Off Yari Road. FTWAS. Energy Acres. Sachivalaya Marg. Siruseri . National Institute of Science Education and Research. FNA. Shashi Bala Singh. Sibaji Raha. Director. FNAAS. Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences. PhD. FBRS. Chennai Dr. FNASc. PhD. Versova.110029 Dr. MD. Padur PO. National Botanical Research Institute. FASc. Adjunct Professor. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. MOHFW and Director General. Ph. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES). Arvind Kumar.603103. FASc. Andheri(W). MD. Lucknow Road. PB No. DST. VN Purav Marg. Bose Institute. Space Applications Centre. 33. Ambawadi Vistar P. FASc. Dehradun – 248007 Prof.

RULES AND REGULATIONS The National Academy of Sciences. India (With which is incorporated ‘The Academy of Sciences of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh’) FOUNDED IN 1930 (Registered under Act XXI of 1860) RULES A-NAME AND OBJECT 1. journals. matters and things that may assist in. conduce to. India”. (f) to undertake. (b) to publish such proceedings. or be necessary for 10 . transactions and other works as may be considered desirable. (g) to co-operate with other organizations in India and abroad. The Society shall be named and styled “The National Academy of Sciences. such scientific work of technological or public importance as it may be called upon to perform. (e) to promote scientific and technological research concerned with the problems of national welfare. The name may be changed later on by the Council. (c) to organise a Science Library. (d) to organise meetings and hold discussions on scientific and technological problems. 2. The objects of the Academy shall be :(a) the cultivation and promotion of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in all its branches. (i) to do and perform all other acts. memoirs. (h) to secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of science and technology. and to appoint representatives of the Academy to act on national and international bodies. having similar objects. through properly constituted committees and bodies.

(a) Fellows. exofficio. (c) Foreign Fellows will be foreign scientists and will be elected on the basis of distinguished contributions to science and technology and links with Indian Science. it may open Chapters of the Academy in other cities in the country. Benefactors. 6. Criteria for eligibility to Membership shall be laid down in the regulations. 4.Rules & Regulations 11 the fulfillment of the above mentioned aims and objects of the Academy. Fellowship will become effective after the payment of subscription. will be elected on the basis of distinguished contribution in Science & Technology including promotion and development and service towards development of science.N. They shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of Members. (j) to create an adequate impact of the Academy all over the country.Sc. Benefactors. shall be persons or organisations contributing Fifty thousand rupees or more to the funds of the Academy. 5. Fellows. The Rajyapal of Uttar Pradesh shall be the Patron. Foreign Fellows and Members. The Academy shall consist of Patrons. 7. Fellows: There shall be Fellows. Fellows can use the letters F. where reasonable number of scientists are interested (See Appendix ‘A’) B-CONSTITUTION 3. The procedure for election of fellows will be laid down by Regulations. Members shall be persons enrolled in accordance with the regulations of the Academy. after their names. Honorary Fellows.A. (b) Honorary Fellows: Honorary Fellows will be elected by the Council of the Academy on a restricted basis for their most distinguished service to the cause of Indian Science. Honorary Fellows and Foreign Fellows. . whose number shall not exceed 2000.

(g) All those Members who were enrolled Members in 1996 or thereafter would be entitled to write the letters M. after their names. Fellows. after their names.(B)All Fellows of the Academy in good standing shall be entitled to all the privileges enjoyed by Members as enumerated in Rule 8(A).ELECTION AND ADMISSION OF FELLOWS AND MEMBERS 9. (b) to propose and second motions at the General Body Meetings.N.A.Sc.N. Honorary Fellows and Foreign Fellows shall be elected in accordance with Regulations. (c) to receive.(A) All Members of the Academy in good standing shall be entitled to the following privileges:(a) to attend and to vote at all General Body Meetings. Besides. and to examine its collections. Honorary Fellows and Foreign Fellows would not be required to pay membership subscription. Except in the case of Honorary Fellows and Foreign Fellows. subject to regulations prescribed by the Council. gratis. (e) to have access to the Library and other public rooms of the Academy.Sc. (d) to introduce up to two visitors at the Ordinary Meetings of Academy whose names shall be entered in a book kept for the purpose. and of such other publications of the Academy as the Council may determine. (f) to read scientific papers at the Annual Session and in the meetings of the Academy and to take part in the discussions. Fellowship will become effective after the payment of life subscription which shall be the same as in the case of members. D .A. .12 Year Book 2015 C-PRIVILEGES 8. in pursuance of Rule/Regulation would similarly be entitled to write the letters M. they may also propose names for Fellowship and Membership and would be eligible for election as Officers of the Academy and Members of the Council. 8. Those who were enrolled Members before 1996 and whom the Council approves. one copy of the Proceedings (Section A and/or B).

Rules 12 and 13 given above shall be printed on the Nomination form to draw the pointed attention of the proposer and seconder. 12. BANGALORE 3. NEW DELHI . Nominations shall be laid before a Meeting of the Membership Scrutiny Committee. INDIAN NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY. No person. Provided that the Fellows of the following Academies will be given 1/3rd rebate in subscription of the Academy. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. 13. INDIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. The rate of subscription will be decided upon by the Council from time to time. and shall therewith send a copy of the rules in force for the time being. The General Secretary shall send a written announcement of the election to the Scientists who have been duly elected as Fellows or Members. and these will be communicated to the nominee at the time of information that his/her nomination as Fellow/Member has been accepted E-SUBSCRIPTIONS 15. shall be entitled to exercise the rights and privileges of Fellowship or Membership. nor shall his/her name be entered in the Register of Fellows or Members. 13 Scientists for Membership shall be nominated by a Fellow and seconded by another Fellow of the Academy. The date of payment of the subscription shall be the date of commencement of effective Fellowship/Membership. 14.Rules & Regulations 10. NEW DELHI 2. The payment of the subscription would imply the acceptance of the Rules and Regulations of the Academy in force for the time being and of an undertaking to be bound by them and by such rules as may thereafter be framed. 11. Scientists approved by the Council for the membership would be enrolled as Members of the Academy on payment of the necessary dues as Members. Its recommendations shall be placed before the Council in its meeting in April. although duly elected according to the foregoing Rules. 1. until he/she has paid his/her subscription.

he/she shall be liable to be removed from the Academy. shall be liable to pay all outstanding dues and return all books or other property (if any) borrowed by him/her from the Academy. by a letter addressed to the General Secretary. may register themselves afresh by payment of such arrears and other dues as may be required under the rules. 21. NEW DELHI Provided further that the above concession will be given on reciprocal basis. by ballot. on payment of outstanding dues. if a majority of the Council after due deliberation. Whenever there appear such causes. or commits wilful breach of order at any of the General Body Meetings. INDIAN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING. A Fellow or Member who ceases to be a member of the Academy. 19. for the removal of a Fellow or a Member from the Academy. to propose to the Academy the removal of the said Fellow or Member. F-CESSATION OF FELLOWSHIP/MEMBERSHIP 18. as aforesaid. damaged or not forthcoming. If any Fellow or Member of the Academy wilfully disobeys Rules or Orders of the Academy or Council. or having unwillingly committed. persists in any disobedience or breach of order. if any. determines. A letter of withdrawal may be cancelled. at the request of the sender. Fellows or members whose names have been removed from the Register for non-payment of dues. Benefactors.14 Year Book 2015 4. either by voluntary withdrawal or by forfeiture of his/her Fellowship or Membership. within six months of its receipt by the General Secretary. Any Fellow or Member may withdraw from the Academy by signifying his/her wish to do so. the President . 20. and he/she shall thereupon recover all rights of Fellowship or Membership. 17. Honorary Fellows and Foreign Fellows of the Academy would not be required to pay membership subscription. Patrons. or shall have to make full compensation for the same if lost. or if for any other reason it appears to the Council that the name of a Fellow or Member shall not remain on the rolls. 16. after having been admonished by the President.

Rules & Regulations 15 shall at a General Body Meeting of the Academy announce from the Chair such determination of the Council. Such invitees may be nominated by the President soon after his/her election. the President will have the privilege of nominating any 3 Fellows as special invitees to the Council whose presence in the Council. vote for the removal of such Fellow or Member. in the opinion of the President. If three fourths of the Fellows and Members present. The invitees will hold office co-terminus with the President nominating them. from Allahabad and the other would be from outside this region 2 (vi) One Foreign Secretary 1 (vii) Fourteen Members from 5 zones* of which at least one should be from each zone 14 ---Total 23 ---(viii) In addition to the 23 members who would constitute the Council as given in Rule 22 above. would be invaluable. the proposition shall be admitted to ballot. and at the following Annual General Body Meeting. direction and management of the affairs of the Academy shall be entrusted to a Council. The composition of the Council of the Academy will be as given below:(i) President 1 (ii) Two past Presidents of whom one shall be the Immediate Past President 2 (iii) Two Vice-Presidents . The administration. G-THE COUNCIL AND ITS OFFICERS 22. and voting at such Annual General Body Meeting. he/she shall be removed from the from headquarters and the other from outstation. 2 (iv) One Treasurer from headquarters 1 (v) Two General Secretaries of whom one would be from Allahabad or from a place within a distance of 250 km. The condition of break will not be applicable to the nominated .

Orissa. Mizoram. Jammu and Kashmir. Karnataka. Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. Arunachal Pradesh. *Five Zones : 23. Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Rajasthan. General Secretaries. The offices of the Vice-President could be filled by Fellows and individual Benefactors only. Tamilnadu. Haryana. Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. The term of all the Council Members . Zone 4: Uttar Pradesh. West Bengal. The nomination of the Officers and other Members of the Council shall take place in accordance with rule 28 (below) of the Academy. Jharkhand. The President. the Foreign Secretary. Zone 3: Andhra Pradesh. The Treasurer and General Secretaries can be renominated for another term of 2 years followed by a break of 2 years. the two VicePresidents. Zone 5: Delhi. the Treasurer. Goa. Diu. The President. Treasurer and General Secretaries shall be nominated for a term of 2 years. Foreign Secretary and membership of the Council shall be filled by Fellows of the Academy only. (i) Any Fellow of the Academy can be considered for the office of the President and the 2 year break condition will not be applicable to the office of the President. the Vice-Presidents. Meghalaya. Puducherry. Uttarakhand. Manipur and Sikkim. 25. Tripura. Assam. Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Punjab. 24. Kerala. (ii) The offices of the Treasurer. Daman. Zone 2: Gujarat. Maharashtra. Zone 1: Bihar. the two General Secretaries and the Foreign Secretary shall be called the Officers of the Academy. Special invitees would not have the right of vote. Nagaland.16 Year Book 2015 members. NOTE : The number of zones and their geographical jurisdiction may be redetermined by the Council from time to time.

(4) Two General Secretaries of whom one would be from Allahabad or from a place within a distance of 250 km. The Treasurer and the two General Secretaries shall hold office until a successor has assumed charge. from Allahabad and the other would be from outside this region. and before the 1st September such list shall be circulated among the Fellows of the Academy as voting paper. which shall bear a blank column opposite the list of the names for such proposals as any Fellow may wish to make. Treasurer. . 28. (6) One Foreign Secretary. General Secretaries. The General Secretaries will invite proposals from Fellowship for nomination to vacant Offices and the Membership of the Council for the ensuing year. recommend twenty-three members in the following sequence:(1) One President. (2) Two Past Presidents of whom one shall be Immediate Past President. (5) One Treasurer from the headquarters. by the 1st August each year. Vice-Presidents. from 5 zones with at least one member from each zone. Foreign Secretary and other Members of the Council for the ensuing year. 27. A list of vacancies. (7) Fourteen members. The General Secretary shall prepare a list of such persons whom the Council recommends to be elected as President.Rules & Regulations 26. A list of these nominations will be placed before the Council in its meeting to be held in July and the Council in proposing the names for various Offices and Membership of the Council will confine itself to this list. The nominations made by the Fellows must reach the Academy latest by June 30. (3) Two VicePresidents (one from the headquarters and the other from outstation). including those for Officers of the Academy and Members shall be prepared in the meeting of the Academy's Council in April every year and the nominations should be invited from Fellowship only for designated vacancies. The NASI office will provide zonewise list of Fellows to the fellowship for nominations. 17 will be for a 2 years period follwed by at least 2 years break. The Council shall.

32. Treasurer. he/she shall cross out such nomination and put a nomination of his/her choice in the blank column opposite in accordance with rule 24. the remaining Members of the Council may fill up such a vacancy. or members of the Council. the Officers and Members of the Council could not be appointed for the ensuing year in the Annual General Body Meeting. The powers and duties of the Council shall be as follows:- . 33. 35. with the approbation of the majority of the Fellows and Members present. for any reason. so as to reach the Academy by the 1st October or the date fixed by the Council. 31. 34. 36. Two scrutineers shall be appointed by the President. Vice-Presidents. The Fellow shall then vote for the offices and places in the Council to be filled up by placing a cross against the names of those he/she wishes to elect. and these names constituting the Council shall then be announced in the same Annual General Body Meeting. Year Book 2015 The entire Council will be sent every year for voting by Fellows. The action so taken by the remaining Members of the Council. The scrutineers shall open and examine the voting papers and report to the President the names of those having a majority of votes. which shall be forwarded to the General Secretary in an outer cover with a covering letter signed by the Fellow. If he/she does not accept the nomination of the Council for any office or place. If. 30. shall be reported at the next Annual General Body Meeting. In the absence of a covering letter. the voting paper shall be declared invalid. In the event of a vacancy occurring during the year in the office of President. the Officers and Members of the Council appointed during the previous year shall continue to hold office until their successors are duly nominated and assume office. Foreign Secretary. General Secretaries. The sealed envelopes shall be placed by the General Secretaries in the Annual General Body Meeting.18 29. The voting papers shall be enclosed unsigned in a sealed envelope supplied by the Academy.

and to make such Regulations as may appear to it conducive to the good administration of the Academy and the attainment of the objects of its foundation. specimens. the debts and assets. (b) To approve the annual Budget of the Academy as presented by the Treasurer on behalf of the Standing Finance Committee and to approve such other expenses as it may deem fit in the interest of the Academy. and to punish. the balance in hand. as the occasion may require. in the first instance. and the progress of the Library. etc. . in such a manner as may. (c) To consider. the prosperity. (g) To prepare and submit to the Annual General Body Meeting a Report on the activities and matter of general concerns of the Academy. suspend or dismiss them. The Report shall also include an abstract of the Proceedings of the Council during the preceding year. or to dispense with their services. Such report shall include the balance sheet for the year and shall set forth the income and expenditure for the financial year. (e) To appoint as many salaried officers and employees as may be deemed necessary. be best conducive to advance the objects and interests of the Academy. provided that such Regulations be not inconsistent with anything contained in these Rules. (d) To superintend and direct the publication of the Proceedings or other journals and works published by the Academy. and before submission to a General Body Meeting all communications addressed to the Academy. allowances. maps. to define their duties. or otherwise of the Academy. gratuities and privileges. any books. and to regulate the order and manner in which such communications shall be laid before the General Body Meeting. journals.Rules & Regulations 19 (a) To manage the affairs of the Academy. salaries. in their opinion. (f) To exchange for other property or otherwise dispose of. belonging to the Academy.

at the commencement of every such Meeting. No. (b) to ensure that due effect is given to the Rules. (d) to prepare and maintain an up-to-date list of Fellows and Members of the Academy. all the proceedings of the Academy and of the . or cause to be entered in the Minute books. XXI of 1860 (Sections 9 and 10). the Council is empowered to take legal proceedings under the Act for the recovery of any sums due to the Academy or for other matters in the interest of the Academy. In the absence of the President from the country one of the Vice-Presidents shall perform the duties of the President. the presents made to the Academy since the last meeting and to report upon the progress in the activities of the Academy. (e) to enter. to read the minutes of the previous Meeting. and to the Regulations made by the Council. and to assist in carrying out the Rules and Regulations of the Academy and Orders made by the Council. under which the Academy has been registered. and. The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows: (a) to preside at all meetings of the Academy and of the Council and to regulate the proceedings at such meetings.20 37. Year Book 2015 (h) To exercise general supervision over the employees and affairs of the Academy. and to sign all letters and papers on behalf of the Academy. 38. (c) to announce at the Ordinary General Body Meetings. (b) to attend the Meetings of the Academy and of the Council. 39. The duties of the General Secretaries shall be as follows: (a) to conduct the correspondence of the Academy and of the Council. (i) In conformity with the provisions of the Registration Act. to take minutes of the proceedings of such Meetings during their progress. (c) to be ex-officio Member of all the Committees appointed by the Council.

(g) to exercise general supervision over the employees and affairs of the Academy. He/she shall attend and act as Secretary to the Meetings of Fellows prescribed in the Regulations and General Body Meetings. whose decision shall be final. (i) to be ex-officio Member of all Committees appointed by the Council.Rules & Regulations 40. and provisions within limits prescribed by the budget approved by the Council or sanctioned otherwise by the Council. (f) to sue and be sued in the name and on behalf of the Academy. . by a resolution. He shall disburse all sums due from the Academy duly sanctioned by the appropriate authorities and shall keep exact accounts of all such receipts and payments. powers of payments to such employees of the Academy as it may deem fit for certain accounts. and to assist in carrying out the Rules and Regulations of the Academy and Orders made by the Council. (j) A General Secretary shall be ex-officio Secretary and Convener to the body of Fellows and Members and the channel of communication between the Fellows and Members and the Council of the Academy. In case of disagreement the matter shall be referred to the Council. and to see that all letters and papers and documents of every kind connected with the business of the Academy are properly filed and preserved. (h) to sanction payments on behalf of the Academy on scrutiny and satisfaction of Rules/Bye-Laws. Provided that for expenditure on items other than those covered by the budgetary provisions. Provided that the Council may delegate and authorize on a proposal by the Treasurer. 21 Council before the following Meeting. The two General Secretaries shall meet just after their election and by mutual agreement divide the duties assigned to the General Secretaries. The Treasurer shall receive and hold for the use of the Academy all money paid to the Academy. sanction of the Council would be necessary.

notice of motion on any matter of importance shall be given at the General Body Meeting preceding that on which the subject is to be . Extraordinary Meetings III. Annual General Body Meeting. T. In absence of any specific rule. nor any of the Vice-Presidents be present. the decision shall be taken by the Council. (c) The business of each Meeting shall be proceeded with in the order hereinafter prescribed in Rules 45 and 46. leave rules. one of the VicePresidents shall take the Chair. 44. The following Rules shall be applicable to all General Body Meetings of the Academy:(a) Seven Fellows and/or Members shall constitute a quorum. H-MEETINGS OF THE ACADEMY 43. 42. a motion of the immediate transaction of urgent business may be made. Provided further that such payments made by an employee will not exceed Rs. in his absence.under any head.22 Year Book 2015 Provided further that all such payments made by the employees will be reported to the Treasurer within a fortnight of the payment. General Body Meetings of the Academy which the Benefactors. on the expiration of fifteen minutes after the hour fixed for the Meeting. Fellows and Members would be entitled to attend shall be of three kinds: I. (b) The President or. The Academy may formulate its own service rules. provided always that on written notice being given to the President or General Secretaries. Fellows and Members. 41. this rule shall be suspended. present shall elect a Chairperson.A. 5000/. All the sums received by the Academy shall be deposited in any of the forms and modes of investment(s) or deposit(s) as prescribed under section 11(5) of the Income Tax Act 1961. if neither the President. rules etc. not less that 48 hours before the hour of Meeting. Ordinary Meetings of the General Body II. (d) With the exception mentioned in the last Rule (Rule c). and if such motion be seconded and carried.

(e) All motions and amendments. (h) The Chairman’s decision on the show of hands shall be final unless a division be called for. Communications of members not present. with the permission of the President of the Meeting from speaking a second time by way of explanation or reply. on a motion to that effect duly carried. Amendments must be in writing. otherwise they cannot be put. Nothing in this Rule shall be construed to prevent those entitled to attend the meeting from addressing the Chairman on a point of order. unless excused by the Chairman. in order that Fellows and/or Members who take an interest in the question may have an opportunity of informing themselves regarding it and expressing their dissent. if the President or Chairman of the Meeting rules that it shall be postponed. . and no motion outside the agenda. (f) Each Fellow and Member present is entitled to speak ordinarily once and once only. or has been allowed to take the place of the original motion. except those emanating from the Council. or to prevent the mover of an original motion. the votes shall be so taken.Rules & Regulations 23 disposed of. provided always that the votes on any particular subject may be taken by ballot. cannot be read. other amendments involving fresh points may be proposed. When any such amendment has been negatived. to each substantive motion and to each amendment. shall be carried at the Meeting at which it is proposed. and in the case especially provided for by these Rules. shall require to be seconded. It shall be competent to any Fellow or Member present to call for a division. (g) The usual method of voting shall be by show of hands. of which notice has not been given. on subjects to be submitted to vote. unless by consent of the Meeting. Not more than a single amendment to the original motion shall be laid before the Meeting at one time.

. they shall be confirmed by the Meeting and signed by the General Secretary and the President. (d) The presents made to the Academy since their last Meeting shall be announced and exhibited. when he/she considers that the Meeting has been unduly prolonged. they shall be amended on motion made and carried to this effect. one in each quarter of the year. (g) The Chairman shall have the power. he/she shall have a casting vote. 46. (c) Election of new members of the Academy as provided under Rule 10. 47. (b) Action taken in respect of the earlier decisions of the Council to be reported. (f) Other matters pertaining to the activities and progress of the Academy. but when the votes for and against are equal. The Annual General Body Meeting of the Academy shall be held under the following Rules and for the transactions of the following business:(a) The Academy shall hold an Annual Session in a centre of learning at which research papers received from members will be presented and discussed. to order any uncompleted business to stand over to the next Meeting. if objected to.24 Year Book 2015 (i) 45. Ordinarily. The Chairman shall not vote with the rest of the Meeting. (e) Reports and communications from the Council shall be read in the order prescribed by the Council. technical and popular lectures by the eminent scientists will be arranged and Symposia/Seminars/Workshops may be held. Other meetings and emergency meetings may be held as and when considered necessary. on the ground of incorrectness. The order of business at the meetings of the Council shall be as follows : (a) The Minutes of the last Meeting shall be read and if found to be accurate and not to involve any contravention of these Rules. four meetings of the Council will be held.

At this meeting. the Annual General Body Meeting of the Academy shall be held. (b) Five members shall form the quorum. the following business shall be transacted:(i) The Annual Report on the functioning of the Academy will be presented in accordance with Rule 36(g). (e) During the Session. be present within fifteen minutes after the hour . of which due notice would be given to all members. on his/her own or when requested by five or more members of the Council. (ii) Election of the Officers and Members of the Council of the Academy for the ensuing year as provided under Rules 27 to 33. I. (d) Circulars for the Annual Sessions will be sent to members at least four month in advance in which the last date for the receipt of papers to be presented will be clearly indicated. If neither the President nor any one of the Vice-Presidents. failing which on dates decided upon by the Council in consultation with the host institution. (iii) Consideration of recommendations of the Council regarding framing of rule(s).Rules & Regulations 25 (b) The Session will be held preferably in October. as provided under Rule 51. (c) The President. changing of rule(s) or modifying of rule(s) of the Academy. (v) Any other matter with the permission of the Chair. The following Rules shall be applicable to Meetings of the Council:(a) The President. (iv) Such other business of which at least 15 days notice has been given by Fellows and Members. one of the Vice-Presidents shall take the Chair.MEETING OF THE COUNCIL AND OF COMMITTEES APPOINTED BY THE COUNCIL 48. (c) Awards instituted by the Academy would ordinarily be presented during the Annual Session. would call a Special Meeting of the Council. if any. or in his/her absence.

and then be copied fairly in a Minute Book and read and signed by the Chairman at the next Meeting of the Council. the Members present shall elect a Chairman. Year Book 2015 appointed for the Meeting. Conferences etc. by some Member present whom the Chairman shall appoint for the purpose. Provided that the General Secretaries would be exofficio members of all the Committees. or when these Rules. (d) The ordinary method of voting shall be by show of hands. (vii) Such other Committees as the Council may find necessary for specified purposes. (v) Editorial Advisory Boards and Editorial Boards of the Periodicals of the Academy. (iv) Standing Finance Committee. The Council may nominate Committees or Sections for the consideration of special matters. These may specifically include the following : (i) Fellowship Scrutiny Committees to scrutinize nominations for Fellowship and make recommendations to the Council. he/she shall have a casting vote.26 49. (f) Minutes of the proceedings of every meeting of the Council shall be taken during their progress by a General Secretary. and Administrative Committee. The Minutes shall afterwards be circulated to the Members present at the Meeting for the purpose of ascertaining their correctness. provide for such method of voting. (e) The President shall not vote with the other Members. but when the votes are equal. . lectureship etc. (iii) Committees for screening nominations for various awards. (vi) Organizing Committees for Symposia. (ii) Membership Scrutiny Committee to scrutinize nominations for Membership and make recommendations to the Council. but the votes shall be taken by ballot on motion to this effect duly carried. instituted by the Academy. or in the absence of both the General Secretaries.

changing. would be placed before the Annual General Body Meeting of the Academy for consideration and approval. If the Annual General Body Meeting does not approve of the Rules as framed by the Council. Procedure for framing.The Council may frame. . 27 The Committees shall report all decisions on matters referred to them to the Council. the same would be referred back to the Council for reconsideration. On approval in the Annual General Body Meeting. modify or alter the Rules of the Academy as may be required in the interest of smooth functioning of the Academy. the Rules will immediately come into force and would be incorporated in the Calender of the Academy.Rules & Regulations 50. 51. thus framed by the Council. or modifying the Rules . The Rules.

2. a nominee must be associated with the development of Science in India and associated with Indian scientists as evidenced by collaborative programmes with the Indian scientists. The maximum number of Foreign Fellows shall be 100. Nominations must be accompanied with detailed information regarding the scientific contributions of the nominee. his/her biodata and evidence of the nominee’s involvement in the development of Science and Technology in India. programmes. for election as Foreign Fellows of the Academy. etc. 4. 3.28 Year Book 2015 REGULATIONS REGULATION REGARDING ADMISSION OF HONORARY FELLOWS Only such individuals who have distinguished themselves by their intellectual achievements/leadership/creativity in a chosen field of work. REGULATIONS REGARDING ELECTION AND ADMISSION OF FOREIGN FELLOWS These regulations to be read as follows: 1. The nominations after being duly circulated to members of the Council would be placed in its next meeting for approval. participation in Indian scientific programmes. with admission of ordinarily not more than 5 Foreign Fellows in any one year. visits to India for participation in conferences. may be admitted as Honorary Fellows. training of Indian scientists by the nominee. Nominations for Honorary Fellowship duly supported by a statement giving reasons there of would ordinarily be made in the meeting of the Council to be held in the month of July. . The fellow making the nomination will provide details and certify about the nominee’s involvement with Indian Science and Scientists. Fellows of the Academy may nominate distinguished scientists from foreign countries (who are nationals of foreign countries). consultancy. which has led to the growth of science. Apart from being a distinguished scientist.

The recommendations of the Fellowship Scrutiny Committee will then be deliberated in the Council. In this meeting. 8. Blank nomination papers for Fellowship and Foreign Fellowship shall be sent by the General Secretary to each Fellow not later than 15th January each year. voting. the number of Fellows to be elected in the next year and such other matters as are of concern to the Fellows shall be generally considered and recommendations and suggestions made therein shall be communicated to the Fellows along with the blank nomination papers. REGULATIONS REGARDING ELECTION AND ADMISSION OF FELLOWS These regulations to be read as follows : 1. 4. 6. . In addition to Indian scientists and overseas citizen of India. having Indian citizenship who have outstanding research work to their credit carried out either singly or jointly. receipt. The Council may also consider the new names proposed by Council Members. may be nominated and be considered for the Fellowship of the Academy.(b) Upto a maximum of 4 Fellows are to be elected in the area of 'Science and Society' in the year besides the number of Fellows to be elected during the year. 3. The names approved by the Council for Foreign Fellowship would be printed and circulated as voting paper and sent out to the Fellows for voting not later than 15th August. opening and counting of the voting papers would be the same as in the case of Fellows. A Fellow in good standing may nominate up to three candidates each year for election to the Fellowship of the Academy. 2. 7. Regulations regarding the despatch. distinguished Non-Resident Indians. The nominations will be first placed before the respective Fellowship Scrutiny Committee at its meeting in July.Rules & Regulations 5. 2.(a) There shall be a Meeting of Fellows at the time of Annual Session for which one week’s notice shall be given. 29 Nominations must reach the Academy by 15th April every year.

and addressed to the General Secretary. India. The Council will further scrutinize the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee and shall have the power to delete any name from the list. 9. Any candidate who canvasses for support in his/her candidature. Each candidate shall be nominated and seconded by at least one Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences. can be renominated after a gap of 2 years. A list of Scientists duly nominated with their qualifications shall be compiled from the nomination papers by the General Secretary and communicated to the Fellowship. Any such action shall be reported to the meeting of Fellows. the General Secretary (HQ) will write to one of the Fellows who has nominated the candidate. Nominations made for the fellowship of the Academy shall remain in good standing for a period of five years. and Scrutiny Committee. The number of vacancies shall be stated. The list approved by the Council shall be printed and circulated as a voting paper and sent out to each Fellow not later than the 15th August. Nomination papers would be received in the Academy by the 15th April every year. duly filled and signed. 6. For this purpose. it should be updated every year. shall be disqualified from election. and no paper received after this date shall be considered in that year. 7. A scientist whose nomination for fellowship has remained in good standing for a period of 5 years and who is not elected during this period. 8. The Fellowship Scrutiny Committee will scrutinize the nominations and shall have the power to delete any name or names from the list.30 Year Book 2015 5. During the period that a nomination remains in good standing. The proposer should preferably belong to the same field of specialization as the nominee and he/she shall certify that he/she is personally acquainted with the scientific work of the candidate. If 15th April happens to be a postal holiday the next day would be the last date. . The recommendations of the Fellowship Scrutiny Committee shall then be presented before the Council of the Academy.

M.S. REGULATIONS REGARDING PUBLICATION OF PROCEEDINGS AND SCIENCE LETTERS 1. M. The total number of members shall not exceed 2000.D. The voting paper shall be enclosed unsigned in a sealed envelope.Phil. 12. two week’s notice of which shall be given to the Fellows.. there should be evidence that the nominee has the potential to become a ‘Fellow of the Academy’ in due course. At this Meeting the sealed envelopes shall be opened and counted as per the directions of the Chairman. so as to reach the Academy by the 15th September. and no paper with more crosses than the number nominated shall be valid. There shall be Managing Editors/Board of Editors responsible for the coordination and management of the . (ii) Evidence of active involvement in Science and Technology activities. (iv) At the time of induction of a member. (iii) Documented evidence of high quality research publications in peer reviewed national and international journals. 13. which shall be forwarded to the General Secretary in an outer cover with a covering letter signed by the Fellow. 14. In the absence of a covering letter a voting paper shall become invalid. Ph.. 11.. M.. seven Fellows shall constitute the quorum. The names of the candidates who receive the highest number of votes shall be declared elected by the Chairman.D. D.Tech. and equivalent qualifications. REGULATIONS REGARDING ADMISSION OF MEMBERS The following are the criteria for admission of members:(i) High academic qualifications in any discipline of Science & Technology e.g.Rules & Regulations 10.. and/or evidence of exceptional ability as a teacher or involvement in ‘Science Promotion’/‘Science Popularization Programmes’. For meetings of fellows. 31 The Fellows shall then vote for not more than the number nominated by placing a cross against the names of those they wish to be elected. There shall be a Meeting of the Fellows before the October Council Meeting.

2. . The Council shall appoint separate Editors for special publications as and when necessary.32 Year Book 2015 publication of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. and (ii) Board of Editors for National Academy Science Letters. REGULATIONS REGARDING THE MEETINGS OF THE COUNCIL 1. 4. The Council shall appoint the Editorial Boards and Board of Editors for a term of two years. A notice of 7 days will be given for an Extraordinary meeting of the Academy. 3. notice will be given for the Annual General Body Meeting of the Academy. after giving a week’s notice. 2. 3. A minimum of 3 weeks. An Emergent meeting of the Council can be convened by giving 48 hours’ notice. India and National Academy Science Letters. The number of members and subject Editors shall be decided by the Council from time to time. The Managing Editors/Board of Editors shall be appointed by the Council and hold office for two years at a time. the Chief Editor. 2. India Section B. 5. REGULATIONS REGARDING MEETINGS Regulations regarding the ‘General Body Meetings’ of the Academy: 1. (b) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Any other meeting including a Special meeting of the Council can be convened with the permission of the President. Each Editorial Board shall consist of the Managing Editor. Two weeks' notice will be given for the meetings of the Council to be held one in each quarter of the year. India Section A. 3. A notice of 2 weeks will be given for an ordinary meeting of the General Body. There shall be separate (i) Editorial Boards—one for each of the following publications of the Academy viz. Subject Editors and eminent experts in various disciplines as members and will be presided over by the President of the Academy. (a) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Chairman and the Secretary should be Fellows of the Academy.Rules & Regulations 33 Appendix ‘A’ WORKING OF CHAPTERS Objective : In order to create an adequate impact of the National Academy of Sciences. The modes of support will be decided by the Council from time to time. technology and science education and their impact on society. Conditions : (a) Chapters may be opened only in those centres where there are preferably 20 Fellows and Members. Finances : The Academy may support the activities of the Chapter. The first set of office bearers may be nominated by the President of the Academy and thereafter they shall be elected from amongst the Chapter members by the Chapter members for a two years term. This is to be done by the Academy by opening Chapters in important centres. (b) maintain a library of Academy's publications for reference. . (ii) Secretary and (iii) three Advisors. India shall be members of the Chapter without any extra payment. educationists and industrialists. (c) The Chairman and the Secretary shall submit the Annual Report of the activities of the Chapter to the Council of the Academy. (b) All local fellows and members of the National Academy of Sciences. it is necessary to expand the activities of the Academy in a meaningful way by involving a larger number of scientists. foreign visitors. and they shall be invited in activities of the Chapter. The activities of the Chapter would be run by a Committee consisting of (i) the Chairman. (c) work as a liaison office between the local Chapter members and the Academy headquarters. Functions: The main functions of these Chapters will be to(a) arrange lectures/discussions/seminars/symposia on the current and future sciences. India all over the country.

N.34 Year Book 2015 REGULATIONS FOR ACADEMY’S AWARDS (A) Prof. Bachhawat Memorial Young Scientist Lecture. Renfro. Lecture Award in the field of Biodiversity and Prof. Tandon Memorial Lecture. Gupta Endowment History of Science Lecture. Sheel Memorial Lecture Award. P. Shri Ranjan Memorial Lecture. Srivastava Memorial Lecture. B. B. ii) Prof.R. Prof. . Dr. Krishnaji Memorial Lecture. Prof.N. P. B.C. Prof. iii) Prof. P.) Archana Sharma Memorial Lecture : The awards will be known as i) Prof. Saligram Sinha Memorial Lecture.P. Saligram Sinha Memorial Lecture Award. Banerji). Former Attorney General of India. Prof. Radhika Sheel. vii) Prof. Banerji Memorial Lecture Award.C. Meghnad Saha Memorial Lecture. Bobby L. Sheel Memorial (Young Woman Scientist) Lecture. R.R. Instituted by the Academy in the year 1990. U. B. Radhika Sheel. Prof. Mexico and also from Academy's contributions. Prof. New Delhi (son of Late Prof.S. Sheel Memorial (Young Woman Scientist) Lecture Award. A. N. vi) Dr. Instituted by the Academy in the year 1981. (Mrs. Prof. Instituted by the Academy in the year 1988 from the endowment given by Mrs. Award Lecture in the field of Toxicology. v) Dr. P. Pal Memorial Lecture. Banerji. Dr. Instituted by the Academy in the year 1990 from the endowment given by Dr.K. Instituted by the Academy in the year 1996 from the endowment given by Mrs. Instituted by the Academy in the year 1981 from the endowment given by Sri Milon K. Dhar Memorial Lecture Award. Maize Pathologist. A. A. Banerji Memorial Lecture. Bachhawat Memorial Lecture. Pal Memorial Lecture Award. R.K. Prof. Sheel Memorial Lecture.C. Prof. Dr.C. Dhar Memorial Lecture. iv) Dr. Prof.P. Meghnad Saha Memorial Lecture Award.

xiii) Prof. friends and students of Late Prof.S. Gupta. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2002. viii) Prof. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2000 from the endowment given by the family and students of Late Prof. Krishnaji Memorial Lecture Award.N. Jhansi. R.Rules & Regulations 35 Instituted by the Academy in the year 1990 from the endowment given by relatives and others associated with Prof. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2000 from the endowment given by Prof. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2005 from the endowment given by Prof. Srivastava Memorial Lecture Award. x) Prof. Abhai Man Singh. R. xii) Prof. Tandon Memorial Lecture Award.K. . Instituted by the Academy in the year 2002. Bachhawat Memorial Young Scientist Lecture Award. Gupta Endowment History of Science Lecture Award. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2002. R. Pramod Tandon and xvii) Prof. U. ix) Prof. (Mrs. Shri Ranjan Memorial Lecture Award.K. xv) Prof. New Delhi. xvi) Lecture Award in the field of Biodiversity. xiv) Lecture Award in the field of Toxicology.) Archana Sharma Memorial Lecture Award. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2002 from the endowment given by the relatives. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2005 from the endowment given by Prof. Bachhawat Memorial Lecture Award.N. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2009 from the grant sanctioned by the DBT. Saligram Sinha. Ganita Bharati Academy. Shri Ranjan. xi) Prof.C. R. B. Lucknow. Tandon.C. Instituted by the Academy in the year 2002 from the endowment created from the savings of the 2nd Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries organized by Industrial Toxicology Research Centre. B.

time and place as decided by the Council. Dhar Memorial Lecture may be delivered in an area of Chemistry. the awardees will be given a medal. the expenses will be met from the funds of the Academy.N.000/-. M. The Academy shall bear the cost of travel of the awardee from his/her place of work/residence to the place of lecture and back as per rules of the Academy.R. A. 3. The awardees. B. However. Prof.50. The awardees will be called upon to deliver a lecture at a date. a citation and a cash award of Rs. II. Prof. U. Dhar Memorial Lecture. Banerji Memorial Lecture may be held in any front line area of pure or applied mathematics. in Prof.C. in all the remaining awards. 6.S. 7. 5. 1. Srivastava Memorial Lecture will be given a medal.P. Saha Memorial Lecture. The subject areas for the various lectures are given under Appendix I. 2. preferably having an impact on agriculture. Pal Memorial Lecture may be delivered in the field of agricultural science. However. IV. . The frequency of the awards is given under Appendix II. The awardees will be selected by the Council in accordance with the regulations as may be made from time to time.36 Year Book 2015 Separate endowment funds have been created to meet the expenses connected with these awards.R. a citation and a cash award of Rs. Pal Memorial Lecture and Prof. 20. 10.000/-. Prof. Nominations for the aforesaid lectures will be made by the Fellows of the Academy. N. until the endowment is sufficient to meet the entire expenditure connected with an award. Dr. a citation and a cash award of Rs.P. Archana Sharma Memorial Lecture Awardee will be given a gold medal. Appendix I I. III. Prof. Meghnad Saha Memorial Lecture may be held in any front line area in Physics and its applications. Dr. N. The awardee would be required to supply a written script of his/her lecture which the Academy would suitably publish.000/. Prof. astrophysics and related subjects. B. 4.

Srivastava Memorial Lecture may be delivered in any area in Animal Sciences. Bachhawat Memorial Young Scientist Lecture and Prof. The lecture is to be given to school children to create awareness in them. Award Lecture in the field of Toxicology may be delivered in the area of Toxicology (in the broadest sense).K. R. provided that the award will not be repeated in the same area before nine years. Dr. 37 Dr. XIII. The awardee lady scientist should be preferably below 50 years of age.S.N. Prof. P.K.Rules & Regulations V. Prof. Bachhawat Memorial Lecture may be delivered in the area of Biological Sciences including Medical Sciences. Krishnaji Memorial Lecture in the area of Experimental Physics and Instrumentation to an Indian citizen who has made commendable contributions in the area. Prof.) Archana Sharma Memorial Award Lecture may be delivered by the selected "Eminent Woman Scientist . Prof. The awardee scientist for Prof. B. Bachhawat Memorial Young Scientist Lecture award should be below the age of 40 years. VI. . (Mrs. Prof. XIV. X-XI. XV. B. Agriculture etc. Communication. XII. Shri Ranjan Memorial Lecture may be delivered in the area of Plant Molecular Biology. Tandon Memorial Lecture may be delivered in any area in Plant Sciences. Prof. XVII. IX. Prof. XVI. Prof.C. Salig Ram Sinha Memorial Lecture may be delivered in any front line topic in Plant Sciences with special reference to Plant Pathology. Gupta Endowment History of Science Lecture may be delivered in any area encompassing History of Science. P. Sheel Memorial Lecture for making significant contributions in science & technology for social development with special reference to societal development may be delivered in any area like Health. VII. R. Energy. B. Sheel Memorial (Young Woman Scientist) Lecture is open to all disciplines in science. Award Lecture in the field of Biodiversity may be delivered in the area of Biodiversity.irrespective of age and area". U.K. VIII.

Allahabad. New Katra. Prof.Ts. Nominations should be made in prescribed form available with the National Academy of Sciences. Ltd. 1. . Engineering Institutions and Colleges.I.. Lajpatrai Road.38 Year Book 2015 Appendix II Dr. Allahabad (ii) Presidents of approved Scientific Societies of all India character. Archana Sharma Memorial Lecture Award will be given every year.. Directors of recognized Research Institutions. and Dr. Oil & Natural Gas Commissions and University Grants Commission. Sheel Memorial Lecture Award. (iii) Vice-Chancellors of Universities and Deans of Faculties of Sciences. Allahabad-211 002. All other awards will be made every alternate year. India. 5. (vi) Members of the Planning Commission. Directors and Deans of Faculties of I. Salig Ram Sinha Memorial Lecture Award will be given every five year. (v) Chairmen of Atomic Energy. Scientific Instrument Co. This Award has been instituted by the National Academy of Sciences. (vii) Secretaries of various Departments of Government concerned with Science & Technology in any form. INDIA AWARD The Award will be known as SICO-Sponsored The National Academy of Sciences. India. (iv) Directors of National Laboratories.. (B) SICO-SPONSORED THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. The awardee will be selected by an Expert Committee nominated by the Council in accordance with the regulations as may be made from time to time. P. P. Sheel Memorial (Young Woman Scientist) Lecture Award will be given every third year and Prof. and (viii) Members of the Council of the National Academy of Sciences. Ltd. India and sponsored by the Scientific Instrument Co. Space. The nominations should be signed by the sponsors and should be sent in sealed envelope marked SICO-NASI AWARDS. Nominations for the Award may be made by : (i) Managing Director. India Award.

and a citation highlighting the main scientific achievements of the awardee. 1995. the Awardee(s) would be requested to deliver a brief talk. The award will be given every third year viz. would be given high consideration. 6. On the occasion. 20. Nominees working in India would not be considered for Award on the basis of the work done abroad. teaching science in High Schools/Higher Secondary Schools/Intermediate Colleges/other equivalent institutions for distinction achieved by him/her in stimulating students to take part in co-curricular and out-of-the class science activities and bringing out their talents in science. 1989. 39 Any citizen of India engaged in scientific work in the field of Instrumentation will be eligible and will be adjudged mainly on the basis of his/her work done in an Indian Institute/Laboratory. New discoveries/Inventions. etc. Research work during last 5 years will form the main basis for selection. 3.Rules & Regulations 2. The Awardee(s) selected each year would be invited to receive the Award in a function to be held at Allahabad on the National Science Day. particularly by young and up-coming scientists. 2001. 1992. INDIA SCIENCE TEACHER AWARD In order to recognise one (or more) outstanding teacher(s). the Academy would select every year awardee(s). The awardee will be given a cash award of Rs. The Academy shall bear the cost of travel of the awardee from his/her place of work/residence to the place of talk and back as per rules of the Academy. The cost of travel of the Awardee(s) from the place of his/her work to .. called the National Academy of Sciences. a medal. The Award would comprise a Citation and Rs. 5. (This award has been discontinued after 2001) (C) REGULATION REGARDING THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. 1998. The awardee will be called upon to deliver a talk at a date. time and place as decided by the Council on his/her major contributions for which the award is given.000/-.000/(Rupees Ten thousand only) cash.10. 1986. India Science Teacher Awardee. February 28. 4. There will be no age limit.

Success in stimulating students evidenced by the participation of the students under the guidance of the concerned teacher in extra curricular science activities. should have been actively involved in stimulating students to take active interest in extra curricular science activities and in innovation of teaching methods. Development and use of innovative methods may include development of apparatus. Students Science Congress. 4. equipments or devices for science teaching. . 2. (D) REGULATION REGARDING THE BEST SCIENCE TEACHER AWARD FOR ALLAHABAD REGION IN THE MEMORY OF LATE RAMA SHANKAR MISRA The Academy has instituted in the year 2010 the "Best Science Teacher Award for Allahabad Region" in the memory of late Rama Shankar Misra. It is not necessary for a nominee to have participate/taken part in each of the activities given above.(Rupees one lac only) donated by Prof. from the endowment fund of Rs.Science Teacher Award 1. 2. The regulations for this award will be same as of NASI-Science Teacher Award except that it would be only for Allahabad region.1. father of Prof. 3. competitive items like Science Debate. besides excellence as a teacher. like Science Exhibitions. Quizes. The teacher. innovative and/or low cost experiments etc. Teachers undertaking tutions would not be considered. Ashok Misra. Essays.00. NASI. Ashok Misra. Nominations for the Award would be invited through appropriate procedure and selection would be made by a Committee to be nominated by the Council.000/.40 Year Book 2015 Allahabad and back and hospitality at Allahabad would be borne by the Academy. properly documented field studies etc. Past President. No appeal or protest in this regard would be entertained. 5. The Academy reserves the right to final selection of the teacher for the Award. Active involvement in science popularization activites will be an additional qualifications. Note 1. software. Criteria for the NASI .

. February 28. The Award would comprise a Citation and Rs.000/(Rupees Five thousand only) cash. INDIA PROF. The Awardee(s) selected each year would be invited to receive the Award in a function to be organized by Mumbai Chapter of the Academy on the National Science Day. Nominations for the Award would be invited through appropriate procedure and selection would be made by a Committee consisting of Chairperson and three eminent Mathematician as expert nominated by the Mumbai Chapter of the Academy. * Instituted out of the endowment created by Prof. (F) REGULATIONS REGARDING THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. The cost of travel of the Awardee(s) from the place of his/her work to Mumbai and back and hospitality at Mumbai would be borne by the Mumbai Chapter of the Academy out of the Funds provided by the Academy. teaching Mathematics in High Schools/Higher Secondary Schools / Intermediate Colleges / other equivalent institutions for distinction achieved by him/her in stimulating students to take part in co-curricular and out-of-the class Mathematics activities and bringing out their talents in Mathematics.SWARNA JAYANTI PURASKAR As part of science promotional activities the Academy has instituted two awards known as 'The National Academy of Sciences. Formerly Director. called the National Academy of Sciences. On the occasion. Railkar (Pune). M. Ravi S.R. India .R. M. RAILKAR TEACHER AWARD FOCUSSED ON MATHEMATICS INSTRUCTION * In order to recognise one (or more) outstanding teacher(s).R. INDIA . Kulkarni. in honour of his teacher Prof. India Prof. the Awardee(s) would be requested to deliver a brief talk. Railkar Teacher Awardee. Allahabad.Swarna Jayanti Puraskar'.Rules & Regulations 41 (E) REGULATION REGARDING THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. HRI. M. the Mumbai Chapter of the Academy would select every year awardee(s). 5.

Engineering. AIIMS. (d) Directors of Indian Institute of Science. (G) REGULATIONS REGARDING THE NASI-RELIANCE INDUSTRIES PLATINUM JUBILEE AWARDS FOR APPLICATION ORIENTED INNOVATIONS COVERING BOTH PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES The nominee should be an Indian citizen/overseas citizen of India working in India and below the age of 50 years on April 15 of the year of the award. Secretary HRD. Environment. Nominators and Last Date . Two lakhs in cash. Bangalore. Industries with well recognized R&D units including private research institutions. Each Award comprises Rs. Biochemistry.Physical Sciences including Chemistry. Animal and Plant Sciences. Nanotechnology. Each award carries a plaque and Rs. National Laboratories. Electronics. Nanotechnology. (b) Directors of IITs.Agriculture.CSIR. Biotechnology. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Biological Sciences including .(a) All Science Secretaries. New Delhi. Mathematics. UGC. Bioinformatics. 5000/. Information & Computer Sciences. Engineering. Director Generals . all branches of Medical Sciences.Two in Physical Sciences and two in Biological Sciences each year. Number and Value of Awards . Chairman. Bioprocess Engineering. Medical and Agriculture Academies. PGI's of Medical Research. (e) Presidents of all Science. . IIITs. (f) All Fellows of the NASI. Areas for the Awards .Central & State.42 Year Book 2015 These awards would be given to the young scientists presenting the best research paper in the sections of Physical and Biological Sciences at the Annual Session of the Academy. ICMR & ICAR. Physics. The Awardee in each section would be selected by a Committee comprising the Sectional President of the Section and two Fellows present and a Citation. (c) Vice-Chancellors of all Universities .

Nominations and Last Date . the nominators must update the achievements of the nominees and justify their candidature every year.The NASI Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award shall be made in recognition of notable contributions to any branch of science or technology. recognized by the Academy. A candidate may be proposed by a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences. India. creativity and excellence in a young scientist. shall be eligible for the award. Scientific Society of national standing. . Current Science and Academy's website.The awardees will be selected by an Expert Committee constituted by the Council of NASI from nominations received. Selection of the Awardees . Presentation of the Awards . (H) REGULATIONS REGARDING THE NASI-YOUNG SCIENTIST PLATINUM JUBILEE AWARDS IN ANY BRANCH OF SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY RECOGNIZED BY THE ACADEMY The NASI Young Scientist Awards are considered to recognize promise. on the basis of work carried out in India.The number of awards to be made in any year will be limited to five. Eligibility . however.Rules & Regulations 43 Nominations will be invited by the President. The nominations would be valid for 3 years. Number of Awards .The presentation of the Awards will be made at the time of Annual Session. Post-Graduate department or research institutions may also make nominations of eligible candidates. NASI through advertisements in Academy's Journals. must reach the Academy latest by April 15 every year. Any citizen of India/overseas citizen of India working in India and who is below the age of 35 years as on April 15.A notification inviting nominations for the award shall be issued each year after the Council Meeting of the Academy held in January. 20 copies of nomination form and one set of reprints of 10 publications along with all supporting documents. of the year of award. A nomination shall be made in the prescribed format. university faculty.


Year Book 2015

A candidate may only be nominated once. However, a
nomination will remain valid for consideration for 3 years
or the age eligibility whichever expires earlier.
A nomination shall be made in the prescribed format.
This, along with all supporting documents, must reach
the Academy latest by April 15.
Selection Committee for the Award - The General
Secretary (HQ) at the very outset, may examine the
nominations and assign them to two Scrutiny
Committees for consideration. Each Scrutiny Committee
will recommend upto 10 candidates, who will be invited
for presentation in July at the time of council meeting.
The candidates invited to present their work shall do so
before the concerned members of the Scrutiny
Candidates called for presenting their work before the
Sectional Committees shall be entitled to I class/II AC
return rail fare and per diem according to the Rules of
the Academy.
Recommendations of the Sectional Committees Each
recommendations to the Council in writing, duly signed
by all members present. The recommendations shall
contain, strictly in order of priority, not more than three
names. The main criteria for selection will be the
originality of the candidate's research contributions and
his/her understanding as evidenced by publications and
performance during the presentation.
The recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee shall
be handed over immediately after the meeting, by the
Convener, in a sealed envelope addressed to the
General Secretary (HQ) of the Academy; the envelope
should bear the superscription: to be opened by the
addressee only.
Selection by the Council - The Council will select
candidates for this award at the meeting in the month of
July, based on the reports from the Conveners of
Sectional Committees.
Announcement of the Awards - The names of the
Young Scientists selected for the awards by the Council
shall be communicated to the Fellowship.

Rules & Regulations


Presentation of the Medals - The presentation of
Medals will be made by the President, NASI, at the time
of Annual General Meeting.
For receiving the medal, the awardees will be paid travel
expenses to cover the actual I class/II AC rail fare,
conveyance charges for journeys from residence to rail
head and rail head to venue of Annual General Meeting
and a daily allowance according to NASI Rules. Daily
allowance will be admissible for a maximum of 2 days for
attending the presentation ceremony.
The Academy would bring out a publication containing
contributions of the Young Scientists for the award at the
time of the presentation of the award.
Value - The award shall consist of a bronze medal of
the following specifications:
(i) Size 6.35 cm in diameter
(ii) Weight About 114 grams
(iii) Design Obverse - Name of Medal (in Devanagari
character) Name of the recipient (in Devanagari
characters) Year (in International numerals)
Reverse - Seal of the Academy
Each awardee will be presented a Medal, a certificate
and cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-.
Appropriate steps will be taken by the Academy to
maintain the relevant information in respect of the career
development of all young awardees.
In order to reduce drudgery of farm women by
development of farm implements and to encourage
researchers and innovators to develop farm implements
for farm women, ICAR and NASI have instituted the
NASI-ICAR Award For Innovation and Research on
Farm Implements.
Sponsoror of the Award Indian Council of
Agricultural Research, New Delhi and NASI, Allahabad.
Objective of the Award – (i) To reduce the drudgery of
farm women by development of farm implements. (ii) To
encourage researchers and innovators to develop farm
implements for farm women.


Year Book 2015

Nature of Award - One annual award meant exclusively
for outstanding innovators/scientists. The award consists
of Rs. 1,00,000/- in cash, citation and certificate.
Frequency – Annual.
Eligibility Criteria - All scientists/engineers/innovators
engaged in research in agricultural farm implements are
Administration of the Award - The award will be
administered by the ICAR/NASI through the Award Cell
of ICAR. There will be a Judging Committee appointed
by the DG, ICAR, consisting of 3-5 members including
the Chairman. Two experts nominated by the President,
NASI will be the members. The Committee will evaluate
the applications and make recommendations to the
Evaluation Criteria - (i) The significance of the
research, innovation & extension work. Its scientific,
technological and socio-economic relevance and priority
(ii) The specific objective of the work and the preparation
of an appropriate plan of work to achieve those
objectives (iii) The organization and conduct of the work
(iv) The principal findings (v) The concrete
recommendations emanating from the research/
extension work (vi) The acceptability and adoptability of
the recommendations by the intended users (vii) Impact
of the work in quantifiable terms.
Procedure - Application for the award will be invited
during September/October of the year of the award.
Application made in the prescribed form obtainable from
Award Cell (ICAR), will be accepted up to the end of
November/December of the year of the award. The
Judging Committee will screen the nominations, identify
outstanding entries, and make recommendations to the
ICAR along with the draft citations. If no outstanding
entries have been received, no award will be awarded.
Presentation - The presentation of award will be made
on the Foundation Day of the ICAR i.e. 16th July of the
year. The awardee would give a presentation on
achievements of his/her work to an audience consisting
of eminent agricultural & non agricultural scientists.

Rules & Regulations


The Scheme - In order to utilize the expertise of active
scientists who have made outstanding research
contributions to any branch of Science & Technology,
represented in the Academy, the National Academy of
Sciences, India has instituted "NASI Platinum Jubilee
Chairs". The awardee shall be called “NASI Platinum
Jubilee Chair Distinguished Professor”.
Objectives - The main aim of the scheme is to honor
and utilize the expertise of distinguished scientists, who
are capable of making significant research contributions
in their field of interest.
Eligibility - The Awardee should be a distinguished
Indian Scientist. He/She should have a sustained record
of research publications of very high standard. He/She
should be a Fellow of NASI.
Number - Total number shall not exceed two at any
given time.
Duration - The tenure of the NASI Platinum Jubilee
Chair Award would be for three years, extendable for
further two years based on the review of work
undertaken by the scientist in the first three years. Thus,
the tenure of the award would be for a maximum of five
Details of the Award-The awardees would be paid
Rs80,000/- p.m. plus allowances as per Govt. of India
rules. Pensionary benefits are to be adjusted as per
Govt. of India rules. In addition, a contingency grant of
Rs. 2,00,000 per annum would be provided for meeting
expenditure of the awardee on secretarial assistance,
telephone, domestic travel, stationery etc. This award
would be taxable as per norms.
There shall be provision for appointment of a Research
Fellow/Associate with an emolument + HRA as per DST
rules to assist in research work. This will be supported
by resources from NASI.
Mode of Selection - A Search cum Selection Committee
comprising of the President, two Past Presidents and
two General Secretaries will be constituted to
recommend suitable scientists for the NASI Platinum


Year Book 2015

Jubilee Chair Award. The Committee would normally
meet once a year or whenever the need arises. The
award would be announced after the approval of the
NASI-Council. Members of the NASI-Council would be
able to suggest names of suitable scientists to the
Other terms and conditions 1. The award is given only for working in a recognized
research/academic institution in India.
2. All the grants pertaining to the Award will be released
through the host institution, which shall be entrusted with
the accountability of the grant. The institution shall
submit Utilization Certificate/ Statement of Expenditure
for the grants released by NASI, every year.
3. Progress report on the project work done shall be
submitted to NASI at the end of each financial year along
with the Statement of Expenditure and Utilization
Certificate for release of grant for the next year.
4. At the expiry of term of the Award, a comprehensive
work report should be submitted, along with two copies
of papers published during the tenure of the award.
5. The awardee would be entitled to leave as per GOI
6. At the completion of the term, the awardee shall hand
over all permanent assets purchased through the funds
received under the scheme to the institution where work
was undertaken or any other institution as may be
decided by NASI.
7. The progress of the work shall be monitored by a
committee of experts to be appointed by NASI.
8. The awardee would be invited to submit paper/review
in NASI journals.
9. The above terms and conditions may be revised or
amended by the Council as and when found necessary.
To commemorate 150th Birth Anniversary of J.C. Bose
in the year 2009, the Academy instituted the J.C. Bose
Chair. The provisions are same as NASI Platinum
Jubilee Chairs. The awardee shall be called “J.C. Bose
Chair Distinguished Professor”.

Rules & Regulations


In order to utilize the expertise of a Distinguished
Scientist in the are of Public Health Research, who could
take Public Health Research Project(s) aimed towards
delivering technologies to common mass for preventive
and promotive control measures for ensuring good
health, the Academy instituted ICMR Chair in Public
Health Research in the year 2010 with the financial
support from Indian Council of Medical Research, New
Delhi. The provisions are same as NASI Platinum
Jubilee Chairs. The awardee shall be called “ICMR Chair
Distinguished Professor”.
The Scheme - In order to utilize the expertise of a
Distinguished Women Scientist whose contributions in
the country in the area of Science & Technology has
made a major impact, the National Academy of
Sciences, India instituted a Chair with the financial
support of DST, New Delhi.
Objectives - The main aim of the scheme is to honor
and utilize the expertise of distinguished women
scientists, to contribute towards promotion and
application of Science and Technology in their field of
interest, particularly to benefit women scientists and
women in general.
Eligibility - The Awardee should be a distinguished
Indian Woman Scientist. She should have a sustained
record of scientific contributions of very high standard.
She should be a Fellow of NASI.
Number - Total number shall not exceed one at any
given time.
Duration - The tenure of the distinguished women
scientist Chair would be for five years.
Details of the Award - The provisions of payment(s)
to the awardee are same as NASI Platinum Jubilee
There shall be provision for appointment of two
Woman Scientists below age of 50 years to pursue
research under the guidance of the aforesaid Chair, as
per financial details prescribed by the Academy.


Year Book 2015

Mode of Selection - A Search cum Selection
Committee comprising of the President, two Past
Presidents and two General Secretaries will be
constituted to recommend suitable woman scientist for
the aforesaid Chair. The award would be announced
after the approval of the NASI-Council. Members of the
NASI-Council would be able to suggest names of
suitable scientists to the Committee.
The Distinguished Woman Scientist selected for this
prestigious Chair would further select the two youngwoman scientists to work under her guidance for this
Chair as per norms in her institution for such
scholarship/fellowship; or as per provisions made by
the NASI Council in consultation with the Distinguished
Woman Scientist Chair.
Other terms and conditions –
1. The award is given for working in/through
recognized research/academic institutions in India.
2. All the grants pertaining to the Award will be
released through the host institution, which shall be
entrusted with the accountability of the grant. The
institution shall submit Utilization Certificate/ Statement
of Expenditure for the grants released by NASI, every
3. Progress report on the project work done shall be
submitted to NASI at the end of each financial year
along with the Statement of Expenditure and Utilization
Certificate for release of grant for the next year.
4. At the expiry of term of the Award, a comprehensive
work report should be submitted, along with two copies
of papers published during the tenure of the award.
5. The awardee would be entitled to leave as per GOI
6. At the completion of the term, the awardee shall
hand over all permanent assets purchased through the
funds received under the scheme to the institution
where work was undertaken or any other institution as
may be decided by NASI.
7. The progress of the work shall be monitored by a
committee of experts to be appointed by NASI.
8. The awardee would be invited to submit
paper/review in NASI journals.

Rules & Regulations


9. The above terms and conditions may be revised or
amended by the Council as and when found
The Scheme - In order to utilize the expertise of
scientists who have made outstanding contributions to
promotion, development and application of science and
technology, represented in the Academy, the National
Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) has instituted
"NASI-(DONOR) Chairs".
Objectives - The main aim of the scheme is to honor
and utilize the expertise of distinguished scientists. The
recipient of the award would be expected to work to
promote the Charter of NASI and its objectives. At the
completion of the tenure, the recipient would submit a
report of the activity for information of the NASI Council
to be followed by a presentation/lecture.
Eligibility - The Awardee should be a distinguished
Indian Scientist. He/She should be a Fellow of NASI.
Number - Total number not to exceed two at any given
time and priority should be given to a most
distinguished woman scientists.
Duration - The tenure of the Chair Award would be for
three years, extendable for further two years. Thus, the
tenure of the award would be for a maximum of five
Details of the Award - The Awardee would be entitled
to a maximum amount of Rs.50,000/- p.m. In addition,
a contingency grant of Rs.1,00,000 p.a. would be
provided for meeting expenditure of the Awardee on
secretarial assistance, telephone, domestic travel,
stationary etc. This award would be taxable as per
norms. There shall be provision for appointment of a
Research Fellow/Associate with an emolument + HRA
to assist in research work. This will be supported by
resources from NASI.
Mode of Selection - A Search cum Selection
Committee comprising of the President, two Past
Presidents, two General Secretaries and a nominee of
the DONOR will be constituted to recommend suitable


Year Book 2015

scientists for the Chair Award. The Committee would
normally meet once a year or whenever the need
arises. The award would be announced after the
approval of the NASI-Council. Members of the NASICouncil would be able to suggest names of suitable
scientists to the Committee.
Other terms and conditions - (1) All the grants
pertaining to the award will be released directly to the
Awardee who shall submit Utilization Certificate/
Statement of Expenditure for the grants released by
NASI, every year. (2) The Awardee would be invited to
submit paper/review in NASI journals. (3) The above
terms and conditions may be revised or amended by
the NASI as and when found necessary.
The Academy has instituted the NASI Senior Scientist
Platinum Jubilee Fellowship to utilize the services of
the Fellows of the Academy who are active in high
quality research in their specialized disciplines but
have superannuated from their service. The Awardee
shall be called "NASI Senior Scientist".
Objectives - The objective is to utilize the expertise of
NASI Fellows after superannuation primarily for
research work in some R&D center/university/institute
in India.
Eligibility & Age - Superannuated Fellows are eligible
for consideration.
Number of Fellowships - The number of NASI Senior
Scientists Platinum Jubilee Fellowship to be selected
each year shall be decided by the Council from the
panel recommended by the Committee, to be
constituted by the Council. Usually, the number of
Senior Scientists to be selected each year will be
based on the availability of vacancies and funds
available with the Academy. The total number of NASISenior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellowship will at a
time not be more than 35.
Tenure - The term of a NASI Senior Scientist position
will be tenable initially for a period of three years,

Rules & Regulations


extendable for another two years after a review of the
achievement of three year's works.
Emoluments - The fellowship consists of Honorarium
@ Rs.30,000/-per month and contingency grant @ Rs.
1,00,000/- per annum for meeting expenses on
stationery, travel (within the country only). This also
covers expenditure up to Rs.10,000 on communication
needs. The honorarium is taxable, which will be
deducted at source by the host institution.
There is a provision for appointment of one
JRF/SRF/RA in the Fellowship, which shall also be
supported by the resources from the Academy. The
emoluments of JRF/SRF/RA will be as per Rules of the
DST, New Delhi.
JRF/SRF/RA are not eligible for drawing HRA if hostel
accommodation is provided by the host institution.
Otherwise, HRA may be given as per DST, New Delhi
norms applicable in the city/location where they are
working or HRA rules of the host institution, whichever
is lower. No other allowance is admissible.
Nominations - Nominations for the position shall be
invited from the Fellows of the Academy in the first
week of May preceding the year of the award.
The nomination papers duly completed in all respects,
signed, and routed through the Head of the Institution,
where a scientist intends to work, should be sent to the
General Secretary, NASI, so as to reach latest by 15th
Mode of Selection - The nominations received within
the valid period shall be examined by a Committee
constituted for the purpose. The recommendations of
the Committee shall be considered and selection will
be made by the Council at its meeting to be held in
Announcement - The names of NASI Senior
Scientists selected shall be announced at the Annual
General Body Meeting of the Academy.
Operation of Scheme - Funds for this scheme will be
routed through the sponsoring institution.
Leave Rules - As per GOI norms.

Final adjustment/settlement of accounts should be done within a period of 30 days of termination of Scheme.54 Year Book 2015 Activities Report and Renewal of Scheme : Senior Scientist will submit an Annual Report of his/her research work in the prescribed format at the end of each Calendar year alongwith statement of expenditure for renewal and release of grant for the next year. The Scheme will stand terminated from the date the Senior Scientist of NASI accepts any paid position elsewhere. Obligations . to have their . NASI" should be made. These regulations may be revised or amended by the Council at any time.Host Institute shall submit the audited statement of accounts and utilization certificate from time to time to NASI. At the completion of the tenure of the NASI Senior Scientist. They will be invited to submit paper/review to NASI journals. Final Technical Report . (P) REGULATIONS REGARDING THE NASI HONORARY SCIENTIST SCHEME The Academy has instituted the NASI Honorary Scientist Scheme to utilize the expertise of active fellows of the Academy (NASI). Interaction with other Agencies . Acknowledgement of support in all publications as "Senior Scientist. All patent rights. the awardee shall handover all permanent equipments purchased through the contingency funds to the institution where the work was undertaken. who have superannuated from their regular service. designs and inventions derived from the research work of the NASI Senior Scientist shall be governed by the host institutional norms.Senior Scientist is required to submit a consolidated technical report for the entire duration of the award at the end of tenure in the prescribed proforma.Senior Scientist is allowed to take up the sponsored Research and Consultancy within the norms of the host institute.

NASI Honorary Scientist is required to submit a certificate indicating that the money has actually been spent for the purpose for which it was sanctioned. proposed plan of work and a letter of acceptance from the host institution if he/she intends to work through an institute/university. Tenure: The term of NASI Honorary Scientist will initially be for a period of three years and is extendable up to two years. The names of awardees will be reported in the subsequent council meeting. one lac per annum will be released in one installment directly to the “NASI Honorary Scientist” or through the host institution. The report should be accompanied with utilization . along with a brief CV. Nominations: NASI Fellows may nominate themselves or other Fellows. Eligibility: Fellows of NASI who have superannuated from their regular service. the contribution during the whole career to be taken into account with an emphasis on recent academic/scientific activities. Joining: The Honorary Scientist can join any time during the year. science education and promotion of science-society programmes. communication needs.NASI. Fellows may write to the President. stationary etc. Financial Support: Contingency grant of Rs. Progress Report and Renewal of position: The Honorary Scientist will submit a report of his/her work after completion of each year to the President. Number of positions: The number of Honorary Scientists to be selected each year will be decided by the Council. who have superannuated from their regular service. domestic travel. Objective: The objective of the scheme is to enable such fellows of NASI to contribute in research. The grant can be utilized for meeting expenditure on the secretarial assistance. On completion of each year.Rules & Regulations 55 contribution to the growth of science in general and activities of the Academy in particular.

(iii) Final adjustment/settlement of account should be done within a period of thirty days of relinquishing the position. Obligations: (i) The position will stand terminated from the date the Honorary Scientist accepts any paid position. however the Honorary Scientist is allowed to take up the sponsored research and consultancy within the norms of the host institution. (ii) Support under the NASI Honorary Scientist Scheme should be acknowledged in all publications.56 Year Book 2015 certificate and further request of fund for the ensuing year. .

plus allowances as per Govt.p. A sum of Rs. There shall be provision for appointment of a Research Fellow/Associate with an emolument + HRA as per DST rules to assist in research work. accommodation etc.00. . The Fellowship will be tenable for a period of five years. Pensionary benefits are to be adjusted as per Govt. The Fellow shall be called as M.N. The Distinguished Fellow may work in any suitable institution which shall provide. depending upon the nature of the work proposed to be undertaken by the awardee. Saha Distinguished Professor. If necessary.N. SAHA DISTINGUISHED FELLOWSHIP (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) The M.N. The Fellow would be paid Rs.000/= per annum will be paid as contingent expenses which may be suitably increased by the Council. This will be supported by resources from NASI. necessary working facilities. of India rules. 80. a telephone and assistance of a stenographer may be availed of out of the contingency grant. as far as possible. Saha Distinguished Fellowship will be awarded to an Indian Scientist for most distinguished contribution to Science.000/.m.Rules & Regulations 57 REGULATIONS FOR M. 2. of India rules.

Hari Narain Late Prof.PAST PRESIDENTS Late Prof. Kasturirangan 58 1931-1932 1933-1934 1935-1936 1937-1938 1939-1940 1941 1941-1942 1943-1944 1945-1946 1947-1948 1949-1950 1951-1952 1953-1954 1955-1956 1957-1958 1959-1960 1961-1962 1963-1964 1965 1966-1967 1968 1969-1970 1971-1972 1973-1974 1975-1976 1977-1978 1979-1980 1981-1982 1983-1984 1985-1986 1987-1988 1989-1990 1991-1992 1993-1994 1995-1996 1997-1998 1999-2000 2001-2002 2003-2004 2005-2006 2007-2008 2009-2010 2011-2012 2013-2014 . B. B. P. P. A. Ranjan Late Prof. Jai Pal Mittal Prof.C.Z. Bahl Late Prof.P. S. Nag Chaudhuri Late Dr.N. Saksena Late Dr. S. Tandon Dr. Srivastava Dr (Mrs) Manju Sharma Prof. Sharma Dr. Dhar Late Prof. A. Banerjee Late Dr. S.P.R. M. A. S. Srivastava Late Prof. S.N.K.R. Qasim Late Dr. U. S. P. Joshi Prof. Krishnan Late Prof. K. Sulaiman Late Prof. Kamboj Prof. Randhawa Late Prof. Sharma Prof. K.P.S. Dhar Late Dr. Zaheer Late Prof. V.D. B.S.K. P. M. Mitra Late Prof. V. Asis Datta Prof. R.N. Gill Late Dr. Bhattacharya Late Prof. N. M. B.L. A. Ashok Misra Prof.K.S.C. P. K. Ghosh Late Prof.G. Saha (Founder President) Late Prof. T. D. K. M. Parija Late Prof. Swaminathan Late Dr. Menon Prof. Banerji Late Prof. B. Chatterji Late Dr.S.M.N.R. Sahni Late Dr. Sahni Late Prof. R. M. Maheshwari Late Dr. H. Prasad Late Prof.N.K. Tandon Late Prof.L. Erwin Schrodinger Late Prof. Mehra Late Prof.H.N. Khoshoo Prof. Ramchandra Rao Prof.S.

Shri Ranjan Late Dr.K.P. Mathur 1944 Late Prof. Banerjee 1962 Late Dr. V. R. Puri 59 . Ram Behari 1951 Late Dr. Tandon Late Dr.P. R. A.L. A. A.S. Dhar 1965 Late Prof. P.S.L. Basu 1956 Late Prof. Tandon Late Dr. Birbal Sahni 1949 Late Dr. Tandon Late Prof. B. MacMohan Late Prof.M. R. D. Tandon Late Dr. P.C. A. Saxena Late Prof. Saxena Late Prof. Chatterji 1968 Late Prof.PAST GENERAL SECRETARIES 1931 Late Prof. P. Chauhan 1966 Late Prof. Mathur 1961 Late Dr.MDL Srivastava Late Dr.S.S. A. Saxena Late Prof. Tandon Late Shri S. A. K. Srivastava Late Prof. Tandon Late Dr. Shri Ranjan Late Dr. Banerji 1933 Late Prof.S. R. S.K.P.S. R. S.S. Kothari 1940 Late Dr.L. Srivastava 1939 Late Dr.S. J. Mathur 1960 Late Dr. S. Kothari 1943 Late Prof. Chatterji 1969 Late Prof. Tandon Late Shri S. Banerji 1935 Late Dr. Saxena Late Prof.K. Sane Late Dr. B. Basu 1959 Late Dr. S.N. Basu 1958 Late Dr. K.K.L.C. Shri Ranjan Late Dr.K. S.K. Majumdar 1954 Late Prof. V. S. Majumdar 1955 Late Prof. Birbal Sahni 1946 Late Dr.S.L.K. Kothari 1941 Late Dr. L.C.C. K. Mathur 1945 Late Dr.M. R. R. Srivastava Late Prof. Saxena Late Prof. M. Birbal Sahni 1948 Late Dr. R. P.M. Sane Late Dr.N. P. Srivastava 1936 Late Dr.N.L.N. D. MacMohan Late Prof.MDL Srivastava Late Dr. S. Srivastava Late Prof. Chinoy 1970 Late Prof. Saxena Late Dr.P.L. R. S.P. S.C. Shri Ranjan Late Dr. Puri 1972 Late Prof.S. Chauhan 1967 Late Prof. P.MDL Srivastava Late Dr. R.C. S.P. Birbal Sahni 1947 Late Dr. L. P. R. Srivastava Late Prof.L. Banerji 1932 Late Prof.L.J. Ghosh Late Prof. Ram Behari 1953 Late Dr. D. P.MDL Srivastava Prof.G. R.M. Banerji 1934 Late Prof. Banerjee 1963 Late Dr. K. K. Basu 1957 Late Dr. P. Puri 1971 Late Prof. MacMohan Late Prof. Ghosh Late Shri S.C. Jhingran 1964 Late Prof. K. Krishnan Late Prof.N. Ghosh Late Shri S. Sane Late Dr. D. Kothari 1942 Late Dr. Srivastava 1938 Late Dr. Krishnan Late Prof. MacMohan Late Prof. P. A. Saxena Late Prof.C. Tandon Late Dr. Srivastava 1937 Late Dr.N.MDL Srivastava Late Prof. Ram Behari 1950 Late Dr. Sane Late Dr.K. R. Saxena Late Prof. P. R.S.S. S. P. V. Ram Behari 1952 Late Dr.

J.P. Mehrotra 1986 Late Prof. P. Gupta Dr.C.T. Mehrotra 1988 Late Prof. H.N. (Mrs.P.S. Khare Late Sri Maheshwar Dayal 1984 Late Prof. Tyagi 2007 Prof. P. J. Kamboj 1999 Prof. P. Basu 1994 Dr.P.U. Kushwaha 1974 Late Prof. Mehrotra 1987 Late Prof. Narasimhan 1981 Late Prof.S. Krishnaji Prof. Khurana 2014 Prof.K.P.C. Tyagi 2008 Prof. Khurana 2013 Prof. Akhilesh K. Khare Late Sri Maheshwar Dayal 1982 Late Prof. U. (Mrs.P.C. Mehrotra 1985 Late Prof. Om Prasad Prof. Narasimhan 1980 Late Prof. Khare Dr.1999) Dr.K.C. Seth Prof. Khare (Till 7th Feb.T. U. Pramod Tandon 2006 Prof.N. Krishnaji Prof. J. Basu 1996 Dr.K. Khurana 2011 Prof. Kamboj 2000 Late Prof.U. (Mrs) Manju Sharma 1990 Late Prof. Kushwaha 1975 Late Prof.S.T.C. Seth Prof. H.S. P.U. Khare Dr. Khare Prof. K. Krishnaji Prof.R. Sandip K. Khare Dr. P. H. Khare Late Dr. Kushwaha 1976 Late Prof. H. H. Khare (From 1st Feb.N. Seth Prof. (Mrs. Khare Dr. K.) Krishna Misra Prof. V. Basu 1997 Prof.C. Srivastava Dr.60 1973 Late Prof. (Mrs. H. H. Sandip K. (Mrs. Gupta (Till 31st Jan. (Mrs) Manju Sharma 1989 Late Prof. Tyagi 2009 Prof. Srivastava Late Prof. Tyagi 2010 Prof. V.2004) Prof. Srivastava Late Prof.) Veena Tandon .C.R.S.) Krishna Misra Prof.C. U.S. U. Alok K. Kamboj (From 7th Feb. H.K.S. J. Narasimhan 1978 Late Prof. Khare Dr. Seth Prof. Srivastava Prof.P.) Krishna Misra Prof. Akhilesh K.C. Khare Prof.C. H. (Mrs) Manju Sharma 1991 Late Prof. Kushwaha 1977 Late Prof. P. H.R. Akhilesh K.P.T. V. Alok K. Kamboj 1998 Prof. Pramod Tandon 2002 Late Prof.P. Pramod Tandon 2003 Late Prof. Sandip K. Pramod Tandon 2005 Prof. K.C.R.S. Krishnaji Prof. P.C. V. P. Alok K. Kamboj 2001 Late Prof. Sandip K. Srivastava Late Dr. Om Prasad Prof.U. H.S. Srivastava Late Dr. Srivastava Late Prof. (Mrs. 1999) Late Prof. K. Srivastava Late Dr.C. V.C. (Mrs) Manju Sharma 1992 Late Prof.S. Gupta Dr.) Krishna Misra Prof.S.P. Khare Late Sri Maheshwar Dayal 1983 Late Prof.) Krishna Misra Prof. H. Khurana 2012 Prof.S. Om Prasad Prof. H. Srivastava Late Prof. Om Prasad Prof. Khare Prof.N. U.C. Narasimhan 1979 Late Prof. H.2004) Dr. Basu Year Book 2015 1995 Dr. Akhilesh K. (Mrs) Manju Sharma 1993 Dr. Pramod Tandon 2004 Late Prof.

Chandra Late Prof. Feb. Nikhil Tandon Prof. Jan. D. Jan.OTHER OFFICERS OF THE ACADEMY (From January 1. Dec. Dec. Jan. P.C. U. Mehrotra Dr. Jan. Dhawan Dr. Feb. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Kamboj Prof. Srivastava Prof. Jan.M. B. Tandon Prof. D. Dec. Dec. Dec. Mani Prof. P. Feb. Dec. Maheshwar Dayal Late Prof. Jan. Jayanta K. Jan. S. Srivastava Prof. C. Bhargava Late Prof. Dec. Singal Late Prof. Ashok Misra Prof. Jan. 1981) Vice-Presidents Late Prof.K. Dec. Sneh Bhargava Prof.K.P. Dec. Jan. P. R. H.(Mrs) Manju Sharma Prof. Jan. U. Dec. Dec. Khanuja Dr. Dec.N. Dec. Jan. Jan. Dec. M. P. Narasimhan Prof.B. Jan. M. Jan. Jan. V. P. Dec. Khetrapal Prof. Dec. Sandip K.K. Anil Kumar Prof. Dec. Bhattacharjee Tenure of Office 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 61 Jan. Sopory Prof.K. Dec. 1981 1981 1983 1983 1985 1985 1987 1987 1989 1989 1991 1991 1993 1993 1995 1995 1997 1997 1999 1999 2001 2001 2003 2003 2005 2005 2007 2007 2009 2009 2011 2011 2013 2013 2015 2015 - 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 10 10 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 Dec. Suresh Chandra Prof. Jan.N. Jan.S. Khare Late Dr. Vijayan Prof. Amitava Raychaudhuri Dr. Jan.B.L. Dec. Asis Datta Prof. Jan. Feb.S. Dec. Dec. Dec. Chandra Late Prof. Seth Prof. H. Seth Prof. Jan. P.T. Basu Prof.P. Jan. Jan. Jan. Sushanta Dattagupta Prof. Srivastava Late Prof. Dec. Jan. Dec. S. Amit Ghosh Dr. Avadhesha Surolia Prof. Jan. 1982 1982 1984 1984 1986 1986 1988 1988 1990 1990 1993 1993 1994 1994 1996 1996 1998 1998 2000 2000 2002 2002 2004 2004 2006 2006 2008 2008 2010 2010 2012 2012 2014 2014 . Jan. Dec. Dec. Jan. Alok K. Dec. Jan.C. Jan. Dec.N.S. Jan. Jan.S. Gupta Dr. Krishnaji Prof. Dec.

Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath 1 Prof. Dhar 1 Late Prof. Pramod Tandon 1 Prof. Srivastava Prof. Balram Bhargava 1 Prof. Jan. Krishnaji Late Prof. Khare 1 Dr. 2007 Sept.P. Jan. Jan.P. Tandon Prof. Jagannathan 1 Jan. N. Srivastava 1 Dr.(Miss) Dipika Kaul 1 Prof. Chandra 1 Late Prof. Chandrika Prasad Late Prof. Jan. Dec. Jan. Jan. U.C. S. H. CBL Srivastava Prof. 1983 May. V. Alok K. 1981 1984 1987 1992 1996 2000 2003 2006 2008 2012 - 31 31 31 31 31 15 31 Dec.L. Dec. Jan. M. 1981 1983 1984 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 - 31 31 31 31 31 10 31 31 26 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 Foreign Secretaries Dec. Jan.B. Jan. Dec. Srivastava Prof. Dec. C. Paramjit Khurana 1 Prof. Feb. Sharma 27 Prof. 1987 Jan.E. H. Dec.) Veena Tandon 1 Prof. D. N. Nigam Late Prof. Dec. Khare Late Prof. Dec. June July Jan. Dec. 1982 1983 1986 1988 1990 1993 1994 1996 1997 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 . Dec. Krishnaji 1 Late Prof. Dec. Jan. Dec. Srivastava 1 Dr. 2011 Late Prof. Om Prasad 1 Dr. S. Hasnain 1 Prof.B.L.C. 1999 June 2003 Dec. Jan.L. Dec. July Jan.B.P. Jai Pal Mittal 1 Prof. June Feb. Jan. Dec. Dec. Gupta 11 Prof.R.R. 1992 Dec. M. Jan.L. Jan. 1995 Dec. Jan. H. Kasturi Datta 1 Dr. Feb. Jan. Satya Deo 1 1 1 1 1 1 18 2 1 1 Jan. C. July Dec. Jan. Jan. Tandon Prof.62 Year Book 2015 Treasurers Prof. (Mrs. Jan. 2006 31 Dec.C.

E. U. Lucknow. K. C.M. MSc(Alld. J.D.E. Ch. 12. B. Agra..S. M. Prof.(Lond. N.D.(London).(Cal. Lucknow University.Professor of Mathematics. Prof. H. B..E. M. Professor of Physics.B.C.L. M.J. Agra.. Professor of Mathematics. Lucknow University. F.Sc.). K.) 4.I. Professor of Geology.Sc.. R. King. 13. 11.. Prof. 16. Meteorologist. F. 3.P. 5.. D. ARCSc.(Hons.S. Prof.. K. Mr. Luxmi Narayan. G. Prof.D. Lond. F. Banerji. 9.Sc. B.Sc.Sc. Mitter.I. N. Mr.). M. Bhattacharya. Sc.B. 19. 14.). Dhar. Professor of Botany.D. I.)..Chatterjee.(Paris). Mathur.(Gottingen). Sethi.C. F.(Cantab.(Alld. A.C.M. Allahabad.(Hons. P..(Cantab.Sc. G. F. Mr. (Present Address . Prof.Sc. A.Sc. D. Prof.A. Professor of Chemistry. Meghnad Saha. Economic Botanist to the Government. (Manchester). F. D.Sc. MIME.). Dr.(Punjab). Muslim University. D.S. Scholar. Allahabad. Prof. Professor of Physics.(Oxon.M. Varanasi.(Eng.I. Ph.).C.. 8.S.H.).).. Allahabad University. PhD(Dublin).. Director of Agriculture.E. Agra College. Professor of Mathematics. Upper Air Observatory.. Lucknow.A. Prof.R. Andre Weil.. P. Docteur es Science (Paris).R.(Cantab.. Prof.).(Hons.C.. Varanasi. Lucknow University. Prof. D.. Reader in Mathematics.). 17.Engineering College. Cawnpore.R.). Cawnpore. Lucknow.N. United Provinces. D. Cawnpore.E. Mr. Prof.(Punjab).A. P. Harcourt Butler Technological Institute. Professor of Chemistry.S. A. Clarke. 10. 6. Lucknow University.H.. Ph. Principal. Allahabad University. Lucknow University.Sc.A. United Provinces.Sc.Sc. M. Allahabad University.. Prof.).MRAS(Lond. D.R. Professor of Zoology.S. Professor of Botany.A.E. 15.). Sahni.(Lond. Aligarh.D.).A..). BHU. FRS. Professor of Zoology.(Agri.E.I. C.Sc.Sc. A. D. Prof.FOUNDER FELLOWS 1. United Provinces.R.S.S. Allahabad University.Phil.Lond. I. M.A.. Lucknow.Sc.Edin. F.. Bahl.. Allahabad. Institute of Advance Study. Chem.C.(Cal. M. Princeton. B. Richards.Inst.D. Professor of Botany. Oxon.M.. Principal. Allahabad University. Allahabad..S. 18. Lucknow.R.(Cantab.).E.S. Lucknow. Allahabad. F. 7.R. Eng. A.).Sc. 2. F. Ph.S.. Banaras Hindu University. Mehta.. 63 . Drane.S. Docter es Sciences (Paris). B. MacMahon. Wali Mohammad.I.Sc.S. Entomologist to the Government. I.K. Ph.B. M.

Tel. London. Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha). Tel. HRD. Sp.400021. Res. Fax: 962-1344. Nariman Point. S&T and DOD. Chairman & Managing Director. Res. (R)-Residence. Pune . Chairman. Hyderabad 500020. USA. (040) 27615148(R). Murli Manohar (b. University of North Carolina.)(R). Res. Email : lgilbert@unc. (0532) 2465008. Allahabad . New Delhi . GOWARIKER.D.HONORARY FELLOWS Year of Election 2010 2013 1980 1985 1980 2000 Name. Designation and Address AMBANI. Email : mukesh. 211. New Delhi. RTC Cross Rds.gowariker@gmail.D.(020) 25678759. Tel. Shivaji Nagar. Hyderabad . and 6.. (1) (919) 966-2055(O). 93/A2-3. Chapel Hill. Rambaug Colony. FASc. 'Angiras' 9/10-A.Phil. North Carolina 217599-3280.L.Sc. (011) 23718444. Pune University and Formerly Secretary.Delhi)(R). 09246886442 (M). encyclo pediaoffice@gmail. I-101. Pune-411038. Email : murli@sansad. 2466860 (Alld. Reliance Industries Limited. Union Govt. mahtabbamji@yahoo. Anukul Chandra Banerjee Road. Email : msbamji@gmail. 1934) Ph.411016. 25425743(R). JOSHI. 64 . Raisina Road. PAC & formerly Cabinet Minister for Home Affairs. INSA Honorary Scientist. CB 3280.110001. DSc(hc). 1105 Phils Creek Road.Chemical Engineering/ Rocket & Popellant Technology/ Polymer Science. Maker Chambers . Res-Residence. Sp. The Encyclopedia Office. Vasant Ranchhod ( Chief Director. Professor of Biology. Lawrence Irwin (b. 25675126(O). Vanaraji Heights. (b. HARRISON. nic.. Sp-Specialization. Biochemistry/Nutrition. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. Chapel Hill. Email : vasant. Res. (022) 22785000(O). 1929) Ph. Mahtab S.Delhi).D.500020. J. Department of Physics. Tel-Telephone. Formerly Professor & Head. DST. Near MIT College. Hon. Sp. ISRO. Mukesh. Paud Road. FNAAS. 23711144 (N. Off Senapati Bapat Road. Mumbai . Insect Physiology/ Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology. Fax : 23711772 (N.. Abbreviations used : b-Born. 1934) M. Energy Adviser. 222. Overseas Development Administration.FNAE.IV. Kothrud. FNA. University of Allahabad. Spectroscopy. 1933) PhD (Birmingham). Biohydrocarbon Via Space Crude Project. William Rand Kenan BAMJI. 929-9969(R). D. Tel. (O)-Office. USA. FAMS. North Carolina 27516.ambani@ril. of India. Dangoria Charitable Trust. 2 Mukta Tagore Nagar. GILBERT. Sri Dattasai 25423244.

Arts & Sc. David (b.110016. C-178.Email: zqasim@hotmail. USA 08855. A. FNAAS. UK. Council : Website: www:http://members. Tel. MN Saha Memorial Lecture Award-NASI (1993). 208 Hampshire Court. Professor of Microbiology & Associate Vice President. Chancellor.87-88 P. 1923) Ph. Super Delux Flats. Noida201301. 09811291556(M). Council : Pres. The State University of New Jersey. 1925) Ph.Pres. Fax : 43875(R). Oceanography. A-15. New Brunswick. 24337626(R). Robert L.DSc(hc). 85.D.97-98. New Jersey. (011) 26511454(O). Adviser. (44-1223) 339198. 91. Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar (b. F. FASc. FNA. Epidemiology of Plant Diseases/ Tropical Plant Diseases.Honorary Fellows 1980 1980 1978 1975 1984 1978 1980 1981 65 KRANZ. Karl (b. Tel. Efax (011) 46078340(O). Res.110017. 1928) PhD. New Delhi 110024. Email : Physics/Electronics/Information Technology. A-2 (Basement). Tel. FTWAS. PULLMAN. FTWAS.15A.Pres. FASc. Sector . Award : Prof. DSc(Wales). Cook College. Am. Defence Paris (France). 908-4633866(R).(Columbia). Cambridge CB3 9AN. LEWIS. Formerly Chairman. QASIM. 908-445-2863(O).Starkey Professor of Microbiology & Professor of Entomology.Acad. USA. Centre for Ocean and Environmental Studies (COES). Res. Res. Germany. JNU. (0641) 492836.tripod. 1915) Ph. Res. Inv. Department of Space. Govt. 1926) PhD. Syed Zahoor (b. Robinson College. Email: mgkmenon @nic. USA 08854. Jurgen (b. DSc(hc). FNYAS. Microbial Ecology/Research Administration. Formerly Warden. New Delhi . Sp. FNA. National Research Council. Rehschneise 75. Tel. Foreign Assoc. 86 PRAMER. Sp. of Phytopathology & Appl. 1926) PhD. Justus-Liebig-Universitat. New Delhi . FNA.D. New Delhi. Planning Commission. 1928) PhD (Bristol). USA. FNA. 377 Hoes Lane. DSc(hc). 2003-06 PAL. 86-88 . 11B. Sp.914-725-3336(R).(Rutgers). Sp. Dept. NEHU. Sarvodaya Enclave.FNAE. Yash (b. Office of Corporate Liaison. 26966096(R). Member Pontifical Academy of Sciences.D. Spl. New Jersey. Grange Road.rutgers. Piscataway. Virology/ Plant Pathology/Cell Culture/ Parasitology. Rutgers University. New Delhi . Sp. of Entomology.95-96. Dept. 35394 Giessen. Tel.. Formerly Member (Science). 89-90. FESA.848-932-9459(O). Hauz Chancellor. Scarsdale New York 10583. Formerly Professor. First Floor. 99-2002 Mem. Res. East of Kailash. Tel. Tel. Inorganic Chemistry/ Environment. Sp.110065. FRS. National Research Professor. ISI FNASI. President. 90 Mem. 83-84 P. UGC.pal@gmail. Entomology. Email : maramors @rci. Lord of Newnham (b. Office: K-5 (Rear). Shillong. DSc(hc). (0120) 2512075(R). Piscataway. FASc.Sp. Email: palyash.. Quantum Biochemist & Director of Research. Foreign Member. Council : Mem. Indian Space Research Organisation. Res. Fax : 4316514. High Energy Physics/Communication/ Education. of India. Chairman. Fax: 26510825. 17 Black Birch Lane.R.110067.. NJ 08901.Rutgers.

Acad. 24345312(R). B. Monkombu Sambasivan (b. Mem. 1925) Ph. edu. Behind Akbarally. Bangalore. JNCASR. R.. FNA. Manila. FTWAS. FNAE. 2/3. DG. MP(Rajya Sabha). D. Chennai . Sci. Award: Dr. CSIR.S.India (1991). Chennai .600018.. Sp.utexas. SWAMINATHAN. Chairman.D. Kothari Research Professor. FASc.560 001. Chembur. FASc.res. Philippines. of India. Tel. Academie Internationale de Philosophi des Sciences. Dhar Memorial Lecture Award . 12216 Antoinette Place Austin.utexas. Matunga.Sc. Jaswant Baug (Runwal Park). Chairman & Managing Director.Email:swami@mssrf. Arcot (b.400001. Man Mohan (b. Res. Email: profmm sharma@gmail. D.New Delhi. 834-1722(R). DSc(hc). Bombay House. Sp. Brahmaputra. DSc(Eng). FNA. (011) New Delhi – 110001. FNA. 25296876(R). 1937) PhD. Thermal Engineering & Heat Transfer. Mumbai-400019. N. Institute of Chemical 1923) PhD(Purdue). Homi Mody Street.Pres. UNESCO Professor in Ecotechnology. DSc(hc). Swaminathan Research Foundation. 89-90 P. Email : arcotsusila@gmail. Res. AcSIR Academy Sp. B. Rathna Nagar. Ratan N. Tel. Mumbai . Emeritus Professor of Eminence and formerly Professor of Chemical Engineering & Director. Taramani. Res. 3rd Cross Street. Mumbai . (Cambridge). Department of Science & Technology. Email: sudarshan@utaphy. Pal Memorial Lecture Award-Nat. Sp. Mem. Council : Pres. FNA. FRS. 22541698(O).com. 24. USA.400071. Chairman. FRS.mssrf. Delhi-Tel. Fax: 22541319. LLD. Tel. Website: www. Particles/Quantized Fields/ Dynamics Foundations. Dr.(Massachusetts). National Commission on Farmers. INTL Rice Research Institute.Cytogenetics/Sustainable Agriculture/ Ecoconservation. Tel. USA.600113. Formerly Director General. European Academy of Science and Letters. Award : Prof.NASI (1999). 22541229. 91 TATA.sudarshan@physics. Tel. TERI. (+1-512) 4715229(O). High Grounds.P. Secretary. Department of Physics. 1931) PhD (Rochester).66 1977 1986 1977 1975 2010 Year Book 2015 RAMACHANDRAN. TX 78727. Mass Transfer with Chemical Reaction/Separation Technology/ Catalysis with Ion Exchange Resins. FNAAS. (022) 66658282(O) . Marg. Formerly Under Secretary General. Res. Tata Sons. DrIng(hc).edu. FTWAS. SHARMA. TX 78712. FTWAS. 21. Fax : 8348441. (022) 25291539. (080) 22255780(R). DSc(hc). Texas University. FASc. 3 Crescent Road. SUDARSHAN. Govt.Sc. 23766897. Teynampet. Austin.D. Delhi Address : 503. UN Ctr for Human Settlements (Habitat). Ennackal Chandy George (b. M. (044) 22542790. FASc.

D. (CSIR). Email : varadr@ gmail. Hon.Honorary Fellows 1982 1998 1980 1992 67 VARADARAJAN.L. 23230828(O). . Srinivasan (b. +41-1633-2473(O). (b. 1928) Ph. Professor of Biophysics. Sp. (011) 23221932-50. Fellow.). Paul. Molecular Genetics. Sp. Fax : 633-1151.D. 1928) Ph. (516) 367-8311. Cold Spring Harbor. 4A Giridhar Apartments.(h. Sp. Website: www. New York . 830-1059(R). St. Dept.c.. Roy D.Diseases of Cereals. Chancellor Emeritus. kurt.Tel.ethz. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. of Plant Pathology. 1926) Ph. Res. ch. DSc(hc).).biol. Chief Consultant.nic.c. esoffice@insa. Upper Buford Circle. 28. (b.Edinburg. Tel. 612-625-3764. FNA. Organic and Biological Chemistry and Technology. FNAE. The Royal Soc.Sc. Res. Kurt (b. CH-8304 Wallisellen. 495. Cantab)..D. Minnesota-55108.G. Sp.biol.. 23712512. UK. Structural Biology/Structural Genomics/Biochemistry. James D.647-0653.(h.L. FTWAS. Fax: 367-8480. Govt. 1491 Raymond Ave. FNA. Tel. DST. University of Minnesota. ETH Zurich CH-8093 Zurich. 23713137(R). The Royal Soc. DChem (hc). Borlaug Hall. 1938) PhD. D. FASc... Switzerland. Planning Commission of India and D.11724.(Delhi.mol. Secretary. Fax: 23231095. Email: wuthrich@ mol. N.ethz. One Bungtown Road.Chem. USA. Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics. of India.biol. St. New Delhi-110001. Website: cshl. Firoz Shah Road. Fliederstrasse 7.. Switzerland. WILCOXSON.. Minnesota-55108. .1991. N. INSA Platinum Jubilee Professor.UK.

D. Email: pwa@princeton. 68 . Am Acad Microbiology. Hopeweil NJ 08544.DC. Tel... USA 94158-2517. Science Magazine. Arlington. (301)496-2495. Am. 74 Aunt Molly Road. Sp. Ph. (001-415) ARVIND (b.Philos. Sp. +1 781 646 1142(R). +1 617 253 6090(O). 4 Quail Run. Accad. Rice University. FAAAS. MA 02476. National Academy of Sciences. Sp. Joseph Henry Professor Emeritus. USA. 32 Vassar Street. +1 617 901 0641(M). Email : bruce. Philip Warren (b. FNA. CA. Res. Hon. USA. DBS. Former President. ANDERSON. Editor-in-Chief.D. Cambridge.Lincei (Italy). Texas 77005. MD 20892-4255. Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Department. Email : arvind@mit.D. Engineering Sciences. 19807. 6100 Main Street. FIEEE. 34 Lombard Road. Sp. Greenville. NAS (USA). Plant & Microbial Biology.. Houston. 713 348 5904(O). U. Fax : (1) 609 258 1006. Lab of Molecular Biology. USA. USA. Email: ajayan@rice. Tel..D.nih. Bldg. Ph. USA. Johnson Professor of Computer Science & Engineering. NAS(US).Sc. 19898. Physics. Central Research & Development Dept. Email:sadhya@helix.alberts@ucsf. Princeton University.). USA.E. Soc. Russian Acad. PhD.. Pulickel M. Genentech Hall N312. Rm.D.. Member NAE(USA). 203 Pacific Street. 518 248 0344(R). and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor of Engineering. of Health.D. FNA.. D. Charles Joel (b. 3027721103(O). Du Pont Experimental Station. UCSF MC 2200. ARNTZEN. Director of Research. MA 02139. Chief.George Washington University. Benjamin M. Sankar L.. 3026564689(R). 32-866 Stata Center. 1947) MS. 1941) Ph. 600-16th Street. (1) 609 258 5850. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.S. University of California. 402. Res. (b. 3149.E. Bruce Michael (b. (Lond. Professor Tel.FOREIGN FELLOWS Year of Election 1997 2011 1999 1990 1984 2014 Name. Developmental Genetics Section.. Fax:480-7387. Adjunct Professor.Sci.. USA. 1938) Ph. 1923) N. Royal Soc. Texas 77006.Tel. ALBERTS. AJAYAN. Res.(US). Sp. Wilmington. 1937) Ph.Sc.Washington. Designation and Address ADHYA. Computer Architectures/Programming Languages and Compilers/Hardware Design and Tools. Tel. Photosynthesis/ Plant Molecular Biology. (1) 609 466 1497.L. Email : charles. Bethesda. San Francisco. Tel. National Instt. Biochemistry. Houston. Former United States Science Envoy. National Cancer Instt. San Francisco. Member AAAS(USA).edu.

Professor. Hungarian Acad.(Chicago). Professor Sir Alan. Email: bhargava@math. Sp. USA.. Penn State. Web : www. Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics. Birendra (b. USA. ++33145204845. PA 16801. BAKER. BECKER.Dr. com. Email: tbecker@nih. Manjul Ph. 363799(R). ++33687842831. Mathematics.Baker@dpmms.. Tel. Email : balkanski. Davey. University of Cambridge and Fellow. of Biology. FNA. Alan (b. Downing Street. (+44) 1223 339 386(O). BEACHY. U. Cedar Rapids. Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)/Displays . USA. 1925) Biosynthesis of Natural Products especially Tetrapyrroles. France.. USA. (b. Trinity College. CB2 1EW. Louis.K. 1-301-496-1024(O).ac. UK. Scientist Emeritus. BATTERSBY. 1927) Ph. 1939) Ph. Tel. Sp. Bethesda. IA 52498. Louis.(Princeton). Regius Professor of Botany & Head.FRS..D. Norwich NR2 3HY. Genetics/Plant Pathology. Dept. Fax : (814) 863-9608...D. Princeton University. Roger N.. NAS(USA).. Missouri. 1944) Ph.D. Sp.D. 400 Collins Road Ne Cedar Rapids. Res. cam. D. cam. University of Cambridge. Missouri and Professor. David C. IA 52402. Tel. Email : bbahadur@rockwellcollins. Caernarvon Road. 863-9605(O). Director and Eberly Professor of Physics. Res. UK. Department of Plant Sciences. Professor of Physics Emeritus.FRS. Spectroscopy/Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. University Park. USA. . 1949) Ph. Res. NJ 08544. Sp. Tel. Ph. St. State College. Fax: 336362.1949) Ph. 935-71st Street Ne. 63.K. 2 Avenue de Camoens 75116. 20 Barrow Road. CB2 3EA. Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology/ Virology. Fax: 295-4068(D). Tel. Display Center. 104. Rockwell Collins Inc. CB2 8AS.D.Sc.FNA. Cambridge. BAULCOMBE. Abhay Vasant ( USA.. Sp.D.D. Tel. Sp. National Institutes of Health. CB2 Fax: 122 3333 953. Res. D.1930).D. MS:-106-191. Email : A. (814) 8678406(R). Inverary Hon. Institute for Gravitation & The Cosmos. President & Director. BALKANSKI.).uk. Email: rbeachy@wustl. Cambridge. USA. (319) 295-9251(O). Paris. Washington University. Alan Rushton (b. Sc. Principal Engineer. Email : ashtekar@phys.. 1309. Solid State Physics. Lensfield Road. Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre. of Mathematics. (44-1223) 338400(O). Ph. University Chemical Laboratory. BAHADUR. Minko (b. Mem. 1-703-757-0519(R).princeton. 975 North Warson Road. psu. Res. Sp..Foreign Fellows 1997 1998 1993 1985 1990 2011 2008 1991 2009 69 ASHTEKAR. Email : arb1005@cam. PA 168026300. Edwin. Maryland-20892-0520.minko@gmail. Princeton.. (814) 863-9601.Sc. com.All Others/Liquid Crystals.D. 2948891(R). U. Sc. General Relativity/Quantum Theory/ Geometry. (b. (0223) 336400(O).edu. Email: dcb40@cam.. Cambridge. BHARGAVA. Sp. Sp. (630)-834-4388(R). Tel. Engineering & Health. Fax: 3442-0250. 18 AV. ox. Oslo .) Gro Harlem Stortinget. BOGGS. Distinguished University Physical.1. Liberty Park Drive. 852-34422175(O). FMedSci.. Professor Emeritus. Professor of Neuroscience & Philosophy. 16. cazenave@issibern.. Tel. 44(0) 20 78628689(O).Sc.Phil.S.. Malet Street. (h. IL60612. Hon. Anny (b. Res. Email : ananda. .edu. Suresh Kumar (b. James E. Tel. Hong Kong. 417142761(M). Sp. (312)-9964586(O).S. London WC1E 7HU. Cambridge CB2 3QZ. 31320 Fax: 471-8696. 31401 Toulouse. Jedem Close. Texas.Sc.A. University of Cambridge. Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy.. (b. 320. 1938) Ph. Tat Chee Avenue. FRS. CHEETHAM.boggs@mail. Email: colin.A. Edouard Belin. Department of Mathematics. Department of Microbiology & Immunology. FTSE. FRACI.. MA. (Mrs. Numerical Analysis/Mathematical Elasticity/Plates and Shells/Applied Differential Geometry.D. GPO Box 2476. Organic. Neuroscience/ Developmental Biology/ Physiology.). University of Illinois College of Medicine. 1-512-466-9145(O). Austin. 99252330(O). +61 3 99253365. Institute of Philosophy.. Villa Park.obs-mip.. Sc. (b. Email : Sp. FNAE. Texas 78746. Applied Chemistry. Sp. Philippe G. Department of Chemistry. utexas. Email : suresh.). Fax : 1223-334567. Chakrabarty@uic. Tel. colin.. France. City University of Hong Kong.A. FRS. Sp. Tel. 83. D. ac. Victoria 3001. 835 South Wolcott Avenue. Email : james. FAPAS. Senior Scientist at LEGOSCNES.70 2014 2008 1981 1990 2008 1990 1998 2001 Year Book 2015 BHARGAVA. cazenave@legos. D.blakemore@sas. Austin. U.Sc. Melbourne. Email : Australia.. Geosciences. FRSC. D. Fax : 20 78628639. 1-512-4669145(R). Chair Professor. Ananda Mohan (b. IL 60181. College of Science. BRUNTDLAND.D. 4 Chemin du Chatcau d' 1938) Ph.. View Bank. Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (International). U.blakemore@ndcn.D.Molecular Biology/Microbiology. 206. 1953) Ph. Apt. RMIT University. U. U. CIARLET. Sp. 1944) Ph. Tel. Victoria 3084. BLAKEMORE. Earth Sciences : Oceanography. Pembroke Street. Fax : 99253747. Julia Drive. 1921) Ph. Fax: 996-6415.1944) BA.S.bhargava@ rmit. (+44) 1223-767061(O).D. Kowloon. Anthony Kevin (b. (Oxon. Chicago.D. Res. 1034. University of London.c. Res.. 33-561 332922(O). Fax : 253205. 818901(R). 94358020(R). 1946) D.Sc. 7802291059(M). Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. CHAKRABARTY. Res. Email: mapgc@ cityu. France. Colin (Brian) (b. The University of Texas. School of Advanced Study.D. Chemistry of Materials. Environment. Professor of Materials Science. Tel.

Radlett. Sp. CauerstraBe. Mohamed Jamal (b.ensfr/%7 eclaude%20cohen-tannoudji/cct. Claude Nessim (b. MA 02139. ON L9H 6J5. FCAE. 3A Loom Lane. Gururaj (b.... EichenstraBe 12. University of Karlsruhe. Fax: 1-617-253-6827. Sp. Website : http://www.D.K. Sycamore Networks. John (b. Tel. Statistics. Email : davison@versailles. Institute Professor of Electrical Engineering & Phy. 44-1865-278-690.c. 1941) PhD(Edinburgh. Tel. FNA. Professeur au College de France. FUCL. Sir William Ramsay Professor.. 1935) CNZM.(Chicago). Director of FMP Technology GMBH. Sp. 9133-5740(R). INRA. USA. 0033(O) 147077783(O). Nuffield College. Hon. Sp. Fluid flow measuring techniques with emphasis on laser Doppler and phase Doppler anemometry/Numerical fluid mechanics with emphasis on method developments/Turbulence with emphasis on anisotropic turbulence/Coating and drying. 20 Gordon Street. (Lissabon.mcmaster. Canada. Fax: 9131-932-868299.. Fax: 278-621. France. 38 rue des Cordelieres. DAVISON. 1940) Ph. .cohentannoudji@lkb.h. 27137(O). Am Weichselgarten 34.Sc. Email : f. David (b. Website : Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. FAAAS. route de saint Cyr. Cedex 05. 75013. Fax : 523 1950) ME(New Brunswick). Hamilton.. Chelmsford. Herts.durst@fmp-technology. Laboratoire Kastler Brossel. France. 1955) Ph.D. 1930) Ph. 0049-9131-932-868-300. Res. FRSC. FRS. D. Cambridge.htm. Germany. (b. Honorary Fellow. Professor. FIEEE.stats. FRI. FRSC. DEEN. FASc. McMaster University. U. Professor of Fluid Mechanics. Oxford OX1 1NE.htm.h. FRSNZ. 627 5403(R). +1 905 525 9140 Ext. 1924) Elizabeth Drive. mit.ox. UK). Email : millie@mgm. Department of Chemistry. Email : jamal@mcmaster.Sc. Res. 6. jamal@mail.D. Tel.1933) Ph.D. Germany. FRS. Nanoelectronics/Optoelectronics/ 1280 Main Street West. 91058 Erlangen. Transition Metal Chemistry/ Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy. Res. FAPS. 1617-253-6864(O). Germany. Franz Josef ( 76131 Karlsruhe. USA. Hon. Condensed Matter Physics. Head of Institute of Fluid Mechanics. KaiserstraBe 12. London WC1H 0AJ UK.( people/cox/index. D.Sc. Website : www. Canada. DESHPANDE. 91058 Erlangen.ece. Email : Res.inra. Lucknow & Sarajewo).(London). COX. Dundas. Fax : 44(0)20-7679-7463. ON L8S 4K1. 24 rue Lhomond 75231 Paris. Dr.fmptechnology. PhD (Queens). D.. Room 13-3005. UK. (b. Tel.c. Pimlico Drive.D. DURST.clark@ucl. Oxford. University College London. Email : r. France. Fax: 144323494.Foreign Fellows 2007 1998 1996 2014 2012 2000 2006 1999 71 CLARK. 78026 Versailles cedex.).D. Sp. Genetic Engineering. 91094 Langensendelbach..phys. Nuffield College. Germany.mult. Robin J. FRSA. Sp.. Mildred S. Atomic.ox. 4. (London). Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg. Professor. MIT. Ph. 77 Massachusetts Avenue. MA 01824. Molecular and Optical Physics. Email : claude. 44(0)20-7679-7457(O). COHEN-TANNOUDJI. Tel. H.

1933) Ph. Email : bsgill@ksu. Fax : (41) 44632-1257.. University Distinguished Professor.D. . 8093 Zurich..D. (41) 44-632-4368(O).riken. Res.uvsq. London. Japan.. Res. Ph. HAYAISHI.. (b. Featherston Drive. Fax: 7374031. Res.72 1990 2001 1983 1994 2006 1990 2006 2002 Year Book 2015 ERNST. Res. Saitama 351-0198. Email: joseph.FNAAS. Tel. 1933) Dr. 434-6648(R). 1197 Richmord USA. Institut Lavoisier. Genetics/ Biotechnology/Plant Protection. Japan. Japan. Tel. Email : ernst@nmr. Email: r-ford1@uiuc. 3905 Erin Cir. Industrial Biochemistry relevant to PostHarvest Technology. Email : pjfyfe@rogers. Universite de Versailles st Quentin. Joseph H. 1941) Ph. 1628.hulse. Kyoto 602-8014. Osaka 565-0874. Fax: 6-6872-4818.des Etats Unis F78035. France. USA.or. Director. 785-532-1391(O). Tokyo 180-0023. Fax: 737-3080. OR 97333-9311. 45. Manhattan. 1920) M. RIKEN Brain Science Institute. Sp.phys. K1H6P2. FNA. gferey@wanadoo. (41) 52-242-7807(R). Sp. 1927) Ph. Professor Osaka Bioscience Institute. Canada N6A5B7. Fax:48467-6975. Physiology/ Neuroscience/Motor Control. cicp@uiuc.1928) MD. 81-6-6872-4833(O).ch. Fax: 785-532-5692. Consortium for International Crop Protection. Ph. Japan. of Earth Sciences.Techn. N. Sp. Email: hayaishi@obi. Ontario. Richard Earl (b. FYFE. Versailles. Geochemistry/ Environmental Science. Switzerland. Gerard (b. ( Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Sp. 0661-3180(O).shida@ sympatico. Kageyukoji-cho. Plant Virology/Maize/Legume Viruses. 159-505. M.(California). Tel.. Musashino-shi. Oregon State University. Corvallis. 422-32-3652(R). Fax : 519661-3198. University of Western Ontario. Ontario. Dept.S. William Sefton (b. ITO.Sc. Canada.D. 75-417-2751(R). ETH-Zurich. 2-1. Professor. 4-17-22 Kyonancho. Department of Plant Pathology... 10 HCI D217. (b. Richard R. FEREY. Director (541) 737-5673(R). Wako-shi.. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/ Spectroscopy. Email: masao@brain.USA. Shimotachiuri-agaru. FNA. Muromachi-dori. GILL. Sp. HULSE. Ave. Wolfgang Pauli-Strasse. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/ Enzymology. 785-776-5962(R). Kansas State University. Email: ferey@chimie. 6-2-4 Furuedai Suita. Executive Director. +8148467-6984(O). Canada NGA3L3. 23899 Neuman Road.. Osamu (b. Kamigyo-ku. Corvallis OR 97331-2915. Sp. Tel. KS 66503.D. Sp. 1923) Distinguished Visiting Professor to Dr.D. Ottawa. 1943) Ph. Bikram S.. Hirosawa. Manhattan. Masao (b. 2040 Cordley Hall.Laboratorium fur Physikalische Chemie. Physical Chemistry of Solid and Material. Tel. chem. London. (+1) 6137374755(O). Tel. Res.Sc. Swaminathan Research Foundation. KS 66506.D.

JAUHAR. 701-237-4639(R). Faculty of Environmental KAILATH. Hiroshima 731-5193. Sp. U.Sc. JHANWAR.D. Sp. 10065. +8182-843-2801(R). US NAE. Japan. Fax: 4747568. New York.. Res. Canada R3T 2N2. U. JAYAS. Fax: +81-82-921-9444(O). 8885173(R). 2540637(R). Cancer Genetics/Molecular Biology/Genetic Medicine. Sp. Director. Bioorganic Chemistry/Biochemistry.R. Email : ivavt@mail.A. 2-1-1 Miyake. KAGEYAMA. USA. 1320406(R).D. Manresa Road. FRSC. Email : digvir. 49. 1937) Ph. Hitachi America Professor of Engineering. 1275 York Avenue. Sp. FNAAS. Fax: 3305692. Winnipeg. US NAS. Tel. Stanford University... Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. A. Department of Electrical Engineering. (b. University of Manitoba. North Dakota. Northern Crop Science Lab. Email: profkailath@ yahoo. Tel. 001-204-4749404(O). FAIC. 1-18-1 Magame. Email: s. 0044 7876030613(M-U.Sc.jauhar @ndsu.D. Asakitaku. Digvir Singh (b.4b@it-hiroshima. Japan. Apartment # 9-L. Emeritus. Tel. N. Secretary of the Division of Physico-Chemical Biology of Russian Academy of Sciences. 10065. Res. FCSSA. Emmanuel Kaye Building. Canada R3X 2G2. N. Sanpei (b. Thomas Sc. London SW36LR. KAKKAR. Research Geneticist. Vice President (Research & International) and Distinguished Professor. Tel. USA. Fargo. Suresh C. and Professor of Cytogenetics..K. 66 Chancellors .kageyama. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. Email : president@tri-london. 001-650-494-9401. (7-095) 3305638(O). Thrombosis Research Institute. USA. Department of Environmental Design. Plant Cytogenetics/Biotechnology/Plant Breeding.North Dakota 58104. Res. Tel. FRCS (Edinburgh).D. Winnipeg..Y. Moscow. New York.S. CA 94305-9510.K. (212) 6398895(O). Sp. 1949) Ph. Russia. For Mem RS. Fargo. Res. Saeki-ku. Stanford CA94305-1047.jayas@umanitoba. 207 Administration Building. Tel. Vijay Vir MBBS.D. Email : 1024 Cathcart Way. FAAAS.Foreign Fellows 2000 2012 2013 2010 2003 2009 2009 73 IVANOV. Combinatorics of Block Designs/Design of Experiments. Leninski Prospekt 69-3396. FRCS (England). Email : jhanwars@mskcc.(MIT). +81-82-921-9408(O). Professor. Hiroshima Institute of Technology. Hiroshima 739-1741. USA. Westwater Drive. MB. Director. 801 Hackberry Drive S. Sp. Professor. Box 147..ibch. 1937) Ph. FCAE. D. UL Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10 Moscow Russia 117871. Vadim Tikhonovich (b. 1958) Ph. 1945) D.Y...). Grain Storage/Grain Drying/Grain Quality Monitoring. Information Theory/Signal Processing/ Matrix Theory. Tel. 430 East 63rd Street. Prem Prakash (b. MB.D. Fax : 7945830. 701-239-1309(O).ru. Member and Professor of Genetics.

94801 Villejuif Cedex. Lausanne.(h. 578-0961.(UK). Sp. Theory Unit. CERN Physics University of Southampton University. Oncology/Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences. Canada . Fax : 495-5667. Hiroshi (b.T6G 2G4. Japan.F. NARA. . Professor of Physical Chemistry. Belmowt. France. FRSC (Canada). Res.Phil. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory. 1949) Dr. 94800 Villejuif. 1211 Geneva 23. 6300192. LEVI. Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. Alberta.(Paris). Institute of Botany. (b. Tel. Chair Professor.FNASc(USA).. Edmonton. Paleontology/ Geobiology.. Fax : +81-743-71-2011.Sc. UK. E408. 1956) M. Schonbein Strasse 6. Southampton SO17 1BJ. Switzerland. 1944) National Chiao Tung University.A. Sp. Japan. Email : shrawan.. KUMAR.D. MASUHARA. Minami-konoike 2-4-16. Tel. INSERM U 776 “Rythmes biologiques et cancers”. Takayama. Res. h.koerner@unibas. UK. 1929) Dr. D. Tel. +81-743-72-3875(O). Fax: 1 49 58 34 59. Res. Ph. Andre Jean (b. Nara Institute of Science & Technology. Chanduks Ford. Graduate School of Materials Science.D.74 2013 1997 2007 2006 2011 2012 1995 2010 Year Book 2015 KNOLL. +41-61-2673510(O). 1-617-495-9306(O). Sp. 8026 6964(R). University of Basel.c.D. 5053 1TR. Plant Ecology. +81-66745-6674(R). USA.. Ch. School of Chemistry. Fax : 8059 3781. Geneva. Christian (b. 26. 5 Wamngton Drive. 322. 8916-5. Tel. 1218 Grand-Saconnex. UK. France.D.S. 7672822. David Edwin (b.martin@cern. Campus CNRS. MA 02478. Magnetic Resonance. Malcolm Harris. Theoretical Chemistry and Physics/Condensed Matter Theory/ Quantum many-body theory. CH-4056. Email : david. kumar@ualberta. 0044-1865-275418/275152(O). Fisher Professor of Natural History. Email: monique. Oxford 7 rue Guy Moquet.. (004122) 7982237..). Oauerley Street. USA. LOGAN.D. Directeur. MA 1957) D. Professor of Botany. 34 rue du 19 Mars 1962. University of Alberta.levi@inserm. Professor. Higashi-Osaka.. Oxford OX1 3QZ. Tel. UK Res. Headington. Particle Physics/ Mathematical Physics. Fax : 0044-1865-275410. Email: ch. Taiwan. Website : http://pages. Taverney 17. Email : aknoll@oeb.. (+33) 1 49 58 34 83(O). Oxford OX3 8TA. LEVITT. Francis (b. Theoretician Emeritus. Res. Andrew Herbert ( +4423 8059 6753(O).uk. Fax : 2673504.c. unibas. Email : mhl@soton. Fax: 7673850. South Park Road. Shotover Hill. Sp. 1949) M. Shrawan. Tel. Sp. MARTIN.D. Switzerland. Old Road. Tel. Specially Appointed Professor. Cambridge. Department of Physical Therapy. Email: andre.Sc. Basel. Ph. 1951) Ph. Res.R.D. Email : masuhara@ masuhara. Switzerland. Photochemistry/Laser Fabrication/ Time resolved Spectroscopy. University of Oxford.. Harvard University. 4841311(R). Ph. Coulson Professor of Theoretical Chemistry. KORNER.ox.

nomurataisei@yahoo. Saburo (b. Radiation Biology/Medical CA 93111-1020. University of Toronto. Taisei (b. Japan. Fax : 3 59193993. skmitra@ usc.1946) Ph. Tel. FRSC. George Street. Functional MRI. NOMURA. University of Washington. 1930) Ph. Sp. Fax : 5825595.J. Osaka City University (Osaka).ac. Osaka. 72727-1558(R). Santa Barbara.Sc.D. Shimagamo. Fax: 893-3262. Tel. University of Tokyo (Tokyo). Sp. Res. INSA (New Delhi). +81-6-6879-3811(O) Res. Email: ogawa@hlsrf. TIFR (Mumbai).or. 1927) D. 81 3 59193992(O). Sp. (b. (908) 5824131(O).jp. FIEEE. 929. Email : miyake@ alpha. Tel. 467 31 4350(R). Professor Emeritus of Osaka University.sci. 562-0031. Wash 98115. N. (206) 616-8588(O).. (805) 893-3957(O). Res. Murray Hill. Cosmic Rays/ Elementary Particles. 5278863(R).. Communications/ Networking.. FNAE (India). Email: gnester@u. Email : tnomura@radbio. NJ 07090. Suita. OKADA. Sp. 8401)(O). Toronto. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. 1935) Ph. 727-27-1558(R). (b. Fax: 5438297. Eugene William (b. 1934) PhD. Res. OGAWA. and Kanagawa University (Yokohama).Onohara-Higashi. Mukougaoka Uenoshiba Sakai-shi. Professor & Head. 600 Mountain Avenue. University of California. USA. Honorary Fellow.. Osaka University. Bell Labs. Seiji.(California). USA. 2-2.utoronto.D. Tokyo.Ph. CA 93106-9560. M5S 2E4.ucsb.D. Res. Arun N. Professor Emeritus. Fax : Director. Japan. 9679557(R). Professor Emeritus (Kyoto Univ. Department of Mathematics.D. Japan. FINAE. MURTY. Hamano Life Science Research Foundation. Japan. 22-Minamishiba-cho. Seattle. Tokindo (b. FNASc (USA). Foreign Fellow. Tel.D. Tel. USA. Ph. NESTER.D. 569. Microbiology/Genetic Engineering. Guest Professor. Number Theory/Algebraic Geometry and Inforamtion USA. Westfield. FNA. 0726-81-9750 (Ext.D.(Kyoto). 07974.ogawa33@nifty. Sp. Analog and Digital Signal Processing/Image Processing. Email: mitra@ece. Crown Avenue. Canada. 1942) M. arunnetravali@omnivc. s. Fax: 6-6879-3819(O). Osaka 565-0871. Res. (072) 2781606(R). Kyoto 606. 1924) Ph. NETRAVALI. Tel. Email: arunnetravali @att. Developmental Biology. Osaka 543. osaka-u. Tel. co.). Director. Vijayakumar.E. USA. 10 Byron Court. Emeritus Professor of Gradaute School of Medicine and Engineering. Sp. . 6-12-14. MIYAKE.Foreign Fellows 2006 1993 2011 1995 2002 2005 2005 1986 75 MITRA. FNAE (USA). 6547763(R). Japan.washington.Takatsuki. Wash 98115. India.FNAAS. Santa Barbara. 40 St. Japan. (Osaka).. Biohistory Research Hall. Ontario. Box 357735. Sanjit Kumar (b. Murasakicho. Research Professor. Email : murty@math. Ogawa Laboratories for Brain Functions Research. Sp. 9534 Lakeshore Blud N.

. +44-1223339842(O). USA. 232 Packard.. Ph.Sp. Professor.D.(h. 471-6505(R).Sc. Fax : 509-335-8690.D. Sc. Email : t. of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics. Professor & George A & Judith A Olah Nobel Laureate Chair in Hydrocarbon Chemistry.). CA 90401-3009.D. Stanford University.Acad. Ontario. Chandra Kumar Naranbhai (b. PRABHAKAR. CB3 OWA. Apt. Los Angeles. 1006/5 Gore Street. Professor of Mathematics & Queen's Research Chair. USA.. Harold H. FNA. 1101 Colorado Avenue. FIVA(Swedish). Fax : 1-213-740-6679. K7L 5M2. Organic/Hydrocarbon Chemisry. Fax: 666-3768. Fax : 8345252.). Taylor Professor of Fluid Mechanics (Emeritus). Seaborg Professor of Chemistry. Email : gprakash@usc. Biological Fluid Dynamics/ Biomechanics/Mathematical Biology. PhD. USA. Tel. 3412. Pullman.queensu. IL60637. (310) 458-3345(O)..76 1992 2010 2007 2009 2010 2014 2013 2007 Year Book 2015 PATEL. Pranalytica. 1-626-252-6413(M). Res. Inc.Soc. Los Angeles. PINES.D. Kingston. IL 60615. 1938) Ph.. Am. Regents Professor.(MIT). Number Theory. Chicago.(Camb. Cambridge.c. Res. Chairman & CEO. Shadwell Lane. Fax : 5332964. University of Southern California. Res. Tel. 5230 Unith South University Avenue. 509-335-2462(Lab). Tolman Dr. Sc. Fax : 458-0171.D.D. Sp. Sp. 821. MNAE(US). M. USA. 6439782(R). (b. Berkeley. (b. Email : nanduri@uchicago. 1-510-6421220. G. NAS(USA). Ph. 1-626-3333734(R). Stanford. Fax : +44-1223-765900. K7L 3N6. Electronics & Telecom/Information Technology. Res.D. USA. Leeds LS17 8AH. Tel. Email: apaulraj@stanford. edu. 5484381(R). CA. UK. D. Email : murty@mast. Sp. FNAE.. Nanduri R. Santa Monica.94720-3220 USA. UCLA.D. CA 90077. 1171 Roberto Lane. 1945). Res.pedley@damtp. Laser/Quantum Electronics/ Bioengineering USA. Email: pines@berkeley. CA 94305. Ph. MC 3220. University of California.I. USA.. 509-335-2487(O). Berkeley. Queen's University Kingston. Cardio-Respiratory (b.Phys. Department of Physics & Astronomy. CA 91745. Sp.. Email : poovaiah@wsu. Washington State University. Fellow. 773-8345480/5254(O).).FAAAS. RAM MURTY. FEAS.. Sp. Casco Court Hacienda Heights. Tel. Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute. Professor (Emeritus). 6135332413(O). Canada.. Res. University of Cambridge. Sigma Xi. Glenn T. Ph. USA. Washington State. MC5068. Surya G. Ontario. 837 Bloom Walk. Stanford. Email : patel@pranalytica. Arogyaswami Joseph (b. USA. 99164-6414. Bachettira W. UK. CA 90089. 1952) Ph. 1-213-740-5984(O).K. CA 94305.D. (b. . FRS. Room N711. 1953). Electrical Engineering Dept. +44-113-266-2854(R). Stanley Hall Rm 208. Institute for Physiology & Center for Systems Biology of O2 Sensing Biological Sciences Division.j. 1944) Ph.. 7735717826(M). Tel.D. Canada. Hines Professor & Director.Arts & Oakhurst Farm. University of Chicago. Director. Dept. Maruti. 375. Fax : 650 728 2873. Timothy John.S. Tel. Tel. 1942) Ph. Past President.. Am.

REDDY. Missouri 63110. 770-496-0677(R).. 1956) Ph. Ram Prasad (Robin) ( Res. Louis. 408 Arbours Dr.. Institute of Neurosciences.S.D. Carnegie Mellon University. (b. Strasse des 17. East Chicago. USA. Sp. Atlanta. Northwestern University. Calcutta. Atlanta. REDDY. Fax : 6835348. Sp. Director. SILINI. Sp. Herbert A Simon University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics. Email : jsinclai@illinois. Res. Fax : 5038249. USA. Berlin.. FNA. Helmut (b.A.D. .. 2681 Glenrose Hill. SINCLAIR. 10623.S. Sp. 1600 Clifton Road. 404-639-3800(D). Tel. (b. Neurosurgery/ Voluntary Work/ Education Research. FNA. Pathology. C4. Tel.). D. 191 273 9187(R). Email : peter.raven@mobot. Germany. Chicago. Fax : 404-639-2350. Tower Grove Avenue. Kolkata & National Neurosciences sengupta@gmail. 1917) Ph. SENGUPTA. ( USA.28. Colorado State University. Email: ssambhara@cdc. Email : robin. prakashsambhara@gmail. SAMBHARA. 1937) M. USA.. Sp.Sc. Fax : +49-30314-21102. Sp. Professor Emeritus in Neurosurgery. F. Chairman. Sp. IL 60611. P. Plant Pathology. FASPB. Moorside North. Email : reddy@ colostate. CO 80523. Professor. (217) 352 7937(R). 7519827(R). Missouri Botanical Garden. Giovanni ( TU Berlin. St.(Wisconsin). SCHWARZ. +49-30-314-23483(O). 1943) Professor of Chemistry. Patschkauer Weg 15. U. Sp. Box 299. Pittsburgh PA 15217. Suryaprakash (b. HumanComputer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence/Spoken Lanugage System. Plant Sciences/Agricultural Sciences/ Biochemistry. Influenza Division. D. Res. U. Professor of Pathology.. & Edin. Email : helmut. Immunology/Infectious Diseases/Vaccines. Wean Hall 5325. Juni 115. Email : rr@cmu. Tel.D. 1(312) 5037948(O).. Res.. USA. England. Formerly Professor of Plant Pathology.Foreign Fellows 1990 2013 1991 2000 2012 2012 2009 1985 1995 77 RAVEN. Germany. CO 80523. TN Ramachandran University. 14195 Berlin.D. 314-577-5111(O).D. Consultant Neurosurgeon Emeritus. 1936) Ph. 1956) Ph.).edu. Newcastle upon Tyne. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. NE4 9DX. M. Louis. 1937) Ph. 112. Newcastle NHS Trust. 1931) Via S. Italy.Maurizio. Res. Mail Stop G16. USA. Tel. Physical/ Theoretical/Organic Chemistry. Feinberg School of Medicine. (b. University of Illinois. Tel.(Eng.S. 09830066775(M)(India)..).(035) 96. (Newcastle UK).71 24065 LOVERE (Bergamo). Institute of Chemistry. St.A. Fax : 5779596. 970-491-0649(R).C. 2682572(R). Peter Hamilton (b. Department of Biology and Program in Molecular Plant Biology. School of Computer Science.Sc. Chennai. Fort Collins. Raj. REDDY. Chief. 2345. IL 61874-9752. 303. Tel.(h. Avenue. GA 30333. GA 30341. Plant Sciences.R. 0044 7944 633 084(O). 970-491-5773(O).sengupta@ neuro kolkata. Janardan K. James B. Tel. 1430 Sanford Drive.1938) M. (412) 2687170(O). 314-5719548(R).B. Fort Collins.(Path. Savoy. Tel.c. Tel. Sekr. Immunology Section. Anireddy S. Missouri 63166-0299. Email : jkreddy@ northwestern.D.

Sc. (b.. 619-551-7558(R) TAKEDA. 773-955-5086(R). CA. UK. Sp. Torrey Pines Road.. Sp. . FRS. DE Mayo 12. Mexico D. Russia. Sp. MRC National Institute for Medical Research. The University of Chicago. Res.L. Jose I. Sp.773-8349186(O). Sp. D. Thomas Reynolds Senior Family Professor of Neuroscience. Fax : 773-702-3774. 10217 Burlington Lane.. Principal Research Scientist..A. Former President. Fax : 7061668. Tel. Coyoacan.D. Email : verma@salk.A. Ellicoti City. USA. Pine Street. U. uchicago.D. Res. La Jolla.1930) Ph. Tel. University of Maryland School of Medicine. Biochemistry/Metabolism/ Enzymology. Res. Email: takeda44233@gmail. 58th St. Email: svarma2384@aol. (410) 7063395(O).Med. L. SISODIA. London.. Neurobiology/Biochemistry /Cell Biology.S. IL Baltimore..The Ridgeway. 1915) Ph. Japan. FNA. Email: krishnamex@yahoo. USA 94612.c. Email: jrtata134@clara. D. TOWNES. Sp. La Jolla. Koganei. Biochemistry/Endocrinology/ Development. Sangram Singh (b.D. Yoshifumi ( 5. Blackstone Ave.. Moscow. Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. London NW7 2HA. 2-1-3 Nukui-Kitamachi.. 1947) Ph. of Ophthalmology. IL 60637. 56772004(R). Fax: 388-2424.. Mill Hill. Italy... Res. +44-(0) 20-8346 6291(R). UK. Emeritus Professor. Res. Res.berkeley.D.. Chicago. Alexei A.D. 00-52-55-5622-3168(O).edu. 1956) Ph. Russian Academy of Sciences. Earthquake Source Studies/Seismotectonics Seismic Hazard. 117334. Professor in the Graduate School. Inder M. Mill Hill. STAROBINSKY. 1948) Ph. Tel.. 510433-0446(R). 947 E. Genetics Engineering & Genetherapy.).. VARMA. Jamshed Rustom (b. MD 21042. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics.D. Tel. 4612243(R). Tel.S. FNA. USA 94720-7300. FTWAS.Sci. MD 21201. Professor.. FNA. Tepepan Mexico. Instituo de Geofisica.78 2011 2010 2013 1996 2002 1990 1999 1991 1997 Year Book 2015 SINGH. Kosygina 2. USA. 81-42388-2424(R). Tokyo 184-0015. Laboratory of Genetics. Professor of Biochemistry & Ophthalmology. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. (b. Tel. Email : ssisodia@bsd. 510-642-1128(O).. (b. 1850 Alice Street. California. Tel. 619-453-4100 x 1462(O). D. Email: alstar@itp. 04510. Fax: 510-643-8497. The Third World Academy of Sciences. 92037. Res. 1620 Valdes Drive. VARGAS. Charles Hard (b. 5716 So.(h. Senior Scientist. 10 S. Trieste. California. FAAAS. U.The Salk London. Shambhu Dayal (b. Fax : 619-558-7454. Email: cht@ssl. Bacteriology/Infectious Diseases. 1936) Ph. 16020. Sri Krishna. Physics/Astrophysics..D.D. Berkeley.F.. 15 Bittacy Park Avenue. Deptt. Fax : 20-8906 4477. FNA. 1935) M. NW7 1AA. 10010 N. 1946) Ph. University of California. CA 92037.

nat. U. Email: a. 8916-5 Takayama. Chief Scientific Adviser to UK Govt. USA. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Sp. St. Germany. CB3 ODP.. DHI 3RR.A. Campus Box 1192. (Manchester). Emeritus Professor. California Institute of Technology.D. 1-314935-5100(O). 0743-72-5550(O). Polymers/Carbon Nano Tubes. Sp. Nara Institute of Science & Technology. Alan Hardwick (b.Inst. Tel.Louis. Sp. WOLFENDALE. Tel. Email: wolfrum@urz. (617) 495-0836(O). Tel. UK. Ikoma 630-0101. NYAS.uniheidelberg. Email : wyllie@gps.caltech. Cosmic Ray Astrophysics. FNA.D. DHI 3LE. Missouri 63105. Durham. Res. Fax : 1314-935-4744.D. Japan . CA 91107. Granite Carbonatite. Res. 37124 Rosdorf. 6420 Forsyth Boulevard. Kunio (b. Kinclair Drive. Louis.rer. Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. FRS. WYLLIE. FCAS. Fax: 6221-5451481.. FRS. 1733852836(M). Peter John (b.612-0846. Ministry of Defence (2008-2012). acatech.(h. Storey's Way.Foreign Fellows 2008 2007 1990 2003 2010 1991 1998 2008 79 WELLAND. University of Durham. Germany. England. Professor. Fukakusa. Chancellor & Professor of Im Neuenheimer Feld 267. Dept. +49 (0) 6221-5451202.Louis. Juergen Manfred. 69120 55091389. Cambridge... Pembroke Street. Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy. Professor.1927) Ph. 115.. 1-314-420-5100(M). Cambridge Mass 02138. HAW. Cambridge. Fax : 760309. 1930) Ph. “Ansford”. Pasadena. Tel. Tel. Graustein Professor.wolfendale@ durham. Molecular mechanisms of lens induction and eye formation. D. 44-1223334321(O). 1949) Ph. Formerly President. Missouri 63130.w. YASUDA. University of Cambridge.harvard. (0) +44(0)191-3343580(O). FNA. Durham. Email : ahw1@cam. Sir Arnold Whittaker( Professor. 3845642(R). Formerly President.. Nanoscience. Manjyosiki-cho.P. Res. Fushimi-ku. USA. Sp. edu. South Road. 15. (b. Differential Geometry/ Differential Equations and General Relativity. Res. YAU.J. Japan. Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences.UK. Director Bio-Quant. Ookamedani.. Email : wrighton@wustl. Sp. Pasadena.630-0101. FRAS. Harvard University. WRIGHTON. Suedring 2.c. Shing Tung (b. . Res. Tel. D. FRS(UK). University of Cambridge. Tel. UK. CB3 0FF. Potters Bank. 11. Internationa Mineralogical Association. Department of Mathematics. FRS. (+44 1223) 760305(O). Sp. 1939) Dr. FInstP. Nanoscience Centre. of Physics. Cambridge. Sp.D. Mark Stephen (b. (Manchester).S.Sc. Fax: 3345823. Email : mew10@cam. 1949) Ph. 1942) Sc.1955) Ph. USA. Laser Diagnostics in Chemistry/ Combustion/ Catalysis/Systems Biology. St. Email: yau@math. WINDLE. WOLFRUM. Sir Mark Edward ( 075-643-0378(R). Washington University in St. USA. Experimental Petrology. 1-314-726-3106(R). F. 1942) Ph.. Thomson Avenue. CBZ 3QZ. CA 91125.). England.D. Professor of Nanotechnology. Emeritus Professor. Kyoto 612-0846.

Fax : 282272. ‘Green House’.com. FASc. Society for Conservation of Nature. Bhubaneswar. Fax : (011) 25846880. Thakurdwara. Abhinanadan. Palampur and Formerly Director. 1935) PhD(Chicago).D. New Delhi . FIPHE. 139. (01894) 238824(R). cl_acharya@sancharnet.O. Fax: (011) 25843842. Tel. Res. Tel. Damodar (b. Chairman. Pondicherry .176102 (H. ABROL. DPS Marg. (011) 25848188. Email : acharyadamodar94@gmail. Chuni Lal (b. RMV II Stage. A44. FISSS.ernet. ABROL. H. Gurgaon-122002. Electronics & Telecommunication. ABBASI. 39594145(O). 80 . Res. NASC Complex. President.No. Near Artemis Hospital. Email: Palampur .605014. Ministry of Defence. IIT Campus. Sp. Email : ypabrol@vsnl. 26138632. Indian Institute of Technology F4. Formerly Director. Sp. Tel. Kharagpur – 721302. Tel. (0413) 2655263.Sc. FNAE. 09810032162(M). Phase I. FNAAS. Designation and Address AATRE. AICTE. 2354267(R). (0124) 4241629(R).560094. P. FNA.FELLOWS Year of Election 1995 2003 1985 1984 2003 2000 Name. FIE.).110012. New Delhi. Soil Science/Agroforestry/Crop Production. DLF City. D. DPS dacharya@ hijli. Pusa. Maranda. MAPLE. Vasudev K. Res. Plot Sr. CGIAR Block.s. Formerly Director. Formerly Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri. ViceChancellor.605014. Gurgaon . FNAAS. 9418105471(M). (0124) 2358755. Sp. 3rd Main. Formerly Deputy Director General. New Delhi .P. ICAR. Res. Agriculture/Crop Physiology/Land Use/Climate & Agriculture.a. Pondicherry . 1939) Ph.1939) PhD.abbasi@gmail. of Technology. Email : abrolip@gmail.iitkgp. (b. DSc(France). Shahid Abbas (b. Email : vkaatre@vsnl. A 34/2. 8 Sector 51. Director. Nagarkot Colony. ACHARYA. Flat No. Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. 25846880. 1945) PhD. Email: cl_acharya@ yahoo. 283731(R). (03222) 283730(O). IIT Kharagpur. FIE. Kharagpur – 721302. Chinnakalapet. Tel. New Delhi. Indian Institute of Soil Science (ICAR). Soil Physics/Soil Conservation/Water Management. Inder Pal (b. Centre for Advancement of Sustainable Agriculture (CASA). Centre for Pollution Control & Environmental Engineering. Extension Education. NASC Complex. Professor & Head. ypabrol@gmail. CSK HPKV. Sp. 1949) Ph. 09734501234(M). Sp. (Indian Nitrogen Group). Professor. 202. (011) 25843842(O).. Ist Block. Environmental Engineering/Energy Studies/ Limnology. Pondicherry University. Industrial Engineering/Operations Research/Operation Management. Bhopal. FNA. Biju Patnaik University..110012. 1950) Ph. ACHARYA. Bangalore . FISWM. Yash Pal (b. FIIChE. FIETE. 2655262. FNAE. 09443265262(R).122001.D.

700032. 2274017(R). Number Theory/Combinatorics. Sp. (080) 23515113(R).in. 1949) Ph. 525.D. Res. 8A Main.R. 09886565113(M).A. 1951) M. Email : skacharyya@yahoo. Sp. G14/5. FAMI. ADABALA. Madras.. ADHYA. Res. HRI Campus. Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi Math. Sp. Amritapuri PO. Ramachandra Rao (b. Subrat Kumar (b. Tel.(0532) 2274317(O)... Medicine/ Gastroenterology/Liver Diseases. 26588460(R). Sp.D. FGMMSI. Tata Nagar. Sukumar Das (b. Professor. Geological Survey of India. 1950) Ph. 26588641. Tel. Vasant Kunj. Res. New Delhi – 110017.690525.D. Stratigraphy/Tectonics/ Geodynamics. AK-106. Pocket 1. Professor H. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Formerly Deputy Director General (Animal Science). CII-5. 5th Cross. Sp.110029. Tel. Tapan Kumar (b.M.D. Tel. 15.V. Email: Malviya Nagar. Indian Institute of Science. MRC. Email: rra_42@rediffmail. 09313062280(M). Vitasta Building. Tel.. 09910759627(M).FNA. Kollam Dt. New Delhi 110070. Jadavpur University. of Geological Sciences.D. Paninjukunnath (b. Res.R. Sp. 3105).C. Sp. MAM Ashram.. Fluid Mechanics : Rotational flows/Physiological flows. Applied Mathematics/ Theoretical Physics/ Optimization/ Approximation/ Mathematical Modeling/ Science and Spirituality Studies. FAS&T.Soc. Bangalore-560092.Tech.121006. Animal Genetics & Breeding/ Biometrics/ Agriculture Research Management. Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).1940) M. Fax : 2569576. Email: adhyas@ yahoo. FNA. Res. Formerly Scientist G. Sarat Banerjee Road.. (033) 65354774(R). Tel. J. FNAAS. New Delhi 110029. Fax : 26588663. 1330A. Formerly Emeritus Scientist. Allahabad211019..Fellows 1987 2004 1997 1990 2005 2000 2007 2010 81 ACHARYA. Res.Ind. FMGMI. Ansari Nagar. ADAK. Kolkata. Dept. Entomology/Genetics/ Malariology. IIT.res. 3 Floor.500012. Bangalore. rd Bhubaneswar – 751024. Ansari Nagar. Sector B. FNAVSc. Sp. (011) 26594934(O).. ACHUTHAN. Professor of Mathematics & Theoretical Physics. of Gastroenterology (R. F.D.. . Tel. Formerly Professor of Applied Mathematics. Dr. Tridibes (b.D. Jhusi. HarishChandra Research Institute. Formerly Director General. Kerala .1957) PhD. Tel. 1934) M. 09830419484(M). Vidyapeetham. CSIR. New Delhi .Sc. Coimbatore 641105. Subhrangsu Kanta (b. FASc. 1942) Ph.Ph. FNAAS. Professor & Head. 784/9. School of Biotechnology..No. 08129949631(M). 09899117847(M). Email : adak. Soil Microbiology.S. Faridabad .D.. Chhatnag Road. Jhusi. ADHIKARI. 09567450227. Allahabad 211019. Dept.1932) Ph. Radha Mohan (b. Res.mrc@gmail. Formerly Sr. Distinguished Professor. Environmental Microbiology/Climate Change and Agriculture.. (0129) 5283933(R). ACHARYYA. KIIT University. A. ACHARYA. Email : adhikari@hri. Kolkata -700029.

USA. Tel. FPSI. 08004904389(M).82 1997 1978 1988 1969 1997 1988 2013 1999 Year Book 2015 ADIMURTHI. International Water Management Institute.). Adi (b.. Lucknow .. Fax: 2590914. 295 A. Res.P.208017. 2571612(R). University of Delhi. of Biological Science.1933) M. FNA. 3600851. Kanpur .(Boston) University. Email : sca@iitk. . Girish Saran (b. 2494410. Stillwater. Email: aditi@math. FASc. (0761) 2601688(R). Ph. Delhi . 23600138(O). Tel. B 4/23. Amarjyothi Layout. Indira Nagar. Rajasthali Apartments. Kanpur. Umesh Chandra (b. Jabalpur-482 001.DM. New Delhi . Navsheel Dham. Fax: 25842072.D. Dept. Pramod Kumar (b. (0512) 2597085(O). Noble Foundation Chair and Regents' Professor. First Main Road. Email: girish.110034. Crop Ecology/Simulation Modeling/Environmental Impact Assessment. 450 Pachpedi.208026. Res. Hari Charan (b. Sharadanagar. Tel. Sp. FRS. Email : amita@sgpgi. Satish Chandra (b. 1926) D. 405-7141566(M). (080) 66953742. Ph. Sp. (0522) 2494296(O). AGARWALA. AGGARWAL.110007. Inorganic Chemistry/Organometallic Chemistry/Reaction Mechanism. Differential Equations. Professor. 1944) Ph. Department of Clinical Immunology. Sanjay Nagar.110012. AGARWAL. Res. Flat No.S. Sree Gurunivas Apartments. Delhi . 1930) Ph. O K 74078.226014. Fax : 2668017.D. 1954) Ph. H. Sp.1952) PhD. Medicine/Clinical Immunology/Rheumatology. PB 6503. Formerly Professor & Head. Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sci..agarwal@okstate.5. Email : pkaggarwal. Tel. (b. Res. Lucknow . Res. DPS Marg. Formerly Professor. Kanpur. Bangalore 560094. 1960) MBBS. (011) 25840811(O). (Agri. Kanpur .D.208016. Oklahoma State University.MD.FBS. Tel.res. Physics Department. Emeritus Professor. Fax: Mycology/Microbiology/ Plant Pathology. Amita (b. 2668869(R). AGGARWAL. FTWAS.D. 2597407(Lab).D. AGARWAL. FASc. 27030869. (0512) 2250748(R). TIFR CAM. AGARWAL. Delhi Office.D. FNAAS. Bithoor Road. Fax : 405-744-6811.No. FNA. Solid State Physics/Amorphous Semiconductors/Nano-Crystalline Semiconductors. (011) 27019081. Tel.). 2. Block C-1. Res. Indian Institute of Technology.. Chikkabommasandra.iari@gmail. Sp. Insect Physiology/Toxicology. AGARWAL. 405-744-3862(O). Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). Sp. CCAFS Regional Program V B/16. Formerly Professor & Head. 1946) Ph. Tel.tifrbng. G. R. FNA. Tel. Department of Zoology. Indian Institute of Technology. Jabalpur-482 Bangalore 560065. Madhuban Chowk. Pitampura. Sp. 23-24.. Quantum Optics/Laser Physics/ Statistical Mechanics.FASc. 3411505(R). of Chemistry. Dept. Sp. SGPGI Campus. Email: haricharanagarwal@yahoo.

(022) 27899894.Sc. (0172) 6665261(O). Condensed Matter Physics/ Nanomaterials/Superconductivity. B-97. AGRAWAL. 1936) M.. Tel. Sri Laxman Bhawan. Formerly Professor of Biotechnology. AGRAWAL. FBS. Ahmedabad. FPSI. Department of Botany.D.A.S.FNA. Dharma Pal (b. Res. Rakesh (b. 1933) Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.. AGRAWAL. Email : prahlad. Varanasi 221005. Kanpur 208016. HP University. Email : madhoo. Chandigarh-160036. Javed Naim (b. T.. Scientist's CHS. FIVS. Manindra (b. D24.. AGRAWAL. 09415306814(M). IIT Campus.S. Formerly Senior Professor. of Gastroenterology.res. Email: 1961) M. 2695226(R). AGRAWAL.B. Res.I. FASc.agrawal@gmail. Res. INSA Senior Scientist. Tel. Professor.Phil.Sc.. Email: aggarwal.D. Kanpur.D.D.I. House VB/16.208016.Fellows 2007 1992 1991 1982 2010 2007 1996 2004 83 AGGARWAL. 2317799(R). Experimental High Energy Astrophysics/X-ray Astronomy. FNA. IMTECH Housing. Sp. FNAAS. Sp. Sp.211002. Mumbai 400005. Allahabad University. Colaba. FASc. Scientist E1.622. Tel. H. Fax: 2668017. Sector 39-A.(USA). D. Senior Professor & Area Chairman. East Pokharkhali. East Pokharkhali. Plot 23. Physical Research Laboratory. Lucknow . Tel.Immunology/Tuberculosis/ Director (Hon).226016. (0542) 2368156(O). Bal Krishna (b. FASc. 07830395490 (M).Rama Rao Chair Professor. Res. Email : javed@imtech.D. Prahlad Chandra (b. Palaeoclimate/History of Science & Technology/Evolution of Mind/Traditional Knowledge Systems. 2668869(R).B. Sector 17. 1941) Ph.D.400703. Res. SGPGI Campus. Madhoolika (b. UGC Emeritus Scientist.ra@gmail.. Professor. Theory of Computation.No. Email : dpalmora@ gmail.R. 2598363(R). 6665262(Lab). House No. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. Allahabad . Institute of Microbial Technology. Hari Om (b.. FASc.. . Assoc.D. Ecology/ Environmental Science/Global Climate Change/Air Pollution. Lucknow . Lucknow . Formerly Professor & Head of Physics. Sanjay Gandhi PG Institute of Medical Sciences.(Holland).160036. Varanasi 221005. 09935062605 (M). FNAE. 1939) D. Tel. AGREWALA. Navi Mumbai . (0512) 2597338(O). Tel.226014. Tel. rakesh@sgpgi. javed @scientist. 1961) Ph.. Bank Road. Quaternary Palaeo-Climate Study Area. Sp. Sunderpur. Gastroenterology/ Epidemiology/Viral Hepatitis.. AGRAWAL. Fax : 2597586.226014. Ashirvad. Banaras Hindu University. FNA.D. Almora-263601. Immunology Laboratory. Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Res.M. 2690585. Res. Brij Enclave Fax: 2690632.R. Chandigarh . 20/2 Indira Nagar. Almora 263601. Sector (0522)2494431(O).com. NASI Senior Scientist. N. Head & Dean. 2668078. Fax : 2368174.I.F. 1958) Ph.M. Virology/Microbiology/Biotechnology. Sp. 405 Vigyan.Sp. Ashirvad (Pande Lodge). (0522) 2341586(R). 09417869408(M).com. 15-D. Sp. 1966) Ph. Res. Lok Vigyan Kendra. Tel.agrawal@gmail.

ac. 1952) Ph. (0120) 4326842(R).. Email : ahmadwasim57@gmail. AHUJA. FNAAS.202002. AHMAD. Protein folding/Protein stability/Osmolyteprotein interaction. ISRO. AJAI ( b. Hazratbal. (0571) 2700921 Ext. Fax: 230433. Director Residence. 09897397412(M). Aligarh .D. Near Homeopathic College. New Delhi .84 1980 1996 2009 2014 1989 2006 2007 Year Book 2015 AHLUWALIA. tahmad001@gmail. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences. Nigeen. New Delhi.Box. (01894) 230411(O). Vinod Kumar (b. Talat (b. University of Kashmir. (0194) 2415345..res. Delhi . 09899315421(M). Email: drajai_in@yahoo. Noida201301. IHBT Campus.110025. Ghaffar Manzil Extn. Civil Lines. Geomatics/Environment/ Natural Resources Management.Visiting Wasim (b.176061. 29871060(O). 1957) Ph. JC Bose National Fellow.Tel. Srinagar – 190006. Professor. Shalimar Bagh. 09796997990(M). UK). 26914187(O). Palampur . FASc. BW97-A. P. Hazratbal. Sp. 1930) Ph. Mehrauli Institutional Area. New Sir Syed Nagar. Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Group Director. Dr. FNA. Tel.. Bopal. New Delhi 110016. Jamia Millia Islamia. P.D. All India Institute of Medical Sciences.Box 6. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research. 230422(R). 3341(O). Sp. Telefax: 26983409. B-57. Paramvir Singh (b.R. Email : fahmad@ jmi. University of Delhi. Basant Bahar II. Fax : (079) 26915825. B. D. Formerly Professor of Neurology. (011) 26321733(O). Res. 2415281(O). Fax : 2421357. AHMAD. Ahmedabad . Email: psahuja@ ihbt. Tel. Section of Nematology. Aligarh . Vice-Chancellor. Department of Zoology. FNAAS. B-16. 4/1176-J.Sc. FNA. 181/210. Sp. Space Applications Centre. (011) 42111111. Res. (079) 26914141. University of Kashmir. Faizan (b.176061. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Green Chemistry/Environmental Chemistry.D. Sp. Sp. AHUJA. AHMAD. Res. Senior Consultant. 1955) Ph. (02717) 235441(R).D. VC’s Delhi 110088.B. 09810413115(M).(Nottingham. vcoffice@kashmiruniversity. Neurology. Ahmedabad380015. Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR). 1953) D.202002. Lane Email : tahmad001@yahoo. Res.Phil. Tel. Srinagar – 190006. Plant Res. Aligarh Muslim University. 2420569(R). Tel. .110 007. Director. 6. Igneous Petrology/ Geochemistry/Himalayan Geology. FIAN. 30. 1939) M. Res.Res.. Nematology/Taxonomy/Ecology.D. Sector 14. Palampur . New Delhi 110025.. J&K. FAMS. com. Marine and Earth Sciences Group (MESG). 26920954(R). Sp. Jamia Nagar.. Tel.B. Sp. Gulshan Kumar (b. (011) 27474154(R). Tel. Jamia Nagar. Email : priya_ahuja1975@yahoo.1949) Ph.. 1955) Ph. Bangalore . Email : amritkar@prl. Sher (b. Res. Senior Staff Scientist & Chief. B-62.U.(Cantab). 105.V. Human Genetics/Neurogenetics/Developmental Genetics. AMARANATH. 77-80 . School of Mathematics & Computer/Information Science. ISRO.D.C. ISRO Satellite Center.D. Bose National Fellow. Sp. FSASc. New Delhi-110 067.nii. 1948) Ph. 1965) Ph. Tel.D. Navrangpura. Anuranjan (b. Professor. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Lumbini. Complex. Ahmedabad . FIETE. 4 Raja S.FASc. Res. 40995014(R). FOSI. Av-Humboldt Fellow. AMRITKAR.res. Molecular Biology & Genetics Senior Professor. (079) 26314451(O)..D. Tirumalasetty (b. Kolkata . FNA.1951) Ph. Ahmedabad .560064. Sp. Website : sherali@www. Chief Molecular Genetics (Human/Animal). Res. Tel. No.500046. FASc. Thekkethil Kochandy ( D. Dr. Fax : 24730284. FNA. FASc.D. Germany.. FMAS. ANAND. Vikramnagar. 26703613. Sp. Godrej Woodsman Estate.. Fax : 22082766. 4043229(R).D. 09670066999(M). 1956) Ph.Fellows 2006 2011 1998 2008 2010 2013 1972 85 ALEX.700032. 26741139(R). Central Drug Research Institute.res. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Fluid Mechanics. Medicinal Chemistry. Jakkur. Sp. 1925) Ph. (080) 22172404(O).. Lucknow.. 09818004632(M). (033) 24995757(O).D. Email : sheralib5@hotmail. Res. 09845804923 (M). Ravindra Eknath (b. ALI. Physical Research Laboratory. Mullick Road. Bangalore . Email: nali@iicb. Apartments.C. New Delhi-110067. Fax : 26742125. Ashiana. Email : anand@jncasr. Ambli Road. University of Hyderabad. FASc. Nirala Nagar. National Institute of Immunology. ALI.Ph. Molecular Genetics Laboratory. ac. Infectious Diseases & Immunology Division. Formerly Director. 24735197. Tel. Sp. J. Professor & Dean.).560024. Fax : 26314900. 26862141(R). Council : Mem. Tel. FAScT. Tel. H-8. Bangalore560231 Former Director. Email: drtkalex@ gmail. Tel. Email: nityaanand 1925@gmail.500008. 23516600(R).in. FNAE. 23642277(R). (080) 22082804(O). Hyderabad .380058. Sp. 1951) Ph. Salarjung Colony. 22803153(R). 26177626. E11. NTI Layout. Nitya (b. Bellary Road. Res.(Bom.. Nahid (b.13A.res. Email : tasm@uohyd. NII Campus. Hyderabad . Hebbal. Res. alisher@nii.D. Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished Professor. Lucknow-226020. Sp. PRL Quarters. (0522) 2788587. Tel. Jamia Millia Islamia. Fax : 23010560. Res. 7 Meher Ali Road. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research.ernet. Bangalore . Satellite Technology. Biochemistry/ Immunology/ (040) 23010560(O) ANAND. B803.res. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. FASc. (011) 26703753(O). Visiting Professor. Complex Systems/Nonlinear Dynamics/Chaos.560097. Kolkata .380009.

com.V. Mumbai . 15. Sp. Sp. Ganeshkhind.E. Former Director. Formerly Head. (0877) 2224809(R). Website: www. Bangalore . (020) 25699841(O). Res.D.D. Tel.560094. 25580177(R). Flat 1.. Puduru Viswanatha (b. Kodambakkam.560034. Deonar. 09421081098(M). Fax : 25505326. 66094598(R). Email: arunapuduru@gmail. II Block. 404. Res.Email: vaiarunachalam@hotmail.. Electronic Science Department.. Sp. 1938) Ph. Pune 411008.. aptesk@barc. 1935) Ph.C. Mumbai . Sp. S. Fax : 25534043.1952) PhD.400088. Shree Kumar (b.anan@gmail. Geomagnetism (Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth).Tel.400085. Panchavati. Res. Bangalore . FASc. Sp. Flat No. Molecular Biology of Stress and Adaptive Responses and Nitrogen Fixation. MSSRF. New Delhi. Chennai-600020. Chair. GMS Road. ananth@ncra. Pune University. 526. Tel. 80 Ft. Astronomy/Astrophysics. Board of Studies in Atmospheirc Science & Member. ARUNACHALAM. FNA. Tel. Applied Mathematics/ Fluid Mechanics. FNAAS.S.D. Quantitative Genetics/ Plant Breeding/ Participatory Plant Breeding/ Biodiversity. Tel. Balaji Colony. 36. Dravidian University.D. Vaishnavi Splendour. Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Chennai. 1928) B.517502. APTE. FASc. Formerly VC. Kuppam. (Cantab). FMASc. Academic Council. Central Avenue Road. ANANTHAKRISHNAN. Khagol Vaigyanik Housing Cooperative 6th Cross. Chennai . FNA. 8. ( Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Res. (022) 25593638. Engineers Enclave. 1947) Ph. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. Email: ananda1928@ gmail. Email : arorabr47@gmail. FASc. Pashan. Res. ARUNACHALAM. Dehra Dun – 248001.. Rams Bridgeview Apartments. Division of Genetics. A802. Dehra Dun. IARI.86 1992 1994 2012 1995 1998 1986 1992 Year Book 2015 Program Advisor.ernet. Kasturibai Nagar. Phase Pune . Res. 08939139327(M). Fax : 25699841.electronics. (0135) 2520379(R). Anna University. Res. Tel. 38/1. Deonar Farm Road. 094440-51133(M). Council : Sp. Tel. Email: subra. Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education and Vice-Chancellor.1944) Ph. Koramangala. 2010-2011 ARORA. Radio Astronomy/ Interferometry/ Lunar Environment. 25593781(O). FNA. 3. Vaidheeswara (b. Tirupati . Ph. II Stage. Professor.600024. 09441075075(M). . Civil Engineering/Information Technology. Road. R. Email : gca@iiap. Director. 09897391661(M). Janakpuri. Email: sksmbd@barc. FIE.. Adjunct Professor & Raja Ramanna Fellow. (044) 24916291(R). Baldev Raj (b.D.D. FASc. 5th Main Road. Formerly Vice-Chairman. G.No. Biosciences Group. (044) 24724198(R). 1961) Ph. (080) 25541344(O). Resunwal Hills. Subramaniam (b. Munirathna (b.

. Formerly Reader.(h. Toxicology (Environmental Carcinogenesis). Mohammad (b. Professor and Vice-Chair of Dermatology. Fax: 2491712. Hari Shanker (b. New Delhi . Bangalore . Clinical & Exp. NASC.R.226001.FIMA(UK). Department of Dermatology. Tel. New Delhi . Pappanamcode PO. shally07@gmail.110 General Topology/ Mathematical Education. Saakshara Apartments. Omkar Prasad (b. FRCS(Eng.S. Indian Council of Agricultural Research & Secretary. National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology.D. Shashi Prabha (b. Email : shallya@rediffmail. Clinical Pharmacology/Human Pharmacokinetics.. Professor. New Delhi. FNA.. Charbagh. Gailana Road By-Pass.110001. (011) 23382629. Res. & Email : ajayaghosh62@gmail. FNAAS. Tel. 1935) Ph. Email : vsa@cstep. D. Gailana Road By-Pass.c. AWASTHI.(h. Fisheries/Aquaculture/ Aquatic Microbiology.. Chanakya Puri.c. Lucknow 226003. Asopa Hospital. TC 55/191. Res. AYYAPPAN. (b. Tel. D.695018. The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Paschim Vihar.c. (0562) 2603190. Lucknow .com... Email : shashiarya99@gmail.FASc. Department of Pediatrics. ARYA. Ex-Deputy Director & Head. Department of Mathematics. Fax : 2602186. Sp. Subbanna (b. 1942) Ph. Res. 2059347554(O). President. Email : sayyappan1955@gmail.. New Delhi. CSIR. 2604606. FACS. Tel. Res.560001. Dr. Sp. Agra 282007. Tel. Krishi Bhawan.226004. Director General. 2491592(R). Pediatrics/ Clinical Trials/ Pediatrics Pulmonology. FNA. Lokmanganj. AL 35294-0019. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 1949) 1955) Ph.D. Lucknow . ASOPA. Vallampadugai S. Surgery/Genitourinary Reconstruction. 1670 University Blvd. Lucknow 226024. Photoresponsive Materials/Self Assembly/Molecular Probes.1957) Ph. Shally (b.). Email: omkarp.Sc. D. Birmingham. 1958) MD. A-3. Chetan Vihar. FREng. DCH. Tel.). Trivandrum .110012. Co-Director of the Skin Disease Research Center. CSTEP. Rajaramanna Complex.c. (0522) 4002957(O). Tel. Agra . FAMS. DARE.110 063. Bapu Dham Complex.Engg. C-29. 1934) M. Email : mathar@uab.Sc. MD.(h.).). 09582898989(M). ASTHANA. Chairman.c. DNB. KGMU. (0522) 4011510(R).D. 1962) Ph. 09837059232(M). 2600004(O). FASc. Maitreyi College. Ajayaghosh (b. A-1. . Tel. 2237. Fax : 22372619. 23386711(O). AYYAPPANPILLAI. FAMS. Trivandrum .D. Fax: 2059347500. 09839221244(M). Asopa Hospital Campus. FIAP. D. CSIR Outstanding Scientist. (011) 25264358(R).Sc. Kaimanom. Infrastructure Systems/ National Security Technology. 26491399(R). Res.560078. FASc. Medicine Division. Central Drug Research Institute. Sp. Volker Hall – Room 509. 9th Cross JP Nagar Phase III. (0471) 2515306(O). Email : asopahospitalagra@ UP.547.(Wales). 90. ATHAR. Raj Bhavan Circle. Res.).D. Sector C. (080) 22373311(O). 09450359938(M) 09810374753(M).D. Sp. Sp. DPS Marg.282 007. FNAE.(h. New Delhi. Sp. Chief Consultant Surgeon.(h. Sp. D.Sc.Litt. FICS(Hon. Aliganj. Devadaru. Bangalore .Fellows 1988 1978 1998 2001 1997 2010 2014 2011 87 ARUNACHALAM.

Vikas Marg.S. X-28.). Email: opbahl@gmail. Biman (b. Res.Dakota). (0172) 2240119(O).(Wales). Carbon Materials. Kamlesh Kumar (b. (080) 23335368(O). New Delhi. 09411500818(M). Carbon Technology Unit. Manauli. 2740439(O). Tel.FASc. 09891628418(M). Chandigarh . (033) 23596634(R). RBI Colony. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. Sp. Res. .ac. Sp. New Delhi-110092. 09810251200(M)..B. Sp. 2690126(R). Information Technology. 1939) Ph. Res. Sunil (b. E-22. director@bsip. Professor. NASI Senior Scientist and Chairman. Krishnan Road. K-3/6. Functional Analysis/ General Topology. R. Om Prakash (b. 1st Floor.D. Salt Lake. FTWAS. Noida 201301. Sp. BAJPAI. Flat No.560012. 1079/2. 1933) Ph. Bangalore . National Physical Laboratory. (011) 24368544(O). Campus. FNA. Indian Council of Agricultural Research. 1950) Ph.. FISGPB. Tel. Tel. Punjab. Fax: 23601310.. Abhoy Pada (b. Burdwan University. Emeritus Sector 55. Dy CCA and Director. Anand Nagar. Department of Mathematics.D. D-210. Ministry of Communication and IT.D. Karunamayee Estate. Res. Tel.560024.. 23600236(R). Sector Formerly Professor. Res.iisc. Email : bbagchi@sscu. Fax : 2240266. BAISNAB. Res. FASc. Bangalore . FNAAS. (SSCU). 53.110 003. Director.D.(011) 45608686(O). A-9. Gurgaon 122002. Colony. 41. 41. 09448465368(M). Vertebrate-paleontology / Biostratigraphy/Paleo-bio-geography. 1958) Ph. Sector II.110012. FNA. Email: sunilbajpai2001@yahoo. IISc. Department of IT. CERT-In. University Road. New Delhi . ernet.I.(Brown Univ.D. Nirman Vihar.Res. 1940) Ph.1954) Lucknow – 226007. Email : pnbahl@hotmail. Tel. BAGCHI. Fax : 2740485. BAGYARAJ.FASc.(N.160036. Tel. Plant Breeding/Genetics. Mohali. 09888224948(M). Regency Park-II. FNA. BAHL. CGO Complex. Anand Kumar (b. K. Anand Nagar. Indian Institute of Science. Centre for Natural Biological Resources and Community Development (CNBRCD) P.O.560024.1939) Ph. Davis Joseph (b. Lodi Road.D. Knowledge City. Professor & Chairman.. Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany. (0522) 2740740. FNAAS. BAJAJ.res. Sp. 95124-4045972(R). Bangalore . Physical Chemistry/Molecular Relaxation/ Biophysics. BAHL. (011) 22541880(R). Phase-IV. Bangalore-560012. Email : Email : anand@iisermohali. DLF City. FIETE. Sp.1961) Ph. Sp. Tel. 23331144(R). (0120) 4324415(R).D. FNABS. Sp. GOI. Prem Nath (b. SAS Nagar.88 2007 1995 1991 1999 1989 1982 1996 2008 Year Book 2015 BACHHAWAT. Formerly Deputy Director General (Crop Sciences). Agricultural Microbiology. (080) 22932926.D. New Delhi . 6. Kolkata700091. Molecular Genetics/ Microbial Genetics/Biochemistry. 22932336(O).

lvpei. Chhatnag Road. Fax : 23548271.FASc. Narayanaswamy (b. BALASUBRAMANIAN. FTWAS.html. Dr.D. Sp.D.Fellows 1997 2000 2013 1989 1983 2013 2002 89 BAKHSHI. .in/personnel/ balki. FNA. Indian Institute of Science. Sp.. Bangalore . Allahabad . BALASUBRAMANIAN. 22933004.V. Hyderabad .in.. balki.iisc@gmail. IISc Campus. Delhi University. 30612501(O). Tel. Computational Electromagnetics/ Information Security/High Performance Computing. 6th Main Road. The Wellcome Trust Research Laboratory. DQ 19. Plot 41. Website : www. (080) 23600325(O). Delhi 110 Shantipuram. dbala@operamail.res. Professor (Sir Shankar Lal Chair). New E-3. Sp. Bangalore-560012. Indian Institute of Science. Malleswaram.560012.iisc. Res. Habshiguda. Number Theory. Gopal (b. No. Email: balki@serc. 23602300(R). FAMS. Phaphamau. Fax : 23600535. Res.iisc. R. Jhunsi. Molecular Biophysics Unit. Tel. 2252879(R).iisc. Res. U. Res. FIETE.560054. Fax: 2447032. FNA. Guruthoppu. (0532) 2274319(O). Indian Institute of Science. Kunissery Ananthasubramanian (b. Sp. 1970) Bangalore 09793760000(M).211019. Res. Sathuvachari. FASc.V. Fax : 2567748. UPRTOU.1952) Ph.1945) Ph. Website: www. Fax : 2282486. 1950) Ph. Bangalore-560012. Hyderabad . Bangalore . Harish Chandra Research Institute. 23600114(R). Sp. Ida Scudder Road. Enclave.632009. Department of Gastrointestinal Sciences. ITI Layout. Bangalore . BALARAM. 09880450577(M). Email: uprtou@yahoo. Ashok Kumar (b. L. Allahabad ..560012.500034. FASc. (040) 23543652. Harish Chandra Research Institute. Ramaiah Nagar. FTWAS. Physical Chemistry/ Theoretical Polymer Chemistry.560003. II Street. Email : dbala@lvpei. (0532) 2447028(O). Staff Qtrs. 40. Shantipuram. BALASUBRAMANIAN. Christian Medical College. Vellore . 1961) Ph. Professor.FASc. (Columbia). Tel. Chemistry Dept.D. FNAE. 23602838(R). Tel. BALAKRISHNAN. Flat 2. 13th Cross. 1939) Ph. Professor . Molecular Biophysics Unit.. Road No.serc.P.500007. Sai Enclave. Aerospace Engineering & Supercomputer Education and Research Centre. 1949) Ph. Dorairajan (b. Jhunsi.632004. FNA. M. VC Residence.iisc. Res. Email : ramki@hri. Phase (080) 22933219(O). Gastro-intestinal Biochemistry/Oxidative Stress and Pathophysiology. Allahabad . Formerly Professor of Biochemistry. Padmanabhan (b. Sp. Chhatnag Road. Phaphamau Allahabad-211013. wlbalu@hotmail.211019. Plot No. Rajarshi Tandon Open University (UPRTOU). Email: welcome@ cmcvellore.. Tel. Ocular Biology/ Biochemistry. Structural Biology/Molecular Biophysics.211013. Director of Research. Email: pb@mbu. Bioorganic Chemistry/ Molecular Biophysics.D. Fax: 22933438. Sp. Prasad Eye Institute. Sector F. 49. Vellore . Sector-F. Professor.D. Ramakrishnan (b.ernet. Fax : 23600535. Email : bgopal@mbu. 2274019(R). (080) 22932337(O). Banjara Hills. FASc. (0416) 2282052(O). Res. Tel. 09935422987(M). Associate Sri Guru Vanam. 27174787(R).

res. Taramani.700054.. Website: imsc. Res. 1275 Sector Professor. FRSC(Lond. 1925) Ph.). Charan Singh University. R.res.700032. Fax : 2768196. director@imsc. Sp. Fax: 26742125.1964) Ph.res. Tel. Formerly Email: akhil@nii. Sp. Formerly Sir Rashbehary Ghose Professor of Kolkata .600042. 09818717833(M).. FASc. Res. vc@smvdu. Chandigarh-160019. Meerut . Director. BANDYOPADHYAY.Sc. Uday (b. Chennai . Inorganic Chemistry/ Coordination Chemistry/Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms. Ram Prakash (b. Tel. 1951) Ph. BANDYOPADHYAY. (b. Fax : 24735197.D. Golden Avenue. FAMS. HIV-1/AIDS.1951) Ph. Sp. Akhil Chandra (b. Professor Tel. Bagmari Road. 23378681(R). Sp. (033) 24733491(O). (Cantab). Res... FNAAS.250 004. 6. BAMBAH. Ramachandran (b. Professor and ViceChancellor.K. FNA.T.D. Email : bambahrp@rediffmail.D. Scientist. 09968131434(M). Debabrata (b. Email: banerjeas2005@yahoo. 10. D. Road. Mullick Road.D. B. BANERJEA.Tel. Sp. Distt. Meerut .250 004.. Council : 2006 BALYAN.. Indian Institute of Chemical Email : bamezai@hotmail. 26467081(R).in. Sp. Fax : 25783357. Ch. Tel. National Institute of Immunology. Biology of Malaria Parasite/Apoptosis and Cell Signalling/Free Radical Biology. Sanghamitra (b. Email : sanghami@isical. 1956) Ph. Kolkata . Hooghly . 22543200(O). Gene Therapy. Genetics /Human Genetics. 09412515497(M). University Campus. (033) 23596726. Tel. Sc.res. Tel. C. Fax : 285573. 9840017480(M). . ubandyo_1964@yahoo.. Ch.(Cantab).700108.. Village & Post Office . Chennai . 22591626(R). 68/1.110067. Scientist. FNA. Email : hsbalyan@gmail..1929) Ph. Indian Statistical Institute. 1951) Ph.C. New Delhi . Council : 95-98 BAMEZAI. Fax : 22541586. Institute of Mathematical Sciences.D. Calcutta University. Charan Singh (033) 25753114(O). Jammu & Kashmir. Professor and Dean Faculty of Agriculture. 2763564(R).res.D. Bioinformatics/Soft Computing/Pattern Recognition. Email : Harindra Singh (b. Howrah . Dingshai Para Road. Velachary. Panjab University. akhil_banerjea@yahoo. Machine Intelligence Unit. Laboratory of Virology. Iswar Chandra Nibas. Email: balu@imsc.N. Kolkata . 09474003048(M). 203. FNA. (01991) 285686(O). Flat A-4/6.711201. 1968) Ph.. 26703615(R). BANERJEA.600113. FNA. AB-3. 09417224863(M). Bally.Dingalhati. (0121) 2768195(O).FTWAS. (044) 22541267(Direct). Tel. Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding. Number Theory. 4 Raja S. FAST. Number Theory/ Discrete Geometry. (0172) 2724863(R). Division of Infectious Diseases & Immunology. Genetics/ Plant Breeding/Crop Biotechnology. (011) 26703616(O). Shri Mata Vaisno Devi University (SMVDU) Katra182320. Res.90 1992 1996 1978 1999 2010 2008 2001 1979 Year Book 2015 BALASUBRAMANIAN.

Near Vrindavan Soc. Mathematics Dept. Sp. Formerly Director..411008.Fellows 1996 1953 2001 1996 1991 2001 1980 2000 1997 91 BANERJEE.S. Pune. (033) 2335-5705 to 08(O). Fax : (020) Physics (High Energy Physics). Sector-III.res.D.Sc. Dipankar (b. (033) 23371498(R). 33. Formerly Senior Professor. Professor. Fax : 23353477. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences.N. Formerly Dean. Email : rabin@bose. 58A. Kolkata. Res. Sp.General Virology/ Immunology of Viruses/Viral Epidemiology. (b.htm1. BANERJEE. Email : haridas. 7. D. Professor. BANERJEE. Res. Tel. Manju (b. Res..Sc.D. Email : dr_k_banerjee20@yahoo. 140. Tel. BANERJEE. Dept. Sp. Shimla.B. (033) 24753680(O). Calcutta University. (033) Tel. Email: manjubanerjee@ rediffmail. Indian Institute of Science. Professor. Pune. Behala.D. Website : http://boson. Kolkata . FNA. Summer Hills. Kalyan (b. Email: ranajitb@yahoo. Associate Professor. Rabin (b. Pashan 36. Salt Lake. Kolkata. FASc. Physical Metallurgy. Block JD. Sp. Arun Baran (b. Professor & Head. Sp. Department of Biochemistry. (033) 24130396(R). Tel.. NCL Road.F. D. Formerly Professor.ernet. Res. Hydrodynamic & Hydromagnetic Stability. Haridas (b. Kolkata. National Institute of Virology. Biochemistry/Microbiology/Antibiotics. Faculty of Science. Block Y.Tel. IICB.700106. PGH Shah Road. Kolkata700032. 1938) Ph. Palaeobotany/Palaeopalynology/ Biostratigraphy/Environment. Sp.banerjee@saha. Flat No. Tel. Kolkata . "Nature's Nest".iisc. 1943) Ph.D. Molecular Enzymology /Cell Biology. BF-79. Mihir B. 1937) M. Teacher’s Flats. 09831436793(M).Al-Fateh University. Department of Materials Engineering.205. . FNAE. Res. Res. University of Calcutta.700064.. Mathematics Department.1944) Ph. IB-70. FNA. BANERJEE. Ranajit Kumar (b. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.. 1938) D. A-1A/5-6. Faculty of Science. 08888538970(M).. S.D. Flat No.560012. FAMS.. NC Choudhury Road. Salt Lake.Tripoli (Libya). Sp.D.700 019. Formerly Scientist G & Head. Rajendra Banerjee Road. Tel.23974831(R).N. of Physiology.res. ‘Arpan’.09831478470(M).. 1G. 1935) Shimla-171 005. Bangalore . Kolkata . FNA. S. BANERJEE. 1952) Ph. Sector .700098. Res.. BANERJEE. 35. Email: dbanerjee@materials. 07259185940(M). High Energy Physics (Theory). (080) 22932558(O). Salt 1955) Ph.S. Department of House No. FASc. Sopan Bang.Email:banerjee19 38@yahoo. HP University. Kolkata-700034. Kolkata . BANERJEE. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences. Sp. University College of Science.D. 23358398(R). Ballygunge Circular

Formerly Professor & Head. Bangalore . 09450911291(M). BARC. Plant Biotechnology Division. banasok@yahoo. Fluid Dynamics/Boundary Layer Theory/Differential Equations/Jet Flow/Tensor Analysis. FNA. Mohanpur Campus.700075. Mumbai .in. (0522) 2718628(O). Sp. 1946) PhD. Opp. Email : 094. (0141) 2220100(O). Formerly Professor. Lucknow . Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Biotechnology/Cell and Tissue Engineering/In-vitro Secondary Metabolite Production. Survey Park.ernet.banerjee@ gmail. 103. Email: sbanerjee@barc. FMASc. FRSC. B7/170 Kalyani. 09895527851 (M). Kailash Chander Ph. BARC. Suchitra (b. Sanjay Nagar. 23600683. Sp..D. BARC. (033) 25025380(R) s.banerjee@cimap. Amrita University. Indian Institute of Science. Kolkata. Fax : 23600535. University of Rajasthan. Amrita School of Biotechnology. 1938) Ph. Email : mb@mbu. 1st Main Road. Tel.690525. 12. th DAE Homi Bhabha Chair Professor. (022) 25505333(O). (0476) 2896318. Physical Metallurgy/Electron Microscopy. A-4-19.D. FNA.741235. Pusa Campus. Asoke (b. 27549099(R). Bioorganic Chemistry. Amritapuri Campus. A/6. Professor. FNAAS.D. Tel. Chemistry Department. National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources. Distinguished Professor.. Mumbai & Raja Ramanna Fellow (DAE). (011) 25843697(O).. Organic Chemistry-Particularly Synthetic Organic Trombay. Central Complex. Res. . BANSAL. FIEEE. C-2. Ramoni Apartments.226015. Ajmer Road. Jaipur-302 004. D. Lucknow . Shyam Nagar. Tel. PO . 09845237560 (M). Tel.D.CIMAP. BANERJI. FTWAS. 4 Floor. BANERJEE. Jawahar Lal (b.rer. FNAE. 09432598503(M). Director. 20/15.560 012. Krishna Dulal ( 09929107039(M). Res. Sp. Email: kdb380@yahoo. WB 741246. Sp.nat. Bioorganic Division. Fax : 25842495. Tel.D. FASc. 1926) Ph. Res.226016. Ratnapuri. kcbansal27@ gmail. 1950) Ph. Bangalore . . BANSAL. director@nbpgr. Res. Tel. Fax : 2342666. New Delhi– 110012. Tel. CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. AECS Email : soumitro. FNAE. P. 2220200(R). Molecular Biophysics/Structural & Computational Biology. Fax : 25505333.92 2002 2014 2013 1996 1974 1986 2009 1998 Year Book 2015 BANERJEE. FNA. Professor.. Sp. Email : suchitrabanerjee07@yahoo. Nonlinear Dynamics/ Chaos Theory. Email : profbansal@gmail. Dean. Manju (b. Bhagalpur University.res. 1935) Dr. 09999105667(M). Soumitro (b. (033) 24160380(R).com. Santoshpur. Chief Scientist.G. 1960) PhD. Faculty of Science & Principal Maharaja's College. Mathematics Department. Nadia . BANERJEE. Tel. Molecular Biophysics Unit. FTWAS. 09833602494(M). Sp. Email: banerjiasoke@gmail. Bhagalpur812007. Srikumar (b. Flat No. (080) 22932534(O). Kollam Dist. Jaipur-302 006.Sc. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research. Department of Physical Sciences. 1956) Ph.iisc. DIC. BANSAL. Formerly Head. Indira Nagar.. (Gottingen). 2351023(R). FASc.

IIT Kharagur Campus. Haryana-122050. 1965) Ph. Kharagpur . Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. BARMA. (059) 24240077. Parametric Statistical Inference/ (0231) 2609365(O). 09319731160(M). Distinguished Professor. Tel. Sp. Ayanendranath ( BAQUER. Sunny House. New 283301(R).ac. National Brain Research Centre. Organic Chemistry/ Medicinal Chemistry. Tel. Res.721302.O. Bhujbal Baug. Salt Lake. Email : anirban@nbrc. FNA. 09811652935(M).Fellows 2010 2003 1997 1985 1998 2010 2011 2008 93 BAPAT. D. 2845249(R). D. Mustansir (b. Mumbai .in. Eco-Options Professor. FNSI. Dean (Faculty) and Professor. Email: vabapat@gmail. Sp. Fax : 25773104.. Fax : 2338910.State). Karvenagar. 22021154(R). Dept. 1940) Ph. FNA. Najma Zaheer (b.T. 25454460(R). Department of Chemistry. Jodhpur. Manesar. Vishwas Anant (b. (03222) 283300(O). Said Nagli. Email: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. 26503609(R). 4501(O). Kolhapur. Near NSG Campus.721302. 8.400 005. Res. Haryana-122050.D. FASc. A-22.(Oxon). (011) 26704501 Ext. Formerly Scientist F (Additional Director).700108. District : Amroha . Tel. Pune 411007. 23359630(R). Qaiser Husain (b. Purbachal Phase II. Mereweather Road. Tel. FASc. 1947) Ph. Kharagpur . Fax : 22804501. FZSI.tifr. Flat 4RA-6/3. FTWAS. School of Life Sciences.D.D.(Penn. 1962) Ph.D. Vidyanagar. Bayesian and Interdisciplinary Research Unit. Email : barma@theory. Sp. Tehsil : Hasanpur. Fax : 282252. D. Kolkata . Tel. Road. (033) 25752806(O). . Email : ayanbasu @isical. Email: absk@chem. Tel. NBRC Campus. Res.D. (020) 25708074. Department of Biotechnology. Aya Nagar. Scientist. iitkgp. Pune . BAQRI. 25708089(O). Sharmila Avadhut (b.Sc. 1950) Ph. Phase V.D. 103. Metabolic Regulation/ Aging Brain 09420775733(M). Sp.D. (0124) 2845225(O). Mumbai . Sp...700097. (022) 22782306(O).411007. Emeritus Professor. New Delhi-110047. Revati Enclave. 202B. BAPAT. National Centre for Cell Science. of Theoretical Physics.res. Amit (b. 1952) Ph.. Email : sabapat@nccs. Indian Statistical Nematology (Taxonomy and Ecology of Plant & Soil Nematodes). Res. BASU.Statistical Physics. FNAAS. Email : nzbaquer@hotmail. Fax: 2691533. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Neurobiology/ Neurovirology/Molecular Medicine. Additional Professor. Zoological Survey of India. Homi Bhabha Road. INSA Senior Scientist. Sp.ernet. 1968) Ph. Anirban (b. Tel. NCCS Complex. Ganeshkhind.. Res. Sp. Shivaji University. Sp.400039. 203 B. Fax : 26503978.. Plant Sciences/Agriculture.ayanendranath. 4. P. BASU. Res. Res. Molecular & Cell Biology.Phil. Kolkata .D.1944) Ph. BASAK.. Faculty of Agriculture. Biomembrane Division.560094.D. Mullick Road. Madhab Chatterjee Street. Tel. Sp. 09482570341(M).D.282001. Host-parasite Interaction / Model Membranes/Targeted Delivery System. Formerly ViceChancellor.226 020. BASU. (b.C. Sp. FNA.Div. ubappmath@caluniv. FASc. Fax : Ferm.Sc. Uma (b. (080) 22933256(O). Kolkata .D. 1939) Ph. Dr. University of Calcutta. Kolkata .700020. “Punascha”. FAScT. F-8 Sector %0. 44 Old Idgah Colony. Sandip Kumar (b. PROSADPUR HOUSE. 19/D. Sitapur Road Yojana. Chemical and Material Technology. Email : bikram@mrc.. 24753293(R).com. Kolkata-700039.MMB-1/62. BASU CHAUDHARY. PB No. Picnic Park. 2361261(R). Banaras Hindu University. 93-96 Mem. Noida . Tel. Rajendra Road. Molecular Biology/Microbial Genetics/ Biochemistry.ernet. FASc. Chemical Engineering/Biochemical Engineering. Dr.Tech. Res. Kolkata. Raja S. Fluid Mechanics/Dynamical Oceanography/ Dynamical Meteorology.iisc. K. Res. Plant Physiology/Seed Physiology. Formerly Director Grade Scientist & Head. Res.Res. 23501397(O). Road. 09830044776(M). Varanasi.Lucknow-226001. Council : V. EV-013.. FNA. Tel. Biresh Guha Street. Sp. 22413222.D. Central Drug Research Institute. Email: sandipkbasu@gmail. Kolkata . BASU. A. (033) 24750958(R). Sagar Presidency. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.D.Tech. 09891498821(M). 97-98 G. Indian Institute of Science. FRSC( 1A. Kolkata . Sp. Bangalore. 93/1. Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). 2404836(R). Council : Mem. 26 C. Fax : 23519755. 1973) Ph. Res. Tel.. (0562) 274376(R). 409040(R). 97 BASU. Sector-B. (033) 2413288(O).Aliganj. Dept.700017.700009.700032. 1944) PhD. 99-2000 BASU. Res. 1949) . Kolkata . Email: mukulkbasu @gmail. Lucknow . Tel. Mukul Kumar (b. Rathindra Narayan (b. 23031144(O). Cellular and Molecular Microbiology of Mycobacteria. of Applied Mathematics. Samar Kumar (b. Bose Institute. 09831320967(M). Ph. 782.C. Materials Research Centre. Professor. Picnic Garden Road.S. Res. APC Road. 92. Professor. 1931) Formerly Professor of Plant Pathology & Dean. Email: joyoti@jcbose.. Seed/ Soilborne Diseases. Sp.D. Vignanapura Campus.201301.D. Joyoti (b. JC Bose Chair Distinguished Professor. Tel. FASc. (033) 4. NASI. Kolkata 700009. Department of Fax: New BEL Road. BASU..700020.1957) Ph. FTWAS. 92.C. (033) 23031153. Bikramjit (b. Sp.P. Tel.94 2013 1980 2002 1993 1995 1995 1990 2004 Year Book 2015 BASU. 1938) M. Sp.). Agra . joyoti@vsnl. Associate Professor. (0522) 2224198(O). Res.. Calcutta University.1937) Ph.173. Bangalore 560012.196/F/8. Formerly Scientist ’G’. Email : basuuma1@rediffmail.. Tel.

(b. Institute of National Resources and Human Environment.res. (0522) 2788517(R). OrganometallicChemistry/Catalysis/Sustainable Chemistry.. Belmont. BELSARE. Janendra Kumar ( Sp. Res. IIT Kanpur. General & Comparative Endocrinology/ Environmental Science/ Comparative Biochemistry. Fax: 25726895. Sp. 1960) Ph. 30.110016. Institute Chair Professor.N.D.).110 067. 2361421(R). Hauz Khas Enclave.M. Jha Marg.400030. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Deputy Director. Distinguished Professor. 9820605364(M). Professor. A.. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Raj (b. PhD(Lond.MS. FASc. Worli. F-14.. 09871499411(M).). (022) 25767207(O). House No.nic. Department of Biology. Chemical Engineering. Medicinal Chemistry Division. Formerly Dy.S. Email : jbera@iitk. Samayantak. C-132. Kanpur .PhD. Sp. Mumbai. Fax : 26742125. University of Massachusetts Boston. Lucknow-226020. 09956390490(M): Fax : 2597436. MMB1/52. Sp. Obstetrics and Gynecology. Pediatrics Gastroenterology / Pediatrics Infectious Diseases & Nutrition. BAVEJA. Tel. Email: jb@iitb. Department of Biotechnology. M.DGO. Jitendra Kumar (b. New Delhi . (011) 26703739(O). Lucknow 226020. MA 02179..Fellows 1997 2000 1990 2005 1980 2014 1992 1977 2004 95 BATRA. Res. Tel. Devidas Kisan Rao Director.S.D. Boston. Tel. Email : janendra@nii. Powai. BAWA. 1934) MBBS. Tel. Sp. USA. Formerly Secretary to the Government of India. . Sp. BELLARE... Kolag Road.211002.O. FNA. Res. Res. 4KI. 1947) MD. Formerly Scientist (Director-Grade). P. Mumbai ..208016. 2598450(R). (0522) 2224273(O). 1940) Ph.1957) Ph. National Institute of Immunology.D. Medicinal Chemistry. New Delhi . Department of Chemistry. Kamala Nehru Post Graduate Institute.D. Res. 44-1318 Adarsh Nagar MIG.K.208016. Obstetrics & Gynecology Dept. (b. FASc. MA 02179. 42 Bacon Road. Res. Director. Bhopal-462 016. 4893481(R). Allahabad .in. Tel. FAMS. Natural Products/ Bioorganic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry/ Marine Natural Products. Amiya Prasad (b. BHAN. Sp. 1930) DPhil. U. New Delhi. BHADURI. Cryo EM & Optical Microscopy/Nanotechnology/Biomedical devices. (0532) 2460226(Hospital). 4066. Central Drug Research Institute. (0512) 2597336(O). Sp. BHAKUNI. Kanpur .bawa@umb. 2468570(R).400076. Email : mkbhan@dbt. DSc(Lond. George Town (Near Jagat Taran Degree College). New Delhi .in. Sitapur Road Scheme. Dewan Singh (b. Allahabad. CDRI. 1968) Ph. Nirala Nagar. (617) 2876600(O). Lucknow. Formerly Professor & Head. Jayesh Ramesh (b. Res. Population Biology/Ecology/ Evolution. Tel. MLN Medical College. Kamaljit S. National Institute of Immunology.110 067. Lucknow. FNA. Allahabad & Formerly Director. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. BERA. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Box 31. H6. 26703546(R). Email : kamal. 1939) Ph. Molecular Biology. Tel.

co. Space Physics 5/97/1. Director.D. FNA. Kartikeya Nagar. Tel. UP. 2562330(O).com. Narendra (b. 011-26593322(O) Sp... Chandigarh. SGPGIMS. FAHA.110029.S. Ansari Nagar. com. Dwaipayan (b.96 2002 1999 1994 2011 2014 2014 2007 Year Book 2015 BHANDARI.. New Delhi .500007. Email : nnbhandari@yahoo. FAMS. 48202. Urologist & Senior Bio-Scientist. Sp.. 434. Sagar Presidency. Professor. Tel. M. Mall Jagadeesh (b. Fax : 541132. New Delhi. 2011-12 . Lucknow. Medicine/Cardiology. 1-800436-7936(O). Meenakshi Arcade. FACC. Nacharam. BHANDARI. Res. Tel. 27178629(R). Department of Mathematics. Council : Urology and Kidney Transplantation. Res. Email: akb@pu. 2. Planetary Science/Space Science. Trivandrum . 1959) Sp. 1961) MBBS. Detroit. MI. Senior Principal Scientist. b_jagadeesh@yahoo. Trivandrum .com. Sp. (0172) 534506(O). BHARATAM. M. Cardiothoracic Sciences Fax : DM. SGPGIMS & Professor of Eminence. (040) 27193976(O). Hyderabad . Navrangpur. FASc. 1941) Ph. Tel. 734620(R). Fax : 26314900. Ashwani Kumar (b. Hyderabad .D. Genomics & Molecular Medicine Unit. 09824077890(M). diabetesigib @gmail. Email : balrambhargava@yahoo. CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology. anil_bhardwaj@ vssc. 2799 West Grand Boulevard. Urology and Renal Transplantation. (0471) 2563663. Mahendra (b. Anil (b. Email : psa_vmu@yahoo.B. 41750574(R). Nilima Flats. Chandigarh160014. Sp. Res. Panjab University. Sector 50.Ch. Sp. Fax : 2706535. F-8.D.B. MD.Magnetic Resonance. (Urology). Nuclear Geophysics/Astrophysics. 09866121601(M). CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.S. Heera Havens.res. UlloorAkkulam Road.. Formerly Director. Res. 27160512. Ahmedabad 380009. Tel. Res. (079) 26314266(O). Email : db@igib. Stanford India Biodesign Centre. 10-D. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. Mani Majra. Email : bhardwaj_spl@yahoo. 1945) M. 1967) Ph.res. Chemical Sciences . Tel. balrambhargava@gmail.695022. Mathematics/Algebra. Human Genetics/Epigenetics/ Biochemistry. (0120) 2468763. 27912332(R). Sp.S. Delhi . 09947149290(M). Email : bj@iict. Centre for NMR & Structural Chemistry. Flat No. FNA. Tel.D. Principal FAMS. 1964) Ph. Ulloor. Housing Professor. BHARADWAJ. BHANDARI. 27191601(O).. Noida. Asiad Village. 201.(Surg. Balram (b. BHARDWAJ.. INSA Honorary Scientist. BHARGAVA.). 2555168(R). Henry Ford Hospital.763. FASc. Fax : 27193108. Executive Director. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Department of Cardiology. Res. (011) 27662172(O).1957) Ph. Fax: 26588663.110007. Delhi University Campus.

D. Supramolecular Chemistry. Res.D.110017. FISAS Professor. A-12/3.M. Res. Res. Council : Mem. Sahukar Channayya Road.I. Res. Scientific Officer G. Uppal Road. Professor & Head. Director. Hyderabad 500007. BHASIN. Sp. Mysore 570009. Chandigarh. Habshiguda. Mumbay . Vinod Kumar (b.E. FAMS.. sribhargava@hotmail. (0172) 747585 Ext. Achikanath Chirakkara (b. Formerly Professor and Head. Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology. Formerly Professor & Head of Mathematics Department. Panjab University. (022) 25593771(O). Department of Pharmacology. FIAC. Division of Plant Physiology. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Res. M. Tel.bhargava@gmail. 1950) Ph. PhD(Lond.E. Email : kkbhasin@ pu. (011) 26847706.D. Mysore. 09811110435(M). 79. Fax : 745078. Saket. Ph. Sp.279/323(O). . (011) 26511303. Suresh Chandra (b. 5. New Friends New Delhi. Purnima (b. Email : bkac@barc. Radio-diagnosis/MedicalEducation/Hospital Administration. Chandigarh . Chandigarh . FIPS. University of Mysore. Srinivasamurthy (b.160023.. Tel. A-103. Kuldip K..(USA). FNAAS.G. Sp. Department of Chemistry & Centre of Advanced Studies in Chemistry. New Delhi . 744401.Sc. Sector 49-B. Medical College. Fax : 25505151. Res. Second Stage. Mumbai . Hyderabad500007. Scientist G. AIIMS. 1654. (0172) 2534407(O). BHARGAVA.R. Shimla. Sp. New Delhi.Anushakti Nagar. BHARGAVA. Sector 24-A.. Professor Emeritus and Formerly Director. Trombay.Fellows 2007 1991 1999 1991 1998 2011 2010 97 BHARGAVA. Email : MD. 710487(R). Tel. 09880692580(M). 1930) MD. Abu. 09969620429(M). Chandigarh.(USA). Medical Education and Principal I.).gov. Indian Agril. 27174749(R). FICC. 26525579(R). (0821) 2544076(R). Tel..160012. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/ Eukaryotic Transcription and Gene Expression/Chromatin and Epigenetics. 09704183882 (M). 90-91. Gangotri Layout. Res..400094. FCRSI.FAMS.400085. Fax : 27160591. Plant Physiology/Crop Physiology/ Physiology of Flowering. Block N-19D. Email : srinivasamurthyb@yahoo. Tel. Email : purnima@ccmb. Kakatiya Nagar. 1940) B. bhargavavinod@yahoo. Radiation & Photochemistry Sneh (b.(Holland). Tel. 1939) MBBS. 1955) Ph. P. 08. FASc. (b.2008-09 V. 2631045(R).D. Email : bhargavavk@hotmail. Tel. 2013-14 BHARGAVA. Pushpac Complex. Fax : 2545074. Pharmacology/Medical Education. New Delhi. Research Photochemistry Ultrafast Absorptions & Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry. 25569453(R).. (040) 27192603(O). Works of Srinivasa Ramanujan/Complex Function Theory/ Optimization and Control Theory.110 065.G. 1967) Ph. 1936) D. FNA.

Prem Kumar (b. nd RMV 2 Stage. 17. Fluid Mechanics/Magnetohydro-dynamics/ Plasma Dynamics/Astrophysics. 1946) M. 1964) PhD. Tandon's 90th Birthday Lecture AwardNat. Email: manojkbhat@nccs.560094.. Indian Institute of th rd Science. Vashi. Fax: 27666744. Laboratory No. Sp. Email : vijaypbhatkar@gmail. National Institute of Plant Genome Research. Jodhpur. Chairman. (020) 25708066(O). 1937) PhD(USA). FASc. Computer Science. FIMA(U. Navi Mumbai 400703. 25692691(R). 27667736(R). 65001010(R). 116. Vijay P.Acad. Bangalore . Res. Sp.ernet. Satish Chander (b. (0120) 2579627(O). Sp. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry/Plant Growth and Development. BHATIA.).. FNA. FASc. NCCS PO Box 10531. 29-30. Jodhpur . FACM. FNAVSc.D. Scientist F. UP.. Delhi . Tel. Condensed Matter Physics/EPR/NMR. Sector 9-A.98 2011 1987 1998 1991 1989 2014 1995 2005 Year Book 2015 BHAT. R. Formerly Professor & Head. manojkbhat@yahoo. Ministry of Science & Technology. Tel.. 8 Cross. I-Space. Email: scbhatla@hotmail. Pune 411021. 1962) Ph.res. Genetics & Plant Breeding/Biotechnology/Agriculture.c.). Manoj Kumar ( Pune University Campus. 1-C. Sp.560012. Tel. BHATIA. Tel. FNAAS.110007. 34A. 6 National Centre for Cell Science. FNAAS. UP. Pune University Campus.K. Pune – 411008. UGC BSR Faculty Fellow. Cavalry Lane. Ph. Tel.). Noida.No. FNA. Bangalore . (022) 27655178. Cooperative Housing Society. 09845557534(M). Cell Biology/Cancer Chemotherapy/Metabolic Disorders. 3 Main. Chairman. Delhi . FIEEE.. 1955) Ph. Chittranjan (b. FNAE. New Pali Road. Sp. FRAS(Lond. Res. 2. F-64. Sector 40.iisc. BHAT. D. Email : chittranjan. Sabhyata (b. 09818737090(M). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. University of Delhi.Sc. Bhagat-Ki-Kothi Extn.D. (020) 40162201(O). 205.D. Award : Prof. 23410312(R). Department of Biotechnology.bhatia@yahoo.110067..D. Sp. of India. Tel. Subray Venkatraman (b. 1937) Ph. BHATLA. Res. 27895178(R). New Delhi . Pashan Road. Faculty of Science. Fax: Pushkar Nath (b. Res. #132. D. (080) 22932727(O). Gautam Budh Nagar. Professor. Noida.110007. (011)-27666744(O).. Staff Scientist V. 51 Bavdhan Off Mumbai-Bangalore Bypass. .N.res. Formerly Secretary. Panchavati. Res. BHATIA. Department of Mathematics & Statistics and Dean. Pune – 411007. pnbhat@airtelmail. Animal Genetics & Breeding. Fax : 40162203. Vrindavan No. Email : India (1993).. Jai Narayan Vyas University. Ganeshkhind Pune – 411007. NCCS Colony. Plot No. World Buffalo Trust.Sci. Rohini. Sector 40. Sp. ETH Research Lab. Res. (011) 26883749. Tel. Department of Gautam Budh Nagar. A-3/8. D1/SPL. NCCS Complex. North com. Ganeshkhind. FTWAS.(h. (b. 1945) Ph. C/9.342 001. BHATKAR. svbhat@gmail. S. Department of 1936) Ph. Flat No. Govt. University of Delhi (North Campus). Fax : 23602602 Email : svbhat @physics. Email: pnbhat@bol. (0291) 2721693(R). Res. F-64.

Fax: 26742040. 27431016(R). 1932) V. Fax : 26588376. .in. New Delhi-110001.(Toronto). Babar Road. Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease & Nutrition Research. JA/4B.T. JNU. 09949043356(M). Email : akbhatnagar49@gmail. FNA. University of Delhi. 1942) Ph. Colonel. akbsp@ uohyd.. Email : col_bhat nagar@hotmail.FNAVS. FASc. Hyderabad .. 23013200(O).D.D. Delhi . 419. 108. Professor. 1951) Ph. Organic Chemistry/ Industrial Chemistry/Bio-Organic Chemistry /Science Management.. School of Physics. 35. Pondicherry University. University of Hyderabad.Div. Physiology of Reproduction/High Altitude Physiology. 64538631(R). Tel. 1921) Ph. Res. BHATNAGAR. Infantry Road Cross. 26491981(R). Block. Dept. Ph. 2005-06. School of Biotechnology..110052. 8860305370(M). (011) 26588822.V.1425(O).D. (UK). Blue Cross Chambers. 23013200. 10. Room No. 1 Floor. BHATNAGAR. Indiranagar.500046.bhatnagar@ gmail. Res. (080) 25283864.(Lond). Dakshinapuram. Tel. shinjini. Tel. F. BHATNAGAR. Near Nursing College. Pediatrics/Pediatric Gastroenterology. Rakesh (b. Email:surendra@blr.Chem.M.Fellows 1981 2009 1978 2005 1965 2007 1987 99 BHATNAGAR. Sp. FICC.(Maryland). Professor. Reproductive Biology/ Systematics/Environmental Email : shinjini_bhatnagar@rediffmail. Sp. 26742258(R)..Inst. Defence Colony. Tel. Brentwood Apts. C. Anil K. Ashok Vihar-1. 26742040.110067. New Delhi 110067.D.D.Phys. New Delhi 110075. Surendra Prasad (b. Fax : 23010227. 1949) Ph. NASI Senior Res. 1960) Ph. 2nd Main.110049. Sp. Email : anilb42@gmail. 09971152004(M). Formerly Vice-Chancellor. 26704715(Lab).1.Old Janki Apartments. 26593290(O). (011) 27667725 Extn.. (040) 23134301.D. 418 Hawa Singh Block.. Sp. FRSC.). Formerly Joint Director RVS. Plot 7. Council : Mem. Department of Botany.560038.New Delhi-29. Bangalore . BHATNAGAR. Flat No. Shanti Swaroop (b. ( Chemicals & Plastics India Ltd & Director. 26588663. Asian Games Village. Ashok Kumar (b. of Pediatrics.&C. 1941) Ph. 2012-13 Email: rakeshbhatnagar@ jnu. Drachem Speciality Chemical Ltd. A-203. Solid State Physics/Low Temperature Physics/Thin Films/ Materials Science. Phys. Delhi . Tel.Tel.vsnl. (011) 26704079.D. New Delhi .AIIMS. Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases/ Vaccine Development/ Bioinsecticides. 26491971. Shinjini (b. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Dwarika. BHATNAGAR.Sc. Res.. 09871750931(M). New Delhi . Sp. Bangalore-560 001. President (Fine Chem. Indian Army. Raman Spectroscopy. M. (011) 23412445(R). No.110007. 09810291559. 09810376885(M). Colonel Vinod Krishna (b. Sector 22. Professor. Tel.

Ph. Ganeshkhind. Mihir Kumar (b. Indian Statistical Institute. Dipankar (b. A/E-4/1 Jyangra. Tel.T. Tel. AA-218. Kolkata .B. 418 Hawa Singh Block.. M. 203. Computer Science & Engineering/ VLSI Design/Nanotechnology.S. mkbidh@yahoo. 2015BHATTACHARYA. Bhargab B. 2274001(R).. DPhil(Oxon. 26593573(O).. FASc. (033) 25753003(O). IVRI (UP).110049. Professor & Head. 25604403(R). ernet. Formerly Director. Salt Lake City. Professor & Director. FASc.. Jhunsi. FAMS. HB12. (0532) 2274301(O). (011) 26593309. Sp. Sp. Professor. Mathura 281122. Tel.D. Director. Email : dipankar@iucaa. Pune University Campus.1952) PhD(Maryland).700059.700108.D. Chhatnag Road. M. Tel. Email : veereshwarb@hotmail. ACM Unit.B. vsnl..P. 1953) M. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. jayanta. Formerly Head. BHATTACHARJEE. Homi Bhabha Road. 1959) Ph.S.700106. Professor of Computer Science & Engineering. P-33. Pune . Physiology & Pharmacology/ Physiology & Climatology. Fax: 25773035. . Sp. FNAE. Sector I. Fax : 23505066. Critical Phenomena/Turbulence/ Nonlinear Senior Research Officer.411007. 2337-1696(R). Flat . Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics. (b. Jayanta Kumar (b. Makhdoom. Email : jkb@hri. Tel. New Delhi . A-2 Vaishali Apartments. 09919188606(M). 26491981. National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases. Email: bhargab. 23585858(R).411007. Akashganga. 3.1954) M. Res. Sp. Sp. Harishchandra Research Institute. BHATTACHARYA. 1953) All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Road. Pune . Sabyasachi (Shobo).O. bhatta@gmail. Fax : 25604699. 26491971(R). (North Western). FASc & T. High Energy Astrophysics/Computational Astrophysics. B.Ch. BHATTACHARYA. Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases. Clinical Division.B. Kolkata .1935) PhD.res. Ansari Nagar. Res. New Delhi -110029. Scheme XM. BHATTACHARYA. Council : V. Colaba. Nirmal Kanti (b. Kolkata . Ganeshkhind. Allahabad – 211019. CIT Asiad Village Complex. Department of Paediatric Surgery. Salt Lake. BHATTACHARYA. Sp. 111.. Kolkata . (033) 2350-0448/5533 Kolkata . Res.400005. Res. Fax : 26588663. FIMSA.). Farah. Ph. 09923697158(M). 201(O).B. P. Veereshwar (b. FAIS. Paediatric Surgery/ Hepatobiliary-G1 Surgery/Urology. Res. Email: bhmihir@cal2.100 1999 1997 2005 2014 2002 1990 2002 Year Book 2015 BHATNAGAR. Physiology/Embryo Central Institute for Research on Goats. Mumbai . Pune University Campus. FIAPS.S. Beliaghata. (020) 25604210(O).

. 1942) Ph.. Res.sinica. (03463) 261268. G-2. Email: skbhatta1@gmail. Email : bhattacharyasa@gmail. FAScT(WB). Mechanistic. 2781100(R). RMRIMS (Patna). Jorhat-785006.1950) M. bhatta@gate. (0376) 2370012(O). Comparative Endocrinology & Molecular Signaling.jnu. FASc. Vasant Kunj. M. Flat No. Sp.110070. Taipei 11529. Academia Sinica. Kolkata . (011) 26704308(O). . MOWSDW.110067. (03463) 261176(O). Sector 21. Email : sujitkbhattacharya@yahoo. Molecular Biology/ Molecular Parasitology. BHATTACHARYYA. JC Bose National Fellow. IIG. Archana (b. Department of Zoology. 303. Sp. School of Environmental Sciences. 26133295(R).com. (03463) 262838(R). Navi Mumbai .Fellows 1994 2011 1994 2005 2008 1997 2004 101 BHATTACHARYA. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism. Sp. 1952) Ph. Sector 18. Emeritus Scientist. Navi Mumbai . Tel. Sector B-I. Former Director. (0522) 2612411-18 Ext. 1948) Ph. Environmental Toxicology Laboraory. Sudha (b. Sp. 1956) Ph. NICED (Kolkata). 1946) Ph. Email : Shailja (b. FNA. 09619543004(M). 1123. New Panvel.700097. FNA. BHATTACHARYA. Email : abh@iigs. FASc. Sourendra Kumar (b. Mohnesh 3. 262838(R). 205. Diganta Palli. Res.D.D.731235. Santiniketan 731235. Nerul. NASI Senior Scientist. 5. Tel. FASc. FNA. Cellular and Environmental Tel. Gyan Ganga Fax: 261176. Chief Scientist.D. Division of Parasitology.D. Jawaharlal Nehru University.D. 2623405. (Northwestern).400706. Email : bhattacharyashelley@rediffmail. Central Drug Research Institute. 09415010721(M)..res. Upper Atmospheric Studies Division. Sujit Kumar (b. Plot No. Purbachal. 27852717(R).. Fax : 261176.410218. (033) 23356566(R). Tel. shailjacdri@yahoo. Diarrhoeal Diseases/ Leishmaniasis/HIV/AIDS. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (CSIR). Sp. Formerly Director. Formerly Additional Director General..D. (+886-2) 26539885(O). 2004. 27722014(R). Fax: 27833584. Sp. New Delhi .in. Tel.B. Kolkata. Ionospheric Physics/Geomagnetism/Space Weather.D. 405. 179 Faizabad Road. (022) 27484147(O). NASI-Senior Scientist. Parasitology/Experimental Filariasis/Antifilarial Drug Discovery/Vaccine Discovery.731235. Formerly Director. sbjnu110@gmail. Samir (b. Room 1948) Ph. School of Life Sciences. Shelley (b. Tel. 09232374161(M). Fax : 27480762. Res. Email : shailja_cdri@rediffmail. 2009-10 Sp. Salt Lake. School of Life Science. Council : Mem. Council : Mem. Santiniketan. Visva Bharati Santiniketan . and North-East Institute of Science and Technology (CSIR). Centre of Advance Studies in Zoology. FNA.. Visiting Professor.4221/4224. 2011-12 BHATTACHARYA.B. Taiwan. Professor. Lucknow 226001. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. Visva Bharati (A Central University).FASc. Stable Isotope Geochemistry/Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry/ Palaeoclimatology. BHATTACHARYA. New Delhi.S. Cluster VIII. ICMR. New Delhi. Fax: 2623938. Res. Lucknow . BHATTACHARYA. DIC ICMR VIRUS UNIT (Kolkata)..

Ushadevi Narendra (b.D. TIFR. Email : gautam. CAT-RAU Road.D. P. (033) 24734971 Extn. 1949) Kolkata . RSS Agriculture Farm. 286202. Dayalbagh. 1966) Ph. Nuclear Science Centre. 1/AF Bidhan Nagar. Lake Gardens. D-1.(Maryland). BHUSHAN. Sp. Jadavpur. Sant Saran (b. FASc. of Biochemistry. Sp. (b. Hill View Apts. FNA..D.1944) Ph. (0731) 2322707(O). Res. Tel.110067.FNA. 1954) Ph.700054.700047. NGEF Layout. 26891137(R). 1953) Ph.102 1995 2013 2007 1990 1994 2006 2002 2001 Year Book 2015 BHATTACHARYYA. Tel. FASc. Email: rbushfcy@iitr.700032. BHATTACHARYYA.. 285089(R). Email : bhojwani1940@gmail. Lasers/Non-Linear Optics. Roorkee .452013. Director. BHATTACHARYYA.. Email: ranjanbhowmik@gmail. Senior Professor 'H'. Roorkee. Gautam (b. Roorkee . 1940) Ph. Kolkata .com. 569B. FNA. Flat 3B2. Structural Biology/Biochemistry/Molecular Spectroscopy. 26. Plant Tissue Culture/ Reproductive Biology of Flowering Plants/Plant Growth and Development. Fax : 26893666. 24996314(R). BAY Tower. Organic Chemistry/Proteins/ Liquid Chromatography. Sp. BHAWALKAR.700064. Email : pckb@iacs. Tel. Bose Institute. Centenary Campus. Sp. Tel.247667. 24364457(R).T. Email : ddbhawalkar@yahoo. Ltd. 1940) Ph.FNA. Physical Chemistry Department. Former Senior Professor of Mathematics.. 09837308578(M). 271162. P. New Delhi . gautam.D. Mumbai. Nuclear Physics/Electronic Dept. Box 10502.ernet. Kankan (b. Paramanu Nagar. JNU. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Fax : 23553886. Enantiomeric Benguluru – 560038. 09433028531 (M). Ranjan Kumar.D.FASc.sinp@gmail. Co-ordinator. Particle Physics/ Phenomenology. FNA. (033) 23550256. Fax : 24732805. JNU. Bhabatarak (b. 24223812 (R). Kolkata700045..D. Kolkata . Department of Chemistry. ac. 1925 Chak Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. Bennigannahalli. . Professor. Senior Scientist (H). Ravi (b. BHOJWANI. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg.D. Email : bablu@boseinst. 2320031(R). Indore .com.I. 09433071155(M).com. Fax : 23374637.FTWAS.(033) 23375345-49(O). Dayalbagh. Tel..O. rbushfcy@gmail. (011) 26892601(O).Tel. Kolkata 700094.. Res. Res. BHOSLE. Professor. I. Formerly Director. Agra. CChem FRSC. Sp.ernet. Sp. Res. Algebraic Geometry. Dilip Devidas (b. Quantalase Enterprises Pvt. Kolkata . 1947) Ph. Res. Box 10502.110067. Tel. Hiland FASc. 2/58 (2nd Floor). Nuclear Science Centre. IIT-Roorkee. 452. Res.. 3/43 Prem Nagar. Sp. Jal Vayu Towers.res. Res. New Delhi . Naktala.bhattacharyya@saha. (01332) 285795(O). 25693200(O). Dayalbagh Educational Institute. Res. Physical Chemistry/Ultrafast Lasers/ Organized Agra . Distance Education Programme and Technical and Financial Adviser.O. Email: usnabh07@gmail.282005. Fax: 273560. 1450/1461(O).. Sp.

com. 1948) Ph. Tel. Res.147002. Fax: 2430158.. Jyotivihar. Res. Microbiology and Biotechnology. Tel. Tel. Formerly Professor & Ex Vice-Chanceller. Basant Vihar. Ansari Nagar. 094370-51246 (M).in. 1. Gautam (b. Udaya Chand (b. Cytogenetics/Taxonomy/ Morphology/Biosystematics.Fellows 1989 1982 1999 2006 2003 2007 1995 2013 103 BIJLANI.G. 1952) Ph.768019. 09937251246(M). Tel. 1945) Ph.1935) Res. BIR. 1929) Ph. Director & JC Bose National Fellow.S.. Petroleum Geology/ Structure-Tectonics & Stratigraphy. Tel. Thakur Village. Kandivali (East). Ruby-CWing. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Emeritus Scientist. Department of Anatomy.. FPnS. Res. Sp. of Botany.. FBS. Dehradun.B. Department of Computer Science & Engineering. FPbASc. Formerly Director. 2430246(R).D. (0751) 340279(O). Sp. IIT Campus. Computer Science. BISWAS. Kanpur – 208016. BISWAL. Panchsheel Park. 2223773(R).ac. FNA. Formerly Professor of Biotechnology. Sanjib Kumar (b. . BISEN. 2598714(R). Kanpur – 208016. 323259(R). Biodiversity Evaluation and Conservation. (0663) 2432060(O). School of Life Sciences. Gwalior . 1956) PhD. Director.Exploration. FBS. Photosynthesis/ Leaf Senescence/Plant Photoreceptors. 659. Univ. BISWAS..D. FLS. A-5.B. Fax : 2692321. Email : sanjibkbiswas2001@yahoo.768019. (0663) 2430246(R). gtm@iitg. Manauli Deptt. F. Sambalpur University.. Patiala-147001. Somenath. BISWAS. Email : director@iitg. Sambalpur University.. (0512) 2597574(O). (022) 28461593(R). Tel. FNAE. 33-Y. ONGC.. Fax : 2590725. Flat No.Ph.110 Mumbai . Email : prakash_bisen@ hotmail. Veena (b.FAMS. Email : ssbir28@rediffmail. Gwalior . Jyotivihar.ernet. FIE.iitk.Sc. Sp. D.Sc. Sp. Krishna Nagar.D.474005. Biology Enclave.D. Madhav Institute of Technology and Science. (011) 26463271(R). 1933) M.400101. FIFS. 818 A. Sp. Formerly Senior Professor & Founder Head. Email: Res. IIT Kanpur. ernet..768019. (0361) 2690401. Formerly Professor & F. Sp. Biology Prakash Singh (b. Emeritus Professor (Pbi. Punjabi University. Tel. D. Sarmukh Singh (b. Email: basanti_b@hotmail. Res. Senior & Honorary Scientist (INSA).M.S.D.. Fluid Mechanics/ Heat Transfer/Boiling. Jyotivihar . KDM Institute of Petroleum.). Basant Vihar. New Delhi-110 017. Jyotivihar . Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). Sanjay & Rachna Pradhan Chaired Professor. New Delhi . Photobiology/Molecular Biology /Developmental 09839708760(M). FASME.S. BISWAL. Gola Ka Mandir. Tel. ISM House. Basanti (b. 2582005(O). FPSI. Guwahati – 781039. FNA. FASc. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Email : sb@cse. & Emeritus Scientist (CSIR) Ph. The Mall. Patiala . Neuroanatomy/Developmental Neurobiology. Sp. gtm@iitk. Sp. Sadhna Enclave.D. CSIR.. (0175) 2280288(O).S.

FASc. Email: indrani@bosemain.FIMS(USA). Tarit Kumar (b. RRL Jorhat.. Mathura Road. Jorhat 785006.(033)25753409(O).in.Ae. Res. Stat-Math Unit. Chemistry North East Institute of Science & Technology (CSIR-NEIST). BOISSYA. Short Street. & Dean of Studies. Semiconductor Materials & Devices/Solid State Electronics/Materials Science. 45A.700009.Tel. Res. Outstanding Scientist & Area Coordinator.D. Attleboro.. Gauhati University. 1952) Ph. Thermal Sciences/ Computational Fluid Mechanics. Tel.Stochastic Control & Optimization/ Stochastic Algorithms. 24298922(R).com. Arup (b. 1951) Ph. (022) 25769405(O). Kolkata . 1959) Ph.400076..res.. BOSE. Tel. Sp. Statistics/Probability/ Road. Baruah Road. New Delhi. FASc. Bio-technology/Structural Biology/ Genome Analysis. Powai. MA 02760. 1939) Ph. Lakhimi Path (Riverside).res.. Tel. 09969066626(M). F. FIEEE. Raja Rammoman Sarani. (0361) 528288(R). BORUAH. Res. 306(O).D. Sp.D. Email: bose. Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology. IIT Bombay.104 1985 1978 2009 2005 2009 1999 2003 1992 2000 Year Book 2015 BLOKHRA.. Kolkata. R. Visting Professor. Sp. Kolkata .. borkar. Sp. rlblokhra@premier. Plant Physiology/Plant Biochemistry/Medicinal Plants/Algalogy. 203. Professor of Aerospace 242 Jodhpur Park. St. IIT Powai..FIETE. IIT Madras. Electro-Chemistry/Thermodynamics/Membrane Transport. Sp. USA. (0376) 2372948 (O).. Kolkata . 1938) Ph. Fax: 23506790. Theoretical Physics/ Cross Disciplinary Physics. Email : Sp. Email: dwarkabose322@gmail. Email: borkar@tifr. Road. New Delhi – 110020.781024. 09830496250(M). Kolkata. FNAE. Tel. (011) 29879304(O). Hill side. FASc. BORKAR.700009. Department of Electrical Engineering.O. .700017. Former Director General. 23523723(R).I. FLS(Lond). P. Champok Lall (b. Dr. of India.Kolkata700068. 22475679(R). 2370151(R). Res. Synthetic Organic Chemistry. (033) 23502403 Ext. 25768405(R). Mumbai – 400076. Head. Department of Physics. Res. Samir K. 1/1A Jodhpur Park. Professor. Sp.D. Deptt. Fax: 2370011.Ing. Professor. Formerly Professor of Physical Chemistry. 7/2. BRAHMACHARI. 1939) Dipl. 1954) Kolkata . Bose Institute. 1953) Ph. Email: skb@igib. Res. Email : rlblokhra@yahoo. 93/1. 1937) Ph. Dwarka Nath (b. Mumbai . DSIR. CSIR & Secretary to the Govt. (033) 23501993(O). A..700108. Tel. FNA. FNA. Romesh Chandra (b. JC Bose National Fellow.D. N. Ratan Lal (b. 25728619. Indrani (b.vs@gmail. Flat 4A. of Botany. Res.FNA.G. Fax:25773071. Fax : 29879111. 109 (b. FNAE.D. BOSE. Chemical Sciences.boseinst. Formerly Professor & Head.700068.tarit@gmail. BOSE. Sp. Sp.S.Ing. Indian Statistical (Lond). Guwahati . Email: rc_boruah@yahoo. Xavier’s College. Vivek Shripad (b. HP University.

500007. (040) 23434630(O). Bimla (b. Fax : 26130311. Tel. Tel. Bhubaneswar . Amritsar – Delhi . Bhubaneswar . (0836) 2215222(O). Res. FTWAS. BUTI. Email: chaddah. Fax : 2747884. CAT Colony. Kanpur208016. Nagendrappa Masanappa (b. brahmachari@gmail. E-26. Sp. 2597955(O). Fax : 23434651. Formerly Director. Res.praveen@gmail. ‘Aditya’.com. FNA. INSA Honorary Scientist.. vcgndu@gmail.452013. Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry. Sp. 401. Epigenetics/Functional Genomics/ Molecular Biology.580003. 4-200/35B. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Juhu. Vasant Kunj. Vani (b. (0183) 2258811. Res. University Campus.110065. Ramesh Chandra (b. iitd. Ahmedabad. BUDHANI. Res. Chief Scientist. Seismology Group. Raman Marg. New Delhi110070. 4 Cross. Tel. 27666248. New Delhi.D. Secunderabad. Res. Center for Science & Society. of Email: rcb@iitk. C. vbrahmachari@acbr. Professor. Mohindra Singh (b.110007. Indore . 33. (b. Email : asbrar@chemistry. 09821441121 (M). chadhams@gmail.du. 23434888(R). Praveen (b. 1951) PhD.. Sp. Sp.V. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical (011) 26899903(R). BUJURKE. Sp.Fellows 2009 1994 2005 2000 1992 2006 1986 2009 2003 105 BRAHMACHARI. Hyderabad . Tel. butib@butifoundation. Mumbai-400049.res. CHADDAH. Rasulgarh.751004. Res.ernet. Biochemical Group. 1955) Ph. New Delhi . Email: vani. st Dharwad .. Fax : 2258820.D. Formerly Senior Professor. (0674) 2548713(R). Sp. rajen0555@gmail. Eashwaripuri Colony. UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research. 2779291(R). Gandhigram Road.751010. Dharwad . (0512) 2597185. Beach House Apts. Karnatak University. Plasma Physics. Seismology. Dept. C-6.D. Gagan Bihari Nityananda.. Khandwa Road. Director. Super condutivity Magnetism/Low Temperature. NMR & Polymer. FZSI. Email : chadha@ngri. 1 th Main. 09448424745(M). Tel. Email : bujurke@yahoo. Fax: 2462294. (011) 27666272(O).FNA. PRL. FNA. .. CHAINY. Rajender Kumar (b.580007. Tel. DG's Building. Sp. 1955) Ph.R. FASc. Uppal Vice-Chancellor. B8/ Guru Nanak Dev University. Director. Plot No. Email: chadhams@gmail.D. Low Temperature Physics/ Superconductivity. 1950) Ph. CHADHA. 1928) Ph. Email: chainyg @gmail. Sp. Ajaib Singh (b. Indore . Dr. Sp.D. Department of Zoology and Biotechnology. 1944) PhD.D. Fax: 259091. Res.. Mumbai. CHADHA. 1955) Ph. Biochemistry/Free Radical Metabolism. UCB 1933) PhD(USA). 2258822(O).F-APS.. FNA. Delhi University. Applied Mathematics/Fluid Dynamics/ Numerical Analysis and Wavelets. (0731) 2463945(O). Department of Physics & Centre of Laser Technology. 1947) Ph. 2320528(R). Saptapur. Utkal University. Email : Sainikpuri. Fax : 27666303. (022) 26202596(R). Professor. Tel. National Geophysical Research Institute. CRRI Residential Complex. Tel.

Medical Mycology.700009. 1952) Ph. Department of Medical Microbiology.. 2358-2686(R). 6. Parul (b. Gokul I Stage. Tel. Sp. Central Research Institute of Jute and Allied Fibres (CRIJAF) (ICAR). Kolkata .C. Kolkata .D. Sp.Math.iisc. Scheme XM. Tel. Medical Virology/ Biotechnology.700019. Nirmal Kumar (b. (033) 23537470(O). Flat B-005. Microbial Biochemistry/ Immunology.FNA. Fax : 23705066. Beliaghata. Kolkata . P-33. Sp. .D. I Phase. Sp. Res. Scientist G & Head. Tel. Sp.. Beliaghata. (033) 2350-6619(O). Bose Institute. 1943) Road.D. Department of Mathematics.D. CJ 331. Bangalore . DHR.E. Santoshpur.700091. Kolkata . Sekhar (b.ernet.P. House No. Bose Institute.700010. FNA. 93/1. Scientist G (Director Grade) & Head.560054. FAMS. Indian Institute of Science. National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases. 930/20. 25918057(R). 7th Cross.. (080) 23092265 Ext. 2715916(R). Email: alok@math.II. Fax : 2744401. 22870327(R). 09830751009(M).A. Fax 2350-6790.FASc. CHAKRABARTI. B-12/320. Chandigarh. Fax : (033) 25693253(O). Mathikere. Manoj Kumar (b. (033) 5828963(R). Pinakpani (b.W. VIP Enclave . (0172) 2747990(O). Division of Pathophysiology. Professor & Head.700075. 09831597346(M). Central Rice Reseach Institute Cuttack (ICAR). 24167851(R).1956) MBBS.700059. Lake East 6th Road.700054. Plant Pathology (Rice)-Epidemiology/ Disease Resistance/Chemical Control. Kolkata . MD. P1/12 CIT Scheme VIIM. Department of Biochemistry & Bioinformatics Centre. Formerly Director. 334-4130.P. Kolkata . Team Leader. Email : mkc_niced@yahoo. 1952) Ph. pinak_chak@yahoo. Structural Biology/Molecular Biophysics/ Bioinformatics. 73.S.. 1927) D. Joint Director.700010. FIDSA. A. CHAKRABARTI. 232(O).T. (033) 23701176(O).com. Tel. Res. Division of Virology. P33. FTWAS. 1A. CHAKRABARTI. (IPM) project and Rice-fish culture (ICAR/IRRI)/ADB).. Aloknath (b. CHAKRABARTI. Email : drsekharchakrabarti@ yahoo.106 2000 2009 2013 1981 1991 2006 2010 Year Book 2015 CHAKRABARTI. National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases. CIT Road. Professor of Chemistry. Res. Tel. Fax : 23632398. Email : arunaloke@hotmail. Scheme Res. CIT Road. Res. FIMA(UK).Phil. Kolkata . Barrackpore. CHAKRABARTI.560012. F. Chandigarh . PGIMER. Professor.160012. Formerly Professor.B.. Chandigarh-160023. Tel. 1939) Ph. Email: pinak@jcbose. Sector 24A. Bangalore . NASI Senior Scientist. C.. 23374526(R).(UK). VIP Road. Flat No..Sp. 1955) Ph. Palm Place. Applied Mathematics/Boundary Value Problems /Integral Equations. Membrane Biochemistry/ Biological Chemistry. Arunaloke (b.D. Tel. Res. Res. Fax: 23553886. Kolkata . Deep Water Rice.

res. Tel. Tel. FNA.160036. Sp. Taramani. 54/1. CHAKRAPANI. Peptides & Peptidomimetics/Organic Synthesis/ Bioorganic Chemistry. Govind Joseph ( CIT Campus. Sp. 1964) Ph. FASc. 285548(R). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg.ernet. 26139428(R). Perumbakkam Main Road. 1973) 1973) Ph. Tel.700031. CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Post Sithalapakkam. (03222) 282990(O).160036. 09792444464(M). Tel. Kharagpur. CHAKRABORTY. 282991 (R). Email : suman@mech. Amod Path. P. Res. 6665241(O)..D. ac. Professor. Email: tusharkanti chakraborty@gmail.D. . Sector 39 B. Staff Scientist Fax : 282278. Lucknow. CHAKRABORTY. Chennai 600126. (011) 26735186(O). IIT Kharagpur. 9815863975(M). Bollineni 28387353(R). Chennai . Roorkee . Professor. CHAKRABORTY. Chandigarh . IIT Campus. 1963) Sp. 2690632. Sp. Chief Scientist.247667. Email : nchakraborty@hotmail. (044) 22543252(O).FNAE.721302.D. CHAKRABORTY. Res.ernet. FASc. Tel.. Environmental Geochemistry/Water Environment/Rock-Water Interaction. Noncommutative Geometry/Operator Algebras/ Global Analysis. parthacsarathi@yahoo. Email : subhrac@hotmail. schakraborty@nipgr. 273560. Fax : 22541586. Email : chakrapani.VI. gjcurfes@ iitr. tushar@orgchem. New Delhi . CSIR – CDRI. C9/9428.. Former Director & JC Bose Fellow.O. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Subhra (b.Fellows 2000 2008 2012 2004 2009 2000 2012 107 CHAKRABORTI. National Institute of Plant Genome Research.110067. Department of Earth 09411111168(M). 26139428(R). Staff Scientist . nchakraborty@nipgr. Roorkee .in.Sp. Tel. CHAKRABORTY. 28/9 Station Road. Department of Organic Chemistry.247667. Professor.iisc. co. Fax : 26741658.. Sector 39 A.res.res. Fax : 285638. (01332) 285080(O). Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Sp. Nutritional and Stress Genomics/ Proteomics/ Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering.. House No. National Institute of Plant Genome Research.Ph. (0172) 2690751. suman chakraborty_iitkgp@yahoo.iitkgp. (011) 26735186(O).in. Chandigarh . Dhakuria.. Flat 304. Res.110070. New Delhi .. 2695488(R). Fax:2690585.D. 1957) Ph.D.1958) Ph. Fax: 23600529.D. Tushar Kanti (b. Niranjan (b.600113. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Res. New Delhi . Sp.ernet. Professor G. Mechanical Engineering/ Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences. Block 16B. 1956) Ph. com. Bangalore – 560012. FNA. Suman (b. 9411769309. Partha Sarathi (b. Pradip Kumar (b. Kolkata . Email : parthac@imsc.E.110067. Vasant Kunj. (080) 22932215(O). Email: pradip@imtech. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/ Molecular Indian Institute of Science. Plant Proteomics/ Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. Fax : 26741658.

New Delhi . Email : charus@chemistry. Kolkata CHAMYAL. Microbiology/Infectious Diseases/Immunology. chakravarty@gmail. Deputy Director..iitd. Quaternary Geology/Neotectonics. Sp. Email: lschamyal Electrical Engineering Dept. 1941) Ph.D. 1E. Hakimpara. ID & BG Hospital Campus.k. Arera Colony. Vadodara .G. FASc. Dr. Indian Institute of Science. C/ 2787907(R).390002. (033) 23537425(O).A. Professor. National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases.. Sp. Fax : 2581546. 23598187(R). 1959) Ph. (0265) 2785560(O). Res.. CHAKRAVARTY. Fax : 24146184. Kolkata. Bangalore .D. Res. Tel. Tel. North Bengal University.jdvu. Dipshikha (b. (033) 24146948(O).. GB-4. Res. Sector-I. Professor.734401. Maharani (b. Res.D. Email : ashim. 1937) 09426721547(M). Molecular Biology/ Genetic Engineering. Kolkata 700064. Laxman Singh (b.700064. Shantimore.iisc. CHAKRAVORTI.D. Immunology/Molecular Biology/ Vernalization/Growth Hormones. Res. Charusita (b. Sp. Medical Virology/Biochemistry/ Molecular Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Equipment/Optimization of High Voltage System/High Voltage Fields. Bhopal-14.. sivaji@ee. University of Baroda. Indian Institute of Science. Siliguri . Email : s_chakrav@yahoo.390002. Department of Zoology. CHAKRAVARTY. Salt Lake. Kolkata. Email : dipa@mcbl. S. Fax : 23537424. Department of Geology. Sp.C. Formerly Professor of Botany. FAMS.. Kolkata . Vadodara .FAST.FIE(I). 1962) Ph. Sp. Salt Lake. ‘Nabarka’. Hauz Khas. Bose Road. Email: Honorary Scientist.. 24115027(R). Siliguri . S. 2581493(O).in.734430. c_maharani37@yahoo. . CF-186.. Res. Kolkata . D. CHAKRAVORTTY. Sivaji (b. ICMR Virus Unit. 1st Floor. Vikram Baug. Faculty of Science. J. Swati Kunj. Bangalore . 1911) Ph. F.ernet.108 2004 2014 2014 1959 2012 2012 1980 2006 Year Book 2015 CHAKRAVARTY. Banerjee Road.560012.. 57. Kolkata . 09831487077(M). Tel. Fax : 23602697. 23606657(R). Associate Professor. The M.560012.Sc. Department of Chemistry. 3/1A Paddapukur Road. Jadavpur University. Tel. Runu (b. 1954) Ph. (b. Email : runugc@gmail. Immunology & Cell Biology Lab. Tel. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.C. (033) 23378082(R). Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology. E-6/MIG 100. Tel. 2536336(R). Professor : InCharge.S. CE 52 Sector 1. 09831636384(M). (0353) 2582124.700092. Professor. Sp. Pratapganj. 1968) Ph. (080) 22932842(O). 1964) PhD(Cambridge). Centre for Life Sciences.Sc. Ashim Kumar (b. IISc Campus. Fax: Sp. FNA.C.D.. Flat No. D-209. CHAKRAVORTY.

Jayanagar. S-42.National Academy of Sciences. (080) 28521382. Email: chanda@isical.201301. Indian Institute of Technology. (03222) 283810(O). Council : Mem. 124A/2 Satyam Apartment.560011. Naresh (b. Indian Statistical Tara Crescent. Bangalore .. Email: peeyush@iitk. Indian Institute of Technology. 09450346471(M).com. Emeritus Fellow (UGC). 192. Mathematics & Statistics Dept. Tel. Madhusudan Mukherjee Naresh (b. (0532) 2408489(R). Tel. Res. Tel.I.602. IIT Kanpur.P. CHANDRA. B. Peeyush (b. Plant Morphogenesis/ Biotechnology. Email : sharat@mcbl. Formerly Professor & Head. . Civil Lines. 277976(R). (0141) 2650919(R).ernet. Thoruhill Road.FPSI. 1934) Ph.D. CHANDRA. Allahabad. Flat No. 7-N-18. Qutab Institutional Area. Res. CHANDRA. Sp. Kolkata . Hombe Gowda Sharat (b. 283811. Fax : 25752914. Electronics & Communication Sciences Unit. 2598485(R). Sp.D. FASc.FBS. Jaipur-302 004.iitkgp. Sudhir (b. Emeritus Professor.721302. 25633097(R).110016. I. Sp. 24 Pgs.D. 8th Main. FIETE. Tel. Bhabatosh (b. Sp. IIT Campus.D.. 28521833(O). Res.. Microbiology & Cell Biology Dept. New Delhi . Department of Physics & Meteorology. FNA. Sector 15.Phil. CHANDRA.. India Award in Biotechnology (1992). Digital Image Processing/ Pattern Recognition/Computer Fax: 2597500. 203. Formerly Professor & Head.Fellows 2002 1974 1989 1986 2000 1994 1989 109 CHANDA.700116. (0512) 2597285(O).ernet. Botany Department and Dean. Award : SICO . 25752909(O). University of Rajasthan. A-15..iisc.iitkgp. Mathematical Modelling/Bio-fluidmechanics.560012. 24th B Cross. (0120) 4321642(R). 1942) Ph. Fax : 255303. Fax: (011) 26867539.208016. FNAE. B-10. Email : ncphy@phy. Sp. FIE.. 125. Near Jagriti Hospital. 26639353(R). Department of Botany. Tel.D. 25752913. Atomic.. Sp. Professor. Council : Mem. 277190.(N) . 282700. 1946) Ph.1957) Ph. Tel. Faculty of Science. (011) 41688294(O).T.. FIAPR. B-51. H. Road. Website : www. Res. Jawahar Nagar. (033) 25752915. Res. Professor.700108. Fax : 28521832. Sanjay Mittal Chair Professor. 1938) Ph.(Cornell). Sp. Tel. 1936) D.ernet. Ashoka (b. Jaipur.208016. 09933065056(M). Indian Institute of Science. Plant Pathology/Soil Microbiology. Res. University of Allahabad.D. 93 CHANDRA. Kanpur .General Genetics/ Human Chromosomes. Molecular and Optical Physics/Quantum Information.. 96-97 . Technical Education/ Solid State Physics/Electronics & Tele-communication. Res. 3rd Block. 1950) Ph. Kharagpur . Noida U. Principal Advisor.No. Email : prof_ashoka_chandra@yahoo. FNAE. International Management Institute. CHANDRA.T. FIETE. Bangalore .in. Kharagpur 721302. #101 Sai Annapurna Apts. Formerly Professor. 603.res.. Malayagiri. Distinguished Scientist & Director. 1949) Ph. 25569768(R). Fax : 22804610. Email : srivaric@ iict.500007. CHARY. National Institute of Science Education and Research. Organometallic Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry..400085. mgc@devasmedia. (b. Fax : 25505141. Tel. Sainik School Road. Mumbai 400005. (022) 22782489(O). Department of Chemical Sciences. Sp. Molecular Biophysics/NMR Spectroscopy/ Structural Biology. Inorganic/Bioinorganic Chemistry. Tata Institute of Fundamental Vasant Sqaure Mall.tifr. tkc. Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. CHANDRASEKHARA. Bhubaneshwar – Chief Scientist and Head. 22804860(R). Tel. 1964) Ph. Email : director@niser.D.res. CHANDRASEKHAR. Fax : 27160512.400094. (040) 27193210(O). (011) 40000333(O). 22804611.. FASc. Mumbai . Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.serb@ nic. Email : chary@tifr. Condensed Matter Physics/ Neutron Scattering/Lattice Dynamics. Tel. Samrath Lal. Colaba. New Delhi – 110070. Tel. JC Bose Fellow ( Council : Mem. 40 Cross. FNA. 1958) Ph. Hyderabad . Colony.. Fax : 2304070. Srivari ( (0674) 2304005(O). 284/ Senior Professor (I). Council : Mem.500013. Div. Chandra Nivas.C.D. 40/2. 1955) Ph. Email : chaplot@barc. Hyderabad . Institute of Physics Campus. Anushaktinagar. Vasant Kunj. GOI).. 09987260959(M). Mumbai . 5 Blcok. Tarnaka. 07034755284(M). Sp. 2F. 26135839(R).in. Tavarekere (b. Mumbai . Jayanagar.MHD/Plasma/Heat Transfer. 1954) Ph. Email : secretary. 09818844936(M). Res. Secretary. FNA. 2011-12 FTWAS. Bangalore 560004. FNA. Muthugadahalli G. (022) 25593883(O). Res. Meghnad. FNA. D. FAPASc.D. FASc. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. Website : www.400005. Director. 5& 27423675(R). Colaba.serb@nic. Director. Amberpet. Bangalroe – 560041. Satellite Technology /Spacecraft Mission Planning & Operations/Earth Observation and Communication Satellites & their Appliations.. (b. Sp. Organic Chemistry. FASc. Sachivalaya Marg.D.D. CHANDRASHEKAR.D. Sp. (b. Khazi Street. of Natural Products Chemistry. 09916446650(M). FTWAS. TIFR Housing Complex.. Res. Physics Group. . Sp.110 1996 2010 1979 1996 2007 2007 2000 Year Book 2015 CHANDRASEKHAR. Lower Ground Floor. Basavanagudi. Tel. 09980519256. 1934) Ph. th Devas Multimedia Private Limited. Email : drchandramg@ yahoo. Vadapalli (b. B. Science and Engineering Research Board. Sp.D. Homi Bhabha Road. 9 A th th Main. Kandala Venkata Ramana (b. 1956) Ph. 2015CHAPLOT.

Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics. Carbohydrates/ Protein Chemistry/ Immunology. 1942) Ph. Block-CF-69. Sector-I.No. (03222) 283304(O). Tel.721302.. Bidhan Res.700078. North-Eastern Hill University. 2554017(R).. NEHU Permanent Campus. FAScT.. chatterjee_gen@rediffmail. FAScT. FNA.. 1932) Ph. Biophysics/Microbiology/ Free Radicals & Genetic Formerly Senior Professor of Biophysics & Director. 09831693357(M). Road.. ‘Ratnamala’. Ph. Parasitic Diseases/ Parasite Chemotherapy/Parasite Immunobiology. Tel. Sp. North-Eastern Hill University. D.iitkgp. (033) 23346118(R). 1950) Ph. Fax: 24614849. Email : sncac.. FAMS. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Sp. Sp.Sc. 278156(R). Email : pratim. CHATTERJEE.D.C.chattaraj@gmail.Shillong 793022. 26757489(R). Durgapur 713219. 09433132910(M).).. Salt IIT Kharagpur. Formerly Senior Professor.Fellows 2009 2006 1999 2011 2001 1995 1985 111 CHATTARAJ.FASc.S. Professor & Ex..D. Sector-1. Density Functional Theory/Chemical Reactivity/Nonlinear Dynamics. 2409(O). FZSI. Res. F.Sc. Faizabad Road. Kolkata. Pratim Kumar (b. (033) 23210073/1327 Ext. Sp. FNA. Durgapur. DNA Society of India. Tel. Kolkata.713209. Email : dchat57@hotmail. Smriti Narayan (b. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. Lucknow -226016. Tel. Head.D. Scientist & Head.700064. Shillong . Department of Zoology.Z. Formerly Senior Deputy Kolkata-700064. Kinetic & Reaction Mechanism/Catalysis/Photocatalysis. Kolkata. Rabindra Palli. . Res. Sp. BF-142.( 033) 24615445 Ext. Res. CHATTERJEE. Dean (Faculty) & Professor. Chemistry & Biomimetics Group. CHATTERJEE. B. Tel. Fax : 282252. Debabrata (b. 2551693(R).(Sc.D. Lucknow. Tel. NASI Senior Scientist & Emeritus Professor. University of Calcutta.711106. Q. 09839233946(M). Professor & Head. 09402131929(M). Fax: 23341030. Post . Department of Biological Chemistry.700019. (0364) 272 2403.1939) M. 283305.FRSC(UK). chatterjeeanupam@hotmail. (0522) 2351766(R).(0343) 6510263(O).P-45. Bishnu Pada (b. 35. Howrah . Founder President. 1958) Ph.793022. 1956) Chemistry Dept. Ranjit Kumar (b. Qrs. 23341028. 5/1/3 Khetra Mitra Lane.721302. 09831180440(M).H. 24424678(R). 2722000.. Radiation Genetics/ Cancer Genetics. 1956) Ph. Kolkata . Rabindra Nath (b. 25 East Point. Res. CHATTERJEE. A-46.ernet.08@gmail. 273(O). pkc@ chem. Fax: 2550076. CHATTERJEE. F. Fax : 2546745. Email: chatterjee_rn@yahoo. Salkia. 255303. Email: cbishnup @gmail. Tel.Gopinathpur. Genetics/ Developmental Biology/ Molecular Biology. West Bengal University of Technology. 95.D. Haltu Kolkata . Kharagpur. Central Drug Research Institute. Anupam (b.V. Sp. 09474112800(M). CHATTERJEE. 203(O).D. Kharagpur . Email: anupam chatterjee@nehu. IIT Campus.

18th Cross. Indian Institute of Science. 23605458. Flat No. National Institute of Plant Genome Research. 15-A.. H5. Bangalore .chattoo@bcmsu. Professor. 09831083791(M). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. FNA. Indian Institute of Science. Molecular Virology/ Transcription/Biochemistry. 1951) Ph.. Chairman. 1950) PhD. Dipankar (b. Hyderabad 500007. Sp. 23601991. Sp. Tel. Email: dhrubajyotic@gmail.. New Sama Road. CHATTOPADHYAY.700091. CHATTOO.res. New Delhi. Sp. Res.112 1989 2005 1998 2009 1997 1999 Year Book 2015 CHATTERJI.110067. Secunderabad .in. FAPSc. Molecular Biophysics Tel. (040) 27192578.S. IISC Qtrs. Debasis (b. 25392055(R). Abiotic Stess/Genome Sequencing. New Delhi .390002. chatto@msubiotech.560012. 12-13364. Sp. Professor. Digantika. Punit Nagar Society. (011) 26735189(O). 1956) Ph. Bangalore. Department of Biochemistry & Pro Vice-Chancellor. Outstanding Scientist (Director level). (080) Baroda . Res. 35.ernet.560012. CHATTOPADHYAY. Bangalore . FASc.500017. FASc. Membrane Biology/ Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology/Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy. FNA. 2711979(R). University of Baroda. Molecular Biology/Bio-physical Chemistry. Kolkata .iisc. Email : kamanio@materials.1954) Ph. CHATTOPADHYAY. 2750498(O). H.No. Fax : 22571470. 26735148(R). Bharat Bhushan (b. Email : debasis_ chattopadhyay@nipgr. Email : dipankar@mbu. Faculty of Science.D. Fax : 23600535. Fax : 26741658. Molecular Biology/Genetics/Biotechnology. Res.390008. 1949) Ph.110067.html. Calcutta University. Fax: 23600472. (033) 24753681(O). 27015197(R). Salt Lake. M. Malleswaram. 23349382(R). Fax: 2792508. 23600683. 55/1 Chitrakut Sp.iisc. 4th Main Road. President. FRSC. Kamanio (b.D. Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology. CHATTOPADHYAY. Res. Director. Centre for Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology..(0265) 2793070. Res. Professor & Coordinator. Calcutta University. Tel. Tel. Baroda .ac. National Institute of Plant Genome Research. Website: www. Kolkata . Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Uppal Road. Ballygunje Circular Road. FNA. 2794396. T-103. Department of Microbiology. 27160591. Scientist V. Block AH. FAScT. 23601991(O). Flat 9. (080) 23600137. FASc. Email: amit@ccmb.700019.ernet. 503. of Materials Engineering. Biotechnology Programme. NE-II. Indian Academy of Sciences. Tel. Bangalore-560012. Fax: 27160311.D. FNAE. 1967) Ph. Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science/Nanomaterials and Alloy Development. Dhrubajyoti (b.res. FTWAS. 22932836(O). 23317660(R). 19th Street. Amitabha (b. . FNAAS. 27160059(O).D. Res. Padmavathi Towers. Email: bharat.iisc. Sp. Bangalore 560055.metalrg. Sector2. Harish Chandra (b. 289(O).411007. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. 2393313. Fax : 27666051.B. National Botanical Research Institute.D. Pune . Durgapur .D. 1959) Ph. Sector 2A. 73.C. Bioorganic Chemistry/Asymmetric Synthesis/ Biocatalyst. Indian Institute of Chemical Department of Zoology. madan.D. Sp.Phil. Samit (b. Email : sharmila@iicb. Harmony Society.713209. Tel. (022) 25505163. 27667212 Extn. C-15 (2 Floor). Res. . Res. Tel. com. Allahabad University.S. 317(O). Subrata ( 1957) Ph. sudip. Developmental Biology/ Signal Transduction.. Fax: 2205836. Fax: 25505151. 27662729(R). Allahabad. 25578826(R).in. Shri Niketan. Transcription/Chromatin Biology. 1959) Ph. Nagras Road. D. Bidhannagar. Scientist in Directors' Grade & Head. F.chaturvedi@ gmail. Zoology Department. Fax: 2547375. samitchatterji@ yahoo. Emeritus Scientist. Sp. Res.Med. Cancer Biology.. CHATTOPADHYAY. Tel. (Behind Chandralok Cinema). University of Delhi (North Campus). (011) 27667443. Mullick Road. Pune University Delhi – Formerly Professor & Head. Kolkata . (0532) 2563211(R). Res. FNA. 25896121(R). Immunology.R. 09679266581(M).H. FASc. Tel. 2393987(R). Lucknow. 29-31 Chhatra Marg.res. Plant Defense/Medicinal Plants. Res. Tel. Email : mchaturvedi@zoology. 13. Lucknow . ScientistG. Sir JC Bose National Fellow. Mahatma Gandhi Avenue.nitdgp. N. Plant Biotechnology & Morphogenesis in Plant Tissue Culture. Professor.I. Laboratory for Chromatin Pune . 09823409155(M). Bio-Organic Division. CHATURVEDI. Email: sudipchatto@gmail. 'Vishram'. Res. Raja S. Gomti Nagar. Lucknow .226010. Allahabad .700032. CHATTORAJ. 24173996(R). Email: samit@nccs.. Madan Mohan.713212.N. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. FASc. Tel. Email: schatt@barc. 27667985. Sp.. CHATTOPADHYAY.2110 03. 2205839. Fax: (0343) 2755209. Professor. 09968468700(M). Anushaktinagar. 09432672974(M). FNA. Res. (020) 25708064(O). Sudip (b. Head. CHATURVEDI.411007. 4. National Centre for Cell Science. Delhi – 110007. 49/68. Vivek Khan 4/254. Shilpakanan. Sp. 2205831-35 Extn. Trombay. Shah Road. Sharmila ( 1 D Road. Ph. hcc_vishram@yahoo. Sp.Fellows 2006 2014 2003 2006 1967 1989 2011 113 CHATTOPADHYAY. Email : Department of Biotechnology. B2-10. House No. Chromatin and Disease Biology Lab (8). National Institute of Technology. (033) 24995868(O). University of Delhi nd (North Campus). (0522) 2205840. Website : 25593703(O). Biotechnology & Physiology. Entomology. Durgapur . Prince Gollam Md. 1960) Ph.. Fax : 24735197. Tel. 25708161(Lab). 316.226 001. Kolkata . 1940) Ph. Principal Scientist.I. A.. Mumbai 400085.D. Sp. Mumbai 400094. Tissue Culture Laboratory. 25519613.

Fax : bbc@isical. No. A. Subhash (b. Deptt.T. FAAM(USA). Email: bbcisical@ gmail. CHAUDHARY. K.700032. Soil Science. CHAUDHURI. R-159. 1943) Ph. Email: uchaturvedi 201@gmail. Hyderabad . Fax: 24115270. School of Physics. FRCPath(Lond).D. B.G. Fax : 23010227.K. New Delhi . Lucknow. 39A.700047. Director General (IWM). T. Hyderabad. New Delhi . Faizabad Road.D. (033) 24720717(O)..vijkumchau@gmail.chaudhuri@gmail. 25752850(O). Former Professor. 24115863(R). Type 5A Flats. Email : scsp@uohyd. Res. Indian Statistical Institute. CHAUDHARY. ICAR. Molecular Medicine/Infectious Diseases/Molecular & Cell Biology. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Hyderabad Central University Campus.500046. Formerly Professor & Head.24115883(O). 1952) Ph.. Mukherjee Road. 1GF.D. CHAUDHURI. A-21. FIAPR. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit.B. Visiting Professor. Kolkata . Kripasindhu ( 65657893(R).in. Vijay Kumar (b. 24300333(R). kchaudhuri@iicb.500046. FTWAS. FIETE. Kolkata .ernet. Uttam Nagar.. . Tel. Image Processing/ Pattern Recognition/Natural Language Processing. Kolkata . CHAUDHURI. FNA. 1 Bishop Rocky Street. Vani Vihar. Tel. Sp. 09450913506(M).S.. (011) 2559804(R).110 021. 87/ FIEEE. Tel. (b. Kolkata700032.(Waikato).in. New Delhi . 09818314045(M) Email : sushil. Email : vkchaudhary@south. Lucknow. Gachibowli. FNAE. 1955) Ph. 09958408113. Umesh Chandra (b. (033) 24995762(O).. Tel. IITR. FNAMS. Professor & Head. (0522) 2322975. 23010744(R) Kolkata 700075. Ajanta Road. 203. M.Res.110021. Sp. 356/1D/1 NSC Bose Road.N. Res. Sp. Medical Microbiology/ Virology/Immunology. University of Delhi South Campus. Fax: 25753035. Kuwait. 1936) Former Asst. of Microbiology. 201-Annapurna Apartments.Phil. Quantum Information/ Stochastic Processes/Quantum Phase Space Distributions. FNA. Department of Mathematics. Res.114 2008 1987 1987 1998 1994 2014 1996 Year Book 2015 CHATURVEDI.110 059. Faculty of Medicine.D. Bidyut Baran (b. New Santoshpur. University of Hyderabad.226007. Sp. (040) 23134353(O). FASc. 25751832. Professor. Sp. Res. Sp. 1950) Ph. 1939) M. 24723747(R).B.700108. Email : keya. (033) 25752852. Kolkata . Tel. (011) 24114157-58. Operations Research/ Biomathematics/Fluid Mechanics.1950) D. Keya (b.res. 09831215893(M). Sp. Medical College. Email : chaudhuriks@gmail. Professor & Head. CHATURVEDI. Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). Jadavpur University.D. Road. CSIR Emeritus Scientist. Biochemistry / Protein FAMS. Department of Biochemistry. Res.FASc. Kuwait University. University of Delhi South Campus.

Siva Ram Murthy (b. Formerly Professor & Dean.T. Mamta (b. Academy of Life Sciences. Molecular Virology/Cell Biology/ Chennai . FNA. School of Life Sciences. (b.. Agra. 1970) Ph. Sp. Geetanjali Enclave. NCRA Housing Colony.Sc.411007.110016. E-3. 2004-05 CHAWLA-SARKAR. Statistics. CHENGALUR. (044) 22574361(O). Pune University Campus..D. www. 8/13 I Kaushalpur Bye Pass Road.282005. Dr. ICGEB. Virander Singh (b. (033) 25753414/3400/4300(O). FIEEE. FASc.. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. D.. CIT Scheme XM. B-129. com. Sp. Director. Santanu (b. Tel. Pune University Campus. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. ac. Res. Information Technology. Tel. Ganesh Khind. 26693040(R). 1965) Ph. Email : murthy@iitm. Powai.600036. 26596167(O). 09831789429(M). Jayaram Narayanan (b. Shyam Vir Singh (b. Professor. Professor. Indian Statistical Institute. Ganesh Khind. Velachery Main Road. Professor. Res.600042. Email: sc@ee. . 203 B. Reproductive Biology/Male sterility.res. Res.FNAE. Khandari Campus. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg.Phil. Kolkata . 8. P-33. Fax: 25723707.. chawlam70@yahoo.I.D. Computer Science & Engineering. FASc. Chennai . Powai. Professor & Dean (Faculty). (011) 26742317.282002. 1943) Ph. Ceebros Orchid. Department of Electrical Engineering. New Delhi . 25719348(R). 25580105(R). Email: virander@icgeb. B23. Ramlal Agarwalla Lane. CHAUHAN. Res. Computer Vision/ Multimedia/Image Processing/Haptics. 1963) Ph. Fax: 26581606.700010.110016.iitb. Sp. 25719000(O). Radio FASc. Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Sp. Fax : (033) 23537470(O). Mumbai. Professor.D. (020) 25719248. Group Leader and Director. #263/33. (011) 26591081. Email : svs350@rediffmail. Block 2. Email : chawlam70@gmail. B.D. 64611309(R). Tel. 26742357/60(O).700050.R.411007. 1960) Ph. 20. Tel. CHAUDHURI. FNA. Pune . Sp. Kolkata .com. 42334427(R). Email: Kolkata .in.(Barkelay). Fax : 22574352.D. Agra . Res. Email : chengalu@ncra. 09219550177(M). 09444498619(M). Sp.ijprb. Fax : 23632398.110067. Sp. 26741358/61.FIEEE. svsc071241@gmail. FSPRB. New Delhi . 1950) Ph. 25720351(R). CHEBIYYAM. (022) 25767437(O). Panchasayar. New Delhi 110017. D. New Delhi.. 1961) Ph. FNAE. Road.400076. Sp. FNAE. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. Pune .700108.400076.res. National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases. 23705066. 3E.. Subhasis (b. Department of Electrical Engineering. Assistant Director (Scientist D). Theoretical Statistics & Mathematics Unit. 26512402(R). Taxila. T19. Beliaghata.ernet. Probal. FASc. Council : Mem. IIT Bombay Campus. Tel.. Ambedkar tifr.D. Res. Email : probal@isical. CHAUDHURY. CHAUHAN. Biophysics/ Malaria/Tuberculosis/Peptides. 09830660999(M).in.(Oxford). Kolkata. 1963) Ph.700094. IIT Bombay. Campus.Fellows 2007 2003 2005 2004 1996 2013 2013 2009 115 CHAUDHURI. Tel. Mumbai .T. Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Mumbai . 405/406 Apollo. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. R. rajachid@nic. Kirti Nagar. Rajendra Prasad (b. 97 CHOCKALINGAM. Indian Institute of FASc.ernet. Fax : 23600563. Fax: 23600472. Sp. (080) 22932684(O). FNAE. (Camb. Materials Science and Engineering. Sp. FNA.116 2010 1993 1992 2011 2001 1988 Year Book 2015 CHHABRA.. Email : chhabra@iitk. 1953) Ph. (022) 26524984(O). (022) 25505305(O-Mumbai). Ananthanarayanan.N. 1958) Ph.560094. of Chemical Engineering. Banerji Memorial Lecture Award-Nat. Santa Cruz (E). Tel. CHOPRA. Sp. (022) 25561315(R). Email : kumarchitre@gmail. Kanpur .400061. 26353812(R). Award: Prof.Nat. Deonar. University of Mumbai. FNA. Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences. NE01.400088. 2nd Main.1933) PhD. DAE Homi Bhabha Professor. Thin Film Laboratory. (011) 23022113 (PSA). Indian Institute of Technology.ernet. Fax: 26524975.560012. (b. Email : Shashikumar Madhusudan (b. Rajagopala ( Dept. Kharagpur. Mumbai . FNA. Email : achockal@ece. Email : rc@barc. FASc. Flat 201 Vigyanshila Co-operative Housing Society. New Delhi . 319. choprakl@yahoo. DSc(hc). Mumbai. Professor.D. (080) 22933156(O). Res. Material Science/Neutron Crystallography/High Pressure Physics/ Nuclear Technology. INSA Honorary Scientist & Professor Bangalore . New Delhi. Tel. FNAE.560012. choprakl@gmail. I. Res.T. 427.110015. Juhu-Versova New Link Road. Trombay. India (1999). Res.iitd. Central Complex.. 09213433260(M). FNA. Kalina Campus.India (1993). 1962) PhD. Solid State Physics & Technology of Thin Film & Nanomaterials/ Surface Science/Solar Energy.208016. 1936) Ph. Tel. Department of Materials Engineering. GOI. (011) 23022112(O-Delhi).in.No. Saha Memorial Lecture Award . DSc. Tel. Sp. Sci. Raheja Acropolis-I. Sp. . (0512) 2597393(O).Sci. M.C. Wireless Communication and Networking. of Electrical Communication Engineering. A. 23516637(R). Professor. Bangalore . iisc. Award : Prof. New Delhi . Res.560012. 29. CHOKSHI.FNA. Kanpur Campus.Acad. FTWAS. FASc. iisc. Vigyan Bhawan Annexe. Transport Phenomena/Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics. 2598916(R). 1936) Ph. Indian Institute of Science.D. Nagasettihalli. 23600683. Solar Physics/ Gravitational Lensing/Physics and Astrophysics of Collapsed Objects.D. Fax : 2590104. 08971474971(M). Email: achokshi@materials. Andheri (W). Res. Fax : (022) 25505132 (BARC). Mumbai 400085 and Principal Scientific Advisor. Indian Institute of Science Campus. FIETE. Res. FAPMRS.D. Kanpur . Atul Harish (b. Tel. FASc. FNAE. CHIDAMBARAM. Council : Mem. CHITRE. Bangalore . Dept. Bangalore.I. Indian Institute of Technology. Ireda Chair Professor at IIT Delhi. Formerly Director. (011) 25154114(R). FNA. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Kasturi Lal (b.208016. AECS 2nd Stage Layout. Email: arnab@ physics.411008. Tel. (020) 25902318(O). Theoretical Astrophysics/Solar Physics/Magneto-hydrodynamics. Res.). Fax: 23096586.Nat. (011) 23096586(O). National Chemical Laboratory. Bindraban. Genetics/Crop Improvement/Biotechnology.D.B. (0135) 2753433(O). FASc. Tel.du.. CHOWDHURY. DM. Sagar Island – 743373. 25553747(R). A3/210 A.B. Aundh. Virender Lal ( Vasant Ramchandra (b. Res. Department of Physics & Astrophysics... FNA. E-4. Sp. JC Bose Fellow (DST) & Professor. Palampur . IISc Campus. and D.D. Housing Board Colony. FASc. Sp. Liver Disease / Molecular Epidemiology.D.G. Tel.176061Tel.560012.ernet. Fax:23602602. Ashabori Housing Complex. 1959) M. 2522986(R)..700094.A. Formerly NASI Senior Debajyoti (b.1944) Ph. 1949) Ph. Res. Sp. 1931) Ph. Baishnabghata Patuli Township. 08894273848(M). Email : virenderchopra@yahoo.248195. Harsh Ji (b. FNA. CHOUDHARY.Fellows 1988 117 CHOPRA. Pune . Chemical Engineering Division. Email: amalesh_choudhury@yahoo. 192-Kaulagarh Road. Floristics/Taxonomy of Angiosperms (Orchids)/Plant Conservation. Res. Marine Biological Research Institute.DSc(hc). Sodepur Kolkata – 700110.Sp. 1-Green Park. Abhijit. Kolkata-700020. Email : vr.D. Tel. GMS Road.. Botanical Survey of India. Near New Petrol Pump. Cosmology/High Energy Physics. Tel. debajyoti. D. (b.R.D. Sp. Pune. Fax : 2757951. Chancellor. University of FTWAS. Secretary.411007. Email: hjchowdherybsi@rediffmail.E.1956) Ph. Bangalore . I. Engineer’s Enclave-III. CC-502. 09213211830(M). Formerly Member. 24625359(R). Sp. AJC Bose Road. Department of Physics. Road. School of Digestive & Liver Diseases. 63. 103-A. Res. DNB. of Marine Science.R. M. Delhi–110007. 244.Acad. vrc0001@ yahoo... (033) 25650305 (R).com Sp. Dehra Dun – 248001.iisc. Delhi .in.Calcutta University. New Delhi & Formerly Secretary. Central University of Kerala. Tel. New Housing Colony. Additional Director & Emeritus Scientist. Vasantasha. Award : Dr. Fax:22235435. 27261536(R). Indian Institute of Science. Kolkata . Janakpuri.C.110058. FNAAS. Bangalore . DehraDun . Arnab Rai (b. Res. 09810343925.P.India (2001). Planning Commission. . Ex. (033) 22235435(O).res. Protozoology/ Parasitology/Marine & Estuarine Biology/ Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecology. Northern Regional Centre. Email : debchou@physics. Amalesh Chandra (b. CHOWDHERY. 1964) Ph. 65265508(R). 23603664(R). (080) 23603481(O). FASc.Sci. New Delhi. Off D. Dept. Zeolites/Catalysis and Reaction Engineering. 09433974593 (M). choudhury@gmail.(Chicago). Susama Devichowdhurani. CHOUDHURY. D44-Amarabati.A. FNA. Institute of PG Medical Education & Research.. Fax: 25902612. FNA. Professor. BP Pal Memorial Lecture Award . 2008 1995 1989 2011 2005 2007 CHOUDHURI. 1936) PhD(Edinb. (011) 27667061(O). Email: achowdhury2002@ yahoo.

Hengerabari Housing Board Colony. Kalu Ram (b. 3592 246 145.C. Guwahati . COWSIK. Anthropology. Sp. Tel. Res. Ramanath (b. Director. Sp. Professor of Physics and Director. Joyanti (b. & Head. CHUTIA. 27 2263027(R). FTWAS. MO 63130 USA. 1936) Ph. Shantanu (b. (0361) 2740659(O). Kolkata 700016.D. Paschim Medinipur. Academics. Former Director. CHOWDHURY. DANDA. Award : Prof. Mukherjee Nagar. SMIT Campus. Fax : 231120.781035. Louis.O. Distinguished Professor. Indian Institute of Technology Banerji Memorial Lecture Award (1995). Fluid Mechanics/Flow Stability/MHD. Delhi . Email: joyanti_c@ yahoo. wustl. Astrophysics/Elementary Particles/ Cosmology/Gravitation.nic. Email : cowsik@physics. IIT Professor. 1968) Ph. 1948) Ph. Majitar. Sp. Tel. FTWAS. (011) 27666156(O). 1944) Ph. A. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Res. Rangpo. Kanpur 208016. USA. Powai. (0512) 2597039(O). Sp. 1940) Ph.Biological Nitrogen Fixation. Ganesh Giri. Anthropological Survey of India.FNA.1947) Ph. Tel. 234952. Jhargram – 721507. For Assoc NAS. 407. Statistical Physics/Biological Physics/Complex Systems. Delhi . CCS Haryana Agricultural Res. FASc. Kanpur . Res.1957) Ph. 1946) Ph. Department of Physics. WB. P. Res. Email : debch@iitk. One Brookings Drive. FNA. Mumbai – 400076. 219.. (001 314) 9354493 (O) (001 314) 727 5959(R). Sp. Rangpo. Department of Mathematics. Hisar . Fax : Email : shantanuc@igib. Paschim Boragaon. Tel. . 236341(R). Debashish (b. Ajit Kumar (b.. 193 SFS DDA Flats. Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology. 8/25 New Campus. 2598465(R). Nehru Road. 09757282263(M).125004. Guwahati . 09810953135(M). Plasma Physics/Solid State Physics. Sp. Tel.D. 301. Majitar. Fax : (001 314) 9354134. E-Sikkim – 737136. Shrikrishna Gopalrao (b. Email : shrigodani@gmail..781006.Gorchuk. St.D. DADARWAL. Bhabani Shankar (b. (01662) 237848(O). DANDAPAT. Dean. 225. Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology. Structural and Functional Studies. E-Sikkim – 737136. Soil Microbiology . Email : Kadam Kanan. McDonnel Centre for the Space Sciences. House No.D. DANI.D...D. Tel. Lie Groups/Ergodic Theory/ Probability Measures. Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology. Fax : 27667471. Mall Road. Hisar 125004. FNA.118 2008 2012 2005 1990 2000 1975 1998 1995 Year Book 2015 CHOWDHURY. Department of Microbiology.208016. Fax : 25723480. FASc. Fax: 2740659.D. (022) 25767453(O). Louis.. Scientist. Email : dadarwal@hau. Res. CCS Haryana Agricultural University. Campus Box 1105. FASc. Sp. Tel.110009. Washington University in St. Department of Mathematics. 235. Professor. DAS. (033) 25568085 (4 lines) Ext. Delhi . of Biochemistry. Sp. (011) 46025847(R). 'Anubhav'.com. College Development Council & ViceChancellor.. NCL Colony. Pune. Andrews Palli. Tel. bhudevdas48@gmail. Bhabani Sankar (b. Flat # 4572. Noida.159. Biochemistry. Res. Deptt. Gobardhan (b. Santiniketan 731 235. Dr BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research (ACBR).No.S. Professor. 2911(O).edu.das07@gmail. (0674) 2595311(R). Electronics & Communication Science Unit. 11/26 Kali Charan Ghosh Road. A. Res. Qr. M. (011) 27662888(Lab). Res. Santiniketan . Fax : 510085. (0674) 542703.).D. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Jyotirmay (b. Professor of Biomedical Sciences (Prof. Email: bkdas45@yahoo.769005. Bhubaneswar. FNA.Director (M&HS).T. New Delhi. Bhudev Chandra (b. Email : a. Bijoy Kishore (b. 09810537835(M). Chandi Charan (b. Kolkata . Formerly Founder Director.acbrdu. Vasant Kunj. Pune– 411008.700050.. Ph. Deptt. Sp. Tel..(Hons. (020) 25902385(O). New Delhi . . Amitava (b. 49. Computer Science/ Remote Sensing/Atmospheric Science.. Forest Park. MD. Tel.D. School of Life Sciences. Molecular Biology of Cancer. Tel. Molecular Virology and Human Molecular Genetics. Sp. 25561314(R).751014. Email : Fax: (011) 27666248.A.Tel. FASc. CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory. Sector 56. 1948) Ph. 1966) Ph. Sp. Berhampur University. Website: www. Principal Scientist. 1943) Ph. Ispat General Hospital.D. DAS.D.700 035.P. B. das_amitava2@ rediffmail. 25898586(R). JC Bose National Fellow. Visva-Bharati Univeristy. Gautam Nagar. Pune–411008.(Illinois).Fellows 2012 1988 1999 1998 1989 1983 2011 1996 119 DAS. CMET. Former Professor & Head..9913(O). Sector 19. Organic Chemistry Division. of Zoology. DAS. 1945) B. University of Delhi (North Campus). Materials Science/ Metallurgy/Electronics Materials.. B210 Nirmala Plaza Apartment. Director. DAS. 1959) Ph. Res.Res. Asit Baran (b. DII/19.769005.das@ncl. Pashan. Res. Road. Cytogenetics/Cytochemistry. Institute of Cytology & Preventive Oncology (ICMR).FASc. Kolkata .. Sp. Inorganic Synthesis/Molecular Recognition/Supramolecular Chemistry/Photoinduced Processes and Electron Transfer. B-5&6.res. 543064(R). Fax : 25776680. Sr. Rourkela . Tel. Tel. Bhubaneswar 751009. Infectious Diseases/Genetic Engineering/Immunity. Fax : 25902629. Formerly Executive Director. Special Centre for Molecular Medicine.D. Email : jdas@isical. 1930) D. Sinthee.D. Formerly Professor of Zoology. Email : bcdas48@hotmail. (0661) 510641-45 Ext. DAS. C-22. Pashan Road. Res. (0120) 4275392(R). Sp. A-10. 1938) Ph. Gurbaksh Singh Chair Professor) and Former Director. DAS. Rourkela . DAS.Dy. Sr.110070. 1945) MBBS. Indian Statistical Institute..FZSI. 203. Comparative Animal Physiology/Biochemistry.

D. Plant Biotechnology/Plant Physiology/ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Formerly Director. Drug & Chemical Toxicology Group. 4. C-122 (HIG). Sp.226001. DAS. A8/4. MG Marg. Res. 278045(R). 93/1 A. Scientist G. Tel. Food. (033) 24140921(O).. Agam Kuan. 35. (033) 25286307(R). DAS.721302. W. FBRS. 2355970(R).C. FSB. Sp. 5 South Park.P.res.751003.Sc. Bhubaneswar . Biophysical Chemistry /Molecular Chaperone/Protein Folding. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. res. Fax : ICAR. Pradeep (b. 24769216(R). B-44. FNA. FNAAS. Raja S.. Bhubaneswar . Lucknow. FAEB. 09434035266(M). (0674) 2355505(O).uk. Fax : 255239. 1953) Ph. IIT Campus. Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences. The Science Foundation for Tribal & Rural Resource Development. Multiphase Flow/Heat Transfer. 09437007970(M).. Bioenergy.D.D. Kolkata . 24861729. Premananda (b. Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Kharagpur . 1936) PhD. mukul@iitr.T. Department of Mechanical Engineering. 2638122(R). PO Box 80. Prasanta Kumar (b. 215/19 Ka Kamal Sarovar. Res.. Sp. profpdas@ yahoo. (0522) 2963826(O).(hc).1952) Ph. Kali Pada (b. Senior Professor. (0612) 2636651. Ex Consultant. (033) 23031152(O).751003. Fax: 2634379.D.700 032.1956) Ph. Email: pijushdas@iicb. CSIRIndian Institute of Toxicology Research. 1956) Ph. FASc.. Biochemical Toxicology/Chemical Carcinogenesis /Xenobiotic Biotransformation.das@gmail. FISOH. IIT Kharagpur . Baramunda. (03222) 282916(O) (b. National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources. Email : profpdas@gmail. daskp25@gmail. 2745313(R).ernet.C. Biochemistry/Cell Biology/ Molecular Parasitology. Tel. Kolkata . Director.721302. Sp.120 2005 2010 1997 2008 2013 1994 1990 Year Book 2015 Council : Mem. Lucknow-220663. Justice Chandra Madhab Road. Tel. Paikpara. Immunology& Parasitology/Molecular Biology/Cell BiologyApoptosis and Cell Signalling. FNAAS. Email : pkd@mech. FSE. Res. DAS. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Punyabrata (b. DAS. Sp. Res. GOI. Subhash Marg. Mukul (b. Bose Institute.D. Chief Scientist & Area Coordinator. Road. Kolkata . 1942) Ph.Sp. 09431012380(M). Indralok Estate. Fax: 23506790.C.B. Tel. Fax: 24735197. Res. 1962) Ph. FAA.. Tel. Sp.D. Mullick Road. State Housing Board Colony.700 020.800007. Patna 800007. Patna . 282917. FNC. University of Animal & Fishery Sciences. FNAE. FIFI. Professor. 2003 DAS. Pijush K.S. Bose National Fellow. Fisheries and Aquaculture Including Fish Genetics. Email : mditrc@rediffmail. Email: kalipada@ jcbose. Director's Quarter.700009. Tel. Kolkata . Santoshpur. Kolkata -700002. F. DAS. FSHI. J. Tel. Lucknow. 2631565(O). Res. Agam Kaun. Chairman & Director. FAScT. Department of Chemistry. 24838055(R). Res.D. Email : drpradeep.700075.

(033) 25693251(O). Tel.iisc. IISER-Kolkata.iisc. Adambakkam. Fax : 24614849. Fax : 24110669. 24843966(R).. Tel. Chandan (b. Res. DAS. P. Chennai . Nadia .D. T3 10/2 Ruchira Residency. Indian Institute of Science. Associate Professor. Sp.. 09830776131(M).I. 23600683. Indranil (b. of Biology. Res. Email : chanchaldg2000@yahoo. Mechanical Engineering Dept. FASc.. Tel. . Senior Professor. Purbachal Housing Email : maitrayee_d@hotmail. Engineering and Engineering Science/Chemical and Material Technology. 55/1. FNA. Malleswaram. 1951) PhD. Cluster 14. Professor. (080) 23603924(O).M. 23359393(R). (033) 24614714(O). Department of Plant Molecular Biology.560012. Division of Plant Biology. Sp. FASc.700097. Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology.700019.D. 4th Main Road. 1963) Ph. Flat No. 09910334110(M).Fellows 2009 2011 2009 1997 2000 2009 2010 121 DAS. Brindavan Nagar Extn. FTWAS.560012. New Delhi . Res. 42778520(R).. FASc. 23603632(R). Ballygunge Circular Road.D. Department of Physics. Indian Institute of Science. DAS GUPTA. Indian Institute of Science. 1958) Ph.. Professor.G. A/38. Bose Institute. Email : indranil58@yahoo. New Housing Colony. Plant Molecular Biology (Functional & Genetical aspects). Tel.110077.D. Res. University of Calcutta. Kolkata . University of Delhi South Campus.N. Bangalore . Maitrayee (b. Bangalore .600088. Email: cdgupta@ physics. Chanchal Kumar (b. Professor. (080) 22932886(O). Kolkata .boseinst. Scheme VII(M). Email : sdas@mcbl. Bangalore . New Delhi. P1/12. Mobanpur EE-72/ (011) 24111639(O).ernet. Kalikapur. Dwarka. Professor... Plot-11. Email : sampa@bic.700078. Fax : FASc. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Kolkata . 1951) Ph. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. DAS GUPTA. Res. Sp. Tel.S. Fax : 23602697. Salt Lake. Res. NE 301. Salt Lake. 1962) Ph. Kolkata 700091. 23345417(R). 1959) Ph. Sp. 09448479632(M).com.A. FNA. DAS Interaction/Photosynthetic Energy Transfer/StructureFunction of Protein Kinase. Fax : 23353886. 2nd Street. Plant-virus interactions/ Transgenic virus resistance in plants. Dist. A-13.600036. 22530602(R).. Prabha Apartments. Fax : 23602602. Sampa (b. Fax : (033) 23376839. 09500072602(M). 7. (044) 22574655(O).FNA.560055. Molecular Virology/ Molecular Biology/ Antiviral Research. Sp. Res.741252. Sp.700054. Bangalore . 35. sampa_d @rediffmail. Professor. DAS.D.FNAE.C. Dept. Kolkata . Department of Biochemistry. Saumitra (b. Tel.D. Sp. 09007889857(M). ernet.1945) Ph. FNA. Narvmukhai Apartments. IIT Madras. Plant . Sarit Kumar (b. Email : skdas@iitm. FNA. Chennai . DASGUPTA. Tel.T.

(044) 2351856(O).. (0124) 4205590(R). 22932945(O). 1939) Ph. 2001. Sp. 12/9. Aryabhata.N. 200304. Email : sarma@sscu. Chennai .(Calgary). 1939) Ph. Science Institute Post. New Delhi . Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. 54.I. DSc. Fax : 26741759. 2011-12 Mem. Sp. Central School (0674) 2555109(R). FTWAS. 23943743. Res.I. Plot-45. House No. Member. Sp.D. DATTA. 1951) Ph.S. Pres.560012.(011) 26742750. 23603061(R). Flat-101. (040) 23816155(R).600 113. Bhubaneswar-751015. FNA. Metamorphic Petrology/Ore Geology.. Tel. Sp. Manasa Sarovar Apts. Campus. FASc.C.ernet. Fax : 23946150. DASIKA..SD 22. F. Tel. DASH. somnath@iiserkol. Email : apdash2@ rediffmail. Shankar Chowk. Res. Res. Environmental Conservation and Environmental Management. DAS SARMA. Delhi . Tel. Bangalore . Silchar – 788011. Sp.D.. 23981905(O). ViceChancellor... Tel. Population Ecology) and Environmental Science (Systems Analysis and Modeling. Institute of Mathematical Sciences. 22. Director. V. Kasturbanagar. (03842) 270801(O). Email : asis_datta@nipgr. The National Media Centre Co-operative House Building Society Ltd. Orissa Environment Appellate Authority and Formerly Vice-Chancellor.Sc. Tel. Hyderabad. Environmental Laws).com.122 2001 2000 1999 1981 1998 1998 1991 Year Book 2015 DAS GUPTA. Council : Pres. Chennai . VIP Area. 23915658. Dipankar ( Ecology (Soil Ecology & Vermitechnology. Hari (b. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Madhab Chandra (b. 402. asis_datta@rediffmail. Res. P.D. Fax : 23601310. 09435724527(M).Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry. DASS. 95-98. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. Senior Professor. 182. FNA. No. Aditya Prasad (b. (080) 23607576. Fax : 270802. Res.E. NRSA. Email: vc@aus. Founder & Formerly Director. Quantum Field Theory/Gravitation and Astrophysics.D. New Delhi.Professor. (011) 23981690.I.A. Somnath (b. Asis (b. Plot 166 Kalyan Nagar.iisc.. NH8. FZSI. Bangalore 560012. Assam University. Electronic Structure of Solids/Nano Materials/Conducting Polymers.. asisdatta@hotmail. 1951) Ph. 4422767(R). somnathdasg@ gmail. FTWAS.D. 99-2000 .D. 09810855666(M). 1955) Ph. I Main Road. NASIPlatinum Jubilee Chair Distinguished Professor. Parasitology.600 113. F.P. 1946) Ph.. Sp. F.N. Geosciences/ Remote Sensing. Durga Prasada Rao ( Media Campus. Hyderabad. Tel. Sambalpur University.res. Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit & Centre for Condensed Matter Theory.D. National Institute for Plant Genome Research. FNA.500038. N. C. Email : mcdashh@yahoo. D. 09831167145. FTWAS. Former Sham Nath Marg. Nayapalli. 1944) PhD.110054.S. Indian Institute of 2009-10. 09437209935(M). 26741658. 26735119(O).T. Malaria Research Centre.

D. Sp. 304(O). Honorary Professor. Special Centre for Molecular Medicine.P. FTWAS. FASc. Condensed Matter Physics/Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics/ Structure & Dynamics of Condensed Matter. Basudeb (b.560094. Res.. Email: jibank. 182. 1/AF Bidhan Nagar. 2002-07 S. Bose Centre. Fax : 23600146. Kolkata.1945) Ph. Council : Mem. Combinatorial Topology/ Convex & Discrete Geometry/Combinatorics. DATTA.ernet. Apt. Res. Tel. New BEL Road. Res. EV-108. WB (033) 24614771 Ext.110067. Tel.S. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Formerly Director. FASc. Purbapalli. Vijnanapura Campus. Former Senior Professor. New Delhi . 1946) Ph. Tel. NH-8. Botany Department. Formerly Scientist. New 1313(O). Visva-Bharati. Justice Dwarakanath Road. 98-2000. Res. Fax: 23374637. (0124) 4205590(R). Sp. Shankar Chowk. Swapan Kumar (b. JNCASR. IISER. Res. Kolkata700064. 09831502961(M). Email: swpndatta@yahoo. sushantad@gmail. Molecular and Cellular Biology/Genetic Engineering/Functional Genomics. Kolkata . Swapan Kumar (b. FNA. FTWAS. Former Professor & Dean. Tel. House No.. Vice-Chancellor.. 304. 35.23244053(R). Biological Crystallography/Protein Structure and Function/ Modeling. Santiniketan– 731235. 2013-14 . Kasturi (b. 09830668907(M). Kolkata. Birbhum. IISC Quarters. Department of Mathematics. Shree Housing Complex.O. Kolkata . Calcutta University. kdatta@mail. (080) 22933211(O). School of Environmental Sciences.D. 2001-02 Bangalore . Kolkata . P. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. 1050/1 Survey Park. Email : dattab@math. Crystallography & Molecular Biology Division. DATTA. FASc. Rash Behari Ghosh Professor. The National Media Centre Co-operative House Building Society Ltd. 09810326590(M).1947) PhD. 23413118(R) Res. (03463) 262451(O). Sp. (011) 26704327(O). Professor. 65259682(R). 2011-12 F. Sushanta (b. ac. Dist.700156. New Town.FNAAS.D.dattagupta@gmail. 54.jnu. Kolkata . Jiban Kanti (b. Fax: (011) 26717502. 1957) Ph. Santiniketan. 2004-05. 1943) Tel.020302.700019. Bangalore . ernet. 09831842858(M).700075. “Purbita”. DATTAGUPTA. 1953) Ph. Nuclear Physics. Rupashree. Ballygunge Circular Road. 26165886. Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. Email:vicechancellor@visva-bharati. Nuclear Science Centre.700020. Council : Mem. Indian Institute of Science.Fellows 2014 1991 2003 2006 2002 1995 123 DATTA. Fax: 24764419. Sp. Media Campus. Email: skd@nsc. Email : datta_k@hotmail. Sp. Sp. 21. Udita . (033) 64512764(R). Formerly Professor & Director. Fax : (3463) (033) 23375345-49 Ext. FNA.N. Gurgaoon-122001. NASI-Senior Scientist & Adjunct Professor.

Tel. of Chemistry..124 1980 1982 1979 1969 2012 1986 1978 1991 Year Book 2015 DATTA-MUNSHI. Bhavnagar (Gujarat). Ram (b. FNA. Fax: 570133. Membrane Separation/Transport Phenomena/Pollution Control. Tel. IIT Campus. Pune – 411052. Pune 411007. Email : Gauhati University. Vice President & Secretary (Hon. 91-92 DAVE. FIEEE(USA). Dept. Sp.. M. Ellis Bridge. PG Department of Zoology. Email : jsmunshi @yahoo. 257/N. Allahabad. Sp. Chemistry Dept. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Samarendra Kumar (b. Formerly Director. (040) 27732423(R). Animal Ecology/Entomology/Environmental Biology.iitkgp. Aundh.India Award (1966). Res. Res. Kharagpur . Department of Zoology. Department of Chemical Engineering. Formerly Professor & Head. Lankeswars NH 37. Cancer Research Institute. DEKA. 09908499081(M). (03222) 283926(O). 570573(R). 1939) Ph. Varanasi-221 005. FNAE.M. Sciences. Sirshendu (b.Sci.D. Formerly Distinguished Scientist & Director. Pathology/Cell Biology/Medicine.Lanka. Hyderabad. Kubera Gulshan Apartments. 1967) Ph. Jyoti Swarup (b. IDRBT (RBI-Govt of India).500026. Guwahati. Professor. Kharagpur . Res. Laxmiprasad Dhanshanker (b..Sc.. Shiva Mandir. Mycology-Aquatic. Sp. NRSA. Email : deo. FAMS. Pune.madhav@gmail. Kolkata . Award : U. Sp. Sp. Formerly Professor & Head. D. FZSI. 1933) D. Hyderabad. Formerly INSA Senior Scientist and Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). DAYAL. Visiting Professor. (020) 25449649(O) 25895128(R). Remote Sensing/Image Processing/System Engg...) Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine. T. SDI. Email : tcdeka@hotmail. Ahmedabad380006.ernet. Fax: 255303. 1930) Ph. Res. Tarini Charan (b. Secunderabad . Madhav Gajanan (b. 1932). 283927(R). C-13. Tel.. Fish & Fisheries/Ecology/Cell Biology. Res. D/ Agricultural Botany/Agricultural Chemistry. 147/1 Deka Niwas. FNAE. Tel.P.Phil. Allahpur. FTWAS. IIT Kharagpur. BOG COE JNTUH. Formerly Professor & Head.).com. Formerly Director. Soil and Nematophagous. Allahabad University.C. Allahabad211006. Bhagalpur. Sp.721302. Gulbai Tekra. Sp. Baghambari Housing President. B-252.D. DEO. FNA. 09922403266 (M).D. Garia. School of Health Sciences.D..I. FASc. Institute of Agril. DEEKSHATULU. Res.700084. (033) 24102641(R). Usha Park. Road.P. Hon. 1925) Ph. (079) 26560297(R). Bhavnagar University.D. DE.(Lond. Tel. FASc. Guwahati-781014. Res. FNA. P124A. Sp.H.D. Distinguished Fellow. Coordination Chemistry. Ph. 1936) Ph. University of Poona.. (0361) 570294(O). Tel.Acad. Samarpan Govt. B. DE. .. Council : Mem.U.D.10-3-123/3. D. East Maredpally. Bhagalpur University. Education Minister's Gold Medal in Chemistry & Technology .D. Flats..). Formerly Professor & Head. Chairman.(Path. 09924206494(M).Nat. GAIA Varanasi221 005. Mycology & Plant Pathology Dept. Bulusu Lakshmana (b.(Lond. Email : deekshatulu@ hotmail.721302. 1930) D. Res.

Kolkata .in. Kolkata .D. Kalash Apartments.P.. Vidhyalay.S. Materials Science Department. res.380015. Res. Gautam Radhakrishna (b. F. Email: alok. Theoretical.D. Email : msbnd@iacs. Email: mrcassam@hotmail.700032. 7 S. Salt Lake City. Bye lane # 2 (Near NRL Petrol Pump) Surface & Nanoscale Physics/X-ray Physics/Ion-solid Interactions. Bangalore . dey@gmail.FASc. FTWAS. Rajamahal Vilas Extension.D.(Arkansas. Sp. Bhopal . Ahmedabad.403 004. C. Jyotindra N. Sector-III. SIX Mile. Ahmedabad . 26400285(R). Res. Bhupendra Nath (b. Dona Paula. Senior Professor. 23616008(R).). Formerly Sr. Department of Research.I. DEV.D. (0532) 2274353(O). Genetical/Taxonomical & Evolution/Ecology. Formerly Director. USA). Dy.700032. Indian Institute of Science.D. 09435345154(M). Near Azad Society. 1953) Ph. Atomic and Molecular Physics. (033) 24734971 Ext. KMC. DEVI.Sp. Council : Tr. A. Sansanwal Marg. Fax : 24732805. Email : gautam_desiraju@yahoo. Tel. (079) 646080(R).560080. Res. Statistics. Tel.110095. 1944) Ph. Professor. Jadavpur.560012. Tel. Goa. 1941) Ph. USA). Formerly Senior Professor.D.D. Delhi .110016.D.. National Institute of Oceanography. Vas (b. Fax: 23602306. 2569317(R-direct). Tel. NASI-Senior Scientist.Fellows 1991 1984 1994 2000 2011 2006 1989 1996 2004 125 DEO. FASc. DESIRAJU. Rewa (M. Guwahati – 781022. Email: sdeo@hri. DEY. Tel. 1936) Ph. Satya (b.(Wales). Professor. Director & Officer-in-charge. 1952) Ph. DESAI.res.211019. 2274012(R). Allahabad .200(O).N. Sp. Research Laboratory. B-17/S-1. FNA. Indian Statistical Institute. Jaya Nagar. (b. Harish-Chandra Research Institute. 22574022(R). Sp. Jhusi. Physical. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit. Physical Research Laboratory. Sp. Supramolecular Chemistry /Crystal Engineering/Drug Design. 2012DESAI. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. 1944) Ph. Tel.462001. Durga Prasad (b. Radiation Biology/Experimental Oncology. Res. National Institute of Malaria Research (ICMR). 203. 32. Uma (b. Marine Environmental Sciences. Bhagirath Navinkant ( GD83. Planetary Nebulae. Sp. Ahmedabad. Manipal. Dilshad Garden. New Delhi . Post Box No. Sp. Sp. 1934) Ph. DEV. Ahmedabad . Algebraic & Differential Topology. (079) 26314454(O). Visiting Professor. Opp. 09415309323(M). Res. University.(011) 41493940(O). Chhatnag Road. (080) 22933311(O). Idgah Spectroscope Observations in Solar Corona. . Formerly Professor & Head of Radiobiology. Bangalore..P. Sp. Aloke (b. M-75/371 Saraswati Nagar.FNA. 1945) Ph. Ambawadi. 1954) Ph. Fax:41493981. DEWANGAN.D. 36/18.380006.J. Tel. 23345258(R)..C.S. 9th Main Formerly Vice-Chancellor. P. (Notre Dame. NASI Senior Scientist & Hon.

D. Email : durga_dhar@yahoo. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Natural Products. DNA Replication/Cell Cycle Regulation/Parasitology. (020) 25691727. Civil Engineering Department. Tel. M-317 First Floor. 1958) Ph. Fax: 25691728. Res.Homi Bhabha Road. Sector 62. Sector 51. (011) 26597523(O)..09889496845(M).. 25601395 Ext. Mumbai .201301. Email : skdhar2002@yahoo. 1961) Ph. DHAR. University of Pune. Samaspur.D. No. Tel.126 2006 2012 1999 1988 2011 2001 1994 2011 Year Book 2015 DEY..110067. Uppeandra (b. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology. Madurai. Rajat Vihar.D. 22782244(O). 1442. Tel. Special Centre for Molecular Medicine. Chinmoy Sankar (b. CSIR Emeritus 09818335379(M). Formerly Visiting Professor and Actg. K. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur . FASc. Gurgaon – 122001. Indian Institute of Technology . Delhi – 110078. Professor. Fax : 282254. Formerly Professor of Chemistry. University School of Environmental Management. . FTWAS. Sp.FNAE. 283419(R). (022) 22782427.D. Distinguished 22804835(R). Chairperson & Associate Professor.. Type IV. Director. The School of Biological Sciences.k@gmail. DHARMALINGAM. Pune .co. Noida. Indian Institute of Technology. Subhasish (b. Hauz Khas. Pune . IIT Kharagpur. (b. Department of Theoretical Physics. 26591808(R). Aundh. 22804611. Suman Kumar (b. 2459636(R). Homi Bhabha Road. Conservation Biology/Plant Ecology/Exsitu Conservation. Anna Nagar. DHAR. 1949) Ph.. Email: ddhar@ Tel. 25884172(R).in. Sector 16C Dwarka.625021.. Sp.110016. 1948) Ph. Res.D. FNA.D. Dilip Dattatray (b. IIT Campus. Distinguished Biotechnology Research Professor. 1956) Ph.400005. Durga Nath (b. Block A. dilipdhavale56@gmail. Rohan Nilay (1).ac. (0120) 2496137(R). Orchid Island. 44 Duplex – 1. 1968) New Delhi . (03222) 283418(O). Tel. Formerly NASI-Senior Scientist. New Delhi . Fax: 22804610. 09560279888(M). DHAVALE. 26742476(R). 501. Fax: 2530984. DHAR.. Email: uppdhar@gmail. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Sp. Department of Chemistry. (011) 26742572. Staff Quarters. 1951) Ph. Satyendra. Email: csdey@bioschool. DEY. Res. Statistical Physics. P-2. Rae-Bareli – 229316. B-156. JNU Campus. 1932) Ph.unipune. uppdhar@ rediffmail. Deepak (b. (0452) 4356550(O). Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Professor. iitd. DHAR.411007 Res. Kanpur. Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology/Proteomics of Eye Diseases. Email : sdey@iitkgp.400005.721302. Signal transduction/Diabetes/ Drug resistance. Mumbai .. Organic Chemistry. Email : ddd@chem. Tel.110067. Madurai – 625020.FNA.tifr.D. Sp. Sp. Aravind Medical Research Poorvanchal Complex.602. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Palkalai Nagar. Tel. Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics/Fluvial New Delhi . 26704559(O).res. Kharagpur .D. C-201.411007. Res. Res. Organic Chemistry/Carbohydrate Chemistry. Quarters No. Fax : 26741781. TIFR Housing Colony. Professor.584(O). Email : dharmalingam. Res.

Director. FASc.ernet. RMV Stage II. Sp. DPS Marg. Apt 5302.ernet. 23663313(R). dhawanalok@hotmail. Bhola Nath (b. MD. Sp. (b. FCAI. Research and Partnership Coordination. 1964) PhD. 25694234(R). Email: v. Biochemistry/Molecular Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology. FINS. Tel. 09992100013. Plant Breeding/Quantitative Genetics/ Biotechnology/ Plant Genetic Resources. Sp. (01744) 243273 (R). Punjab Agricultural University. Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. Pusa Campus. com. Neurosciences/Pharmacology. Bangalore . Bangalore. CG Block. Lucknow 226007. Res. 2401795(R). Res. 3 Ram Krishna Fax : 2771941. 09415014343(M).141004. New Delhi . Plant DHAWAN. Vidyapeeth. Council : V. Professor. (079) 2630241418(O). Borlaug Institute for South Asia. Institute of Life Sciences. alokdhawan@iitr. 96-98. 09925120444(M). CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research. (080) 22933261(O). Ahmedabad University.D. Tel.226001. Tel. DHINDSA. Email : rdighe@mrdg. Professor. 1951) Ph. (0522) 2334166(R). Fax: 26302419. Indian Institute of Science. Email : kuldipdhindsa@ yahoo. Email : dhawanbn@gmail. Madhukunj.D. Molecular Range Hills. FCINP.Inorganic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry/ Biological Chemistry/Agrochemicals. New Delhi – 110012. Alok (b. Pune .. NASC Complex.D. (020) 25604224(O). Res. Molecular Epidemiology/ Genetic Toxicology/ Nanomaterial Toxicology. Development and Genetics. Fax: 24682144. Lucknow . Rama Krishna alokdhawan@yahoo. Senior Principal Scientist. Vice Chancellor’s Lodge. Sp.FAEB. Pune University Campus. 2007-08 DHAWAN.P.. Ludhiana .No.Aundh Road. Punjab Agricultural University. Ganeshkhind.125055.FST. DHILLON. 1960) Ph. vc@pau. 4.. Vibha (b.. Baldev Singh (b. Haryana. Res. Sp. H. 09416169590(M). Tel.Sp. 1945) Ph. DIGHE. Kuldip Singh (b. Fax : 25604699. FAMS.D. . G-1. Nanomaterial Toxicology Group. Lottegollahalli. EX-Director General. Faizabad Road.. FTWAS. 2001-02 Mem. Lucknow. Res.). 1951) Ph. PO Box 80..FAScAW. Sector-1. MG Marg. Sanjeev Vishnu (b.560094. Rajan R. Tel. FASc. DHURANDHAR. 1932) MBBS. bndhawan@hotmail. com. Res. FAIC. Gravitational Waves /General Relativity. 24312484(R). (0161) 2401794(O). FNA.110014. Shahabad Markanda 136135. Distt. Deputy Sp. FNA. Email: sanjeev@iucaa. FRSC (Lond. Tel.141004. JCD. Email : alok. (011) 24682100(O). Lucknow . Email: dhillonbaldevsingh@gmail. Kurukshetra. 1402. Formerly Director. Tel. Post Bag Ludhiana . Central Drug Research Institute.226007. FNA. Res. 3. Anriya Fax : 23600999. Jangpura Extn. Ahmedabad – 380009. Khadki . 09811009262(M). Sirsa.dhawan @ahduni.Fellows 2009 1989 2001 2001 1991 2004 2009 127 DHAWAN. 41. 1947) Pune 411007.iisc. Vice Chancellor. FRCP.462016. Cardiology/Clinical Research/ A-307. Fax: 2668571.. Mehdauri Avas Vikas Colony. FNA. Council : Mem. (0522) 2772451. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Chandigarh . Teliarganj.211004. VC. Chandigarh 160036. Res. Email : dimrivp@yahoo. Lucknow-226024. Saraswathi Nagar Uppal. Rampur. Institute of Environmental Studies. 4960(O).in.D. Tel. Res. Fax : 26850588. IInd Floor. 2326618(R). 26527200(R).160014. Fax : 690585. 2-1-33/14. Sp. FBS. 23434645(R). Delhi .1954) D. DIKSHIT. National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR). 09818791143(M). (b. 69. Mangal Apartment. Scientist EII. Central Drug Research Institute. Sector Maidan Garhi. Jabalpur–482008. 09453254221(M). madhudikshit@ yahoo. Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH).Sc. National Coordinator for MHRD-UGC Project on e-Content Development for PG Level Course.500007. Hyderabad-500039. Jankipuram Ext. Tel. (011) 26850117/18(O).110096.1951) Ph. Executive Director. Panjab University Campus. Sitapur Road. D. Sp. Email: skdogra@iitk. FNA. Sai Nilayam. Geophysics/ Fractals/Signal Processing. DIKSHIT.Phil. Fax: 23434651. 2013-14 DOGRA. FASc..D.. Hyderabad . (040) 23434655(O). Physical Chemistry/Photochemistry.(hc). 09335108519. E-1/95. DM (Cardiology). Prabhakaran (b. Professor & Head. Email: anupambplau@rediffmail. Vijay Prasad (b.P. 2009-10 DIMRI. Chief Scientist. Bhopal . CSIRDistinguished Scientist. Res. E-5 Arera Colony. Fax: 2771941. D. 2450 Extn.. IGNOU. 1942) Ph. Vasundhara Enclave. Sneh Kumar ( Email : dprabhakaran@ccdcindia. Email: kanak@imtech. Res. Ex. Botany Department. New Delhi . Anupam ( Sp. Tel. Biochemical & Molecular Pharmacology. 1957) Ph. (0532) 2461779(O). 2546200(R).110016. Uppal Road. Visiting Professor. New Delhi . Email: hpdsushasan@ gmail.res. Kanak Lata (b. Res. B-55. Allahabad . 1941) D. (011) 22622182(R). D. FPSI. 1961) MD. Email: madhu_dikshit@cdri. Safdarjung Development Area. 549279(R). Tel.D.. Sp.LIitt. 07799043000(M).Analysis/ Numerical Approximat-ions/Fourier Analysis/ Complex Analysis/Finite Element Methods/ Computer Aided Design. Naya Gaon. Centre for Chronic Disease Control. Res. Lucknow-226031. Council : Mem. C1/52. Microbiology/Plant Pathology/Angiosperms/Taxonomy. (hc). Res. Former Director. (761) 2663266(O). FNA. Aliganj. Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology/Genetics. School of Sciences. University of Allahabad. Madhu (b. Sector 10. 2377609. DORAIRAJ. Sarvodaya Enclave. Tel.Phil. 462(O). C-95. 2002 1992 2002 2000 2004 1991 2011 Year Book 2015 DIKSHIT. Tel.110017. H.. (0172) 690138 Ext. Sp. New Delhi . B101. Tel. Sector 39A. 16.110068. Sp. 1948) PhD. FTWAS. Chairman. Allahabad211002. .D. Sp. Division of Pharmacology.

23604536(O). Res. Sp.560076. Science & Technology. 155. Professor. .com. Khurram Nagar. Quarter No. com. Res. Computer Science/Pattern Recognition/AI/Fuzzy Logic/Cybernetics. 9. FNAE. Bhavnagar . Durga FNA. Lucknow . Emeritus Professor. Res. 1957) Ph.221005. Fax : 25782739(R). CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography.. Res. DUTTA. 1967) Ph.403004. Bangalore . FASc. Indian Statistical Institute. Central Drug Research Instt. 2464516(R).. (0744) 426322(O).A. Manas Nagar Ext. Bhavnagar. Nawal Kishore ( Department of Life Sciences. Rawat Bhata Road. 25777107(O).D. Tel. nkdubey2@rediffmail. Lucknow. Kolkata -700 032. DUTTA 20/360/4. Harish Chandra (b. Res.560012. Fax: 2450602. Tel. F. Chitra.. Sp.364002. Bangalore .226015. Kolkata . Email : pradip@mecheng. 1937) Ph.res. Tel.. Kolkata ... Res. Fax: 519824.ernet. 4. Tel. FNAE.D. Ashokegarh. Department of Mechanical Engineering. 450567(R). Kota Open University. Kota324 010. Department of Botany. 1932) Ph. Sp. (0832) 2450312(O). 1940) D.. Email : shankar@nio. (0522) 2331932(R).org. 430657(R).403004. 1960) Ph. Bhavnagar University. Formerly Director’s Grade Scientist and Head. Professor & Head. Mechanical Engineering/Energy Sciences. Tel. Fax : 25776680(ISI). Senior Principal Scientist. Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer.. Tel. Ph. Biophysics.P. 2699249(R).D. Mullick Road. Varanasi 221005.226022.D. Indian Institute of Science. Biophysics Division. Raja S. Director. INSA Hon. 09845010520 (M). Dwijesh Kumar (b. Shankar (b. Plant Pathology/ Angiosperm Taxonomy/Bioprospection.FASc. Protozoology/Parasitology/Microbiology/ Immunology.700108. Tropical Ocean Dynamics/Ocean-atmosphere Interaction/ Monsoons. DUTTA.D. Shobh Nath (b. Email: ddm@isical. Goa. Shyam Nagar. Varanasi . (0278) 521545. 302. Sp. Director.Phil. Goa ..R.Ny.Sc. Banaras Hindu FPSI. 1933) Ph. Indian Institute of Management Campus. Email: duttag123@ yahoo. Lucknow . Principal’s Bungalow. F. FBS..Fellows 2011 1989 1979 2014 1992 1991 1990 2014 129 DORAISWAMY. Scientist 'C'. 23579218. Professor.D. (033) 25778085 (4 Lines). Noble Shelters.I..C. Email : cdutta@iicb. Dona Paula.700108. Pradip (b. Tel.D. Sp.. B34/130. Scientist & Ex-Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).Sc. DUBEY. 4F2. Email: hcdube@hotmail. Dona Paula. DUBE. Sp.. DUTTA. DUBE. FNA. 09415295765(M).364002. Sp. 519824(O). ddmdr@hotmail. (080) 22933225. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Microbial Physiology/Fungal Biotechnology/ Agricultural Microbiology. University Old Campus. Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Sp. Email : nkdubeybhu@gmail.iisc. Guru Prakash (b.FNA.A. Institute of Cybernetics Systems of Information and Technology (ICSIT). A-13. FASME.

1932) Ph. Physiology/Endocrinology/Reproductive Immunology/ Contraceptive Technology. Sp. Plot 35. Aparna (b. Formerly Professor & Head.. Professor & Head. Fax : 26581264. dutta_sushilkumar@rediffmail. Res. Ahmad (b.D. (011) 26862416. Developmental Biology/Insect Physiology/Comparative Endocrinology. Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Division. Hyderabad . Tel. Stanislaus Francis (b. Department of Chemistry. Serillingampally.). barc. Sp. Fax: 25505326. Suhash Chandra (b. Tel. FAFST. Banaras Hindu University. EHTESHAM. Formerly Professor of Electrical Engineering. FASc. Res. 164. Botany Department (C. Vashi. Head.F. 26581606.H. 1952) PhD (Utkal). Formerly Professor of Zoology.ernet. Deputy Director. 2668745(R). Applied Enzymology and Environmental Biotechnology with special reference to Immobilized Enzymes and Cells. (0674) 2350811(R). D’SOUZA. Department of Animal Sciences. P. DUTTA-GUPTA. 09437143598(M). Molecular Biology and Cell Biology. Udyan Cooperative Housing Society. Udyogpuri (Gandamunda).130 1989 2006 2006 1990 1974 1993 2005 1989 Year Book 2015 DUTTA.(Purdue). 23134560(O).roy@gmail. Email: nzehtesham @gmail. Haripriya Niwas. Vidya Vihar. 1949) Ph. FPSI.D.. Ansari Nagar. DUTTA. P. Mycology/Plant Pathology/Soil Microbiology.110 029. FNA.dutta. National Institute of Pathology.333 Res. (DDA) Apartments. Fax: 23010120. FNAE. (040) 23010052. AIIMS Res. PhD(Kansas.221 005.Phil.. Safdarjung Hospital Campus. Tel. FNA. Mumbai . Pilani . FBS. Tel. 1934) Ph.D. Bhubaneswar – 751030. New Delhi . 1953) Ph. DSc(Utkal). Res. A297B. Varanasi. Sushil Kumar (b. INSA Honorary Scientist.O. (0542) 2314330(R). 1. New Delhi – 110029. Res.c. 23010348(R). Taxonomy. FIEEE.. Hyderabad . Post Khandagiri. Email : sfdsouza@apsara. Hauz Khas. 2009-10 DWIVEDI. 2661123/304(O). Birla Institute of Technology & Science. Varanasi . S. New Delhi . Professor. Pilani . 1938) D.. Council : Mem. Sp. Email : s. 23010145.333 031.O. Navi Mumbai-400703. Tel. Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. 1937) DPhil. 09866022980(M). Nasreen Zafar (b. Plot 1573/1. Circuits. Department of Reproductive Biology. Sp. Email: apdgsl@uohyd. 13. (022) 25505342(O). Systems and Signal Processing. Physical Chemistry. Rup (b.A. FASc. . Tel.ernet. B. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. 27667754(R) 029. Road No. Sp. FAP-AS. Trombay. New Delhi 110016..U. Rama Shankar (b. (011) 26963054(R). 5-158. 09871470136(M). FMASc.D. aparnaduttagupta@gmail.D. Tel. USA). CII28.500046. 59 Saket Nagar. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Sp. Adarsha Nagar Colony.500019.400085. 1959) Ph. School of Life Sciences. DFIETE. DUTTA 25505151. Sector 9A. Formerly Professor & Head. Ansari Nagar. University of Hyderabad. Res. Email: duttaphrynus@gmail.S.

Fax: 25908186. Govt. Ph.. 2386705(R). Res. Pune .in. GAMBHIR. Tel.ernet. Indian Institute of Technology. of India. FASc.ganesh@iiserpune. INSA. GAIROLA. Sus Road. Ministry of Information Technology. Website: http://ces.D. Foreign Assoc NAS USA.D. Tel. iisc. (0751) 2378196(O). 4674548(R):. Tel. 1953) Ph.441023. Kanpur . FTWAS.1952) Ph. 2590007. Indian Institute of Science. 900. 1949) Ph.(Cambridge). FMASc. Bangalore. Govt. Formerly Professor. Email : yogy@phy.gadgil@gmail. Panchavati. Pune-411004. DQ-18.. Qtr. of India.C. Sp. President. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of Materials/Solid State Chemistry. Bhartendu Kumar (b. Sp. Res. Defence Research & Development Establishment. Res. (080) 23601429. Tel.iitb. IIT (Mumbai) Employees CHS Ltd. NCL Innovation Park. Pune .. Ministry of Defence. (0512) 2597080(O).D. CGO Complex.208016.474002. Fax : 2597436. Toxicology of Metals/Drug Development/Chelation Treatment. Pashan. Type-4. National Informatics Centre. 23601758(R).FAEB.Fellows 2012 1995 1990 1999 2002 2004 1996 131 FLORA. Email : sjsflora@hotmail. Defence Colony. Vijay Vihar. Email : madhav. Sp.. Qua. Dr.400076. C-503.. Department of Chemistry. director@iiserpune.FABP. Centre for Ecological Sciences. DII/95 Kidwai Nagar (W). Res. Indian Institute of Science. Director. Fax : 2341148. 25871698(R). Email : kn..D. Raghavendra (b. Sh.400076. 1956) Ph. Karre Road. Gwalior . New Delhi. IIT Kanpur Campus. Physics Dept. FNA. Tel. Professor. 1942) Ph. 25768564. FNA. Swaran Jeet Singh (b. Deputy Director General.No. Homi Bhabha Road. (011) 4361635(O). 424.FSSE.(Harvard).D. Information Madhav Dhananjaya (b.. Gwalior. A-4. Email: nsg@iitk. New Delhi and IISc Quarters. Res. Res. Powai. Garware College.(Delhi). (020) 41038236(O). New Delhi . Department of Biodiversity. Associate Director. Council : 2006 GADGIL. Sp. Scientist G. FNA. Mumbai . Indian Institute of Science. Sp. A-18. Tel. Ecology/ Evolution. Fax : 23602121.560012. 25767552. Fax : 41038233. FTWAS.411008. Ecology.iisc. Bose National Fellow. Krishnarajanagar Nagappa (b. Email: ragh@ces. Sub-Atomic Physics/Theoretical Physics. A-B Block. Fax : 25723480. Bangalore 09881153413(M). . 2598427(R). Indian Institute of Technology.D. sjsflora@drde. (022) 25767564(O). FASc.D. 1941) Ph. Bioorganic Chemistry/Nucleic Acids Peptides/Medicinal Chemistry. Sp.D. Namdeo Shriramji (b. Kanpur . Animal Behaviour. Yogendra Kumar ( Springflower Apartments. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research. Type V. Mumbai .ac. Lodi Road.ernet.560012.1953) Ph. Gandhi 23601428. Sp. Mont Vert2. Bangalore . 22932340(O). Res. Pune . 25704068(R). GANESH. 36/3. GADAGKAR. 25893424(R). Near Powai Vihar.208016. (020) 25898000/1(O).drdo.

Nirmal Kumar (b. Gayatri Apartment. Fax : 2211074..208016. 402.ernet. Email: instmohali@gmail. Bangalore. Kanpur . Chandigarh . 2000 GANUGAPATI. Sp. 1941) Nanomaterials/Superconductors. Subramaniam (b. Pradhan Apartments. 27150562(R) Ashok Kumar (b. 09324924307(M). 1968) Ph. Tel. (022) 25376961(R). (0172) 2210073(O). Res. New Delhi Former DG..160062. Plant Tissue Culture/ Biotechnology/ Plant Molecular Biology. Sp.chm_ganguly@yahoo. 510.208016. Naupada. Lakshmi Sita (b. Fax : 2594010. FNA. ICMR. GANGULY. President. Sector 39B. 2598590(R). Punjab . Kanpur . International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Res.D. Nuclear Fuel Complex. Santoshi Mata Temple. (080) 22932413. Lakshmi Niwas. 23446430(R). Microbiology & Cell Biology Dept. 701. FRC Path(London). FAMS. Email : sganesh@ iitk. Faridabad .co. Habsiguda.Nuclear Materials/ Ceramics/Powder Metallurgy..121003 and 1103/1. FIMSA. Cameco India Office. FIIM. Mumbai.. 2421. House No. FIACS(Canada). 1946) PhD. FCAAI. Microbiology/Immunology/ Biotechnology/Tropical Medicine/ Public Health/Health GANGULY. Formerly Professor. Biochemistry/Immunology/Allergy. Liver and Biliary Science. Sp. Austria. Hyderabad – 500007.. 7/101/1. Galaxy Towers. Email : gangulynk41@yahoo. Professor. Thane – 400602. Phase X. Res. Email : sharadvgangal @hotmail. 1A. Res. Human Molecular Genetics/ Neuroscience. Phase X. 1939) Ph. Tel. Tel. Malleswaram. FASc. Sharad Vishwanath (b. Type . New Delhi. Fax : 3444697. Email : sitagl@yahoo. sitagl@mcbl. Sane Guruji Path. Chaitanyamoy ( Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering. (0129) 2439998(R) Director. 0944804643(M). Mohali Punjab . FASc.iisc. DSc (hc). GANGULI. FIE. Sector 64. A-1400 Vienna. FNA. FTWAS. FNAE. (011) 26741501(O). Mohali. . nkganguly@nii. (0512) 2594040(O). Sector-45. 1937) Ph. FASc. Tel.5. 23466430(O). Tel. IISc. Fax: 42407889. Institute of Nano Science & Technology.Sp. Bangalore 560055. 1961) Ph. Head. Tel. (040) 42407532(O). Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section. Director. Scientists Colony. Res. Chairman & Chief Honorary Senior Professor (Clinical Research).com. GH-6. (BCabin). 09811504314(M). Council : Mem. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.. Formerly Distinguished Scientist DAE. IIT Campus. Kasturba Hospital. Institute of Environmental Medicine. Sector 64.D. Sp.160062. Email : chaitanyamoy_ganguly@ cameco.132 2012 1994 2012 2003 1993 2000 Year Book 2015 GANESH. 18th Cross.

res. Professor & Head. Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Uttarakhand.D. Plant Systematics/ Ethnobotany/Conservation Biology. Email : gaur@cmmacs. Sp.. 25530672(O). Mirjalaguda X Roads. Head. Tel. 25534019. Sp. FAMS.res. Karnataka State Women's University.600010.B. Vice-Chancellor. Vasant Kunj. Email : rdgaur2009@gmail. Sp. 89/2. Hanumantpuram.of India.560 034. Kilpank Garden.. Electronics/Optoelectronics/ Nanomaterials. Tel.BiomolecularStructure/X-rayCrystallography /Computational Biology. Res. Res. (011) 26593556(O).Molecular Modeling Group.. Garhwal University. Fax : 26588663. 17.14-137/1/1A. Srinagar-Garhwal. Email : pgarg10@gmail.No.Sc. 2253030(R).500607. com. Hyderabad Station Road. Guindy Campus. 1945) Ph. Fax : 27160512. com. 1966) Ph. Centre for Advanced Study in Crystallography & Biophysics. Chennai . 09412961288(M).500047.. GAUR. Formerly Head. Lane 6. Vinod Kumar (b. FASc.B.(h. HN 653. Fax: 2258403. 1273.. Dinesh Kumar (b. Sarjapur Road. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. Ph. Distinguished D.D. Sp. 1. Narahari Sastry (b.D. MD. Res.D. Department of Botany & Dean. Tel. (080) 25051931.425001. 23437410(R).No. Res. GAUR. Windsor Court . P.).N. Professor Emeritus. Tel. Umavi Nagar. Res.D. Department of Electronics.600025. Formerly Secretary. New Delhi. Fax: 221784. (08352) 240023(O). Email : n_gautham@ hotmail. FBS. New Delhi . Near Swami Samarth Mandir.Earth System Science (Geophysical Sciences). Tel. Raja Srinivasa Nagar. (040) 27193016(O). Bangalore . All India Institute of Medical Sciences.560046. Behind Gujral Petrol Pump.Fellows 2014 2011 2000 1988 2006 2007 2001 133 GARG. Organic Chemistry Division. D. (b. Res. H. Namasivayam (b. 101. 1963) MBBS. dkgautam@nmu. Jalgaon . University of Madras. Behaviour/Neuroethology/Insect Physiology/Biocontrol. Nimkhedi. 26472938(R). Email: wu_bij@nic. Pramod Kumar ( Bangalore . (0135) 2431187(R). Hyderabad .. Millers Road. Chennai . Tel. GEETHA BALI (b.).249201. Deptt. Rishikesh. 1959) Ph. . Theoretical Chemistry/ComputationalChemistry/ComputationalBiology. (0257) 2258416(O). FTWAS. 1955) Ph. Ganga Nagar. Gastroenterology. FNA. Fax : 22352494. Near Ambedkar Circle.D. of Ocean Development. Malkajgiri. (044) 22300122(O). Email: dkgautam_nmu@hotmail. 27050272(R). Department of Gastroenterology.Park Street. Sp.110029. Taranaka. Principal Scientist. Fax: 25050392.ernet. Tel. Jalgaon .FAPAS. B-1.425002. North Maharashtra University. R. Email : gnsastry@gmail. Faculty of Science. H. Bijapur. 1936) DIC. Uttarakhand . Sp. 26138884(R). 09810038116(M). gnsastry@iict. DM. Ramdwar Park. 26449588. Govt. 1949) Ph. GARIKAPATI.

Ajoy Kumar (b. 1939) Ph. Tel. Anushakti Nagar. Off.D. Sp.134 2000 2014 2010 1977 2010 1999 1983 Year Book 2015 GEETHA. Fax : 25723480. Satish Mukherjee Road.). 25503763(R). Chennai.. Gandhi Nagar. 103. Sudhir Ramakant (b. (044) 24411347. Bose Institute. New Delhi-110 016. Res. GHOSE. Res. 1944) Ph. Physical Chemistry/Theoretical Chemistry/Density Functional Theory. Kanchanjunga. Tel. Powai. 24667794(R). Delhi. Scientist G. Tel. 1963) Ph. Fax: 25693127. Email : partha. Near Hiranandani Gardens. 09331010722(M). Sp. Zurich). Mumbai . GHANTY. 46.700026. Fiber Optics/Quantum Mechanics. (033) 25693123(O). 2 Basant Bahar Apartments. Pune 411004. 25707643(R). 42118801(R). Tel. (022) 25595089(O). Chennai . MChE(Hon. FWBAScT. 09822659155(M). Biochemical Enginnering and Biotechnolgy. I. 1924) BChE(Hon.Formerly Professor at IIT Delhi.). Council : Mem. Chemical Group. Res. Kolkata. GHOSE. University of Madras. Email : ajoykghatak@ yahoo.400085. tghanty@gmail. Email : srg@math. Res. Mathematical Analysis/Functional Analysis/Approximation Theory/Wavelet Analysis. Animal Sciences SN Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences. Kolkata . Founding Chair. . 09810493018(M). Tarun K. Pune . Hsg. Biotechnology/ Bioprocess Engineering. 1956) Ph.600020. IIT Bombay Staff Co-op.D. Partha (Sarathy) ( Scientific Officer (H). Formerly NASI Senior Scientist & Professor. Kolkata–700091.. (011) 26862998(R). Tel. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Sector V. Developmental Biology/Cell Biology/ Evolution. Tapan Kumar (b. 16A. Mumbai . Algebraic Geometry/Coding Theory/Combinatorics. 1963) Ph. Email : ghaskadbi@ gmail. Srinivasa Rao (b. Trombay. Surendra Madhukar (b. Agharkar Research Institute. DrScTechn (ETH.D.. Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics. Theoretical Chemistry Section. 09969309595(M). Hauz Khas.T.400076. (022) 25767470(O). Professor. Department of Mathematics. Mumbai . 119 B Prabhat Road.D. Adyar.(Cornell). Fax : 26851906. 281 SFS Apartments. (b. Email : geetha_srao@yahoo.I. 2015GHORPADE.400076. Block EN. Email : tapang@barc.400094.411004. Powai. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Foundations of Quantum Theory. 25447652(R). 1939) PhD. Res. Fax : 25505151. Formerly Professor. Vishalgadh. Sp. CAPSS. Mumbai .in. Tel. (020) 25654357(O).com.ghose@gmail. New Delhi-110016. 90/1(Old 50/1) Second Main Road. Hauz Khas. Sp. Fax: 25651542. Sp. GHATAK. Sp. GHASKADBI.iitb. Sp. (011) 26866315(R).. Salt Lake.

Head. Bangalore . Neelkanth Gardens. Howrah . Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). . 2010-2011. Tel. 27860108(R).DSc(h. NASI Senior Scientist & Honorary Distinguished Professor.D. Tel. Tel.D2. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. Sp. (033) 26680521 Extn. GHOSH.Fellows 2002 1992 2013 2008 1994 2008 1990 135 GHOSH. 23371859(R). Email : hnghosh @barc.110007. Fax : 31. dulug@yahoo. FASc. DSc(hc). Amit (b.FNA. FNA. College Road. Fax : 25505151. 441(O). Mumbai .co.. Jayanta Kumar (b. 1944) PhD.P. PO Botanic Garden. GHOSH. FBRS. Fax : 25776680. 2001-02 GHOSH. Email : bghosh@igib. Ph. FNA.. Delhi . Indian Institute of Science. PO Botanic Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology. Balaram (b.. Govandi (E). Sp. Purdue University. National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (ICMR) (JICA Building).560012 GHOSH. Sp. Tel. (033) 25778085 Ext. Res. Email: Opp. Mumbai . Email : jayanta@ isical. 1938) Ph. Tel. Arindam. Res. Fax : 27667471. CIT Scheme XM. 30522071(R). Radiation & Photochemistry Division.Plant Physiology/Plant Molecular Biology. GHOSH. Hirendra Nath (b.D.D.res. Res. com. IIAR. Sp. (022) 25590300(O).400088. 1966) Ph. FNAE.1955) Ph. Bhabha Atomic Research Fax : Genomics & Molecular Medicine Unit. Scientific Officer (G). Howrah . Amitabha ( Kolkata.V. 26682424(R). Professor. ISI. Associate Professor. FNA. Salt Lake City. Formerly Jawaharlal Nehru Professor & Director. Shibpur. Department of Physics. Bengal Engineering & Science University. Justice Chandra Madhab Road. Res. Council : J1/2 Labony Estate. Scientist H. Outstanding Scientist of CSIR. Mall Road. IMTECH & School of Biological Sciences. (033) 23506619(O). FASc.400085. 701 Tulip. 09433692858(M). Kolkata . Sp. 09433043427(M). Infrared and Terahertz Spectroscopy/Ultrafast Photochemistry and Reaction Dynamics in Solution Phase/Ultrafast Electron Transfer Dynamics/ Nanostructured Quantum Dot Materials.700010. (011) 27662580(O). (033) 23537470(O). Immunology/ Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry.110085. 09871386414(M). Sp.9. Machine Dynamics & Robotics/Manufacturing Science. 24417744(R). Former Director. amitabhaiitk@gmail. Sector .) 3401(O). Delhi . P-33. 1937) DPhil. Email : amitghosh24@yahoo. Femtosecond Visible. Kolkata -700020. B114 Shakti Apartments. Beliaghata. 2000. Mathematical Statistics & Applications. 2014. Tel. Molecular Biology. FASc. Bharati (b. Flat . 2003-05. Jain Mandir. GHOSH. jayantag1@gmail.1941) DPhil. FASc. Kolkata .in. 50/ Email : bharati@bosemain. 25507917(R).711103.711103. Shibpur. Res.

560012.C. KEM Hospital. Agronomy/Conservation Agriculture and Carbon Sequestration/Soil Water Conservation. Res.400012. Sp. Sp. Formerly Sir Rashbehary Ghose Professor of Applied Physics. University of Delhi South Campus. Mumbai .iisc. CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute. Flat No. 4C/44R Gariahat Road.). Email : jighosh @yahoo. Nestle Apartments. Cell Biology/Cytogenetics.New Delhi-110021. Department of Biochemistry. Head of the Dept.Sc. FISA. Sp. Probir Kumar (b. Tel. Flat D/1. Tel. Lucknow 226021. Cell Biology/Drug Parel.D. MS Building. Director.res. Sp..560055. Director's Residence.D. Surabhimathi 202. Director.77A.D. 1939) Ph. Indian Institute of Science. Email: mkg@math. Sector 10. CAS.700 019. Priyadarshini Colony. New Delhi 110021.. Tel. Kolkata . 24117560(R).. Fax : Krishi Nagar. Jadavpur. Professor. Programme Coordinator.director@ gmail. 102. Peptide Chemistry/ Membrane Biology/Biophysical Chemistry. 2730333(R). Bangalore.. Jankipuram Ext.284003. GHOSH. Jimut Kanti (b. Department of Sitapur Road. Res. Department of Mathematics. Kolkata . GHOSH. (033) 24733491. GHOSH. Lucknow . 1956) Ph. Fax: 24741042.). Prahlad C. 1962) Ph..4000l3.D. GHOSH.Molecular Biology. 09453042870(M). Email: sibdasghosh@gmail.226020. Communication & Upper Atmosphere/Space Science/ Applied Physics.D. Email : pcghose@gmail. Kolkata . igfri.. Mullick Road. GHOSH. Res. (033) 24662923(R). Res. Sector B. University of Calcutta. Bangalore . 1918) D. 6th Main Road. Southern Fax : 2623405. Worli. Fax : 2730833. MRCP(UK&Ire). 1965) Ph. Res. Molecular & Structural Biology Division. Malleswaram. FNA. FISHTM. Sibdas (b.136 2012 2002 2006 1997 2014 1993 1958 1992 Year Book 2015 GHOSH. MD. Fax : 24115270. 13th Floor.Sc.700032. No.. Kanjaksha (b. FASc. Mumbai . 2756509(R). 09810841488(M). FISPP. (080) 22933210(O). Res. Email: kanjakshaghosh@hotmail. 15th 24404694(R). 09450113927(M). GHOSH.D. (0522) 2612411-14(O). Res. . Sp. 24730492. Calcutta University & INSA Senior Scientist... Indian Grassland & Fodder Research Institute. (b. Principal Scientist. Tel. 703/3A. 1944) Ph. Fax: 23600146. Mrinal Kanti (b. (0510) 2730666(O).in. (011) 24111968(O). Tel. Kolkata -700029.1952) Ph. Tel. Flat 2B. Stochastic Control/Stochastic Dynamic Games/Mathematical Finance. University of Delhi South Campus.ernet.5A Apt. Sp.700029. jk_ghosh@cdri. Institute of Immunohaematology. Sp.1953) Ph. Professor.60. 23311380(R). Assistant Director. Sp. Jhansi . Tel. FACP (USA). Jhansi . Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Satyendra Nath (b. GHOSH. 3/159 & 160. Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute. (033) 24759688(O). Bade Raipur Road. 24736793(O). FRCPath (Lond. Sitapur Road. Professor.(022) 24138292(O). Res. Pandurang Budhkar Marg. Ranjit Kumar (b. FICP( Type . FNAAS. Kolkata .D. 24314396(R).700032. Medicine/Haematology/ Immunology. Tel. Email : ghosh_pk2006@yahoo. 3. Raja S.

110/A. Surya. Centre Director. GILL. Res. Email: bkgodwal@yahoo.tifr. Sp. Outstanding Scientist. Indian Institute of Science. Tel. (b.Fellows 2001 2010 1976 1996 1984 2007 2004 137 Department of Chemistry. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. FTWAS. Rohini Madhusudan. 25691632(R). Ganeshkhind. 1932) Ph.160014. Formerly Ganeshkhid. Ludhiana. 1988. Nagar. BARC. Fax : 25697257. Theoretical Chemistry Section. (0172) 4667676. Dip Singh (b.. Plot No. Parasitology/Immunology/ Epidemiology. D. Mother Farm House. GILL. Sp.K. Old Madra Road. 23607798(O). GODBOLE. Tel. Sp. House No.411007. 1955) Ph. Mumbai 400094. 23608357(R).D. NCRA-TIFR Housing Complex. Navi Mumbai – 400703. Swarna Kanti (b. Theoretical High Energy Physics. Council : Mem. 09876577154(M).560012. Res. Condensed Matter Physics/High Density Matter/Plasmas. Email : swarna@ncra. Annapurna. Centre for High Energy Physics. Physico-Inorganic Chemistry/Copper (I) Chemistry in Pure and Mixed Non Aqueous Solvents. FNAAS. Email : dipgill@yahoo. Swapan Kumar (b. Email: skghosh@barc.(SUNY). 949.iisc. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chloroplast Structure/Genetics and Photosynthetic Function. Vashi. GHOSH. Kottakuppam – 605104. Res. Professor. Former Head. (022) 27801211(R). (0161) 2552931(R). 1952) Ph.560012. Email : 1949) PhD. Tel. Professor Emeritus. Anushakti nagar. Mumbai College of Veterinary Science and Special Director of Research (Veterinary & Animal Sciences). Budhiram Kulanand (b. FTWAS. Tel. 12. 20-C.411007. Chandigarh . Fax : 23600106. 1925) PhD. FASc. GNANAM. Res. 12. Res. Creekview Co-operative Housing Society. Arumugam (b. Bakhshish Singh (b.D. 1946) Ph. ProChancellor. FASc. No. Sp. Tel. Carol). FNA. 28.D.D. West K. Bangalore . Chemistry Group. Bangalore . Banyan Beach Resort Enclave. E18. Theoretical Chemistry/Soft Condensed Matter Physics/Computational Materials Science. Res. Pune . Panjab University. (020) 25696105. Pune University Campus. Infrared Astronomy/Interstellar Medium/Astronomical Instrumentation. Email : gnanama10@ hotmail.Lit.res.D. Vembuliamman Koil Street.. agnanam@hotmail. Punjab Agricultural University. Tel. Mohali – 160059.(N.ernet. 23600683. Tel. Phase 4. IISc Housing Colony. Sector 9A. Specially Cu-63 and Cu65 NMR Studies. Veterinary Consultant. Aggar Nagar. Mumbai.. 25578411(R). . Res. Pune . GODWAL. No. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. FNA. FNA. Fax: 25505151. Sp. 33. Sp. Chennai – 600078. 25719237(O). High Pressure Physics Division. (022) 25595092(O). 1945) Ph. Meenakshi University. (080) 29322845. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. FASc. FNA.

Jhunsi. Distinguished Professor. of India. Tel. FASI. Kunchithapadam (b. F. #3. HRI Campus. Res. ps. 1946) Ph. GOPALA KRISHNA. University of Jammu. Solid State/Materials Ministry of Earth Sciences. 226. Fax : 2567748. Solid State & Structural Chemistry Tel. Email : radhika_krishna@yahoo.. Type VI-1. Peda Waltair. CSIRInstitute of Genomics & Integrative Biology. Director. 1967) Ph. Kunjwani Bye Pass.D. Visakha. 1933) Ph. Rajesh (b. (080) 22932537(O). Theoretical Physics/Quantum Field Theory/String Theory. 1944) Ph. Jonnalagedda (b.500039.res. Bangalore .D. 07382618774(M).iisc. Doctor's Colony Road. gopakumr@gmail. Department of Botany. Visakha-530017. Chhatnag Road.560012. Vigyanakanchan P. 2567732(R). Mall Road. 4th Main Road. Raman Marg. Ravinder Nath (b. Email : gopalank1 @rediffmail.D. Research Centre Imarat. E1/1. CRRI Residential Colony. FWIF. FAEG. 26843941(R). Kalyanpuri.500069.goel@rcilab. Sp. Email: gopal@ sscu. National Geophysical Research Institute. 'Kaushambi'. Harish-Chandra Research Institute. Chhatnag Road. Jammu .FASc.. Tel. Sp. Rajesh Sudhir (b.. 8-1-63/32. Cosmochronology/Geochronology/ Mass Spectrometery. 1947) PhD. New Delhi . Tel.D. 1967) Ph. GOPAKUMAR. Fax : 24306446. Sp.O. Allahabad . Email: dr. Formerly Secretary. Bangalore .500007. Sciences.. Email : gopakumr@hri. 2675(O).ernet.110007. Chemical Biology/Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/ Skin Biology. INSA Honorary Scientist. Prof. Maharani Bagh. Prem Shanker (b... Sp. FNA. Professor. Res. Hyderabad . Andhra University. Fax : 27667471. C. FIGU. GOHIL. (011) 27662407. ISRO. (040) 27012441(O). Fax : 27171564. Tel. Allahabad . 2 Street. Fax: 23601310. 24306395(R). 0191-2435248 Ext. GOPALAN. Maths.211019. (040) 24306316(O). Delhi . (0532) 2274370(O).com. D. FASc. Sp. 113-114 Greater Jammu.V. Hyderabad – 500069. . Email : rsg@ Jhunsi.180006.211019.110065. Satellite Control Systems/Space (0891) 2754386(R).No.138 1989 2005 2012 2014 1992 2001 1980 Year Book 2015 GOEL. FNAE. MGK Menon DRDO Chair.560055. Res. 2483054(R).A. FTWAS.D. 23345163(R).F.(IISc. FNA. Res. Govt. Res. Malleswaram. GOPALAKRISHNAN. 27667298(O). Former Professor. Tel. 27204108(R). IGIB Director's Bunglow. Emeritus Professor.. Sangeet Apts.FBS. Formerly Principal. Jammu 180010. FIETE. Plot nd 7. FNA. FNA.).psgoel@gmail. Fax: Email:rng04@rediffmail.D. Hyderabad . RCI Qtrs. Hyderabad . GOKHALE. Sp. Cytogenetics/ Ethnobotany. res.FASc. Uppal Road. Jagannatha (b. Sp. Tel. FASc. Near Jubilee Hall. Indian Institute of Science. 1938) Ph. IISC Distinguished Alumnus. Innovative PsychoMathematical Management Techniques/One/Sev Complex Variables/Probability/Non-conventional Techniques. FASc. Vignyana Kancha PO.

Bangalore. Fax: (011) 22599227. srabanisopanarunav@ gmail. Ansari Nagar. Director's FNA.S. Solar System Studies/Solar-Stellar Relationship/ Flat # 9. Doctors Apartments.res. Sp. Bhupendra Nath (b.. INSA Senior Scientist & Honorary Professor. (080) 25247584(R). Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.1950) PhD. Fax: 26588641. Email : gomathygopinathnair@gmail. DM.Fellows 1990 2004 2000 1995 2014 2010 1998 139 GOPINATH. Department of Endocrinology. .ac. Bangalore . Jitendra Nath (b. East AIIMS Campus. IISc. GOSWAMI. 11th Cross. Neurosciences/Neurobiology. Bangalore. ‘Abhiman’. FAMS. 23600090(O). Email: goswami@prl. Physical Research Laboraory. FTWAS. com. New Delhi .B. FASc. GOPINATHAN. Ravinder (b.iisc. (011) 22618573(R). II Block. FASc. Chairperson.560032. Neurology/ Clinical Neurophysiology/ Neuroepidemiology. Kolkata 700108. Former Director-Vice-Chancellor. Email : gosravinder@hotmail. Sp. E-107. Res. FAMS. All India Institute of Medical (020) 25865143(O). 26301527(R). Vasundhara Enclave. GOURIE-DEVI. Formerly Professor. 09731440030(M). FASc. 122/2 Nagavarapalya. C. Fax : 25865142.res. 09871007544(M). Ahmedabad . (080) 22932884. Ahmedabad-380009. Indian Statistical Institute. CAOS. DSc(hc). GOSWAMI. Email : goswami (079) 26314855. Raman Nagar. (011) 26504272(O). FNAS. 09818139879(M). New Delhi. Gomathy (b. Delhi 110096. Department of Neurophysiology & Senior Consultant Neurologist. director@prl. New Delhi. Sp. Physical Research Laboratory. Biological Sciences Division. 23333861(R). Res. 1938) MBBS. Tel.V. Bangalore .com.res. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. BT Road. New Delhi. FIAN. FASc. M. Res. Navrangpura. Emeritus Professor of Neurology. Indian Institute of Science. Res. Tel. 1939) Ph. Email: mgouriedevi@gmail. MD. Sp.B. FAMS. Fax : 23602697. Fax: 25247817(R). R. Tel. 25865236(R). Tel.. Director. Mandaville (b. Bangalore . 26314900. Endocrinology/ Hypocalcemic Disorder. 369. Tel. NIMHANS. FNA. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. Sp. 26589837(R).S. Microbiology and Cell Biology Department. Council : Mem. Nagar.560093. Email : agoswami@isical. Sp. Website : http://www. 26588663. Tel. Director. Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology. Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences. FNA. 26308550(O). #001 Kanchanjunga Apartments.110029. Professor. Tel. Professor.tropmet. Department of Anatomy. 1950) Ph.T. Email : kpg@mcbl. gomathyg@hotmail. 2008-09 GOSWAMI. 1966) PhD. Formerly Professor & Head. Karumathil Puthanveetil (b.. Pune . DM(Neuro).in. New Delhi.ernet.411008. Arunava (b. 1940) M. Fax: 26300374. Tropical Meteorology/ Monsoon Dynamics/ Predictability of Weather and Climate. 09433479088(M) GOSWAMI. 1963) MD.

Building 7. Biochemistry and Biophysics. Sp. Nemali Council : Mem. Fluid Dynamics. (022) 22782371(O). Bapu Nagar.). Res. Bunglows. FTWAS. Auburn. Auburn. Tel. Kundan Lal (b.S. Dehradun248001.500028. Bangalore. Director (IMD). Jaipur . Sp. Email : govil@ tifr. 2401.D.(Illinois). Sp.302004. GOYAL. 26351251(R). Microbial Genetics/ Molecular Biology. Tel. GOVINDARAJAN. Petroleum Engineering/HRD Specialist. South Goodwin FRAS(Lond. 887-5418(R).). Mumbai 400061. Rama (b. Engg. Vigyanshila.1936) Ph. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.. 2001-03 Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology. CCMB. 8A Bengali Mohalla Road. Narendra Kumar (b. New Delhi. PhD. South Boudreau. Email: rama@jncasr.400005.140 1981 1979 2004 1978 1995 1989 1994 1982 Year Book 2015 GOVIL. Email: govilnk@ auburn. Gen. (Pilani). Tel. Jaipur . Department of Mathematics. Res. Saakshara Apts.110063. Fax: 844-6555. Ashok Kumar (b. Res. Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics.S. N-2. Hyderabad.(USA). AL 36849. Res. Urbana IL. Energy Research.ernet. 09892832761(M). USA. Res. 337-0627(R). (334) 844-6558(O). INSA Golden Jubilee Professor. (UK). B133 A. 221. Fax : 22804610. F. 302.(Montreal).110007. 28. Sp.. Email : agoyal@ducos. (0141) 515060(R). Bangalore .302015. Sp. Tel. Sp. Photosynthesis/Photo-biology/Biophysics. Colaba. 1933) Ph. 22804611. 23523959. Res. Molecular Biophysics/NMR. FIE.R. E2. Manager.. Gruhakalpa.Engg. FASc.. 523 Owens Road. 1962) Ph. Approximation Theory/Complex Analysis/ Fourier Analysis. Padmanabanagar.D.. Urbana IL 61801-3707. 1945) Ph. A-3 Paschim Vihar. PhD ( Engineering Mechanics Unit. Auburn University.1956) MBBS.A.S. Tel. Jakkur. Director.D. GOYAL. DSc(Pet. FASc. Jayaraman (b. Fax : 23622766. 12-2-715/B. 7. Delhi. 1940) Ph. Hyderabad . 61801-6655. Parker Hall.).Sc. FNA. (080) 23622750 x 2242. Tel. Housing Colony. 5-4-399/B. 24749389(O). . Astronomy/Information Theory/ Integral Transforms.res. 65761729(R).(Pennsylvenia). Tel. Sp.. Girjesh (b. FInstt. Department of Physics. Email : gov@illinois. University of Rajasthan. Hyderabad 500001.560012. Res. Fax: 24749448. 07500628942(M). Indian Institute of Science. Anand Narayan ( Associate Chairman & Alumni Professor. AL 36830. Fax : 244-7246. Email: lbg@cdfd.A. FNA.560064. Mehdipatnam. F.D. Associate Professor. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. (040) 24749388. Nampally. Rajendra Marg.D.). GOVINDJEE (b. USA. 1940) Ph. 505. Sp.A. (011) 25260982(R). 09867574613.A. GOWRISHANKAR. Mumbai . 09818084429(M). University of Delhi. 1933) PhD(Petroleum Engg. 1-217-333-1794(O). (0135) 2742414(R).A.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. U. 265 Morrill Hall. GOYAL. Tel. Dehradun.Petro. ONGC.Sc. Particle Physics/ Astroparticle Physics. Juhu Versova New Link Road. D. Department of Mathematics. Formerly Professor & Head. Res. ac. Hansraj College. Andheri (W). Formerly Scientist. Reader. FBMA (UK)

Ahmedabad – 380009. Professor & Head.S. V. 1913) F.(Illinois). 24115097(O). (044) 22580068(R). Anil (b.600091. Chandigarh–160014. Distinguished 2A/21.1951) Ph. Email : rgundala2002@yahoo. (b. Tel. GUNTUPALLI. FNA. 25991887(R). 2541428(R). Indian Institute of Technology & AIIMS. Tel. A. MNNIT College Campus. Formerly Dean of Science and Humanities. Centre for Biomedical Engineering. Chennai. 1958) PhD. Council : V.I.110 016. 93-94 Mem. FASc. com. 2. 'Sri Laxmi Haven'. Institute of Life Sciences.211002. Experimental Petrology/Thermodynamics.. New Delhi. University of Delh. 08934826301(M). Vice-Chancellor.gupta@gmail.D. Professor.B. 2540549(R). Ramanaiah (b. New Delhi . 20A/27. IIT Campus. 1942) PhD(Pittsburgh). FASc. Email: goyalrk@rediffmail. University of Delhi South Campus. goyalrk@msubaroda.(Lond. Email: pguntupalli@rediffmail. Res. Sp. FNAAS.R. Sp. agrover@south. Sadasivanagar. Oil & Paint Anna University.krishna. Tel. Res. FASc. Azad Nagar. 9 West Avenue. 09849024026(M).D. Email : anil. Professor's Colony. II Link Street.R.211004. Chennai . Plot National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology. Centre for Advanced Studies. Delhi – 110007. New Delhi . Ramesh GUPTA. Department of Geology.. (b. Arun Kumar (b. 95-96 G. (0172) 2541945 (O). Res. 09871618167(M). vc@pu. guntupalli. Email : arunkgrover@gmail. GUPTA. Madipakkam. 92 . 97-Jan 99 F. Oil & Paint Technology. Mesozoic Vertebrate Palaeontology/Evolution of Mesozoic Mammals/ Cretaceous-Palaeobiography of India. New Delhi . Email : alok. 1958) PhD.). GROVER. FICN. 2644951(O).S.S.D.P. FNA.Louis). Ph. Biomedical Engineering.du. Fax : 2541022. Prasad (b. Applied Mathematics/ Fluid Dynamics. Fax : 2644951. Sp.. (011) (011) 27662568(R). 1955) Ph. FIPS. Alok K. Magnetism/Superconductivity/Vortex State Studies/Exchange Bias Phenomenon. Sp. Allahabad . GUHA. Plant Physiology/ Biochemistry / Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.anil grover@gmail. GUNDALA. (b. Flat No. Sp. Pharmacology/Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences. Department of Plant Molecular Biology.B.(St. Tel. FIC. FASc. Dhaula Kuan. University of Allahabad.1936) Ph. Allahabad . 14.FNA. Panjab Sp. Emeritus Sp. M. 09868207140(M). Res.110021.D. Sujoy Kumar M. GROVER. Formerly Tilak Nagar.Fellows 2006 1999 1997 1992 1995 2006 1949 1988 141 GOYAL.C. Kanpur-208 002. (0532) 2250840. Professor.vrprasad@gmail. Ahmedabad University.Nawabganj.C. Sp. Res. Chatham Lines.

08126661820(M). Habshiguda. Plot-11. NDMA Bhawan. Res. Email : gupta @nehu. NEHU Permanent Campus. Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology.Phil. Council : Mem. 25505326(R). Kakatiya Nagar. Polymer Science/Polymer Blends and Composite Materials.D. Shillong . Phase – I. GUPTA.. Prodyogiki Apts. PGI. Res. H. 1959) Ph. drcmg@ rediffmail. Tel. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. North-Eastern Hill University. Manjusha.. Bangaluru – 560100. 2627942(O). (080) Chandigarh 160012. Member. Electronics City. GSI. Dehra Dun 248001. Ph.No. Email : indurc43 @gmail. 26701766. 2550108.D. Sector 3. C-364. Distinguished Professor. Chhitar Mal (b. Extn. Tel. Department of JC Bose National Fellow & Director. 2722317. of India. 2550085(R). Sector 6. . Email: anilg@wihg. A1.D. Indu (b.. 2565628. Raheja Residency. Panchkula. (040) 27155971(R). Tel. Sp.793022. (011) 26591422(O).in. Res. National Disaster Management Authority. Braj Bansh Prasad (b.B. Sp. Tel.. 103. 2521734(R). Professor. GUPTA. Dwarka. Fax : 2525200. Appt. Res. 25071610(R). 09810268323(M). President. Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering. Biotech Park. FNA. (France). 276.. 1943) M. (0172) 2747585 Ext. 1944) Ph. 3 Block. No. harshg123@gmail. Formerly Secretary to the Govt. Avadhesh Kumar (b.FNA. FASc. New Delhi 110075. 2722304(O). Department of Ocean Development.FNA.B. Paleomonsoon/ Global Climates/Paleoceanography. Email : guptacm@ibab. Fax: (011)26701769. Endocrinology/Neuroendocrinology/ Reproductive Physiology. 1943) M.793022. Safdarjung Enclave. FAMS. New Delhi – 110029.No. Professor. anil_k_gupta1960@yahoo. Room No. Bangaluru – 560034. Environmental Endocrinology Laboratory.S. Sp. 26701739(O). rd D-508. Tel. Tel. Council : Mem. Gynae. 2578730(R). 109(O). 33. Hyderabad 500007. Fax : 26591421. New Delhi-110016.Sp.142 2006 1991 2004 1991 1986 1998 Year Book 2015 GUPTA. 6346(O).Sc. Currently President. Sp.D. 2625212. P-5. FAMS. Email : akgncute@ hotmail. FTWAS. FTWAS. of India. Geophysics/Seismology. Department of Obstet. (011) 26701738. FIMSA. Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Email : harshndma@gmail. 09436100185(M). Sp. FASc.D. Qr. IUGG. Fax : 2722301. 1960) PhD. 2014GUPTA. General Mahadeo Singh Road.. Koramangala. 1942) Professor Emeritus. (0135) 2525101. (0364) 2722316.. res. Membrane Biology/Medicinal Chemistry/ Bio-organic Chemistry. 2011-12 GUPTA. 25072558. Res.. Shillong . Harsh Kumar (b. Indian Institute of Technology. N-1/A. Anil Kumar (b. GUPTA.

208 016. Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology. Department of Applied Mechanics. New Delhi 110016.D. lcgupta38@yahoo. Tel.. Sp. Email: Vigyanshila Cooperative Housing Society. FTWAS. FNA. Manoranjan Prasad (b. Emeritus Fellow. Bact. GUPTA. Superconductivity and Magnetism in quaternary borocarbides. Sp.(Lko). Sp.. Juhu-Versova Link Road. Hauz Khas Enclave. Emeritus Professor. Formerly Director. Mumbai .1952) Ph. 2628227.208 016. Sp. Laxmi Chand (b. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. GUPTA. Post Box No. Email: mn_gupta@hotmail. Panchsheel Hypercyclicity & Approximation Property. Director.res. Council : Mem. Res.1938) Ph. 1926) Ph. I. M. Director General. Mumbai. Physics Dy. 22796430(R). Poona & Formerly Sr.. Dip. Email : director@iitrindia. Email : manjul@iitk. IIT Campus.D. Narinder Kumar (b. Hauz GUPTA.FASc. Kanpur . 2598343(R).110016. TIFR. Ranchi-834 008. Fax: 26581119. Valence Fluctuations and Heavy Fermions. Functional Analysis-Schauder Bases. (011) 26591503. 80.D. Professor. Shivpuri (First House). 26596068(O).ac.iitd. Marg. Indian Institute of Toxicology Research. Arvind Villa. Tel. Formerly Senior Professor. Formerly Professor of Physics. Res. Delhi110091. 655. Res. Bangalore.. Sp. 1930) Ph. GUPTA. 26865268(R). Narendra Pal (b. Department of Mathematics & Statistics. Res. Fax : 2628227. 1942) Ph. Kailash Chand (b. NMR/NQR/ Mu-SR. (022) 26314555(R). Sp. (0522) 2621856. Tel. Whitefield. 2613357(O). 23597(R). 88 Palm Meadows : Phase I. Res. C-2. 1922) M.ernet.R. Faculty of Engineering. GUPTA. National Institute of Virology. 1948) PhD. Email : nkgupta@am.G. Ranchi University.400061. Formerly Head.D.D. Hauz Khas.560066. Gyandeep Apartments. Kanpur. Sp. New Delhi .com. Mayur Vihar Phase I. X-Ray Diffraction. Lucknow 226001. Tel. Tel. Sp. K-40 (First Floor). Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Physics Department. Decompositions/Scalar & Vector Valued Sequence Spaces/Operator Theory . (011) 26591178(O).1951) Ph. (080) 8525544(R). FNAE.C. (0651) 22336(O). 2611547.Ideals of Linear Operators. (0512) 2597963(O). Tel. Res..(Lond).D. Ramgundanahalli. Ranchi. FNA. Head.M. Email : ashutosh @ashutoshgupta. Virthur Road. munishwar48@ yahoo. New Delhi . Narendra Prakash (b. New Delhi. Andheri (W). . NanoBiotechnology/Nucleic Acids Chemistry. Manjul (b.D. Plasticity and Impact Engineering. Solid State Physics/Material Science/Lattice Dynamics. 09810308867 (M).. Jodhpur University. Applied Enzymology. FTWAS.Fellows 2008 1995 1995 1969 2005 1974 1974 1998 143 GUPTA. Medical Microbiology/ Virology. Indian Institute of Technology. Munishwar Nath (b. 403. 99-2000 GUPTA. Tel.

Ranchi. 2762505(R). Parshotam Dass (b. Molecular Biology Laboratory. D1. Res. FASc. 1939) Ph. 671556(R). Pushpendra Kumar (b. Email: pdgupta@rrcat. 1927) D. pkgupta36@hotmail. Parasitology. ICAR. (0121) 2768195(O). Res. (0731) 2321341(O). Indore . 38A/14-3A. PO: CAT.(Panjab). National Coordinator. Distinguished Scientist. Sipri Bazar. Beli Road. Sp. Sp. Director.. Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology. Res. Cytogenetics/Genetics & Plant Breeding/Crop Biotechnology. 2832.D. Pradeep Kumar (b. Charan Singh 2320325(R)..Phil. Deputy Director. India.. Indore . Parmanu Nagar... 1946) PhD. Indore. Soil Science. Hyderabad . 23-B. Zoology Department. Laser Materials Development & Devices Division and Laser Biomedical Applications & Instrumentation Division. FNA. Synchrotron Radiation Sources. Res. Sp.T. Sector 40-C. CG Block. Formerly Professor. Head. 1935) Ph. New Delhi110012. Res.452013.500 007. Tel. Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology. Allahabad. Email: rajkrishan. B-4. Cell Biology. Res.D. FBS. FAAS. Emeritus Professor & Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. GUPTA.(Manitoba). NATP. Meerut-250004. Tel. NASC Complex. History of Mathematics. Purshottam Das (b. Indore .D. Krishi Bhawan. Meerut250004. Director’s Bungalow.284003.144 1981 2004 2003 1970 1990 1979 1991 1991 Year Book 2015 GUPTA. GUPTA. Distinguished Scientist. (040) 672241(O). IICT Campus. Ch. Ganita Bharati. Tel.160 040. 09415965574(M).D.500 007. Chandigarh.452013. GUPTA. Tel. GUPTA. Editor. RRCAT Colony. Email: pkgupta @rrcat. Mesra.D.D. Carbohydrate Chemistry/ Synthetic Organic Chemistry. . Formerly Regional Facilitator.I. com. (Ganita Bharati Academy). B. (011) 55446690/95(R).452013. NASC Complex. 1 Floor. F-119. Radha Charan ( Jhansi . Sp. Sp.gupta@gmail. Lasers/Biomedical Applications of Laser/Nonlinear Optics. Formerly Professor of Chemistry. Hyderabad .O. Panjab University. Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology. Ras Bahar Colony. Superconducting RF Cavities. Nawal Kishore (b. (0731) 2488432(O). GUPTA. University of Allahabad. Raj Krishan ( Tel. DPS Marg. 1954) Ph. Chandigarh . st New Delhi. P. Tele Fax: 2768195. 1952) Ph. 2487300(R). Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding. 09811378000(M). Land Reclamation and Conservation Agriculture. IICT Staff Quarters. Sp. Shastri Nagar. Formerly Professor of Mathematics. FNA. GUPTA. Fax : 2321343. FISG. Email: pkgupta36@gmail. Tel. Laser Plasma Interaction/High Intensity Laser/X-ray&Plasma Diagnostics. FNAAS. New Delhi110012. Sp. Purna Chandra (b. Pusa. GUPTA. 1917) Ph. CIMMYT.. Sp. Allahabad-211002. Fax: 2488425. Res. Rice Wheat Consortium. 1936) Ph.

Email : gupta@grapes. Sp.Chem.400005.D. D. F. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES). Fax: 26742125.Es. Tel. Tel. 419(O). (0135) 2776089 Extn.400005.crl@gmail. Satish Kumar (b.I. Mumbai . National Institute of Immunology. Tel. Technical & Management Consultant. Gurgaon – 122002. Radiology and Imaging C. Dehradun – 248007.. Satyendra. skgupta@ddn. Email: skgupta@iitk.. New Delhi . Sp. Ecology/Floristics/ Integrated Resource Management in Watersheds of Mountain & Desert Areas. 1955) M.. 2007-08.. HECR Group. Advisor. 09368222297(M).(Poona). Quantum Chemistry/ Biophysics/Computer-Aided Drug Design. Fax : Sec: 44. 26703651(O). Department of Applied Science. Mumbai .. Bhopal – 462002. GUPTA.(CREATE). Fortis Memorial Research Institute.res. New Delhi .110067. 1929) D. Tel.D. Satya Prakash (b. Reproductive Cell Biology Sita Ram (b. Sp. Email: spgbits@gmail. Email : skgupta@nii. Reproductive Immunology / Vaccines / Antibody Engineering.(Alld).1955) Ph. C. National Institute of Immunology Campus. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Res. Environmental Applications. 09810966357(M). Chief Techn. Dr. Extn. Via Prem Nagar. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. PO Bidholi. (011) 26741249. 1953) Ph. Director & Consultant Ecologist.gupta@fortishealthcare. Fax : 2661996. FAMS. (Toulouse).in. 302.G. Deputy Director and Staff Scientist VIII.Phil. 1946) Ph. Polymer Engineering & Science/ Optimization/ Simulation of Chemical Engineering Systems. 1932) Ph. Sunil Kumar ( Raj Kumar (b. Department of Chemical Engineering. Rakesh Kumar (b. rk. Fax : 2625495. GUPTA. Homi Bhabha Road. Centre for Research on Ecology. Council : Mem. Sp.D. Tel. 91/2 Vijay Park. 09554272320(M).. (0135) 2623437(R). Magnetic Resonance.Sc. Shamla Homi Bhabha FASc. FNAE. Res. 361(O). Ex. (0755) 2661600 Ext. 26742180(R). Energy Acres.H. 09869439435(M). Sp. TIFR Campus. (022) 22782545(O). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Dehradun-248001..I. Email: rgupta@ sgpgi. (011) 2712002(R). FAMS.C. Tel. Director & Head.tifr. Fax : 2776095. Central Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institute.110096. Shanti Marg. FASc. .C.Fellows 1970 2001 2005 1994 1985 1980 2008 145 GUPTA. Chief. East End Apt. FNA. Professor.(Lond).. Res. Physical Sciences. & Edn. H-2. Principal Scientist & Head of Division. GUPTA. Trg. Sp. National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research (NITTTR). gupta.S. GUPTA.R. 22804690(R). Ltd.upes. Electro Chemistry and Industrial Chemicals. Tel. 2015GUPTA. Distinguished Professor. Mayur Vihar Phase-I. 28/701. Santosh Kumar (b.FAO. Res. 1945) D. New Delhi 110067.

Physical Research Laboratory. Control & Instrumentation/ Space Technology. Roorkee . Tel. Vinod Kumar (b.I.L. FICPath.W. Yogendra Kumar (b. LAAD Society. 1939) MD. F. Dept.I. Email: suvidya456@gmail.146 1994 1990 2001 2008 1994 1983 2007 2008 Year Book 2015 GUPTA. Fax : 25692149.F. Fax : 26589691. 274458(R). Ahmedabad. 26589602(R). Organometallics/Coordination Chemistry. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. (0471) Hydrology. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Sp.. Sp. Sp.I.411007. GUPTA. GUPTA. (01332) 285801(O). BHU. of Physics.ykgupta @gmail. Ansari Nagar. Chemical Sensors/ Waste Water Treatment/ Electroanalytical Chemistry. Professor & Head. IIT Roorkee. E5. (0542) 2367425(R). Sp. Professor & Head. 4012.D. Fax : 273560. (011) 26593282(O). B-31/83.. Ansari Nagar. Sp. Navrangpura. MACPath(London). NR. 1946) Ph. FAMS. (020) 25719000. Chemistry Department.247667. Allahabad-211 001. Vidya. Formerly Director.. 74791(R). 1941)Ph. Email : vinodfcy@gmail. Pune . Tel. Tel.. GUPTA. Fax:6301502. Res.S.. Res. India Award for Instrumentation (1989). Rashmi Nagar. Shri Krishna (BOD. 22/2 NITI Nagar.S. Department of Pharmacology. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Pulayanarkotta Road. Emeritus Professor of Suresh Chandra (b. GUPTA. Yashwant (b. Res. IITR (CSIR).221005. NCRA Colony (TIFR).. Pune University 1953) MBBS. . Formerly ViceChancellor. Roorkee . 25719242(O). Formerly Director. University of Gorakhpur. Medical College. Sp. 285043.res. Dept. GUPTA.380054.N.ernet. Pune . CI/16. Varanasi . M. Awards: SICO sponsored National Academy of Sciences. 1934) Ph. (079) 6302129 Extn. PO Box 4218. Study of Macromolecules. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. 26589691(D).110029.1953) F. FRCPath(London). No. ISRO/DOS. Pune University Campus.. M.695031. Lanka. Professor & Head. 9839051033(M). Tel.P. Darbhanga Colony. Lucknow. 25690293(R). Res.) Society. Sushil Kumar (b. Email: skgupta@ prl. University of Lucknow.. Formerly Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. of Pharmacology.res.T. FAMS. 1933) D. Trivandrum. F. 1962) Ph. Scientist ‘SG’. FICAI. vinodfcy@iitr. A-2. GUPTA. Tel. (0532) 2461163(R). (0522) 75947(O). Res. Sp. Formerly Dr. tifr. Suresh Chandra (b. Room.380009. Tel. Res. FNAE.Phil. New Delhi . New Delhi110029. Allahabad-211001.Brahm Prakash Distinguished Professor. 6850819(R). Email : ygupta@ F. Vishnu Deo (b. Email: yk. 4259(O). 28-29. 168/117/1.D.S. Trivandrum. Vishwambhar Dayal (b. NCRA (TIFR). Ahmedabad . Near Durga Puja Pandal. Astronomy/Astrophysics. 6594516. Sp.D. 09868868457(M). Medical Pathology.. Tel. Tel. Neuropharmacology/Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology.

(Lond. Res. Kolkata 700078. Tel.D.Geometry of Numbers.400005.122002. Formerly Director. Executive Villa. Res. HANS-GILL. Email : gurjar@math.. (040) 24342954(O). Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. SGPGIMS Campus. Pharmacopoeia Commission of Indian Medicines (PCIM). Res. Tel.res. Mukund Keshao Dy Director. Emeritus Professor and INSA Senior Scientist. 1349. Tel. Sushant Lok-I. 09662327992 (M). 24753232(R).in. Purbachal Main Road. Homi Bhabha Road.A.math. Ahmedabad 380055. TIFR Colony. Professor. 1940) M. Venkateshwara Colony. Email : hansgill@pu. FNA.(0172) 2541132(O). Sarkhej Road. Mumbai . 22804993(R) 09004506661(M).D. Saumen (b. University of Rajasthan. FNA. Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR). Lucknow . Res. CAS in Email : sshanda2008@yahoo. hansgillrj @yahoo. Director. 1924) D. Sp.D. Flat-03. Algebraic Geometry/Commutative Algebra. (040) 8538874(O).500 007. Sp. Tel.res. Sp.. Email : haider@prl.tifr. Deccan College of Medical Sciences. (01334) 230587. GURJAR. Fax : 22804610.D. Bunglow 9.Pharm. Sector 44B..380009. Hyderabad . Hyderabad. Chandigarh . Sp.Phil. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Rajinder Jeet (b. Mumbai . Shivalik Nagar. 26825302(R). 230587(R). Formerly Professor of Chemistry. Res. Gastroenterology/Hepatology. (022) 22782472(O). Professor. HAJRA. Jammu. Website: www. Narayanguda.G.FNA. C-522A. Physical Research Laboratory. Chittoor Mohammed (b.. Yugul Kishore (b. 24752242(R). Space & Atmospheric Sciences. saumen.ernet. 09312324300(M). (079) 26314555(O).Unique Park Society (Opp. HANDA. Senior Professor. Physical Chemistry/Kinetics and Mechanism /Analytical Chemistry. Res.. (USA).1936) M.500058. Syed Aftab (b. FAMS. Tel. . Rajendra Vasant (b. 1968) Ph. J/5. Tel. (0124) 4041526. Email: shajra@chem. Tel.res.500029.D. Sp. ‘Baitul Habeeb’. D. Sp. Fax : 24342954(O). Head. Fax : 1943) Ph. 30/Q Hospital Road (East). tifr. Hyderabad . 604.M. 2624837(R).Ph. Asymmetric Synthesis/ Asymmetric Catalysis/Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS)/Stereo-divergent Synthesis of Compounds with Multi-Stereocenters. Email : cmhabib@rediffmail. Bacha Motors). FASc. Phase II. FRCS. Sp. Planetary Atmospheres/Mars Aeronomy/Cometary Atmospheres. Gurgaon . Chairman.iitkgp. Meghnad. Chandigarh . Pharmacognosy (Drugs from plants)/Herbal Drugs. Homi Bhabha Road. 09434706117.Fellows 1968 1994 1997 1997 2013 2014 1993 1998 147 GUPTA. Flora Apartment. School of Mathematics. Panjab University. HAIDER. Centre for Liver Research & Diagnostics. Hardwar .226014. Kanchanbagh.res. Ahmedabad . Centre of Bio-Medical Research (CBMR).D... GURJAR. Organic Chemistry. 1958) Ph.1950) Ph. 08874439062(M). Fax : 2668215. Raebareli Road.400005.).in.160 014. Sukhdev Swami (b. Tel. Navrangpura.

400098.tifr.1953) PhD. Sp.D. 1937) Ph. FTWAS.D. 42019017(R). Former Vice-Chancellor. Former Vice-Chancellor. Sp. Res. UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences. Basavanagudi. Professor. Aeronautical Engg.S. New Thippasandra. Govt. Res./Aircraft Design/ Technology Management.. New Delhi – 110016. TIFR Hsg. Fax : 25058211. 2009-2010. Foundation of Quantum Mechanics/ Quantum Information.560037. of India. Tel. FASc. Chellaghatta. FASc. (080) 25058210. Plant Pathology. Council : F. 26581481(O). FAAM. P. (080) 22932793(O). Elected Fellow. Satyendra. FNAAS. 22804635(R). Near Vardha Apartments. HOME. 17/1.D. FNAE. (0522) 2752479(R). Information Technology. FNA. Email : quantumhome80 @gmail. IIT Campus. 13. Salt Lake. R. Bangalore 560012. 1964) Ph. III Main. (011) 26597522.S. Physical Chemistry/NMR/Structural Biology. Council : Mem. American Academy of Microbiology. Lucknow .ernet.. Sp. Bangalore . FNA. 1928) PhD. Tel. Tel. Kalyanpur. Dr. NEB 3/401. Res. Fax: 23602648. Sp. Bag No. FTWAS. New Delhi – 110016. Seyed Ehtesham ( Indian Institute of Science. Akhtar (b. 2000-2002 HIREMATH. German National Academy of Sciences. Kalyan Nagar. Tel. 25285600(O).D. 2003-04 Mem.res. Sriram Spandana. 2013-14 HUSAIN. .. West Avenue. Email : hnkota@yahoo. Sp. Mumbai . Kota ( 26581377(R) Email: sehiitd@gmail. (022) 26524984(O). DSc(hc). 09880796012(M). (033) 25693105(O). HOSUR.res. Ministry of Defence. Senior Professor. Sector V. DRDO. Aeronautical Development Establishment.D. Indian Institute of Technology.FNA. FNAE.226 016. Kolkata .com. Hauz Khas. SERC. Council : Mem. Director. Bangalore-560075. Ramakrishna Vijayacharya (b. Leopoldina.700097. Sp. University of Mumbai. Dharwad – 580007. Off Wind Tunnel Road. 1955) Ph. DS Kothari DRDO Chair. Salt Lake. Member. HASNAIN. 1954) PhD. Functional Molecular Epidemiology & Biology/ Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression/Genetic Hypervariability/Molecular Pathogenesis/Disease Intervention. 1943) Ph. Dipankar (b. HA 155. Jayant Ramaswamy (b. Department of Physics. Kalina. Shivayogi Pattadarya (b. Kusuma School of Biological Sciences. Bangalore 560004. Adil Nagar. Vanivilas Road. Mumbai – 400005. Res. Nagar. DMedSc(hc). Organic Chemistry.148 2007 2006 1992 1986 2011 1997 1974 Year Book 2015 HARINARAYANA.iisc. Res.Colony. 23349223(R). Tel. Email: hosur@tifr. Kuvempu University. CAPSS. 50. Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. Kolkata 700091.M. ML.Res. FASc. Sector III. Colaba. Website : www. Sp.Sc. Email: haritsa@serc. Hon. Res. Emeritus Scientist & Formerly Director.226022. 26578609(R). Lucknow . 2011-12 HARITSA. 09987051556(M). Bose Institute. Tel. 1. University of Hyderabad.

University of Toronto. Chemistry Section. Fax: 26059663. Stockholm and PennsyIvania State University. GKVK. New Delhi . Fishery Science/ Fish Biochemistry/Aquaculture Nutrition.iisc. Website : www. Chemical Technology Dept.1943) Ph. Sp. 23600683.. Bangalore . G-5. 65680110(R).in.560041. Civil Lines. FNA. 5530(O). FNESA. A9. FASc. Bangalore560012. Sivaraja Ph. CSMCRI. Faculty of Science. IYER. 1944) PhD( Tel./Nonlinear Systems. Email: ahmadkjafri@yahoo. Tohoku University. Professor & Head.. IYENGAR. Res. Res. Raipura Lodge. Res. Tiruvanmiyur.D. Formerly Professor Emeritus (CSIR). East Mada Str. Tel. Visiting Professor. Physiology. Email: rromgaswamy1515@rediffmail. Email: iqbalg5@yahoo. FAEB.). Tel.110062.res. Sp. IYENGAR. (044) 22543306(O). IYER. Emeritus Professor.html. Department of Materials Engineering. (080) 26635330(R). Formerly Professor. Jaya Naganathan (b. Res. Department of Crop. 1970) Ph. 25252765(R).. Jayanagar. Sp. Taramani. Developmental and Environmental Botany/Medicinal Plants. Physiology/Stress Physiology/Molecular Biology. 1515/40.R. Aligarh Muslim University.. 1952) Ph. 011-26059688 Extn.iisc..Fellows 2005 1987 1995 2013 1981 1998 1988 149 IQBAL. Royal Institute of Techonology.ernet. Dodhpur. miqbal@jamiahamdard. Synthesis and Purification of Materials/High Temperature Solid State Chemical Sensors/Fuel Cells/High Temperature Reactions. FLS. Bangalore. faculty/ktj.metalrg. S.. CIT Campus. Tughlaqabad. Jamia Hamdard (080) 22932494(O). DSc (Engg. 4th T Block. Kallarackel Thomas (b. Professor (G). 2401061(R). Tughlaqabad. Formerly Scientist (Director Grade).) ( Thermodynamics of Materials/ Extraction. Tel. Fax : 23600472. JAFRI.560012. Fax:2700528.D. 210. Email : jniyer@imsc. Muhammad (b.).D. Indira Nagar. Indian Institute of Science.600113. New Delhi .202001. Sp.D.D. Professor. Professor. Chemical Technology. Stage-I.110062. Indian Institute of Science. Sp.. Jamia Hamdard. (0571) 2700920/21-301(O). Institue of Mathematical Sciences. Botany Department. Chennai . FBS. 7th Cross. Bangalore . Shakti Tripura Sundari Apts. 1935) Ph. Matunga. Res. University of Agriculture USA. Chennai . 39th 'F' Cross. Formerly Professor of Zoology. Japan. .FASc. Bhavnagar. FNAE. Algebraic Geometry. Sp. Rangachar Narayana ( Aligarh. Fax : 22541856. Mumbai-400 019. 1941) Ph. Bangalore . Echiambady Rajagopala Rangaswamy (b. Email: katob@ materials. Ahmad Khalil (b. Aligarh . Building Science/Disaster Mitigation/ Structural Dynamics/Random Vibration/ Earthquake & Wind Engg.ernet. Civil Engineering Department.D.600041. JACOB. University of Bombay. Sp.

2632568. The Hague. 757865-0567(O). (0172) 2534415(O). Hampton.Tel. Res. New Delhi110034. Tel. 5072127(R). Email : dvsjain@yahoo. Asian Biophysics Association (ABA). All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Central Agricultural University. (Moscow).India (1993).D. New Delhi . Flight Research and Technology Division.(Stanford). Ashok(b.Formerly Professor. Delhi -110092. Organic Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry. Formerly Jawaharlal Nehru University. Award: Dr. 101. Chemistry Dept. Ph. Amolak Chand (b.D. FNA. Indian Institute of Technology. Fellow ISMRM. JAIN. New Delhi . FASc. Tata Energy Research Institute. BP Pal Memorial Lecture Award-Nat. Tel. N. USA. Benito Juarez Road.. FNA.411007. Biochemistry/Plant Tissue Culture/Plant Molecular Biology. Fax : 22379560. C-1-11. International Service for National Agricultural Research. Vikas Marg Ext. NISTADS. Formerly Head. . FNAAS. dvsjain@pu. ashok. Chandigarh -160014. FNA. (011) 26741290. Kumar Classics.D. 27314808(R). FASc. Sp. 26594511. Res. Sp. 757-838-6377(R). Professor & Head. (b. Technical Director. F1. 26521041. Formerly Director. VA 23666. Cytogenetics/ Plant Breeding/Agricultural Research Policy.D. 26588580(R). Biotechnology. Director.(Cantab).110029. FNA. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. 09810189116(M). Tel. New Delhi . Mathematical Modeling/Science & Society.R.. 1930) Vaishali. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Res.110021. Director General. Formerly Director's Grade 209. Surya Niketan.FNA. Chandigarh 160047. (011) 26593253. FASc.1933) Ph. Computational Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer/ Hypersonic Rarefield Flows. 40. Kanpur. Netherlands. Email : hkj2008@ gmail. 149. Research Dr.. Email : hema1440@gmail.1938) PhD. Professor Emeritus and INSA Honorany Scientist. Member of the Council of IUPAB. Sp. FASc. New Delhi. AIIMS Qrs.(Wales). Sector 49 B. Department of NMR & MRI Facility. Tel.. JAIN.(Delhi). 22373451(R).Sc. Science & Technology Corp. Sp. 1921) Ph.D. JAIN. 26588533(O).com. Council : F. Email: ashokexnistads@gmail. NCL. Dharam Vir Singh (b.110067.150 2000 1988 1978 1980 1997 1995 1988 Year Book 2015 JAGANNATHAN. Past President. New Delhi. (b. 2015JAGANNATHAN. Pushpac Complex. Uttarakhand. D. Pune . Res.S.Acad. Sp. (020) 25881959(R). Pune. Fax : 26862663. New Delhi . Panjab University. Sp.. University of Delhi South Campus.Institute of Informatics & Communication.1529. Amolak C. 09873267012(M). Pitampura. (011) 22379560(O)..jain@empi. JAIN.. 1928) Ph.(011) 27317594. Hari Krishan (b. Fax: 26741290. Clinical and Pre-clinical Cancer Research using Molecular Imaging/ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) & in-vivo NMR Spectroscopy/Functional MRI Studies/ Metabolomics. Department of Chemistry. Aundh. 1929) Ph. FAMS.Sci. jagan1954@hotmail. Tel. Formerly Professor of Physical Chemistry & Director. New Delhi. Currently Chancellor.D. Venkataraman (b. Sp.D.Tel. Email : nrjgj@yahoo. Res. University of Delhi. Fax : 2545074. Formerly Ansari Nagar (E).110029. 1954) Ph.

(011) 46024055(R). of Ethnobiology.D. (Formerly Head).res. MPEC. Res. Res. 1 Floor. 1936) Ph. Res. 09839028325(M). Kharghar. 85. (0172) 695215. Kamayani Kunj. Indian Institute of Technology. Res. 1930) Ph.Fellows 1978 1998 1982 2001 1962 1995 1990 151 JAIN. (0522) 2235474(R). FAPT. Environmental Biotechnology/ Microbiology/Microbial Genetics. Ext. Padam Chand (b. Tel.D. Mumbai. INSA Hon.410210. ZSI. Formerly VC. Institute of Microbial Technology. D9. 1942) PhD. New Delhi – 110025. Professor. INSA Honorary Scientist. 274-Aslam Manzil. 1. University of Delhi. 1958) Ph. Email : rkj@iitk. Kanpur. 9811312308(M). Sp.110007. (022) 25595095(O). Inst. Delhi . Plot No.P. Award: U. Tel. Mohammad Shamim ( Aligarh Muslim University. Education Minister's Gold Medal of National Academy of Sciences.160036. Res. (011) 27666658(O). Inorganic & Organometallic Chemistry. 695226(O). Chemistry Division.S.Tel. Founder and Formerly Director. st Flat No. Department of Mathematics.. Equs. 690632. Block B. Indian Institute of Technology. JAIN. Kanpur. Rajendra Kumar (b. Aligarh. Kanpur-208017. FIMA(UK). Vasant Kunj. Department of Zoology. A-26. Formerly Professor & Head. Scientist EII.110092. JAIN. Res.D. 1942) Ph. Scientist & Adjunct Sharda Nagar. India (1966). 22544729(R). 3389. 27741521(R).com. Formerly Director. JAIN. rakesh110@yahoo. I. FITE. Sector 20. Vimal Kumar (b. Building No. Mumbai-400085. Tel. Functional Analysis/Complex Analysis/Function Spaces/Inequalities. Fax: 25505151. . Botanical Survey of India. Professor of Mathematics.FNA. House No. Stability of Fluid Flows/Hydromagnetics Existence/Uniqueness of Solutions of N. (0512) 2571312(R). 104. Jamia Nagar (Okhla). Email: msjairajpuri@ gmail. IARI.D. Empire Estate. Sector 39A. Hyderabad & Director. 69. Sp. 1926) Ph. Pawan Kumar (b. New Delhi.. Sp.. IMTECH Colony. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. 25519613. Professor of Chemistry. Sp. JAIN. Head. Sector 39A.1956) Ph. Chandigarh160036. 695227(R). Department of Mathematics.P. Formerly Professor. FBS. Taxonomy/ Ethnobotany/Medicinal Plants.D. Avas Vikas Colony.. Homi Bhabha National Institute. FES. Sp. 09969627967(M). Rakesh Kumar (b. Email: jainvk@ barc.. Sp. Delhi . Mall Avenue Colony. 09540981665(M).FNA.Sp. FNA.D. New Delhi-110070. Navi Mumbai . Navsheel Dham. Nematology/Environment/Taxonomy/ Evolution. Tel.Applied Mathematics /Numerical Analysis/Computational Fluid Dynamics/ Computer oriented Algorithms for Nonlinear PDE.. FTWAS. MANUU. 41-42. Sector D/3. Sudhanshu Kumar (b. Chandigarh . Tel. 695225. JAIN.. Tel. Email: rkj@imtech. #702. Email: skjainbotanist@rediffmail. Formerly Professor of Mathematics. Fax: 690585. DSc. JAIRAJPURI.

Govt. Sp. res. Sector 21-C. Website : www. director@iopb. Zakir Bagh.M. 23600472. Email : mohan. JAYARAM. Malleswaram West. FNAAS. Professor. National Brain Research Centre. Mohan (b. Sachivalaya Marg.. Tel. ICGEB.121001. FZSI. Bushan L. Kottore Chidambaram (b. Bangalore .D. 1943) Ph. Department of Materials Engineering. (0522) 4078809(R). M 204.icgeb.. FNA. Bhubaneswar . Neelkanth Apartments. 26840631(R). FASc. 4031830(R). Formerly. Res. Hisar.09910609931(M). 09937203926(M). Res. Email : qjayaram@materials. Nihar Ranjan (b.Res.. 07499152486(M). Res. 22932263(O).. of India. Sp. Tel. Molecular Virology.(Stanford). Email : nihar@nbrc. FFSc. Fax : 2338910. Arun Mallojirao (b. 26742357(O). Materials Science/Ceramics. 1957) Ph. Fax: 23601198. Indira Nagar. FAFSc. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics/Classical & Quantum Transport/ Mesoscopic Systems/Stochastic Processes.Part-II.D. F. Tel. Sp. FNA. JAYANNAVAR. in. Brigade Gateway. 1956) Ph. 1938) Ph. (b. Chennai-600 088. Indian Institute of Science.122001. Tel. Tel. Shahid (b. Part . 2306601(R). Neurosciences/Neurodegenerative Disorders/ Mental Illness. Lucknow-226016. FASc. III Main Street. Res..iisc. ZSI.III. FNA. (011) 26741680. Systematic Ichthyology/River Ecology/Zoogeography. 26. Associate Professor.D. ac. Manesar. Tel. 161 Hewo Apt. Forensic Ballistics/High Speed Photography/ Quality Testing and Evaluation of Materials and Products. Plant Pathology/Microbiology/ IPM/Research Management. 26/1 Rajkumar Road. Email : shahid@icgeb. Institute of Physics.D. Email : jayramkc22@hotmail. Email: bljalali@gmail.1965) Formerly Director of Research. New Delhi . Sp.Sector 15. 1956) Ph. National Test House. (044) 2452843(R). Director. Officer’s Colony. (0129) 2437159(R). Adambakkam. JAUHARI. FPSI. 1926) Ph. Faridabad .D. JAMEEL.. ‘Padmaja’ 22. (0674) Govt. Group Leader. Email: jayan@iopb. Professor. Kolkata-700027. Sachivalaya Marg. Gurgaon. Director’s Sp.D.Tel. FASc.751005.jauhari@ Institute of Physcis. Central Forensic Science Laboratory. 2306401(O). .(USA). Bhubaneswar. Vikram (b. 2301367.res. Sp.ernet. Haryana Agricultural University.. JANA. (0124) 2338922(O). Aruna Asaf Ali Res. Virology Group.R. 18/279.D. Bangalore560055. of India. Fax: 26742316. New Delhi 110067. Joint Director. Res. 23375110(R).(080) 22933243. Formerly DG.D.560012.152 1994 1996 2008 1987 2003 1985 2004 Year Book 2015 JALALI.Sc. Fax: 2300142. Gurgaon-122050. JAYARAM.

1954) Ph. B. Res. D-296.700068. 26854264.Phys. Hauz Khas. Fax: 22570120.D. 2562019(R). Res. TIFR. Plant Genetics/Plant Biotechnology. No. FNAE. Mumbai .in. Bombay.D. III Loop Road. ernet. Solid State Theory/ Opto Electronics/Raman Spectroscopy. 1958) Ph.ernet. Kolkata . Tel. Kaliabid. Res. 64.. Bhavnagar. Department of Electrical Engineering. Street No. JHUNJHUNWALA. Website: www. Fax : 23601552.110016. FNA. Professor. Delhi. C2-02-05. Res.364002. girijaj@hotmail. Centre for Atmospheric Sciences. 1940) Ph.res. Centre of Advanced Study. Sp. Email : cjjog@physics. Astrophysics. Chennai .15. Sumita (b. Sudhanshu Shekhar (b. IV A/VI/A6. (b. FASc.364002. JOG. Sheel Memorial Lecture Award . 1954) Ph. 402. Sp. JHA. Department of Physics. Professor. Chennai .com. Sp.Soc. JHA. Kolkata . FTWAS.. Ashok (b. Fax : 24614849.D.Fellows 2002 2004 2009 1989 2008 1999 2010 153 JAYARAMAN. Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute.D. Scientist-G.600036. Eluvathingal Devassy (b. FAmer. Link Road.Acad. Chanda J. FNA.110016. Email: 372. Head and Coordinator. Email: ashok@tenet. Bhavanath (b. Department of Botany.res. Sp.400061. Professor.D.iitd.C. Fax : 26591386.560055. Sp. 26591945(R).iisc. JHA. 4th Main Off 18 1951) PhD(Princeton). Fax: 23602602. Fax: 2570885. Professor. 1953) PhD.. Formerly Director. Email: jgirija@cas. . Tel.700019. IIT Madras. 23342340(R).Sci. (0278) 2567352(O).tenet. Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. FTWAS. Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Sp. New Delhi .. (080) 22933285(O). Hauz Khas. Vastra Bhavan.ernet. Indian Institute of Technology. Jodhpur Park. Seven Bunglows. Res. Computational Chemistry/Quantum Chemistry. Indian Institute of Technology. (033) 24615445/4959(O). Email : sumitajha. Sp. 22933348(Lab). Road. Tel. Bhavnagar.1947) Ph.India (2001). 1301(O). FASc. 22576408(R). Website: http://ipc. Girija (b. New Delhi . Apt. Indian Institute of Science. Professor. 09892498234(M). Bangalore th 560012.. Fluid Mechanics/Biological Oceanography/Physiological Fluid Dynamics. 1B.iisc. Bangalore – 560012. Marine and Environmental Biotechnology/Plant Molecular Biology/ Applied Microbiology. Andheri (W). JEMMIS. Award: Dr. (022) 26327413(R). Bangalore . Email: bjha@csmcri. 35. Malleswaram. Tel. (080) 22933347(O). Tel. 08023607703(M). Res. IIT Staff Quarters. Email : jemmis@ipc. (011) 26591310. P.Nat. Vigyanshila. 22574408(O). Tel. 23607380(R). Discipline of Marine Biotechnology and Ecology. (044) 22570120. Telecommunications/Computer Networks/Fiber Optics. 09483598097(M). Indian Institute of Science. FNA. Tel.FNA. ernet. University of Calcutta.600036. Mumbai & Distinguished Guest Professor.

Space Applications Centre. 1938) PhD. 2427239(R).. 09978288287(M).462026. Email: dranilpjoshi@gmail. Kanpur .. . 2015JOSHI. Christian Medical College Hospital. 2598314(R). Dehradun 248001. Barkatullah University. Infectious Diseases.S. FAMS. (080) 22082802(O).in. SAC (ISRO). 439. Ahmedabad . Res. 1/20. Civil Supplies Gowdon Lane. Res. Tel.1965) Ph. D1/12. FRCP (Edin.208 016. India Award for Instrumentation (1986) IIT Kanpur. Sp. JOSHI. FMASc. Environmental Conservation/Small Micropower Energy/Value addrtion in Horti-Agriculture. Jakkur P. Res. Indus Gardens. FAAP. 1955) Ph. Alappuzha. Email : sdj@iitk.462039. Kanpur. Ashirwad Enclave. (0512) 2597014(O). Amitabh (b. Website : www. (02717) 231535(R). Vellore . I. (0755) 2517133(O). Ahmedabad . Bopal.. Ph. Vellore. Res. 22082803(Lab).154 1996 1991 1997 1985 2002 2006 Year Book 2015 JOGLEKAR. Kerala State Institute of Virology and Infectious Diseases. FASc.632002.I. Mehuwala Via Majra. New BEL Road. Awards: SICO sponsored National Academy of Sciences. Email : georgejoseph1938@ hotmail.D.1945) Ph. Thekkekara. Email: ajoshi@jncasr.O. Department of Biotechnology. 08889720725(M). Bangalore-560064. Fax: 2232035. Email : vlr_ tjjohn@sancharnet. Jodhpur Tekra. High Energy Physics Theory. JNC Bhopal . Department of Chemical Virology.. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Tel.. ISRO Honorary Distinguished Professor.O. Email : (079) 26913348(O). JOHRI. FNAE. FIAP. Ambawadi Vistar P. 22082766(R). 2590260. Advisor. Formerly Emeritus Medical Scientist (Indian Council of Medical Research).html. NASI Senior Scientist.O. FNAAS. Evolutionary Genetics/Population Ecology. FIGU. Sp. Fax: 2642736. Village : Ghisarpadi. (0416) 2267364(R). Professor. Tel. George (b. Fax : 22330567. Tel.248001. Founder Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO). Council : Mem. Formerly Director. Satish Dinkar (b. Dehradun . Bhavdish Narain (b. Sp. 1935) M. Bangalore . Microbial Diversity and Ecology. JOHN. Professor & Chairman. tjacobjohn@yahoo. Fax : 2590914. 1949) Ph. Evolutionary & Organismal Biology Res..380054. Anil Prakash (b. 2642736(O). Sterling City. 617. LV-32.). FNA. Department of Physics. Bawadia Kalan. Remote Sensing/Space Instrumentation. Kanpur .D. Gulmohar Extension. JVD-4. E-8. Bhopal . Thekkekara Jacob (b.(Alberta).. Sp. FASc. FNA. Opposite ISRO Hq. 09341354233(M). Kerala688005.D. Vignanapura.560094. (0135) 2642391. Res.380015.T. House P. Tel.

FASc..India (1997). No. 2230900(R). Bangalore . Mumbai . 1935) D..Sci.Russian Acad. Professor. (0512) 2597732(O).D.400005. I. # 252. Email : skjoshinpl@gmail.res. D. Fax : 2249764. Tel. Sp. Ahmedabad380051. Res. 42136248(R).. 2598285(R).I. Tel. Anjan Sidhvantlal (b.). Asha Ashok (b. Neuroscience/Cellular Signaling/ Department of Mathematics. Sp. Tel. Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Colaba. 09765251513(M).. FAMI.(h. 1952) Ph. Survey Nagar. Fax: 22804610. KADALBAJOO. Saha Memorial Lecture Award Nat. Award : Prof. (079) 26314453(O). South City 1. (022) 22782486(O). Kamanhalli. Res. 1949) Ph. (080) 26995101. Solid State Physics. Mem.c. Email : anjan@prl. TIFR Housing Colony.Acad. M.440022. Fax : (011) 45609358. Kanpur . FNA. Dr. Sp. Homi Bhabha 189.Sc.560076. House No. Nehru Marg. 11. Email: aa_juwarkar@ neeri. Professor & Res.N. Homi Bhabha 301. Prahaladnagar.560029. FNA. Physical Research Laboratory. Pankaj Shantilal (b. 2001-2002 P. Theoretical Physics Group. JUWARKAR. Sp.CSIR. FTWAS. Tel.. Harayana . National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences. CL-1. Bangalore . Kanpur.D. High Energy Physics. Bannergatta Road. Email: psj@tifr. Krishnan Marg. Navrangpura.S. 2005 JOSHIPURA. New Delhi-110012. 1953) Ph. N104. Fax : 26314460. JOSHI. pgjoshi@nimhans. 1955) Ph. (0124) 2383700(R). Sp. 09899333258(M).com.Fellows 2006 2009 1984 2004 2009 1996 155 Tel. Fax: 2597500.380009. .122001. Numerical Analysis. FASc. I. Senior Professor. Preeti Gangola (b. Nagpur ..D. 2003-04 Mem. 464. Outstanding Scientist.T. Shri Krishna (b. Mohan Krishen (b. Scientist G & Head. Res.res. FAEB. Formerly Director FNA. Tel.208016. Council : Pres. Formerly NASI Platinum Jubilee Chair Distinguished Professor.D. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. K. 1950) Ph. Theoretical Astrophysics/Cosmology/Gravitation. Gurgaon. Ahmedabad . Santara Magan Place. Res.kar. Res. Ecosystem Division & National Coordinator of Stockholm Convention Regional Centre on Pops for Asia Region. Email : joshipree@gmail.208016. Jaitala Road. Indraprastha-6. Nagpur . Kanpur . National Physical Laboratory.Pres. (011) 45609363(O). M 56. Email : kadal@iitk. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. 26995102(O).Sc.nic. 22804923(R).in. JOSHI. Website : Mumbai . Department of Biophysics. Fax : 26564830.iitk. 89-91. 26741687(R).I.. Remediation of Contaminated Ecosystems/ Wastewater Reuse & Recycle/Environmental Biotechnology/ Persistant Organic Pollutants. Kanpur.D. Sp. (0712) 2249764(O). Apt.

FASc. Tel. Department of Pediatrics. DAE. 27160512. 09811428365(M) Fax : 27667471. Fax: 27193189.. 2005-06 P. Email: ahmedkamal@iict. 2001 . Hajuri Dargah Road.. Central Drug Research Institute. Lucknow-226 001. Hon. FIE. 25505210(O).110 029. 27160123 Ext. Tel. Mumbai – 400604. kakodkaranil@gmail. Tel. (0522) 2344333(R). Res.T. Formerly President of the Republic of India. Formerly Chairman. Fax:2623405. kambojvp@rediffmail. Email : root@cscdri.500007. Biotech Consortium India 1104. Portage. 6865470(R). Tel. Flat No.nic. New Delhi 110011. No. Res.M.B. Email: kakodkar@barc. Lucknow .1946) M. Kamal Kumar (b. (011) 27666156. Ahmed (b. AEC & Secretary. C1111. Res. Accolade Cooperative Housing Society. MI 49024. Medicinal Chemistry/ Organic Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry. Behind LIC. (011) 23793601(R). Road No.4665 Golden Ridge Trial. Composite Material Technology/Rocket Technology and Technology Management. Sp.D. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul (b. H. D-II/1 Ansari Nagar.S. 95-96 G. kambojvp @yahoo.110091.). Central Drug Research Institue. 8-2-619. Res. Formerly Chairman. Board of Directors. CSIRIndian Institute of Chemical Technology. 1956) Ph. Council : Pres. Sp. Res. Email : vckalia@igib. Andover Woods.c. FNA. KAMBOJ. Sp. FNAE. Sp.(Pediatrics). Mem. Phase II.res.(h. (0522) 212411-18(4418)(O). New Delhi. Additional Professor. Building No. KALAM.2623938. 5. KALIA. Reproductive Biology/Endocrinology/Drug Development.1931) D.226016. Presently at . 1956) 11. FASc.156 2002 1989 2013 1978 1999 1997 1991 Year Book 2015 KAKODKAR. Thane West. 1937) Microbial Genomics/Bioenergy/Biopolymers. 23319370 (R). Res. Lucknow. Hyderabad . 2004. FAMI. FNAE. 27662133 Ext. 25828899(R). Email : apj@abdulkalam. DAE Homi Bhabha Chair Professor & Member AEC.1943) D. KALRA.132(O). KAMBOJ. Delhi . Tel. (011) 661123/209(O). All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Fax : 25505110. Email: kambojvp@gmail. DSc. Chief Scientist. Outstanding Scientist. Tel. New Delhi. Mem NYASc. BARC. vc_kalia@yahoo. 97-2000. BIBCOL. Mayur Vihar. Banjara Hills. USA. Indira Sp.D. GOI.Nuclear Reactor Engineering/ Structural Engineering/Nuclear Safety. CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology. New Delhi-110 (040) 27193157. Vipin Chandra (b.(h. Rajaji Marg.Pres. 43012465(R).co. Chairman. Pediatrics (Pediatric Neurology and Liver Diseases of Children).Sc.. Hyderabad 500034.1955) Ph. Mumbai – 400085.. Sp. Formerly (022) 25595412.I. 2007-08 V. KAMAL. Microbial Biotechnology and Genomics. 10.). Bulandshahr.S.Assistant Director. 1633(O). Delhi . Tel. Ved Prakash (b. D. Pocket F/105A. Anil (b.110007. Mall Division of Parasitology. FIETE. Veena (b.

FAMS. University Campus. New Delhi-110 016. Thorapadi PO. 09949193737(M). KAPOOR. PhD.226014. in.S. Email : vksm@uohyd. Res. Res. Lucknow Sp. Vellore 632004. Res.D. DSc(Lond).. Lucknow . Jodhpur .Type VB/14. Email: hckandpal@mail. Res. Atmospheric Waves/Convection/ Lubrication Theory. PhD (Lond).Fax: 45609310. FNAE.c.28741068(R) Tel. (0422) 2426764(O). University of Jodhpur. Anoop Saran (b. MCh. KANT.. of Urology & Renal Transplant. Chief Scientist and Head. Solid and Structural Mechanics. (040) 23134001(O). 1946) Ph. 1954) Ph. Sri Aurobindo Marg. Professor. FASc. D. Tel. Chemistry Department.D. Doyens Township. Abhaygarh Scheme. Raebareli Road. (022) 25767310. South Road. 25771090(R). MRCPath.S. Dept. University of Hyderabad. Tarun (b. Topology/Analysis. Hauz Khas Apartments. Jaipur-302 004. IIT Bombay 2284266(R). Fax : 2668017..Phil. Jaipur-302 004. Coimbatore . Hyderabad – 500046. 201. Tel. CMC Campus. 1946) Ph. Res.ernet. Tel. Bagayam. 378. Physical/Surface Chemistry. Department of Civil Engineering. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. FRIC (London). FRSC. Medical Science.(h. (0291) 33956(R). New Delhi .2110(O). Powai. Rajasthan University. Christian Medical College.B.D. (0141) 2395019(R). Standards/Optics /Quantum Optics. New R-9. Email : rkapoor@ sgpgi. Powai. Department of Mathematics. 1929) D. 25767301(O).Fellows 2009 2003 2013 2013 1968 2011 1974 2007 1982 157 KANDPAL. FNA. 09757177990(M). Res. 09443126183(M). Krishnan Road. (011) 45608315(O). 485(0). Fax : Khas.Phil. FASc. Res. FAAM. Sp. 2668062(R). Gagandeep (b. Fax : 195.iitb. Professor. 1948) Ph. Division of Gastrointestinal Sciences. Professor & Head. Hem Chandra (b. 1934) PhD(Lko). Institute Chair Professor. . Sp. House No. . Sp. Delhi-110 007. 70. Vadavalli. Quantum Phenomena & Applications.Sc.. 18. Tel. KANG. Rakesh. FASc. Email : tkant@civil.110012.D. Email: pgkswamy@yahoo. Bharathiar University. Formerly Professor & Head. KAPOOR. K.. Varadachariar (b. Ramesh Narain (b. Chemistry Department. University of Delhi. Tel. Vaccines/Public Health/ Microbiology. 2668087. KAPOOR. Email : gkang@cmcvellore. 09415410130 (M). Lingampalli. Organometallic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry.226014.). 09969164646. Tel.110060. Hyderabad – 500019. Tel.. Sivasakthi Colony. Fax: 09894070266 (M). 1962) MBBS. Sp. (b. Dr. National Physical Laboratory. Fish Biology/Endocrinology. Sp. 700 Double Storey. Shree Ram Niwas.D. SGPGI. Krishna (b. MD.nplindia. Res. New Rajinder Nagar. Raibareli Road. KANNAN. Avani Veedhi.342 011. Tel. Professor & Head. Professor. MS.26858188(R). 23010702(R). 2426069(R). KANDASWAMY. Vellore . (011) 27257725 Ext. Mumbai – 400 076. FNA. Sp. Sp. (0416) 2282052(O). Palanigounder (b. 2232035. CChem. 1956) M. Professor of Zoology. Res. KANT. 327. (0522) 2668700 Ext. Mumbai–400 076. 1933) D. School of Mathematics and Statistics. SGPGI Campus.

ac.1952) Ph.FINAE. Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Sci. Physics & Electronics & Instrumentation Groups. Sector-62. FASc. Res. Banganga CHS. 09811644436(M).D. Trivandrum . Noida . Mumbai. FASc. Res. 1996 KARTHA. Shyam Sunder (b. Chairman. University.D. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Plant Reproduction/Functional Genomics.res. FNA. 2606680(R). Mumbai . Res. 1990 KARMESHU (b. Tel. FNAE. Ghaziabad . Formerly DAE-Homi Bhabha Chair Indrapuram. 2434108(R).in.695003.201010. Department of Space. 42. Skyline SFS Golflinks Apartments. Professor Emeritus NIAS. Haryana. B/5. FIC. Email : cckartha@rgcb. Email : kapoorss2002@ yahoo. Sadashiva Nagar. Mumbai.D. Mathematical Modeling. BARC. A-32. Associate Professor. Sp.110 034. Road No... 2015- . Bellary Kowdiar. FNA.. 2007 KASHYAP. Res. 1949) Ph. 1940) Ph. (011) 65171135(O). Delhi . 2013-14 P. 25504301(R). New Delhi . of India.N. (0471) 2529448(O). Tel. du. Gurgaon . Sp.158 2013 Year Book 2015 KAPOOR. Res. (011) 667676 Ext. A150. Superplasiticity/ Thermo-Mechanical Treatment/Grain Boundary Phenomena. Sp. Tel. Professor of Eminence. IIT Bombay. Former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) & Planning Commission. 1015. Abhay Khand II. GOI. Gaur Green Avenue. Deepali. University of Delhi South Campus.110 067. Institutional Area. 09845007998(M). Sector 40. Govandi Station Road. A-3. Bhagwati Prasad (b.. National Institute of Advanced Studies.D. 1994 KAPOOR. Vijendra Kumar (b. Res. Res.695014. National Institute of Biologicals (Govt. FASc. Sp. 09947264108 (M). 2002 KASHYAP. Email : kapoors@south. Bangalore – 560080.201307. (022) 25595246(O). A-123. Email: vkk2k@ hotmail. Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Particle Detectors/ Particle Accelerators & Applications. Email : bpk@iitb. Sanjay (b. Bangalore & Director. Fax : 25505151. Bangalore – 560012. Medical & Forensic Science/Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology/ Biological Medicines. Pitampura. J. Formerly Director. 1982 KASTURIRANGAN. Council : Pres. Former Director. FTWAS. Tel. Former Chairman. Mumbai . CV Raman Avenue. Astronomy/Astrophysics/ Satellite Technology/Remote Sensing. School of Computer & System Sciences. Email: krangank@gmail.. 1964) Ph. Krishnaswamy ( Ministry of Health & Family Welfare). Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology. Sp.D.D. cckartha@yahoo.. Mumbai.400076. A-1002. Professor. Fax : 2348096. Trivandrum . (022) 25767622(O). Fax: 2403014. FAMS. Indian Institute of Science Campus. Fax : 25723480. 396(O).Pres. Sp. Fax : 24119430. 1948) Ph.110021. Tel. Department of Plant Molecular Biology. 7273793(R). (0120) 2400027(O). Space Commission & Secretary. 25768622(R). Woodman Estate. Chandrasekharan Cheranellore (b. Central Area. Pathology/Cardiovascular Pathology/ Cardiovascular Biology. New Delhi .D. Bangalore .in. Sp. 1951) M. Tel. 7B. Alder Godrej. 1938) Ph.. Raman Research Institute Council.

2331485(R). Fax : 27095178. Email: chaman lalpandit@yahoo..Bank Road. FNA. Kanpur-208 002. Amarloke Colony.FNA. Mohali.S. 09910053701(M). Dipika (b. (0562) 2331756(O). 27424582(R).in. Pune . Koth Road.(079) 23969275 (O). FRSC(Eng. H. of Health Research. 1951) Ph. 21. Colony. Res. Molecular Biology/Cytogenetics. FAMS. Pharmacology/Pharmaceutical Sciences/Diabetes. R. 2014KAUL. Sp. Hyderabad . 21. Formerly Professor. Hyderabad . Res.110034. Plant Physiology.Phil. 2006. Tel. FAPS.Sp. FIASc. Indian Council of Medical Research. Email: kaw@ipr. AmbliBopal Road. FNA. Sp. Department of Mathematics & Dean. Mahatma Sahkari Housing Society.Kinetics/Enzymology/Immunology/ Physical Council : F.2-2-23/22. 1937) D.. Chaman Lal (b.No. KATOCH.. Tel. Lucknow. Vishwa Mohan (b.380058.). Res. 1951) M. Fax : 2331755. 1953) MD.D. Bhat. KAUL.. Predhiman Krishan (b. SU-42. Institute for Plasma Research. ( 002. Amarloke Colony. University of Delhi. Tel. Secretary to the Govt. Res.N. 09825069415(M). 91-92 Mem. MOHFW and Director General. Sp. Res. Allahabad University. Tel. Kiran (b. KATOCH. Agra . Kanpur and Chairman. Opp. Email: vishwamohan_katoch @yahoo. Tel. Sarvagya Singh (b. Sp.D. secydhr@icmr. FAIC(USA). Medical Microbiology/ Mycobacteriology.282001. Fax: 2555136. 18. New Delhi . Tel. Theory of Optimization/ Mathematical Programming/Operations Research. Agra 282001. 09412262721. Allahabad-211 002. . Agra . Pitampura. Sp. National Jalma Institute for Leprosy & Other Mycobacterial Diseases. Formerly Director.Jalma. Faculty of Mathematical Sciences. NIPER. Gandhinagar-382428.500007. Prashanti Nivas. 7/111E. dg@icmr. 7.D. Fax: 23969016. P. Jalma Institute. Council : Mem.110029.Fellows 1979 2010 2004 2001 1980 1981 2010 1989 159 Email : pbkavi@yahoo. FAMS. Delhi. Sp. Email: sskatiyar@yahoo. Medicine. (040) 27682335(O). 93-95 KAUL. Email : kirankatoch@rediffmail. Ansari Nagar. Ahmedabad .D. Scientist F/Director Incharge. 23962277. 2554544(R). (020) 25363447(R).411038. 1935) PhD. Dept. Sp. Department of Genetics. Professor. 1948) Ph. DSc(hc). 26498214(R). Tajganj.B. 26927572(R). Zoology Department. (011) 27346026(R). of India.D. Jayantilal Park. (0512) 2555136. Tel. (b. (011) 26588204(O). Osmania University. 103. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. UP State Council for Higher Education. Taj Ganj. Delhi.. Swarup Nagar. 1936) Ph. Res. CSM University. Formerly Professor. FTWAS. Nonlinear Plasma Theory. KAVI KISHOR. 432.. 1931) Ph. Bagh Amberpet. FASc. D. Fax : 26588662. (0532) 2642204(R). Res. DST Year of Science Professor.

N. Nandnagar Colony.160 2003 2007 1982 1997 1990 1996 1975 Year Book 2015 KAYASTHA. Tel. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. Jiwaji University and Head and Asstt. KESSAR.560 Pune .res. KESAVAN.173212. FASc. Department of Chemistry. 42-53. II Stage. C/o Zoological Survey of India. Faculty of Science.P. Tel. FNA. Visiting Professor. 22542698. School of Biotechnology. Arvind Mohan (b. KEMBHAVI. 2440. Centre for Bioinformatics. Website: www. Chandigarh-160 011. Fax : 25604698. Swaminathan Research Foundation. Tel. Paris). Sp. Chennai . Email: kayasthabhu@gmail. Chandigarh. Synthetic Organic Chemistry. KESAVAN. Res. 1950) Director. Srinivasan (b. 22460254(R). Formerly Director. (0172) 2541435(O). Chennai 600117. Tel. N-19. FTWAS. C.411007. Kovilambakkam. Chennai .600113.ernet. Excise Office. BHU. Ajit Keshav (b. KHAJURIA. Director & Emeritus Scientist. 3773(O).P. Institute of Mathematical Sciences. 10th Main. Bishan Bhawan.160 014. 26412839(R). Tel. ITI 09444024013(M). (b. Sp. D Block. IUCAA. Genetics/Radiation Biology/Sustainability Science. Sp. 09822979161(M). Sp. 1923) D.. 1960) Ph. 1936) Ph. Professor. Res. Professor Emeritus. Formerly Dy. Sector 11. FNA.res.1952) Ganeshkhind. 2575417(R). (0542) 2368331(O). 33(Old No. 1.. Ganeshkhind. Taramani. FNAAS. Partial Differential Equations.O. Chennai . (020) 25604231/100(O). Email : akk@iucaa. Pune . M.. Sengamalam.T. Fax: 2368693. Res. Professor. Meteorology/Atmospheric Physics/ Monsoon Studies/Climate Studies. Pune. Solan . P. Akashganga. Sp.. Varanasi . 3873(R). Fax: 22541586. Mammal Section. Sp. Res. (01792) 2413. Distinguished Fellow. Panjab University.. 22460077. (080)3422634(R). IUCAA. H. 635. Hospital Road.D. Bangalore . 1938) Ph. . ZSI. Taramani. Ecology/Taxonomy of Mammals/Wild Life Conservation/Zoo Management/Museology(Animals).19). FNAAS. R. Parthasarathy Chenna (b.221005. Extragalactic Astronomy/Theoretical Astrophysics/Data Analysis. Baghbad University. Docteur-es-sciences (Mathematiques. Res. Post Bag 4. Email: pckesavan@mssrf. 25604401(R). Banaras Hindu University. Professor & Res. Email : kesh@imsc. (044) 65299023(D). Jawahar Park. Email : svkessar@pu. Rajajinagar. Akhnoor Hut.Sc. Enzymology & Enzyme Technology/Plant Biochemistry/ Structure-Function Relationship in Proteins. Housing Colony. Sp..mssrf.600113.I. (044) 22543209(O). Tel. H. 1932) Kilpauk.600010. Barnaby Road. Fax: 22541319. KESHAVA MURTY.D.. 2747308(R). Varanasi 221005. Satinder Vir (b.D. Hitopdeshak (b. Tel. Campus. 22541698(O). Maxworth Nagar. Third Cross Street. Res.

Res. Res. Tel. Ltd. AICTE and Formerly Vice-Chairman.110012. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. 72410(R). DLF Phase V. FNA.chopra3@gmail. Professor of Coordination Chemistry/Bio-inorganic Chemistry/ Organometallics/ Catalysis.skkhanna@gmail. KHANNA. Council : V. Sudarshan Kumar (b. FIE. University of Roorkee.. Fax: 2400982.Fellows 2009 1993 2003 1986 1986 1987 2002 1982 161 KHAKHAR. khakhar@iitb. Yakutpura. Formerly Director. Lucknow. Satya Vihar.. 4231155(O). KHANDUJA. Email: khanujazy@yahoo. (0172) KHANNA.(Oregon). (0120) 2400982. University Maharani’s College. DEngg(HS).in. (0141) 73628(O). IISER Mohali. Vidhansabha-Chandrakhuri Marg. Suman Preet Singh (b. 1936) Ph. 09815204096 (M). C41-42. 25723738(R). FRAE. Email : director@iitb. Chemical Engineering.. Devang Vipin ( Department.Jaipur. Res. (0771) 4235155. 25272157(R). CSIREmeritus Scientist. Civil Engg. Tel. Director's Bungalow. Professor of Botany.D. FASc. Paschim Vihar. Knowledge City. Sector 81. KHANDELWAL. Mumbai .com. FNA. 1929) Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Raipur . Sudesh Kaur (b. KHANNA-CHOPRA. Hyderabad-500 004. Fellow AICTE. Email: sudeshkaur@yahoo.. Director & Mentor. Mandir Hasaud (Baloda Bazar Road). Disha Institute of Management & Technology. 2240124(O).400076. Res. New Delhi . Renu ( Bishan Lal (b. Director.P. A-1. 1949) Ph. Pushpa Ph. DLitt(HS). Formerly Professor. 25767001(O). 479-17-3 Yakut Mahal Talkies. Res. Apartment 2C 045. 25768000. Tel. IIT Bombay. Mohali – 140306.. New Delhi . Sp. 23. Res. FNAE. Inorganic Chemistry/ Organometallics/ Analytical Chemistry. Chandigarh. Emeritus Professor. Chemistry Department. (011) 25191632(R).D. SAS Nagar.400076. Tel. Principal. Double Storey. Sector 37-B. Water Technology Centre. . Fax : 25723546. spskhanuja@ gmail.1959) Ph. skhanduja@iisermohali. 2524371(R). Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director.No. CIMAP/CSIR. Powai. SKiES Life Technologies Pvt.). Molecular and General Genetics/Plant Improvement/ Biotechnology. Gurgaon (Haryana). 2006 Wellington Estate.D. Algebra/Valuation Theory/Number Theory. FNA. Tel. Sp.D. Email: bishankhandelwal@rediffmail. FNAAS. Badar Taqui (b. Sp. UGC. Sp. Fax: 25846012. 09893594010(M).D. Tel. 09899017170(M). FBS. Plant Physiology. Res. (022) 25723488.. CSIR. (040) 868951/337(O). IIT Delhi & Emeritus Jaipur. 1958) Ph. 1951) PhD. Email: renu_wtc@rediffmail. Sp. DSc(HS). Mumbai . KHANUJA. Sp.D. 09711773867(M). Fax : 4200110. (011) 25846790(O). Physiology/Biochemistry. Formerly Chairman. ac. FNAE. Email: prof. renu. FASc. Transportation Planning and Engineering/ Higher and Technical Education. Formerly Professor & Head. PhD(Engg. HBTI Kanpur. Sp. Powai. Ramesh Nagar. Tel. 2007-08 Mem. A1/153. New Delhi – 110015. 2472010.1932) ME.110063. Hyderabad-500 007. FNAAS. Osmania University. H. Ram Bagh Road.

New Delhi–110 016.(Belfast). Email: kharess@rediffmail.D. Habsiguda. Type V. UGC. 1935) D. KHARE. Osmania University. Jabalpur 482004. Tel. Neeraj (b. Formerly Director. Pro-Vice Chancellor. FNA. Cell & Molecular Biology Research Centre. C-20 (29/31) University Apt. FISST. Dept. Email : Chhatra Marg.502205. Ph. Department of Chemistry. Formerly Professor & Head.H. Ashok (b. Department of Physics.D. Meerut. IIT Hyderabad.D. (040)27174591(R). Plant Pathology/Seed Pathology/Soil-borne Diseases. Inorganic Chemistry/Homogeneous Catalysis. Biochemistry/Tumour Immunology/Mammalian Cell Culture. Tel. USA). Department of Physics and Astrophysics. 83-86 KHAR. Ravindra Nagar. Jabalpur. Atomic and Molecular Physics/ Theoretical Physics. Email: nkhare@physics. Hyderabad. AHERF. Faiz Ahmed (b. Email : faiz@iith. Professor. 1949) Ph. of Algebraic Topology. Yeddumailasam . Sp. 24. TURA Campus. Delhi . Sp.D.D. (040) 23016084(O). Res. West Avenue .C. Eshanya Residency. Professor & Head. Ordnance Factory Estate. Agricultural University. University of Delhi..Phil. Bhavnagar. 09811110334(M). . Sai Enclave. B99. 09718328154 (M). Tel. Superconductivity/ Magnetism Nano Functional Oxide. Shastri Nagar. Meerut. (03651) 223107(O). Tel. Professor. Sp. Res. Hyderabad-500023. IIT Campus. (0761) 2361632(R). Hauz Khas. Email: spkhare35@ gmail. Ordnance Factory Estate.N. Res. 26591640(R). KHARE. JNAU. (0121) 2760159(R). Tel.. IIT Hyderabad. Hyderabad. Res.iitd. 1947) D.E. Mahendra Nath (b.D.. (011) 26591352(O). Tura. Organic Chemistry. Sp. Council : Mem.Yakutpura.S. FPSI.. Formerly Dean. Q. Tel. C. Mirza Mohammad Taqui (b.500007.).No.ernet. 09866237716(M). FNA. Shabd Sharan (b. New Delhi – 110016. CSIR.(USA). Res.Phil. KHARE. 1931) C. Sp. Res.1934) Ph. University. Formerly Professor & Head. 1965) Ph. Hyderabad . Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).com.C. (011) 27666242(R). University of Delhi.5049. (040) 2524371(R).162 2011 1978 1988 2014 1979 2011 1972 1993 Year Book 2015 KHAN. Chandmari. Sp. 81.110007. 23017040(R). 202. Delhi . 1958) Emeritus Fellow. Sp. Res. Formerly Emeritus Scientist. 1954) Ph. J.110007. Sp. Jabalpur. Yeddumailaram 502205. Email: khar. Formerly Director. Emeritus Fellow. Tel. Plasma Physics/Statistical Mechanics. Tel. Chemistry Department. Plant Pathology Department. KHARE. University. BRSF. N. Professor Emeritus. 26. Avinash (b.(Illinois. Meghalaya-794002.(Alld. 220459(R). Hauz Khas.D. University. Indian Institute of Technology.S. Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute. Scientist Colony.. 479-173. Meerut 250004. Formerly Pro ViceChancellor. Adhartal. KHAN.. Satya Prakash (b. KHARE. FISPRD.

Tel. 08758560009(M). (0522) 2668215. Osmania University. rao_kv@hotmail. Tel. Formerly Director.No. Formerly Professor of Botany. Sp. (b. (011) 24115096(O). Sp.. 8-3315/25A. Res. Sp. Molecular Basis of Cellular Differentiation/Genetic Transformation of Crop Plants/ Genomics and Bioinformatics. Ahmedabad .org.FNA. UDSC. 428. param@genomeindia. Ph. Panjab University. 89-96.500045. Surinder Pal (b. FTWAS. Tel. Professor of Plant Molecular Biology. 27070736(O). Fax: 24119430. khuranaj@south. 2013-14 . University of Delhi South Campus.S. South Campus. B. Email: sp. 2001 V.D. 23745253(R). Formerly Professor. Raebareli Road. Fax: 24115270. CBMR & ViceChancellor. Email: clkhetrapal@hotmail. Tel. Vastrapur.110051. Chandigarh. Paramjit. VLSI/ Semiconductors Devices. Chandigarh . FIFS. Campus. Res. Sp.khullar@gmail.D. Surya Vihar.226014.226014. 24119090(R). FASc. Waman Sadasheo (b. 2010-13 KHURANA. Parasitology/Animal & Plant Nematology/Biology of Birds.D. Email : rao_kv1@rediffmail. 1941) Ph. Gurgaon . New Delhi . Fax : 27096170. (040) Centre of Biomedical Research (CBMR). Chandigarh.500007. Shakti Nagar Extension. 07897003111(M). Dhaula Kuan. Department of Plant Molecular Biology.Fellows 2008 1980 1985 1992 1990 2000 2003 163 KHAREEDU. University of Allahabad. KHULLAR.122016. Tel. Email: paramjitkhurana@hotmail. Professor & Coordinator (UGC-SAP). khuranajp@ hotmail.S. Type VA/2. (0172) 794484(R). FASc. Tel.P. Sp. FBS. SGPGIMS Staff Quarters. Zoology Department.M. Plant Molecular Biology/Transgenics/Functional University of Delhi. 1933) MSEE (Minnesota). Type VB-4. 1633.D. Staff Res. Dundahera. Department of Plant Molecular Biology. (079) 26307271(R). Hyderabad . Panjab University. 24119090(R)..380015.E. Jitendra Paul (b.1958) 1929) Ph. Lucknow .(Minnesota). 1937) Ph. 1954) Ph. A-2/28. 1956) PhD. I. 2668215. 09415408859. Council : F. (0124) 6366331(R). Tel... Sector 7-C.. KHERA.110021.Sc. 09711006512(M). Council : Mem.I. FNA.D. FZSI. Email : khuranaj@genomeindia. Professor. Sanjay Gandhi PG Institute of Medical Sciences. Satendra (b. Yousufguda. 2494402(R). 1999-2000 KHOKLE. Delhi . Raibareli Road. FNA. Pteridophytes/Angiosperms/Systematics/Cytogenetics/Floristics. Plot No. 29885270. Benito Juarez Road. G-305. (011) 24115126(O).. New Delhi 110021. KHURANA. Distinguished Professor. NMR/ Chemical Physics. KHETRAPAL. Res. Chunni Lal (b. Sp. Council : G. Hyderabad . Photobiology and Signal Transduction/ Molecular Genetics and Genomics of Higher Plants. New Delhi . 2495033(O). Venkateswara Rao (b.du. Lucknow . Sp. Centre for Plant Molecular Biology.(Hons). FNAAS.D. Maruthinagar. Email: khoklews@yahoo.

Miyapur. University of California.ernet. Sp.D. Pulugurtha Bharadwaja. First Avenue.600020. Email: gurdev@khush. akolaskar@yahoo. FASc. Plot No. IIT Bombay. Email: vc@kiit. 24 Tagore Park. org. Chandrasekharpur. Professor. Sp. KOLASKAR. Email: vc@davuniversity. 1953) Ph. Hyderabad – 500049. FDNAES. Gurdev Singh (b. Davis. University of Hyderabad. Protein folding/ Biological Data Banks & Data Mining/Theoretical Molecular Biophysics & Bioinformatics.. 1966) Ph. USA. 39399 Black Hawk Place. 25720975(R).D. 2741785(R). (080) 22933223(O). Department of Plant Sciences. No. Taramani. FTWAS. 26615625(R). KOHLI. 20044664(R). Sarmastpur.751024. FAP-SC. KISHORE. Professor. Res. FNAAS. 25768157. Sp. KITHIGANAHALLI. Bageshri. Sp. JC Bose National Fellow. Fax : 2708844. Bhubaneswar.res. Email: Ecology/Forestry/Weed Science/ Eco-physiology. Vice-Chancellor. Fax: 25767152. FRS. Deepthisri Nagar. University of Pune. ViceChancellor. Department of Microbiology & Cell Biology. Res. KODIYALAM. iitb. Adjunct Professor. Email : vijay@imsc. Davis. Tel. Bangalore . (530) 750-2440. IIT Campus. B-23. Department of Chemistry Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.400076. FNAAS. Flat 6. (0674) 2725171(O). (040) 23134545 (O).com. Indian Institute of Science. USA. Jalandhar – Pathankot Highway. Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Hanumanth Nagar. Jalandhar. Former Vice-Chancellor. Mumbai . Department of Plant Sciences. Powai. 022-25767157(O). Tel. Tel. Chennai . 09845328562 (M). 09872201516(M). Infectious Diseases /Immunology. Res. rkkohli45@yahoo. Functional Analysis. 1953) Ph. NH-44. Sp. Chandrasekharpur Cooperative Housing Complex. Fax: 23010120. FNYAS(USA). . CH-73. 09937220195(M). FASc.. FNA.400076. FNESA. 1966) M.ernet.560012. Narayanaswamy Balaji (b. (044) 22541856(O). KIIT University. Fax : 22541586. CIT Campus. Professor. Hyderabad – 500046. DAV University. Sp. CA 95616-7008.D.(hc). Physical Chemistry/Biothermodynamics/ Biophysical Chemistry. 2671777(R). Bangalore 560050. Email: nandk@chem. Plant Breeding/Genetics/Biotechnology. Tel. Res. Ashok Sadanand (b. Plant Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. 1963) Ph. 1935) PhD. II Tel. 5-562.. FMAS. Mumbai .D.Sc. Nand (b. Ravinder Kumar (b. 1950) Ph. FIBS. At Post KIIT. Email : balaji@mcbl. Vijay (b. Ph.. 52054589(R).iisc. (b.S. Sp.. KIRTI. 25723480. CA 95616. I Stage. Tel.D.. FNAAS. 6 Cross. Professor G. (0181) 2708844(O). Indira Nagar. FNA. Jalandhar. Powai.164 2003 2011 2005 2012 2010 2004 2001 Year Book 2015 KHUSH.D. Chennai 600113. DSc(hc). 877 BSK. D.

(0141) 2703439(O).403004. Bombay. Awtar Kishen (b. KOUL. Fax: 23010120. (022) 25767160(O). (0712) 6617181(O). 171 Doyens Township.D. KOTHEKAR. 08308802218(M). Tel. Dr. kvarsl@yahoo. Tel. Power Systems/Energy Machines. 1944) M. #139. Near Alind. I/C. 1954) Ph. Razdan Lane. Dwarkadas Pralhaddas (b. Powai. Pramod Chaudhari Chair Professor. Centre for Converging Technologies. 25767152. FIEEE. DY Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute.400076. Professor.302004.). . Mysore . Krishna Sree (b. Sp. Fax: 6630782. CFTRI Layout. Department of Chemistry. D-Block. Formerly VC. Email : krishna@nio. Fax : 2450602.. Email : dpk0710@yahoo. Res.570020. 23010750(R). KOTHARI. Tel. ac. Nagpur – 440001. Formerly Director. FRSC. 2452438(R) Biochemistry and Nutrition. Jaipur . Sp. Jaipur .180016.Fellows 2010 2003 2006 2006 2005 1997 1995 1983 165 KOLLURU. 2342970(R).I. Sp. vidya kothekar@yahoo. FASc. 19. Tel. Res. I. Email : slkothari@lycos. (b. Email: srk@chem.403004. Hyderabad . Road. slkothari28@gmail.421-1. Cytogenetics. CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography.. Email: kvarsl@uohyd. Professor.D. Gayakwad Nagar. Res.T. 25768160.500019. Conifer. Powai. (0832) 2450384(O). Tel. Central Food Technology Research Institute. Vidya Vinayak (b. (b. Email : akkoul2003@yahoo. 2554338(R). (0821) 2514876(O). 23010082 (Bio.4520(O). Fax: 2517233. Res. Director General. 23010145.1940) Ph. I. Mumbai . Serilingampally. Ph. Tel. Res. FIE.. Chief Scientist. Raisoni Group of Institutions. Goa .iitb. Goa.. IIT Delhi. Email: vidyakothekar@gmail. Sp. Formerly Director. 09850532443(M).com.411007. Bagadi II Stage. Dona Paula. Malviya Nagar. Department of 14. Sambasivarao (b. KOSAGI. Mysore . Dona Paula. Department of Botany. Fax: 25723480. Computational & Structural Biophysics. Email: kjr5n@yahoo. (040) 23010500 Ext. Scientist.T. KOLLURU RAMAIAH.D.500046. 1958) Ph. Marine Geology and Geophysics/Indian Ocean KOTHARI. FAPAS. Bombay. Sp. 09829179692(M). Behind International Centre Goa. Sp. Jammu University. University of Hyderabad. Flat No.1954) Ph. Fax : 2703439.A.D. Bhagwati Nagar.. FNAAS. S..L. 12 Kalyan Canal Road. Tel. 1957) Ph.570026.P. VIT. FASc.D. Pune . 1956) Ph. JC Bose National Fellow. 09765494935(M). 25726743(R). School of Life Sciences. Molecular Biology/Gene Expression/ Translational Regulation. La Oceana-2. JC Bose National Fellow.No. (0191) 2554976(R). Mumbai 400076. Tel.D. Organic Synthesis/New Synthetic Methods. University of Rajasthan. Vellore. FIAMP. Hyderabad . V. D. Res. Sp. Formerly Professor of Botany. 23010451. Building No. Faculty of Science and Formerly Director. H. Plant Tissue Culture/Transgenics/Plant Sharaf Jagannatha Rao (b. Jammu . Aundh.302017. (020) 25887025(R). Jammu. 24..I. 1936) Ph. Formerly Dean. KOTHA.

1935) PhD. Professor & Director. Tel. FASc. KRISHNAMURTHY. Gopal (b. Krishnaswamy (b. (b. 007. Poona University Campus. FNA. Fax: 22541586.D. 162. Mangrove Forest/Ecosystems/Ecology/Biological Oceanography/Ocean Management/Environmental Affairs. GOI. FASc. Sp. (020) 25719240(O).in. Indian Institute of Astrophysics. G. 5th Main. FASc.TIFR Colony.1951) Ph. Sp. KRISHNAN. Sp. Res. (080) 23512858(O). Gas Turbine Research Establishment (DRDO). Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology. First Res. Bangalore . BC and Climate Forcing. Tel. FNA. Tel. Tel. FNAE. 5/ Formerly Sr. Chennai – 600130. T. Ph. 1956) Ph.U. Coimbatore – 641046.ernet. Post Bag No.. Image Processing/Remote Sensing. (080) 22933282. FASc. Rajiv Gandhi Salai Egattur. Defence Colony. II Main Road. Condensed Matter Physics/Statistical Physics/Quantum Many-Body Theory.560 094. Pune .608 502. B.tifr.(Cornell). . Sp. Email: krishna@imsc. M.Email: hrkrish@physics.. 17. Fax : 23602602. Sp.D. Professor. 'Roshni' TC 25/927.560 034. Department of Physics. 09945530293(M). Thiruvananthapuram. 1948) Ph. 3. Res. KRISHNA. 18. Formerly Director.. NCRA . Dr. 1949) Ph. Bangalore . Thiruvananthapuram . Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology. Res. Rangachari (b.G.560038.(Tennessee). B903.D. Bridgewood. 67480836(R). Hulikal Ramaiengar (b. FTWAS. 1935) Taramani. Tel. Poona University Campus.D. Email: drrkdrrk@gmail. NASI-Senior Scientist. Atmospheric Sciences. Email: rangachari. #202 ETRA. Ganeshkhind. Formerly Dean (Academic). Chennai .695014.560 012.krishnan@gmail. 23600683. Res. 25698773(R). Parkside Manor. Email: krishna@ncra. (080) 25268882(R). Annamalai University.600113. Post. FNA. Physical Metallurgy/ Materials Science. FAPAS.iisc. Ramakrishnan (b. Department of Space. Brahmaprakash Indian Institute of Science. Res. Vinod. KRISHNA. 09995025453(M). Sp. Sp.. UAS Layout. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. (0422) 2425454(R). Sanjayanagar.F. KRISHNAMOORTHY.. Parangipettai . 23608658(O).. East Thampanoor. 09496050095. Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Aerosols. Pune. Professor. Mathematical Physics. KRISHNAN. Bangalore . KRISHNAMURTHY.R. Email : krishnamoorthyspl@gmail. Tel.I. Bangalore-560231. (044) 22543309(O).res.FNA. Bangalore .1952) Ph. Radio Astronomy. F-3. Professor. ISRO Head Quarters. kmoorthy@isro.166 1996 1991 2003 1993 1992 2008 1997 1989 Year Book 2015 KRISHAN. Kothandaraman (b. 23416627(R). Fax : 25712149. sri21kk@yahoo. 26302640(R). Bangalore – 560064. Internal Medicine/ Nutrition. Formerly Director. Professor. ‘Tulasi’. (040) 27153248(R). Govt. Tiruchirapalli . Former Head. krishnamurthy.560064. FNAE. Dr. Tamil Virtual University. Habsiguda. Fax : Jakkur PO. Bangalore . Sp. Parel. Plant Morphogenesis/Reproductive Ecology/ Histochemistry. Hon. Professor. Dr. of India. Nilima Arun (b. B-1.. Clinical Pharmacology. No. Hyderabad . Chairman.380015. Bangalore . III Hydraulics/ Water Resources Engineering/ Education Planning & Management. FTWAS. of India.No. (022) 24137173(O). Jamai-Osmania. nccpicmr@gmail. Res. Kakatiyanagar Colony. Email : kulkarni@jncasr.D. Emeritus Medical Scientist. (080) 22082814(O). of Plant Science & Director. 09919373363(M). 2598421(R). Indira Gandhi National Open University. Dean.. Ahmedabad . KRISHNAMURTHY. 1963) Ph. 1945) Ph. Muralidhar (b. Email: kvkbdu@yahoo. FTWAS. M. FNA.560013. Email: vck9797@gmail.D.S. Sethunathasarma ( Email: kshirsagarna@ yahoo. Ahmedabad .208016.C.G. Email : swami@prl. (0512) 2597182(O). 1958) Ph.Ph.FISTE. KRISHNASWAMI. H. Department of Mechanical Engineering.D. 09444019797 (M). Council : Mem. 09821036616(M). Tel. Chemistry & Physics of Materials Unit and DST Unit on Nanoscience. Geosciences Division. Chennai-600090. (b. DLitt(hc). Shrirampura Road. Sp. FNAAS. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Kulithalai Viswanathan (b.D. IIT Kanpur. V. Oceanography and Limnology/River Water Chemistry/Weathering. FNAE. Tel. Sp. Hyderabad-500007. 1945) PhD. FASc. KRISHNASWAMY. Tel.. Fax : 22082766. Radhakrishna Marg. Fax: 27019074. Sp. 1940) MD. 86-87 KULKARNI. KSHIRSAGAR. Physical Chemistry/Applied Chemistry/Applied Physics. Sp. FIE. Dept. 41. Tel. Kanpur . Mumbai – 400012.208016. Road. FAMS. (080) 28568000/8001/ 8002/7926(O). Giridhar Udapi Rao ( (079) 26314305(O). Kanpur .ac. New Delhi.: 1-2-98/2. Kamala (b. Email: sri21kk@hotmail. No. Govt. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. Sriniketan. Res. (0431) 2459686(R) . ESI-PGIMSR. National Institute of Nutrition.. Sp. Email : kmurli@iitk. Mantrana Society. Sp. Jakkur. gukulk@gmail. Tel. vck9797@yahoo. House No. Res. Bharathidasan University. Navrangpura. 09448825386(M). 2010-2011 KULANDAISWAMY. Council for College Curriculum Development. Indian Council of Medical Research. National Chair in Clinical Pharmacology. Dean-Faculty Affairs and Professor. Brigade Courtyard. Tel. Hon. MGM Hospital. Chennai 600113 and Formerly Rao Road. ‘Royal Enclave’. Council : Mem. Fax: (080) 28567926.500 007.Res. (044) 24919797(R). FASc. S. Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer/ Laser Instrumentation.D. F 124. HMT Main Road. FCSI.380 009. 23632814(R). Physical Research 1929) Besant Nagar.Fellows 1998 2014 1992 1996 2005 1985 2013 167 KRISHNAMURTHY. 1949) M. muralidhar@gmail. 461.

Professor & Head.FNA. Differential Geometry/Riemann Surfaces/Discontinuous Groups. Polymerization Reaction Engineering and Controls. Website: www.168 2002 2001 2003 1991 1987 2000 2003 Year Book 2015 KULKARNI. Surface Science/Material Science/ Nanotechnology. Formerly Director and Distinguished Professor. Sp.411052. Sterling Gardens. Homi Bhabha Road. Res. Department of Chemistry. Fax: 25899790.. NASI Senior Scientist. FNA. Powai. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Off Law College Road. (0831) 2441955(R). Email : UGC Scientist C. NCL Colony.. Tel.411008.411008. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Roorkee-247667. Nav Sahyadri Society. KULKARNI.D. Sp. FMAS. 1946) Ph. FPAS. 1949) Ph. 23601550. Res. Council : V. Email: s.iisc. Anil (b.. Res. Email : anilnmr@physics. (01332) 285799(O). Email: punekulk@gmail. Webstie : http://nrc. 23662757(R). Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Email: anilkfcy@iitr. (b. FASc. Ravindra Shripad (b. Professor. Pune . Email : anilk@iitk. Homi Bhabha (020) 25908032(O). Kanpur 208 016. 25441158(R). FAMS. 25410724. Kempapura. 2005-06 KUMAR. (b. Res. 09886203247(M). Dr. Sp. 'Suyashri'. Anil (b. Thermodynamics/Physical Organic Chemistry/ Biophysical html. Council : Mem. Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan. Tel. Pune .iisc. Anil (b.560012. Sp. FNA. Bangalore 560024. Institute Chair Professor. Department of Mathematics. Department of Chemical 09860792287(M). FISMAR. Sulabha Kashinath. KULKARNI. (020) 25902278(O). 09845421938 (M). (0512) 2597195(O). Bungalow B-6. 2590007. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and its applications to Quantum Computing and Biomolecular Structure Determination. (080) 22932724(O). Physical Chemistry / Kinetics & Photochemistry/ Nanomaterials. FASc.. Physical Chemistry Division. 2591819(R). Email: skpu@yahoo. Scientist. 1941) Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Bangalore. 43/28.D. FTWAS. Belgaum – 590006. HRI. Roorkee 247667. .D. Res.1942) Ph.nclindia. Allahabad. Department of Physics and NMR Research Centre. Flat No. Vaccine Depot Road. Fax: 2590104. FIPA.D.View Apartments. Tilakawadi..400076. Res..kulkarni@iiserpune. National Chemical Laboratory. Indian Institute of Science. Pashan. Hill . Eranadvane. 1955) Ph. KUMAR. Tel. Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology & Former Pro-Vice Chancellor (DUI).in. 404.411004. 25902416(R). 285180(R). Mumbai .411008. Fax: 23602602. Pharmaceutical Sciences. PU. Pune . Damle Path. C-8. 2008-09 KUMAR. Sp. Hebbal. (020) 25434547. 1953) Ph. ernet.D.D. Tel. Fax : 25902636. 09822074509(M). 08888425978(M). Fax: 273560.res. Sp. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research.ernet. D201. Pune .. 56/14. 2007-08 Mem. FASc. Anil (b. 1946) Ph. Shrinivas Krishnarao. KUMAR.Tel. Pune .D. Queens Court Apartment.

IIT Kanpur. Res.400088. 1957) Ph. Bhaskaran Pillai Mohan (b. (0512) 2597660. National Chemical Laboratory. Res. 2597753(O).D. Har Darshan ( Mumbai . 25072300(O). Alto Santa Cruz. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR). FNA. Assistant Director General (Agronomy and Agroforestry). Filomena Hsg. Scientist G.D. bmkumar@ufl. Bayya Venkatesulu Rathish (b. Indian Council of Agricultural Research. KUMAR. Sp. Sp. Bangalore .411008. 2014KUMAR. 2446657(R).09995815730(M). Website: www. 64141398(R). Scientist G..res.(020) 25902050(O). (011) 25846557(O). Bangalore . E-101. VN Purav Marg. IIT Kanpur. Pradeep (b.Fellows 2007 2009 2004 1985 2007 1994 2007 169 KUMAR. Fax : 2597500. Superconductivity/ Disordered System/Statistical Physics. Mont Vert-1. Bangalore. 1934) PhD(Lond. Sp. Director Grade Scientist. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations/Bio-Fluid Mechanics/Parallel Numerical Algorithms & High Performance Computation/ Mathematical Modeling & Simulation. Mumbai. H. Kanpur .No. (022) 25072304. (b. Tel. kau@gmail. Email: nkumar@rri. Dona Paula. KUMAR.403202. Fax : 2405602. Formerly Professor. Synthetic Methodologies/Asymmetric Synthesis/Total Synthesis of Biologically Important Natural Products. (0832) 2450398(O).res. National Institute of Oceanography. Tel. 500/22/F2. Tel. Tel. KUMAR.411021. FASc. Tel. Tel. Goa . FASc. Division of Organic Chemistry. Mankhurd. 1964) Ph. Agroforestry / Forest Ecology/Silviculture. Res. Goa . . 09448495421(M). Biotechnology and Dean. II Block. 1953) PhD. Department of Mathematics & Statistics. 214. Fax : 25902629.403004. B32/32. CV Raman Road. Tel. Deonar. B-17. Krishi Anusandhan Bhawan II (KAB II). Theoretical Physics/Science Education. Sp. III Cross RMV Extn. 1943) Ph. Bombolim. Former Centre Director. Oceanography/Bio-geo Chemistry. Room 111.. Formerly Emeritus Scientist (CSIR) and Professor of Botany. Narendra (b. FNIE. 305. Email : hdk71@yahoo. New Delhi – 110012. Email : dileep@nio. (0542) 2315180(R). FTWAS. Chemical Oceanography Division. Sp. com.res. Kanpur 208016. (080) 23611016(O). 1954) Ph.221005. 2597636. Pune . 2598750(R). Sp. Naria.208016.res. Faculty of Science. FAPS. Emeritus Professor. IISc.tripathi@ncl. Saketnagar Colony. FASc. Email : pk.rri.). Govandi Station Road. 1940) Ph. H. Varanasi .org. Pashan Sus Road. Arvind (b.. 23410549(R). Maripi Dileep..Email: Hillside Enclave. Council : Mem. Varanasi. Raman Research Institute.. Professor.560094. 438. KUMAR.K. Sagar Ratna Email: bvrk@iitk. Fax: 23610492. Algology/ Microbiology/Environment. Pune. Runwal Centre. FNA. Coordinator. Sp. 25871375(R). Email : arvindk@ hbcse. H. II Res. FNAAS. Res.Colony.Fax:25846557.

Fax: 2258820.S.S. Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology. 98 KUMAR. E-8. Tel. Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry. Aruna Asaf Ali Chandigarh. Email: vkmr@physics. Fax : 230433. Professor of Pediatrics. Res. 2322577(R).in.. Res. FASc. HIG 111.110012. GNDU CIMAP & NBRI Lucknow. 450. Website : www.D. Tel. KUMAR.res. FCISI. (011) 26741680(O). Res. Sanjay (b.D.26865494(R). Aliganj. Organic Chemistry/ Mol. Amritsar . (b. Sp. FIETE. Fax : (011) 26742316. Sp.143005. Guru Nanak Dev University. Delhi 110016. S. Email : rashmik2005@ gmail. FNA. Pediatric Neurology/Infectious Disease. Palampur .176061. Tel. (0522) 2257377. SKA Institution for Research. 340(O). 1960) Ph.iitd. 1947) M.(Lehigh). Sp. INSA Honorary Scientist. Staff Scientist. Tel. Indian Institute of Technology. Tel.http://iitd. CSIR Colony. Sec E. Res. Rashmi (b.143005.226003.(Pediatrics). Gurgaon . 09810723891(M). Department of Chemistry..D. Res. Vikram (b. Email : sanjaykumar@ihbt. Lucknow .in. Sector 23.1954) Ph.176061. New Delhi . Formerly Director. .110016. Sector 16-D. KUMAR.D. Biotechnology Division. Fax: 26581114. Professor. Education and Development.122017. 4/11 Sarv Priya Vihar. Dwarka Sector 3.S. FNAAS. A165..D.D.. New Delhi – 110075. New Delhi – 110067.D. Council : Mem. Tel. Sp. Chandigarh. Sp. 231008(R).(Lehigh).com.(011) 26735177(O). Fax: 26741658. Ph. Professor & Chairman. Email: vijay@icgeb. (011) 26596296(O). Sp. FNAAS. Botany Department. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). Amritsar .170 2011 2008 2003 1993 1989 2002 1993 Year Book 2015 KUMAR. 4/11 Sarv Priya Vihar. Palampur . Box 10504. KUMAR. Sushil (b. House No. Virology Group. Plant Biodiversity/Genetics & Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology. Department of Physics & Centre for Applied Research in Electronics. Res. Ex. 3266. Plant Adaptation and Climate Change Biology/Metabolic Engineering/Bioprospecting genes/Enzymes. New Delhi 110067. Res. Bryology. P. CSM Medical University. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Email: subodh_gndu@yahoo. KUMAR. (0183) 2258802-09 Ext. 1954) MBBS. Panjab University. Semiconductor Physics and Technology. 09872361528(M).in. Prodyogiki Apartments. 09805536257(M). 2257243(O). Subodh (b. sanjayplp@rediffmail. Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology/ Medical Virology.. 3206(O). National Physical Laboratory.M. Professor.O. FNAE.1963) Ph. KUMAR.226024. Vijay (b. New Delhi . Lucknow . 1936) Ph. Krishnan Road. (01894) 233339 Ext.res. New Delhi – 110016 and National Institute of Plant Genome Research. 1940) Ph. Email: sushil2000_01@yahoo.

in.T. Phase I. Tel.iitkgp. JC Bose Fellwo. FNA. Cytogenetics/Mountain Ecosystems Conservation and Development. (011) 23233420(O). Email : kunwar@ iict. Res.500 007. Indian Institute of Technology. Sp.208016. 22570226(R). I. 09422506548(M). 1959) Ph. Email: malay@isical. Royal Indian Statistical Institute. Bangalore . 1948) Ph. Ajit Chand (b. Professor. Molecular Biology & Genetics Unit. Department of Botany. Tel. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. National Centre for Cell Res. FASc. Delhi 110002. 130 Ramdulal Sarkar Street. Nandanvan. Res. Bangalore 560064. Scientist . (03222) 283764/81362(O). Near Dayanand Model School. Kolkata . Sp.208016. of Mathematics. NMR Group. Res. Pimpli-Nilakh.res. KUNDU. Tel. B. Gopal Chandra (b. Transcription & Disease Laboratory. Res.virendra7@gmail.V. Pune . Email : k. Scientist.D. Fax : 25783357. Kharagpur 721302. Email: kundu@ iitk. Malay Kumar (b. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research..41(O). (033) 25753108/ 25783357(O). INAE Distinguished Professor. Email : malay@alum.ernet. KUNDU. Genetics/ Biomaterials/Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering. C-8.C. Kanpur.L.700006. Sp. M. Email: kundu@nccs. 25773035.D. Kolkata-700108.. Res. Vivek Vihar. Tumor Biology/Regulation of Gene Expression/ Angiogenesis and Nanomedicine. com. Jakkur P. House No. Tel. Department of Biotechnology. 2598271(R). J. KUNDU. B-83. Fax: 25692259. Zakir Husain College (University of Delhi). 1962) Ph.T. com. Pune .. T-29. Jakkur KUNDU. 27270060(R). Fax : Debasis (b. Sp. .. Sp. (020) 25708103/8104(O). Professor. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.560064. 414. Fax: 22082766. Srirampura. Res. Dept. FASc.. Statistical Signal Processing. A201.411027. Kharagpur .I. 27193580(R).D. (040) 27193976(O). 203. Image & Video Analysis/Machine Intelligence/Computer Science. 273/1/3. Professor.O.. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. 1949) Ph. Machine Intelligence Unit. Tel.D. (080) Tel. NMR Spectroscopy. 09449456334(M).500 007.D.O.411007. 283765/ 278100(R). Subhas Chandra (b. Fax : 27193108.D. Road. Transcription Regulation/Chromatin Structure-function/Small Molecule Modulators of Chromatin Modifying Enzymes. Email : kundu@hijli. Hyderabad . Nehru Marg. Fax: 2597500.G. 1932) Ph. 23622773(R). Ground Floor. FIETE. Tapas Kumar (b. FIAPR. 09831073983(M). IIT Sp. 1961) Ph. Kanpur. Colony. KUNWAR.Fellows 1989 2001 2003 1999 2011 2005 1990 171 KUMAR.res. FNAE. gopalkundu@hotmail. IIT Campus. ( 0512) 2597141(O). KUNDU. Virendra (b. Hyderabad . Tel. 1947) Ph. Delhi-110095.D. 09818341316(M). B-271. Sp.. Kanpur . Dr.

Email : spskushwaha@gmail.208016. (0512) 2597193(O).D. Emeritus Professor (CSIR). 1946) Ph. Humboldt House. D. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism. Sp. Lane No. Sp. Dehradun Fax: 23553886. Off Yari Road.248001. Tel. Vashi. Professor of Eminence & DAE Raja Ramanna Fellow. Navi Mumbai . 62 Hari K. Ecology/Biodiversity/Geoinformatics. 09411106224(M).com. Sp.(hc). 09453048657(M).in. (022) 26363404(O). FAvH. (0431) 2407093. Seven Bungalows.208016. Tiruchirapalli . 1947) Ph. Kanpur . NASI-Senior Scientist...221005. Department of Chemical Engineering. FNA. Division of Plant Biology. Res. Vijay Park. alahirimajumder@yahoo. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. (022) 27484127(O). Res. Res. B701. Vice-Chancellor's Bungalows. 09940823079(M).D.D. Email: lakhina@iigs. FTE. Subhash Chandra (b. 2746798(O).. Res. Email: lakshman. Tel. Res.sclakhotia@yahoo. Fax : 2590104. LAKHOTIA. Email : lakraws@hotmail. FJORD Tower. 2015LAKSHMANAN. Structured Reactors/Catalysis/ Petroleum Refining. Professor Emeritus (BHU) and Raja Ramanna Fellow (DAE) FNIE. Sp. Council : Mem. LAKHINA. DSc. Banaras Hindu University. Res. 195. Scheme VII M. 65121031(R). Hiland Park. Email : dkunzru@iitk. Tel. Email: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Tiruchirapalli . Fax: 27480762. Forestry & Ecology Department. Dept. 2598780(R).. Indian Council of Agricultural Research.I. Mumbai-400061. wslakra@cife. Dehradun . Periyar Salai. Satya Prakash Singh (b.620024. lakshman@cnld. Geomagnetism and Space Plasma Physics. Wazir Singh (b.221005.iigm. Aquaculture Genetics and Biotechnology. Deepak (b. Bose Institute. Chakrata Road. Kolkata . Panch Marg. Formerly Director.. FASc. FNA.Genetics/Cell and Molecular Biology.cnld@gmail. Mumbai.FNAAS.res. 1955) Ph. Mumbai-400061.433. Fax : 2741987. Kanpur . FASc.700094. Neel Sidhi Towers. Theoretical Physics . IIT Kanpur. Sp. Andheri(W). P 3/4 Ravindra Puri. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing. P 1/12. Sp.Sc. Bharthidasan University. LAHIRI MAJUMDER. FNA. .700054. 2530805(R). Arunendra Nath (b. Central Institute of Fisheries Education.bdu. 'Triveni'. 5B2.K. Professor of Zoology. 2407057(O).620021. Fisheries. Plot No. Muthusamy (b. 1943) Ph. Sector 12. FASc.jcbose. Varanasi. 09820422678(M). FNAE. Tel. of Zoology. Andheri(W). Cytogenetics Laboratory. 24367219(R).172 2009 2014 1996 2001 2002 2012 1989 Year Book 2015 KUNZRU. Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics. FNAAS. Professor. (0542) 2368145(O).edu. Raja Ramanna Fellow (DAE). ISRO. Fisheries University Road. KUSHWAHA. Gurbax Singh (b. Email: lahiri@mail. Tel.D. Kolkata. Director & ViceChancellor. 2312012(R). Varanasi .Nonlinear 1946) PhD. Fax: 2407093. Fax: 2368457. Tel. FNA. 2459386(R).. Formerly Senior Professor & Head. Tel. Nagar. (0135) 2524170. Versova. 1955) Ph. Sp. LAKRA. H. FTWAS. Professor & Head. 09433027050(M). (033) 25693232(O). C.D.

Director. 38/3 Probyn Road.452017. Raipur. B5/114.1955) Ph. . 69. (0542) 2316970(R). (011) 27666254(O). Ravindra Kumar (b. (011) 45609104. Sp. Uppal Road. New E/4.Fellows 2008 2001 1969 1989 2001 2011 1977 173 LAKSHMIKANTAM. Inderpuri.Fax : 25726938. (040) 27193030. Professor & Head.CSIR.110007. (011) ~rlal/.com.Sc. LAL. GF. Res. Tel.110029. Plant Molecular Biology.du. Plant Physiology/Plant Bio-chemistry/ Animal Endocrinology... Email: klal@mail. Bio-resources & Biotechnology. University of Delhi. Res. Department of Mathematics. Metamorphic Petrology/Mineralogical Thermodynamics. Analysis/Topology/Functional Analysis/ Mathematical Programming. Res. Shiva Narain (b. Sp. Head.. Formerly Emeritus Scientist.D. RGCB.Phil. Website : www. LAL. Email: mmlaloraya @gmail. TERI. Delhi .. Habitat Place. Sp. Res. DAV. Professor & Head. Molecular Biology Laboratory. Dr. Webpage : http://people.D. Email : ruplal@gmail. IICT Campus. Tel. Senior Fellow. Res. Faculty of Science.O. Hyderabad . Indore.H. FASc. Urvashi Apartments. (h.. Delhi . P.. FNAAS.221005. 1953) Ph. Uppal Habsiguda.500007..D. Director’s Bungalow. Tel. Email : lkmannepalli@gmail. Trivendrum. of Geology. Varanasi. FNA. Tel. Indore .221 005.U.D. A&B Quarters. Pt. University of Email: malathi@ lakshmisri. New Delhi . Road.D. Emeritus Fellow (UGC) and Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).c. 126. Physics of Materials. 09810785766(R). Banaras Hindu University. (0542) 2575129(R). FNA. Molecular Biology/ Microbiology. 1934) D. New Delhi . New Delhi . ViceChancellor. 09329476575(M). 1936) Ph. 45608513(O). 6193131(R).res. Ravi Shankar Vishwavidyalaya. Catalysis/Materials/Organometallic Chemistry. LAL. Nand Nagar. 27193234(O). Varanasi . Front Portion. Jodhpur Colony. Varanasi .500007. Department of Zoology. School of Life Sciences and Dean Faculty of Life Sciences. Mannepalli (b. Tel.. LAL. New Delhi . Banaras Hindu University. Manmohan Manohar (b. C116. Res.I. Email: ravindraklal@rediffmail. 1941) Ph. Fax: 4682144.D. Lodhi Road. Varanasi . Deptt.Sc. IICT Quarters. Professor. 1954) Ph.nplindia. Krishnan Road. Fax: 27160387. 4682100(O). Karaundi. TERI School of Advanced Studies. Tel. Indrapuri Colony. Rup (b. Krishan (b. Malathi (b.110012. 27193020(R). Formerly Professor and Emeritus Scientist. 25836409(R).nplindia. Darbari Seth Block. Emeritus Scientist & Former Director. LAKSHMIKUMARAN. Sp. National Physical Laboratory. (0731) 2467170(R). BHU. Res. 1941) D.221005. K. 45609310. Tel.). B.S. Canada).Phil. Hyderabad . LALORAYA. Safdarjung Enclave. Sp.D. CSIRIndian Institute of Chemical com. G1. mlakshmi@iict. FNA.

Chief Scientist and Ahmedabad 380009. Tel. & Biotechnology. Gomti Nagar. Email: drslele@gmail.D. Formerly Professor. Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).E.302017. Organometallic Chemistry.143005.. Fax : 2342666. Department of Chemistry. Sp.. Res. Sp. Tarlok Singh (b.226010. Physical Metallurgy/Materials Science. (079) 26314671(O). Res. 377. Ahmedabad . Lucknow .D. Gurgaon . Molecular Cytogenetics/Karyobiology/Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding.. Email : lavaniauc@yahoo. 60. 2718509. P. Council : Mem. 3195(O) 09317598845 (M). Fax: 2701809. Formerly Rector & Professor. Tel.FNA. FNA. Mahatma Society. 7/202. Shyam (b..New Delhi110067. FNAE. LAVANIA. Res. 1951) PhD. Res. Res. Virology Group. Tel. Metal Mediated C-S Rupture. Atmospheric Science/Atmospheric Chemistry/Ozone and trace gases. Tel. Centre for Advanced Studies. 62+65. in. Sterling Row House. Pune . FNA. 4/221. (011) 26177357(O). 1961) Ph.D. Sp. Formerly Director. Emeritus Medical Scientist & President. . Fax : 26314659.Sc. GND University Amritsar . CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. BHU. 09829124048 (M). Metal Coordination Chemistry .com. Email: shyam@prl. Reproductive Biology/ S. Department of Zoology.122017. 2392162(R).No. (0522) 2718615(O). Siddheshwar (b. Umesh Chandra (b. Sp. 1946) Ph. 16. J-1072. Cosmic Rays and High Energy SCF. Plot No. Vivek Khand. Chief Executive and & Consultant. University of Rajasthan. LAL. lavania@cimap. CIMAP. International Centre for Genetic Engg.O. Navrangpura. ISSRF. FASc. 09766433322(M).D. Sp. College Development Council. New Delhi . Lane No. Inter University Consortium for D. Microbiology/Molecular Genetics/ Biochemistry. Honorary Scientist. Senior Research Scientist. PO Box 10504. 83 LAL. (011) 42488137. 1928) Ph. Malviya Nagar. Jaipur . 1950) Ph. UGC Emeritus Fellow. 3/15 West Patel Nagar. (0141) 2701809(O). 1952) Ph. University of Indore. Fax : 26162316. Aruna Asaf Ali Road. Guru Nanak Dev University.D. Email : lohiyank@hotmail. Sp. Res. Tel. (0124) 5074043(R).302004.. Email: nlal17@rediffmail. Lucknow . FAMS. Email: sunillal@icgeb.A. Council : Sunil Kumar (b. Kothrud. Jaipur. LELE. 09415516561(M). 2546577(R). Shrikant (b.D. Gurukul Road. Palam Vihar. Fax : 2258820. (020) 25360906(R).110008.a Directed Approach. Memnagar.. Tel. Email: tarlokslobana@yahoo. A9.174 2007 1979 2004 2012 1991 1999 2000 Year Book 2015 LAL. LOHIYA.. 27453120(R).143005. (0183) 2258802-09 Ext. Kabir Park. FIAES. Facilities. 1943) Ph. Nirmal Kumar (b.380052. Sp. Indore. Amritsar. Physical Research Laboratory. CAS in Metallurgical Engineering.res. 2007-08 LOBANA. Tel.

Department of Chemical Engineering.143104. IIT Delhi. Emeritus Professor. Sp. MADYASTHA. Chemical Engineering/ Polymers/Catalysis. Rentala (b. Physical Chemistry/Chemical Kinetics/Radiation Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry. Sp. rentala@ hotmail. New Kabir Park. of Organic Chemistry.560012.Tel. Sp. Deen Dayal Upadhyay University of Veterinary Sciences.D. 3/122A.FSMPP.. Kunnath Padmanabhan (b. Manasa Gangotri. 1967) Ph. New Delhi 110067.1947) Ph. Tel.D.D.).ernet. Fax: 3600529. Tel. UC College PO. 4th Cross.Fellows 1995 1993 2007 1997 2014 1988 1986 2002 175 MADAN. CSIR Emeritus Scientist. Indian Institute of Science. Res. Sector 6. Formerly Professor and Head. Gokulam II Stage. House No. 1952) Ph. 3415584(R)... Indian Institute of Science. 3600683. Bangalore . MADHUSUDANAN. Aluva 683102. R&S Mills. Professor. (0821). Res. Sp. 26493934(R). Millupady. Biotechnology/ Animal Reproduction/ Reproductive Endocrinology. (0183) 2258802-09 Ext. Amritsar .D. (011) 26742630(O).iisc. FASc. 67-B. 1937) Ph. Sp. P. Faculty of Applied Sciences. FPSI. 162. Email : giridhar@chemeng. Madhava Kattigari (b.D. NE-106..1934) Ph. University of Mysore. Amritsar .. Fax : 26742630. Lucknow. Mass Spectrometry. FNAE. FLS(Lond. Shantipath. Dandinasivara S. (Canada).V Main ‘A’.in. Guru Nanak Dev University. Bangalore560094. Mathura.560012. Prasad Nagar (Phase II). School of Life Ph. Formerly Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences).110005. Chemistry Department. 842. MADHUBALA.560012.ernet. New Delhi. 3320(O). Tel. Centre for Rural Development & Technology.. East Veliyathnadu. MADAN. (b. FASc. Dr.jnu. Email: kmm@orgchem. Bangalore . Deptt. 2258820. iisc. Tel.D. Tel. NGEF Layout. Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry/ Development of Novel Synthetic Strategies in Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds/Heterodiene ycloadditions. FNA. Sp. Email : madhu bala@mail. Indian Institute of Science. Res. Department of Applied Chemistry. New Delhi . MAHAJAN. Urban Estate. (080) 22932321(O). Tel. Applied Biology/Microbiology/Biotechnology/Transfer of Technology. Motilal (b. FNAAS. FNA. 2451410(R). 1933) Ph. 09342519580(M). Res. MAHADEVAPPA. (011) 25718813(R).com. 09896017878(M). Mira (b. Formerly Scientist G. MADRAS. . Formerly ViceChancellor.143005. Bangalore . 09855844022(M). 512994(R). Mysore570006. Jawaharlal Nehru University.O. Tel. 1939) Ph. 94. Email : kpmadhusudanan@hotmail. Sree Krishna. (080) 3092541(O).in. Fax : 23608191. Professor.D. Sanjayanagar. Res. Res. 5th Main. (0184) 2284783(R). 09495026457(M). Molecular Parasitology/Cell and Molecular Biology. Fax : 2258819. Giridhar (b. CDRI. K-II. Sp. Sreesailam. New Delhi . MIG Flats. Karnal. New Moti Bagh.110023.57. Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Bioorganic Chemistry/Xenobiotics Metabolism/Microbial Transformations. Emeritus Fellow. Mysore-570 002. Res. Res.(0484) 2608457(R).com.(Columbia). Formerly Professor of Physical Chemistry. Email: mahajanmohinderp@yahoo. Mohinder Pal (b.

2565628. BARC. Formerly Head. Rourkela-769008. Sp. FLS (Lond. Division of Structural Biology. Fax : 2744401.. (0172) 2755169(O). MAHESHWARI.134109. Res. Lucknow . A-503. 24110669(O). Email : indurc43@gmail. Satish Chandra (b. Fax : 2668129. Raebareli Scientist E & Head. PG Institute of Medical Education & Research. Emeritus Professor. PGIMER.D. 2745078. Sector 9A. Jehangir Merwanji Street.(022) 27895219(R).700039. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Parel. University of Delhi South Campus.D. Kolkata . Mumbai and Gharda Professor of Biotechnology. Sp. Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences. U24A/10 GF. Delhi. 285(O). sureshkmahajan@gmail. 09433009241(M). Plots 29-30.D. MAHAPATRA.176 1994 1994 2010 2004 1979 1996 2003 Year Book 2015 MAHAJAN. 1938) M. 1942) Ph. Parasitology/Microbiology/Immunology. M.. Campus. Sector 6. Bedia Danga IST Lane. Purbalaya Cooperative Housing..226014. (011) 24110221. University of Delhi. Formerly Head. Fax : 24139412. 2578730(R). Haryana. Res. New Delhi-110021. Biswaranjan (b. Email : sk_mahajan@yahoo. SGPGIMS. Devdeveshwar Co-Op.S. Andheri (East). Email : director@sgpgi. Haryana. 97-99 Dept. 4/1. Director's Bungalow. Email: hsmaiti2009@gmail. University of Calcutta. Molecular Genetics.D. FISP. 1933) Ph. MAITI. Off. 1952) M. Phase III.. The Institute of Science. Ramesh Chander (b. FNA. Res. Smita Dilip (b. Sp.. . Panchkula . Mumbai . Medical Science/ Neurosurgery. Reproductive Biology/Protein Chemistry/Endocrinology. 09810411082(M). H. Gross Lane. (0124) 2357254(R). Department of Parasitology and Virology & Chairman. Res. Formerly Professor (CU) & Emeritus Fellow (UGC). Tel. Tel. FTWAS. Gurgaon. Telly Galli. Kolkata .D. (033) 24615445 Ext. INSA Honorary Ph. of Parasitology. Sp. Tel. Lucknow 226014. 276. Department of Zoology. Email : smita mahale@hotmail. Chandigarh. FACP.700019. 26842105(R). Vashi. Chandigarh-160012. 08763432838. Visiting Prpfessor. 1957) Ph. Mumbai. Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology/Histology. 10.Tel. Sp. 09820735495(M). National Institute of Technology. MAITI. 2668078. Benito Jaurez Road. Suresh Kumar (b. (0522) 2668112(O). Email: maheshwarisc@hotmail.FAMS. Navi Mumbai-400703. 2668017. (022) 24192015(O). FAMS.. Tel. 35 Ballygunge Circular Road. Department of Ceramic Engineering.400069. Council : Mem.D. Mumbai 400012. FASc.No. Molecular Biology and Agriculture Division. Sp.. Society. Res. FNA. National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health. Formerly Head of Botany & Plant Molecular Biology. Res. Rohini CHS. DLF City. Raebareli Road. Tel. 2668240(R).Ch. 23443047(R). Ashok Kumar (b. Hsg. Tel. 1937) Ph.). Himadri Sekhar.

. Kolkata. 2598665(R) Res.(033) 24276106/1232(R). 1949) Ph. Tel. 09818695375(M). New Delhi . Roy 1964) Ph. Stress Analysis/ Finite Element Methods/Fracture Mechanics. 1967) Ph. 25768526(R). Kolkata. Emeritus Professor. M.D.html.iitb. C-5.. Email : maitisn49@yahoo. Sector I. Tel. Mumbai 400005.262672. Homi Bhabha Road. Sp. Anushaktinagar. BF-142. Powai. MAITRA. Hauz Khas. MAITI. FNAE. Saurindra Nath (b. (0512) 2597965(O). Tel. (022) 22782748(O). Website: www. 23590668(R). Kalobaran (b. Email: mmaitiiicb@yahoo. Chemistry Group. Sarang. (011) 26591494(O).co. Sp.iitd. Magnetism/LowTempe-rature Molecular Biophysics/ Biophysical Chemistry. Sp.400076.D.137/3/1 Mission Compound (North). Professor of Zoology.110016. Surjya Kumar (b.D. Sp. MAITI. Professor (HAG Scale). Powai. FIE. Colaba. 703 Meghnad. Theoretical Chemistry Section.(03463) 261268(O). Professor. Rajpur Royal Estate Society. Mumbai . Res. Alak Kumar (b. Fax: 2590914.208016.. Fax : 25726875. Bolpur 731204.res.400076. Motilal (b. Sp. Salt Lake City. Fax : 25505151.1953) Ph. Theoretical Molecular Biophysics. maiti@polymers.D. FAScT. Tel. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. West Bengal University of MAJUMDAR. Sector II. 26591697(R). Environmental Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology/ Chronobiology.N. University of Calcutta and Professor & Head. Theoretical & Computational Chemistry. Email:dgp_skmaitra@yahoo.. Res. Tel. FASME. Fax : 22804610. 625. Homi Bhabha Road. (022) 25767526(O). Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. House No. Kolkata .in/phy/ltl/ltl. Email : rabim1940@ hotmail. Kolkata -700149.1941) Ph. IIT. Email : skmaiti@me. Professor of Physics. FRE.D. 'KADAMBINI'. Department of Natural Sciences. CK-237. 09434375781(M). Sp. Tel. Salt Lake City. .110016. Formerly Scientist G (Director Grade) and Acting Director.New Campus. Scientific Officer (G). Email : dkmaity@barc. 22804919(R).. 255979(R).700091. FAScT(WB). Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. 1944) Ph. New Delhi .in. 225(O). Hauz Khas. Mumbai . Kolkata . IIT Bombay Campus. Polymer Technology/Polymer Blends & Micro Nano Composites/Biodegradable Polymer Systems.D. TIFR Housing Complex. MAITI. FAScT.400094.iitk... Dilip Kumar ( Visva-Bharati Saumen Kumar (b. Res. Colaba.Fellows 2012 2000 2012 2010 2008 2012 1997 1993 177 MAITI. Res. (033) 23341031 Ext.. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Mumbai . (022) 25593722(O). Tel. Mumbai . Sp. Mumbai . Fax : 261268.700064. Email : kbmaiti@tifr. Rabi (b. Kanpur .D. Email : akm@iitk. Santiniketan 731235. Tel.FASc. 25570791(R).in. Vikramshila-11. Sp. Formerly CSIR Emeritus Scientist. Kanpur . GK Devarajulu Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 1948) Ph. Res. Fax : 26591421.D. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Correlated Electron Systems/Electron Spectroscopy/Magnetism and Super Conductivity. IIT. Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering. Biophysics Division. Indian Institute of Technology. P-29. 09830010045(M). 1940) Ph.

Kolkata . Kalyani .FNA. Tel. Salt Lake. Mullick Road. Email: majumdergc42@yahoo. Raja S. National Institute of Immunology. North 24-Parganas. Raipur Road. 2nd Floor. Former ICMR Emeritus Scientist. Arunachal(East).700032. 24735197(O). (033) 24123207(O). 4 Raja Animal Biotechnology/ Endocrinology/ Reproduction. Digantika Abasani.res. .700047. Fax: 24292817(D).boseinst.700032.110067. subrata@jcbose. New Delhi . Vasundhara Apart. Sp. Sector . Res. Sodpur.AICTE Emeritus Fellow. Gopal Chandra (b. Cellular Endocrinology. Signal Transduction/Cell Biology/ Immunology. Tel. National Institute of Biomedical Genomics. MD. Kolkata .743178. Res.I. MAJUMDER.ernet. 09831148783 (M)..D. Email: ppm1@nibmg. Senior Scientist (Honorary) and Ex.700064. hemanta majumder@yahoo. Working Chairman. 09818170750(M).in. FASc. Salt Lake City.C. DCH. Email : subrata@bic. 25654314(R). Email : vcuhs@yahoo. Subeer Suhash (b. MAJUMDAR. Email : subeer@nii. Near JNU. 1955) (033) 2414-6965(O).700054. MAJUMDER. West Bengal . Embryo Biotechnology. MAJUMDER. Salt Lake City. CIT Scheme VII M.D. FAScT(WB). ViceChancellor.C. 1999 2009 2013 1998 1995 2006 Year Book 2015 MAJUMDAR. Scientist G (Director Grade). Human Genetics/ Biostatistics. 1944) & ScientistG. Netaji Subhas Sanatorium. 1942) Ph. 135A Dumdum Park. West Bengal State Council of Science & Technology. P. Biochemistry /Parasitology/ Molecular Biology. Res. Center for Rural and Eryogenic Technologies. Sp. Senior Professor. Bose Institute. 201 C. Res. of West Bengal. Kolkata .. Jadavpur. (033) 25693230(O). (033) 23215389(O). majumdergc42@gmail. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.res. Sp. 2nd Floor.741251. Email : hkmajumder@ iicb. Kolkata – 700032.D.. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Incharge. FTWAS. PhD. Flat-F/11. 1952) PhD. FNA. FAScT. Fax : 26742125. Primate Research Centre. (011) 26703751(O). Raja Ramanna Fellow. 25906942(R).. co. Sector-II.D. Naktala. P-53. Govt. Tel.1950) Ph. Sp. 24217363(R). Kolkata . Hemanta Kumar (b. Fax : 23580100. A-5. Staff Scientist VI. Fax : 25892150. (033) 25892151(O). Sp. Res. Fax : 23553886. P1/12. Kolkata . Kolkata .com. Division of Molecular Medicine.700055. New Delhi. 1961) Ph.700091. Director. Siddhartha (b. Mullick FASc. Partha Pratim (b. Jadavpur University. Subrata (b. 26703638(R). Bikash Bhawan (4th Floor). Medical Biochemistry. DD-36. 23591532(R). 4. National Institue of Immunology Campus.O. Block AH. PO NSS. The West Bengal University of Health MAJUMDAR. FNA. Tel. Sperm Biochemistry/ Membrane Biology/ Kolkata .

(011) 27294668(Lab). Department of Botany. (b. Y. Email: remsbnm@yahoo. Jaipur. Dean College of Basic Sciences & Humanities. H.P. Opp.221002.D. Molecular Plant Physiology/ Biotechnology/Genetics/ Nanotechnology. Conducting Polymers. Jaipur . (0542) 2361559. FASc.C. FASc. FNA. Asok Kumar (b. Hamirpur. Tel. FNA.. Delhi Technological University. Centre on Biomolecular Electronics.D. Formerly Professor. 26742558. MALHOTRA.Chief Scientist/ Scientist G & Head. Greenwood City. Res. Sp. 3080601-05(O). Tel. Fax: 26741586. Ph. Shimla. 1929) Ph. Tel. Rajender Kumar (b. Sp. Delhi – 110042. bansi. Email: cpm_malik@yahoo.R. Formerly Professor. P31. cpmalik26@gmail. H. (033)23648833. Bansi Dhar (b.M. MALHOTRA.D. Pocket GG-2.D. 4-C. Sp.. (011) 26704522(O). 09414075765(M). 2785565(R). Animal Physiology/ Developmental Biology/Muscle Biology.jnu. Sp. MALHOTRA. 1939) Ph.P.. Tel. New Delhi .D. Jaipur National University. 09968375812(M). Faculty of Science.. (0141) 2754399. Res. A6-3 Annapurna Nagar Colony. 09810660572(M).ac.. Sector 46. New Delhi.. Email: bansi. Hawrah – 711103 and INSA Senior Scientist. Jawaharlal Nehru University.nat. MALLICK. Hisar. K. 47/143. Fax : 27871023.700054. H.. Professor. Ex. Bawana Road.. Honorary Distinguished Professor.. Scheme VI(MS). Staff Selection Board. Res. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. H. Om Prakash (b. 1956) D. Department of Biotechnology. Gandhinagar. Website: www. (b. Inorganic Chemistry.D. University. Fish Biology/ Ecology (Wildlife). Formerly Professor. Flat No. FNA. Varanasi . School of Life Sciences.Dr.D. Vista Villas. Durgiyana Apartments. Department of Biotechnology. Res. Birendra Nath (b. Professor of Neurobiology. Formerly Chairperson. Panjab Agricultural University. MALLIK. Advisor (Academic).110012.Fellows 2007 1975 1982 1986 1986 1982 2000 2004 179 MALHOTRA.. Coordinator of Research and Head. 1950) Ph. Gurgaon . Res. 1935) Ph. 1933) Ph. Varanasi. MALHOTRA.P. Biochemistry Deptt. Ludhiana. and Formerly Vice-Chancellor. Neurobiology of Sleep Wakefulness. 30457(R).com.S. asokiitk@gmail. Jammu.malhotra Dakshinapurum. 1947) Ph. BESUS. Tel.D.110018. GJ University. Jagatpura. FNA.110067. 6 D/C... Tel. Sp.D. Sp. 1934) Ph.malhotra@gmail.(UK). Chander Parkash (b. FNAE. Department of Mechanical Engineering. National Physical Laboratory. Summerhill. New FNAAS. Ph. Kolkata . New Delhi . Vikas JNU Campus. IIT Kanpur. 42880619(R). . Res. Biomolecular Electronics/Biosensors/NanoBiomaterials/ Ordered Molecular Assemblies. Sp. Jammu.302017. Mansarovar. Email : akmallik@iiitk.122003. (0191) 535268(O).rer. CIT Road. Banaras Hindu University.Kashi Vidyapeeth. Department of Science & Technology. Sp. 26741370(R). MALIK. University of Jammu. Mechanical Engineering. Fax: 2752418.

New Delhi ... Email : mandalnc2003@yahoo. (0712) 2532407.D. Sp. Road.1939) MD. Bharat Nagar. Chitra (b. MAMIDALA. MANCHANDA. Email: ravi@tifr.T. B-131 Survey Park. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist and Professor. FASc. 23. FNA. Sector B-2. of Biochemistry. B. FACP. Tel. 4.iitd. New Delhi . Physics & Applied Mathematics Unit. Colaba. FNAE. MANDAL.. (033) 25778085/86 Ext. Sector II. 09810354220(M). TIFR Housing Complex. CSIR-Innovation Complex. (033) 23591356(R). FIEEE.. 83 . Fax: 22804610. Res. Road. Jagadesh Kumar (b. Indian Statistical Institute. FTWAS. Nitai Chandra (b.FIETE. Tel. Mumbai . FAMS. 1951) PhD. Sp.700075. Electrical Engineering (Communications). Email: biren@isical. IIT Delhi. FIMA. NASI-Senior Scientist. Rheumatology.700108. Department of Electrical Engineering. Res. Scientist H. 09831036964(M). cmandal@iicb. Nanoelectronics. X-Ray Spectroscopy/Solid State Physics/ Materials Science. Colaba. Tel. Birendra Nath (b.Website:http://web. Consultant FNA. Consultant Rheumatologist ISIC Superspeciality Dept. New Delhi. Kolkata . Sp. 1943) Ph. 1925) D.. Raja SC Mullick Road. E5.D. Fax : 26130725. Department of Electrical Engineering. Email : c_mande@hotmail.Water Waves/Integral Equations/Integral Transforms.). 37. 2403/2254(O). Council : Emeritus Scientist (CSIR) & Professor.res.110070.T. S-29. Professor. FNAE. Kolkata. Anand Narayan (b.D. X-ray & Y-ray Astronomy/Space Instrumentation. 09850150633(M).iitd. Salt Lake. CIT Scheme VII M. MANDAL. Email : rkmallik@ee. Fax : 26581606. Tel. TIFR. Fax: 25773026. Sp.D. 24166609(R). (011) 26591049(O).180 2007 1988 2010 2003 1999 2004 1993 1980 Year Book 2015 MALLIK. Res. Kolkata-700032. Res. Molecular Biology. IIT-Delhi.Sc.. Tel. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Hauz Khas. (022) 22804545 Ext. Tel. Sp. B. 110/22C.D. 'A&R Clinic' and Visiting Sr.FTWAS. Kolkata . 401. Formerly Professor & Head of Physics. Sp. Hauz Khas. (011) 26130664. Res. Fax : 24735197. Ranjan Kumar (b.ernet.(Paris). 26591572(R). Bose Institute. FIET(UK). Nagpur-440033. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Res. 22804794(R). Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics.400005. Kolkata-700 091.iitd. FRCP(Lond.700054. 1947) Ph. Ravinder Kumar (b. Mumbai. FNAMS.700108. of Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Diseases. MANDE. Cancer Biology/ Glycobiology/Leishmaniasis. (033) 24298861(O).110016. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.Phil. FIETE. FICP. New Delhi 110016. 1964) PhD. Res. AH-Block. Dept. Sp. 25778922(R). P-1/12. Email : mamidala@ee. C. JC Bose National Fellow & Head. New Delhi . New Delhi . 1960) Ph. Meghnad. FASc. Flat 2015.FASc. New Campus.Math. 1938) Ph. North Avenue. Vasant Kunj.110016. FNA. MANDAL. Chintamani (b. Kolkata . res.. Email : chitra_mandal@ yahoo.

Fax : 235183. High Temperature Composite Materials/Carbon Science & Technology/Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology. S-4399/B.603103.388120. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. New Nallakunta Hyderabad . Professor & Sp. Vallabh Vidyanagar . Sp. Sp.Professor of Botany. Ganeshkhind. Nacharam. Res. Council : V. Physical Metallurgy/Phase Transformation/Nanomaterials/ Surface Engineering. Dean. Director’s Residence. (0495) 2770485(R). H.FASc. Pune . Mycology / Plant Pathology / Microbial Biotechnology. Jawahar Nagar. MANILAL. Fax : 27155610. Faculty of Science & Email: manilalks@yahoo. Academic Staff College. Laboratory of Immunology. Chakravarthula (b. (b. Tel. FASc. PRS. Chairman.500007. Tel.D. (020) 25691065(O). 2014MANNA. Osmania University. Particle Physics. 2597790.D. Tel. Chennai . 2004-05. Fax : 27098704. SIPCOT IT Park. 27175028(R). Padur PO. MANNA.IV & Head. Formerly Director.2-2-1144/23/1 (MCH 250).1968) Ph.388120. MANOCHA. Res. 226853(O). FIAAT. Tel.600073. FASc.. Shekhar Chintamani. 99-2000. Formerly Sr.D.D. National Centre for Cell Science. Email : manocha52 @rediffmail.P. Flat-G 08. Street-1. Chennai Mathematical Institute.res. FIIM.S. (02692) 235183. Tel. Macromolecular Crystallography/Protein Structure & Function. Res. Sp. (044) 22281131(R). Centre for Research in Indigenous Knowledge.. Nacharam. ECIL Road. University of Calicut. Chennai. Science & Culture.500044. Lalit Mohan (b.Sc. Adjunct Professor. NCCS Complex. Res. D-37. FIE. Director. Director. MANOHARACHARY. UGC & Developmental Affairs. Kanpur – 208016. Tel. Hyderabad . 27562723(R). Hyderabad . 1962) PhD. 2(New) Forth Cross Street. Sp. 27098003. (b. Email: cmchary@rediffmail. Fax: Vallabh Vidyanagar . Hyderabad .500001.1961) Ph. (0512) 2597258.1938) PhD(Columbia). Staff Scientist . Taxonomy/Ecology/Ethnobotany. Emeritus Professor. Fax: 2590260. .res. Durga Colony.. Formerly Senior Professor. Sardar Patel Siruseri . CGCRI. 1945) Ph. Email : manna@cdfd. Res. 236713(R).No. Calicut. FNA. FNAE. NASI Senior Scientist.500076. Kalyan Kuteer. (040) 27175028(O).in. Indranil (b. Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics. Res. FBS. Staff Scientist . Kattungal Subramaniam (b. Pune – 411007. (040) 27682244(O). lalitmanocha@gmail. 9375012696(M). Bhavani Nagar. Email : hsmani@ gmail. Hyderabad . National Centre for Cell Science.VI. Block C. 1938) Ph. Calicut-673006. Sp. Tel. 2590768(O). 97-98 Mem. Bldg 7. Immunology /Receptor Biology/Tumor Biology. MANI. Kolkata.411007. 2598820(R).. Email: director@iitk. 09444704725(M).D. Sunil Kumar (b. Plot H1. 2598810.D. NCCS Complex. 1951) Ph.Fellows 2003 1984 1984 2005 2008 2004 2004 181 MANDE. Sembakkam. Department of Botany. imanna@iitk. Email: shekhar@nccs. University Staff Colony. Department of Materials Science. Nampally.

Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology/Cancer Biology. FNA. Email : mathavan@pronet. Polymer Science & Engineering/ Molecular & Convective Diffusion/NonNewtonian Fluid Mechanics/ Rheology.2. AcSIR & President.227105. 27291269(R). Tel. Email: asha.D. 103. FAMS. Res. FASc.Sc. 09791696463(M). FNA. Lucknow . Vadakenadayil Ittyerah (b. Tel. Canada. Quebec..1948) Ph. Department of Endocrinology. Plot No. Iyer Bunglaw. MASHELKAR. Res. Michael Aruldhas (b. Department of Genetics. (020) 25902605. University of Madras. Varsha Park. Pune . Sp. MATHAVAN. Res. 233 Tiwari Ganj. 28362473(R). Pune 411008. Tel. CSIR & Secretary. FTWAS. (0452) 2459116(O). Email : aruldhasmm@gmail. Madurai . 09840038637(M).. D-4. Anbu Nagar. Medical College. H3A 2 K6. Palkalai Nagar. Third Cross Street.600031. 514-398-3826(O). Dept. . Montreal. (044) 42068200(O).com.D.. Dept. Door No. 1935) Ph. Fax: 2459181.. MATHUR. Lucknow . (0452) 859134. Sp. Sp.D. com. School of Biological Sciences. ( Email : emailboxgm@gmail.. K.D.mathur@gmail. FNA. Fax : 858685.. 09444134284(M). Vellore . FASc. 1954) Ph. Ganapathy (b. Madurai Kamaraj University. Benison. Res. Chennai . FASc. FNA.(h. 858230(O). Sp. McGill University. 531056. 2/201. Christian Medical College Hospital. 805 Sherbrooke Street West. Global Research Alliance. Chetpet. Tel. Madurai. 27291268. Ph.. Email : ram@ncl.600096. Tel.minnie@airtelmail. 24540709. D. Fax : 24541510. 24563566. Fax : 25902607. Tel.625021. Rajambadi. 43323157(R). Perungudi. Department of Animal Behaviour and Physiology. Chennai.D. 'Raghunath'.res. Department of Microbiology. Kamaraj Nagar. Baner. Lucknow . 1954) Ph. Mathematics/ Statistics. Chancellor.226007. Kannanenthal Road. Asha (b. CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory. 25902197(O). Former Professor. 236(O). Chennai. Flat 4. Res. Birbal Sahni Marg.632004. Shalimar Estate. School of Biological Sciences. of Microbiology & Pathology. Medical Microbiology/Virology/ Immunology. Harrington Road. A. Res. 1938) M. Dr. Gastroenterology/Epidemiology/ Medical Administration.. National Institute of Epidemiology. Formerly DG. Sp. MATHAI. Sp.625 021.G. Madurai.625 014. Chennai . (0522) 2815044 Ext. FAMS. Email: mathan. National Research Professor.M. 2780325(R). Formerly Professor & Head.c.). 2458658(R).43626(R). Fax: 514-398-3899. FRE. 1943) Ph.46495.625021. Professor & Head. Sinnakaruppan (b. Professor & Head.xlweb. mailbox_gm@rediffmail. Raghunath Anant ( 10.Sc. FRCP(Lond. Homi Bhabha Road. Emeritus Medical Scientist. Formerly Director & Professor of Medicine & Gastroenterology. 2014 1998 1989 1987 1996 1997 1989 Year Book 2015 MARIA-JOSEPPH. Honorary Advisor. Animal Behaviour and Chronobiology. FNAE.67. Indian Council of Medical Research. Professor & Head. 15 Second Avenue.411005.D.D. (044) 24547040(O).D.. Tel. Faizabad Road. of Mathematics & Statistics. Sericulture/Transgenic Biology/Baculo Virus Vectors. Polymer Science & Engineering Building. Saraswati Dental & Medical College. 1937) M.). Professor. Shanthi. MARIMUTHU. aruldhasmm@yahoo. Madurai . Sp. FTWAS. FRS. Madurai Kamaraj University. Email : mathai@math.

State of Maharashtra. Res. .Fellows 1984 1989 1987 1980 1962 2013 1984 1989 2011 183 MATHUR. Sp.. Tel. ILA Apartments. (0551) 332997(R). 09830695739(M). Sp. FBS.Colaba Road. Homi Bhabha Road. 1930) Ph. IIT Bombay. Fax : 25723480. Mumbai . Powai. Dilwara.. Powai. Mumbai ... 1930) Ph. Formerly Professor of Zoology. Professor. Cell & Molecular Biology. B-7.. Forensic Science Laboratories. 1932) Ph. Birpara Lane. French Institute. Tel.D. Anurag (b. Sp. Ecology/ Plant Geography/ Bioclimatology. (022) 26145950(O). Santacruz. MEHRA. 21/C.Hirapuri Colony. 113D. Formerly Professor and Emeritus Fellow. Plant Physiology/ Biochemistry/Biotechnology. FNA. Semiconductor Materials/Electronic Devices/Solid State Electronics.(011) 26851842(R)..400076.Mumbai-400005. 1929) D. Res. Prithviraj Road. Sp. Veterinary Parasitology. 1933) Ph. 505 Bhaskara. C-1. 1959) Ph.D.D. 208 Vinayak Apts.400076. Bose Institute. Analytical Chemistry/Physical Chemistry/Forensic Science. University of Rajasthan. Gorakhpur University. Inorganic Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry/Biochemistry. Benito Juarez Road. MATHUR. 20 D. Mumbai-400 098. Sp. Multiphase Reaction Engineering/ Surface & Colloidal Systems/ Nanomaterials. 58.Maharishi Karve Marg. Res. 25768217(R). Botany Dept. Res.Director General (Education).IIT Bombay Campus.Res. 09869143256(M). Pondicherry. Email : shyamal@tifr. TIFR Housing Complex.. MATHUR. (022) 25767217(O). Professor. Rajendra Shanker (b.FNAE.. Tel.D.Formerly Professor & Head. Ajit Kumar (b. (011) 24116718(O).res. Sagar Sangeet. Vasundhra Enclave. Brij Nath (b. (022) 22782363(O). University of Delhi South Campus. Bungalow A7.. Chemical Engineering Dept. (022) 22150120(R).D.311SFS DDA Flats. Formerly Hon. Kolkata -700 030.Tel. Parmatma Chandra (b. Res..New Delhi-110023.. Hauz Khas. Pondicherry University. Sp. Fax : 22804610. University of Gorakhpur. MATHUR. Dean. Director. Res.D. Kolkata.Sc. Jaipur. 1934) Ph. 1936) PhD.8. Sp. Res. Vispy Minocher (b. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Mumbai-400021. MAZUMDAR. Email : pramod48@rediffmail. Formerly Astt. FASc. 22629107(R). Delhi 110096. Formerly Professor of Animal Physiology. (0141) 2221444(R). Homi Bhabha Road. Formerly Research Director. Tel. Shri Narain (b. Jaipur-302001. Tel. Email : mehra@iitb. Mumbai .D. of Electronics. 1961) Ph.Sc. Tel. Tel. Shyamalava (b. Fax: 24116427. Res. Comparative Endocrinology/Animal New Delhi-110021.. Tel. Sp. MEDDA.Gorakhpur. ICAR. Pramod Behari (b.400005. Department of Chemical Sciences.Phil. Mumbai . School of Ecology.400005. 22042223(R). 22804575(R) KalinaVidyanagari. D. Dept.Gorakhpur273009.

Transplant Immunology/Immunogenetics/HLA. New Delhi 110029. Res. Email : narin98@hotmail. MEHROTRA. Dept. Radhey Shyam (b. Mycology/ Plant Pathology/Soil Microbiology. Dr. Near Sakar English School. Aliganj Housing Scheme. Sp. New Delhi110067. 09899087445. 09868397090(M). Former Director. Ahmedabad . Email: spmehrotra@gmail. Sp. 1937) Ph. K. Sector-7. Near Kapoorthala Complex. New Delhi – 110075. Surya Pratap (b.Sc. Suresh Chandra (b. 2008-09 MEHTA. New G/4. Girijesh Kumar (b. 2002-04 . Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar.D. NML. Vedant Nagar.226024. FIETE.184 1998 1986 2001 1982 1995 2003 1983 Year Book 2015 MEHRA...D.431004. 26588641. Plot Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.431005. 09727749838. NIT. 1936) Ph. Email: mehrotrasc@ rediffmail. Former Professor. 26588185. Res. Dwarkam. C-37. Formerly Professor. Sector-A. Ansari Nagar. Aurangabad . of Transplant Immunology & Immunogenetics.N. 263. Chemistry Dept. 1949) PhD.136118. 1947) PhD. FIE. Banaras Hindu University. 09998023817(M). Sp. MEHROTRA. Tel. Sector 11. Varanasi-221 005. Res. MEHROTRA. Ahmedabad 382424. Narinder Kumar (b. Chairman. 26594638(O). Road. Sakal Residency. Formerly Professor of Botany. Fax: 26588663. (011) 28032871(R). Res. Nuclear Physics & Accelerator Based Materials Science and Applications. New C. FNA. Allahabad University.D. Mammalian Reproduction/Early embryonic development in female/Cell Culture/Molecular Biology. FPSI.. Aurangabad . Kurukshetra. C-402.. Time Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy/ Microwaves/ Geo Spatial Technology. 09890647432 (M). C-I/10. Tel. FNAE. Nuclear Science Center & Vice-Chancellor. 09896208063 (M). 1944) Ph. (01744) 222263(R). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Professor-in-Charge. Council : Mem. Purshottam Kishore (b. Sp. Tel. Lucknow .net. Sp.(Austin). Urban Estate.. (0522) 2324303(R).9415796495(M).G. Tel. (011) 26588588. Ansari Nagar. Department of Computer Science & Information Technology. MEHROTRA. 492 Whispering Greens. New Delhi 110029. Banaras Hindu University.382424. Formerly Deputy Director. Organic Chemistry. A3. Emeritus Scientist Inter University Accelerator Centre. Varanasi-221 005. FIIME. Res. 1931) Ph. Nizam Colony. Website: www. Tel. Bhopal & Hon. Ramanujan Chair Professor. Shrirang Park. Process Metallurgy/ Mathematical Modeling & Simulation/ Process Development and Control/Mineral Processing. Email : girijeshmehta@gmail. VGEC Campus. 26594510(R). Former Chandkheda. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Jamshedpur. FBS. Professor & Head. Sp. Tel.. Kurukshetra University. Lucknow. CDRI. External Relations & Professor-in-Charge R&D. AIIMS Campus. Kurukshetra . Res. Division of Endocrinology.D.D. Council : Mem.1951) Ph. Email: purshottam123@rediffmail. Fax: 2403317. MEHROTRA. (b. House No.bamu. spm@iitgn. FIIM.

625017. Res. Sp.iisc. Raja Ramanna Fellow. 09312609366(M). MEHTA. School of Chemistry. SCWF. Vadodara. FNAMS. Fax : 23600563. (b. Bangalore . Sp. Paras Hospital. FTWAS. (0124) 4585555(O). Grand Mansion Rosewood City-1. Fax: 4585604.. Sp. FASc. (044) 22574207(O).Phil.(Lond. 1959) Ph. Department of Chemistry. Fax : 25692259. Res. Sukumar Shyamlal (b.Fellows 1988 2013 2001 2000 1988 1979 2004 1995 185 MEHTA.. Organic Chemistry. U.).in. Email : mishra@iitm. Panorama. Former Professor & Pro-Vice-Chancellor.K. Chennai 600036. C-1. Tel. FNA. Royappa George (b. Malligainagar. South Campus.. Indian Institute of Science. Flat No. Pune – 411027. MEHTA. Mumbai-400006.D. Email: gcmishra@nccs. Neurosurgery. 203. Gurgaon 122001. NASI-Senior Scientist. University of Baroda. Goverdhan (b. 22576207(R).Tel. 8th Floor. MICHAEL. Res.. Sector III. 1949) M. Professor.43. Tel. Subhashri Woods. 23136145(R). FRS. A5/4. Shillong. Email: mehta_vs@rediffmail. 65296510(R). Flat 5 Ashdown Court. Limnology/Freshwater Fisheries. B1. 1928) Ph.B. 4364585(R).Ch. III Loop 1943) PhD. FNA. IIT Madras.res. Associate Professor. Pune-411007. Director (Neurosciences). Department of Electrical Communication H. C2-1-8.122002.D. vikram@math. 2001-04 . Pimple Saudagar. Wireless Communications. MERH. Colony. gm@orgchem. Algebraic Geometry. 1975) Ph. Sp. Sp.nccs.S. Indian Institue of Technology Bombay. FWANS. FASc. M. Sushant Lok. gmehta43@ gmail. Indian Institute of Technology Madras. FNA.1947) Ph.tifr. 22804611. Neelesh B. University of Hyderabad.. Anaiyur. (080) 22933174(O). Eli Lily-Jubilant Chair. Gurgaon . Res. Res.D. H 25. Worcester Park.S. Tel. Fax: 22804610. M. MISHRA.res. Res.560012. Email: vmehta729@gmail. Gyan Chandra (b.49. Formerly Professor of Phase 1. M. Telefax 23010785(O). Sp.D. Surrey KT4 7SE . Sector . National Research Professor. Sector . Tel.B. KRVH 016... FNA. Chennai 600036. Indian Institute of 25708283(O). National Centre for Cell Science. Fluorescence Spectroscopy/ Physical Photochemistry.B.D. Idmiston Road. A-45. Mumbai – 400076. 09972592147(M). Fax:22574202. FASc.S. DSc(hc).560012. Council : Mem.. B. Res. Website: www. Madurai . (040) 23134848. North Eastern Hill University.D. 1946) Ph. (022) 22782000(O). Email : gmsc@uohyd. NCCS University of Hyderabad500046. Vikram Bhagvandas (b. Department of Mathematics. Sp. 004420 8330 1225. Cell Biology/Immunology. 81 MISHRA. Hyderabad 500046. Structural & Metamorphic Geology/ Quaternary Geology. Ashok Kumar (b. 23692725(R). Bangalore .. Council : Mem. Row Houses. 82. Tel. 1935) D. 23319469(R). Walkeshwar Road. Tel. MEHTA. Shiwar Chowk. Veer Singh (b. Email : neeleshbmehta@gmail.

110019. Email : pcmishra_in@yahoo. 09810429715(M). 15th Floor. Email: vc_ngbu@nehrugrambharati. Nehru Place. Professor. Dwarka. Flat No. 26596908(R). Mumbai. (022) 27656504(R) 09322259072(M). Govind Metallurgy/ Material Science. . Lucknow. Safety & Environment Group. Sunderpur. Res. 1946) Ph. Email : Fax : 27160591. AvHF(Germany). Green Heavens. Tel. (0651) 2275402 Ext. Sukumar ( Fax : 2275401. MISHRA.500039. mishra_ kaushala@rediffmail. 1952) Ph. Tel.110016. Sector 4. Email : mmishra@ iitb. mmishra@bitmesra. Environmental Sciences/R & D Management/Radiation Protection. 2011-12 MISHRA. Nehru Gram Bharati University.. FMASc. Res. Navi Mumbai-400703. Institute Chair Professor. Regus. Fax : 26581606. res. com. Department of Chemistry. FMASc. 09305837559(M). Sp. Department of Electrical Engineering. FNAE.. Kotwa-JamunipurDubawal.iitd. 6456477(O). University of Lucknow. Res. Uppal Road. 42725114(R). Res.221005. 09936017654. Formerly Scientific Officer ‘H’. 1946) Ph. R. Uppal. Lanka.500007. Hyderabad . MISHRA. FASc. Radiation Biology/Free Radical Biology/ Biophysics. Sp. Sp. FIE. Tel. Physical/ Theoretical Chemistry. Formerly Director. 1961) mishra. 27160031(O). Sp. FNAE. Fax : 2468700. Kaushala Prasad (b. Vashi. 32. Allahabad – 221505. (011) 26591074(O). BARC. 09415812325(M).D. Phool Chand (b. IIT Campus. Molecular Spectroscopy/ Electronic Structure Theory/ Biomolecular Properties and Reactions.110016. Renewable Energy/Power System/Smart Res. Res. Varanasi 221005. sukumariitdelhi@gmail.D. New Delhi . Pl.D.. Mittal Steel India Limited. SAIL CGHS. CSIR-Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology. Varanasi 221005..835215. MISHRA.. Manoj Kumar (b. Varanasi ..D. MISHRA. Chief Executive Officer. Email : mishra@ccmb. NASI-Senior Scientist. FIIM. Ph. Senior Principal Scientist & Group Eros Corporate Tower. 09441902188(M). New Delhi .in. Sector 4402(O). Banaras Hindu (0542) 2307308. Hyderabad . Rakesh Kumar (b. MISHRA. (05332) 285056. Formerly ViceChancellor. 95/A. (0532) 6453999. Sanak (b.186 2001 1999 2010 2013 1980 1999 2014 1993 Year Book 2015 MISHRA. Powai. (040) 27192658. sanak@gmail.D. Hauz Brij Enclave. Dharmapuri Colony. Mumbai – 400076. FIMA. (011) 42235116(O). Health. Sp. Kavalyadham Colony. New Delhi . Tel. Council : Mem. pcmishra@bhu. MISHRA. Umesh Chandra (b. Formerly Professor of Botany. Molecular Genetics/Genomics/Epigenetics.mishra@mittalsteel. FEEIU. Birla Institute of Technology. 1938) PhD. 35.R. Fax : 42235323. 341. 1970) Ph. B-27. Fax: Department of Physics. 1945) PhD(Illinois). Email: uc. New Delhi 110075. FCSI. Mesra. BARC. Sp. 6701572(O).in.O. 35-Taxila Apt. Ranchi . vc@ngbu. Tel. 27206400(R). ViceChancellor. Mumbai. Email : sanak. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Indian Institute of Technology 2-17-3/E.FASc. Vice-Chancellor. Plot No.









MISRA, Ashok (b. 1947) MS(Chem.Engg.), MS(Polymer Sc.), PhD,
FNAE, Chairman, Intellectual Ventures India, Bangalore;
Formerly Director, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay;Res.
68, Adarsh Vista, Basavanagar, Bangalore - 560037; Tel. (080)
66485501(O), 42037779(R), 09972232233 (M); Fax: 66485500;
Email:; Sp. Polymer Science &
Council : Pres.2007-08 P.Pres. 2009-10 V.P. 2005-06 Mem. 200304
MISRA, Baidyanath, M.Sc.,, Formerly Visiting
Scientist, S.C.&S.S., JNU; Res. F-2560 Palam Vihar, Gurgaon 122017; Email:;
MISRA, Gadadhar (b. 1956) Ph.D.,FASc,FNA, Professor,
Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore - 560012; Res. 508/509, Block-II, RMV Clusters
(Phase II), RMV Extn., II Stage, Bangalore - 560094; Tel. (080)
22932712(O), 23412348(R), 09449817021(M); Fax : 23600146;
Email :; Sp. Operator Theory/Operator
MISRA, Jagadis Chandra (b. 1944) PhD, DSc, FNAE, FIMA(UK),
FIThP, FRSM(London), Formerly Pro Vice-Chancellor, SOA
University, Bhubaneswar; Res. Qrs.No. B-74, IIT Campus,
Kharagpur – 721302;
Tel. (03222) 282338, 282339(R),
07381532842(M); Email:; Sp. Biomechanics/ Mathematical Modeling/ Mechanics of Solid and
MISRA, Krishna (b. 1938) Ph.D., NASI Senior Scientist, CBMR,
SGPGIMS, Lucknow & Honorary Professor, Division of Life
Sciences and Indo-Russian Centre for Biotechnology, Indian
Institute of Information Technology, Devghat, Jhalwa,
Allahabad-211012; Former General Secretary (HQ), The
National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad; Res. 187-A/1,
Allengunj, Allahabad - 211002; Tel. (0532) 2465462(R),
09415247579(M); Email :; Sp.
Molecular Biology/ Medical Biotechnology.
Council : G.S. 2009-13
MISRA, Sheo Gopal (b. 1931) D.Phil., General Secretary, Vijnana
Parishad, Allahabad; Formerly Director, Sheila Dhar Institute of
Soil Science, Allahabad University, Allahabad - 211002; Res.
25, Ashok Nagar, Allahabad-211001; Tel. (0532) 2460001(O),
2420683(R); Email:;
Website:; Sp. Soil Science/Agricultural
MISRA, Sri Prakash (b. 1957) MD, DM, FRCP (London), FRCP
(Edin.), FICP, FACG,Professor of Hepatology, Department of
Gastroenterology & Hepatology, MLN Medical College,
Allahabad - 211 001; Res. IV/411, MLN Medical College
Campus, Allahabad - 211 001; Tel. (0532) 2256878,
2256274(O), 2256087, 2256090(R), 9415214307(M); Fax :
2256274; Email :, sriprakashmisra@,; Sp. Gastroenterology/
Endoscopy/Liver Diseases.
Council : Mem. 2000-2002








Year Book 2015
MISRA, Usha Kant (b. 1952) MBBS, MD, DM, FAMS, FRCPEdin,
FASc, Professor & Head, Department of Neurology, Sanjay
Gandhi PG Institute of Medical Sciences, Raibarely Road,
Lucknow - 226014; Res. 10-B,Madan Mohan Malviya Marg,
Lucknow; Tel. (0522) 2494167, 2494169(O), 09450453685
(M); Fax : 2668811; Email :; ukmisra; Sp. Clinical Neurology/Neurophysiology/
Tropical Neurology.
MITRA, Asoke Nath (b. 1929) PhD(Delhi & Cornell), FNA, FASc,
FTWAS, Formerly INSA Albert Einstein Research Professor,
Physics & Astrophysics Dept., University of Delhi, Delhi; Res.
244, Tagore Park, Delhi-110 009; Tel. (011) 27446153(O),
27444731(R); Fax : 27667336 (DU); Email : ganmitra@;; Sp. Nuclei/Particles &
MITRA, Debashis, (b. 1960) Ph.D., Scientist - E, National Centre for
Cell Science, Pune University Campus, Pune – 411007; Res.
D/SPL/4, NCCS Colony, NCCS Complex, Pune University
Campus, Pune- 411007; Tel. (020) 25708151(O), 25708042,
25698553(R); Fax : 25692259; Email :; Sp.
Microbiology/ Biochemistry/Immunology.
MITRA, Parthasarathi (b. 1951) Ph.D., FNA, Professor, Theory
Division, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF Bidhannagar,
Kolkata - 700064; Res. 6 Panditia Terrace, Kolkata - 700029;
Tel. (033) 23375345 Ext.2365(O), 24753926(R); Fax:
23374637; Email:; Sp. Theoretical
Physics (Field Theory).
MITRA, Samaresh (b. 1940) D.Phil., FNA, FASc, INSA Senior
Scientist, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Jadavpur,
Kolkata- 700032; Formerly Senior Professor, TIFR, Mumbai;
Res. Panchami 508, Udita, 1050/1, Survey Park, Kolkata 700075; Tel. (033) 24995866(O), 24188209(R), 09831273257
(M); Fax : 24735197; Email:,; Sp. Biological & Bioinorganic
MITRA, Sushmita (b.1962) Ph.D., FIEEE, FNAE, Professor & Head,
Machine Intelligence Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata 700108; Res. Block-G, Flat-3, 60/67 B.T. Road, Kolkata 700002;Tel. (033) 25753102(O), 25566705(R); Fax : 25783357;
Email :; Sp. Computer Science.
MITTAL, Jai Pal (b.1940) Ph.D.(Notre Dame,USA), FNA, FASc,
FTWAS, MN Saha Distinguished Professor, NASI; Bhabha
Atomic Research Centre, A-616 Central Complex, Trombay,
Mumbai - 400085; Distinguished Guest Professor, Indian
Institute of Technology Bombay and Distinguished Professor,
National Centre for Free Radical Research, University of Pune,
Pune; Ex DAE Raja Ramanna Fellow, Ex Director, Chemistry
and Isotope Group, BARC, Mumbai; Res. 11-B, Rohini Coop.
Hsg. Soc., Sector 9-A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 400703; Tel. (022)
25595245(O), 27664822, 27661035(R), 09869992912(M); Fax:
25505151; Email:; mittaljp@barc.; Sp. Radiation & Photochemistry/Chemical Dynamics/
Laser Chemistry.
Award : Prof. N. R. Dhar Mem. Lecture Award - Nat.Acad.Sci.India
Council : Pres. 2003-04 P.Pres. 2005-08 F.S. 99-2000 Mem. 94-98,









MITTAL, Sanjay (b. 1968) Ph.D.,FNA,FASc,FNAE, Professor of
Aerospace Engg. & Head, National Wind Tunnel Facility
(NWTF), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur 208016; Res. H.No. 635, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur - 208016; Tel.
(0512) 2597906(O), 2598702(R); Fax : 2597561; Email :; Sp. Fluid Dynamics/High Performance
MITTAL, V. (b. 1924) Ph.D., Formerly Professor & Head,
Department of Mathematics, Madhav Institute of Technology
and Science, Gwalior; Res. 9, Shri Ram Colony, Jhansi Road,
Gwalior-474002; Tel. (0751) 2321717(R); Sp. Fluid Dynamics/
Graph Theory.
MODAK, Jayant Moreshwar (b. 1962) Ph.D.,FNAE, Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of
Science, Bangalore - 560012; Res. 1171 BEL Layout, IInd
Block, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore - 560012;
Tel. (080)
22933108(O), 23641925(R), 09980874620(M); Fax : 23608121;
Email :; Sp. Chemical Reaction
Engineering/Bioprocess Engineering/Systems Biology.
MOHAN, Anand (b. 1957) Ph.D., FASc, Registrar, Dayalbagh
Educational Institute (Deemed University), Dayalbagh, Agra 282005; Res. 3/164, Prem Nagar, Dayalbagh, Agra - 282005;
Tel. (0562) 6544855(O), 09336907431(M); Fax: 2801226;
Email:;; Sp.
Metamorphic Petrology/Mineralogy/Consciousness Studies
/Disaster Management and Mitigation.
MOHAN, Ratnakaram Nava (b. 1942) Ph.D.,D.Sc., Formerly
Professor & Head of Mathematics, Director, SCRRIIM, Eluru;
Res. Bank Street, Nuzvid - 521201; Tel. (08656) 232758(R);; Website: www.geocities.
com/rajesh_kavitha/RNMOHAN_resume.htm; Sp. Mathematics
MOHAN, V. (b.1954) M.D., FRCP, Ph.D., D.Sc., FASc., FNA,
Chairman, Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialites Centre & Director,
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, No4, Conran Smith
Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600086; Res. “Sai Anugraha”.
6B, Arch Bishop Mathias Avenue R.A. Puram, Chennai600028; Tel. (044) 43968888(O), 24325100, 24311238(R); Fax:
23950935; Email:; drmohans@;; Sp. Diabetology/Epidemiology/
MOHANAKUMAR, Kochupurackal P. (b.1955) Ph.D., Chief
Scientist, Division of Cell Biology & Physiology, Head, PME
Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, 4, Raja SC Mullick
Road, Kolkata - 700032; Res. Flat #44, BESCO Residency, 8
Anil Moitra Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019; Tel. (033)
24133223(O), 24600785(R); Fax : 24133223, 24735197; Email :;; Sp.
MOHAN RAM, Holenarsipur Y. (b. 1930) Ph.D., FNA, FASc,
FNAAS, Formerly Professor of Botany, University of Delhi; INSA
Honorary Scientist; Res. 174, SFS DDA Flats, Mukherjee
Nagar, Delhi-110009;Tel. (011) 27652773(R), 09818185469(M);
Email :; Sp. Physiology of Plant
Growth & Development.








Year Book 2015

MOHAN RAO, Chintalagiri, (b. 1954) PhD, FTWAS, FNA, FASc,
FAPSc, Director, Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Uppal
Road, Hyderabad - 500007; Res. Plot # 71, House No. 17-5/3,
Dharmapuri Colony, Uppal, Hyderabad - 500039; Tel. (040)
27160789, 27192543(O), 27200633(R); Fax: 27160252; Email:; Website: www.ccmb.;
Sp. Biophysical Chemistry/Molecular Biology/Diagnostics &
MOHANTY, Debasisa (b. 1966) Ph.D., FNA, Staff Scientist V,
National Institute of Immunology, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New
Delhi - 110067; Res. Apt. No. A6, N.I.I. Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali
Marg, New Delhi - 110067; Tel. (011) 26703749(O),
26741168(R), 09818747627(M); Fax : 26742125; Email :; Sp. Bioinformatics/Biophysics/Structural
and Computational Biology.
MOHANTY, Jyotirmayee (b. 1971) Ph.D., Scientific Officer (G),
Radiation & Photochemistry Division, Mod. Lab., Bhabha
Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai - 400085; Res. C8, Sarang, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai - 400094; Tel. (022)
25593771(O), 25527028(R), 09969112314(M); Fax : 25505331;
Email :;; Sp.
Molecular Photochemistry/Time-resolved Fluorescence
Spectroscopy/Supramolecular Chemistry.
MOHANTY, Omkar Nath, Former Vice-Chancellor, BPUT, Orissa,
CET Campus, Ghatikia, Near Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar 751003;
MOHANTY, Prasanna K. (b.1934) MS(Illinois),Ph.D.(Illinois), FNA,
FNAAS, INSA Sr. Scientist and Visiting Professor, Dept. of
Agricultural Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Orissa
University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar - 751003;
Hon. Courtesy Professor, DAVV Indore; Formerly Professor,
Bioenergetics, JNU, New Delhi; Res. 149, Vidya Vihar, Norio
Nivas, Pitampura, Delhi - 110034; GJ Kutty, IV-59, Unit 8,
Siripur, Bhubaneswar - 751003; Tel. (0674) 2564836(R); Fax:
2550274; Email:; photosis@; Sp. Membrane Bioenergetics / Plant
Award : U.P. Education Minister's Gold Medal in Biophysics,
Nat.Acad. Sci.India (1986).
Council : 94-95
MOHANTY, Ranjan Kumar (b. 1961) Ph.D., Professor, Department
of Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences Faculty, University of
Delhi, Delhi - 110007; Res. B-502, Happy Home Apartments,
Plot-12A, Sector-07, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075; Tel. (011)
28080912, 42754023(R), 09811526705(M); Email : mohanty;;
Applied Mathematics/Numerical Analysis / Differential
Equations/Computational Fluid Dynamics.
MOHANTY, Sureswar (b. 1942) MBBS, MS, MCh, FAMS, FAIS,
FACS, Formerly Director & Professor of Neuro-Surgery, IMS,
BHU; Res. 206, Duplex, Manorama Estate, Rasulgarh,
Bhubaneswar - 751010; Email:;
Sp. Head Injury/Brain Tumour/Brain Edema/ Neuro










MOHANTY, Uma Charan (b.1948) PhD, FASc, FNAE, FIMS,
Emeritus Professor, School of Earth, Ocean and Climate
Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, Toshali
Tower, Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar – 751007; Tel. (0674)
2576117(O); Email :; Sp. Numerical
Dynamics/Mesoscale Modeling/Climate Modeling.
MOHAPATRA, Rabindra N. (b. 1944) Ph.D. (Rochester),
D.Sc.,(h.c.), North Orissa University and APS Fellow, Humboldt
Prize Winner 2005, Professor, Dept. of Physics,University of
Maryland, College Park, M D -20742; Tel. 301-405-6022(O);
Fax: 314-9525; Email:; Sp. Particle
Theory/Field Theory/Cosmology.
MOHAPATRA, Trilochan (b. 1962) Ph.D., FNA, FNAAS, Director,
Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack – 753006, Odisha;
Res. ER 28, First Floor, Inderpuri, New Delhi- 110012; Tel.
(0671) 2367757(O), 09868872890(M); Email:;;; Sp. Molecular
Plant Breeding and Agricultural Genomics.
MONDAL, Naba Kumar (b. 1951) Ph.D., FNA, FASc, FTWAS,
Senior Professor, Department of High Energy Physics,TIFR,
Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai - 400005; Res. 710, Bhaskara,
TIFR Housing Complex, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai - 400005;
Tel. (022) 22782227, 22804903(O), 22804874, 22783227(R),
09987537701(M); Fax: 22804610; Email:; Sp.
High Energy Physics/Neutrino Physics/Particle Detectors.
MONDAL, Pronab Kumar (b. 1939) Ph.D., Doct.Univ.Sc.(Paris),
FOSI, President, School of Optics; Formerly Head & Professor
of Physics Department, Osmania University, Hyderabad; Res.
A-310, Siddam Shetty Towers, Jawahar Nagar, Hyderabad500020; Tel. (040) 27635406; Email:;
Sp. Fourier Optics/ Holography/ Image Processing.
MOOKERJEE, Abhijit Ph.D., Senior Professor, S.N. Bose National
Centre for Basic Sciences, JD Block, Sector 3, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700098;
MOURYA, Devendra Tarachand (b. 1956) Ph.D., Scientist F &
Group Leader, High Containment Laboratory & National Virus
Repository & Biosafety Officer, Microbial Containment Complex,
National Institute of Virology, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune 411021; Res. Flat 101, Plot No.5, Venkatesh Villa, Survey
Number 128/1A, Vardayani Society, Pashan, Sus Road, Pune 411021;
09822307812(M); Fax : 25870640, 25870603; Email : dtmourya;;;
Sp. Medical Entomology/Microbiology/Bio-Containment.
MUGESH, Govindasamy (b. 1970) Ph.D.,FASc, FRSC, Professor,
Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian
Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012; Res. NE-25, New
Housing Colony, Indian Institute of Science Campus,
Bangalore-560012; Tel. (080) 23602566, 22933354(O),
23605888(R), 09448450108(M); Fax : 23602566; Email :; Sp. Bioinorganic Chemistry/
Medicinal Chemistry/Chemical Biology.









Year Book 2015
MUKHERJEE, Abhijit (b. 1959) Ph.D.,FNAE, Chair Professor &
Dean (R&D), Indian Institute of Technology Gandhi Nagar,
VGEC Complex, Ahmedabad - 382424; Res. D8, Sopan
Heights, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad - 382424;
08758095500(M); Email :; Sp.
Civil Engineering/ Structures/Sustainability.
MUKHERJEE, Debashis (b. 1946) PhD, FNA, FASc, FTWAS, Chair
Professor Emeritus & Ex-Director, Indian Association for the
Cultivation of Science, 2A & 2B, Raja S.C. Mullick Road,
Jadavpur, Kolkata - 700032; Res. Flat 301, Meghdoot
Apartments, 24A Central Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata - 700032;
Tel. (033) 24991144(O), 24137830, 24125890(R); Fax:
24836561, 24732805; Email:; pcdemu@; Sp. Theoretical Chemistry.
MUKHERJEE, Prasun Kumar (b. 1963) Ph.D., Scientific Officer G,
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai – 400085;
Res. 57, Satpura, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai – 400094; Tel.
(022) 25590367(O), 09757414312(M); Fax : 25505151; Email :;
Genetics/Secondary Metabolism.
MUKERJEE, Rahul (b. 1956) Ph.D., FNA, FASc, Professor of
Statistics, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Joka,
Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata - 700104; Res. Flat 6E,
Regent Tower, 121/1 N.S.C. Bose Road, Kolkata - 700040;
09231686058(M); Fax: 24678307; Email:;; Sp. Statistics.
Council : Mem. 2007
MUKHERJEE, Rama (b. 1946) Ph.D., Staff Scientist V, Head,
Microbiology Division, National Institute of Immunology, Aruna
Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi - 110067; Res. H-1, National Institute
of Immunology, Aruna Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi - 110 067; Tel.
(011) 26863004-9 Ext.245(O), 2655930(R);Sp. Mycobacterial
MUKHERJEE, Shyama Prasad (b. 1939) Ph.D., Formerly
Centenary Professor of Statistics, Calcutta University; C/o
IAPQR, AD-276, Sector - I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064;
Tel. (033) 23346234(O), 26580905(R), 09831558126(M); Email:; Sp. Statistics/ Operations
Council : Mem. 98, 99
MUKHERJEE, Sunil Kumar (b. 1950) PhD, FNA, FASc, NASISenior Scientist, PMB Lab., International Centre for Genetic
Engineering & Biotechnology, AAA Marg, New Delhi - 110067;
Res. 7145, B/10, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi- 110070; Tel. (011)
26741175(O), 26895815(R); Fax: 26742316; Email: sunilm@; Sp. Extrachromosomal DNA Replication/RNAi
MUKHERJEE, Tulsi (b. 1948) Ph.D., FMASc, Director, Chemistry
Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai - 400085;
Res. F1/5/6, 'Gyandeep', Above Telegraph Office, Sector-3/4,
Vashi, New Mumbai- 400703; Tel. (022) 25595234, 25505331,
25595389, 25593649(O), 27820023(R), (+91)9869410974(M);
Fax : 25505331, 25505151; Email:;
Website:; Sp. Radiation Chemistry/
Photochemistry/Laser Chemistry/Ultrafast Spectroscopy.











MUKHERJI, M.K. Ph.D., Director (R & D), Bharat Foundation,
25/11/A,K.P.Roy Lane,Kolkata -700031; Res.139, Central
Road, Anandpuri, P.O.Nona Chandan Pukur-743 102 Tel. (033)
2421144(O); Sp. Agricultural Chemistry/Soil Chemistry.
MUKHOPADHYAY, Amitabha (b. 1959) Ph.D., FNA, Staff ScientistVI, National Institute of Immunology, Cell Biology Lab, Aruna
Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi - 110067; Res. A-8, N.I.I.,Aruna Asaf
Ali Marg, New Delhi - 110067; Tel. (011) 26703596(O),
26741164(R); Fax: 26717104; Email :; Sp.
Cell Biology.
MUKHOPADHYAYA, Biswarup (b. 1966) Ph.D., Associate Professor, Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Chhatnag Road, Jhusi,
Allahabad - 211019; Res. ‘Vidisha’, HRI Campus, Chhatnag
Road, Jhusi, Allahabad - 211019; Tel. (0532) 2667578, 7509
*2006(O), *40006, 2668310(R); Fax: 2667576 Email:; Sp. Theoretical High Energy Physics.
MUKHOPADHYAYA, Rabindranath (b. 1951) PhD, Former
Professor & Principal Investigator (Virology), ACTREC, TMC,
Navi Mumbai; Res. CH-1/33, Kendriya Vihar, Kharghar, Navi
Mumbai - 410210; Tel. (022) 27743642(R), 09324297345(M);
Email :; Sp. Virology/Therapeutic
Proteins/Viral Vector for Gene Transfer.
MUKHOPADHYAY, Chinmay K. (b. 1965) Ph.D., Professor,
Special Centre for Molecular Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi – 110067; Res. D-529, New Housing
Complex, Paschimabad, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New
Delhi – 110067; Tel. (011) 26741932, 26738738(O),
267412520(R), 09582290296(M); Fax : 26741781; Email :;; ckm2300@; Sp. Iron Homeostasis/Host-parasite Interaction/
Gene Regulation.
MUKHOPADHYAY, Dhrubajyoti (b. 1938) Ph.D., DIC, FNA, FASc,
INSA Honorary Scientist, Raman Centre for Applied and
Interdisciplinary Sciences, 16A, Jheel Road, Kolkata - 700075;
Res. G-7, MIG Housing Estate, 25/3 Raja Manindra Road,
Kolkata - 700 037; Tel. (033) 25568099(R), 09433092581(M);
Fax : 22647754; Email :; Sp.
Structural Geology/Precambrian Geology/ Metamorphic
MUKHOPADHYAY, Sangita (b. 1966) Ph.D., Staff Scientist V,
Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics, Bldg. 7,
Gruhakalpa, 5-4-399/B, Nampally, Hyderabad - 500001; Res.
A-11, NIN Quarters, National Institute of Nutrition, JamaiOsmania PO, Hyderabad; Tel. (040) 24749423(O),
27006994(R); Fax : 24749448, 24785447; Email : sangita@;;
Tubuculosis (Infection)/Cell Signaling.
MUKUNDA, Narasimhaiengar (b. 1939) Ph.D., FNA, FASc,
FTWAS, Formerly Professor, IISc, Bangalore; Res. 103, 6th
Main Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore- 560003; Tel. (080)
23348657(R); Email:; Sp.Classical &
Quantum Mechanics/Mathematical Physics/Theoretical









Year Book 2015

MULHERKAR, Rita (b. 1952) Ph.D., Scientific Officer H &
Professor, Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research &
Education in Cancer, Tata Memorial Centre, Kharghar, Navi
Mumbai - 410210; Res. A-103, Park Dew, Sector 20, Kharghar,
Navi Mumbai - 410210; Tel. (022) 27405044(O), 27744311(R),
0932225645(M) Fax : 27405085; Email : rmulherkar@;; Sp. Cancer Biology/
Cancer Genomics.
MUNIYAPPA, K. (b. 1952) Ph.D., FNA, FASc, FTWAS, Professor &
Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of
Science, Bangalore- 560012; Res. DQ13, New Housing Colony,
IISc Campus, Bangalore - 560012; Tel. (080) 22932235,
23600278, 23600115(O), 23601242(R); Fax: 23600814,
kmbc@; Sp. Molecular Genetics/Cell Biology/
MUNJAL, Manohar Lal (b. 1945) PhD, FNA, FASc, FNAE, MEASc,
INSA Senior Scientist & Honorary Professor, Department of
Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
- 560012; Res. Flat No. S1, Skanda Residency, 40-41, 6th
Cross, Ashram Colony, Sanjay Nagar, RMV II Stage, 2nd Block,
Bangalore - 560094; Tel. (080) 22932303, 23603611(O),
23414855(R); Fax : 23600648, 23603611; Email: munjal@; Website:
~frita; Sp. Technical Acoustics/ Industrial Noise Control/
Automotive Noise Control.
MURALIDHAR, Kambadur (b.1948) PhD, FNA, FASc, Honorary
Professor & JC Bose National Fellow, Faculty of Life Sciences
and Biotechnology, South Asian University, Akbar Bhawan
#230, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021; Res. 39/8, Shakthi
Nagar, Delhi-110007; Tel. 09810927705(M); Email: kambadur; Sp. Endocrinology/Biochemistry/Reproductive Biology.
Council : Mem. 2003-05
MURTHY, Chivukula Anjaneya (b. 1958) Ph.D.,FNAE, Machine
Intelligence Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, 203, B.T. Road,
Kolkata- 700108; Res. A1-6/2, Malancha Abasan, 211, B.T.
Road, Kolkata- 700036; Tel. (033) 25753104(O), 25781481(R);
Fax : 25783357; Email :; Sp. Pattern
Recognition/Image Processing/Soft Computing.
MURTHY, Mathur Ramabhadra N. (b. 1950) Ph.D., FNA, FASc,
FAAS, FTWAS, Professor, Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian
Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012; Res. 531
‘Beladingalu’, 14th Main Gokul I Stage,I Phase, Bangalore 560054; Tel. (080) 22932458(O), 23372981(R); Fax: 23600535,
23600683; Email:; Sp. X-ray Crystallography/Structural Biology/Protein Evolution.
MURTHY, Puvvada Kalpana (b. 1951) Ph.D., Scientist 'G', Division
of Parasitology, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, BS 10/1,
Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Sitapur Road, Lucknow226031; Res. M-88/B-2, Jankipuram, Sitapur Road Yojna,
Lucknow - 226021; Tel. (0522) 2772450-51 Extn.4485(O),
4041256(R), 09839196602(M); Fax : 2771941; Email :;;











MURTY, Budaraju Srinivasa (b.1964) PhD,FASc,FNAE, FASM,
Professor, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai - 600036; Res.
C-2-6-5A, IIT Madras Campus, Chennai - 600036; Tel. (044)
22574754(O), 22576754(R), 09444077006(M); Fax : 22570509;
Email :; Sp. Nanomaterials/Composites/
Phase Transformations.
MUSTI, Narasimha Murty (b. 1954) Ph.D.,FNAE, Professor,
Department of CSA, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012; Res. Flat No. 3, Vigyan Vihar Apartments, 4th Cross,
Jaladarshini Layout Extn., Bangalore - 560094; Tel. (080)
22932779(O), 23414315(R); Fax : 23602911; Email : mnm@; Sp. Pattern Recognition/Machine Learning.
MUTHANE, Uday Baburao (b. 1961) M.B.B.S.,D.M., Additional
Professor of Neurology, National Institute of Mental Health &
Neurosciences, Bangalore - 560029; Res. 2081, 24th Main,
HSR Sector-1, Bangalore - 560034; Tel. (080) 26995480(O),
25725562(R); Fax: 26560044; Email:; Sp.
Medical Science/Neuroscience.
MYSORE, Shashidhar Srikantiah (b. 1958) Ph.D., Senior Principal
Scientist, Division of Organic Chemistry, National Chemical
Laboratory, Pune - 411008; Res. D-II-17, NCL Colony, Pashan
Road, Pune - 411008; Tel. (020) 25902055(O), 25893211(R);
Fax : 25902624;Email :; Sp. Organic
NADGAUDA, Rajani Satish, (b. 1951) Ph.D., FLS (London), FMAS,
FTWAS,Senior Professor, Plant Cell and Molecular Biology,
Indian Institute of Advanced Research, Block No. 2, 1st Floor,
Udyog Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar - 382011; Tel.
09328242536(M); Email:; Sp.
Plant Biotechnology.
Award : Dr. P.Sheel Memorial Young Woman Scientist Award,
Nat.Acad. Sci.India (1997).
Council : Mem. 2006NAGABHUSHANAM, Rachakonda (b.1931) Ph.D. (Tulane), D.Sc.,
FNA, Formerly Professor & Head, Dept. of Zoology,
Marathwada Univ., Aurangabad; Consultant in Biotechnology,
8009, New Brunswick Dr., Cincinnati, OH, 45241-1357, USA;
Tel. (0513) 779-1443; Sp. Animal Physiology/Marine Biology/
Invertebrate Endocrinology.
NAGANAGOWDA, G.A. (b. 1961) Ph.D., Assistant Professor,
Centre of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance, Sanjay Gandhi Post
Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Raebareli Road,
Lucknow - 226014; Res. Musandihal, Godabanahal Post,
Chitradurga Taluk and District Kanataka - 577555; Tel.
Magnetic Resonance.
NAGARAJ, Ramakrishnan (b. 1953) Ph.D., FNA, FASc, Scientist,
Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Uppal Road,
Hyderabad - 500007; Res. 103, Vinay Vihar, St-11, Tarnaka,
Hyderabad - 500017; Tel. (040) 27192589(O), 27019882(R);
Fax : 27160591, 27160311; Email :; Sp.
Peptide & Protein Biochemistry/Membrane Biochemistry.









Year Book 2015

NAGARAJA, Valakunja, (b. 1954) Ph.D., FASc, FNA, Chairman
and Professor, Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Biology, Indian
Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012; Res. Sumeru, No.19,
NTI Layout, Adj. Dollar Colony, RMV Extn. II Stage, Bangalore 560094; Tel. (080) 23600668(O), 23418256(R); Fax :
23602697; Email :; Sp. Regulation of
Gene Expression/Molecular Biology of Mycobacteria/R-M
NAGARAJAN, Radhakrishnan, (b. 1942) Ph.D., FNA, Emeritus
Professor, University of Mumbai, Dept. of Atomic Energy,
Centre of Excellence for Basic Sciences, Health Centre
Building, Vidyanagari, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400098;
Formerly Professor, Condensed Matter Physics and Material
Science, TIFR, Mumbai; Res. 303, Dnyaneshwar, Opp.
Gaikwad Road (Near Tambe Nagar Jain Temple), Mulund (W),
Mumbai - 400080; Tel. 09322370689(M); Email : nag@tifr.;; Sp. Superconductivity/
Valence Fluctuation / Mossabauer Spectroscopy /
NAGARAJAN, Subrahmaniam (b.1945) PhD, FNA, FNAAS,
Formerly Director, IARI, New Delhi; Res. Shiwalik 8/49, New
Colony, 16th Cross Street, Chrompet - 600044, Chennai; Tel.
(044) 22414242(R), 09884627600(M); Email: sn@nagarajans.
net; Sp. Epidemiology/Disease Management/ Wheat
Improvement /IPR.
NAGARAJU, Javare Gowda (b. 1954) Ph.D., FNA, FASc, Khorana
Chair, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Centre for DNA
Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Building 7, Gruhakalpa, 5-4399/B, Nampally, Hyderabad- 500001; Res. H.N.11, Pragathi
Homes, Near S.M.P. Model School, Hydershakote, Hyderabad 500008; Tel. (040) 24749341, 24749342(O), 20020319(R),
09490119640(M); Fax: 24749343; Email: jnagaraju@; Sp. Genetics and Evolution.
NAG, Devika (b. 1938) MD, FAAN, FIANSc, Professor Emeritus,
Dept. of Neurology, KG Medical College, Lucknow; Senior
Consultant Neurologist, Mayo Hospital, Lucknow; Res. 9/10
Suryodaya Colony, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow - 226001; Tel.
(0522) 2302269/70(O), 2231797(R), 09415408403(M); Fax.
2303939;;Sp.Medicine/ Neurology/
NAIK, Niranjan Krishna (b. 1944) Ph.D., Professor and Head,
Aerospace Engineering Department, Indian Institute of
Technology- Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076; Res. Quarter
B-7, Central Area, IIT Campus, Powai, Mumbai - 400076; Tel.
(022) 25767114(O), 25722154(R); Fax : 25722602; Email :; Sp. Polymer Matrix Composites/
Textile Composites/Aerospace Technology.
NAIK, Prakash Dattatray (b. 1959) Ph.D., Head, Chemical
Dynamics Section, Radiation & Photochemistry Division,
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai - 400085;
Res. 16-D, Udayagiri, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai - 400094; Tel.
(022) 25595398(O), 25572702(R), 09221798549(M); Fax :
25505151; Email :; Sp. Chemical Kinetics
& Dynamics/Atmospheric Chemistry.

Bhandup (W). Haffkime Institute. Tel. Kunchupillai Gopalakrishnan (b. Tel. Secretary. Sp. R.400076. Chairman. Sector 23-A. FIETE. Mumbai. Engineering Sciences-Vibrations/Instrumentation Control/Intelligent Control. Res. Fax : 2575552. NANDA. Tel. Near Thrikkakara Temple. Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). Kochi . Powai.1954) PhD.D. Phase-II. 1945) Ph. NAIR. Res.400078. Kharagpur-721 302. Res. 250(O).edu.110067. Gopalan Madhavan (b. Parel. National Institute of Immunology. Mumbai . P-12.res. Indian Institute of Technology. Sp. Email : cellbiolirr@rediffmail. Ph. Udyog Vihar Phase-III. C-201. Signal Transduction Lab 1. . Former Chairman. Cochin University PO. 25723480. (022) 25662334(R). Director. 4075668(R). inamboothiri@gmail. A-12. Belvedere Towers. NAMBOOTHIRI. Space Commission. Reproductive Biology/Ovarian Endocrinology/Cell Culture.). New Delhi . (022) 25767196(O). Tarala Deepak (b. A-082. FWIF. FASI. Res. Visiting Scientist. Fax : 24139412. bcnakra@hotmail. 09833596546(M). (Sr. Temple Road. Nandanam. National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health. Fax : 25767152.Fellows 2004 1995 2010 1995 2013 1974 2004 2014 197 NAIR. FNAE.(0124) 2365811/12 Extn. FNA. 1964) Ph. Executive Director. FIE(I). (0471) 2720941(R). DLF. Gurgaon . Professor of Eminence & Principal Advisor to Governing Body. New Delhi 110067. Physics/Electronics/Popularisation of Science. 2575552(O). 496. ‘Manjari’. NAKRA. Formerly Deputy Director.D. Samarth Garden. 1969) PhD. NANDEDKAR. Fax : 2876500. nairgb@thsti. DOS. Res. 4233633(R). Department of Chemistry.D. FASc.682022.. Email : velianadkgn@gmail. Ex. Grade).400012. Kochi. Gurgaon .122001.. Email: gbnair_2000@yahoo. Parel. Mumbai . Translational Health Science and Technology Institute. FTWAS. Res. Sp.682022. gmnairg@gmail. Vinay Kumar ( New Colony. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Email : irishi@iitb. 25768196(R). Gurgaon122016. Bahadur Chand (b. Medical Tel. Staff Scientist VI.1939) PhD(Lond. Sp.400076. 2575400(R). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Mathematics Department. velianad@yahoo. Fax : 26742125. (0484) 2575039. 09999829379(M). 26703790(R).in. Email: gmnair@isro. Email : bcnakra@ itmindia. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg.. (011) 26703789(O). Centre for Science in Gopinath Balakrish (b.D. (0124) 2876400(O). National Institute of Immunology. Professor. Organic Chemistry/Organic Synthesis Reaction Mechanism.122022. Bangalore. Molecular Biology/Cell Biology/Biochemistry. Asha Kunj. Space Technology/ Rocket System Design/Science & Technology Management. Gurgaon . ISRO. Institute of Technology and Management. Mumbai . Building Sp. IIT Quarters.S. 09891497516(M). 1943) FNAE. Email : vinaykn@nii. Sp. FIIPE. 09810660668 (M). 8 Datta Mandir Professor. 09969960735(M). Irishi Narayanan (b. Cyber City. Cochin University of Science & Technology. Tel.122017. NAIR. Sasthamangalam. Thiruvananthapuram – 695010.. com. Mumbai . B-53. FASc. 1934) Ph.

Prem (b. Lawrence Road.1960) PhD. NIAS. Former Controller of Certifying Authorities. Email : sunita@cseindia.Sci. Res. Res.Natl. 41. 23327570(R). Engineering Mechanics Unit. MIG Flats. A-17. (040) 23134854(O).560003. University of Hyderabad. (011) 29955778(O). 12. ISRO K.. MI 48334-2932. Sp.ernet.D. Rajmahal Vilas II Stage. Fax: 22082951.). IASRI. Centre for Science & Environment. Tel. FNA. New Delhi.ernet.110 092. Sp. PhD(hc). Dona Paula. Bangalore 560094.iisc. 23412705(R). Extension. Hyderabad 500046. 1959) PhD. FRS. narahari. 09848155416(M). IISc. (080) 22932773.Sc. FTWAS.ernet. I. FASc. FNA. 1961) D. Tel. Res. Sp. Email : hari@csa. New Delhi. 2450786(R). Indian Institute of Science. NIO. New Delhi . Centre for Atmospheric Sciences.Engg. NARASIMHA. Department of Computer Science and Automation. Yadati (b. & Chairman. Bangalore . Farmington Hills.). Banjara Hills. O/o CCA. Game Theory/ Network Economics/Electronic Commerce.iisc. DIT. Tel.W. USA. & U. Plot No. Jaladarshini Layout. IISc/JNCASR. 19. Fax : 29955879. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. FASc.1954) Ph. Formerly Director. Professor. FNAAS. 22932468(O).(Edin. FNA. Director’s Bungalow. Sunita (b. AIISc. Supramolecular Chemistry/Crystal Engineering. Res. New Delhi . 1934) Ph.500034. Email : roddam@jncasr. Bangalore. Res.Acad. National Institute of (011) 22721073(R).198 2008 2002 2007 1984 2012 1989 1998 Year Book 2015 NANGIA. NARASIMHADEVARA. Mother Dairy Road. Vijayaditya (b. Malleswaram. 26863380(R). Fax : 2450602. FIEEE. DST Year-of-Science Professor. Dona Paula. 23310265(R). Plot 81 A/c. Email: narainprem@hotmail.Sc. FNAE. Sp. Formerly Professor Emeritus. Goa403004. Res. Professor. FASc. Bangalore and NAL.D. Ramanathan Distinguished Professor and INSA Golden Jubilee Research New BEL Road.P. Foreign Assoc. Sp. Email : ashwini.110016. Fax : Director. Information Technology. Bangalore-560064. Science & Society. D. Bangalore. 4th Cross. (May to October) 29278. Roddam (b.(hc). Tel. (November to April) B-3/27A.yadati@gmail.Natl.Acad. 1933). School of Chemistry. Green Park. Tughlakabad Industrial Email: naqvi@nio. Glen Oaks Blvd. NARAIN. FRSC. FTWAS. Bangalore . 1946) PhD(USA). 2453463. Oceanography/Aquatic Biogeochemistry/Global Chance. C-72. Fax : 23012460.. IARI & Director. (0832) 2450201(O). Tel.nangia@gmail. Goa 403004. Hyderabad . FNA. . FNA.110062. Syed Wajih Ahmad (b. NARAIN. Tarang Apartments. Director General. (080) 22082999(O). NARAHARI. Ashwini (b.S. S. ansc@uohyd. PhD(Caltech). Tel.S.P.(Edin. FASc. Sp. U. Statistical Genetics/ Agricultural Statistics. Sp. Fluid Mechanics/Aerospace Engineering/Atmospheric Dynamics. No. Road No. MLA Colony. New Delhi . New Delhi-110035.

Indore . Chemistry & Physics of Materials Unit. K. Professor & Res.. 1932) Ph. 204(O).D. FNA. 23629016(R). Anant Vishnu (b. Res.S. New Bel Road. (080) 22082822(O).edu. Shobhana (b. NARLIKAR. Centennial Campus.. Minneapolis. No. (0731) 2463913 Ext. FAPS.ncsu. 1460. Jakkur. FMRS.D. Sp.560094. TIFR Colony. N. NARAYAN.400005.A.(Ohio). New Delhi.D. 355. Sp. 2465437. Jakkur. Tel. MBBS. Email : narlikar@yahoo.Senior Professor. Jr. 2368(O). Cosmic Rays/Particle Physics. (Cantab). Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Tel. 1948) Ph. 2361546.452017. Website: www. NPL. Fax: 22082766. . Academic Affairs. Res. Chandrabhas (b. (919)-515-7874(O). Experimental Condense Matter Physics/Light Scattering/ High Pressure Research. Distinguished University Professor & Director. Tel.J. Electronic Materials/Laser Processing of Materials/Naroscale Characterization. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. (022) 22152971 Ext. JVD-1.. Indrapuri Colony. Formerly Director of Mathematics.USA. Tel. 25881150(R). FASc. Res. UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research. University Campus. Experimental Solid State/Materials Physics. FASc. Email:narasim@math. Professor. Professor & Head.53. Sp. Phase 3. Indore . Sp.D. North Carolina State University.tifrbng. ISRO H.FRMS(Oxon). FTMS. Opp. Theoretical Sciences Unit. 1965) Ph. Apartment 101.Sc. Bangalore . Res. 4917.O. USA.Minn-55455. NC 27695-7907. Homi Bhabha Road. Srirampura Village. Email: j_narayan@ncsu. Homi Bhabha Road. NC 27613-1034. 22152415(R). (b. of Mathematics. NARASIMHAN. NARASIMHAN. EB-1. Raleigh. Sp. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research.1937) Ph. NSF Centre for Advanced Materials & Smart 1995 1971 1988 2011 2012 1985 2006 1990 199 Jakkur P. Fax : 22082766.. of Material Science and Engineering. Fax : 2462294.560064. Mumbai -400005. Email: narayan@jncasr. 846-7233(R). Bangalore . NARASIMHAN. Sp. U. Fax : 22082766. Tel.. 1964) Ph. Off New Bell Road. NARAYAN..D. Deptt. Analysis/Differential Geometry/Algebraic Geometry.560064.res.560094. mse. Email : cbhas@jncasr.D. FNA. JVE 4.(Cantab).Ph. Bangalore . Dept. 1963) Ph. International Centre for Theoretical Physics.Tel.D. Sp. Satyendra. FASM. Royal Enclave. Tel. "Swapnil"... 23413675(R). Jakkur PO. Res.Q. Mayo Memorial Building. INSA Senior Scientist. Jagdish (b. FTWAS. FRS. (080) 22082833(O). Fax: 515-7642.Syamala Vemuri (b. Vijnanapura. Superconductivity and Condensed matter and Materials Science. Condensed Matter Physics/ Materials Science/Nanoscience. Vignanpura Campus of Bangalore 560064.452017. NARAYANA. Mudumbai Seshachalu (b. Springwood Drive. Khandwa Road. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. Email : shobhana@jncasr. IISc. Bangalore . Res. Bangalore .Sc.(California). Raleigh. Bangalore 560012. 302. (080) 22082810(O). Formerly Director Grade Scientist. 1940) M. (080) 23518865(R).

nat0200@gmail. Second Main Road. InterUniversity Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics.ernet. 34. Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit. Fax: 24420148. Chandigarh . Immunology/Leprosy/ Pathology. Email : nat0200@mail. FASc. Laboratory of Eukaryotic Gene Regulation. Professor & Head of Physcis. Fax: 25604698.560012. Sc.D. 38/1 Panchavati. Fax : 23601310. 1960) Panjab University. Indian Institute of Science. Sp. Pune University Campus. Sp. Tel. New Delhi – 110029.O. Mineral Beneficiation/ Biometallurgy/Environment/Corrosion/Hydrometallurgy. . Tel.iisc. S No. FTWAS. FTWAS. Chandigarh 09282220931(M). Emeritus Professor. 4 Main. NATARAJAN. 1938) MD. Tel.160 014. 26517707(R).14. (080) 22932551(O).in. FIIM. Srinivasan (b. NATARAJAN. 1941) Ph. (011) 26100754(O). Chennai. Sector . Jayant Vishnu (b. Bangalore .in. Fax: 26100754. Sarvapriya Appartments.Website: www. FNA. Flat No. Safdarjung Hospital Campus. Sp. Professor.. Vidyaranyapura. Res. School of Life Sciences. Indira (b. Res.D.E. Department of Biotechnology.. Tel. Email: indiranath@gmail. High Pressure Physics/X-Ray Crystallography/ Materials Science/Creativity. Professor. 09448937430(M). FNA. P.jnu. G-5. NATARAJAN. New Delhi . Tel. Bangalore . Layout. Krishnamurthy (b. NARULA. Sp. Sarvapriya Vihar. Department of Materials Engineering. Cosmology and Astrophysics. Res. 23646499(R).(Cantab). Kottur Gardens. (IITM) Formerly Dean. Anna University. FNA. Suraj Prakash (b. Res. Hon. 7 Cross Naidu Layout RMV 2 Stage. Fax : 23600472. Sp. Inorganic Materials Chemistry. 707. (044) 24475931(R). Website: www. 25881150(R). NATH. Pashan. Post Bag 4. Email: jayant@iucaa.iisc. 1960) Ph. Formerly Professor & Founder Head.ernet. DSc. 1934) Professor. FRC(Path). Box 4909. Tel. FASc. Department of Chemistry.D. 10th Cross. NATARAJAN.. Ganeshkhind. FASc. 23417591(R). 4.D. Srinivasa (b. Res. (020) 25604100(O).in. Bangalore . Chennai-600085.ernet.iucaa.160 014. Raja Ramanna Fellow. Inorganic/Organometallic New Delhi . Email : radarajan@gmail. 1938) Ph. Res. FNAE. B.ernet. Pune . 541556(R).110067. Indian Institute of Science. (0172) 541435(O). DSc(hc).in.411008.D. NASI Senior Scientist. FASc. Pune-411007. 1942) PhD (Minnesota).com. 594.560097. Email : snatarajan@ sscu. Sp. National Institute of Pathology.L. Associate Professor. 2A Ram th th nd Eleganie.560012. New Delhi. Khagol. Kootalai Anantha Iyer (b. (080) 22932679(O).200 1988 1993 2014 2000 1986 2010 1990 Year Book 2015 NARLIKAR.(Cantab). FAMS. Email : kan@materials.110016. Bangalore . Jawaharlal Nehru University. III Block. 6.

FIWWA.D. 3A Niharika. Res. Kolkata . Fax: 220042.. Email: director@nbri. Email: mpnayar@yahoo. Member. 1958) Ph. President.O. Council : Mem. 220042(O).. Formerly Director. Res. President. 1941) M.B. nayak@cern. Professor (Higher Administrative Grade). Res.res. FASc. Govt.).in. Thirumala P. 1956) Ph. Botanical Survey of India. Madurai-625 107.FRSC(Lond. Gurukul Complex. Kolkata . Sankar Kumar (b. A-102. National Ganga River Basin Authority. Salt Lake City.D.O.(Lond). 09836893945(M). (03222) 283374. Kolkata700091. Sp. Kharagpur – 721302.E.. Pitambar Pant National Environment Fellow. Peroorkada P. Sp. FNAE. Res. 23374612(R).com. 277757(R). Council : Mem. Experimental High Energy Physics Section. (0471) 2437069(O).). Fax : 2205839. (P. com. Trivandrum . 2012-13 NATH.. 09831275668 (M). Director. 2015NAYAK. 436. FNESA.695006.D. Vattavila. 09434005953.Tomography/ Earthquake & Engineering and Exploration Seismology/ Mathematical Geophysics. Sp.695005. Director. Chandra Shekhar (b. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. NEELKANTAN. Tapan Kumar (b. Trivandrum . Formerly Professor of Chemistry.. 1932) Ph. Lucknow . Ph.226001. Chairman. DAE. K. Tel.700091. Organic & Natural Products Chemistry. Council : Mem. Arsenic Task Force. 255303. FNA. Plant-Microbial Interactions/Agricultural Microbiology/ Microbial Ecology. Department of Geology & S&T. Formerly Director. No. FLS. kumarjyoti@rediffmail. Email:nath@gg. of West Bengal. College of Pharmacy.D. Res. Lucknow . Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre. Email : nayak@vecc.226020.D. FNAAS. Institution of Public Health Engineers India. 353185(R). Environment/Public Health/Sanitation.DSE(The Netherlands).in. Head. Salt Lake City. Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics/Quark Gluon Plasma. CG-184. 19/315. 1/AF Bidhan Nagar. Sector-2. 23348289(R). All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health. Tel. Tel.700064. Sulabh International Social Service Organisation. csnnbri@yahoo. FSGAT. Apartment No. Fax : 23346871. Email : nathkj@hotmail. Nirala Nagar. 84-85 .Fellows 2009 2003 1998 2014 1987 1982 201 NATH. Chairman. Tel. Post Box 3/1230. Kharagpur . 1960) Ph. AK-284. Sp. NAYAR.. 09734634942 (M).721302. 1/AF Bidhan Nagar. Department of Pharma Chemistry. CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute. (033) 40077613(O). P. (033) 23182311(O).(0522) 2205848(O).co. NAUTIYAL. Madhavan Parameswaran (b. & Former Head. Environmental Resources Research Centre. S. Sp.H. Anushakti Abasan. Taxonomy/ Conservation/Endemic & Endangered Plant Species. Kolkata. Rana Pratap Marg. 282268.ernet. Block 3. Sp. Fax : 23342171.iitkgp. IIT Kharagpur Campus. Tel. Kolkata 700064. FIPHE. The Greens. Kumar Jyoti (b.

Plot 3A.nityananda@gmail. 1926) Ph. Internal Medicine/Immunology/Hematology. Sp. Res. (040) 27170272(O). Fax : 25902636. Sp. Res. Council : F. B-332-B. & Tech. Formerly Professor and UGC Emeritus Fellow. PES South Campus. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. Email : rajaram. of M. Rae Bareilly Road.res. Fax: 27171564. 1922) DPhil. FAGU. Sector-A. FMASc. Azim Premji University.D. FASc. Hira Lal (b. New Delhi .900 Extn. University of Hyderabad. dr_nigam19@gmail.. satishogale@gmail. 81-83 Mem. 25435200(R).com. 128/1B. Kothrud. of Hematology. Email: negi_janardan@yahoo. B-62.D. 2013-14 NIZAM. Rajaram (b. Soniya (b. Dr. 1962) Ph.. (011) 26132371(R).302004.D. 2787179(R). Sp. 84-86 NITYANANDA. Lucknow . 27172427. com. Professor & Head.(McGill). Optics/Gravitating Systems/Statistical Aspects of Astronomy. . Tel. Dept. Nirala Nagar. Developmental Biology of Animals / Embryology / Regeneration. Pune .500 007.411038. Council : Mem. Formerly Professor of Botany. 80 Tr. Geophysics/Exploration Geoelectromagnetics. 1948) PhD. Janardan G..D. Pushkaraj... FRAS. (020) 25902260(O).(London).2291(O).(Lond. Materials Science/Advanced Materials.110070. 1953) Ph. Rewa & Professor. FASc. Hyderabad .226020. Allahabad and Indore University. National Chemical Laboratory. NITYANAND. Brigade Palm Springs. 1936) Ph. Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences. Res. Zoology Dept.D. 09415087963(M). Shramik Sahakari Society.226020. Sp. Sp. 26216397(R). Vasant Kunj. Physical Chemistry Division. Basheer Bagh. National Geophysical Research Institute. Res. 1928) Tel. Res. D-2/2276. Pune . FNA. 09810178979(M). NIGAM. Homi Bhabha Road. soniya_nityanand@ yahoo. Flat No. OGALE. Hyderabad-500 001. 09611789391(M). Lucknow . Hyderabad . Bangalore – 560100. Scientists Colony. Iqbal Ahmad (b. Fax: 2668017.P.411008. Tel. Email : sb.. Madhya Pradesh Council of Sci. Res. Pashan. FASc. Professor.. Emeritus Scientist. DSc(hc).Minar Apartments (Deccan Towers).PhD(London). Sitapur Road Scheme.S. Jaipur . Bangalore – (b. (040) 234043(R). NGRI. Inorganic Chemistry/Magneto Chemistry/Electro Chemistry /Coordination Chemistry/X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy. Sp. Scientific Advisor to the Govt. Tel. Formerly Director Grade Email: dr_nigam17@rediffmail. NIAZI. Director FNA. B1208. 2788587.202 1984 1979 1951 2000 2006 1980 2010 Year Book 2015 NEGI. (0522) 2733818(R). Habshiguda. Satishchandra Balkrishna ( Sp. 09822628242(M). APS University. School of Liberal Studies.M. Electronics City. Jafar ( Res.7/90/1. Department of Chemistry. Email: soniya@sgpgi. Scientist G & Ramanujan Fellow. (0522) 2668700. Email: i_a_niazi@yahoo. Plant Cytogenetics/Cell Biology/Mutation Breeding. Lucknow226021. Tel.

DSc(hc). Switzerland. FASc.Lec. Tel. PADMANABHAN. Trivandrum . Formerly NASI Platinum Jubilee Chair Distinguished Professor. Email : oommenvo@ yahoo. Flat No. nabhan@ iucaa. Chairman of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). 09330968389(M). Mechanical Metallurgy/ Metal Forming/Super. PACHAURI. 1957) Ph. Fax : 24730284. IUCAA. Gandhipuram. 23600814. 598940(R). Indian Institute of Technology. Director-General. Pradhan Centre for Neurosciences. Bangalore-560012. Bangalore . TERI. Email : satyesh_anita@ yahoo. Fax : 23601492.Acad. 24634663(R). 1945) Ph. New Delhi . Email : paddy@iucaa. (+91 11) 2468 2100. Lodhi Road.Award-Nat. Kanpur 208016.DSc(hc). (Cantab). Pune . FIM (London). Res.iucaa. 5. Award:Prof. Kolkata . Res. Bose Road. Department of Zoology. +41-22-7308025/13 (Office-Switzerland).411007. 2468 2145 (Office-India). Sp. FAS. Emeritus (Switzerland).in/~paddy. IPCC-Sec@wmo.S. FIIM. PADMANABAN.FNA. Email: geepee@biochem. IHC Complex. 23342223(R).C. FASc. 09836424335. Banerji Mem. FNA.. Indian Institute of Trivandrum . Kolkata-700019.Carolina).695017. Fax:25604699. Roy PG Institute of Basic Medical Sciences. Sp. (India). Calcutta University. Sp.D.ernet. Darbari Seth Block. 24602173(R). (Cantab).P. Sp. Poona University Campus. 1940) M. +41-22-730-8208/84 (Office-Switzerland). Tel.Sci.plasticity and Plasticity. Pune . . Distinguished Professor (Scientist I) & Dean. C.India (1997).1211 Geneva 2. FNA. S. (020) 25604106(O). 1938) PhD. Vilaverthottathil Oommen (b. Formerly Director. Ganeshkhind. Website: www.. Thanu (b. Fax (+91 11) 2468 2144. Tel. Govindarajan (b. 41504900 (OfficeIndia). Baruch. FTWAS. Satyesh Chandra ( Vyalikaval. 8F/2. Chemistry of Natural Products. Post Bag 4.D.(033) 22233260(O).Fellows 2000 1986 1988 2000 1993 1995 203 OOMMEN. 8th Main Road.D.ernet. Fax : 307158. 7bis Avenue de la Paix. 8. Kariavattom. 18/3. Tel. Sp. Akashganga. Res. Poona University Campus. 244B-Acharya J. Molecular Biology/ Recombinant DNA/Malaria Parasite Biology. Ganeshkhind. (N. (0471) 418906(O). Dr. CH.700020. 24408123. (CSIR).411007. 25692922(R). 23942540(O). 2300. FNAE. of Biochemistry. New Delhi-110 003.D. Email: kap@iitk.res.D. Res. Comparative Endocrinology & Physiology/ Molecular Taxonomy and Biodiversity Reproductive Biology. Dept. Rajendra Kumar (b. University of Kerala.695581. Core Academic Programmes. Energy Economics/Energy Engineering.N. India. FRE.. Sc. Kuppuswamy Anantha (b. Ph.560 003. Quantum Theory/Gravitation/ Cosmology and Structure Formation in the Universe. FASc.110 003. R-160 Golf-Links. 1949) Ph.C. Res. C/O World Meteorological Organization. Tel. IUCAA Housing Colony.ernet. ’Meghamallar’. No. INSA Senior Scientist. (080) 23601492.1930) PhD. Sreekariam.Gariahat Road. Email : mailbox@teri.

com. Pune .. Email: gp_pal50@rediffmail. (020) 25694952(O). Plot . 25692248. Sp. Email: hpal@barc. FNA. . Res.411 008. Mumbai . FNAE. Radiation & Photochemistry Dynamics Division. (020) 25902600(O). 1959) Ph. Email : jkpal@unipune.& Lond. P. Trombay. 1949) Ph. Nikhil Ranjan (b. Bose Institute. Professor & Head. Director. Fax: 23343886. Sector . Flat No. Email : s. 25752041(O). B. Modern Dental College & Research Centre. 1909) DSc (Lond. Division of Plant Biology. 25783357.S. FIFSA. Lake View 1953) Sp. Fuzzy Systems/Soft Computing and Data Mining/Bioinformatics.FMASc. M. FIFSA. Aundh Road. Orion Complex. 25519613. Email : sankar@isical. 51. Res. 25772030. Res. Professor and Head. Kolkata -700108. FIEEE. FNAE. A-1.D. PAL. 2497600(R). Indian Statistical Institute.(033) 25752906(O). Road.17. 1959) Ph. com. FNA. Theoretical Chemistry. Fax : 25505151. D. ( amita_pal@yahoo. Molecular Photochemistry Section.Tel. FASc. Kolkata. Sankar Kumar (b. Res.400085.pal@ Fax: 25773035. PAL. Padmavati Colony.Tel. National Chemical Laboratory. PAL. 09425496354(M).1950) M. Tularambagh.. 25775099(R). Dept. Res. sankarpal@yahoo. ernet. PAL. (0731) 2882693(O). 09433905237(M). Director’s Bungalow. Near St. 1955) Ph. Former Pathologist. P1/12 CIT Scheme Pune . Department of Biotechnology.700054. Fax : 25691821.). H.D. Anatomy/Biomechanics of 09830009846(M). Indian Statistical Institute.26865823(R). Jayanta Kumar (b. Computational Intelligence/ Pattern Recognition/ Bioinformatics. Hooghly712102. Fax: 25788699. 1950) PhD(Cal.D. Website: www. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. FAMS. Pragatinagar. Sp. Pattern Recognition and Image Processing/Neural Networks. Photo-Chemistry/Chemical Dynamics/ ElectronTransfer/Supramolecular Chemistry.Chinsurah (R. FASc. 203. 74.452001. Pratik. Email : nikhil@isical. Molecular Genetics/ Developmental and Stress Biology. Road. Cell Molecular Biology/Developmental Biology/Genetic Engineering. University of Pune. Senior Professor. Professor. Haridas (b. Sp. Indore. Pune 411007.700108. NCL Tel. Scientific Officer (H-PR). DIC. Tel. B-4.T. B. (033) 25752040.37.ernet. Gaya Prasad (b. 25902480(R).411008. (0532) 2500982/83(R).S. Head. IARI. 8. PAL. Email: amita@bic. Paul School. (022) 25595396(O). of Anatomy.boseinst. FIAPR.. Fax : 25902601. Koperkhairane. FTWAS. PAL. Tel. Tel. ISI.Tel. Indore . ECSU. 27548126(R). Res.. (033) 25693219(O). PAL. Res. Distinguished Scientist & Former Director. FASc. Amita (b. 25815037(R).S. 203. Pune411020. Sp. Kolkata 700108. 24648775. gov. Navi Mumbai Sp. 24641217(R).204 2005 1995 2004 2009 1951 2009 1993 1998 Year Book 2015 PAL. Sourav (b. Tel..B. Sp.D. Kolkata . Kankurgachi.. Allahabad.400709. FNA.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Anushaktinagar. Microwaves/Electromagnetics/Space Communication/ Satellite Navigation (GPS. Sp. Sp. Indian Institute of Technology. Indian Institute of Technology. B 17. Former Director. Professor & Dean. Kajal Kunja. No. Email: pal_surendra@hotmail. Dum Dum.400076. Assistant Director Grade. 3-Kalyani. Tel. Scientific Officer (H).com. Lok Man S. Nr. Almora..D. Res. (022) 25767838(O). Awards : Prof. Fax: 25723480.B. Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute. FNAE. 09880595280(M). Bombay. 1964) Satellite Navigation th (ISRO). Fax : 282252. Woldorf Compound. Surendra (b. FIETE. Fax : 24757606.D. Clement Town. Powai. Ganapati (b. Dehradun – 248002. Tel. 25571283(R). 26666634(R) Department of Chemistry.. (b. 1948) Ph. Prof. Mumbai 400094. (080) 25084269(O). Email : tpal@ chem. Sp. Tel. Tel. Graphic Era (Deemed) University. Fax : 25084261/4275. GLONASS. Sp.(Wales). Mumbai . Dipak Kumar (b. FIE. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. DSc(UK).Fellows 1993 2007 2006 1997 2014 2005 2003 205 PAL. 9 Cross. Biotechnology Tarasankar (b. Powai.09456748720(M).560078. (03222) 283320(O). Vikram Nagar. Res. 1959) Ph. 3.D. GAGAN. Department of Oncogene Regulation. GALILEO). School of Electrical Sciences. 51A/1. Sp. Email : panda@iitb. 566/6 Bell Road. Shri Ranjan Memorial Lecture (2004).. Nainital 263001.FIETE. Head. MC Garden Road. Sp. PAL. 1957) Ph. FISPM. Associate Bangalore . Kolkata .in. .D. 283321(R).D. Email: dkpalit@barc. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur .in. Cancer Genetics/Developmental Genetics/ Functional Genetics. 2005-06 PANDA. Award Lecture in the field of Biodiversity (2007) Council : Mem. Kolkata 700026. Mumbai . 255303. (033) 24743922(O). FNAE. PALIT. IIT Campus. 37. Bangalore . Vijaya Bank. ISRO Layout. Email : ckpanda. FNA.iitkgp. School of Biosciences and Bioengineering. ISRO Layout. (022) 25595091(O). 25480905(R). No. Dulal (b.700030. FNAAS. Res. PALNI. Dist.cnci@ gmail. Res. Radiation & Ultrafast Chemistry Section. 1948) PhD. PANDA. Riturain. Radiation & Photochemistry Division. Mumbai 400076. Res... Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development. 09836594727(M). Radiation Chemistry/Photochemistry/Ultrafast Spectroscopy. Digital Signal Processing/Soft Computing and Digital Communication. Tel.Sc. Chinmay Kumar (b. A-83. Satish Dhawan Professor & Senior Advisor. Email: gpanda@ iitbbs. Kharagpur .400085. Inorganic Chemistry/Nano Science/ Catalysis. Flat 1A/B. Plant Growth Substances/Plant Tissue Culture/Plant Microbe Interactions. Biochemistry/ Biophysics/Biotechnology. Email : lmspalni@rediffmail.ernet. FIEEE. Fax: 25595234. Professor. Sp.721302. 25720281(R). Central Area. Res. 1952) Ph.D.1953) Ph. 3. PANDA.721302. SP Mukherjee Road. G.560078. Professor. Bhubaneswar – 751013.

(0542) 6702480(O).in. PANDEY. SUNERAA. Sachivalaya Marg. Tel. AIIMS. Senior Consultant in Medicine. Ravindrapuri Extension. Ashok (b.Phil. Nainital263129. Banaras Hindu University. Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya. ARIES Campus. Former ViceChancellor. Faculty of Science.263129. New D/2 Tulsi Das Colony.res. Chitrakoot. Microbial & Enzyme Technology/Food & Fermentation Technology. PANDEY. Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research. 2314658(R). Respiratory Medicine/Clinical Epidemiology. Jitendra Nath (b. School of Materials Science & Technology.. Varanasi . Sp. Varanasi221005. Professor. Sp. Industrial Estate PO. Naini. Ferroics and Multiferroics/Phase Transitions/Materials Science. (011) 26345260(R). Email : pandey@niist.695014. Res. Allahabad 211008. Star Formation/ Star Clusters/Gravitational Lensing. Pocket B. PANDEYA. 13-14A. Sp.221005. 191-MIG-I. 1956) D. Email : panda@iopb. Field Theory/String Theory/ String Cosmology. Institute of Physics. Email : dspbhu@bhu. 2301367. Tel. Head.O. 1942) Varanasi .D. 2495949(O). P.res. Sainik School. . Tel. Daya Shankar (b. 2306601(R). dsprewa@yahoo. (0542) 6701799(O). Siddharth Extension. Organometallic/Bioinorganic/ Supramolecular Chemistry. 09415344234(M). CS Road. 235583(O).D. FISEES. New Delhi – 1952) Ph. Trivandrum . Sp. Fax : 2368707. Fax: Manora Peak.. M..FNA. Inorganic Chemistry/ESR Spectroscopy/ Mössbauer Spectroscopy. Centre for Biofuels & Biotechnology Div. 09899861128(M). krishnabpandeya@hotmail. Email: (05942) 235136. Varanasi – 221005. 1941) M. 1958) Ph. PANDEY. 1959) Ph.D. Bhubaneswar – 751005.Phil. Res.res. Manora Peak. Jagathy. 09437559215(M). 2010 1999 1979 2005 2012 2009 2009 Year Book 2015 PANDA. Pappanamcode. New Delhi 110014. Professor. Department of Formerly Chairman. Res. Krishna Bihari (b.(0674) 2301825. 1961) Ph.. Email : dpandey_bhu@yahoo.G. Professor & JC Bose National Fellow.D. 2368174. H-7 VDA Flats. A.. Email: pandey@aries. Fax: 233439. 235583(R).Trivandrum-695019 Res. Heera Dale. Formerly Professor & Head of Medicine. Scientist F. (0532) 2698848(R). PANDE. Dhananjai (b. Indian Institute of Technology (BHU). Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences. 26 A. Banaras Hindu University. Sp. 2368500(R). Nainital. 2330022(R). Res. Director. Sp.. Sudhakar ( (0471) 2515279. ashokpandey56@ yahoo. 2306401(O). UP Public Service Commission. Dy Director & Chief Scientist. Fax : 2491712.D.FASc.211005. Tel. Fax : 2368174. Res. CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology. Anil Kumar (b. Tel. Tel. FAMS.A. MP..

Chemical Engineering/Multiphase Reactors/Cavitation Phenomena.. Ocean & Climate Sciences. (0522) 4063642(R). 09842164130(M). Faizabad Road. Lucknow – 226014. Chemical Engineering Dept. Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar.Fellows 1993 2014 1991 2008 1984 2014 2012 2008 207 1958) Ph. Tel.. Formerly National Professor. E-3. 9. FASc. 78. Aniruddha Bhalchandra (b. Res.793022. Res. nanapandit @yahoo. Madurai . Ahmedabad .in. pcpandey45@yahoo. FNA. Raebareli Road.. 1950) Ph. PANDIT. 1954) School of Biological Sciences. Tel. Res. Pran Nath ( Organic Synthesis/ Bioorganic Chemistry. Hyderabad . Om Prakash (b. University of Delhi. Res. Madurai Kamaraj University. Sp.rer. 09970171802(M). Institute of Chemical Technology. 1949) Ph. Fax : 2668215. FASc.FNNAS. 1945) PhD. Sp. Fax : 2550076. Marutipuram.751013.D.FNA.D..1957) Ph.D. Aalay Apartments. Shillong 793022. Shillong . Mumbai . Email : Thavamani Jegajothivel (b. Email : pandita@iucaa. Email: gp. Marg. 09440832738(M).com. (011) 27666163(O). Ganesh Prasad (b. Genetics & Plant Breeding/Biotechnology.res. P-30. Prashant Coop.ernet. PANDEY. FASc. North Eastern Hill University.. N. FNAAS. FTWAS. Samantapuri. Old Natham Road. Tel. Hyderabad . Tel. Email: write2skpandey @gmail. Uppal Road. Maharaj Plant Ecogenomics/Sustainability/ Conservation Biology. School of Earth. Email : tjpandian16@gmail.P. Madurai-625021.pandey@cbmr. Professor & JC Bose National Fellow.pandit@gmail.pandit@ictmumbai. PANDITA. Centre of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance. Lucknow – 226016.380015.500039. (0452) 2640139(R).D. Department of Environmental Studies. FMASc. Environmental Biology Genetics and Fishery Dr. Bhubaneswar . Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS Campus. FNA. Sp. (040) 27012818(O). (0674) 2576114(O). Department of Physics.400016. 24302660(R).625014. (0364) 2722823(O). Emeritus Scientist. (0522) 2668985(O).500007.Tel. (Kiel).co. 09695162741(M). 08763865350 (M).400019. PANDEY. CSIRNational Geophysical Research Institute. Fax : 33611020. Satellite Oceanography/Atmospheric Sciences/Climate Change and Polar Research. FASc. Sp. Email : pcpandey@iitbbs. . FNA. Sp. Professor & Head. Vastrapur. 27200109(R). Res. Marg. ab. Email : dr. UGC Research Scientist C (Professor's Grade). Director. Tel.37. Geophysics/Geological Sciences/Earth's Thermal Evolution. Delhi.. Central Potato Research Institute. Fax : 23434651. DSc(hc). Res.D.1/2. NEHU. Surya Nagar Colony. S. Shimla. 1939) PhD. Mumbai . Professor Emeritus. FNAE. Sp.B. Suman Kumar (b. PANDIT. Sp.Hous. PANDEY. Email : rajkpandit@ gmail.FASc.1948) Ph.Soc. (022) 33611111(O). 1-49/3/37 Plot No. (b. Matunga. Director. Theoretical High Energy Physics/Astroparticle PANDIAN. Prem Chand (b. 2550078(R). Ex.

1941) Ph. Khelgaon. Email : cnparamasivan@ gmail. Chennai 600042. Sp. PANI. Sp. Kumaun University. (044) 22541229. Taramani. Botany Department. At/PO Arilo. 3 Cross Street. Field Theory/Quantum Computation. Sp.208 2007 2002 2012 2005 1999 2013 2006 2009 Year Book 2015 PANGTEY. Nainital . D.110049. Tel. Chennai . Knowledge City. Khelgaon.D. Plant Biotechnology/ Genomics/Transgenics. Professor. Mohali. Malli Bamori. Kapil Hari (b.. (011) 26704504(O).. Associate Professor. 14. 65299022(O).D. DSB Campus.600010. Mohanpur . Res. 26632955(R). Distt. C-50. FNA.D. Chhota Singh Block.Sc. ViaSompur. Chhota Singh Block. Flat # B-533.. (0172) 2293110(O). PAREEK. Ganga Vihar. Jawaharlal Nehru University.D. 09915269019(M). 09818487723(M). Climate Change Technology Assessment/Energy Modelling/ Power System Modelling . Ajay Kumar ( Sector 81. Email : y_pangtey@ yahoo. 1969) Ph. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Kolkata Mohanpur Campus. 09748918201(M). FASc. Tel. Yash Pal Singh (b.. Programme Find/India & SE Asia. Fax : 26742558. Email : kapil@iiser mohali. Head of TB.600113. Mumbai 400076. D. Council : New Delhi 110067. Velacherry. Crop Physiology/ Genomics/Abiotic Stresses.. Sp. Murugu Nagar Extn. Haldwani . Manauli PO . Kilpauk Garden Western Extension. New Delhi . Executive Director. School of Life Sciences.741252. rd Swaminathan Research Foundation. Telefax : 2240266. Jain PARIDA. Department of Mathematics. 1958) Taxonomy of Flowering Plants/Ferns of Uttarakhand.1947) Ph. New Delhi . 26. PO BCKV. Fax : (05942) 235576. Integrated Research and Action for Development..263002. 2013-14 PARIKH. Institutional Area. 1960) PhD.S.110067.140306.. FAMS.. Department of Mathematical Sciences. M. PANIGRAHI. Ph.. C-50. Res. 26741558(R). Email : jparikh@irade. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Email : pprasanta@iiserkol.263139. Fax : 26495522. NASI-Senior Scientist. Cuttack. Algebraic Geometry/Differential Geometry/ Topology. 1963) Ph. Sp. Email: ajay@mssrf. ( Res.D.D. New Delhi . Medical Microbiology/Immunology/Molecular and Cell Biology. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Res. Tel. Executive Director. Powai. Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics.D. Tel.Sc. Email : ashwanipareek@gmail. (05942) 235596(O). Chennai . Ashwani (b. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research. PARANJAPE. (011) 26495522(O). Prasanta Kumar (b. Res. Hansalya Building Barakhamba. Ajitgarh. Professor. Paschimabad New Complex. Tel. Jyoti Kirit (b. (011) 30419550(O). (05946) 284546(R). IInd FL. 26490126(R). Res. Sp. Chinnambedu N. 1944) Ph. Professor. Tel. Fax: 22541319. Fax : 03325873020. Road New Delhi. PARAMASIVAN.110049. Amiya Kumar.

Indian Statistical Institute. USA. Plot 8. Phase I. Algebra/Algebraic Geometry. Biodiversity Conservation/ Plant Ecology & Taxonomy. PARTHASARATHY. Integrated Research and Action for Development. FRAAS. Puducherry . Chairman. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.emory. Sp. Planning Commission.S.(McGill).D. USA.Tech. (011) 41493923(O). M. Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. 1948) Ph. FTWAS. Fax : (01262) 243791. Res. Narayanaswamy (b.J. FASc. Ravi (b. Mayur Vihar. 203445-1734. Sp. PARKASH. C-50. PARMAR. Formerly Member. (011) 26495522. Email: krp@isid.FBS. E-mail : rpgenetics@gmail. Puducherry . Res. Sp.D. Res. Faculty of Life Sciences. Maharshi Dayanand University.110049. FLS. Emory University. FSCG. Pondicherry University Quarters. S. Atlanta. Khelgaon. Chhota Singh Block. FNA. 1936) Ph. Telefax: 25843243. Emeritus Scientist. Ph. DSc(hc). Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions. Tel. Tel.(MIT). 25843243(R). Email : raj. Pusa Campus. FNA.paroda@yahoo. Professor. 22796447(R). A51. Email : kparikh@irade. Email : parthapu@yahoo. Award : Dr BP Pal Memorial Lecture Award-Nat. 848. 26490126. Probability Theory/Quantum Information Theory. Res. PARTHASARATHY.Sc. Raman (b. D-15.). GA30307. of Genetics. Gyandeep. 7. PARIMALA.D. GA 30322. Type IV/35 MD University Campus. New Delhi . FRES (London).D. Dean. Physiology/ Biochemical Pharmacology/Chemical Pharmacology/ Medicinal Chemistry /Biochemistry/Chemistry.India (1995). Fax : 7275611.124001. Res.(MIT). FISG. Artwood 09996788161 (M). 400 Dowman Drice W 401. PALOMINO Pass. 1942) PhD. 1950) PhD. Fax : 26495522. Asian Games Village Complex. Delhi-110 091. 09466260460. Zoology/Genetics/Population Genetics.. FZS. Tel. Kalyanapuram Rangachari (b. Avenue II. Kirit Shantilal M. Professor of Biosciences. 1959) Ph.. New Delhi-110 016. Plant Breeding/Genetics. Dept. IARI. FZS. 1929) Ph. USA.Acad. (001) 4047277577(O).Tel. 09810191486(M). Fax : 41493981. 2655309(R). Tel. FASc. Sansanwal Marg. Pondicherry University. Tel. Chairman. 4448870(R). School of Life Sciences. taasiari@yahoo. (011) 65437870(O).org. 166. co. Surendra Singh ( Sp. Rohtak ..Fellows 1996 1992 1996 1972 1988 1990 2013 209 PARIKH. DSc. Email : ssparmar34@sbcglobal. (0413) 2654326(O). Professor. FNAAS. Email : parimala@ mathcs.110012. Trumbull CT. Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences and Executive Secretary. FNA. New Delhi . 06611. Rohtak . FTWAS.(Lko. Rajendra Singh ( PARODA.

184 Doyens Township. Homi Bhabha FASc. 301 Meghnad. 23134316(O).D. Sp. sulabhinfo1@gmail. J.D. Sp.Litt.ernet.69622 VILLEURBANNE Cedex. Formerly Director General. 09872448638(M). Jean-Pierre (b. 09500233213(M)..P. B-1.D. IISER. UMR CNRS5558 Biometrie-Genetique et Biologie des Populations Universite Claude Bernard .ac. Bindeshwar (b.agrege. FNA.) Sulabh Bhawan.Honorary Professor. Res. Bhan Datt (b.. Chandigarh-160 014. 1944) Ph. Res. Mumbai-400005. 1934) Ph. Fax : 2222061. Tel. 1928) 1990 1990 1986 2005 1981 2008 1983 1987 Year Book 2015 PARTHASARATHY. Tel.. Email : pascal@biomserv. 25032617(O). Condensed Matter Physics/ Liquid State Dynamics/Electron Fluids/Nano-Science and Cold Atomic Quantum Gases. Sp. Environmental Sanitation and Technology/ Sustainable Development/Social Reform and Social Anand Prakash (b. PATHAK. Department of Physics. univ-lyon1. Tel. Fax : 25034014. Chandigarh-160 014. 2699944(R). Palam-Dabri Road.(Exon. FNA. Formerly Vice-Chancellor & Professor Emeritus. PASSI. Sp. Modification and Characterization. (Off. (33) 0472448238. Hyderabad – 500019.. Serilingampally. Tel. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. ( Chandigarh.400 005. Sp. K. Fax : 2783336. Inder Bir Singh (b. Email: appsp@uohyd. Res. University of Hyderabad.D. Tel. Fax : 0478892719.500046. (040) 23010181.). PATHAK. PATHAK. Former Senior Founder. PATHAK. Council : Mem. Lucknow-226 020. Hydrogeology/Groundwater Hydrology. Tel. (0172) 2691824(R).com.). 1941) PhD.43. Algebra. Homi Bhabha Road. TIFR Housing Colony. Niralanagar. Email : ibspassi@yahoo. Lucknow-226 007. Res. Road.CPhy. School of Physics. (0522)2385536. Council of Agricultural Research & Education. Condensed Matter Physics/Ion-Solid Interactions/Ion Beams Studies of Nano-MaterialsSynthesis. 1939) Ph.1943) Ph. & Res. Panjab University..160014.. A-11. Res.. Representations of Lie Groups.D. Panjab University. Sector 38-A. Chandigarh.1945). Central University P. Sp. Rajagopalan (b. 2013-14 PATHAK. Res. Sulabh International Social Service Organisation. New Delhi 110045. Formerly Chairman. .Tel. MGS2. Colaba. Agricultural Research & Administration.LYON 1. Mahanagar Extenstion. 381 Sector 38A. INSA Senior Scientist. Sp. Lucknow-226 Central Ground Water Board. Sp. boulevard du 11 novembre 1918 . #382. Mano Dutta (b. 1947) Ph.Sc. Email : sulabhinfo@gmail. U.D.O.F .. (0172) 2534468(O). FNA. School of Mathematics. knpathak26@gmail. Ph. 23010747(R).FInstP(Lond. Fax: 23010181.N. FASc. Professor of Physics. FASc. Aliganj Housing Scheme. Email : pathak@pu. Forest Ecology/ Phytogeography/ Vegetation mapping.D. Mumbai . anandp5 @yahoo. PASCAL. Mohali and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics. 23010227. cal@biomserv. Hyderabad . (011) 25031518. Mahavir Enclave. Ministry of Irrigation & Power.

Hirapur. Unit # 1010. 2274075(R). Raipur .org.S. Professor (G). Tel. Dean. Sp. PATHAK. 301-4542183(O). U. 1968) PhD. (0532) 2274391(O). Allahabad . Res. Quantum Information & Computation Group. No. (080) 22082839(O). Fax : 2569576. 47. (080) 22932520(O). Jawaharnagar Extension. U. PATI. Mammalian Cytogenetics/Human Cancer Genetics/Apoptosis/Biology of Telomeres in normal and Cancer Human and Murine Cells/Cancer and Normal Cell Line Authentication of Human and any Mammalian Species (A to Z). Tel. Res. FTWAS. Harish-Chandra Research Institute. (0771) 2262631 Ext. Pt. Formerly Professor and Head. College Park.S. Email: spathak@ mdanderson.. Allahabad . Maryland-20706. Email: lalitblr@ gmail.492010. Jogesh Chandra Physics Department. 23602635(R). 1515 Holcombe Boulevard.. Email: Head. No. (281) 859-3234(R).. 313. Ravishankar Shukla University. (713) 5631892(O). (0542) 2275662(R). Jakkur. PATNAIK. Quantum Information/Quantum Computation/Quantum Theory. FASc. 2. Varanasi . . Arun Kumar (b. Srirampura.S. Res.D. Royal Enclave. Texas 77030. Houston. Sriniket Apartments. FASc. Honorary Professor. Tel. Res.211019. Fax : 22082767... 1940) Ph. 1946) Ph. Email: pati@ jncasr. Atanu Kumar ( Tel. Distinguished Research 17311 Dawn Haven Court. FASc. Res. Sp. PATI. 2323589(R). Quantum Magnetism/Generalized Charge and Energy Transfer and Transport/Nonlinear Optics and Optoelectronics/Cold Lattice. Chhatnag Road. Maryland.D.A. Apt. Saffron. Fax: (713) School of Life Sciences.. Bangalore .. 19/8 First Cross. 101(O).in. Indian Institute of Houstan. Banaras Hindu University. 184. FIEEE. Sp. Faculty of Science.560064. Department of Electronic Systems Engineering. MS Ramaiah College Road. Department of Genetics.S.D. Sp. Res..res. Bangalore – 560012. 1966) PhD. Mathikere.Sc. D. Distribution Theory/Transform Analysis/Wavelet Analysis and Applications. Tel.Fellows 1999 1985 2013 2003 1984 2010 1988 211 PATHAK. Sp.221005. Res. patnaiklm@yahoo. FIMA(UK). Sp. Dr. Chronobiology/ Animal Physiology/Ethology. Department of Mathematics. 09826654829(M). sepathak@gmail. Anderson Cancer Center. Neera Extension. D. Fax:2262583. HRI.. Raipur . Bangalore – 560064.D. IIIrd Phase.D. PATI. 1945) Ph. Swapan Kumar (b. 23635445(R).Sc.Email: akpati19@gmail. 8640. 1956) Ph. Parthivi. Sen (b.492090. Theoretical Particle Physics. U. Varanasi . Maryland University. U. Email: akpati@hri. Lalit Mohan ( PATI.A. 08756612314(M). 2567444. Ram Shankar (b. Tel.211019.221010. Professor of Bioscience. Bangalore – 560054. Professor.A. Jakkur Post. Texas 77095. Computer Science and Engineering/ Electronics. Sp. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. The University of Texas M..3015523209. FNAE. Jhunsi. Lanham.

Res. Isan Kumar (b. Award : Prof. PAWAR. Murugeshpalya Bangalore . Tel. Lucknow-226015. PEDDI. cultivationpvs@yahoo. Saligram Sinha Memorial Lecture Award Nat. Website: www. Nallagounder (b. Division of Agronomy & Soil. Dharani Dhar (b. India (1998). Lucknow-226022.1946) PhD. FASc..D. 25550576(R). FNYASc. Vikas Nagar. Gwalior.110021. Course Coordinator Neuroscience. 09741912592(M). .400094. FNAAS. Email : vinodkpaul@gmail. Res. ddpatra_cimap@yahoo. CIMAP.D. C-2-14. Mustard Breeding. Director. Professor & Head. Resource Assessment. Central Salt & Marine Chemical Research Institute. School of Studies in Neuroscience. D-14. 24115303(O).in.400085. Mumbai . PATRO. Vijayapuri First Line (Cut Road). Trombay. Soil Chemistry/Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition/Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.474011. PENTAL.474006. Venkata Subbarao (b. Sp. Sp. University of Delhi. 8/889. Chief Scientist & Head. Delhi . Formerly Senior Professor. Fax: 2342666. 24112768(R). (022) 25595046(O). FNAAS. cimap. Girnar. Vinod Kumar (b. Glial Neurobiology/Brain Ageing/Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection.560017. (0751) 2442789(O).Acad.D. 4-19-32/4. Grain Legume Improvement (Plant Breeding & Cytogenetics). Tel. 26589702(R). 1960) Ph.110029. Bhavnagar. Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants. Professor & Head. Res. Golf Manor NAL Wind Tunnel Road. Fax : 24116392. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. 1951) PhD (Rutgers). Gwalior. Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. 09811042437(M). PAUL. P. Email : raokappaphycus @gmail. Email : ishanpatro@gmail.212 1999 2011 2014 1995 2008 1994 2002 Year Book 2015 PATRA.110021. 09425110063(M). 1955) PhD. AP. Department of Pediatrics. Email: peri46@ hotmail. (0863) 22185057(R). Mumbai . 1942) Ph. (CSIR). New Delhi . Deepak (b.1950) Ph. Garden Homes Phase I.Sci. Chemistry/ Fluorescence Spectroscopy/Materials Chemistry. 46. 2330173. Sharad Eknath ( Genetic Engineering of Crop Plants. Sp. 1955) Ph. FNA. JKC College Road. Ansari Nagar (East). 2357136. 303. FASc. DAE-BRNS Senior Scientist. Anushaktinagar. Alkapuri.D. Biology. Tel. (0522) 2718536(O). New Delhi . DSc(hc). Farmerly Deputy Director/Scientist F. Email: ddpatra@ rediffmail. (011) 26593209(O). 4077088(R). Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Division. FIAP.res. Type V. and Field Cultivation (Aquaculture) and Nutritional aspects including Anti-Oxidants of Seaweeds/Bioremediation. Marine Biotechnology and Ecology Discipline. 2343063(R). Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. (011) 24112609. Sp. Tel. FNA.110029. FAMS. Email : dpental@gmail... B. Res. Sp. School of Studies in Zoology. New Delhi No. Science.O.7. 09491185057(M). Res. AIIMS Campus. Guntur – 522006. University of Delhi South Campus. Kiran Kunj. South Campus. Jiwaji University. FISSS. Pediatrics/Neonatology/Public Health. Res. Benito Juarez Road.

1960) PhD.500046. Email : arpsl@uohyd. Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Director. Res. 23543518(R). Professor of Physics. Res. TC-12. mrpillai@rgcb. Hyderabad 500030.605014.P VIII/110. Email : kvptr@yahoo.680651. 09446513017.kv@gmail..600096.400005. Appa Rao (b. PONNUSAMY. kvptr@hotmail. Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Res.Fax: 2349303. Kuppusamy (b. Staff Qtrs. University of Hyderabad. Email : kumarpa@nrcpb. Tel. FNABS. Madhavan Radhakrishna (b. Vellazha Street. Mannuthy. 09442588553(M). Trichur . peter. Mumbai . Professor DCS. Sp.O. Plant Molecular Biology/Plant Biotechnology. Kalapet. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology. ponz. Hyderabad . Complex Analysis/ Special Functions/Function Spaces. 09818902455(M). (044) 49011111(O). Chennai .FNAAS.D. 1960) PETER. Adyar Avenue.600036. Perungudi. Associate Professor. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions/Microbial Biotechnology in Agriculture. 22570298(R). Sp. Peroorkada. Kerala Agricultural University. 13. (040) 24015017 x 384(O). Director. (040) 23134503(O).FASc. Mudaliarpet.. . Bhaskara. PORSEZIAN. Fax: (044) 49011149. 2348096. Pondicherry University. Colaba. PODILE. (0487) 2373017(R).605004. 2733819(R).ernet. A-38. PhD.res. 12. Theoretical Physics/Solitons and Modulational Instability/ Nonlinear Fiber Optics. Res. of Chemical Sciences. Tel. Ananda Kumar (b.500046. 22570509.G. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.res. Fax : 2655183. (0471) 2347973(D). 23010154(R). Sp. FNAAS. D25/56. 22576615. Thycaud P. 1309. Mumbai . Thiruvananthapuram . 09381748878 (M). 1003. 1960) Tel. Tel. Email : madhu @tifr. Puducherry . polumetla@hotmail. Fax: (040) 24017453. University of Hyderabad.Fellows 2010 1999 2005 2007 2012 2005 2013 213 PERUNTHIRUTHY KOVILAKATHU. edu. FASc.695005. K. P.D. com Sp. FHSI. Fax: 22574602. Rajendranagar. 1963) Ph. Res.O.400005. Madhu (b. Fax : 23010120.D. Homi Bhabha Road. Hyderabad . 2345899(O). Sp.phy@pondiuni. Darsan Nagar. Acharya N. Cancer Biology. Sarada Bhavanam. Department of Mathematics. (0413) 2654403(O). Department of Plant 1968) Ph. PILLAI. Saminathan (b..D. Director. 1955) Ph. Chennai .. Rajiv Gandhi Road.600036. Horticulture/ Genetics & Plant Breeding. Former Vice-Chancellor. Chennai . (044) 22574615(O). Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Email : ponzsol@yahoo. Res. TIFR. Homi Bhabha Road. Thiruvananthapuram . 2347975. FAMS. Kuruppacharil Varkey (b. Ranga Agricultural University. Email: mrpillai@vsnl. Sp. Tel.FRCPath. Colaba. World Noni Research Foundation. Sreenivasa Nagar. TIFR. Puducherry . Institute of Biotechnology. Dept.695014. Email: samy@iitm.

2598803(R). Tel. kbpowar@hotmail. Res. NASC Complex (Opp. New Delhi 110001. FASc. PRAKASH..D. Kanpur . 1052. PRADHAN. (011) 23388808(O). 27660162(R). 41171(R).in. Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS.208016. Res. Email : anilprakashin@yahoo.500046. Ahmedabad-380 015. New Delhi . Krishnapratap Bhagwantrao (b. 1957) MBBS. Sp. Bukkaraya Samudram (b.500080. Aeronomy/Space Physics.. . Sp. Akshay Kumar (b. FICP. Lucknow .com. Kanpur . Vishnu Residency “C” Block. Doctors Colony. 1956) Ph. Statistics & Computer Science.. Balaji (b. 1958) PhD. FASc. 09935168158(M). PRAKASH. 1-1-770/A.2170(O). Professor. Dwarka. Sp. Structural Biology/Biochemistry. New Delhi 110075. Scientist F. New Delhi . Res. 1929) Ph. Benito Juarez Plot No. DPS Marg. (0512) 2594013(O). Hyderabad. Email : pradhancgmcp@gmail. Formerly Secretary General.226014. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). PRAKASA RAO.. (011) 24112322(O). House No. Professor. Tel. Todapur Village). CR Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics. Satya (b. Saraswati Nagar.226014. Ahmedabad.D. Krishi Email: drspradhan@rediffmail. FNA. Sp.S. Shivaji University. 09429205470(M). IIT Kanpur Campus.D. 1968) Ph. Fax : 24112761. Plant Genetics/Plant Breeding/Plant Biotechnology. 09999979013(M).D..Email:blsprao@gmail. Tel. 2668700 Ext. Res. Mathematical Statistics. Ramanujan Chair Professor. Hyderabad .in. Res. Fax : 2594013. House 4094.208016. Marvel Memories. PRADHAN. University of Delhi South Campus. Res.. (079) 26741823(R). Email : bsp1001@rediffmail. 15. NE. Tel. (0522) 2494170 Ext. Assistant Director General (AN&P). Indian Institute of Technology. Near Azad Society. Professor. Email : bprakash@iitk.D. Ramnagar Colony. (020) 66768931(R) Neuromuscular Diseases/ Clinical Neurophysiology/Infections of the Nervous Systems. 1937) Sector 2. Sp. Formerly Director.1942) Ph. 09949185041(M).411021. University of Hyderabad Campus. Tel. Sp.D. Association of Indian Universities. 09871748739(M). Joy Apartment. I. Fax: 2668017. 510. CR Rao Road. Department of Genetics. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. PRAKASH. Regional Medical Research Centre.110012. 395. Res. Sp. 2. Department of Neurology.214 1988 2010 2003 1993 2014 2013 2012 1990 Year Book 2015 POWAR. Email: sprakash_prl@yahoo.. Anil (b. DM. Lucknow. Dibrugarh .786001. Kolhapur. kbpowar@gmail. Pune . Gandhinagar. (040) 23013118(O). Sunil (b. Type V/A-1. FNAAS.110021. Fax : 23388808. FNA. 09890668575(M).. FNAAS. Petrology/Tectonics/ Environmental Geology. Reproductive Physiology/Endocrinology. C-401. Tel. Bhagavatula Lakshmi Surya ( Kolkata. Street 37. Formerly Senior Professor. PRL. 1956) Ph. Prof. Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS. PRAKASH. 105. Email: kb_powar@ yahoo. MD. Post Box No. Department of Biological Sciences & Bio-Engineering. bprakashiit@gmail. FAMS.FNA.

Colaba.D. 1935) Ph. No.JNU Campus New Delhi . Email: prakashvish@gmail.Gen. Fax : 2411305. Distnguished Scientist of CSIR-India.570006. Automorphic Representations. Nirala Nagar. Professor Emeritus. Sp. Lucknow University. Formerly Professor of 1970) Ph. FISG. Tel. 1935) Ph.).834002. Formerly Professor. Sp.abprasad. (011) 26735160(O). Flat No. Homi Bhabha Road. ap. FIMA(UK).). Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Tel.. Pune. (020) 25507122(O).res. Email:akhauri_balram_prasad@hotmail.Mgr. 48.110067. Res. North Office Botany Department. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Mumbai400005. Mithila and BRA Bihar University. Professor Emeritus. Electromagnetism /Partial Differential Equation's in Engineering. PRASAD. CMath. (0821) 2548307(O). Shivaji Nagar.elec@coep. Mumbai . Staff Scientist-V. C.coep. PRASAD. Colaba. Homi Bhabha Road. Doranda. New Delhi ..FNAAS.(Lond. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. PRASAD. Shyamli Aranyeshwar Park (Block B). FLS (Lond.tifr. College of Engineering. Allahabad University. Jan 97-July 97 Mem. Formerly Professor & Head. Vishweshwaraiah (b. 5A Main. 93-96 F. FNAE.1960) Ph. Res.). Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur respectively.(Lond. Dy. Radiation Genetics and Chemical Mutagenesis/Pesticide Biology/ Cytogenetics/Bio-technology. FNA. Hyderabad. National Institute of Plant Genome Research. Fax : 26741658. Res. Sp. 2510054(R) (022) 22804545(O). Sahakar Nagar. 2001 PRASAD. Botany Department and Dean. School of Mathematics.Fellows 2002 1993 1976 1973 1997 2012 1988 215 PRAKASH. TIFR Housing (0532) 2642795(R).org.. 22782236(R). 79.211002. Tel. Website : www. manoj_pds @yahoo.Tel. Zoology Dept. Henoo.N. 350844(R). BHEL. Mysore . Ranchi . Centre for Bioinformatics.. CSIR.S. Professor.. Council : Mem. Mysore . Jerath Compound. Allahabad . Allahabad. FBS. JNU Campus. Res. FIE.D. 92 . Ashutosh (b. 26735147(R).110067. Biophysical Chemistry/Protein Chemistry/Enzymology/ Nutraceuticals/Nutrition and Food Biotechnology. PRASAD. FPbS. FIETE. Former UGC Visiting Professor and Emeritus Scientist. Tel. 1005. Sp. FBS. A/ Ranchi. Sp.S. JSS-Technical Institutions Campus. L.1951) PhD. JSS-CMS. Om (b.FPSI. National Institute of Plant Genome Research.570002. R&D Sp. (0522) 2789928(R). 09431024636(M). Email: ap@elec. Manoj ( Res.400005.freeservers. Plant Molecular Biology/Biotic & Abiotic Stress Responses/ Molecular Breedings. Patna University. Braj Nandan Ph.Eng. Email : manoj_prasad@nipgr.. FASc. Council : G. Tel.. Dipendra (b. T-003. Res. B-161/A.FASc. Faculty of Science. Department of Electrical Engineering. Balrampur House. Vontikoppal. Formerly Sr. Pune – 411005. dipendra_pd@yahoo. Email: dprasad@math. Neuroendocrinology/Mammalian Toxicology. 1937) D. Akhouri Balram ( Fax : 22804610. Tel. PRAMANIK. 58.

House No. Tel. Tel. Rameshwar ( Haryana.110016. New Delhi.Sc. Sec 57. Res. New Delhi .com. College of Medicine. PRASAD. Kanpur .com. FASc. 402.. Palle Deva (b.D. New Delhi . Sp. IIT Kanpur. IL 60490-5565. Fax : 26582659.jnu. 26591801(R).ac. INSA Hony Scientist. Indian Institute of Science. New Delhi 110067. Mathematics Department. 1819. Nagpur 440033.440033. 1948) Ph. 927-928. 1944) PhD. Phase I.. Res. Res. Fax : 2249762. Gurgaon. FNAE. Email: prasad@math. 23371039(R). University of Illinois at Chicago. (630) 378-4178. Email: rp47jnu@gmail. (0124) 2573443(R). 2591321(R). Director's Lodge. Mayur Vihar Extension. Professor. Rajendra (b. Division of Agronomy. IIT Campus. (011) 22712256(R). Surendra (b.216 1976 1991 1995 2006 1969 2009 1995 Year Book 2015 PRASAD. Nagpur. NASI Senior Scientist. PRASAD. Membrane Biology/Fungal Genetics/Drug Resistance. Hauz Khas.D. Fax : 26741081. 1941) Ph. Kanpur 208016. Formerly ICAR National Professor and Adjunct Faculty. (080) 22932265/2267 Extn. School of Life Sciences.. FNAAS.110091. Tel. Room 446. Fax : (312) 996-7586. Nagpur. Chemical Pathology. (011) 26704509(O). 7th Cross. Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use/Cropping Systems/Sustainable Agriculture Agronomy. FNA. Email : rajuma36@ gmail. FNA. Email: rprasad@iitk. Sp. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. 09448461299(M). Mathikere P. 1936) Ph. PRASAD. Hauz Khas. com. C-309.Phil. Professor of Pathology & Director of Graduate Studies. 2598653.ernet. USA. Bolingbrook. (0512) Sp. INSA Honorary Scientist. Condensed Matter Physics. FASc. Partial Differential Equations/Fluid Dynamics/Nonlinear Waves. Phoolan (b. PRASAD. Res. IL 60612-7335. Sp. FASc. FACS(USA).Nagpur University. Department of Zoology. 190. Physics Department. rp47@mail. Professor of Electrical Engineering & Former Director. Tel. Res. New Delhi . Tel. 09810350517(M). Formerly Professor and Head. Res. Neuroendocrinology/ Fish Reproduction/ Fish and Fisheries.208016. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.ernet.(0712) 2249010(R). Sp.D. FNA. 223(O). Tecumseh. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Email: 1936) D. 1951) Ph. 9 Deotale Layout. iitd.iisc. 2597563(O). Website: uic pathology. 26582022.. 09423632159(M).in. Email: prasadraopd@yahoo.. Tel. D. West Polk St. FNA. . (011) 26596201(O). Sp.O. Vardhman Apartments. Professor & Head. Fax: 2590914.FNA. Rajendra (b.110016. PRASAD. Chicago. Tel.. Sp. USA.1947) PhD.(Mississippi State). D-2/002 Legend. (312) 996-7182(O). Res. Singal Processing & Communication.D. FNACB(USA).in. PRASADA RAO. Rajendra (b.. Fax: 23600146. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Email : sprasad@ee. Bangalore-560012. HMT Layout.

Staff Scientist. FNAAS.400706. Parasitology/Malaria Drug Discovery. Chembur. Former Director. PUROHIT. Res. 1959) Ph.. FIAT. Acting Director. Director General. 3269772(O).248001. Nerul. AAA Marg. L-4. New Hyderabad. (011) 25843474(O) Thiruvananthapuram . Reproductive Physiology. Tel. Dehra Dun . Sp. Tel. PURI. Navi Mumbai . Fax : 25846420.695005.mgmuhs. shellypraveen@iari.110067. Chander Parkash ( MGM Institute of Health Sciences. 462. Central Drug Research Institute. 1960) Ph. Tel. Shelly Ph. Kamothe. Ravi Nagar.D. 3.. Sp. 09895066816(M). (011) 26703733(O). Aziz Baugh. New Delhi . Palpu (b. FAMS. 'Almi Anchal". Email: purohit_aditya@hotmail. Shreejee Heights. (Deemed University). 25541430(R). Tel. 27686226(O). Plant Virology Unit.B. New Delhi . BWing. Tel.226001. Lorepur Residency Apartment. India Award in Environmental Sciences (1992). . Formerly Director.N. Email : shellypraveen@ hotmail.400085. 27686087. FRSC (UK).. H. skpuricdri@yahoo. Fax: 25505151. Hybridoma Immunology/Microbiology/Biochemistry. 1954) Ph. Samrat Ashok Apartments. Kavirayani Indira (b. Garhwal University. FES.. 2781811(R). Sunil Kumar (b. Mumbai . Fax : 2771941. Mumbai . Email : ayub@ nii. Email : director@cdri. Principal Scientist. QADRI.110012. Sp. (0135) 2713219.D. JNU Campus. Rohini. Website: www. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Sp. Pro Vice Chancellor.res. 1944) PhD. New Delhi . Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd. Lucknow and JNTBGRI & RGCB. FNA. AAA Marg. A-703. Email: kindira@ apsara. 1947) B-36. Tel. (0471) Biophysical Chemistry/Free Radical Chemistry of Antioxidants/Radiation & 26741158(R). Biodiversity/ Biotechnology/Ethnopharmacology. NIRRH.. Council : Mem. Division of Plant Pathology. vichin@vsnl. Res. Scientific Officer G. Perrorkada P. Navi Mumbai. Sector 46-A. (022) 27616678. Lucknow . Trombay. Sector-9. Aditya Narain (b.res. Flat No.ernet. Environmental Plant Physiology/Mountain Ecology/ Physiology of Medicinal Plants. 1940) Ph. (022) 25595399(O).D. RC & CD Division. Sp. Email: chander. National Institute of Immunology. Navi Mumbai – 410209. 09919566792(M). PURI. Sp. Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/Molecular Plant Virology. Sp. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. NBRI & Ambalamukku. Fax. Bhabha Atomic Research Award : SICO-National Academy of Sciences. Fax : 26742125.Fellows 2008 2003 2003 2009 1988 1996 2012 217 2432138. Ayub (b. PRIYADARSINI.D. FNAAS. Lucknow . 1003. Res. Res. Senior Vice-President. 181/1 Dobhalwala. Former CEO.. Res. BPCL Staff Colony. 09820214802(M). RBEF.D. FNSE. Tel. 98 PUSHPANGADAN. National Institute of Immunology. Amity Institute for Herbal and Biotech Products Development. 27860026(R). (0522) 2771940(O).in. qadriayub@gmail.110067.226007. Email: palpuprakulam@yahoo.

FASc. Tel.160036.560012. Sector 21/440. Space Technology/Space Applications/Space Programme Management. Mumbai – 400076. Tel. Professor. Sector . Tel. Department of Biochemistry. FTWAS..T. Neuropharmacology/Cardiovascular Pharmacology/Cerebral Stroke. Chandigarh.560231. Email: asrsl@uohyd. (080) 23415241.ernet.Ph. 485/1. Nagar. Tunga-20. Chattar Manzil Palace. Department of Space. 23605941(R). 23011068(O).gov.500046.500046. Antariksh Bhavan.560012. Tel. 1963) M. RAGHAVA. Secretary to the GOI. Bangalore . Gajendra Pal Singh (b. Aparna Cyber Central Drug Research Institute. 23557740(R). FTWAS. Email : sathees@biochem. FIPS. Fax : 23415328. 1950) MVSc. Lie Groups & Algebraic Groups.D. D-11. (040) 23134827. Chairman. Email: raghava@imtech.D. 67766124(R). Indiranagar. 2715377(R). FRS. . 80 Ft. 503. Sector 39A. 29802989(R). Fax : 23010120. Sp. 'VYOMA'. 1950) PhD. Sp. RAGHUNATHAN. Fax : 2623405.FNA. Institute of Microbial Technology. THAVAROOL P. Sathees Chukkurumbal (b. School of Chemistry. iisc. Ram (b. FIGU. Institute of Microbial Technology. Powai. RAGHUBIR. 1941) PhD. Res. as_raghavendra@yahoo. Sp. School of Life Sciences. (b. FNAAS. Tel. (0172) 2690557(O) Madabusi Santanam (b. Mumbai – 400088. Director & Head. Scientist E1. Bangalore . Fax: 25723480. 09441425794(M). RAGHAVAN. Email : msr@math. DNA Repair/Cancer Biology/Genomic Instability. Agepati Srinivasa (b. (0522) 2625046(O). 2688049(R). Hyderabad . Raheja Acropolis-1. Email : raghubirrs@rediffmail. 09731017736(M).500019. 22172333(O).. Indian Institute of Science. Fax : 2690632.(hc). Nallagandla.. Aparna Sarovar. National Centre for Mathematics. Koppillil (b. Tel. ISRO. Email: chairman@isro. Sp.Sc. Road. Hyderabad . Indian Institute of Technology. Flat No.218 2010 2012 2004 2013 1996 2004 1989 Year Book 2015 RADHAKRISHNAN. FISRS. Associate Professor. Res. Hon. FNA. University of Hyderabad. Department of Plant Sciences. Plant Biochemistry/ Molecular Plant Physiology/Plant Molecular Biology. (080) 22932674(O).560032.. M-1701. Materials Chemistry. Res. Sp. RAGHAVENDRA. RADHAKRISHNAN. 25504766(R). Department of Mathematics.ernet. (040) 23010630(O) Bioinformatics.FASc. Sp. Hyderabad 500046. Head. PhD. A-308.iitb. Deonar Pada Road. Res. (022) 25769453(O). Sp.226001. FNAE. Professor of Chemistry. Res. Res.D. Bangalore . 1960) Ph. Hyderabad . ISRO Headquarters. tprsc@uohyd.ernet. D. Gachibowli. Dy. Chembur. Division of Pharmacology. Lucknow FNA. FIANSc.res. Lucknow . . POB-173. NASI-Platinum Jubilee Chair Distinguished Professor. University of Fax : 23012460. Tel. Nallagandla. Email: tpr@uohyd. 1970) Ph. R. New BEL Road. Bangalore .D. Indian Institute of Science. 1949) Ph.

FNA. Res.Genetics of Mosquitoes/Genome Evolution/ Disease Control. 09415225821(M). Gulzar Colony. (0542) 6701098. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. Banaras Hindu University. Res. Email: qamar_15@sify. Sp. 1931) Ph.N. Professor. Jalandhar. Randhawa Masandan. Industrial Toxicology Research Centre. Santiniketan .com. Email : Kolkata . Paschim Andrews Palli. Santiniketan . B30/486.raha@visvabharati. Lucknow. Council : Mem. 315(O). Res. FISAAP. Sanghamitra ( 1952) Dr. Tandon Memorial Lecture Award. NASI.O. Apt.. Veterinary Medicine/ Parasitology/Helmenthology. Shiva Prasad Gupt Colony. Varanasi . Marg. Visva. Tel. 2307147 Ext. RAI. Kolkata . Sp. School of Life Sciences.(Germany).. RAHA. Bose Institute. 09830014393(M).1950) PhD.rd P-1/12. Notre Dame. CSA University of Agriculture Science. P. 24436793(R). (0522) 2227586 Ext. Urbi. . FBRSI. Fax : 2368174. Email : soomr@yahoo. Lal Chand (b. Director. Soom Nath ( Veterinary Medicine.. Varanasi . 1954) (0522) 2347122(R). Amritsar. High Energy Physics/Astrophysics/ Atmospheric Physics.bhu@gmail. Tel. Veterinary College.226001. Res. Professor & Head.Bharati. 759/1. Post Box 80. 2 Jaswant Singh Rai Nagar. Res.D. USA. Clyde Road.700054. Nagwa. FNAAS. Varanasi-221005. Noida . Res.201303. Varanasi 221005. Amity Institute of Biotechnology. University of Notre Dame. Formerly Professor & Head. sibajiraha @gmail. Tel. Tel. Mathura. 1928) PhD. 1943) Ph. 2001-02 RAI. 264317(R).ernet. 3 Floor. Vector Biology/Parasitology Training Program. Samne Ghat Road. Tel. Tel. Karamjit S. 18/453. Email:director@bic. Sibaji (b. Madhav Market. Hossainpur Road. Physiology and Biochemistry of Cyanobacteria/Nitrogen Nutrition/Salt Stress and Adaptive Responses. Sp. Formerly Scientist Emeritus Medicine. RAI. RAI. 330(O). Guru Nanak Dev University. Cellular & Molecular Cytogenetics/ Molecular Biology. Salempur Musalmana. Tel. Sector 125. Fax: 238174. Phulena (b. (0181) 2601367(R). 09818978323(M).731235. Madurdaha. Banaras Hindu University. 24336792. (033) 23557434(O). Professor. Lanka. Punjab. Mani Niketan. Department of Biological Sci. Qamar (b. 1943) Ph. Honorary Professor of Zoology. N1/65B-18. 302. Lucknow . FNAAS. Email : sanghamitra. 2014RAHMAN. (b. Awards: Professor R. Ashwani Kumar (b. FISVM. lcrai@bhu. Indira Nagar.221005. CAS in Botany. Sp. Res. Amity University. GOI) Mem.D. Sp. Email: karamjitsrai @gmail. Department of Botany. Formerly Professor & Director. Lucknow 226016. 2366514(R). DST.Toxicology. Professor & Coordinator. ISERC.G. Indiana. 2208245(R). Sp.700107. Council : (As the nominee of the Secretary. Environmental Phycology/Cyanobacterial Proteomics and Genomics/Abiotic Stresses. Saila Tower. srr1987@gmail.. (0542) 6701110(O). M. 1948) PhD.Fellows 2014 2012 2001 1994 2010 1996 1995 1973 219 RAHA. (03463) 261101(O). CIT Scheme VII-M. Sp.. DST JC Bose National Fellow. RAINA. Emeritus Scientist. Department of Biotechnology. Pulmonary Diseases .rer. Fax: 2228227. 2367520(R). Cell Biology/Signal Transduction.221 005.

(0422) Indian Institute of Science. Shyam Sundar ( 09623559022(M).Sc. 1933) Ph. Sp.560012. Pune411006. FNAE. Uppal Road. Tel. New Delhi. E-19. FNAAS. Narayan Peth. Email : bsrajan@ece. Bangalore .D. Delhi . (011) 24110866(O). Tectonophysics and Electromagnetic Exploration.I. RAJAM. Professor. 567. Sp. Coimbatore-641004. Bangalore Campus. JC Bose National Fellow and Scientist. Formerly Director. XI Cross.D. Bangalore .. Mayflower Metropolis. New Housing Colony. RNAi/Plant Biotechnology/ Genetic Engineering & Polyamine Biology. Balaji Sundar (b. 25075497(R).560 003. 100/1. N. Immuno-endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology.110075. Email : rajam..c. Fax: 23434651. Malleswaram. Indian Institute of Science. 23600085. RAJAN. Res. . FNA. Wireless Communication/Coding Theory/ Communication Theory. iisc. Director.560 012. Bangalore . FNA. Benito Juarez Road. 09880093745(M). FINAE..D. 7th Main Corner. FASc. D. Emeritus Scientist. (011) 27666389(O). Fax : 23602602. Email : gurukru_msr@rediffmail. 23434815(R).1959) Ph. National Geophysical Research Institute.220 2005 2008 1998 1992 1989 2007 2009 Year Book 2015 RAI. particularly of W. North Campus. Tel. University of Delhi South Campus. Email : gopal@physics. 1954) Ph. Res. Department of Genetics. (040) 23434627(O). Sp. New Delhi. Umesh (b. 4344201(O). Erode Subramanian (b. Formerly Director. Baldev (b. Res.iisc. Sp.641028. Department of Electrical Communication Engineering.P. PSG Institution. Email: shyamsrai @gmail. Deccan College. (020) 2445573(R). New Delhi. dr. Coimbatore . Professor. Delhi . 1936) Ph. Tel.Environment. com. Sowripalayam. Tel. Council : Mem.dr @gmail. Pune 411 030. 94 RAJAGURU. Sector 9. Dwarka.500007. (080) 22932254(O). INAE Chair Professor. 09560266399(M). 29-31. 23602085(R).110021. Fax : 24112437. University of Delhi.. Kalpakkam .com. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research.baldev@psg. Bangalore . Res.500007. University of Delhi. Sharad Narhar (b. Department of Zoology.. FASc. President Research. Habsiguda. VI/1. 23347449(R). 1947) Ph. FAPAS. Metallurgy/Materials Science & Technology / Non-destructive Evaluation / Nuclear Technology.ernet.603 102. NGRI Colony.. 23600683. (h. FTWAS. 2E.D.. (080) 22932529(O). Tel. 09845988753(M). RAJ. Email: rai_u@rediffmail.. Shivalika Apartments. FNA.D. FASc. India. Chhatra Marg. Res. Hyderabad. Kamal Sudha Apt.560012. Fax : 23600563. Condensed Matter Physics/Instrumentation. Uppal Road. Manchikatla Venkat (b.L.. Udayampalayam Road. 09818108515(M).com. 16.D. Email : baldev. Formerly Jt. Hyderabad . Sp. Probyn Road.Sc. RAJAGOPAL. 3-H. University of Delhi. 1955) Ph. South Campus. Sp. New Delhi . Indian National Academy of Engineering. Res.) FNA. Plot No. Physics Department.110007. I. Quaternary Geology/ Prehistoric .Tel. Director and Professor of Geoarchaeology. Tel. Res. 1958) Ph.

Mexcio. RAM. 140.) FNA.600020. RAJPUROHIT. Tel. Mysore – 570020. Professor & Head. 22932532(O).Res. 20.D. Department of Zoology. Varanasi. J.No.342005. FNAE. Avadh (b. FNA.. Tel. 2534520(O). (0291) 2720839(O).160009. Bangalore-560 012. 1933) RAJASEKHARAN. RAKA.. Gachibowli. Faculty of Science.. 1939) Ph. Banaras Hindu University. CIT Campus. Panjab University.. Chennai . Former Professor & Head of Geophysics and Dean of Students. Email : graj@imsc.FAPAS. Plant Sciences Department. (0172) 2548139(R). Sp. Bangalore-560092. Hon. Jodhpur . Professor. Hyderabad . Tel.Computer Science. Res. Ram ( 1990 1990 1991 2005 1997 1996 2008 2000 2012 221 RAJARAM. 23419672(R). Res.rajaram @cgiar. (Canada).160014. (0522) 2396342(R).Wildlife Conservation (Environmental Biology). Apt # 1503. Tel. Varanasi Mexico Tel. 138. Tel. 09483521260(M).in. D. Sector 15B. 23600811. Tel.reddy@gmail. attipalli. ram@cftri. CIMMYT. Professor.. Wheat Program. FIGU. Algebraic Theory of Numbers. House No.1953) Ph. Lucknow . Chandigarh . XI. Seismology and Digital Data Processing). Sp. Centre for Advanced Study in Mathematics. 1/110. Guruswamy (b.1960) Ph.160015.Tel. Sanjaya (b. (h.D. Email: drlsrajpurohit@yahoo. Number Theory/Algebraic Coding Theory.. 1960) Ph. Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith. 6th Main. Chennai . Near Kodigehalli.226010.N. Email: s.Sp. FASc. Email : arrsl@uohyd. Director.Sc. FIAES. Supercomputer Education & Research Centre. C-43. com. University.D. Ecology . FNAAS.(Cantab) Professor.ernet. RAJASEKARAN. 2720147(R). Res. 24413395(R). . Sp. Indian Institute of Science. 1943) Ph. Email : rajaram@serc.D.c. FASc.500046.D. Tel. 1952) Ph. 52-55-58042004. Basni-I. Chandigarh .in. FCEC(Germany). Hyderabad . Lipid Metabolism. Chandigarh-160014. Res. Madhu (b. Department of Mathematics. Sp. H. profavadhram@gmail. Nallagandla. Reddy Attipalli (b. Animal Behaviour (Primate in Particular). JRD Tata Nagar. FNA. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. Panjab University. Aparna Sarovar. Sarswatinagar.ernet. Geophysics (Exploration (0172) 2534501. Fax : Institute of Mathematical Sciences. 09415290129(M). Fax : 67768566(R). (040) 23134508(O). Email: profavadhram@yahoo.1040.D. 'PREMGANGA'.com.D. Sp.res.(Chicago). Apartado Postal 6-641. Fax : 23010120. Professor. Jodhpur . Fax: 2516308. Sector 8A. Res. University of Hyderabad. Quantum Field Theory/High Energy Physics.D. (0821) 2517760(O). Res. Chandigarh .D. (080) 23600805. Viram Khand. Plant Breeding. FAEG. RAMACHANDRA. Anant Ramchandra (b. RAJWADE. Sp.V.500046. Senior Scientist. 1936) Ph. (044) 22541856(O). Vaidyeswaran (b. Email : director@cftri. Fax: 23600805. 2771647(R). A-Block. Lal Singh (b. Gomti Nagar. Sp. Indira Nagar. 6th Cross Road. RAJARAMAN.600 113. Fax : Email : mraka @pu. 1943) Ph. Climate Change and Photosynthesis/Biofuels. FASc. CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute. Cross Street.. Sp.

in.Sc. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Gurgaon .221005. BHU Campus. Professor. New Delhi . Tel. FRS. P. 09849488390(M). La Jolla. 25720290. Microbial Biochemistry. RAMAKRISHNAN. IIT Bombay. FNA. Res. Tel. FES.(h. Computer Science & Engineering Department. RAMAMURTHI. Sp. University. M. Bharatula (b.122001. Sp. 2008-09 . Tirupati .jnu.of California at San Diego. FNAAS. FASc. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Award: SICO-National Academy of Sciences. (0542) 2367005(O). FACM. Database Systems/Real-time Systems/WWW. 09958514140(M). New Delhi . 1936) Ph. Council : Mem. Tirupati. Res.Phil.400076.. School of Environmental Sciences. Sp. Pashan.D. (0877) 2241907(R). Sp.. I-21.India (2001). M.. (011) 2539857(R). Tel. Banaras Hindu University. 94-97. Tel. Emeritus Professor. Fax : 25720022.Nat.S. Vaikuntapuram. Khagol Society. Res. New Delhi110027. FIEEE. of Email : psr@mail. Flat 12.Acad. 2367008(R).. Tirupattur V.). Department of Biotechnology. Powai. Mumbai .D. Saha Mem. India Award in Environmental Sciences (1986). Tel. Soil Chemistry/Soil Fertility. 1913) D.Sc. Email: krithi@ iitb. (020) 66075892(R). Krithivasan (b. Condensed Matter Scientist. Pune – 411008. Taramani. Rajouri Garden. Res. Chennai-600113. FASc. RAMACHANDRAN. Res. Salk Institute. Vijay & Sita Vashee Chair Professor. D. Vilayanur Subramanian. (b.V.D. (b.. Govt. Univ. Indian Institute of Science. rr@imsc. FTWAS. krishnanpoonam@gmail.517 502. rrallapallius@yahoo. Ecology/ Sustainable Development.R. Email : gauthama. S.D. 89-C. FASc.221005. 1941) PhD(Columbia). FTWAS. D.Sp. South City Phase I. A-9. S. Tel.110003. Panchavati.Emeritus Scientist. Centre for Brain and Cognition. ISRO Visiting Scientist.Adjunct Professor of Biology. C-1/10 Lodi Gardens. Award : Prof. Email: tvrama@bhu. (0124) 4085970(R). Varanasi . Senior Professor & Formerly Director. 1936) PhD. University. 25768740(R).res. RAMACHANDRAN. Indian Institute of Technology Powai. Ph.V. RAMAKRISHNAN. 1955) Ph. DDA/MIG Flat No. Bangalore – 560012. Varanasi .. Res. Neurosciences Programme & Dept. FNA. 1934) Ph. Res. (b.FASc. 09422004597(M).in.N. 1940) Ph. R. Formerly S. Tel.222 1987 1989 2003 1972 1988 1972 2012 1992 Year Book 2015 RAMACHANDRAN. California. Mumbai . ( Comparative Animal Physiology/Environmental Biology. Particle Physics/Field Palli. Lecture Award .of Physiology.D.400076. Distinguished Associate.FNAAS. Formerly ViceChancellor. (011) 26704326(O). DG/G-3. 09393988088. (022) 25767740(O).c. INSA Hon.110067. Fax: 2242079. A-12. M. FNAE. Email: rr_1940@yahoo. Fax : 26741262. (011) 2619887(R).ac.. RAMAMOORTHY. Rallapalli (b.

1956) Ph. Res. 2570967(R). vsramamurthy@nias.625016. 2368174. Sp. 1942) PhD (Mumbai). Tel. Indian Institute of Science Campus. Indian Institute of Science. Professor. . FNA. P. Thandavarayan (b. 17/11 Raghavendra Salai. National Centre for Ultrafast Processes. RAMANATHAN. FNAE.Email:rajiva. (Japan) Chennai – 600113. Fax: 2368457. 1950) Ph. Banaras Hindu University. Res. Email : ramanan@imsc.rajiva.raman@gmail.iisc..Sc. (0452) 2459084(O). Res. ramaraj. 1953) Ph.560094. 8. (b. Photosciences/Ultrafast Spectroscopy/Nanophotonics. Director. Res.. 1959) Ph. Res.. 24341169(R). nd Lottegollahalli..O. 09845927385(M). Sector Sp. Bangalore-560012.FASc. Visiting Professor. Professor. FASc. Email: 39. Purbachal Housing Estate. Director. Rajiva (b. Melakkal Main Road. Fax: 22185076. Sundararaman (b.School of Chemistry.ram@gmail. (0542) 2369905(Lab). Valangiman Subramanian (b. Technology and Society. Algebraic & Differential Geometry.560012. S1 (Second Floor). No. RAMAN. (033) 23633865(O). Tel. Tel. Baliaghata. National Institute of Advanced Studies. CSIR Scientist Emeritus. htm. University of Madras. Sp. DST. Email : ramarajr@yahoo. Bangalore . 6702522(O). Physical. Email: kvr@ nrc. com. 23515920(R).Sc. 6 Main Road. FTWAS.FNA. School of Mathematics. Kolkata . D. Madurai Email : vsramamurthy@nic. Adjunct Professor.D. Vill. Website: http://nrc.iisc. Tel. Madurai .. Banaras Hindu University. Salt Lake Taramani. (080) 22933299(O). Department of Zoology. Sp. Mahamana Puri. Mumbai.700010. RAMANAN. Sp.D. New Delhi.221005. Apartment No. Fax: 23601550. Krishna Venkatachala ( Email : prm60@hotmail. FNA. 2382399(R).in.Fellows 2007 2006 1996 2005 1992 1998 2009 223 RAMAMURTHY. Kolkata . Fax: 23632398. Formerly Distinguished Professor. Bhubaneswar. Cluster IX.res. RAMARAJ. Professor. Molecular Cytogenetics/Human Genetics.D. Inter-disciplinary Approaches to Science.700091. FASc. 23413808(R). 09444549919(M). Chennai 600113. Ramasamy (b.600064. CIT A-13. (044) 24547190(O).. Formerly Secretary.Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. SLC Euphoria. Director. Bangalore th 560012. Shanthi Sadhan. 09432114945(M). Tel. Institute of Mathematical Sciences. (044) 22543376(O). Chittapakkam. Anugraha. Formerly Director. 1937) Ph.ernet. (Madurai) FASc. TIFR. Sp. Madurai Kamaraj University. Microbiology (Enteric Diseases). Department of Bacteriology. Tel. RAMAMURTHY. B4. 1948) PhD. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.625021. 09840480266(M).Scheme XM. Varanasi . Chennai .D. RMV 2 Stage. 09900002178(M). NMR Research Centre. Tel. Varanasi 221005. Bangalore . RAMAMURTHY. Sp. Chennai Mathematical Institute. Scientist F. National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases.FNA. Institute of Physics. JRD Tata Nagar.. Near ITI. Karaundi. Centre for Photoelectro-Chemistry. (080) 23601969(O). 23353226(R).D. Res.

C-I/50. Koramangala.D. Director. FASc. Bangalore. Navarangpura. Email: ramarao@avralab. (080) 3341904(O). 15th Cross. Email: rramesh@prl. 26511439(O). Genetics/Genetic Resources Management/Biodiversity Conservation. Director. Tel. Fax : 27345935.F. New Delhi. Sp. Organic Synthesis/Natural Products/Medicinal Chemistry. Sp. Mythily (b. Bangalore-560 1948) PhD. (Paris). RAMESH. Formerly Professor of Eminence & Director. tifrbng.560055. 7102/54. (011) 26510068. Res. RAMASAMI. FTWAS.D. 26763980(R). Chairman & Mg. FNA. Physical Research Laboratory. India.. Sp. Nehru Park.Sc. Ahmedabad .E. National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources. Kottur. Fax: 26314900. 2B. Math Centre. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. Res. 5532354(R). Tel. New Delhi 110023.1956) Ph. (b.500007. 27175605(R). Tel.Tech.. 1935) PhD. Habshiguda. Formerly Professor. Tel. Ahmedabad . 1954) Ph. Chennai .500007. Rai Singh (b.R. Alla Venkata (b. Secretary to Govt. Fax : 23600851.380015. 0138(O). Ph. National Biodiversity Authority.I. T. Sp. Hyderabad . 5th Block. 77. (080) 23600062. FASc. 09899232409(M).(Cal. Aerodynamics. Sp.600 025. 1943) Ph. B/H Management Enclave. Res. Planetary Geosciences Division. Room 265. New Moti Bagh. II P4.. Fax: 26862418. Indraprastha Apts. Member. FASc. Res. AVRA Laboratories. Suryavanshi Towers. Ph. 14th Main. Rohini. Sai Enclave. FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food & Agriculture. Campus. (079) 26314265(O). Biosafety Inorganic Chemistry/ Chemical Dynamics/Leather Science. 1936) M.res. Habshiguda. Email: rairana@vsnl. I. Bangalore.560012. Email : mythily@math. Bangalore . Professor. Anna University Staff Quarters. RAMASAMY. Tel. FTWAS. (044) 415323(O). Technology Bhavan. Vastrapur.DSc. Fax : 27150179 (O). Sp. D-43. India. Mathagondapally Aswathaiengar (b. . Malleswaram. Sector 14. AVRA House. 487. Formerly Director. Res. Crystal Growth 1989 2006 1989 1990 2007 2002 1987 Year Book 2015 RAMA RAO. FNAE. Hyderabad . Email: dstsec@nic.D. Dept. Chairman.res. New Delhi-110085. ISRO-GBP.). 1936) Assoc.FNA.IARI. Himagiri Apts. Sp. Tel. Rengaswamy (b. 26863847. Res. CBD-UNEP. (011) 27860123(R). Member.. FASc. 4th Main. RANA. of Aerospace Engineering. (b.600 085. 27150856(O). Senior Professor & Project Director. Mass Spectrometry /Palaeoclimatology/Mathematical Modeling. Compliance Committee. P. New Delhi and Vice Chair. Partial Differential Equations/Nonlinear Functional Analysis/Control Theory.. 26112301(R). New Mehrauli Road. B501.110016. 27173360(R).I. FNA. Bio-links. Crystal Growth. Indian Institute of Science. RAMASWAMY.380009. RAMASWAMY. Sai Enclave.D. Res. Department of Science and Technology. (040) 27179147. 23341138(R).. Chennai . Anna University. Thirumalachari.

560013. Email: pnr@biochem. Res. Centre for Soft Matter Research. Sp..1944) Ph. Tel. Hyderabad . Uppal 8th Main. Res. Email : director. DQ12. 10th National Assessment and Accreditation Council (INAAC). Ph. Professor & J.FRSC. RANGANATH. Liquid Crystals/Optics. Pundi Narasimhan (b. Deptt.500007. Bose National Fellow. 28381347.560012..iisc. Sp. ’Chitta’. 3C.560010. I. 1955) Ph. Materials Science/Engineering. Rao Road. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. 1075. 2nd Stage. Email: rangaraj@math. Gobbalipur Shamanna (b.C. (080) 23210267(O). U.iisc. Parijatha Apartments. FASc. Kanchugarakoppal S. of Materials Engineering. Email: gs. Bangalore Res. (080) 23601198(O). Visiting Professor.D. Fax: 27160-757. RANGANATHAN. Indian Institute of Science. Fax : 23601492.R. Fax : 23210268. Sp. Sp. Subramania (b.1214-17/53. 1934) Ph. 1941) B. 23600814. Department of Biochemistry. Fax : 23601198. Malleswaram. RANGARAJAN. Fax: 23600146.. Res.iisc. 1329. (080) 23600373. (b. RANGAPPA. Bangalore .560012. rangu@ materials.500607. Tel. 2010-2011 . Bangalore . RANGARAJAN.D. Council : Mem.D. Vice-Chancellor. FASc.naac@gmail. 4th Main. Apt. Chemical Biology. (040) 27191648(O). Bangalore. Department of Mathematics. (080) 23601492(O).1963) Ph. No. 28382337(O). Padmanabhanagar.560012. Bangalore .. 2542032(R). Bogadi II Stage. rangarajan@gmail..(Ohio). Nonlinear Dynamics/Time Series Analysis. Email : srgiict@gmail. Tel.1963) Ph. Indian Institute of Science. 26692616(R). RANGANATHAN. Director.Fellows 1995 2005 1991 1990 2006 2002 2002 225 RANGANATH. govindan.Sc. rangappaks@yahoo. Mysore .Sc. FASc. 23518521(R).D. FNA. FASc. rangapp aks@chemistry. Distinguished Professor. Fax: 2419363. 10th Main 09000090847(M). Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry. FEAI. 2419200(O). Jalahalli. Tel. FTWAS. Sp. Srinivasa (b. 23210271(R). Tel. Bangalore. Eukaryotic Gene Expression/ Infectious Diseases.201.ernet.560070. Discovery Lab. 23344736(R). P.(Cantab). (080) 28381119. Bangalore . Distinguished Scientist. Tel. 65700305(R).D. 22933217(O). Bangalore .560012. IICT Hostel. 422.227/9.ernet. No. Hyderabad. FNA.E. FNAE. Email: vc@uni-mysore. Org 3.ernet. Tel. PO Box No. 46. Crawford Hall.D. (0821) 2419666. Campus. FNA. Bangalore – 1948) PhD. Mysore – 570005. E Block. University of Mysore. Email : rangu2001@yahoo.res. 27160040(R). Zoology/Genetics/Evolution. Sp. Indian Institute of Science.D. No. Hassan Annegowda (b. NASI-Senior Scientist. Govindan (b. Sp. Res. Res.

TIFR Housing Ph..1956) Tel. Genome Repair/ Recombination/Protein-DNA Interaction/Biology of Cellular Adaptations/Computational Biology. Tel. Sp. Bangalore. Email: cdr@mcbl. Director. 23608660(O). (040) 23013118. C. Nanjangud Sreekantaiah (b.D.iisc. 1954) Ph. 09869063769(M). NE-04.ranjekar@bharatividyapeeth. Tel. Homi Bhabha Road. Pune 411008. Tel. Bangalore-560012.res. FNA. Sp.560012. ScD. Mumbai . Addicam Jagannadha (b. Mumbai . Interactive Research School for Health Affairs. Sp. Bharati Vidyapeeth University. FASc.iisc. Central Res. Email: ajrao@biochem. Department of Chemistry. 1932) Ph. Dept. Colaba. Mumbai . US National Academy of Sciences. Delhi-110052. FASc. 26507124(R). Sp. FNA.D. Fax: 23608660. Basuthkar Jagadeeshwar (b. Res.. University of Hyderabad Campus. Pennsylvania State University. RAO. Reproductive Biology of Seed Plants/Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology. (022) 25767162(O). Hanumanthanagar. ajrao_2000@ yahoo.. 1920) PhD. Bangalore . (022) 22782606. Eberly Professor Emeritus of Statistics.400005.. Powai. 22782255(O). Sp. 1950) Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Website: www. RANJEKAR. RAO. Fax : 24366931. Indian Institute of Science. RAO.400076. USA.226 1986 1995 2000 2002 1988 2011 2003 Year Book 2015 RANGASWAMY. DSc(hc).560019. FRS. Mumbai 400005. FASc. 2351957(R).411043.400076. Tel. Inorganic Chemistry. FNA. Powai. Prabhakar Kamalakar (b.( 080) 3602149. B-144. 09397806860(M).R.ernet. Res.D. Calyampudi Radhakrishna (b. Colaba. Chilakalapudi Durga (b. Res. Pashan Road. (080) 22932308.iisc. Tel. FAMS. Phase I. 4th Lane. Fax : 25723480. of Biological Email: bjrao@tifr. Sp. 2932415(O). Formerly Professor of Botany. ernet. 22804704(R). Department of Microbiology & Cell Biology. CRRAO AIMSCS. Biochemistry/Plant Molecular Biology. Email: rlmc68@yahoo. 25768162. (020) 24366929/31(O). Professor. Tel. KC-29-B. Chebrolu Pulla (b.D. Fellow. .in. Rao Road. Prof. Abhimanashree Housing Society. Fax: 3602697. Email : prabhakar. IIT Campus. Fax : 22804610. 1st Cross. 3rd Main. FASc. 23600814. FNA. Indian Institute of Science. Res. Res. Faculty Quarters. Molecular Virology/Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology. Pune .in. 64631799(O). Bangalore.. Email : cprao@iitb. Homi Bhabha Road. 1942) Ph. Professor. Senior Professor. Hyderabad 500046. RAO. Statistics/Matrix Algebra. 25726742(R). Indian Institute of Science. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.. University of Delhi. 204-Meghnad. 22804611. Email : crrl@psu. Sp.D. Ashok Vihar-I. (011) 27222636(R). Regulation of endocrine function of placenta in primates/Role of trophic hormones in differentiation of endocrine tissues/Role of estrogen in regulation of epididymal function. 3607945(R). Department of Biochemistry. INSA Senior Scientist.

Pure Materials Section. 1945) M. Mumbai . Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra (b. Layout. Email: (080) 22932538.Sci. High Tech City Road.560080. FIC. 1948) Ph. 09440734284 (M).Acad. Sp. RAO. Sp. 23112619(R). Hyderabad . FNA. FAS-AP. Former Director. PhD(Cantab). Kalluri Subba (b. Hyderabad 500084. Bangalore . Email: ksrbrain@gmail.iisc. DLitt(hc).com. L. Dean. FASc.V. Tel. Sp.c.D. Narayana (b. 23601410(R). 35.560012. . Award : Prof. Physical Chemistry. Banglore .ernet. Neurochemistry/ Aging/DNA-repar. Bharat Ratna. FICS. Nagasettihalli. Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit. Email: gnrao@lvpei.D. narayanarao. 35/2. Tel.FASc. School of Life Sciences. Atmospheric Science/Space Physics/ Electronics. Res. Canada. School of Medical Sciences. N. Tel. Bangalore. BARC. Hyderabad . 23611677.). Desirazu Narasimha (b.(h. Chemistry of Materials. Formerly Head.R. Guelph. L. FASc. ScD(hc). (040) 30612609. JNC President’s House. University of Hyderabad. Email: cnrrao@jncasr. Inorganic Chemistry/ Organometallic Compounds . Sp.Ramanna Fellow and Emeritus Professor.Prasad Marg. Honorary President. Kalya Jagannatha (b. SRM University. RAO.D. Saras Baug. Extn. RAO.. Visiting Professor at University of Guelph.Sc. D. 23411129(R). Formerly Head. 65510365(O). Fax: 23548271. Res. Tel. Gullapalli Nageswara ( Indian Institute of Science.Fellows 1974 1996 2003 1960 2005 1998 1994 227 RAO. Department of Biochemistry. Mumbai. Res. Chairman. Banjara Hills. Fax: 23600683.M. 1940) Ph. FRSC(London). LLD(hc). (080) 22932583. Fax: 22082760. FNA. 1954) PhD.. 1925) PhD (Saugar). Bangalore-560 012. DNA-Protein Interactions. RAO. Res. Sp. INSA Honorary Scientist. Sp. Sion-Trombay Road. Indian Institute of Science. University of Hyderabad. (040) 23134180(O). Apt # G-203 Jayabheri Sillicon Country. FAMS.d@ srmuniv. Sp. 4th Cross. Deonar. Tirupati.560012. D. Hon FRS(C).Sc. Dhar Memorial Lecture Award Nat. Department of Biochemistry.. 22932478(O).Sc. NARI.V. DSc(hc). RAO.D. Professor. Bangalore. FASc.V. Fax: 23601310. Email: kjrao@sscu..560094. Indian Institute of Science Campus. Tel. Prasad Eye Institute. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research.D.. Ophthalmology/ Health Planning & Policy. 09880155726(M).. Director (Research). Kattankulathur – 603203. FNA. Gudipaty Sreenivas (b. 25.500034. 1939) Ph.500046. (022) 25515281(R). RAO.(080) 23653075. FRS. 22082761(O). 1934) PhD (Purdue).India (1991). 22933009(R). Email: profdnrao2001@yahoo. Ist Floor. Srinidhi NTI. 23600814.High Purity Materials. Kothaguda Post. 23602897(O).ernet. FNA.

Navi Mumbai . DRDO. Science & Society/ Engineering Sciences. Molecular Biology & Cell Biology/Genomics & Human Molecular Genetics. 27890712/65118666 (R). Plot No.500 044. Vigyan . 66614475(R). Balapur P.).Tel. Sector 24. RAO. 09435052702(M). Quarter EA/1. FTWAS. Former Director. 1937) PhD.560092. Srinagar Colony. International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI). (040) 24443167(O).com. DSc(hc).. FNA.560 064. International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology. FNAAS. Head. Fax: 27839926. Flat No. 65163251/56(Lab). FASc. Tel. (040) 27618184(R). Foreign Associate. 1936) PhD. 22082752 (O). Hyderabad . Fax : 2370011. Res.O. raopg@rrljorhat. 1927) Ph.122017. Satyanarayana (b. Turbhe. (080) 23622762. Gurgaon . (0376) 2372609(O). 2372523. (022) 65135260(O).. FEng(UK). FCSI.I. E-2226. (0124) 2367332(R).. New Delhi 110 067. Paruchuri Gangadhar (b.D. Navy Nagar. FASc. Sp. Bangalore . FIE. Plot No.Sc. M. 23519131(R). Formerly Chairman. Email: mrsrao@jncasr. D. 301. RAO. Council : Mem. Hyderabad .pvsrao@gmail. Res. 2372479(R). 8-3-1022. 14. 22082766. Near Appetite Hotel. FTWAS. Palam Vihar. RAO. RAO. Hyderabad . Fax :22082758. Sp. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Res.Engg.500005. Parbhani. Sanpada Railway Station. FNAE. 1958) PhD. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Adviser. Fax : 26715114.Acad.785006. DST. Tatanagar. Governing Council. Immunology/Peptide Synthesis. Flat 4. Baghlingampally. Opp. 1948) PhD. Computer Systems/Speech & Script/Natural Language Processing. Tel. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. Plant Breeding/Genetics. Res. Maharashtra. Chairman. Suryanarayana (b. Council : Mem.500073. Palle Rama (b.400005. Marathwada Agricultural University. University of Hyderabad. FIETE. Res. Block 10. (011) 26176680(O). Sp. Computer Systems & Communications Group. FIIChE. New Delhi & ViceChancellor.400705. Kanury Venkata Subba (b. FNA. 9th Cross. FASc. T. Email : ramaraop37@gmail. Chairman.res. Colaba. Physical & Mechanical Metallurgy: Alloy Development. Bangalore . Navi Mumbai . Mumbai. R. Tel. Email : kanury@icgeb.400703.. ASRB. Kodigehalli.601. Fax: 24443168(O). Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. Neelamraju Ganga Prasada (b. FNAE. Tel. Tel. AT Road. HIG(OG). Distt. FASc. NAIMISAM. CSIR-NEIST Campus. Sp.res. 2012-13 . New Delhi and Secretary. Paranandi V. Vashi. Formerly Senior Professor & Head. CSIR-North East Institute of Science & Technology. FAMS.. 1950) Ph.228 1994 1992 1988 1990 1991 2010 Year Book 2015 RAO. Res.(h. Immunology Group. FNA. US Nat. Sp. Email: dr. President. Distinguished Scientist. Email : pgrao24@ hotmail. Plot No.. Vashi. Mumbai . FNA.F. FNA. Formerly ViceChancellor. Sector-17.D. Jorhat . Jorhat . Sp.

FNA.560064. 223/153. Sp. Tel. Jhunsi. Chhatnag Road. Department of Space. FNA. (080) 27824413(R). rastogi. New BEL Road. FASc. Ka. Tel. Email: rastogiak@rediffmail. Nanoelectronics/ Nanotechnology/Microelectronics. Delhi.D. Lucknow University.(Stonybrook). (022) 25767456(O). FASc. FLS.211019. 09341989403(M). Ex-CSIR Emeritus Scientist. RAO 3367/E. Indiranagar. HarishChandra Research Institute of Mathematics & Mathematical Physics. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Res. Biochemistry of Parasitic Infection/Metabolic Disorders. Powai. FIETE. (0522) 2269638(R). Sp. DSc(hc). Bannerghatta Post. Chattar Manzil Palace. Udipi Ramachandra (b. Sp.D. Tel. Formerly Chairman. Professor. Antariksh Bhavan. HAL II Stage. Lucknow . Formerly Professor & Head. IIT Campus. Allahabad. 1956) Fax: 23410705. Chhatnag Road. raocimap@gmail.B-4 Block. 1926) Ph. 87 . RAO. Lucknow. Raghunath Prasad (b. Zoology Department. RAO. Lucknow .226 003. 09235183086(M). Bangalore . E-1. 748A. 16th Floor. Central Drug Research Institute. Formerly Scientist ‘G’ & Head. Cytogenetics. Jiginittabli.D.isro@hotmail. FASc. Professor. 22172387(O).in. FIAAT. Email : rprastogi@yahoo. Res. Tel. 2274002(R). 09415087160. Raja Bazar. Taxonomy/Biodiversity/ Medicinal Plants/Conservation/ Phytogeography. Asherfabad. Nisarga Layout. Division of Biochemistry. Bangalore 560038. Email: urrao. Salem Ramachandra Rao Venkatasubba (b. net. Council : Mem. Anil Kumar (b. Fax : 25723707. Res. FNA. UPCST.D.. 1932) PhD. (0522) 2265044 (R).400076. Res. Sp. BHU. Ph. 295/281. FTWAS.226003. Jhushi. 25768456(R). Electrical Engineering Department. (080) 23416406. Chemistry Department. Raghavendra Ramachandra (b. PRL Council.226001. FNAE.1927). Tel. Sp. FASc. Bangalore 560083 Tel. 1943) Ph. Bangalore . Lucknow . Chairman. RASTOGI. Email : rr_rao@vsnl. Tel. FES.. Res. RAO... Lucknow . Sumathi (b.D. 1965) Ph. 1945) PhD. Yelahanka. Room # 117. Formerly Allahabad 211019. 09448852356(M) Space Commission & Secretary. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Valipe (b. Ananta Building. Sp. Harish-Chandra Research Institute of Mathematics & Mathematical Physics. (080) 28564291(R).ernet. VLN Prabhuddalaya. FNAE. FBS. Res. RASTOGI. Email : rrao@ee.Kendriya Vihar. Delhi University. # 328.560231.Space Sciences /Space Technology. FNA. Rastogi Tola. 25269523(R). Varanasi.13th Main. Advisory Board. Email : sumathi @mri. Res. Physical Chemistry/Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics/Nonlinear Dynamics/Solid State Processes/ Combustion Chemistry & Propulsion.Fellows 1999 2010 1990 2001 1988 1999 1972 229 RAO. Mumbai . B-149.226007. Powai. INSA Honorary Scientist. Mumbai 400076. (0532) 22274303(O).com. Sp.

Apartment 301. Lalit Apartment. W. Former Director. Tel. Email: parvs@prl. 5 Floor. . Fax : 25886122. Scientist.. Sandesh Press Road. Bangalore 560078. Res. Council : F. Email : gkrath@ rediffmail. Res.ncl-india. Fax : 26589821. (020) 25886122(O).ernet. Goura Kishor (b. Bangalore . Neuroscience. Tel. 315(R).. 4. Dehra Council : Mem. 1942) PhD. Geomagnetism/Aeronomy/Space Physics. Manesar. Sp. Professor of Biotechnology. Email: paul_ratnasamy@yahoo. Paul (b. Kumaraswamy Layout. Fax : 24735197. FTWAS. 26594542(R).O.230 1983 2009 1989 1998 1997 2004 2012 Year Book 2015 RASTOGI. Plant Biotechnology/Secondary Metabolites Food Biotechnology. 1952) Ph. Flat No. 2005-06 Mem.FIMSA. Shavige Malleshwara Hills.I.MD.D. Vijayalakshmi (b. Visiting Professor. Gokare Aswathanarayana ( Campus.B. Ansari Nagar. Email : rgokare@yahoo. Kolkata 700032. Sp. Pune . RATNASAMY. P. Catalysis/Zeolites. Centre for Neuroscience.411008. RAWAT. P. Professor. 85-89 RATH. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. ITI Road Anudh. Kunal (b. Res. (011) 26594798(O). 18. Chandrabani. Sp.1954) Ph.Ranga Rao Road. profrastogi@yahoo. Gulmohar Park. Ahmedabad. FNA. New Garia Housing Co-operative 26850958(R). Email : kunalray@gmail. Head. Email: viji@cns. FNAE.S. New Delhi .110029. Fax : 26301502. Ahmedabad . Sp. Res. 1929) PhD. Website: www. C. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism.C. FAMS. 09890419451(M). 24328022(R). 222(O). Shankara Puram. 18. Dayananda Sagar th Institutions. 1953) Ph. 25898058(R). 4 Raja S. RAVINDRANATH. CSIR-IICB Innovation Complex. DRBRAIRCH. RAY.B. Physical Research Laboratory. Vaishnavi Spring. (080) 42161747(O). Tel.560004.iisc.700094. National Chemical FIAFoST (Canada). of Radiotherapy & Chief. Sagar Center for Life Sciences. CII/22 AIIMS Campus. 09008885529(M). FNA. Tel. 25893355. Pune. FASc. Sp. 1951) MBBS. 22B Lad Housing Bangalore . Tel.D. 09448086775(M). New Delhi .D. FIFST(UK). G9. (080) 22933433 (O) 26615001(R). 1959) Ph. 2002-04. Indian Institute of Science. Department of Habitat Ecology. Sp. Jadavpur. (0135) 2640111-115 Extn.. Gopal Singh (b. INSA Ramanujan Research Professor. Consultant. Dehra Dun 248001. Professor & Chairperson. (033) 24831984(O). Ram Gopal (b. Vice President. Formerly Director. FASc. V/3. FTWAS. Sp.FNA. Email : rawatg@wii. (079) 26314055(O). Mullick Molecular Basis of Human Genetic Diseases.res. INSA Hon. R&D (Life Sciences). 09624924030(M). Res. P. 49/5.110029.D. NBRC. Plant Taxonomy/Natural Resource Ecology & Conservation.560012. 2007-08 RAVISHANKAR. Tel. Dept. Tel. Fax: 2640117. Mumbai.I..D. Dr. Fax : 42161747.248001. Medical Sciences/Radiation Oncology. Fax : 23603323.380054. Extn. Kolkata . Wildlife Institute of India. Panchasayar.411007.

1940) Ph. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences. SV-1.D. Kolkata . Green Tower.. Sp. Visiting Distinguished Professor..N. Salt Lake. FIBIOL(Lond. Email: surayfmt@ gmail. Sumit Kumar (b. (0522) 2238558(R). Council : V. 09432495128(M).175001. D. Sarojini Naidu Marg.vsnl. Emeritus Scientist. Block C. 1947) Sir Tarak Nath Palit Professor of Physics. FASc.700073. 10/6. Tel. (033) 23355709. Tel. Department of Chemistry. Director ITRC. Lucknow. Fax : 23352733. Kamla Nagar. 16/3 Kha. Kolkata . Res. Kolkata . 1st Floor. Materials Development including Cast Metal Matrix Composites/ Nanocomposites and Energy Materials.226 001.D. P-347 Lake Town. (033) 23589746(R). FASc. 1942) Ph. HP. (011) 27667007(R). 92. Tel. Formerly Deputy Director General. Structural Geology & Tectonics Ore Email : nkray@ndb. Lucknow & Chittaranjan National Cancer Research Centre. Bungalow Road. Kolkata-700009. Sp. Naba Kishore (b. Presidency University. Res. RAYCHAUDHURI. Golf Green. Kolkata. Sp. (033) 23343389(R). Email: suprabhatray@yahoo. CD-246. (033) 23525631(O). Delhi -110007. Geological Survey of India. Kolkata . Amitava (b. Indian Institute of Technology Mandi. RAY. 24737519(R). Email: arup@bose. Kolkata. Arup Kumar (b. 1952) PhD. New Delhi.Fellows 1982 1992 2006 2000 1994 2003 2000 231 FAPAM. Theoretical Chemistry. Director.D.700106. Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Technology Division.). Solid State Physics/Experimental Physics/R&D Management. . FE-139 Salt Lake.D. INSA Senior Scientist. Biotechnology/Immunology/Toxicology/ Environmental Sciences/Cancer. University of Calcutta. sumitkumarray@hotmail. Res. RAY. Kolkata – 700095. Tel. S. JD Block. Email : amitavaraychaudhuri@yahoo. 467/208(O). College Street.. Allahabad.700098.. Behind Masonic Lodge. Formerly Director. 09897645575(M).P.res.. FNA.. Sp. 09335626703 (M). Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road. Formerly Director. Lucknow . Department of Mandi . Tel. School of Engineering. 86/1. sray@iitmandi. Kolkata. 1941) Ph. Email : pkray2000@ yahoo. Res. Res. Email: skray45@yahoo. RAY.I. Sector .700089. Particle Physics/ Neutrino Physics. Subrata (b. Block A. Medicinal Chemistry/Development of Fertility Regulating Agents. 23351313 Delhi-110007.D.D. Sector 3. Formerly Senior Deputy Director (Scientist G) & Head. Flat No. Sector III. 09831243624 (M). 1952) Ph. Prasanta Kumar (b. Tel. 09213109501(M). NPL. Res. Bose Institute. Delhi University. Formerly Director. Mohini. Suprabhat (b. 2009-10 RAYCHAUDHURI. Ex. Central Drug Research Institute. Harish-Chandra Research Institute. Tel. 1945) Ph. Salt Lake City. 49/

1928) Ph. Colony. Sp. New Delhi . Karnataka University.res. H. Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB). 12-13-1274. 09427018152(M). Rajajinagar.D. Ahmedabad .in. Vudem Dashavantha (b. Tel. RENFRO. Res. Fax : 27160921.Mexico. (040) 27098087(O). Res. Bhanuprakash (b. Tel.Disease Resistance Breeding/ Disease Epidemiology and Control/Maize Breeding.500607. 1928) Res. Email : reddy@icgeb. 1958) Life Hospitals. Ambli-Bopal Road. New Delhi . Saurabh Dilsukhray (b. Babuji Nagar. sdrindani@gmail.FAPASc. Rajkumar Road. FNA. Sp. FASc. Director. Email: gkn_reddy@hotmail. Email: geereddy@yahoo. com. Theoretical Physics Division.500007. Benjaram Mahipal (b. Ahmedabad . Versha Apartment. Secunderabad 500017. Sp.D. Malireddy Kodandarami (b. Hyderabad .Kartikeyanagar. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Sp. Chief Scientist. REDDY. CIMMYT. Formerly Professor & Head of Chemistry Department.D. D. REDDY. Hyderabad . Tel.D. FNA. ASPEN. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.res. 1952) PhD. Vasant Kunj.. (079) 26314462(O). Res. Discovery Lab. REDDY. Hyderabad Fax : 27160512. (040) 27197252(O).D. Gidnahalli Karagappa Narayana (b. G. Navrangpura. (011) 26741242(O).in.380058.500076.500007. (London). Hyderabad ..Mexico. Sp. II Block. Inorganic & Physical Chemistry Division. Senior Principal Scientist. 1967) Ph. 09494540587(M). Nacharam. Basireddy Venkata Subba (b. Sp. Email : basireddy@iict. Bobby L. Tel. Maize Pathologist.232 2013 2012 2006 1979 2007 2007 1983 2009 Year Book 2015 REDDY. 27002898(R). 27406590(R). Apt. Sp. REDDY. Hyderabad . Sector B. 1970) Ph. REDDY. Bangalore-560010. 1957) Ph. Catalysis/Green Chemistry/Nano-materials. Fax: 26314900. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Nutrition.. 1957) Ph. . vdreddycpmb@yahoo. Osmania University. Tel. National Institute of Nutrition.FNAE. Senior 301. basireddyvsr@gmail. (b.110070. Nacharam. Tel.500007.1-216/109. 09704756699(M).421-00(O).No. E7 PRL Quarters. Fax : 26742316.500007. Scientist E. (080) 23324546(R). Tarnaka. com.D. dr_bmreddy@yahoo. 26860148(R). 26314460. Apatado Postal 6-641. Hyderabad . Res. Email : saurabh@prl.. Pocket-4. 27170287(R)..3138. Plant Sciences/Biotechnology.110067. Particle Physics. (040) 27193535(O). Hyderabad . D. Fax : 27096170.D. Email : bmreddy@iict. Tel. Physical Research Laboratory. Bangalore University & Vice-Chancellor. Plant Molecular Biology. Delg.. Res. Tel.380009. 27175406(R).com. Snehanilayam. Plant Genetics/Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Sp. RINDANI. Jamai-Osmania. Cuauhtemoc 06600. Opp.FAPASc.F.res. 622. 41761698(R). Fax: 27019074. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. A-102. (040) 27191714(O). Asymmetric Synthesis / Medicinal Chemistry / Green Chemistry. Coordination Chemistry/ Organometallics/Catalysis. Email : vdreddycpmb@osmania.

Bhubaneswar . ROY. Bhubaneswar 751019. 09884472767(M). 23663832(R). V. Professor of Geophysics. Email : grrout@hotmail. Qtr. (33) 25773084. Sp. Mullick Road.. 4. Res. 1959) Ph. Professor & Head.751003. Kharagpur 721302.D. Trunk Cryptology/Combinatorics/Statistics. 2012-13 ROY. HB-47. bimalroy. Sp. Khandagiri..Fellows 1999 2009 2001 2011 1997 1998 2013 233 ROUT. (022) 25072440(O). Sector 17.D. 1940) Ph. 09769733915(M). Vigyan.700106. Sp. Website: www. Bidhan Nagar. Nuclear Physics /Acceleration Physics. 1961) Ph. IUAC. 27898101(R).res. 25755105 (R). 09437308014 (M). Tel. (b. Sector III. Jadavpur. Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology.tifr. 69 Street. Email: bimal@isical. ROYCHOUDHURY. Tel. KK Kolkata . Email: kkroy@gg. B1. Indian Statistical Institute. roy@tanuvas. Raja S. Fax: 24735197. Tel. FMGMI. (033) 24995823(O). Chennai – 600078. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. 203 Barrackpore. Professor. Fax: 82268. dproy1@gmail. Deputy Director. Kolkata-700064. Council : Mem.Sc.No. Khandagiri Vihar. Email: roy@iuac. Kharagpur 721302. Email : parimalroy@hotmail. Qtr. Res. New Ph.res. 205 Barrakpore. 09748999946 (M). Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. Trunk Road. 706. Fax : 25566803. grrout@rediffmail. res. (0674) 2397755(O).ernet. Parimal (b. Department of Agricultural Biotechnology. Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre. (044) 25551581(O). & Director. Sp. 55303. Chennai th 600051. Applied Statistics Unit. Unique Gyana Ranjan (b.D. Purav Marg. Field Theory/Particle Physics. Plot No. Res. Res. 946/ Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics/Potential Theory/Inverse Theory. Mumbai 400088.T..D. Central University Laboratory. (03222) 83378(O).. 25773593. Email : dproy@hbcse. Kolathia.ernet. ROY. Amit (b.B-201. Durga Prasad (b. Kolkata – Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Tel. 83379(R). Email : AT/PO-Aiginia. D.. FAEG. Susanta (b. Professor & Head. Human Genetics/ Cancer Genomics/Cancer Cell Biology. INSA. 1/AF. 1948) Ph. 208/821. . Indian Institute of Technology. Scientific Advisor. Sp. Res. Navi Mumbai 400703. Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Kolkata – 700108.D. 08017890915(M). Tel. College of Agriculture. Plant Biotechnology/Environmental Biotechnology/ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants/Mutation Research. Veterinary Microbiology/Animal Health.iitkgp. 23581528(R). FASc. 25753300 (O).isi@ gmail.D. FNA.. Former Director. FGMMI. ROY. ROY. Campus.1941) 1955) Ph. FNAAS. th 11 Sector. Fax: 25756925.D. Plot No. Tel. Indo-FAIR Project. Senior Scientist. Res. Fax: 2397755. Bimal Kumar.N. I. Kolkata -700032.I. Kalyan Kumar (b. Madhavaram Milk Colony.. Salt Lake. Vashi. Department of Geology and Geophysics. Tel.

CK 147. Tel. Gurgaon . Cell Biology & Physiology Division.S.. Indian Statistical Institute. FTWAS. Sp. 4400(O). Email: rproy@nii.700032.. 7 SJS Sansanwal Marg.226001. 1425(O). Flat 3G. Tel. 09868929236 (M). Sector 17. Synthetic Protein Chemistry/Chemical Biology. 116. FASc. Email : shasankal@yahoo. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. FNA. Parth Sarathi (b.FNAAS.FNA. Theoretical Statistics & Mathematics Indian Statistical Institute. Tel. 1959) Ph. Sp. (b. NMR Laboratory. Res. Faizabad Road. Scientist. Fax : 23374637. 1941) (011) 26703698(O). Probability Theory.D. FASc. Central Drug Research Institute. (033) 23375345. 4 Raja SC Mullick Road. Sib Sankar (b. Email: psroy13@ gmail. Kolkata – 700091. Particle Physics : Field Theory & Phenomenology/Astroparticle Physics. Fax : 41493981.roy@saha. Probir (b. SJS Sansanwal Marg. NH-8. Kolkata . Res.B. Sp. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing.tifr. National Institute of Immunology. INSA Senior FAPS. 1967) Ph. 23375349 Ext. Bidhannagar. New Delhi 110067. ROY. .co. New Delhi Dehra Dun. 501. Hyderabad . NSC Bose Road.D. Professor. Tel. Bose Institute. Kolkata 700040. Nallagandala. Fax : 24735197.res. 09432597896 (M). (011) 41493905(O). 09910831172(M). Purav Marg. FASc.. 09433414568 (M). 09810577789 (M). ROY.. ROY. 7. High Energy Physics/ Foundations of Quantum Theory. New Delhi 110016. Tel. Fax: 2223405. ROY.theory. NASI-Senior Scientist.. Babuganj. (0522) 2212411-18 Pabx Ext. Rajendra P. Mumbai – 400088. Website: www. Earth Observation/Remote Sensing/Ecology/ Natural Resource Lucknow . (022) 27888961(R).D. Professor. B 504. 1959) Ph.1952) PhD. Geospatial Chair Professor. ROY. Shasanka Mohan (b. Block3. Res. Res. 26741142(R). 2787581(R). Plot 23. 1962) PhD.N. Staff Scientist VII. Email : rahul@isid. A-7. Tel. Rahul (b. Kanchi Gachibouli. Sp. ROY.D. FASc.res. & Centre for Space Science & Technology Education in Asia & the Pacific (CSSTEAP). Email : pkroy@nbrc. Flat NII. Res. probir. Manesar. Email : sibsankar@iicb. Lucknow . 26964112(R).in. Kolkata .com. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. INSA Senior Scientist. V. Mankhurd. Aparna ROY. 24812780(R). (033) 24995858(O).in.res. Raja (b. 2223938. Centre for Astroparticle Physics and Space Science. Cancer Biology/Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Disorders. Vashi. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. Division of RSIC.110016.500046. (ISRO).700091. Email: rajaroy_cdri@ yahoo. Ph. Fax: 26717104. New Delhi . National Brain Research Centre. Navi Mumbai – 400703.B. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.234 2002 2009 2001 2001 2014 2001 1993 2014 Year Book 2015 ROY. Sp. Prasun Kumar M. Formerly Director. 124. Res. Sector Email: probirrana@gmail. Principal Scientist. Res. Vigyan. Chattar Manzil. 1942) PhD. 23598896(R). Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Sp. National Neuroimaging Facility. A10. Dakhineer Complex. AIIMS.No. Tel.700032. Tel. National Research Institute for Applied Mathematics and Honorary Professor.700068. Former st Director. 1966) Ph. 2550752(R). 1954) Ph. FASc. Dept. Biochemical Adaptation Lab. Consultant. UGC-CAS in Fluid Mechanics. Jayanagar. Vikaspuri.700156. Department of Zoology. Tanusri (b. Comparative Animal Biochemistry and Physiology.. Kolkata . Ph. Bengaluru . NEHU Permanent Campus. Histopathology/Neuropathology. drsyamalroy@yahoo. Email : rudraiahn@ hotmail. 09872092828(M).FTWAS. New Town. (033) 23355705(07) Extn. Optical Astronomy/Star Clusters/AGNS/ GR Bursts/Astrophysics/Microlensing. Flat LX20504. Council : Mem. FASc.110060.411007 SAHA. FASc. National Centre for Cell Science. Qr. Sp. 207(O). 1952) PhD. Salt Lake.. Email: Scientist F. Vertebrate/Biostratigraphy/Bio mineralization.D. Email : FNAMS. 1933) JD Block. Immunology/Parasitology. Ashok (b. 1932) PhD (Canada). Kolkata . Department of Mathematics.D. Tel.III. (0522) 2740051(O).in. Sp. House No. Ganeshkhind. Lucknow . Rajender Nagar. Honorary Director. Email: nsaha@nehu. 26764356(R). Email : sroy@iicb. Bhaskar. Kolkata . 24725624(R). Condensed Matter Physics/ Materials Science/Electronic Structure. Central College Campus. (0364) 2722322(O). NASI-Senior Scientist. ROY. Tel. (011) 28530308(R). Professor of Zoology. Tel. 2235385(R). 23241232(R). CAS in Geology.N. Chandigarh. FUWA. of Materials Science.Fluid Mechanics. P-40. FIMA(UK). Nirmalendu (b. 09886443436(M). Panjab University. Nanjundappa (b. Subimal (b. S.D. 09436100836(M). 199. Res. Mahatma Gandhi Marg. 2012-13 SAHA-DASGUPTA. Syamal (b. Email: subimalroy@hotmail. Formerly Professor & Head of Pathology. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (CSIR). Ram (b. Sp. Email: ram_sagar0 @yahoo.793022. Sri Ganga Ram Hospital. 610.Fellows 1988 2010 1978 1999 2010 2011 2006 1997 235 ROY.1941) PhD(Minnesota).Tel. 22961421(O). ARIES. Res. Scientist G. (080) 22219714. nsahanehu@hotmail. Charak Sadan.226001. Sp. Res. 492/G. Fax : 22219714(O). 98. Ph. Formerly ViceChancellor. SAHA. 26764356(R). NorthEastern Hill University.. (080) 25711283.FAVH. Rajarhat.. 09448389763(M). Fax : 24735197. Fax: 2550076.FNA. RUDRAIAH. Jadavpur. New Delhi . Pune .in. 2009-10 . Fax : 23353477. Res.D. 58. Sector .. 09810245178(M). Bangalore . Gulbarga.FZSI. Shillong . Tel. Formerly INSA Senior Scientist and Professor Emeritus.D. 25714989(R). SAHNI.793022. Gulbarga University. Kolkata . 8 Block. (033) 24990395(O). Countil : Koramangala. Bangalore . Professor.. Jodhpur Park.560095.res.560001. Applied Mathematics . Council : 2006-07. 1 E Cross th Road. 7th Block (West). New Delhi.. Sp.sahni@gmail. Sr. UTSA Condoville.700098. of Pathology. com. New Delhi 110018. 7th Cross.FASc. Sp. Res. Shillong . Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences. Dept. 79 SAGAR. 1961) Ph. Nainital.

Gas Hydrates Group.res. Email : saini20@hotmail. Girish (b. SAIDAPUR. Email: varun@iucaa. Scientist P. Email: sahni@imtech.580001. Astronomy/Astrophysics.ernet. Hyderabad . E.D. Chandigarh ..B. Pune 411007. Email : arvindsahu@nccs.D. (020) 25719245. 25584922(R).in. Tel.O. Res. Institute of Microbial Technology. 09663378259.FIGU. (0175) 3046334(O). P. 2690684(R). Fax : 25505296. Distinguished Professor. Sripad Nagar. 25690665(R).D.. (040) 27012799(O). Arvind (b. Kalachand (b. (022) 25505296(O). Sp. D.D. 1956) Ph. Pune-411007. Tripuri. (b. Ganeshkind. Dharwad . DAE Homi Bhabha Chair Professor.(0836) 2776789(R). IUCAA Housing Colony. Tel. Email : kalachandsain@yahoo.1945) Ph. NCRA-TIFR Housing Colony. Res. Fax : 25692259. Sp. Imaging Subvolcanic Post Bag 4. #20. Understanding Geotectonics. Sp. Sp. Fax: 2690585. E6. (0172) 2690785(O). Sp.D. Inter University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics. 23434651.. INSA Senior Scientist. Malkiat Singh (b. Varun (b. VI/5.. Res. Pune . FNA. Raheja Acropolis 2. Res. Pune .411007. Department of Zoology. 25719000(O). Director. res.D.B. Inversion & Modeling of Seismic Data : Investigation of Gas Hydrates.500007. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. Uppal Road. Senior Principal Scientist & Head.160036. FASc. 25692156(R).Sc. TIFR. Professor. Patiala 147002. Patiala 147001. Complement Biology/Molecular Virology. Tel. 6. Res. Ganeshkhind P. Fax : 228373. Res.500007.D. 1956) Ph. 1963) Ph. Deonar. Karnatak University. Insect Morphology/Insect Systematics. Email : djs@ncra. 806 Adonis.411007. Mumbai . Dhruba Jyoti (b. Tel. Srinivas K.res. FASc. Saptapur. Mumbai400085. Email: vcsahni@barc. Fax: 5690760.tifr. FASc.. Fax : 25697257. SAHNI. Janaki Ammal Awardee. 09417120251 (M). 1964) Ph. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Tel. Sp. Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Protein Science Biotechnology.(Moscow).in. 108.. Vinod Chandra (b. Tel. Astrophysics. 25604406(R). 3.236 2001 1998 2002 2009 2010 2011 2011 2007 Year Book 2015 Hyderabad . Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Uppal Road. SAIKIA.FAPAS. Email : 1947) Ph. Ganeshkhind P. 09480405588(M). National Centre for Cell Science. 2351832(R).com. Dharwad. NGRI Colony. Sp. 09423694718 (M). . FTWAS. Pune . Punjabi University.. SAINI. Sp. Reproductive Biology/ Animal Behavior/ Evolution. FNA.FGSI. 1950) Ph. (020) 25604112(O). Fax : 27171564. 27178319(R). SAIN. (020) 25708083(O).Tel. Condensed Matter Physics/UHV Based Analytical Instrumentation/Particle Accelerators. Tel. Trombay. 1956) Ph. Akashganga.O. Pune University Campus. CSIR-NGRI. SAHU. Former Vice-Chancellor. New Mehar Singh Colony. SAHNI. Sector 39-A. 3. gov.411007..

26967340 (R). Distinguished Scientist & Director. Council : Mem. . Vimal Chandra (b. CHI/44.Sc. Sector-11. Molecular Parasitology. 09816316318(M). Himachal Unit. Photochemistry/Timeresolved Spectroscopy. (011) 26984830(O).110025. Trombay. C145 Sarvodaya Enclave. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development. Krishna Balaji (b.ernet.D. Sp. FASc. (b. Res.Tagore Town. Anunay (b. Fax : 26166124. FNA.rcb. Regional Centre for Biotechnology. 225329 2002 1985 2008 1995 2006 2010 2009 237 SAINIS.Tel. Motilal Nehru Medical Dinakar M. School of New Delhi . Hyderabad 500046. New Delhi Cosmology/ Gravitation/High Energy Physics. (011) 26166124. Kharghar. Res. Mohal-Kullu 175126. Mumbai . Sp.1940) MBBS. (022) 25505326.21(O). Tel. Gurgaon-122016. Tel. Former Professor & Head. Allahabad211002. SALOTRA. Immunology/ Radiation Biology/Medicinal Plants/Antioxidants. T5. Tel. anunay. Sp. Email: kbsainis@ barc. Email: dmsalunke@rcb. 25593781(O). Navi Mumbai-410210. Sp. 28(R).110025. Hyderabad . SAMI. Professor & Director. G. Deputy Director. Fax: 26984830.Structural Biology. Institute of Pathology (ICMR). Res.400085. 09440499681(M). 26198402(O). SAKSENA. Website: www. 23010715(R).110017. (040) 23011594. 1956) PhD. Phase I.1955) Ph.. B-113. (01902) 225329 Ext.D.D. (011) 26691858(R). 09810675005(M).res. Poonam ( Email : 1955) Ph.B. FCIN. 25505151.. 23134813(O). Faculty Qtrs.. Pharmacology Dept. FAMS.Kullu 175126. 2007-08 SAMANTA. Centre for Theoretical Physics Jamia Millia Islamia. 180 Udyog Vihar. Pharmacology & Therapeutics.samanta@gmail. res. Fax : 25505326. Kendriya Vihar (5) CHS. Tel. A-2. Fax : 226347. FNA. New Delhi 110029. Ph. 1962) Ph. Bio-Medical Group. D. Sp. Res. Mohal . University of Hyderabad. FASc. GB Pant Institute Campus. FNA. Tel.500046. 25593638.. samant62@yahoo. com. Scientist E & Scientist Incharge. Safdarjung Hospital Campus. Mohammad (b. Fax: (0124) 2848803. Res. 9990840273(M).. Jamia Nagar. Jamia Nagar. University of Hyderabad. Executive Director. Sher Singh (b. Plant Taxonomy/ Biodiversity Conservation and Management/ Medicinal Plants Conservation.D. krusain49@gmail.173. Sp. Email : sami@iucaa. MD. Modular Laboratories. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Res. Email : salotra@vsnl. Sp.. Fax: 23011594. Jamia Enclave. 09839082400(M). Professor. Tel. Email: anunay@uohyd. 1955) Ph. (0124) 4038116. New Delhi. 27742155(R).

(01628) 237017(R).400005. University of Agricultural Sciences. ID83706. Boise. University of Delhi.160047. Patiala . Microbiology/ Mycology/Cell Physiology/Molecular & Membrane Biology. Chest Institute. Magnetism/Superconductivity/Alloys/ Multiferroics. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Bio-organic Chemistry/Multiferroics. Sp. Khanna .226 006. SANDHU. Email: sanjappam@ymail. Punjabi University. Email : rajsane@hotmail. Res. Emeritus Scientist.D. Email: sampath@ tifr. (BPU) (An Autonomous Institute under DBT. Email: Bangalore . Sp. Fax: 22804610. FNA. Department of Medical Mycology.141401. SANDHU. National Botanical Research Institute. (0172) 612333. FTWAS.D. Fax: 2342666. 1935) Ph. Phase 8.P. Colaba.(Canada). Res. 09415766696(M). UGC Emeritus Fellow. 09892100402(M). Block C-7. INSA Senior Scientist. Chandigarh. (080) 25538028(R).560034. 1958) Ph. Panjab University. Email: j_sandhu2002@yahoo. Sp. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). Sp. Echur Varadadesikan (b. Formerly Director.D. Photosynthesis/Plant Biochemistry/Plant Molecular Biology. Tel. Email : sarjeetsingh@juno. FASc. Rajendra Singh (b.sangwan@gmail. GKVK. Guru Nanak Dev University. com. Govt. 09451246764(M).FNA. Inorganic Chemistry. 22783437(R) Commutative Algebra. Sector 45A.A. Amritsar. Tel. Plant Secondary Metabolism/Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology/ Secondary Metabolomics and Synthetic Biology.D. Formerly Director. Department of Chemistry. #150. FNA. Sarjit Singh (b. "Bhaskara". Bellary Road. 516. Homi Bhabha Road. 22804611.FNAAS. 1931) Dr. USA. CIMAP Colony. Lucknow. 1937) Ph. Mumbai .Sc. Vikas Nagar.. . Lucknow 226020. Senior Professor. Munivenkatappa (b. FBS.Tel. 001-208-344-0761(R). FNA. TIFR Housing Complex. 1954) Ph. SANJAPPA. 2566 Waterbury Lane. 504. Tel. Mohali – 160071. Bengaluru – 560064. Rajindar Singh (b. of India) C-127. Tel. FNA. Herbarium & Botanical Garden. 1930) Block IV. Res. SANE. 1942) Ph. (0522) 2739839(R).400005. Jagir Singh (b. V. 2330989(R). Chief Executive Officer/Director. Industrial Area. Mahanagar Extension. FNAAS. (0175) 3046409-10(O). Mumbai.147002. 09972035160(M). Chemistry Deptt. Tel. Chandigarh ...(Zurich). Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science. Res. C-739/B. FASc.D.(Panjab & London). Sp..Nat. Sp. SANKARAN. Colaba. Koramangala.238 1999 1987 1983 1976 1987 2007 2002 1994 Year Book 2015 SAMPATHKUMARAN. Tel. BSI. 8th Main. Near Petrol Pump. House E-1. Sp. N. Yelahanka. Homi Bhabha Road. I Cross. Bio-Processing Unit. Sector C. SANGWAN.D. Taxonomy and Conservation. 1951) PhD. 22804977. (022) 22782437/22782439(O). FASc. Tel. Res. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Formerly Professor. Sp. Email : dr. Formerly Professor.. Prafullachandra Vishnu (b. (0522) 2322201. Sector-7. Res. Lalhari Road. Bengaluru – 560065. Lucknow . Res. (b. S. Nagar.

1923) Ph. 22804816(R). Fax : 23374637. CLRI. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Bose Fellow. SANKARANARAYANAN. Condensed Matter Physics/Surface Science/ Nano-materials/Synchrotron XRay Scattering. Sector-I. Sp. Adyar. Tel. Uppal Road. Sp. FIAWS. Tel. Marine Biology/Marine Wood Biodeterioration/Mangrove Ecology. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology.. Bangalore . (73 Old). 2662(O). Kasturba Nagar. School of Mathematics.560064. FNA. (0487) 2330592(R) Email : lnskumaran@yahoo.C. Res.D. wwwsanyal@gmail. FASc.. Jakkur Post.600020. (080) 22082878(O).c. SANYAL. Kolkata . (040) 27192832(O). Molecular Biology & Genetics Unit. Res. Structural Biology Laboratory. Institute of Mathematical Sciences. FASc. 09449810323(M). 23627661(R).G & Head..600113. Mumbai .V.res. Kaustuv (b. tifr. (044) 22543211(O).680022. Scientific Advisor. Taramani. Chennai. 1961) Ph. Sp. Polymer Chemistry/Photo Chemistry/Reaction Kinetics of Oxidation/Complexometry Science and Technology of Leather. Homi Bhabha Road.700064. Sp. Second Cross Street. Lekshmy Narayanan ( 1959) Ph. Tel. TNPCB.400005. TIFR Housing Complex. Jakkur Post. Formerly Scientist ..D. Milan Kumar (b. Institute of Wood Science & Technology. CIT Campus. #C-412. Professor. Hyderabad 500007. D. Director. Analytic Number Theory/ Elementary Number Theory. 1969) Ph. 09866497744(M). Adyar. Chennai .sinp@saha. Wood Biodegradation Division.(Lond and Manchester). Fax : 27160591. University of Madras & S. 103. J. 1968) Ph. Reader (F). Bangalore. (022) 22804545 Extn. Tel. Email : sankar@ccmb. Fax : 2280 4610/4611. com. MV Royal Homes. CCMB Qtrs.res. 'Laksmi Krupa'.. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. Associate Professor. Fax: 22541586.700064.400005. Tel..D. Email : sanyal@jncasr.600020. Email: sankaran@imsc. Mumbai .Litt. SANYAL. Colaba. 27171504(R). Shastri Nagar. D. . 'Aradhana'. Email: milank. SANTAPPA. Colaba.sanyal@ saha. Molecular Mycology Laboratory. Sp. SANTHAKUMARAN. Bangalore-560064. University. Kolkata. FEnRA. Res. (044) 24415163(R). Salt Lake. Hyderabad .res.). Tel. Sp. Mushi (b. 09880249165(M).(h.(h. Res. (Mumbai) FNA. FNA. Res. SANKARANARAYANAN. FASc. Tirupati and Director. 1/AF Bidhan Patturaickal (West).in. Chennai. Thrissur . Bidhan Nagar. Res. director. Senior Principal Scientist. 23215453(R). Srirampura. Structural Biology/Enzyeme Mechanism/X-Ray Crystallography.1954) Ph. Parameswaran (b. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.Fellows 2006 2004 2010 1983 1986 2014 2002 239 SANKARAN.). 1938) Ph.500076. AE-473. HMT Nagar. Chennai . Ayyadurai (b. 24460909(R).D. Email : sank@math. Homi Bhabha Road. Tel. Qtrs.D. Res. Rajan (b. 8 (New) Third Main Road. Topology/Algebraic groups. Fax : 22082766.c.D. Eukaryotic Chromosome Segregation/Centromere Kinetochore/Epigentics.Sc. (033) 23370313(O). 6. Type 5. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research..

24115270. FASc. Email : neerasarin@rediffmail. Fax : 26314460. 09898586326(M). PRL Quarters.110070.380054. 1952) MBBS. New Delhi 110067. 26873563(R). Sp.400098. School of Life Sciences. Tel. Tel. D-1. Tel. New Cosmos Co-op. Tel. FNA. Type SARIN. 24113869(R) 09810696767(M). Shashwat Apt. Sp. Professor of Pathology. Senior Professor. Chitra. New Delhi . Pathology/Neuropathology/ Neuro-Oncology. Neera Bhalla (b. Hawa Singh Block. Asiad Village. Res. Sp. (079) 26314476(O). New Delhi . 09819111024(M). Opp. 1940) DPhil.res. Atmospheric and Aerosol Chemistry/ Oceanography. Theoretical Physics Group. Sp. A-301. Email : anilsaran@gmail. Sp. Benito Juarez Road.FNA. Kalina. Fax : 26670816. Ahmedabad .FNA. Mumbai. Res. Ahmedabad . DM. 187. Tel. 6A. Ahmedabad . Tissue Culture/Transformation of Brassica and Legumes for Abiotic Stress Tolerance/Developmental Biology. Res. New Delhi . Fax : 26742558. JC Bose National Fellow. 09426727301(M). Ahmedabad . Anil (b. Juhu-Versova Link Road. FASc. Shiv Kumar (b. Debi Prasad (b. Professor & Dean. 1027(O).110021.110029. Res. Res. Utpal (b. Fax : 24110283. Email : shivsarin@gmail. FNA. Mumbai . (011) 24111967(O). New Delhi-110021. Bodakdev.1951) PhD. Ansari Nagar. Jawaharlal Nehru University. dpsarkar59@gmail. 26288483(R). 26858711(R). MD. D1.110049. Fourth Floor. Theoretical Particle and Astroparticle Physics. Sp. Planetary and Geosciences Division. Email : sarin@prl. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.chitra@gmail. SARKAR. SARIN. Navrangpura.FASc.FASc. Vasant Kunj. Benito Juarez Road. Vikram Nagar. SARKAR. (011) 26593371(O).380009. Res. 26704523(R). All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Navrangpura. Mumbai .110058. .Hsg. Bodakdev Municipal Office.(011) 46300000.400053. New Delhi . Flat No. FNA. Department of Biochemistry. 26493250(R). Gastroenterology and Fax : 26588663.1956) PhD. Fax : 26314900. Senior Professor.240 1984 2008 2011 1997 2003 1996 2008 Year Book 2015 SARAN.380009.res. INSA Honorary Scientist. B-1/75. Fax : 26123504. (079) 26314306(O). Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences. Physical Research Laboratory. 41. Email : utpal@prl. Physical Research Laboratory. (022) 26670871 Ext. Department of Pathology. Molecular Biophysics/ Magnetic Resonance/Quantum Biology & Pharmacology. Manmohan (b. (011) 26704530(O). Satya Marg.110021. New Delhi Chanakyapuri. Email: sarkar. New Delhi . Director. (b. Flat E-12. Res. 420. Formerly Professor 'H' at TIFR. Sp. Bombay College of Pharmacy. Ambli Bhopal Road.Society. Andheri (West). Professor & Formerly Head.1958) PhD. University of Delhi South Campus. Janak Puri.D. Tel. 1950) Ph.. Email : Biochemistry/Molecular Cell Biology/Drug Delivery/ Biotechnology. 1955) MD. University of Delhi South Campus. Santacruz (East). 26861223(R).com. SARIN.

International Civil Servant.(Boston).in. Chemistry Department. Srikanth (b. Bangalore 560094. Indian Institute of Science.400074. Fax: 4163044.D. Res.D. Res. Department of Biochemistry. Main Road. New Delhi . Sreedharan Krishnakumari (b.560069.B. Sp. Jakkur Campus. Sp.12. Analytical Chemistry/Nuclear Chemistry. Indian Institute of Science. Formerly Professor. 1948) Ph. Sp.(001) 6173543510(R). Aerosols/Clouds/Climate.Fellow. Email : pbssarma @yahoo. D227. (080) 22933070(O). The Netherlands. Formerly Professor. Tel. FNA.. Sp. Sp. Email: sheosatish@hotmail. New Delhi & Former Professor Emeritus.560012. Handanahal S. Fax: 23601814.iisc. 14th Main. Dwarka. Fax : 22082766. Res. Professor.ernet. Delhi. 1938) Ph. SATHEESH. Plot # 27. JVD4. SASISEKHARAN.560054. Bangalore . . Indian Council of Medical Research.B. Molecular Biophysics Unit.. Organic Chemistry. RMV II Stage. (b. Tel.1964) Ph. Organisation for Prohibition Chemical Weapons. 2517 JR. The Netherlands. C/o M. Sheo (b. Beladingalu. Fax : 23600865.110078.560012. Email : profsks@gmail. Biomolecular Structure & Function.D. Res. SASTRI. M. Gowdagere Vedanti ( Cornelis. SASTRY. Tel. Sp. 1970) PhD. MA 02140.D. Res. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Formerly Professor & Project Director. Bangalore . Res.D. 531. Bangalore . Res. De Wittlaan 518. Formerly Director General. Bangalore .D. FIAH.Sc. 31-070-4163668(O). "Prasad Nelaya". Water Technology Centre and Chairman. Tel. 09448379380(M). Bangalore. Ph. Tel. Sunny NHC. Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. The Hague. Molecular Plant Virology/ Proteins Chemistry/Enzymology. Malladi Narsimha (b. FNA. 12A HP Nagar East. D-55/82 East End 'B'. School of Resource Management. Pharmacology/Medicinal Plants/Scientific Editing. FNAAS. Vijnanapura Campus. 09448386838(M). 3502721(R). Water Resources Engineering/ Irrigation Water Management. B2-501. Email : sastry@jncasr. Opposite ISRO HQ. (080) 6634350(R). Sp.560064. IISc Campus. Theoretical Physics/Applied Physics. School of Chemistry. 23600274(R). Res. FASc. 1933). 1937) M. Department of Civil Engineering. Post Doc.Andhra University.. FTWAS. USA. Johan De Wittlean 32. 09873222125(M). 23372981(R).D. (080) 22082838(O). New Delhi. FNA.560012. Massachusetts Avenue. Indian Institute of Technology. 1951) PhD.S. Professor.. (011) 47522501(R). Bangalore . Mahul Road. Tel. Puranam Bhaskara Seshadri (b. FASc. Apartment 7B. Jayanagar. Professor. Vishwanathan (b. Indian Institute of Science.Fellows 1994 1989 1979 2008 2010 1998 1992 2000 241 SARMA. Visakhapatnam. Email: bchss@biochem. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. I Stage. (080) 23601561(O). Mumbai . 9th Block. Gokul.. SAVITHRI. SATISH.Cambridge. Sreekanth. 1925) Ph. Tel. The Hague. I Phase. Sector . FASc. Sp.

Sidhra. Lecture Award -Nat. 09419795580(M).saxena@yahoo. Jodhpur. (0532) 2274302(O).vsnl. Ahmedabad . Rotterdam. Plot ASC College of Medical Sciences & Hospital. rksaxena@southasian university. 0180-516194(R). Panchwati. Allahabad 211019. New Delhi-110033.southasianuniversity. Email: rajivksaxena@hotmail. Tel. (011) 27675363(O). The Pramod Ranjan (b. Harish Chandra Research Institute. Sp. Vice-President. Email : Professor & Chairman. 09810182241(M). SEHGAL. Chhatnag Road.A. Res. (0291) 2721914(O).in. Allahabad . 65028822(R).D. Akbar Bhawan.D. New Delhi – 110021. Boksdoorn 7. Medical Microbiology/Infectious Diseases. 2000-2001 SEN. Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. FASc.211019. 09910048241(M). Special Functions/Integral Transforms/Fractional Calculus. FAMS. J. Professor. M. FNA.380006. University. Immunology. Subhash C. Erasmus University. Jhusi. Sp. (0191) 2662536(O). SEHGAL. Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. Email: ram. Gandhinagar 382428. Ratanada. Sehgal Nursing Home. SAU. Tel.. Chanakya Puri. Tel. Pharmacology Dept. Fax: 23969016. Email: abhijit@ipr. Email : sen@mri. Faculty of Science. Fax: 2662360.G. String Theory. Jodhpur-342011. Jhusi. Tel.V. Panch Batti Circle.Sc.242 1973 1997 1973 2001 1988 1995 1997 Year Book 2015 SAXENA. 010-4087537/47(O). Award : Prof.Acad. 3000 DR Rotterdam. Professor and Dean. Res.. South Asian University (SAU). Director. 1936) Ph. 1 Payal Apt. BHAT. 1946) MD. 27 Empire Estate. FAMS. Sp. 1936) M.. Ellis Bridge. Res.110030.Banerji Mem. FNA. Res..res. SEN. New Delhi . (011) 24122510(O).. Sp. Council : Mem. Tel. Law Garden. Fax : 24122511. Ram Kishore (b. Sp. FRS. Website: www. 2274002(R). (079) 23969023(O). A-6.1951) PhD. E1. Chhatnag Road. D. Sp. 1939) M. Sp. 23969017. Fax : 2569576. Sultanpur. 26926749(R).C. Abhijit (b. 2511434(R). Tel. Opp. DermatoVenereology (Skin/VD) Plasma Physics. Fax: 27670373. Tel. Formerly Professor & Head of Mathematics and Dean. Jammu . Hospital Administration & Medical Research and Professor of Microbiology. 1946) Ph.D. New Subzi Mandi. FASc. The Netherlands. . (b. Virendra Nath (b. 34.(Hons. S Chandrasekhar Chair Professor. 26926444..1956) PhD. com. Institute for Plasma Research. 09825051578(M). Res.2923 EA Krimpena/d Ijssel. Pharmacology. FRCPath. FNA. SAXENA. Harish Chandra Research Institute. FIMSA. Post Box 1738.180017.Sci. New Delhi. SAXENA. FRAS(Lond.).India (1999). Consultant/Practicing Dermato-Venereologist. Ashoke (b. Dermatology/Venereology/ Leprology.ernet. JC Bose National Research Fellow. Email:sehgalsc@rediffmail. Rajiv Krishna (b.

Molecular & Cell Biology/Immunology/Molecular Medicine.Fellows 2009 2014 1999 2011 1991 1991 2008 243 SEN. (040) 24749428(O). Nainwal Mode. Ellora (b. Indian Institute of Science. Kolkata . NBRC... 23371753(R). Fax : 23553886. Cytogenetics/Cell Biology/Tissue Culture. Sp. New Delhi .(Chicago). 09910120457(M). Email : senani@nsit. Ph. Kolkata . Tel. Salt Lake City. IIT. Kolkata . (b. Director. Email: sksen201030@gmail.D. Plot No. Formerly Professor & Dean. SEN. (011) 25099035(O).700019. Delhi . SEN. Plot #29. com.boseinst@gmail. . Website: www. Fax : 25099022. B. Staff Scientist. Nainwal Mode. NH-8. Email : ellora@nbrc. Formerly INSA Senior Scientist. FD-7. Raj (b. Bangalore560012. Nacharam. 1959) PhD. 35. Fax: 23600683. Jadavpur University.S. Sneha Puri Colony. ellora. University of Calcutta. Email : diptiman@cts. Structure. ernet. Senior Professor & 1966) Ph. Centre for High Energy CDFD. E 12. (0124) 2845235(O). NBRC Campus.D. 09899168678(M). Tel. (033) 24615445(O).in. Surya Towers.boseinst. NH-8. Fax: 24614849. CIT Scheme. Res. P-1/12. Road No. Molecular Medicine Division. Tel. Bangalore . Function and Interaction of Proteins. 09971661943(M).D.P. 09874041201(M). Professor. Kolkata. Bose Institute.122051. Sp. Indian Institute of Science. Flat-2. Patparganj. Swinhoe Street. Parimal C.122051. Road. 1969) Ph. Tel. New Delhi . Housing Colony. Res. Tel. 1952) Ph. SEN.ernet. Sector 4. Electronics & Communication Engineering Division.C. Kharagpur.560012.110092. Department of Geological Sciences. Manesar .FNA.D. 25094042(R). CAS (Cell and Chromosome Research). VII-M. Tel. 1929) M. Scientist V. Res. 2. SEN.110078. Tel. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing/ Analog VLSI Circuits and Systems. Res.D. Dwarka. 24407491(R).FASc.500076. (011) 42233512(R). SENANI. Hyderabad 500001. com. Sumitra (b.700054.sen@gmail. Formerly Emeritus FellowUGC. Sisir Kumar (b. Department of Botany. Head and Progrmame Coordinator. Email : rsen@cdfd. Res. Extension. Fax : 2338910. 202B.D. Metamorphic Petrology/ Geochemistry.(Chicago). (033) 25693222(O).Sc. in. 09433012797(M). Sector-3. 1934) Ph. Manesar . Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics/Quantum Field Theory. G-103.1950) Ph. Sp. Sector (080) 22932974(O). National Brain Research Centre. SEN. Ispatika Apartments. Professor & 12/1. Dwarka.110075. H-4 Indraprastha Apartments. Diptiman (b. Res. FNA. Hyderabad . House No.. 23607073(R). Kolkata . Ranjan (b. 27158703(R). 114 I. Sp. Email: parimalsen.D. Res. Biochemistry/Biophysics/Microbiology. Sp. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology..

Krishnendu (b. Mullick Road. Tel. . 25568750(R). Road.. Condensed Matter Theory. senguptautpal2013@gmail. FIETE. University of Hyderabad. Scientist .org. P. National Institute of Oceanography. Former Director. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science Jadavpur. Chemical Oceanography/Marine Pollution. FASc. Pathology/Immunopathology/ Immunology. 6/15 P. 25851506(O). Emeritus Scientist. Nandnagri. Multivariate Inference/Directional Data Analysis/ Kolkata700030. Behala. Res. Email : amsseng@gmail. Indian Statistical Institute. 23011854(R). Agra .282001. senthilkumaranb@yahoo. Kolkata 700 054. Shahdara. (0832) 226253(O). Consultant. SENGUPTA. 1932) Filosofie Doktor (Sweden). Panaji. Fax : 23010120.244 1999 2010 2013 1994 1984 2006 2000 2013 Year Book 2015 SEN GUPTA. Kolkata . K. Department of Theoretical Physics. Tel. Res. SENGUPTA. Professor. University of Hyderabad Campus PO Central University. 65416686(R). FIMA(UK).. Department of Theoretical Physics. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences.Flat No. Utpal (b. FAScT. u_sen gupta2007@hotmail.741 235. Kolkata .D. Tel. JALMA. SENGUPTA. Hyderabad .500046. Res. Kaveri Vihar (Phase 1). Res. Professor.110019.. Kolkata.500046.700108.D. B.R. ‘Mira Vue’. Email : bsksl@uohyd. K-2072. 09440140637(M).Centre for Advanced Studies. Faculty Quarters. Krishnan Marg. 1941) Tel. (033) 25752827/2828/2800(O). Professor.FAMS. SENGUPTA. DSc.S. Kalyani . Sp. utpal.T. Email: tpssg@iacs. Email : tpks@iacs. PO Central Manicktalla Main Road. Miramar. 1960) Ph. Tel. 1953) Ph. Tel. University of Kalyani.. Res. 1953) Ph.700032. Professor & Head. Shamshabad Road. (011) 25787161 Ext.F.2343. (033) 24734971 Extn. Email : usengupta2002@yahoo. (033) 24734971 Ext. Radio Physics/Electronics/Time & Sp. (040) 23134562(O).D. Res.284(O). 09432138425(M). New Delhi 110012. Goa-403004. Sp.ernet. (011) 22594295(O). PhD. SENGUPTA. Kolkata . ac. Hyderabad .com. FASA(USA). New Delhi – 110093. Goa-403001. A47. Tel. Applied Statistics Unit. Amitava (b. Department of Animal Sciences. NIO.res. Sp.700034. National Physical Laboratory. 1970) Ph. 24721614(R). 203. Gachibowli.D. Rabindra Nath (b. 1192(O). 26463667(R). New Delhi . Chittaranjan 42. 1965) Ph. (0562) 2481633(R). Standards. 15/A/2 Central Road. 2A & 2B Raja S. Ashis (b. ashis@isical. Professor. Jadavpur. SENGUPTA. Rajpur.700032.D. SENTHILKUMARAN. 14D/1E Dum Dum Road. P. High Energy Physics/Gravitation and Cosmology/String Theory. Dona Paula. Fish Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology/ Developmental Biology/Sexual Development. 201. Department of Mathematics. 09830178500(M). Soumitra (b. Stanley Browne Laboratory.sen Fax: 24732805.227289(R). School of Life Sciences . Kolkata. Jadavpur. Res. The Leprosy Mission Community Hospital. 114. Sp. Sp. Road.. Flat No. Balasubramanian (b.

Reproduction/Developmental Biology/ Stem Cell Biology.iisc. Fax : 27666564. Beach Road. Council : V.D. New Shivadayal (b.603103. New Delhi. Tel.226020. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Ansari Nagar.biotechpark. New Delhi . Delhi . 323(O). 24464572(R). Padur Post. Department of Biotech Park. Gurgaon. 4053004. Email: drsdseth@yahoo. Rakesh Kumar (b.ernet.c. ceo.Fellows 1988 2013 2000 1990 2010 1992 245 SESHADRI.560012. 1957) Ph. Website : www. Email: D. SETH. FCAI.122002. 1943) MD. Res. Tel. SESHAGIRI. Haryana . FRS. dr.226021. 2788024(R).122002. Fax: 27470225. H 8/3 First Floor. FRES(UK). Indian Council of Medical Research. (080) 22932687(O). Res. Conjeevaram Srirangachari (b. Sector G. 2002 SETH.(h. Sp. 32983441/42(O).110008. Department of Pharmacology and Chief. com. 1943) Ph. 1937) MBBS. Lucknow. H 8/3 First Floor.110017. Fax : 4012081. 1957) Ph. Tel. Sp.pradeepseth@gmail. (0522) Tel. SIPCOT IT Park. FAMS.D. Microbiology/Virology/ Vaccinology. Chair in Clinical Pharmacology. NE-202.P. Chief Executive Officer (CEO).. FTWAS. Lucknow . Email : polani@ mrdg. (011) 26560707. Res. 2011-12 G. Res.. Website: www. Tel. FIVS. DLF Phase-I. Sp. Jankipuram. President. Haryana .560012. Director-Emeritus. DLF Phase-I. Development and Genetics. Gurgaon. FIPS. 99-2000. Res. 2365050(O). SETH. rkseth@del2. FISCD. IISc Campus. sethpradeep@hotmail.110029.. 2786437. Email : rkseth57@gmail. 25885903(R).biotech@gmail. 23604312(R). Applied Entomology/Radiation Biology/Animal Physiology and Behavior. Pharmacology/Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology. Besant Nagar. 35. Lucknow . 26857791. 2005-08 Mem. (011) 27666564(O).com. Prahlad Kishore (b.). Res. West Patel Nagar. Siruseri . University of Delhi. New Delhi .com. Fax : 23600999. Old No. Department of Molecular Reproduction. (b. Former Director. Email: president@sethfoundation. Fax: 26868662. Tel. Sp. Professor. (0124) 4380885. Formerly Professor & Head. SETH. Professor. 1932) Ph. 11.(044) 27470226-30. Chennai 600090. FNA. ITRC.110007. IISc Quarters. Sp.D. National Poisons Information Centre. 26567136 Ext. 37/2. 09839010166(M).in. Polani B. Pradeep (b. Chennai Mathematical Biochemical Toxicology/ Neurotoxicology/Developmental Toxicology. FASc. Kursi Road.sethfoundation.S. MD. 09810311407(M).vsnl. Saket. Seth Research Foundation. C-295. A1 Sonali Apartments. FAMS. FNA. N-14/D. 26516468(R). DDA Flats.. 2003-04. Bangalore . Email : css@cmi. Bangalore .D. Plot H1. Indian Institute of Science. Algebraic Geometry. New Delhi .in. Niralanagar.

Tel. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Aruna Asaf Ali Res. Lie Groups and Ergodic Theory. Developmental Physiology/Animal Physiology/Comparative Chordate Anatomy. SA5064 Australia and Formerly Principal Scientist & Head. Central Drug Research Institute. Karnatak University. Sp. School of Mathematics. Division of Endocrinology. Vadodara. Desai Road.. FNA.390001 SHANBHAG. CSIRO Land and Water PMB-2. Vadodara . M. B. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Cuttack. National Institute of Res.400005. Res. Director’s Bungalow.D. Nambrattil (b. Officers Tel..580001. 103. . FASc.500004. Sp. 09448184536(M). 6-3-628/9/3&4. 26742528(R). V. 1926) Ph. chandrimas@gmail. FNAAS. Indraprastha. New Delhi 110067.FNA. 1929) Former Professor & Head. New Sama Road. FASc. Kalvi Nagar. Vadodara390 002. Fax: 22152110. (0265) 2781346(R). Sp. Professor. Fax : 2440190. 09391016206(M).. 304. 09443258228 (M) Fax : 2458228.246 1997 1993 1999 2001 1982 1980 2008 1996 Year Book 2015 SETHUNATHAN. Anand Nagar. Jay Nagar Society. Shree Apartments. Res. TIFR Housing. Hyderabad . Hill Road (Near HPO).500056. Sp. Ushodaya Apartments.D. Near MRO. Res. Res.625021. Lucknow. Glen Osmond. Environmental Microbiology. Sp.S. 3/118C. 1967) Ph. (040) 23372917(R). 907 Bhaskara. Department of Zoology. University of Tel. Homi Bhabha Road. U. FASc.1937) Ph.B. FNA. 22183943(R).D. G. Email: cshaha@nii. 09968277097(M).ac. Homi Bhabha Road. Director. Deputy Director & Head.. M. Email: nimish@math. Madurai-625021. Cell Biology/Physiology.V. SETTY. Email : bhagyashrishanbhag @gmail. (0452) 2458228(R). Chandrima (b. Tumour Virology/Cell Proliferation. Director National Institute of Immunology. Madurai .com. Fax: 26717104. Email : shan1938@ yahoo. Sp. SHAH. 1952) PhD. Faculty of Science.D. 7. (b. Email: dr_settybs@yahoo. Sreenivasulu (b. University of Baroda. Dharwad. Central Rice Research Institute. Division of Soil Science and Microbiology. Raman Vadilal (b. Khairatabad. Dharwad . Associate FASc. SHAH. (044) 27790758(R). Tel. Formerly Sr. Sp. 1938) Ph. SHANMUGAM.D. Res. Comparative Endocrinology & Reproduction (Vertebrates)/Herpetology/Animal Behavior. Formerly Head & Professor of Zoology. Nimish Arun (b. Bhagyashri Achut (b. FNA.. Formerly Visiting Scientist. New Delhi . 'Anant'.110067.tifr.. Ramkrishnapuram. (b. Tel. 2/130 Kalvi Nagar. (011) 26717102(O).M. FNA. Flat No..400005. Mathematics Department.D.res. 22152181. Res. Tel. 1936) Ph. (022) 22152971 X-2353(O). Flat No. R. Email : sethunathan@hotmail.390008.D.580003. Vadodara .FNA. S. Tel. SHAH. Ph. Mumbai .S. Oncophyta Labs. Seshagiri Mansion. (0836) 2740673(R). Mumbai . Reproductive Biology.1950) Ph. Secunderabad . 7.

Centre for Atmospheric Sciences. FASc. Physics Deptt. Hon. Saral Apts. Fax: 26581114. 92-96 SHARMA. 35. (011) 26711731(O). Sp.. Email : arun@genomeindia. Sp. FTWAS. House No. Department of Plant Molecular Fax: 26711731. New Delhi . Fax: 2590104. East Patel Nagar.110021. FNA. New Delhi . Tel. FNAAS. Structural Biology/Malaria/Protein Function. Nanotechnology/Colloid and Interface Sciene/Self-assembly. Email: asharma@ physics.iitd. SHARMA. 15. Sector 10. Tel. 1924) DSc. New Delhi. Flat No. FNA. Res. 26138674(R). Email : drbrsh@yahoo. Balram (b.110008. Res. FNAE. Tel. Hauz Khas. (011) 25824827(R). SHARMA. IIT Kanpur. 1961) Res. Council : Pres. Kolkata -700 019. Hauz Khas. Fiber and Integrated Optics/ Gradient-Index Optics/Applied Optics. Meghamallar.ernet. Cytogenetics/Cytochemistry/Cell Biology. 2598504(R). SHARMA. Email: Botany Dept.. 2011-12 P.Fellows 1999 2006 1998 1980 2012 2006 1998 247 SHARAN. FNAAS. Structural and Functional Genomics/Post Harvest Physiology/Regulation of Gene Expression.D. Kanpur . Flat No. (011) 26591350(O) International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. 26515480(R).iitd. New Delhi . Amit Prakash (b. 85.D. 18/3 Gariahat University of Delhi. Department of Chemical Engineering. Tel. Centre for Advanced Study (Cell & Chromosome Research). (011) 26591312(O). 1959) Ph. 16/ Vikramshila Apartments.res. New Delhi 110016. 1953) Ph. FTWAS. SHARMA.. IIT Email: ashutos@iitk. 611. Vasant Kunj.208016.110067. Genetics & Plant Breeding. Indian Institute of Technology..110070. West Avenue. Fax : 26582037. Institute Chair New Delhi . (033) 24615445. (011) 24110544(O).208016. 09868604901(M).net. Website: www.Calcutta University. 1940) PhD. New Delhi .vsnl. 1968) Ph.iitd. Tel. Res. IIT Campus. Applied Mathematics/ Environmental & Physiological Fluid Mechanics. FASc. Sp. Fax : FNA. Kanpur . Anurag (b. Associate Professor. 24614688(O). 26591929(R). Group Leader. 76. Professor. 2F(2). Sp. Ashutosh (b. 2013-14 Mem. FASc. Sp. FNAE. Sp. Maithili (b. 24405802(R). 81-82. USA). 26591946.D. Professor. Res. Plot No.D. SHARMA. 648. Sp. Email: asharma@ icgeb.110021. 3. Delhi . Ballygunje Circular Road. Ground Floor. .110016. C5/10. New Delhi-110016. 26867022. (0512) 2597026(O).110016. Email : mathilis@cas. South Campus. Dwarka. FNAE. Indian Institute of Technology. 47086342(R). Res.(Northwestern. Res. Tel. Kolkata -700 019. Structural & Computational Biology Group. Tel. Fax : 24119430. 26862037. Arun Kumar (b.. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Arun Kumar (b. 1955) PhD.. Professor. Head. Meerut . Molecular Immunology/ Medical Microbiology. Gangavaram V. GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development. Sp.. Tadong. NER-BPMC. (Chicago) Formerly Forest Ecology/N2-fixation/Watershed Management/ Biodiversity Conservation. (011) 49507200 Ext. Fax : 31090.S. Madhava (b. Council : Pres.P. Prashantnagar. 1956) M. Formerly Head.D. FIAWS. Koba Institutional Area. School of Biotechnology. Tel.250004. Tel.S.Email : gbp. Lucknow-226010. Res. P.pcsharma@ gmail. B9/6476 (FF).No. 204(O). Manju (b. 31539(R). 97-98. Sp. SHARMA.D. 1958) PhD. Deptt. Emeritus Professor. 88-92 Mem. (040)27193154(O). (011) 26134608. 46063733(R). Inv. New Delhi-110070. Department of Mathematics. (0522) 2324794(O).2-2-3/3/8. 93-94.D.382007 Gujarat.500607. GH12/Sector 56. FTWAS. Email : manjuvps@gmail. Res. President & Executive Director. (03592) 31090. A-254 Defence Colony. New Delhi – 110024. Email: prof. Gracious Tower. Scientist F (Deputy Director). 1934) Ph. Res. Sikkim . Formerly Secretary to the Govt.. Tel. Sp.. Lucknow University. SHARMA. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. I. P. Email : divakar@iitk. Kalyanpur. 09312067981(M). New Delhi.27601391(R). 31627. Daragoan. Organic Chemistry Division III. 1939) Ph. FNAAS. Plant Molecular Biology/ Plant Genetics/ Cytogenetics. . Res.I. Pawan (b. (011) 23867038(O). Scientist ‘D’ & Incharge. Hyderabad . Gomtinagar. Prakash Chand (b. Kalyanpur-Bithoor Road.1951) PhD. 603. Sikkim.. Professor. Kashmere Gate. SHARMA. University Campus. Navsheel Dham. Sp.737102. 09440802785(M). Glyco and Peptide Chemistry/Drug Discovery/Organic Synthesis. Eklabya (b. Gandhinagar . 09313282314(M).737102. Kanpur 208017. sharmagvm@ gmail. SHARMA. Ph. Res.226007. Botany Fax: 2372728.Phil. 31673(O). Tel. Fax: (011) 23868141. 2003-08 SHARMA.C. Sp.. 2. Indian Institute of Advanced Research. Plant Estimation Theory. Formerly Senior Research Scientist.110006. Tel. Email: pawan37@gmail. Senior Consultant-Healthcare. Sikkim Unit. Fax: 49507215.res.O. Plant Anatomy/ Biotechnology. FRSTMH(London). Email: cipisharma@rediffmail. 1940) PhD. Vidyanagar. (0512) 2570572(R). H. Ministry of Science & Technology. 99-2002 Spl.T. New Delhi .208016. of India. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. C-1. Kanpur .O.Tel. Telefax : 64063733. International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (ICGEB). SHARMA. Tadong. Fax : 27160757. Chandra Prakash (b. Delhi . 2720113(R). NASIDST Distinguished Woman Scientist Chair Professor. Divakar (b. 1/181 Vishesh Khand. C. Gurgaon 2013-14 V. Email : esmvee@iict.Sp. 1995 1994 1999 2009 1980 2002 2001 Year Book 2015 SHARMA. 2009-10. of Biotechnology. 1958) Ph. Tel. (0124) 4234861(R). Hyderabad 500044. (0121) 2765967(R).com. Res. Vasant Kunj. G.

Delhi-110 035.D. Himachal Pradesh University. Rameshwar Prasad (b.1956) Ph. Shyam Kumar (b.110029. HI . Eukaryotic Gene Expression Laboratory. 25842789 Ext. 70. Shiv Kumar (b.1951) PhD.D. Jutogh View Estate. 26593303(O).. SHARMA.D. Email: rcsharmashimla@hotmail. Enzymology/Hormone Action Mechanism/Aging.Tel. Tel. 09899088092. 2550900. (+61) 428935741(M). Res...96826. sksharma@ aiims. Fax : 2550108. Post Bag No. C1/7. CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology. Res. Sp. Shanti Kunj. Pocket B-3. WA6151. Summer National Research Centre for Plant 1946) MS. Lal Bahadur Shastri Centre for Advanced Research in Biotechnology and Plant Protection. Ramesh (b.D. Formerly Director. Department of Mathematics & Dean.96822. 26588154(R). 286(O).171005. North-Eastern Hill University. Waterford. Flat No. Honolulu. (0364) 2722113 or 2114(O). Email: sbs_nema@yahoo.. Fax : 94742958. (0177) 2830282(R). New Delhi. South Perth. SHARMA. 2726113(R). Formerly Project Director and INSA Honorary Scientist. Shillong . Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Fax : 26589994. Former Vice-Chancellor. Shashi Bhooshan (b. Shillong . (011) 26594415. Tel. Electrooptics/Spectroscopy/Experimental Mineralogy/ Petrology. Fax : 230428/230433. Email : SHARMA. Email: sharamesh@gmail. Tel. SHARMA. Sp. Emeritus Scientist. Honolulu. Internal Medicine/Pulmonary Medicine/ Clinical Immunology/Critical Care & Sleep Medicine. Palampur – 176061. Surendra Kumar (b. Professor. Palampur.110067 SHARMA. Third Floor. FASc. Lowrence Road. Pushkar. Ghuggar Tanda. Ph. Res. New Delhi . Nematology.110029. Plant Genetic Resources/Crop Genetics and 1956) Ph.793022. Professor & Head. 09868397245(M).Associate Director & Geophysicist. National Institute of Immunology. Director. Sp. HI .(808)9568476(O).ac. FNAAS. Palampur – 176061. Teaching Block.. (+618) 93683717 (O). Res. Department of Medicine. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Sp. 1940) PhD. Tel. Aruna Asaf Ali Shimla . 232006(R). USA. 17-B. AIIMS Campus. Plant Sp. NEHU Campus. P-16.D. New Delhi 110 012. Department of Biochemistry. New Delhi . Australia.Ph. FNA. HIG. 1. (01894) 230411(O). Shimla . Email : rpsnrcpb@yahoo.793022. Room No. Ramesh Chandra (b. . Staff Scientist V.946-4647(R). 27183975(R).1951) Australia. Waterford Avenue. 3 Baron-Hay Court. WA 6152. 94504189(R). 6. 500 University Av. Sp. Professor. Sp. Ansari Nagar (East). Magnetohydrodynamics/Plasma Physics/Stabilities in Geophysics/Oil Recovery. Res. #717. (011) 25841787.171005. Genetics/ Plant Biotechnology. 1946) Ph. CSKHP Agricultural University. University of Hawaii. 2525 Correa Road. Res. New Delhi . Res. FNAAS. Ansari Nagar. Tel.. SHARMA.PhD. Department of Agriculture and Food. USA.Fellows 2011 2008 1991 1990 2000 1988 2008 2008 249 SHARMA. Tel. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Email : surensk@gmail.

LBS Centre R. Email : shashi@ccmb.iitb. Res.D. (011) 26591161(IIT).S. Anushaktinagar.91-July 97 SHARMA. Materials under high pressures SHARMA. NCL Innovation Park.302(O). FAMS.S. FNA.. Mumbai 400085. Surinder Mohan (b. Vinod Prakash (b. Physics Group. MRC. (022) 25767482. 56. I. . Professor & Coordinator (Biology). 09818386057(M). 1951) Ph. Pune . Homi Bhabha Road. Tel. 09810706411(M). SHARMA.. Res. 25767451(O). 26134608(R).ac. 1938) D. (020) 25908001(O).ac. New Email: vsharma@ math. Fax : 25899790. Founder and Formerly Director. L. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.411008. NCL Housing Society. Department of Mathematics.. Website: www. NRC 38 Type IV. Head. Yagya Dutta (b. Tel.UK). 46063722(Telefax). Dept. Pusa Campus. Sp. Email : ydsharma _aiims@yahoo. IIT Campus. Fax: 25723480.No. C-CSRE-149. 1952) Ph. Email: vinodsharma1938@gmail. 80.T. Plant Genomics/ Bioinformatics/Plant Disease Resistance.D. ls.I. Buena IARI. 2001-06.Sc. SHARMA. FNA.250 2005 2007 1978 1998 1993 2008 Year Book 2015 SHARMA. Ph. Fax: 25592183.110 029. Mumbai . 26594509(R). Bombay. IIT Delhi.res. 2015. D. 1965) Powai. Council : Pres. Additional Director General. 64603120(Direct). 26594609(O). Pashan. Fax : 26589286. Tel. Fax: Panchavati. FASc. 25567483(R).D. Vishnu Dutt (b. 900. 09422004328(M).gov. SHASHIDHARA. 1949) Sp. Mumbai . Distinguished Professor NASI-ICMR Chair in Public Health Research at CRDT. Vasant Kunj.Experiments and theory/ Development of Beamlines for Indus-2 Synchrotron. New Delhi .411008. New Delhi.. ICMR and Consultant. Sp. AIIMS Campus. ydsharma@hotmail. New Delhi. FASc. Professor & Head. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Res.110 029. (022) 25593690(O). Sp. Entomology/Malariology. Sp. Professor & Chair Professor. Delhi. Sp. Res. Principal Scientist (Biotechnology). (Cambridge. trsharma1965@ gmail. High Pressure & Synchrotron Radiation Physics Division and Associate Director. Email: smsharma@barc. FNA.shashidhara@iiserpune. 99-2000 P. No. FASc. FNAAS. Genetics & Developmental Biology.400 076. Mumbai 400094.. Udayagiri. 25768482. New Delhi . All India Institute of Medical Sciences. CI-9/14. Indian Agricultural Research Tel. 25847821(R). World Health Organization. Dr. IIT Bombay. Res. Email : trsharma@nrcpb. National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology. Res.110012. July 97-98 Mem. Hillside.D. B9/6476 (FF).in. FNA. 4F.F. Formerly Head. (011) 25841787 2011-12. Applied Mathematics/Quasilinear Systems of PDEs/Nonlinear Gasdynamic Waves. (011) 26588145. Ansari Nagar. 25720076(R). 39. Pune . of Biotechnology. Tilak Raj (b. Department of Mathematics. Tel. Molecular Biology/Immunology of Malaria Parasites. Tel.

Emeritus Professor.FASc. Balajapalli Sriram (b. 1-2-37/2. Council : Mem.1950) Fax: 4593043. Tel. Fax : 2515126. Srirampura. Physical Oceanography/Ocean Circulation/ Satellite Oceanography..1944) Ph. Karnataka. (080) 23635555(O). FNAAS. .com. 65743155(R).R.FASc. Habshiguda.FNAAS. SHIVANNA. Bachupally. USA. Mysore . Sp. Distinguished Professor of Physics. Raghunath Kashinath ( Tumkur Taluk– 572138.500090. S. FINAE. FNA. Res.uni-mysore.. Delhi – 110016. Hyderabad .iitd. DOS in Biotechnology. Kundaranahalli Ramalingaiah (b. #758. 1950) PhD. 3. House No.O. Jakkur Post.). Caranzalem. iitddoffice@gmail. 09449543848(M). Res. Tel. Fax: Email : shivas@lvpei. Tonca. 26591801(R). Goa University.). 2461660(R). Director. Sp. Santa Cruz.R. Banjara Hills.D. ViceChancellor. Fax: 2451184. University of Mysore. Fiber Optic Communication/Image Processing/Radio Astronomy & Antennas. Hyderabad . 2012-13 Satish Ramnath (b. Email : shenoi@ incois.O. Nizampet (P. Department of Botany. hss@appbot. Jhaveri Microbiology Centre. 2515127. 'Nandini'. SHIVAJI. University of Delhi. Tel. Email: rks@iitd. LV Prasad Marg. Fax : 23895001. FNA. Research Consultant. Manasagangotri. Formerly Professor & Head. 1958) Tel.403206. Taleigao Plateau. Sp. FASc. 15. FAPAS. Mysore – 570006. Villa Email: hss_uom@hotmail. FASc. Director. (0821) 2515126(O).D. Hyderabad – 500034.Fellows 2002 2009 2002 2000 2002 1990 1998 251 SHASTRY. 1950) PhD. SHETYE. FTWAS. 09849650285(M). 27171268(R).in. Fax: 23530070. Yashoda. Via Odekar Farms. Res. Royal Enclave. Hyderabad . SHETTY. LV Prasad Eye Institute. (831) 4595849(O). Kakateeya Nagar. Res. CA95064. FASc. Sp. Email: shivanna@atree. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Email: sriram@physics. University of California.O. Sisinthy (b. Ocean Valley. 4266248(R).org. (040) 23895000(O). Condensed Matter Theory/Statistical Mechanics. Tel. FIETE. Sp. Tel.500007.ucsc. Bangalore . Hunthrike Shekar ( director@admin.1954) PhD. krshivanna@ gmail. Nizampet (S. (040) 30612534(O). 09011056605 (M). FNA. Nandihalli. FASc.500090. INSA Honorary Scientist. (0832) 6519001(O). Goa 403002. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services. Pragati Nagar (B. Email: shetye@unigoa. Reproductive Biology of Flowering Plants/ Pollen Biology and Biotechnology. Applied Botany/Plant Microbe Interactions/Plant Biotechnology. Physical Oceanography. Goa . Street No. Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment. Sp. Bogadi II Stage (North). (011) 26591701(O). 1940) PhD. 2515666(R). Reproductive Biology/Conservation Biology/ Microbiology/Extremophiles.560064. Res. Sadananda Satheesh Chandra (b. C-14/162.

shukla@sscu. Email: Res. Fax: 2597500. FICCI. SHRIKHANDE.iisc. Mumbai – 400076. (0712) 232334(R). (080) 3433465(R). Professor & 1951) Ph. Tel. Papanna Block. Delhi-110 007.D. Res. University of Malaya. High Energy Physics (Experimental). North-Eastern Hill University. 23374075(R). Sp. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit. (0120) 4313174 (R). Condensed Matter Physics. Malaysia. Seri Lingampally. Laxminagar. Building No. 09899264322(M). (080) 23603282. House No. Ram Krishen Ph. Lucknow University. Tel. Professor Emeritus. Professor. Res.Kalyanpur Road. 1945) PhD. Res.(Temple). I. SHUKLA. FInstP. Sp. Fax: (080) 2259843.S. Distinguished Professor. Tel. 1937) PhD.S. Dept. Combinatories/ Graph Theory.. Mathematics/Astronomy & Its History (History of Mathematics & Astronomy).gov. Email: shiv@fnal.D. Noida – 1957) Ph. of Mathematics. FNAE. Bangalore. Sp. Sec.iitb. Sp. 14-187 Doyens Township. IIT Bombay. Formerly Professor of Mathematics & Astronomy. IIT Bombay. SHIVPURI. Tumkur 572102. 1947) Ph. Theoretical Physics Laboratory. Harshada Apartments. Materials Electrochemistry with emphasis on Batteries/Fuel Cells/Supercapacitors and Solid Ionics. Prabodh (b. Indian Institute of Technology. S. Bangalore . IIT Campus. Indian Institute of Science. #135. Email : shorey@math. Email: isshivakumara @hotmail. IV Cross. (0512) 2597753(O). Department of Physics. Fax: 23601310. Sp. Nagpur-440 022. PG Centre (Bangalore Univ. Sp. 1918) D. HRI (old MRI). Jang Bahadur (b. Kanpur208016. 25726623(R). Tel. (011) 27667036(O). Argara. Ganganagar. Lucknow. Professor of Mathematics. Mumbai – 400076. Behind Bata Shoe Company. Res. Email: jbs@iitk. . Kalyanpur . Shillong 793022. Principal Tel. Mathematical Modeling/Biomechanics/Biomathematics. Sharadchandra Shankar (b. FASc. Shillong 793022. 1917) PhD (Carolina). Solid State Physics/ Superconductivity/Quantum Hall Effect. Formerly Professor. Tarlok Nath (b. P-22. Centre for Detector & Related Software Technology. Tel. 18. Sp.D. C-16. Fax : 550076.1943) PhD. (b. FICC. Res. FNA. Sp. Powai. Kanpur-208017.560012. FNA. Puram Post Office. (0816) 271924(O).36. SHOREY. University of Delhi. Formerly Director. Res. SHUKLA. Department of Mathematics. SHRIVASTAVA. Lucknow226001. 2590179(R). (022) 25769451(O). FASc. FNA.252 2001 1986 1988 1984 1986 2005 1982 1984 2004 Year Book 2015 SHIVAKUMARA. NEHU Campus. Keshav Narain (b. FASc.ernet. Tel. V Main. Tel.). Theory of Numbers. Email : shukla@ nehu. Shivapushpa.D. Email: keshav1001@yahoo. SHUKLA. (b. Fluid Mechanics & Magnetohydrodynamics. Husainganj Crossing. Department of Physcis & Astrophysics. (0364) 551293. (0522) 2354616. Hyderabad-500019. G12. Powai.560032. SHUKLA. jbs@bhabhagroup. Navshel Dham. Ashok Kumar (b. Sp. B-71. DSc. 22932795(O).

res.110016. Visiting Professor under INSA Senior Scientists Scheme. Res. 66796241(R).110075. Hyderabad. Formerly Professor. University of Hyderabad. High Pressure and Shock Waves Physics/ Neutron and X-ray Crystallography/Nuclear Explosions. Habsiguda. Meerut. Hyderabad . Tel.1937) PhD. Gurbachan Singh (b.D. FNA. of Mathematics. Sector 17. Bangalore . A242. FNAAS. Professor. FIEEE. Ch.ernet. (011) 41493922(O). Ph. Email: arsims2003@ Hyderabad . 1957) Ph. Fax : aisingh@isid. 77 SIKKA. University. Res. FNA. Dwarka. Tel. Soil Sciences/Agricultural Toxicology. 1920) Ph. House No. Indian Statistical Institute. of India. Bangalore University. of Computing Machinery (USA). Central College Campus. 1943) PhD (Cantab). Sansanwal Marg. Tel.(040) 24018625(R).com.500046. DSc(hc).110034. 09212068046(M). General Topology/Mathematics Education. SINGAL. Satinder Kumar (b. Formerly Deputy Director General (Crop Sci. FNA. Delhi . New Delhi . Rudrapatna Kallikote ( (040) 66794578(O). School of Technology & Computer Science. FNA. Charan Singh University. SIDHU. Sp. Sp. Indian Council of Agricultural Research. S. Assoc. Department of Animal Sciences. 31. Formerly Director General. CSIR.J. Tel.. Organic Chemistry. Happy Homes Colony. B 41.560001 SIDDIQ. Second Floor. Email: shyam@tcs. 1942) Ph.). Ebrahimali Abubacker (b. Res. Faridabad – 121002. 81. Res. Pitampura. Ranga Agril. Sector 8.500048. FNAE. Colaba. BARC..D.400005.Kakateeya Nagar. 102. TIFR Housing Complex. University of Hyderabad.D. Tel. Mumbai. 538. 1940) Ph. Email : sdsl@uohyd. Dayananda (b. Fax: 22804610. Senior Professor & 25365474(R). 09032326727(M). Email : ajitis@gmail.. Fax : 23010120. Ajit Iqbal (b. Sp. Mumbai . Upparpalli. Mumbai. 09958857056(M).. Res. (040) 850268(R). Asha Rani (b. Functional Analysis/Harmonic Analysis.. Hyderabad-500 Professor. Vaishali.D. Email: easiddiq@rediffmail. Sp.400005. New Delhi .D. Hon. Fellow. Secretary to the Govt. Colaba. Homi Bhabha Road. NASI Senior Scientist. SIDDHESHWAR.D. Plant Genetics & Breeding. SIDDAVATTAM. Sp. Email: sksikka@nic. Res. FASc. siddavattam@gmail. 3-3. Tel.. Dept. 22804713(R).F4. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Council : Mem. easiddiq@gmail. Professor Biotechnology Institute of Biotechnology. (011) 42455458(R). Sp.Fellows 2001 2010 2011 1994 1964 2003 1977 1996 253 Satyendra. Res. 2288(O). SINGH. (0129) 4086016(R). 1950) Ph. 7. School of Life Sciences. Pradeep Ganapathi.C. .500046. 09313330473(M). Acharya N. FTWAS. Computer Science & Information Technology. Staff Quarters. Rajendranagar Hyderabad-500030. Tel.G.S. Former DAE Homi Bhabha Chair Professor. Bose National Fellow. Homi Bhabha Road. FASc. Mathematics (022) 22804545 Ext.

FNAAS.D.iitd. 2924. Professor Emeritus. Lucknow. Fax : 26581606. Bashisth Narayan (b. Res. (011) 26591045(O). 09811502125(M). (b. Former Vice-Chancellor. Tel. 1944) D. Tel. Email : bnsingh@bhu. Power Electronics/Electric Machines/Electric Drives. Chandra Prakash (b. 2369885(R). 2396075(R).com. Department of Chemistry. Sp. Hauz Khas. Biosciences Group. Res. Mumbai .400076. Tel. 1938) New Delhi . Fax: 2368174. University of Allahabad. Swastik Towers. Radiation Biology & Biochem. DSc. 4/300 Vivek Khand. Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding and Plant Genetic Resources. Fax: 2205839. SINGH. Anil Kumar (b. Tel..226001. Banaras Hindu University. Germplasm Conservation Division. (022) 22049723(O). Bhim ( Professor. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).D. (0522) 2205831-35(O). Evolution and Behaviour. Former Head. Mumbai.110016. Formerly Scientist 'H' (Scientist in Director Grade). 1946) 1997 2001 1990 1996 2008 1974 2005 Year Book 2015 SINGH. SINGH. Banaras Hindu University. bhimsingh@gmail. Res. Varanasi 221005. Bam Bahadur (b. 26516223(R). Banaras Hindu University. FIE. Div. Department of Electrical Engineering. Sp.1956) PhD.. New Delhi . (0542) 6702528(Lab). Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Department of Zoology. Email: cpsingh@bhu. Genetics Laboratory. 25207210(R). 1946) Ph. H. 2391596. 60 New Campus. SINGH. Email : bsingh@ee. Former Head. Varanasi 221005.. IIT Sp. Pusa Campus.400071. 09540127222(M). 09769321589(M). FASc. FIETE. bashisthsingh2004@rediffmail. Mumbai . Tel. UGC-BSR Faculty Fellow. Professor. 1938) PhD.110012. 2368230(R). Gomtinagar. Fax: 2368174. 2007-08.No. Email : retinal@chem. Genetics. Sp. Email: bpsingh1938@gmail. Indian Institute of Technology Aurobindo SINGH. Radiation Biology.221005. Res. 2205836. National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources. FASc. Plant Virology/Horticulture/ Biotechnology. Department of cpsingh_bhu@yahoo. Varanasi . FNAE. Chemical Sciences/Organic Chemistry.1952) PhD. (0542) 2368390. Gurgaon – 122017. Email : drbbsingh@mtnl. Email: anurudhksingh@gmail. VN Purav Marg. Sp. Quark Gluon Plasma/ Particle Physics/Cosmology. Council : Mem. (022) 25767167(O). drbbsingh@iprpluslaw. Professor & Head. SINGH. Chembur. 09821005336(M). D-7. Anurudh Kumar (b. Sp. 26591890. B. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Fax : 22042664. Varanasi . National Botanical Research Institute. Lucknow . . Sector 23. ac. Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).P. (0124) 4110355(R). Tel. New Delhi . 2307308(O). Fair Lawn. Sp. 2011-12 SINGH. Res. Tel.

Defence Enclave. Yeast Genetics and Epigenetics/ Chromatin Structure/ Gene Silencing/ Dept. Pacific Enclave. Res. Patparganj.D.. Sp.. Sp. FNA. FTWAS. . (0172) 6665232(O). Fax: 2690585. (0120) 4127783(R). INSA Senior Scientist & Professor Emeritus. 1938) Ph. (b. Jagmohan. SINGH. Department of Chemistry. 5. (0141) 4086365(R). Tel. Tel.143001. University of Rajasthan. 09323840676 (M). Email: jag@ imtech. Centre for Advanced Study in Botany.Fellows 1985 1990 1980 1998 2003 1988 1974 255 SINGH. Blue Nile. of Materials and Metallurgical Engg. Varanasi . Email: harjit_gndu@yahoo. Varanasi . Formerly V. University of Saopaulo. Chief Scientist. PhD (Aston). Director. Extn.. Inv.221005. Institute of Microbial Technology.chem. 3194(O).C.. Jaipur . Tel. Professor Emeritus.D. 2625556(R). Dalbir (b. Mumbai . Roorkee. Department of Botany.Thermodynamics/ Nuclear and Hydrogen Storagematerials/High Temperature Oxidation. Powai. Jaipur. 221. (022) 25767190(O). 55 I. B-305. Dynamics of Mechanical Systems/Tribology. Council : Spl. Ghaziabad-201010. Sapaulo. FASc. FNA. Sp. Res. Sunbreeze Tel. Ecola Politenica. Sp. Tel. New Delhi . Sector V . Brazil. FRSC. jssingh@bhu. Biswas-Palepu Distinguished Chair Professor.D. 1002 . Chandigarh . Website: www. 2570120(R). Kanpur.P. Fax: 258820.400076. Fax : 2368174. Chandigarh . 151. Harjit (b. Organo-metallic Chemistry /Inorganic Chemistry. Res. Karaundi.D. (Opp.160014. Res.I. BBlock. Powai.. (0183) 258802-9 Ext. Kamala Prasad (b.iitb. SINGH.302021. (011) 22417850. 22021570(R). FASc. Rajiv Nagar Colony.. FNA. Ramanna Fellow (DST). Sector 39-A. New Delhi. 09465670668(M). FASc.Tower B.160036. 25770675(R). 1928) Ph. CChem. Jamuna Sharan (b. Chemistry Department. Res. Email: singh. Sector 38-West.. Banaras Hindu University. and Director. UNESCO Apts. IIT Main Gate). Email : dvsingh@comcast. FNA. Formerly Head. IIT Bombay. Flat No. Tel. Sp. I.110092. 09335178355(M). Email: chhbsia@chem. AICTE. Vaishali Retreat (Adjoining Pratap Nagar Colony) Queen’s 2009-10 SINGH. Sp. 1941) Amritsar 143005. Morphology of Angiosperms/Seed Pathology. Dept. Mumbai 400076.js1@gmail. Res. (0542) 2368399(O). 1934) Ph. Formerly Professor & Head. Ecology/ Ecosystems Analysis/Ecophysiology. CRRI. Council : Mem. University of Roorkee. D506. Sp. Formerly Visiting Professor. 1932) Ph.. SINGH.T.res.221005. Guru Nanak Dev University. of Metallurgical Engg. 1957) Digvijai (b. Amritsar . 1956) PhD(Lko). Heterocyclic Chemistry/ Supramolecular Chemistry.iitb. Vaishali. SINGH.Plot Fax: 25723480. Tel.. 2002 Indian Institute of Technology. # 5817-B. Harkesh Bahadur (b.

Banaras Hindu University.D. Formerly Head & Professor of Mathematics. Colaba. Dean. E-mail: kps@bhu. Sp. Sp. Horticulture/Agricultural P4/3. FNIE. 58. Banaras Hindu Univeristy. Res. X-ray Astronomy/X-ray Instrumentation. FAMS. FNAAS. res. FNA. Molecular Biology/DNA Finger-printing.D. New Delhi . Gurudham. (05452) 260044(R). 1934) MS.. Res. Email: singhkamla34@ gmail. Kamla D. 2013-14 . Formerly Email : kirtisinghwnrf2013@gmail. HPKV & IGKV & Chairman. Hyderabad. 09839054142(M). Jaunpur. Satyendra.2276600(R). Ravindrapuri. SINGH. Husainabad. Colaba. Tel. Sp. Maruti Nagar. 22804561(R). Wildlife Conservation and Genetic Diversity.) Formerly Professor & Head. FAPT. Res. Kaushalendra Pratap (b. Professor Emeritus. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Lucknow-226020. Kirti (b. Mathematics (Differential Geometry). Varanasi. 10. FASc. Varanasi .P. FASc.. Fax: Sp. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. USA. Fax: 22804610. 02222782376(O). Department of Botany. Lucknow University. ASRB (ICAR). Homi Bhabha Road. (0532) 2250179(O). CCMB. Former Director. FPbS. 1950) PhD. 09198331338(M).com.110 001. Council : Mem. Email: krishna. Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics. 09415687597. Ecology/Environmental Sciences. 38 G. 1919) Ph.D. Faculty of Science. vc_bhu@sify. Chatham Lines. Plant Pathology/Sugarcane Research & Management.221005. Visiting Professor. Theory of Relativity/Geometry. SINGH. Nirala Nagar.222002. (0522) 2788069(R).D. Mumbai . Central Circle. ( Banaras Hindu University. Kulinder Pal (b.. SINGH. FBS. Email : vcbhu1 @gmail. Senior Professor. T. DSc(hc). World Noni Research Foundation. Department of Mathematics & Astronomy. Kishan Ph. SINGH. Allahabad . TIFR Housing Complex. Email: singh@tifr. DSc. University of North Dakota.D. Sp. (Delhi Univ. FTWAS. 1935) Ph. Sp. 2.(0542) 2368399(O). 1947) PhD. 1952) Ph. NDUAT. Tel. Sugarcane Adaptive Research Project (ICAR). Res. Sp.(Louisiana). C-120. (b. PhD.256 1984 1992 1971 1988 1984 2006 2006 1991 Year Book 2015 SINGH. Varanasi. FNAAS. SINGH. 1940) Ph.. Fax : 2368174. Botanical Survey of India.p. Tel. Varanasi-221 005. Formerly Secretary. 09415221766(M). Krishna Pal (b.211002. Lalji (b. Sp. SINGH. Former Additional Director & Head.D. 09451321927(R) 501. FNABS. Krishi Bhawan.bhu@ gmail. Taxonomy/ Lichenology. Mumbai 400005. Varanasi 221010. Chairperson. Emeritus Former Vice-Chancellor. College Main Gate. K. Chief Programme Coordinator. Homi Bhabha Road. kpsingh. Tel.400005. Tel. SINGH.

D. 2255433(R). Mewa (b. Nagpur Road. SINGH. 101/01. Sp.. Phase I.482003. Nagar. RMRCT Complex (ICMR)..Fellows 1975 1995 2013 2009 2011 2011 2012 257 SINGH. Amritsar. Dwarka. Res. 1958) Ph. Janaki Nagar. (0183) 2258826(O). Lanka. Silver Oak Apartments. SINGH. Multicomponent Domino/Tandem Reactions Employing β-Oxodithioesters/Thioamides/S. Lucknow 226016. 1956) Ph. Res. Fax : 09415372614(M). Pocket 9. New Delhi – 110012. New Delhi – 110075. SINGH. Banaras Hindu University. Varanasi . (b. Tel. Saraswati Dental College & Hospital. Ramkrishnana Nagar Sushant Golf City. 1960) Ph. Jabalpur . profmpsingh33 National Professor.D. New Drug Development/Reproductive Endocrinology/ Fertility Regulation/ Osteoporosis. nksingh4@gmail. Tel. Jabalpur .singh@gmail. 1946) PhD. Faizabad Road. Professor of Psychology. Kuvempu Raste. 101-Kabir Park. (0542) 6702502(O). Department of Food Science & Technology. SINGH.FASc.. DSc. Faculty of Science.570022. Res. 09464777980(M). Director Banglow. Lucknow . Director. Man Mohan (b.482003. Indira mayashankarbhu@ gmail. 09415634056(M).com. Tel. 09871592064(M). Guru Nanak Dev Email : narpinders@yahoo. Tel. Faculty of Applied Sciences & Professor. 2672900. Manasagangotri. oicmrc@yahoo. FNA.221005. (011) 25860186(O).com. Res.D. Animal Behavior/Ecology/ Social Evolution. Formerly Professor. Post Garha. Neeru (b. 1951) Ph.. Nagpur Road. 09448603506(M).FNA. Lucknow .221005. Director. 2672521(R). 1931) Ph.570006.226002. Sp. (0522) 2353822(R). 09302188242. (0821) 2419372(O).University of Mysore. Post-Garha. singhmm46@gmail.226028. Professor. Mysore Applied Mathematics/Biofluid Dynamics/ Air Pollution Modeling. Email: mewasingh@bsnl.Epidemiology & Vector Control/ Tribal-Forest Malaria/Malaria in Pregnancy. (0124) 4087186(O).D.FNAAS. Pocket 1. 2369983(R). 131.& N. Ramanna Fellow. Sector 5. Maya Shankar (b. Sp. DLF Qutub Enclave. . Varanasi . SINGH. Amritsar . Res. Ansal Institute of Technology & Management. Res. 233 Tiwari Ganj. Bhagwanpur. Nagendra Kumar.D. Narpinder (b. SINGH. 28081376(R).(Maryland). Mahendra Pal (b. Department of Chemistry. Samane Ghat. Tel. Sp. Tel. Executive Director.T. 2561455(R). 1962) Ph. Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals. Tel. Fax: 2903129(R). Email : nksingh@nrpb. Sp. Dean. Sp. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Fax : 2368127. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Development of New Methodologies. Email : mpsingh 3333@rediffmail.FNAAS. Fax : 25843914. Gurgaon -122 002. Email : mssinghbhu@yahoo. Sector C.S-acetals as the key Email : neeru. Mysore . R&D. Res. Fax : 2672835.S. (0761) 2672239(O). NRC on Plant Biotechnology. 09425154225 (M).. 148 DDA SFS Flats. Post Harvest Technology (Food Science & Technology). IIT Delhi. Email: mmsingh@saraswaticolleges.

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. Ram Prakash (b. Ministry of Defence. Sarva Jit (b.. Timarpur. FNA. D-3/2. Email : deepak57in@yahoo. 2214698(R).A. (0172) 2214682-87 Ext. Kurukshetra. Professor.110018.1940) PhD (N.D.. Res. 1935) Ph. Professor. FNAAS. Res. Biotechnology/Parasitology/Neuro Immunomodulation. (011) 28549222.258 1985 2004 1989 1997 1986 1989 1991 2013 Year Book 2015 SINGH. College of Basic Sciences. Sp. Sp. Tel. 09420482405(M). FASc. Phase Jawaharlal Nehru University.1941) DPhil.411045. 2066(O). Tel. Flory Laureate. New Delhi – 110070. Tel. Email : s_j_singh@yahoo. SINGH.A. SINGH. SINGH. Indian Academy of Social Sciences. ChMPPSI. Sp.prakash. Delhi . 23946257(O). 1939) PhD. Res. FASc. SINGH. Formerly Professor of Neurobiology & UGC Emeritus Environmental Physiology/Cognitive Neurosciences. Immediate Past President. Type VI/3. Pune . SINGH. Distt. Mother Teresa Crescent. JMIT Radaur. Bareilly College. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology. School of Life Sciences. Res. Email: randhirbiotech@yahoo. Sp. SINGH.nic. Fax: 2214692. Sector 3. FAMI. FNA. Cytogenetics/Plant Genetics Resources. Lucknow Road.160062. 09810230037 (M). Formerly Vice-Chancellor.S. 2015- . 1717. New Delhi-110 096. Fax: 283800. INSA Honorary Scientist.FIABMS. FUSI. Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences. Randhir (b. 1944) PhD. CCS. Res. New Delhi-110 067. 23013131(R). Sp. Neurosciences/Electrophysiology/Brain Ageing. 1934) PhD. Council : Mem. House No.D. New Delhi .125004. D1/1291.D. FNAAS. S. IUPAC Fellow. University. (011) 26704508(O). Fax : 23932869. 09999297992(M). Email : rbsingh40@gmail. Vasant Kunj. Email : drshashisingh@gmail. Flat No.S. Navyug Adarsh Apartments. Phase X. Rameshwar (b. Nagar . 5C. Ram Badan (b. NAAS. Yamuna Nagar.Tel. Sector 67. Coordination Chemistry/Environmental Science. Sp. (01732)284779(O). SFS DDA Flats. Haryana Agri. FASI. 09312250454(M).com. 22A. 1954) Ph. 16. Prati Pal ( Near Pancard Club. Tel. Nagar . Sp. Res. (011) 23883102. Urban Estate. Email : singh. Haryana and former Dean. Tel. Mayur Vihar Phase Website:www. Principal. New Delhi .A. Res. (020) 27219124.ram@ gmail. Email : drppsingh2005@gmail.DSc. Lucknow University. Pocket. Lucknow. Sector 67. Shashi Bala ( NIPER Campus. (0581) 277873(O). 43029487(R). Pashupati Prasad (b.110011.MCIC.Carolina).160062. Bareilly-243 001.hau. Vikaspuri. Tel. (011) 26136450(R). Applied Mathematics/Theoretical 1958) Ph. SINGH.FIAN. President Elect. 272666(R). Hisar. 08295905205(M). Gera's Emerald City. F-Block. Baner. Director. DRDO. S. Tel. Polymer Science and Engineering/ Rheology and Ultrasonics.

. 3A/95 Azad Nagar. (0512) 2544019(R) Sp. SINGH. Emeritus Fellow. Sunderpur. Surendra Pratap (b. SINGH. Mathematics Dept. 1942) Ph.. Bhopal . Homi Bhabha Road.462066. Surjeet (b. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Email : tpsingh. (0120) 2790172(R). Newada. 846-843/4306(R). 1939) Ph. FASc. Physiology/Biochemistry/Aging. Tel. Sunderpur. Chair of Excellence. Noida – 201301. Besides Anushakti Nagar Bus Depot. Indore By-pass Road. UGC. FNA. Deemed University. Email : vinodks@iitk.221005. Indore Bypass Road. Satyendra. 5969. Tel. SINGH. Tel. Newada. spsecology@gmail. Sp. of Biophysics.. 09981144455(M). 1945) PhD. Director. Bhopal. Surendra Nath (b. Res. Tel.D. Varanasi .D. Box No.400088. Plot 119. 163. Forest Research Institute. FTWAS. Dept. director@iiserb. Theory of Rings/Abelian Groups. FICN. Professor.1942) Ph. Tel.D. Bhauri. Mankhurd (E).com. Email: upneem@gmail. Fax: 6692392. Res. 1950) Ph. Vinod Kumar (b. 09415354325(M). Res. Vikramaditya (b. VN Purav Marg. Email : physics.aiims@gmail. 09867050450(M). Ganesh Dham Colony. DBT Distinguished Biotechnology Research Professor.D. Director’s Bungalow.O. Formerly ViceChancellor. Email: surps@yahoo. N8/236-R-40. City View Apartments. IAS. Sp. FBRS. Sector – 35.sutra@gmail. Theory of Functions.221005. Nainital. (011) 26588931(O). Colaba.400005. HNB Garhwal University. (0542) 2317649(R). Varanasi. Digital Materials (Nanostructural Semiconductors)/ Science Education Research/ Promotion of Research in undergraduate Community. Res. SINGH. Varanasi. Udai Pratap (b. (022) 25072334(O). Banaras Hindu University.. Bhauri. New Delhi 110029. Tel. FNA. Formerly Professor of Mathematics. SINGH. Sp. 22804754(R). DSc(hc). Kuwait. Mumbai . Sp. Formerly Professor. Varanasi . BHU. 1944) 22 Ganesh Dham Colony. Sp. Agriculture/ Plant Sciences. Tel. of Zoology. P. 1959) PhD. (0755) 6692316(O). Tel. FRI Campus. Sp. . 6692400(R).in. Kuwait University. 402. 813-199(O). Kumaun University. Res. TIFR Housing Colony. FNA. Sp. Kanpur-208002. Tej P. New Forest Post Office. (b. Ecology/Forest Science/ Environment. Bhopal 462066. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research. Dehradun – 248006. Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Dept. Vijay Awadesh (b. FASc. Fax: (0135) 2721762.Fellows 1983 1992 2006 1998 2002 2014 1981 2004 259 SINGH. 1928) Ph. IISER Bhopal Campus. Mumbai Formerly Professor & Head of Botany. Res.D. 09312249508(M).. Srinagar (Garhwal).Formerly Professor & Head. Professor. 09758765300(M). HBCSE (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research). Protein Structure/X-ray Diffraction/Peptide Design/Drug Discovery. SINGH.

Sp. National Institute of Plant Genome Research.res. 27667471. Tel. Email : ysingh@igib. Res. INSA Senior Scientist.221005. Mumbai .com.D. Nevada. (079) 26314366(O). FASc.I. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. 09871095673 (M). R-54. Andheri (West).Phil. 26855831(R). I. (011) 27666156(O).D.211 002. New Delhi . B-31. Sp. Sp. (022) 25767168(O).com. 09099061962(M). 1938) PhD. Kinkhede Layout. Powai. Juhu-Versova Link Road. Ahmedabad . Res. Ashok Kumar (b. Paleoclimates). Email : vks@chem.400076. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Kanpur.110067. Geosciences Dept. 1957) Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology. CSRE Building.400076. Professor.. 51. New Sohbatiya Bagh. Organic Chemistry/Organic Photochemistry. Shalimar Bagh. zaksprl11@gmail. Condensed Matter Theory/Statistical Physics/Theoretical Biology. Homi Bhabha Road. 1944) D. Ahmedabad .N. Tel. Yashwant (b. Varanasi . 5. Navrangpura. 09850050456(M). NIPGR Campus. BA-11 (Top Floor). Yagya Narain (b. Virendra (b.MORI’. Saha Mem. Plant Physiology/Plant Biochemistry/Plant Molecular Biology. Shakti Enclave. Geochronology. Formerly Director.D.D. Award : Prof. SINGH. Sunderpur. Zoology Department. Physical Research Laboratory. SINGHVI. SINGH. Email : ysingh@bhu. Infectious Diseases/Protein Toxins. Fax : 2368390. C-144. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.Sci. FASc. of Chemistry. Department of Physics. Alok Krishna (b. FASc. SINGRU. Varanasi . 26735142(R). Tel. Sp.221005.(Purdue. Satya Marg. (0542) 6701562(O). 1950) Tel. Res. New Delhi . Aruna Asaf Ali Marg.res. Fax : 25723480. 26851578. Professor.. Mumbai . FNA. Nagpur .FNA. Theoretical Physics/High Energy Physics/Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. FTWAS.110067. 1942) Ph. Gardiner School. FTWAS. (0712) 2528003(R). Tel. Powai. Sp.400053. Mall Road. Outstanding Scientist. Nr. ‘KY.iitb. 1935) Ph. 1969) Ph.260 1989 2008 1989 2014 2010 2001 1982 2011 Year Book 2015 SINGH.India (1995). .Nat. Mumbai . Banaras Hindu Res.380054. Staff Scientist V. Email: rameshsingru@ yahoo. Hill Side. Yogendra (b. SINHA. Formerly Professor of Physics.1951) Ph. FNA. Delhi 110007. Email:singhvi@prl. Entomology/Insect Neurobiology/Neurosecretion. N-8/236. Sp.USA).440001. Geosciences (Quaternary. Fax : 26741658.380009.211 006. SINGH. Res.. Civil Lines. New Cosmos. Fax: 26314900. Tel.. Vishwakarma (b. (011) 26735188(O). Tel. Chief Scientist. Res. singh. IIT Campus. Allahabad University. Fax.400005. Ganesh Dham Colony.. Res. FASc. FMA. 25768168(R). 27484675(R). Ramesh Madhao (b. Mumbai . FNA. Tel.yas44@gmail. 09415991459(M). FNA. 258/9A. Allahabad .in. Delhi110088. SINGH. Email: vsingh1937@gmail. Email : alok_sinha@nipgr. Sp. M. Near Judges' Bungalows. (0532) 2501309(R). (022) 26716681(R). Lecture Award . Allahabad . Nuclear Physics/Band Theory of Solids/ Positron Annihilation. Res.

of Research on Self Organising Complex Systems. (b.). Sp. 69/A. Kolkata700108. FIEEE. Sp. Formerly Director.. E-27. Sector 10. 1963) Ph.700064. FWBSCT. Bhabani P. DAE Homi Bhabha Professor and Formerly Director. Email : aksinha8@rediffmail. Chief Scientist.. Shillong. com. Department of Atomic Energy. SINHA. Tel. SINHA. Nonlinear Mathematics/Mathematical Ecology/Natural Disaster & Risk Management. Currently. CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute. FNA. Res.T. Fax : 25776037. W. Bangalore.I. Janakipuram Extn. Div. ISI Campus. 2/4B. (0657) 2345013(O). Email : dilipkumarsinha@rediffmail. Former Director..560094. Fax: 23346871. CDRI New Campus.560012.(033) 24406913(R). 2346053(R).Nimar (M. Dilip Kumar (b. FASc. Professor. Road. Tel. SINHA. C/O Dr. Solid State Physics/Theoretical Physics/Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. SINHA.D. B. FNA. Lucknow 226021.P.700 108. Anil Sinha.. Bangalore . Materials Science & Technology Division. Tel. Vikram University.226021. Kolkata .831009. FWAST. Res. Email: kritpsinha@gmail.T. I. (033) 2575-3168(O). Mobile Computing. Instt. Lucknow .. Sterling Residency.. FZSI. Wireless Networks. Presidency University District Hospital Barwani. Kolkata -700020. Jankipuram Extn. University of Calcutta. 1961) Ph. FASc. (080) 23518553(R). Chemical Science/ 09816461423(M). Saha Institute of Nuclar Physics. Sitapur Road. Res. Arun Kumar (b. 203. Email: bikash@vecc. FNAE.). Distt. 1940) Ph. Sitapur Road. Agricoarea. Natural Product Chemistry. 25259999(R). Sector Sp.D. Sp. Res.Sc. Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre. Kolkata . Formerly Senior Professor & Chairman. Email : arvind@nmlindia. IISc. 205 B. Indian Statistical Institute. 2771800(R). . FTWAS. (0522) 2772450(O). Res. Bidhan Nagar. Emeritus 2475 2206. Krityunjai Prasad (b. Fish:Systematics & Morphology/Fisheries. Fax : 2345213.D.1952) PhD. RMV 2nd Stage. Bangalore . Ujjain. Sarat Bose Road. 1918) Ph. 09956278787. of Physics and Mathematical Sciences. Tel. Brij Mohan ( Sp. Res. FIETE. SINHA. NML Flats. Jamshedpur . Zoology Department. Environmental System Management. 23371230(VECC). DSc(Lond. Ekdalia Road. SINHA. FNYAS(USA). Res. Sp. Arvind (b. INSA Honorary Scientist. Sp. (033) 23370032. 09830461736(M). Bikash Chandra (b. Department of Physics. Senior Principal Scientist. 2475(R). 1929) PhD(Poona & Bristol).org. CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory. Former Rash Behary Ghose Professor of Applied Mathematics. 1945) PhD(Lond. Biomimetics/ Nanomaterials/Biomaterials.).. High Energy Physics/Quark Gluon Plasma/Early Universe Cosmology. A/V/07.Fellows 2014 2011 1997 1993 1976 1980 1982 261 SINHA. Green. Tel. Email : bhabani@isical. Fax : 2771941. FIMA(UK). Formerly Professor & Head. 1/AF. Guest Faculty. D-105. Kolkata -700019. kpsin03@yahoo. Parallel/ Distributed Computing. Dollars Colony. Tel.

ac. H17. P1/12 CIT Scheme VII M. Website : www. Tel. Email: subrata. Somdatta (b. Website : www.sivaram@ncl. BG Patuli Township. 1946) PhD. 2338928(O).J. SINHA. Molecular Biology/Yeast Genetics. 09811901376(M).262 1966 1998 1997 1996 2005 1989 2002 1992 Year Book 2015 SINHA. Plot # 5.Tel.24629386(R). Aundh. K. Sp. FASc. Bihar Univeristy. erent. Mathematics Dept.D.Professor. (001) 412-367-2030. Tel. FASc. Mohali – 140306.nbrc.. Central Institute of Fisheries Education.25693225(O). FNA. Purdue University). Fish & Fishery Science. Aditya.D. Res. Gurgaon. Swaminathan ( Tezpur – 784028. A-201 Polymers and Advanced Materials Laboratory. C. director@nbrc. Mathematics.sinha@nbrc. PA 15143. Bose Institute. (0124) 2338929. Res. .411008.sirohi@gmail.700054. FAMS. Email: pratima@boseinst. Sp.1943) PhD. Email: rajpal. College. Rajpal Singh ( SIROHI. Bhopal University. Sp. Fax: 25902615. Department of Tezpur FNAE. 001-724-7778568(M). Knowledge City. H 1/3 Hauz Khas.Applied Optics/Coherent Optics/ Optical Metrology. Near NSG Campus. Pune. Pune-411007. IIT Kanpur. Formerly Director. ViceChancellor. Subrata (b. Venkatesa Doss Road. Gulmohar Park. Kanpur . FNAE.. 26962958(R). 412-596-3902. 1938) Ph. IIT Delhi. SINHA. FASc. Res. FNA. Apt. Professor of Biology. 1952) Ph..Polymer Science/Industrial Organic Chemistry/ Science. Tel. Tel. Director. (020) 25902614(O).in. 08968744849(M). 23553886.D. Mumbai. FNA. Professor. SIVARAM. Sp. CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow. 199. DSc (hc. FOSI. Pratima (b. Bhopal. 25893629(R). Flat 22. SAS Nagar. Sp. Type IV. Bangalore 560070. (011) 26966586. BRLGB Chair Professor. FNAAS. P.S. Fax : 2250260. CHEMBIOS. ITI Road. Muzaffarpur (Bihar).. Formerly Director and Founder Res. Sector 81. Res. National Chemical Kolkata . Department of Physics. Sewickley. Email: s. FOSA. Department of Mathematics. Manesar – 122051. National Brain Research Centre. Theoretical and Computational Biology/Complex Systems. SINHA. Fax. Kanpur . Technology and Innovation Management.D. 09831462939(M). Molecular Oncology/ Immunology. 1951) Ph. FTWAS. Vishwa Raman Prasad (b. SINHA. Kolkata-700094. Res.208 016. 2257636(O).in. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali. FSPIE. Indian Institute of Technology. Gulmohar Glory. 411.res. Formerly Consultant to the World Bank & UN/FAO. Email : ssinha@iisermohali.O. Sp. (03712) 265585(O). 2250103.. SINHA. USA. New Delhi .(033)23550256. Tel. 09799996810(M). (0512) 2257213. Fax: (0124) 2338928. Fax: (0172) Ph. FASc. Prawal Ph. Email : prawal@iitk. L. FIIChE. 2251317. USA. PhD.208016. Pioneer Drive.P. somdatta sinha@gmail. 2240124. 2258593(R). FNA. 1958) MD. Email : drvrpsinha@yahoo. Nainwal Mode.D. #10.

Fax : 2440821(O). Tel. Sp.Sc.1937) PhD. Professor. Energy/Plasmas/Applied Physics.Phil. Panjab University. Res. Fax: 282278.. Bangalore . 2010-2011 SODHA.(Washington). Sp. 1948) PhD. (080) 5598013. Balbir Krishna (b. Email: sonibk@hotmail. Lucknow and Bhopal Universities.D. Email: vc@bbau. (079) 26747807(R). . Navrangpura. Indian Institute of Science. FNA.560042. 1949) PhD. FNAMS. Res.ernet. ISCA. Tel. Indian Institute of Technology. Lucknow. (080) 22932973. Sp. Professor. FTWAS. Department of Mechanical Engineering.ernet. FASc. of Education Building. Formerly Dy Director General. Chandigarh-160014.. B202.721302. CSIR Emeritus Scientist. Formerly ViceChancellor. Commerce College. 1928) Ph. Ranbir Chander (b. of Microbiology and Cell Biology. soma@prl. Bhamidipati Lakshmidhara Kanakadri (b. Sankar Kumar (b. rcsobti@bbau. Lucknow . 23607171(O).721302. 1932) D. Formerly FAO Animal Production & Health Officer.J. Kharagpur .Fellows 1992 1977 2006 2007 1989 1974 263 SOBTI. SOMASUNDARAM. FZS. Oceanography & Climate Studies Area. Visiting Professor at IIT Delhi and ITMU Gurgaon. 2440827(R). Bangkok.560012. DSc. Former General President. Email: lakshmidhara@yahoo. B113. 2C. FSCG. FNA. Res. Lakeshore Manor. Sp. IISc Quarters..226020. Earth Sciences & Solar System Division.Bangalore .560012. 23602136(R). Dept. Physical Research Laboratory. Email : skumar@mcbl. Lucknow – 226007.iitkgp. Kharagpur . 09839705081(M). Nirala Nagar. Council : Mem. QR No. Bangalore. res. Fax : Ahmedabad . vasantisomayajulu52@yahoo. 282979(R). Near L. 08005002683(M). Tel. SONI. New Aangan Apts. Sp. FIACS (Canada). Mahendra Singh (b.FNAE. Vice-Chancellor.iisc. Oceanography/ Geochemistry/Geochronology. Website : http://www. 2968833(R). FPAS. 3.D. Tel. Formerly Vice-Chancellor & Emeritus Professor. Lucknow University. Res. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Campus. Indian Institute of Science. FNA. SOMAYAJULU. (b. (03222) 282978(O). Thermal Science and Engineering/Droplet and Spray Res. ICAR. Lucknow. FNA. Email: Sp. Cancer Biology/ Genetics/Virology. (0522) 2788033(R). FASc. Email: sksom@mech. Cell Biology/ Environmental and Cancer Cell Biotechnology/Human Genetics. 112 Gangadhar Chethy Road. Tel. IIT Campus. Res. D. Ahmedabad. E17. Tel. 5596270. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar (Central) University. VC’s Residence. 1962) Ph. (0522) 2440820(O).ac. Animal Production/Physiology.

Faculty of Science. New Delhi.W8A3. Tel. FNAAS. Council : Mem. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Badanaval Venkata (b. DQ-3. Tel. Award : Prof. sopory@hotmail. Email: msreehari03@yahoo. Professor. India (2001). Hyderabad . Fax: 27160591. Formerly Professor & M. Uppal Road. Department of Physics and Dean. FTWAS.. Res.ernet.1942) Ph. Fax : 23606634. University. (0129) 2222208(R). Malleshwaram. Tel. Vadodara . Bangalore 560003. ernet.500076. Hyderabad . FASc. New Sama Road.D.Sc. Ph. FNA. (040) 27192577(O).264 2005 1995 1979 1993 2002 1989 Year Book 2015 SONTI. Plant Molecular Biology. Res. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics/Soft Condensed Matter/Light Scattering. International Centre for Genetic Enginering and Biotechnology. . Tel. Fax : 23602602. 2015SREEHARI. Cosmic Rays/ High Energy Physics and Astronomy. 1928) Ph. FASc. FASc. FNA. Council : V.prakash@gmail.I. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology.ernet. Sp. 27150821(R). Honorary Visiting Professor. Email: sopory@mail. Email: asood@physics. Maddipatla (b. I. Department of Physics. 1960) Ph. FTWAS. 23608323. Email: bvs@nias. Faridabad . Sudhir Kumar (b. Prasanthi Nilayam Bangalore . Formerly Professor & Group Leader. Vice-Chancellor. Ajay Kumar (b. Indian Institute of Science. FNAAS. Tata Institute of Fundamenal Research. 09440855939(M). Sp. 15th Cross Road. Formerly Professor of Statistics. CCMB Staff Quarters.iisc.Sc.S. New Delhi. (08555) 288364(R). FNA. Sp. Saligram Sinha Memorial Lecture Award Nat.. FGSA. 6-B. Microbiology/Plant Protection/Plant Genetics. Sp. Department of Physics. Bangalore560012. Tel.560012. National Institute of Advanced Studies.jnu. 584. (011) 26741500(O). Bangalore 560012. Chief Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. District. Prasanthi Nilayam. Molecular Plant Physiology. 22932964(O). 1951) PhD. Formerly Director. Campus. Email: sonti@ccmb. Probability/Stochastic Modeling/Characterization Problems. 231. Usha Kiran. Prakash Chandra (b. FASc. Banaras Hindu University. Apartment Type V #3. Email : sood. Vadodara . FNA. Vrundavan Park. Mumbai.500007.iisc. I. Res. Res. Jawaharlal Nehru SOOD. 2004-07 SOOD. Nuclear Physics. Sector 14. (080) 22185082(O).. New Housing Colony. 09441055295(M). HMT Nagar. SOPORY. Nacharam. Varanasi.I.iisc. (0265) 782311(R). 23347434(R). 22932927(R).in. (080) 23602238. Ramesh Venkata (b. Sp. Res. Website: physics.121007. com. EME P. Sp. 1925).O...390008..P. 1948) PhD.D.

Rikhab Chand (b. 777. 64. New Housing Colony. (011) 41402719(R).D.Fellows 2005 2005 1994 2001 2001 1992 2006 265 SREE HARI RAO. 3rd Cross. 4th Main. Tel. Dynamical Systems/Mathematical Modelling/Computer/ Information Science & Technology. (040) 23158661/662/663/664 Extn. Res. Ahmedabad 380009. H. Chetty Road. Professor of Mathematics. Central College Campus. Bangalore560010.560065. Algebra. Sp. Bangalore .com. Space Physics Centre for Applicable Department of Mathematics. Pannapalli Nallanchakravarthy (b.D. .FFA. Aeronomy/Solar Terrestrial Physics. NE-13. 1955) Ph. 53(O). 4310(O). (080) 22961433. Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications to Differential Equations. Sp. Room No.G. (080) 66953790-95. Saroor Nagar Post. Synthetic Organic Chemistry. 2325381(R). SRIDHARAN. Indian Institute of Science. Bangalore 560012.tifrbng. Alakapuri. 09429199824 (M). Hyderabad . Bangalore . Aalay Apartment. IITR. Res. Fax: 23057787. GKVK P. of Computer Science. Sp.. B-4 Sarita Vihar.500035.. 974. Chennai . Fax: 26314659. New Delhi-110076. Email: srikanth@math. SRIKANTH.D. Professor. Director. FASc. Sp. Email: r_sridharan777@yahoo.. 1937) MBBS. Tel. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Vadrevu (b. Lucknow. Hyderabad Tel.res. 24037710(R). Professor (H).ernet. No. INSA Senior Physical Research Laboratory. Deptt. Post Bag 6503. Indian Institute of Science Campus. Prativadibhayankaram Krishnamacharya (b. G. of Organic Chemistry. FASc. 1935) PhD. FIANS. 23600529. Res.iisc. 20. Fluid & Biomechanics/CFD/Ancient Indian Science. NASI Senior Scientist. rcsrimal@hotmail. Email: A. sridharan@prl. 92. Bangalore . 22796447(O). P. Formerly Director. Bangalore University. Rajagopal (b. Chennai Mathematical Institute. SRIMANI. SRIDHARAN. 6/4. FNA. 13-405. Sp. 26751361(R). Res. Res. Tel. MD. Plot No. Res. Dept. FNA.D. Vastrapur. SRIMAL. 09899193701(M). pk_srivathsa@rediffmail. SRIKRISHNA. (080) 22932215(O) Sp.res. (b. Govipuram Extension.600017. Tel. 23600550(R). Email: ask@ orgchem. FAMS. 1951) Ph. Sharadanagar Chikkabommasandra. Email: rcsrimal@yahoo. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. 1950) Ph. Email : rsridhar@cmi.O. II Stage Rajajinagar. Pharmacology/Toxicology/Natural Products. Fax: 23600683. 1950) Ph. D-Block. Trivandrum. 1948) PhD. Ahmedabad 380015.560019.. Chairman. Ramaiyengar ( 26604622(R). Professor. Bangalore .Sp. Fax: 66953799. (079) 26314777(O).

Tel. 2223864(R).266 1994 2007 1998 2010 1998 1982 2012 Year Book 2015 SRINIVASAN. 2311887(R). 1934) Ph. Dibrugarh University. D. Email : acsrivastava_dr@rediffmail. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics/Protein Structure. FNA. Professor Emeritus CAS in Geology.S. Professor of Zoology. Res. Varanasi. Indian Institute of Science. Res. Tel. 1962) Ph. Function and Evolution. Dibrugarh. Bangalore . SRINIVASAN. Email: srinivasanmalathi@ rediffmail. FTWAS. Tel. FASc. Fax : 2345213.iisc. 09336400846(M). Assam-786003. 2369239 (Department of Geology). Professor. 2351049(O). Gorakhpur . . Email : ns@mbu. Post.Sc. (080) 22932837(O).273009. Varanasi. C. Email : ssrikanth@nmlindia. 1943) Ph. Road No. (0657) 2345202. Formerly Head. Jamshedpur – 831007. (b. Indira Nagar. S.560076. 90/1. BHU & Director. Formerly Scientist F. Narayanaswamy (b. 2345028(O). (0542) 2307311 Ext.. Email : ajaiksrivastav@hotmail. Molecular Biophysics Unit. 'Mallige' NCBS Housing. National Metallurgical Laboratory. Srikanth (b. Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum/Quantum Groups & Algebras/ Special Functions. SRINIVASA RAO. Biostratigraphy/ Paleoceanography/Marine Geology.. BHU. Senior Professor. Banaras Hindu University. Ajai Kumar (b. Res. Fax: 23600535.560012. Endocrinology/ Toxicology/Fishery Biology. Fax: 2368174(BHU). 09632319090(M). Durga Kund.O.T. Email : rao@imsc. Bangalore . Gandhi Nagar. Director. National Geophysical Research Institute. Sp.560065. Thermodynamics and Kinetics/ Solid Oxide Fuel Cells/Extractive Metallurgy. Varanasi-221005. FNA.D. Email : mssrinivasan@rediffmail. SRIVASTAVA.226016. Chennai . Tel. 23666473(R). Res. Lucknow. SRIVASTAV.I. Sp. Bellary Road. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Academic Staff. Bangalore .. Res. DDU Gorakhpur University. HIG Flats. Mandakolathor S. Saran Niwas.221005.(080) 26499114(R). Hyderabad.ernet. Killampalli. 09451994153(M). Chennai .(0551) 2531047(R). (0522) 2715324(R). 19/726. Sp. PO Burmamines. (b.600 020. Ramaswamiah (b..D. 114. 47(O). FNAE. Sp. Area (old). 45. Sp. (044) 2351856.D. Sp. Precambrian Geology with special reference to sedimentation structure and stratigraphy.D.600 113. Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer. 42/4. Tel. Second Main Road. 1942) Ph. 1953) Ph. Tel. 4411347(R). Ramanashree Nagar. Jamshedpur – 831001. Tel. Res.H. Department of Geology. GKVK Campus. Campus. Formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics. SRINIVASAN. director@nmlindia. Abinash Chandra (b. Kabir Nagar. C. Bannerghatta Road. 1938) PhD.res. 1960) PhD.

Res. FMAS. Chandra Mani (b. Dept. 25726530. Deepak Chandra (b.). Professor. Balrampur House. Indian Institute of Technology . Mumbai. Zoology Department. 2005-07 SRIVASTAVA. (022) 25722545. 89-90. Council : F. U. IIT. Indian Institute of 2008-09 . 78. SRIVASTAVA. FLS (Lond. Sp.D. Church Lane. Res. Palaeobotany/Morphology/Pteridology/Cytogenetics. SRIVASTAVA. Gomti Nagar.Roorkee. (b.Acad. of Botany.Fellows 1986 1991 1982 1979 2004 2012 2004 267 SRIVASTAVA. Nuclear Physics.). College Development Council. Sp. C3/44 Kendriya Vihar. 275112. dpkesfes@gmail.. Allahabad-211 002. (033) 23345125.211 002. July 2006-Sept 2006 Mem. New Delhi. FNA. Saraswatikunj. Quark Gluon Plasma.700052. Fax : 23346871. at JNU. VIP Road. Kharagpur. Vijay Khand. Allahabad 211002. 23590488(O). Fax : 273560. 10/1.247667. Email : dinesh@vecc.ernet. SRIVASTAVA.Phil. C. Bidhan Nagar. Bank Roorkee . Education Minister's Gold Medal in Zoology Deputy Director & Head Microbiology. DIC(Lond. Sp. Tel... Fax: 2223405. 1927) Ph.09415289333. Tel. University of Allahabad. Professor & Head of Biotechnology. 1956) Ph. Microbial & Molecular Genetics/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology. Tel.P. SRIVASTAVA. Lucknow.P. (0532) 2250213(R). Formerly Professor & Head. Email : srivastavacbl@rediffmail. Brahm Shanker (b. Res. Sp. FPbS. Allahabad . Allahabad 211002. 1/AF. Mondal Ganthi. Opposite IIT Main Gate.247667.I. Res. Res. Mumbai .Phil. (01332) 285558(O). ac.). Emeritus Fellow (UGC). Tel. Powai. 1943) Ph. (0532)2642606(R). 09456381281(M). U. D.1932) PhD(Lond. Roorkee . 604. 25787127(R).gov. 205/4.. SRIVASTAVA. 09838570140(M).T. Kolkata 700064.D. 1938) D.Sci..226 016. Tel. FASc.India Award (1985).com. Powai. Kolkata .. (0532) 2466370(R).400076. Res. Email: srivascm@iitb. IIT Campus. FNA. 09836176868(M). Sp. 2/79. of Physics. I.Tel.(Cornell. Dept.B. Award : U. 25250032(R). Sp. Formerly Professor & Head. Fish Anatomy/Neurobiology.Sc. Tel. Formerly Professor of Physics & Head. 1939) D. Dean.S. (0522) 2220908(O). Bal Krishna (b. 2391036(R).D. Ferromagnetic Relaxation & Superconductivity. 1952) Ph. Sp. Director. Higher Education Service Commission. 23341110. FIFS. Res. University of Allahabad and Member.400076. Mumbai . 95-96 Tre.S. Dinesh Kumar (b. 27A..). Prerana. Email : dpkesfes@iitr. Advanced Centre for Research in Electronics & Materials Science Centre.D.A. Email: drbrahm@yahoo. Gopal Krishna (b. 285112(R). Council : Mem.L. Variable Energy Cyclotron Formerly Professor. Department of Earth Sciences. Emeritus Professor. Structural DSc (hc. N. Sarita CIMAP. . D. Consultant (Environmental Sciences and Disaster Management). Department of Plant Pathology.. Formerly Professor of Mathematics. FIMA(UK). (0124) 4240277. SRIVASTAVA.uvic. Tel. (b. 09818398655(M). Formerly Professor. Res. Vasant Kunj.T. Canada. (250) 472-5313(O). Tel.). College of Technology. India Meteorological Department.D. 1936) Ph. Jitendra Prasad (b. Lucknow. Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics. 1940) Ph. Tel. Email: krish. (011) 26897087. 1940) PhD. Sp. 20433.Director General of Meteorology. DSc(hc. Fax: 721-8962. 09350904775(M). New Delhi . Sp. Plant Health Clinic/Food Security/ Pesticides/Integrated Pest Management. FIAPS.D.D. Fluid Mechanics/Plasma Dynamics. (011) 26139222.Sc. New Delhi. Crop Science Specialist.D. Tulip Garden. Res.Tel. Formerly Principal & Secretary. Formerly Director Planning.srivas@gmail.. D-III/3522 Vasant Kunj. Sp. Panjab University. Formerly Advisor.K.. Res. Tel. Email : harimsri@ math. (0522) 2328757(R). Professor Emeritus. DII/2019. Street. Mahendra Pratap (b. MBSPP (Lond. Email: hn_srivastava@hotmail. Genetics/Plant Breeding. Email : hksri1@ hotmail.W. Website : www. K. FACC (Spain).). Professor. CCS Haryana Agricultural University. Semiconductor Physics. FMRAS ( FAAAS(USA). New Delhi. D. Gurgaon 122011. VI/29. Taiwan).uvic. Victoria. FMASA (Macedonia). SRIVASTAVA. CSci. Romania). 1944) Ph. Formerly Addl. Hari Mohan (b. D. 477-6960(R).. Canada.A. Sp.. Krishna Mohan (b. 1932) D. Chandralok Colony. Kailash Nath (b. Sp. harimsri@uvic. Res.Phil. Pocket British Columbia V8W 3R4. Lucknow-226024. Agricultural and Rural Development Dept. Mycology & Plant Pathology/Transfer of Technology. Hari Narain (b. Formerly Senior Director Grade Scientist. Res. Entire Function/Integral Equations/Solid Mechanics.II.C. 266.A. 1942) Ph. 09235259275(M). Hisar.D. 4533 Gordon Point Drive. FVPI.268 1981 1969 1990 1988 1985 1968 1977 1988 Year Book 2015 SRIVASTAVA. and Formerly National Coordinator. Tel. Tel. Department of Mathematics & Statistics. British Columbia V8N 6L2. Sushant Lok. Hari Krishna (b. FRAS(Lond. The World Bank. Victoria. Mathematical Analysis/Applicable Mathematics/ Mathematical Physics. Colony. Chandigarh. MGPS (Berlin).Bhopal. Sp.. New Delhi . DBT.). Seismology/Meteorology. 1818 H. New Delhi.D. New Delhi-110044. (011) 26976087(R). USA. Bhopal. Website: www. 09310064206(M). Monitoring & Evaluation and Professor & Head. SRIVASTAVA. Roorkee University.C. Aliganj. (0755) 671951. M. Lodi Road. Res. Res. SRIVASTAVA. SRIVASTAVA. com. F44 (FF). ICGEB. Sp. hmsrivas@math. University of Victoria. SRIVASTAVA.( Department of Mathematics & MCA. Physics Department.xsgrowth.Sc. Washington. 764239. E-mail : mpsrivastava28@gmail. CMath. 128.110070. M. 1933) D.math. Sp. USA). 1935) Ph.

com. Res.N. Nathupur. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. (011) 26594794(O). MD.110021. Res. Council : V. AIIMS Campus (East). Fax: 2369889. Ernst Mach Institute. Fax : 2355972. Banaras Hindu University. SRIVASTAVA. Sigra. J. (011) 24111258(R). Crystallography. C/o Prof. Res. Quasicrystals. Email: pss410@ rediffmail. Sampoornanand Nagar. Room No. Professor of Neurology. Bhagalpur. 1965) MBBS. Metal Nanoparticles and Oxide Nanostructures). FUWAI.. Email: heponsphy@gmail. Visiting Professor. ac. Email : 85-86 Mem. Department of Physics. Physics Dept.D.. 26588801(R). SRIVASTAVA. Dhaula Kuon. DM (Neurology).co. 1931) Ph. Hamdard University. 09868398261. Fluid Mechanics/Biomechanics/ Shock Waves. 163. National Media Centre Complex.226010. 2307307(O). Prem Shankar (b. FBS. Sheela Srivastava. Tel. Organometallics/X-ray Diffraction/ Supramolecular Chemistry. 3/394. 1931) Ph. 708. Ansari Nagar. Gurgaon-122002. Radiation Biology. Varanasi 221005.University. B-26. Tel.226016. Sp. New Delhi . Department of Genetics. 82-84. Sp.1950) Ph. Vivek Khand. Formerly Scientist ‘E’. 2355972(R). Pratap Narain ( Jawaharlal Nehru University. FNA. Tel. . Germany. 87-88 SRIVASTAVA. Onkar Nath ( Tel.D.Fellows 1989 2013 2002 1971 2003 1980 1978 269 SRIVASTAVA. Former Professor. Chemistry Department. Prakash Chandra (b. Tel. Nanotubules Graphenes. Janakpuri. SRIVASTAVA. Sp. Sp. 1947) PhD.FNA. Website: www. Res.bhu. Indira Nagar. Japan. 77-78. Gomtinagar. Professor Emeritus.Phil.. CN Center.110029. Ansari Nagar.110058. Stroke/Multiple Sclerosis/Vascular Dementia. 7010715(R). 09810819167(M). New Delhi. Lucknow . Lucknow University. Tel.110029. Sp. Hydrogen Storage Materials and Hydrogen Fueled Devices. University of Delhi. FAMS. Fax : 26588022. New Delhi . Tokyo. SRIVASTAVA. CMR and Multiferrocie Materials. Chiba University. Lucknow . Res. (0522) 2394319(R). Solid State Physics. Chiba. Superconductivity. Email : pns07@yahoo. (0542) 2368468. Varanasi 221001. Sp. New Delhi . Plant Tissue Culture/ Transgenics/DNA Polymorphism. Professor. South Campus. Res. 2223047(R).Planning Commission & Vice-Chancellor. P. 1942) PhD. Sp. Res.. Email: rssuncle@ yahoo. Email: pcsrivastava31@ rediffmail.G. Japan. Nano-Materials (Fullerences.1927) D. Tokyo Denki University. CII-23. DRDO. Department of Biotechnology. Pyare Lal ( Radhey Shyam (b. Lucknow 226007. Formerly Member. (0124) 2356188. SRIVASTAVA. (011) 25500381(R). (0522) 2710421(O). Tel. Bhagalpur University. Padma Vasantha (b. D-2235. Formerly Professor. Professor & Head. A-3/260. New Delhi .110 067. New Delhi .

I. Fluid Dynamics/Numerical Simulation of Shock Wave Problems/O. (0542) 6701358(O). 11794-3600. Centre of Advanced Study in Geology. 1941) SUNY at Stony Brook. Ram Prasad (b.211 002. New Hyderabad.. 129. SRIVASTAVA. 1940) D. Kanpur. ramesh_maths_ddu@ indiatimes. K. Res.208016. Res. 1932) Ph. Sp. Varanasi . Ramesh Chandra (b.netl. Veterinary College.T. Res. FIETE. Kanpur-208 016. Allahabad .D. Mathura. Sp. SRIVASTAV. Lucknow . Professor. Bundi. IIT.D.226 007.Univ. Meghnad Saha Centre for Space Studies. Email: rcs.Twisting Drive. Professor. 7FF Basera Palash. Kanpur. Sp. Gorakhpur Centre of Atmospheric and Ocean Studies.A. Gorakhpur . Lucknow . D-165 (First Floor). 1953) Ph.. Res.270 2014 1970 1984 1985 2003 1971 1983 1977 Year Book 2015 SRIVASTAVA. Shyam Lal (b. Igneous Petrology/Geochemistry/ Precambrian Geology.R.doe. Chemical Engineering Kinetics. SRIVASTAVA.Ray Crystallography/Crystal Physics.. 1934) Ph. Allahabad University. June 2003-2007 . Sector P. Analysis..D. Fellow DAAD. Email: ram. 09415812079. U. 09919944269(M). Ramesh Chandra (b. Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics & Statistics. Gorakhpur University. Rajat Colony (Gate No.(Glasgow). Varanasi. Res. Tel. 3).S. House No.221005. A.I. Vishnupuram. Tel. Fellow Humboldt. FASc. 631-585-4846(R). Basharatpur.D. rdsu2@verizon. Professor. Email : rajesh geolbhu@gmail. Res. Tel. Srivastava.(Lucknow & Glasgow). Pilani and BHU.. 09919753069.U.. Sp. Sp. Email : rcs_bits@yahoo.221005. Sp. SRIVASTAVA.273009.Scotia). 09336906925(M). Formerly Professor & Head of Physics Department. C/o Dr. Varanasi . SRIVASTAVA. Res. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics/Network Thermodynamics/ Biophysical Transport Studies. New York-11755.srivastav@stonybrook. D. Biochemistry. Shyam Keshwari Ashram. 652. (0532) 2466239(R). Council : Mem. Physics Department. Sp. (b. USA. Email: ram. Banaras Hindu University. 1961) Ph.Phil. BITS. Formerly Professor of Biochemistry. X. 1936) D. D. New York. 53. SRIVASTAVA.D.shockwaves@gmail. Ravindra Kumar (b. Department of Mathematics and SRIVASTAVA. Email: slsrivastava@ rediffmail. 514.. Microwaves/Molecular Interactions/Phase Transitions.Allenganj. (0551) 2500513(R). Tel.srivastava@contr. Formerly Professor & Head of Chemistry Department at HBTI.Lake Grove.Sc. Res. Formerly Professor. Kanpur . Chemical Engineering Department.Nova. Hyderabad Colony.D. 1935) Ph. Rajasthan. Banaras Hindu University. IIT Campus. R. Fax : Rajesh Kumar (b.D.226024. Sp. 2002-03 Tr.( Allahabad University and Formerly Coordinator.. 784-E. Ramesh Chandra (b.

1925) Former President. Sp. (0532) 2607245(R). Vector Science Forum. Allahabad. SUBHEDAR.). Astronomy/ Observational Cosmology/Signal FISCD.. 19/738. Res. 09980203329(M). Ranapratap Marg. UNESCO.. 09335120178(M). Sp. Tel. KT-3 Apartments. Bangalore . Jayanagar.211002. Email: sri_scs@rediffmail. Suresh Chandra (b. Department of Zoology. No. Delhi. Nagpur .D.Adviser.res.V. Raman Avenue.Fellows 2003 2002 1980 2005 1989 2004 2007 2009 271 SRIVASTAVA. Nagpur University. Raman Research Institute. Consultant. Sudha (b.res. Homi Bhabha rsubrahm@rri. 301. 1950) D. Fax : 2549521. Indian Council of Medical Research. Sp. Research Scientist ‘G’. 2014SUBBARAO.1944) Ph. 1948) Ph. 09810605455(M). (011) 43094675(R).com.110096.560080. Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases Division. Sector-19. 2237638(R). FNA.211002. Department of Botany.M. C. Email : director@rri. Sp. Mumbai . Bangalore . 13/704 Eastend History and Philosophy of Science. Expert & Chief Tech. Director.D. Ravi (b. Mumbai . FRIC. Laxmi Genetics/Malariology/Vectorborne Diseases. Tel. Email : bidare25@gmail. Tel. Neurosciences/Neuropeptides/Animal Behavior. Allahabad . International Union of History and Philosophy of Science under ICSU.T. Apt. Umesh Chandra (b. saralaks@yahoo. TIFR Housing Colony. 1953) Ph. Shiv Ram Das Gulati Marg (Mayo Road). Q-21. Tel. Email : subbaraosk@gmail. Navy Nagar. Tel. . Lucknow 226016. Tel. 8 Block. Indira Nagar.560081. Raman Research Institute. (022) 22804545 Ext. FBS. Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension.560080. 40 Cross. 1960) Ph. Tel. National Botanical Research Institute.(Lko. & Emeritus Fellow (UGC).V. University of Lucknow.D.(Illinois). Fax: 22804682/4610/4611. 25-A . R. Res. Email: sudha@tifr. SUBBARAYAPPA. Science SRIVASTAVA. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Professor. Raman Avenue.N. Homi Bhabha Road. Lucknow226001.400005.. Formerly Professor & Head.832. (0522) 4076695(R) 09695515878(M). com. Sp. Cell Biology/ Neuroanatomy/Neurochemistry. Shashipuram.440022.D. Sadashiva Nagar.. Res. SRIVASTAVA. 22804818(R).D. Biodiversity/Taxonomy and Conservation of Bryophytes. 402 Meghnad. 23611012(R).Phil. Res. Nishikant Kashinath (b. New Delhi. Res. (080) 26641163. Lucknow. C. Email: ucsrivastava@rediffmail. Council : Tr. S.S. FPS. Ph. (0712) 2500324(O). 2008-2011 G.. Email : nksubhedar@hotmail. Res. SUBRAHMANYAN. Sadashiva Nagar. (080) 23611012(O). NMR/ Biophysics. Sp. Bangalore . Sarala Karumuri (b. Doctor of Neurophysiology (Pisa). Navy Nagar. Sp. Alexandria (Egypt). University of Allahabad. 2377(O). Bidare Venkatasubbaiah (b. Nagpur 440033. Fax : 23610492. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Post Box No. 1943) Ph.400005.

Mathematics Road. Email : sudarsha@cse. Heat Transfer/Energy. Mumbai . Adyar. Hyderabad 500030. Ananta Bldg. Hiranandani Foundation School. E-202.D. Principal Scientist. Opp. (040) 24598110(O) 1965) Ph. Subarao Nilekani Chair Professor & Head. Fax : 24911589. Res. SUJATHA.600045. Res. Email : subuchem@hotmail. Vancouver V6T122. Professor. University of British Columbia. Crustacean Reproductive Biology/ Cryobiology. Pallikaranai. 1961) (044) 66783426(O). Park View Garden Apartments. Boneweli 3/552. Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA).FAPAS..600041. Bangalore – 560066.560034. Email: sukhatme@iitb. Flat No. Email : sujatador@gmail. 09819704745(M). Tambaram. IIT Bombay. FNAAS.(MIT). Mumbai . B-157.res. FNA. Email: tsbl71@hotmail. Powai. Computer Science & Engineering/Database Systems. Fax : 66783430. Central Leather Research Institute. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. 24411630(O).M. Rajendranagar. (022) 25767714.D. 1962) Ph. Formerly Director. Tel. 09840264151(M). 7th Cross. Thanumalayaperumal (b.. (080) 28450186(R). Fax : 25720290. Anjaneya Co-op: Housing Society. 2-A/ 8-C. (080) 22541319(O). Masab Tank (Near NMDC). Email : sujatha@math. Suhas Pandurang (b. Ramdorai (b. Sp. Theoretical Chemistry/Computational Chemistry/ Computational Biology. 1968) Ph. 24510560(R).600020. Res. Sp. Tel. 8-C Main. . Tel. Res. Chennai . FNAE. Sc. (022) 25701052(R). Bangalore 560034. Fax : 24017969. Chemical Laboratory. Hillside. Sp. 09920018274 (M).400076. 550/12. Senior Principal Scientist.ubc..res. Sp. Orchard Avenue. L. Koramangala III Block. Nagar. FNA. th Dodsworth Enclave.D. Tel. 1984. 25768714(R).P. 09440880335(M). FASc. 1962) Ph. Powai.. Sp. INSA Honorary Scientist. mulpurisujata@yahoo. Annapurni (b. (044) 24437150. SUDARSHAN. FNA.272 2013 2013 1996 2014 2013 2005 1999 Year Book 2015 SUBRAMANIAM. 4/9. Mumbai. Mumbai . subbu@clri. 1938) S. Chennai .. Plant Genetics and Biotechnology.D. Algebra/Algebraic Number Mulpuri ( Jaya Street. SUKHATME.D. Bangalore . Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. 3rd Cross Street. Astronomy & Astrophysics/Star Clusters/Stellar Population. 09845171233(M). 25532088(R). Mathematics Department. Indian Institute of Technology.D. Tel.iitb. Kadaperi. SUBRAMONIAM. 22383031(R). 25767900(O). Raheja Residency. Mumbai. Sundararajarao (b. 5 Cross White Field. Venkatesan (b.400076.400076.(MIT).600100. FASc. 23308008(R). 401. spsiitb@yahoo. Res. Powai. Directorate of Oilseeds Research. Chennai . FNAE. Hyderabad . Koramangala. Fax : 25534043. 1941) PhD. National Institute of Ocean Technology. Associate Professor. Formerly Chairman. Computer Science & Engineering Department. Email : purni@iiap. Chennai . Res.

500007. Street No. Professor. II Stage.asokan@ gmail. 24443951. Cambridge. 14P. Hyderabad . P-33. Block III. III Main. Balapur P. Deepika (b. Shyam (b. Tel. 22260065(R). 1-4-94. Bangalore 560012. FASM. Surface Engineering/High Temperature Deformation and Fracture/Impact Dynamics and Ballistic Penetration. CIT Road. International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy & New Materials (ARCI). Fax: 2748008.500005. Res. Govindan (b. (033) 23631222(O). DAE Township. Fax : 2367568. FIPHA. Sp. Sp.600041. 1954) MBBS. Viakalathur Shankar (b. . 8.1960) Ph. Institute of Medical Sciences. Fax : 23608686. Gupta Nagar. Sp. Mriganka (0542) 2367795(R).Lokeswari Residency. Email: css@igcar. FNA. in. Chennai . 24420082(R). (b. High Pressure Instrumentation & Research/ Amorphous Semiconductors/Fiber Optic Sensors.603102.D. 22574759(O). 46-6237. Thiruvanmiyur.D. Kolkata – 700014. Kalpakkam. Fax: 22541586. Clinical Medical Sciences/Epidemiology/Clinical Trials. Email : sundarrajan. 23334746(R). Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences. Hyderabad. Res. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 401. gsundar@arci. SUNDER. Professor.1953) PhD. Email : msur@mit. FACerS.221005. 43 Vassar Street. Entally. (044) 22543210(O).com. MSH Layout. Tel. Kolkata . Email: sunder@imsc. Infectious Diseases/Medicine/Visceral Leishmaniasis.O. 21. Bangalore . SUNDAR. Anand Nagar. Res. SUNDARRAJAN. Middle Road. Taramani. Fax : 23639109. Asokan (b. 2nd Street. 1953) MD. Department of Instrumentation. Tel. Deputy Director.No. SUR. 4th Floor. 6. Tel. Professor. Email : dipikasur@hotmail.. Sp. Kalpakkam. Sp. Simons Centre for the Social Brain. FRS(Vanderbilt). FNA.S. MD. Flat No.FASc.res. (080) 22933195(O). FRCP.K. (040) 24443167. FASc. (London) FAMS. Fax : 24443168.FNA. SUR. FASc. Director. Email: gsundararajan@iitm. Res.. Snehanagar Colony. Tel. CIT Lanka. Shivani Apts. doctorshyamsundar@gmail.res. Varanasi .XM. FNAE. Director. Tel. 27176029(R).in. MA II Cross. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research.D.1952) Ph. 24442699. Banaras Hindu University. National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases. Varanasi . (044) 27480069(O).imsc. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences.603102. E1.700010. SUNDARARAJAN.. S. Website: Condensed Matter Physics/ Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy and Infrared Spectroscopy.600113. Res. C. Newton Professor of Neuroscience. Sp. 27481192(R). Res. 1952) Ph. 40 East Coast.ernet.560024. Scheme. 1.Fellows 2001 2004 2002 2008 1997 2009 2001 273 SUNDAR. Materials Science Division. Operator Algebras/Functional Analysis. FNA. Email : drshyamsundar@ hotmail.. dipikasur@rediffmail.221005. Director. Chennai .com.ernet.. Department of Medicine. Indian Institute of Science.

445(O). (080) 22933300(O). Genes and Proteins Lab. 1956) Ph. Bangalore.560013. FAMS. Fax. 211. 26995130(O) 26568816. SUSARLA. Chintalakunta. Sp. Everest Scientist of Eminence. res. Bangalore . Email : anil@nii. shankarsk2004 @yahoo.R.kar. Bangalore . Tel. Sp.110067. (Hebbal). Jakkur. Bangalore .P. SURI.D. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. No. Email : suresh. Email: nsp@sif. 1957) Ph. Rao Road. Res. 09845195728(M).ac. Indian Institute of Science. Res.560032. Neuropathology/ Neuro-sciences/Medical Sciences. Bangalore . (080) 22932714. Nagarajarao (b. Balasubramanian (b. 1966) Ph. National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences. 1329. FNA. 23313917(R). Tel. Department of Mathematics & Statistics. NMR Spectroscopy/Liquid Molecular Biology & Genetics Unit.560059.D. 26995068(R). Website: Sp. Staff Scientist VII.. Venapally (b. 8th Main. Formerly Director. U. National Institute of Immunology.. suryaprakash1703@gmail. Fax: 23600535. A-2.A.iisc. Cancer Biology/Cell Signaling/Gene Silecing. 23602763. 09391013585(M). FNA. Prof. Bangalore 560012. 5-51025/102. Bangalore . Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. FICPath. /nsp.. Indian Institute of Science. Malleswaram. Type 28382924(O).. Tel. New Delhi . Sp. .in. skattera@yahoo. Email: shankar@ nimhans. Council : V. Avadhesha (b. Centre for Soft Matter Research. Amarajyothi Layout.Professor. A. (080) 26995791. Email : surybang@gmail. FASc. No.D. Website: http:nrc. NMR Research Centre.560003. Tel. Fax: 23601550. Professor. 1960) Ph. Res. 4 Main. Email : surolia@ mbu. Dairy Circle..ernet. Human Brain Bank. Emeritus Professor. 26742125. Jalahalli. 1947) PhD. Fax: 26564830. Bangalore .res.274 1997 2011 2009 1993 2002 2014 2005 1999 Year Book 2015 SURESH. Liquid Crystals/Surface Science. Sp. Tel. Qrts. Fax: 28382044. Tel. (080) 28483002-06 Ext.D.110067. SURYAPRAKASH.iisc. Sp. 45 Block 4.. (080) 22082820(O). Kattera Appanna (b. Algebraic Groups/Number NII Campus.csmr. SURY. Mallikarjuna Nagar North.110067.ernet.venapally@gmail. Anil (b. Professor. Department of Neuropathology & Principal Co-ordinator. (080) 23456404.560029. Krishna Shankar (b. Marg. New Housing Colony. (011) 26703700(O).in.. FNA. Indian Institute of Science. Cancer Microarray. Res. SURESH. 22082821(Lab). Ph. Hyderabad – 500046. Bangalore . Email : surolia@jncasr.560064..560012.D. Hyderabad–500068.1948) Ph. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. National Institute of Immunology. (040) 23011469(O). Bangalore Faculty Fellow-Asstt. 23330887(R). FASc. P. Fax : 28484265. Email: suresh@csmr. New Delhi .ernet. 92. Tel. shankarsk2004@gmail. 24120110(R). NIMHANS Staff Quarters. University of Hyderabad. Gachibowli. New Delhi . Indian Statistical Institute. Professor. 2009-10 SUROLIA. Res.iisc. 23602709(R).560029.res. 26703720(R). Protein Folding & Design/Cell Surface Carbohydrate/Molecular Biology of Malaria Parasite and Antimalarial Drug. Sp. Molecular Biophysics Unit. Algebra/Number Theory/ Arithematic Geometry. 1947) M.

Neb Valley. Biochemistry & Protease Biology. Award : Prof. DSc(hc). (040) 23011071. 15.500019. FNA. FASc. Neb Sarai. Director Research. Radio Astronomy/Cosmology. Physiology of Fish Reproduction/Vertebrate Krishna (b. New Delhi . SWARUP. Director. 1926) Docteur es Sciences. M. FASc. The Talwar Research Foundation. Formerly INSA Honorary Scientist & Director. Res. Member La Academia Nacional de Medicina (Mexico). 10. Res.Phil. Formerly Homi Bhabha Senior Fax : 28362525. FWAAS. FRCOG (London ad eundem). Senior Scientist. Valmiki Nagar.. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. Block III. 25692149. Professor. NIRT. 08800322055(M). 28369500(O).com. Road No. 25719000(O). Email : mjssc@uohyd.Nat. Council : Mem.600041.N. Tel.. India. Neb Valley. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Cozy Retreat. Chennai 600031. Sci. Sindh Society. Pune. B8. 59 Lake Road. (05542) 282393(R).India Award (1987). Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences/Infectious Diseases. School of Chemistry. FASc.110068. Endocrinology/ Reproductive Biology and Immunology. Kolkata 700029. FRS. Hyderabad . NCRA/GMRT. 157. (020) 25719277. 1929) PhD. Tel. Res. New Delhi . Soumya (b. 42300268(R). 08975782096(M). 23012548(R). SWARNAKAR.. mjswamy1@gmail. Fax : 25697257. 29533229(R). (044) 28369600.D. Serilingampally. Govind (b. Fax : 29536768.Fellows 2012 2007 2012 1988 1976 1988 275 SWAMINATHAN. Sp. 28362528. 1927) D. (033) 24995759/824(O). Fax : 24735197. Tel. Hyderabad 500046. Snehasikta (b. DSc(hc). . 24657489(R).com. Protein Chemistry and ProteinLigand Interactions/Lipid Phase Behaviour and LipidProtein Interactions/Biomembrane Structure and Function. Sp. Neb Pune-411007. Sp. Sagarika. Chennai . Email: gswarup29@gmail. Musti Joginadha (b. FNA.FASc. Aundh. 1963) Ph. Email : doctorsoumya@yahoo.Acad. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology..FIAP. FNA. 1959) M. FTWAS. Gursaran Parshad (b. Zoology Department. SWARUP. Fax : 23012460.D.ernet. Tel. Email : gptalwar@gmail. Sp. Sp. 23134807(O). University of Gorakhpur & Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).D. Doyens Township.110068. 3. (011) 29531039. Formerly Professor & Head. University of Hyderabad. Sirsa. Saha Memorial Lecture Award . 24451195. 25851630(R). Kolkata 700032. Email : snehasiktas@hotmail. Flat 8. The National Academy of Sciences. Council : Mem. National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis. Indira Nagar. Inter College (Boys). E-6. E-6-8. Res. 2015SWAMY.FAMS. Res. Basti 272001. DDDB Division. Tel. Sp. 3rd Seaward Road. 89-91 TALWAR. 09838297915(M). Behind Govt. 1959) Ph. Res. 29536769(O).

Tel. Res. Res.P. FAMS. Email: kmtmani54@gmail. Fax: 29250548(O). Ansari Nagar. Website: nbrcindia. Karmchari Nagar.S.110017. Jagriti Enclave. Sheikh Sarai.110049. FRCP(Edin.FASc. Bharathinagar. Mem.110017.793022. Tel. Kilkothur Munirathinam (b. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. New Delhi – 110029. Asian Games Village. Near NSG Campus. NEHU Campus.. Bareilly. 191-193.). 1963) Ph. (011) 30611999. P-36. Council : G. 26498560(R). 89-90 Mem. (0413) 265591-2655998 Ext. FICP. Department of Botany. 99-2000 V.P. Professor. Harcourt Butler Technological Institute. Vikas Marg Ext. Prahlad Narain (b. 2550100(R).co. Email : drrakeshtandon@ hotmail. Fax: (0124) 2338928. Neurosurgery/Neurosciences. Shillong . FBS. Integrable Systems. FRCP(London). Rakesh Kumar (b.S. Tel. FAMS. 22150578(R). Sp..FNA. Fax: 26588663. Formerly Professor & Head Mathematic Dept. New Delhi . 09443406948(M). Formerly Professor & Head. Sp. org. Department of 2001-05 F. 1950) PhD. Email : gopal1960@yahoo. 2001-2002 Spl. 1954) Ph.: (0581) 2412208. President.Sc. 84-88. 413. Professor Emeritus. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Sp. Professor. Dept. (0364) 2550150.. Delhi 110092.FRSM. 97-98 P. Press Enclave Marg.1941) MD. 09402135333(M). Res. Dept of Neurosurgery. Inv. of Mathematics. 26968304 (R). 30611900(O). Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine. NEHU. Endocrinology (Diabetes.D. 2655211. Kalapet. TANDON. 2011-12 TANDON. 99-2000. 2003-11 TANDON.).. Res. Pondicherry-605014. 26499100. DSc(hc).276 2004 2006 1974 1975 1996 1997 Year Book 2015 TAMIZHMANI.FTWAS. Universiti Brunei Darussalam. E-154 Saket. FAMS. Nikhil ( 2722244(O). New Delhi110029.(Cantab. Phase II. Pondicherry University. 394(O). Tel. 2013-14 TANDON. Council : Pres. 1st Cross. Shillong.D. Sp. 3090803. 49. . New Delhi .com. Metabolic Bone Disease). 26588143(O).122050 (Haryana). Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism. FIThP. National Brain Research Centre. Pondicherry-605008. Nainwal Mode. Email : profptandon@gmail. Res. Allahabad. TANDON. 1934) Ph. Tel. 2236851(R). Pres. No. Hawa Singh Block.793022. Mathematics Department. 2009-10 Mem. Sp. North-Eastern Hill Non-Newtonial Fluid Mechanics with applications to Physiological Fluid Dynamics/Synovial Joint Mechanics/Mathematical Modelling of Human and Biological systems and Disposal of Liquid Effluents. (0124) 2338929(O). Manesar . Kidney and Digestive Diseases. (011) 22163272. Council : (011) 26593433. New Delhi . Fax : 2655255. Plant Biotechnology. Fax : 2550300. 9196. Formerly Megh Nad Saha Distinguished Fellow of the NASI. PhD. 1. Pramod (b.FRCS(England). 2006. Professor. Email: nikhil_tandon@hotmail. Tel. Thyroid disease. AIIMS. Kanpur and Visiting Professor. Prakash Narain (b.Norwegian Acad. Res. Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute of Liver. Email: tandon@nbrc. 1928) MS.

Cell Biology/Histochemistry/ Neurochemistry. Kanpur . Fax: 2550300.E. Permanent Campus. Discrete Mathematics). Sakri Road. 9837653484(M). (0512) 2597500. R. Sampat Kumar (b. FMASc. Email: ubtewari@iitk. Tel.1930) DPhil. TEWARI. (0522) 2324995(R). DSc. Professor. Behind Nirankari Bhavan. D. Mathematics (Classical and Functional Analysis.S. Department of Mathematics & Statistics.Sc. 1929) LLM. 2521487(R). Email: tandonveena@gmail. 3A/227 Azad Nagar. Veena (b. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. PhD(Emory. Sp. Department of Zoology & Dean. DN Wadia Chair Professor. Sukhadia 2007-08 Mem.P.USA). FIC.S. Dhule – 424001. Swarup Narain ( Faculty of Science. FHSI. 2562049. . Formerly Senior Professor of Zoology & Head of the Department & Dean. Civil Lines. Tel. Indian Mathematical Society. FAZ. FISIH. Res. 2005-06 G. Hrishi Bhu (b. Shillong 793022. Email: sktand@rediffmail. TEWARI.FIndAForSc. Goverdhan Villas. Kanpur. 4/51. 7636. FGS.. Udaipur. Documents & Physical Chemistry. Housing Board Colony. 09436101747(M). 3201423(R)..). Tel. DPhil. Formerly Vice Chancellor.282002.FNA. FHS. Professor. FRIC. Formerly Director. (0364) 2722312(O).. Firearms. D-58. Formerly Head. Res. Agra . Forensic Science.793022. Kumaun University. Lajpat Kunj. Jawahar Nagar. 2550100(R). Tel. FASc. Fax: 2597500. Shillong . Res. FZS(Lond. FZSI. 1928) Ph. Advocate. Consulting Forensic Scientist. Flat No. (0294) 2640872. N. Email: nkthakare@gmail. (b. FSBC. Tel.Fellows 1958 1999 1998 1957 1973 1989 1990 277 Sp. 2590260. Tel. Sp. 4/477. Res. Department of Zoology. TANDON. University of Delhi . 7015(O).D.D. Nimba Krishna (b. FTWAS. 203. Sp. sktand@iitk. 1949) PhD. Jalgaon. Prabhu Sharan Apartments.). Res. Res. Sp. Mahanagar Extension (Opposite Chand Ganj Post Office). FRMS. and Chemical Examiner and Serologist to Govt.D. Indian Institute of Technology. Parasitology/Helminthology.208002. 1945) PhD. 2856758(O). Email: hrishibhu@hotmail. HIG. Department of Earth Sciences. Medicolegal Toxicology Narcotic Drug. House No.S. ac. Kanpur – 208016. Udaipur-313001. of U.. Forensic Science Laboratories. Sp. General Secretary. P-36. Sedimentology/Quanternary Geology/ Palaeoclimate. 09351412109(M). North-Eastern Hill University. 13.208016. 1938) Ph. Council : F. Lucknow. THAKARE. com. (0562) 2854180. 1944) Ph. Udai Bhan (b. 2014TEWARI. Algebra.110007.P. 09810437365(M). TANDON. Formerly Professor of Geology and Pro-Vice Chancellor. (R). FCS(Lond. North Maharashtra University. Harmonic Analysis/ Functional Analysis. DSc. U. Faculty of Science. FZSI. Ecophysiology of Fishes and Parasites/Toxicity in Fishes/Nematology. Hill University.

680683. 82 THELMA. Tel.. Nagpur. Varanasi .. 24113548(R). 26885270. Res. 2345776. Poojapura. Res. Sp. Nileshwar .thottappilly@sify. Res. Tel. South Campus.671314. Formerly Professor & Head of Zoology. FNA. FTWAS. Presently Visiting 47. THAPLIYAL. Fax : 2368174. (011) 24118201(Lab). Mahendra Kumar (b. (+65) 65167998(O). University of Nagpur. University of Delhi South Campus. Fax: 2348096.. (b. P. 24117399(O). THRIVIKRAMAN. 1980 THAKUR. Neurobiology of Aging.440 010. Mathematics Department. Formerly Professor. 79. (0542) 2307149(O). FNIBiol.. DSc. Varanasi . Department of Vinayak Keshaorao (b. Council : Mem.695012. Teekay Science Foundation. Jayant (M. Cochin University of Science & Technology. Scientist G.N. Email: mkt_bhu@yahoo. THIAGARAJAN. Kallettumkara . G. FASc. Theory of Distributed Computing. Thekkedathu Mana. 1943) M. Nagpur. Department of Computer Science. P.H. Varanasi & N. Trichur Dist. Sidhi – 486890.D. Teacher’s Flats.Phil. Sp.. New Delhi . New Delhi . Email: raghavavarman@yahoo.Palakkattu Link Road. Res.U.. Department of Manas Nagar Colony. Professor. Opp.O.E. P. com.278 1978 2007 2005 1976 2003 1996 1977 1985 Year Book 2015 THAKARE.H. Dept.thottappilly@vsnl.D.K. FIBiol.FINA. Topology/Fuzzy Mathematics/History of Mathematics. Tel. Email : thelmabk@gmail.. Res. Distt. 09450547155(M). (0480) 2786542. Durgakund. 2313958(R). Type VA.S. Trivandraum . Trivandrum . T. Raghava Varman (b. B. Sp. Council : Mem. University of Delhi. THAMPAN. PhD. 1955) Ph.. B. PRA-225-A.695014. Entomology. Molecular Endocrinology (Molecular Mechanisms in Estrogen Action). Professor. . National University of Singapore. Department of Mathematical Sciences. Kerala.U..221005.. Sp. g. Sp. Email : thiagu@comp. Formerly Professor & Head.D. Jagdamba Prasad (b.P). 1941) PhD. C-32. (b. Email: thekkedathumana@gmail. Nehru Shatabdi Hospital. 1929) Ph. 1953) Ph. Singapore 117417.S. Banaras Hindu University. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology.FNA.D. ‘Bansuri’. (b. Comparative Endocrinology/ Chronobiology/Embryology. Sp. 1946) Ph. College of Commerce.D.D. Kannur Shillong. Tel. Tel. 1922) Ph. Fax : 24112761. of Zoology. Email : g.Ph. Karoor. THOTTAPPILLY.221005.110021. Chairman. Sp.110021. Res. (0471) 2344564(O). Gorepeth. Via.nus. 1948) 2349309(R). Kasaragode Dist. George (b. Plant Virology/Biotechnology. Kerala State. 13 Computing Drive. Benito Juarez Road. Perole . Human Genetics/Pharmacogenetics/Medical Genomics. Sp.

1942) D. NGRI Colony. DSc. Sp. MD. Professor & Emeritus Scientist (CSIR). Adyar. Bhaskara. vmtiwari@yahoo. FISAE.211002. Hyderabad . Tel. Email : shubhatole@gmail. Allahabad-211002. Sp. Sector 4.D.. Allahabad University. Formerly Professor & Head. 283150. Sp. Email: profkpt@yahoo. Kolluru May Flower Park. 09434944443(M). 283151(R).in. K. Tel.400005. IARI.ernet. FAMS. Microbiology/Virology/ Biotechnology. National Geophysical Research Institute. D-111-112. director@cimap. 2739197(R). TOLE. (0522) 2719083. Microbiology (Soil/Agril. 604. Res. Mumbai .com. 27154100(R). of Microbiology. Department of Botany. Anil Kumar (b.721302. FAMI. FGSI. Lucknow – 226015. Email : profspt@ gmail. Hyderabad . Virendra Mani (b. Department of Biological Sciences. Kharagpur . Council : Mem. Sp. FABMS. Fax : 2719072. Microbiology). of Chemistry. 2719055(O). FNAAS. IIT Kharagpur. Email : tripathianil@rediffmail. Nehru Nagar. TIWARI. Homi Bhabha Road. Molecular Microbiology/Bacterial Genetics/ Genomics. 2013-14 TREHAN.500076.iitkgp.D. Homi Bhabha Road. Fax : 27171564. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Email: tilakkvbr@gmail. V-4. Agricultural and Food Engineerng Department. (b. Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research). 2548520(R). PO CIMAP. Director. Kamlesh Narayan (b. TIFR Complex. Allahabad . Kukrail Picnic Spot Road. Uppal Road. TIWARI. 5. FNABS. FIGU. Professor. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Sp. No. 1967) Ph. Mumbai . Sp. 460. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist. Panchkula (Haryana). FNAAS.721302. (0532) 2461236(O). First Street. Agricultural Engineering/ Soil and Water Engineering/Water Resource Engineering. 4423456(R). Res. Div..FNAAS. Porur. Neuroscience/ Developmental Biology.1944) PhD. (03222) 283150(O). Res.D. FIMSA.R. Res. Email : vmtiwari@ngri. Tel. Nuclear Physics/XRF Technique. Chandigarh-160 014. Panjab Res. Sri Ramachandra University. TILAK. kamlesh_iitkgp@yahoo. Natural Product Chemistry/Microbial Synthesis/Prostaglandin Biosynthesis and Assay. New Delhi and Emeritus Scientist (CSIR).500007. Chennai 600116. 1959) (b. Mallapur. Scientist (Gravity & Magnetic Studies).. TRIPATHI. Deptt. Sadras Panchatcharam (b. Kharagpur . Fax : 22804610.Phil. Geophysics/Gravimetry/ Tectonophysics. FBRS.500007.B. (022) 22782878(O).FAMI. Osmania University. Email : kamlesh@agfe. A-53.Fellows 1997 1990 1971 2013 2010 2010 1982 2012 279 THYAGARAJAN. Colaba. Hyderabad . Formerly Head. 1955) PhD. .co. Res. 17/7A Kasturba Gandhi Marg. FAPASc. (044) 45928665(O). (040) 27173715(R). 1941) PhD.FRBS. 22804710(R). Physics Department. CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Sp. 1968) Ph. (040) 23434640(O).500606. Professor. Parma Nand (b. Tel. Nacharam. Shubha (b. 1927) IIT Campus. Tel.. res. Hyderabad . Res. tilakkvbr@yahoo. TIWARI. Fax : 282244.

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute. TRIPATHY. Sector 10. House No. Sp.Email: bctripathy@mail. JNU Senior Principal Scientist. Bhubaneswar – 751007. Formerly Professor of Botany and Dean. 4604888. Radhika Empire. Rana Pratap Marg.226001. Res. 14-02-C.. rstripathi@hotmail. TRIVEDI. Rudra Deo ( CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute. (0522) 2297825(O). Phase-VIII. Tuberculosis/AIDS. 10/58. ViceChancellor. New Delhi .in.. Cuttak. Tel. Prabodh Kumar (b. FNA. Nishat Ganj.1953) PhD. Sp. Jagtab Nagar.280 1991 2011 2000 1992 2013 2014 1997 Year Book 2015 TRIPATHI. 1961) PhD. Rana Pratap Marg. Radhey Shyam (b.res. (0522) 2297825(O). 2500004(R). Indira Nagar. Subhasish (b.D. Earth Sciences (Geo-Sciences). Papermill Colony. 31-A.res. C-127. Email: tripathirs @yahoo. Ocean and Climate Sciences. Shillong. School of Earth. Res. Dakshina Puram. baishnabtripathy@yahoo. Kharvel Nagar. School of Life Sciences. Sp. Formerly Director General. New Delhi . 09438811500(M).226001. Pune – 411040.FAMS. 07894400787(M).com. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Res. 2301060(R). Plant Molecular Biology/Pathway Engineering/Environmental Biotechnology. School of Life Sciences. TRIPATHY. TRIPATHI. 09839221015(M). 28. Vishesh Khand. Email : stripathy@iitbbs. Res. 1934) MD. (0522) 2297958(O). Tel. Email : prabodht@hotmail. 2205839. Rana Pratap Marg. Fax : 2205836. National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute. SAS Nagar. (0671) 2510060(O) edoffice@nabi. Sriram Prasad (b. Tel. TRIPATHY. Lucknow . Lucknow . 09450450521(M). Sp. 09915035511(M). 1/118. Principal Ravenshaw University. 3052049(R).co. 1952) Ph. 1969) Ph. prabodht@nbri. 2713137(R). Phase-3B2. Mohali-160059. Formerly Professor. Email: rakeshtuli@hotmail. 1942) Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar. Plant Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics/Food Res. Odisha. 936. Photo Biology/ Fax. Mohali . Sp. FNAAS. 4011918(R). 1953) Ph. Lucknow . Weed Biology and Plant Invasion/Plant Population Ecology/Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Management. Lucknow .in. 2721568(R). Baishnab Charan (b. Plant Stress Physiology & Environmental Science/Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals/Environmental Biotechnology. Sp. FNA.. Email : tripathi_rd@rediffmail. Sp. Wanawadi. Bhubaneswar – 751001.226001.226007. tripathi_rdr@yahoo. Tel. Tel.D. Council : Mem. FNAAS. FASc. Executive Director.jnu. NEHU. Rakesh (b. INSA Senior/Honorary Scientist. (0172) 2290101(O). (0674) 2576111(O). Industrial Area. Professor. Fax : 2205836. Metrocity Apartments.D. Lucknow.226010. Lucknow . Indian Council of Medical Research. National Botanical Research Institute. Res. 2007-08 . Res.

Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. (011) 24110970. New Delhi 110029. Fax : Bhabha Atomic Research Akhilesh Kumar (b. 23373357(R). 09871277558(M). Special Centre for Molecular Medicine. Chemistry Division. Sp. New Delhi . New Delhi-110070. 26735169(O). Deepak .Fellows 2003 1998 1992 2004 1999 2010 2004 281 TUTEJA. 24115209(O). 26735123(R). Res. TYAGI. 09448376357(M). 1946) PhD. No. Fax: 25505151.S. University of Delhi South Campus. 246. National Institute of Plant Genome New Delhi . Res. House No. 1956) PhD. NASI. 1955) PhD. East Ansari Nagar. C-11/24.D. 2006-09 Mem. Ansari Nagar Jaya Sivaswami (b. Mumbai . of Biotechnology. Avesh Kumar (b. FASc. Fax: 26742316. 355(O).400094. GKVK Campus. 2015. 1954) PhD. 23474560. FNA. Bangalore 560010. New Delhi .110067. FASc. New Delhi . Tel. FNA. (011) 26741358(O). Sp. Director. Group Leader & Senior Scientist. (080) 23636713. Department of Biochemistry. TYAGI. Physiological and Molecular Basis of Stress Response/ Physiology of Water Use Efficiency in Plants/Canopy Photosynthesis. UDAYAKUMAR. Vasant Kunj. Head. Res. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. C-II/24.110 067. Rakesh Kumar (b. Council : Pres. FTWAS. (022) 25595330(O). Plant Molecular Biology/Stress Tolerance/Plant Biotechnology/Plant-Microbes Interactions. Narendra (b. FNAAS. FNAAS. 1st ‘N’ Block. Tel. rkt2300@mail.110 021. FNA. University of Agricultural Sciences. Plant Molecular Biology Group. Tel. National Institute of Plant Genome Research. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Ansari Nagar. President. New Delhi . New Delhi . Dept. 2005 Jawaharlal Nehru University.. 26704559(O). 1962) PhD. AIIMS Campus. 09971665071(M).in. Sp. Bangalore 560065. Res.110029. (011) 26742267.400085. FRE. of Crop Physiology. Director's Bungalow. 26742263. New Delhi. JC Bose National Fellow. Nuclear Materials/ Nano-ceramics/Functional Materials. 26588182(R). Jawaharlal Nehru University. Tel. New Delhi-110067. Anushaktinagar. 26741369(R). Professor. 23330153 Ext. TYAGI. 25503020(R).G. Email : udayakumar_m@yahoo. B1/1581. Res. Email : akt1003@rediffmail. Anil Kumar (b. (011) 26588491(O).jnu. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Sp. FASc. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Professor. Sp. Benito Juarez Email : rktyagi@yahoo. Fax : 26741759. Res. Sp. FASc. Res. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology/Nuclear Receptors in Health and Disease/Nuclear Receptors and Drug Metabolism. Email: director@nipgr. Molecular Biology. Fax : 24115270.110 029. 1951) Ph. Tel. (011) 26738741. TYAGI. Email: jstyagi@gmail. Fax : 23636713. Rajajinagar. 09810409761(M). 26594544(R). All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Tel. FNA. Sp. Dept.110067. Email : aktyagi@barc. Email: narendra@icgeb. Solid State Chemistry Section. FTWAS. 09811233350(M).res. FNAAS. Makarla (b. Poorvanchal. Professor. .ac. Tel. Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering/ Mycobacteriology. 1964) Ph. NASI-Senior Scientist. Mumbai . 1329.

110018. CO2 Enrichment Research and Technology/Photosynthesis. Near Dharnidhar Temple. 1958) Ph. Molecular Genetics/Genomics/ H-69. B 33/14-13. FBS. kcupadhyaya@amity.FNA. Formally Professor of Chemical Eng. VACHASPATI (b. Institute of Technology. 09871986313(M). Ahmedabad. Formerly Deputy Director & Advisor. Sp. (079) 26621507(R).. VAIDYA. Email : arunvaidya3@gmail. Gujarat University. (0522) 2297850. Vikaspuri. & Tech. Dinesh Chandra (b. Res. Varanasi . 519-6613402(O). UPADHYAY.D. CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute. 09450400264(M). (0120) 4392946(O). Sp. Arvind Gajanan (b. upretidknbri@ gmail. Res. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Sp. 24. Transfer Processes/ Heterogeneous Catalysis/Environmental Engineering/ Renewable Energy. Res. Tel. 1946) Ph. 519-473-1247(R) Sp. 1935) Ph. Email : arvinduntawale@rediffmail. (0832) 2452263(R). London. 231. 1946) Ph.D. Kailash Chandra (b.. FISPP.110067.D. Economics Department. Canada. Sp.Concord Rd.. 839. Noida – 201301. Mathematics Dept. 4-D. Jawaharlal Nehru University. Econometrics/Statistics.. Tel. Sp.. Dona Paula. Email : upretydc@gmail. FBRS. 1940) Ph. Sector 125.226001. National Institute of Oceanography. UPADHYAYA. Arun Madhusudan (b. Dakshinapuram. 851(O). Tel.London. UNTAWALE. Amity University. University of Western Ontario. Tel..226001. 1946) Ph. 9 Dhanushdhari Soc. Formerly Professor. Goa .. Banaras Hindu Lichen Taxonomy/Ecology/Environment.221005. Theoretical Coastal Vegetation/ Mangroves/Seaweeds. Formerly Head & Professor of Physics.282 1986 1994 2007 1999 2013 2000 1965 1982 Year Book 2015 ULLAH. Res.403 004. UPRETY. Naria. New Delhi . Amity Institute of Biotechnology.. upadhyaysnu @rediffmail. 09871187171(M). Tel. FNAE. Res.221005. Canada.D. Res. Tel. Tel. Email : aman. Jawaharlal Nehru University. FIE. Lucknow Division of Plant Physiology. Ahmedabad 380007.. Dalip Kumar (b. com.. Lucknow . South Wing. Sagar Society. Email : upretidk@rediffmail. Sp. Siddh Nath (b. Department of Chemical Eng. 4062348(R). Theory of Numbers (Mathematics). (0542) 2317179(R). 28.ullah@ucr. Fax : 2205836. (011) 28540873(R). Gandhinagar. Formerly Professor. Ontario. Sp. FNRS. UPRETI. Res. 48 Nirmiti. Varanasi .. Emeritus Scientist. New Delhi-110012.D. FMASc. FAFES. New Delhi .com. Email: snupadhyay. 1945) PhD.FES. 1924) Ph. School of Life Sciences. New Delhi 110067.che@itbhu. Allahabad University. Shalimar Heights. Drought Resistance in Crop Plants/Global Climate Changes & Crop Responses. Jopling Road. Chief Scientist. Email : kcupadhyaya@yahoo. Aman (b. . Goa. Lichenology Laboratory.

). Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. 302. Formerly Professor of Textile Engineering. DSc(hc). National Research Professor.O.Fellows 1987 1988 1988 1987 1985 1988 283 VALDIYA. Fax: 25842134. Mark’s Road. FASc.. 09810217141(M). 2570061. 2571201 Ext. VARMA. FNAE. Engineers (011) 25842134(O). Saraswati Nagar. FTWAS. (0820) 2922342. FNA.N. D. Delhi. Honorary Professor.22342(O). Email : dsvarma10@hotmail. Dwarka. Ram Kumar (b.Plant Pathology/Plant Virology/ Biotechnology. Sp. Res. FNA. Sp. Advanced Centre for Plant Virology. Plasma Physics/ Classical and Quantum Mechanics. 303. msvaliathan@gmail. Email : ms. New Delhi. 1939) D. 6564263(R). (2000). 26749242(R). Fax: 6591421. Hill View Apartment.D. New Delhi-110012. Email: ikvarma@hotmail. (080) 22082787(O). FTI. Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Polytechnic. IIT Delhi.valiathan@manipal. Martanda Varma Sankaran (b. Manipal . 65629285. New Delhi. Cardiac Surgery/Cardio Vascular Materials/Ayurveda. Council : Mem. Sp. Tel. Manipal Life Sciences Centre Building.380015. 'Ashima Kutir'.Ind. Email: ramkvarma@gmail. Res. B-5 Hill View Tel. Chairman. Lecture Award -Nat. Dasharath Nagar.Phil. 1935) Ph.).110057. Council : Mem. Physical Research Laboratory.110002. FRCS(Eng. 2011-12 Spl. B-5. Ahmedabad . Khadg Singh (b. ksvaldiya@gmail. av.576104. Tel. Anupam (b. FIE.Sc. Manipal University.110075.576104. VARMA.(Glasgow). Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering.Sp. FAMS.).Acad.560064. Ahmedabad . 25072511(R). (011) 23379052. Indra Kumari (b. Polymer Materials Science. 90-93 . FTWAS. dharmvarma@ yahoo. (079) 26314459(O).in. FASc. 10 Papanna Street. Email: valdiya@jncasr. Sp. Formerly Emeritus Professor. 2570062. Hauz Khas. 26140678(R).com. 1940) PhD. Formerly NASI Senior Scientist & Director. 2570491(R). 2003 VALIATHAN. FNAE. Sector 5. FRCP(Lond. New Delhi . 23379948(O). Award : Manipal. Polymer Science/Polymer Chemistry. Neotectonics/Environmental Geology/Sedimentary Geology. Tel. I. Planetarium Complex. 1937) PhD. Plot 16. Tel. 253. FNAE.560001. Dharmendra S. Fax : 26314460. Res. 41120784(R). Res. FNA.(Glasgow).I. Sterling Apartments. Bangalore .(Calif. P. Email : anupamvarma@vsnl. R. Navrangpura. DSc(Glasgow).Tandon Mem. Delhi State Centre. Bangalore. New Delhi . and Former ICAR National Professor. Inv. Off St. (011) 6591425(O). Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. FASc. VARMA.380009. Fax: Vasant Vihar. FNA. Adjunct Professor. Res. Council : Mem. Tel. Vasant Vihar. PhD(Glasgow). FRCS(Canada).com. The Institution of Engineers (India). Honorary Professor of Geodynamics at JNCASR. Jakkur PO. Jaimaa Apartments.Sci. 90-93. 11th Cross. Fax : 2571919. Sp. 1934) ChM. 2002 VARMA.

D. (044) 2351445(O). 1939) B. Professor & Chairman. Mahabirganj. Umesh (b. Former Professor. (b. (022) 25592438(O). RMV II Stage. Padma (b. 09443927365(M). Fax : 22219714.400085. Head. Central College. 1940) Ph. Fluid Mechanics/Magneto Hydro-dynamics. (011) 26591176(O). FNA. Email: uvarshney@gmail. Chennai 600090.iisc. varshney@mcbl.. Council : Mem. Bangalore University. Res. 1963) Ph. Plot 3. IV ‘N’ 1953) Ph.1957) PhD. Fax : 2350397. Former Vice-Chancellor. Rajesh Kumar (b. 09845448381(M). 4918000(R). 92 Madurai . Sp. North 1st Street.P. Rajajinagar.P. Bangalore . Centre for RDAT. Anna University. Central College Campus.D. 653. Kalakshetra Colony. 23417828(R). Chemistry Division. Formerly Professor. rkvatsa@yahoo.284 1969 2008 1982 1988 2009 2012 1995 1980 Year Book 2015 VARSHNEY. Email: padmav10@gmail. Fax : 2459105. New Delhi-110019. Chittaranjan Park. Sp. Space Guidance & Control/System & Engineering/ Engineering Education. 33/A NTI Layout. Res. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. 1927) PhD. 46. Chemistry.560 001. Professor & Head. Aligarh202 001.Tech. Madurai Kamaraj University.560012.(Illinois). Res..(b. Structural Chemistry Section. Indian Institute of Science. Besant Nagar. Tel. (0452) 2458683(O). VENKATACHALAPPA. Email : rkvatsa@barc. Fax : 23602697. FNA. New Delhi. Bangalore University. Sp. Karuppannan (b. (b. M. Email : mvenkatachalappa@hotmail.D. 2458458(R). . Email : kveluthambi@ rediffmail. Bangalore . Microbiology & Cell Biology Department. Res. VASUDEVAN.560010.. Res. Formerly Professor of Chemistry. Res. Physical Chemistry/Bio-polymers/X-ray Diffraction Studies. Kalvi Nagar. (080) 23600169.. Ramaswamy Manicka (b. Molecular Biology/Protein Synthesis/DNA 25504985(R). Tel. Mumbai .com. Bangalore 560102. Formerly Professor. 56.(080)22961422(O). VARSHNEY. HSR Layout. Bangalore.Tel. Photophysics and Photochemistry of Clusters/Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry/Coulomb Explosion. Tel. Indian Institute of Technology. Tel. Sp. Sp. Anushakti Nagar.(Hons). Chemistry Department.560094. Plant Biotechnology Department School of Biotechnology. Madurai . 91. B215. (080) 23122854(R).com. Res. Sp. Sp. M. M. Near Jain Mandir. FMhAcSci. Mathematics Deptt.D. VENKATAPPA. Mumbai . 27th Main. Agara.625021. 13th Cross. Palkalai Nagar East. Tel.1947) Ph. VASAGAM.FASc. 22932686(O). Fax : 25505151. Organic Chemistry (Natural Products). I. 25721906(R). DSc.625021. Sector-1.D. Tel. 1927) Ph. Bangalore . Chennai. Bangalore .E. FASc. Res. Sp.ernet. 26031427(R). T19/2.400094.. Coastal Road. 1st Main.FNA. VELUTHAMBI. Plant Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering/Plant Molecular Virology. FPSI.D. (0141) 2779016. Hyderabad – 500080. Jaipur 302025. Prasanthinilayam. Berhampur University. Lalgudi Vaidyanathan (b.. Mysore. New Hyderabad. Formerly Professor & Head. VENKATESWARLU. 1941) Ph. (08555) 287499(R). Professor. Sp. Mahendra Pratap (b. Jagatpura. Formerly.. Central Food Technological Research Institute.515134. VERMA. Email: lvvmk@yahoo. 09351288076. Formerly Vice-Chancellor. 236. VERMA. Hriday Narain (b. VERMA. Plant Biotechnology/Algal Technology/Plant Proteins/Biogas Technology/Plant Tissue/Cell Cultures Phytochemicals. Tel.. Sp. VENKATARAMAN. Elvess Biotech Consultancy (P) Ltd.University Campus. FINSA. 2754814 Extn.D. Ganpati Prasad (b. Res. 25768478(R). 1934) Ph. 09829667237(M). 1931) ‘Sudarshana’. (040) 27532928(R). 1942) Ph. Ujjain. Condensed Matter Physics. Mumbai . Tel.iitb. vermalko@yahoo.of Zoology.. Email: gvraman108@gmail. . FAFST. Professor.D. (01744) 223770(R). Kuruskshetra. University of Roorkee. Tel.400076. Former Director.Fellows 1991 1993 1989 1996 1979 1990 2000 2008 1977 285 VENKATARAMAN. Anantpur District . 4288666(R).1932). Cell Biology/ Histochemistry.D. Res. P. Jodhpur . Lekh Raj (b. Sp. 1940) Ph. Algebra (Cohomology of Groups/ Group Rings and Algebraic Coding Theory).D.Sc. Central Arid Zone Research Institute. SBI Colony. Distinguished Scientist.342003.570002. DRDO. Mumbai . (b. Email : jagarlapudi34@ yahoo. Ganesan (b. Dry Land Farming/Soil Fertility Evaluation in River Valley Projects/Watershed Development. Mathematics Dept. 09849040635(M). Pro-ViceChancellor. Email : provc@jnujaipur. 421(R). Mysore. Tel. Lucknow .ac.. Res. FASc. FBS. (022) 25767478(O). Plant Cell Biotechnology. B/5. Prasanthinilayam.FBS. Berhampur-760 007. Beverlypark Apartment. Urban Estate. Solid State Physics/Plasma Physics. VERMA. Mysore . Gandhi Nagar. 1938) Ph. Sp. Res..D. Tel. Formerly Email: jkv@math. 303. Former Professor & Head. Powai.. 353(O). Fax: 25723480. Sp..D. Kurukshetra University. Res.1958) PhD. J. Director. Sector 7. IIT Bombay Campus. Berhampur760007. Commutative Algebra. Jugal Kishore (b. Sp. R1 A2.FESI. Vikram University. School of Studies in Physics. FAO Consultant. Deputy Director & Head. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning..mysore online. Department of Mathematics.400076. 422. FNA. 09819307484(M). Sp. VERMA. Email : lrver@yahoo. Jaipur National (03482) 7217(R). Tel. Gokulam III Stage. 8th Cross.G. Website: www. Kurukshetra-136118.D. FBS.. (0821) 2510006. Tel. Powai. Roorkee-247 667. VERMANI. Arun Ph. Indian Institute of Technology Sp. Plant Virology/Plant Pathology/ Plant Protection/Molecular Biology. (Ohio). Res. Res.

Formerly Dean. Rishendra (b. 1943) Ph. 22576109(R).600036.195(Old No. IITM Campus. Indian Veterinary Research Institute. FLS..243122. FNAASc. Cochin University of Science & Technology. Chennai . Ravipuram.682022. (0172) 2734773. Formerly Professor & Head of Geology and Dean. FBS. Email : mv@mbu.682016. Pondicherry Central University. Kochi . Email: drvijayan@cusat. Neuroendocrinology/Reproductive Biology/ Neuroscience. FIFS. Block. VERMA. FNA. UGC Emeritus Fellow. 23340031(R). Organic Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry.. 2356377(R). Tel. 2586453(R). 09818158495(M) Fax : 23600535. 09444055161(M). Website: mbu. Faculty of Science. Izatnagar . (011) 25597554(R). Department of Chemistry. 1953) PhD. Mamannamana (b. Formerly Professor of Botany.286 2014 2005 2009 1981 1975 1994 1990 Year Book 2015 Res. Department of Biotechnology. 5452/1. 1941) PhD. Tel. Rama Shanker (b. 2003-04 Mem. FASc. Delhi. Res. Res. Sandeep (b. Sp. FISCG. House No. Indian Institute of Technology Madras. CAT-2. 4th Main. Indian Institute of Science. Stem Cell/Immunology/Molecular and Cell Biology. Professor.208016. (0484) 2862577(O). Virendra Krishna (b.160101. Edathil (b. IIT Kanpur. Chandigarh .160014. Res. Bangalore-560012. B-3/1. MAMS. 1966) PhD(Illinois)..243122. Kanpur . Tel. Fax : 2597436.208016. Microbiology/ Immunology/Mycology/Lab University of Delhi.. (0581) 2302188(O). VERMA. FASc. Kochi . 1934) Ph. Council : V. Chandigarh . evjmenon@ FIAS. 2598786(R). Lake View Road. Professor. Kanpur .600036. Manimajra. 09995465535(M). 201 BJMSB. INSA Albert Eistein Professor. Sreekandath Sp. Malleswaram. Fax: 2303284. New Delhi110058.iisc. JointDirector (CADRAD). XRay Crystal Structure Analysis/Protein Crystallography/ Molecular Janakpuri. 1956) FTWAS. 9359117376(M). Panjab Satish Chander ( (080) 23600765(O). Email : verma1sc@yahoo. 49/7). Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.ernet.P. Sp. Centre for Neuroscience. 1931) PhD. 3-D VERMA. 09935081810(M). Email: profvk_verma@yahoo. Fax : 22574102.iisc. Email : sverma@iitk. Sp. Cytology/Genetics/Reproductive Biology (Plants). Res. School of Life Sciences. Tel.ernet. Bangalore-560012. 2735452(R).Rajendranagar. Department of Biotechnology. FNAVSc. Sp. Email : vermars@iitm. Res. Modern Housing Complex. (0512) 2597643(O). VIJAYAN. 16th Cross. Tel. Geology Geomorphology/ Sedimentology/Geo-Environment. Izatnagar . B-21. 1219/6 E. Res. Tel. Sp. Sp. VIJAYAN. UGC-Visiting Professor. VERMA. Chennai .com. Email: rishendra_verma@ yahoo. 99-2002 . Molecular Biophysics Unit. (044) 22574109(O).

FASc. 1964) Ph. FNAAS. Dryland Agriculture. Genetics & Plant Breeding. Solid State Physics. South Brae Close..vsnl. dsvirk2012@gmail. Hissar. P. (040) 23547152. 305. Research Fellow. Tel.vinayachandran @gmail. Plot 58-59.. Fax : 23544894. 18. FISSS. Email: vijay. . Res. Ashok Kumar (b. Bangalore . 23416467(R). ICRISAT and Formerly Professor of Soil Science and Chief Scientist. 1944) PhD(Birmingham). 1 Block. FNA.K.virmani c/o atpl@hd1. Hydroquebec.1931). 289 Rue De la Commune #45.D.FASc. Professor.D. 044-1332-766629(R). (011) 24362950(O). Ludhiana . New 'E' Type. Krishnaswamy (b.1938) Ph. Block 2. VIJAYRAGHAVAN. Secretary. 23601013(R). (080) 22932611(O). FNA.ernet. Indian Institute of Science. 811A. Saraswathi (b. Maitre-De-Recherche.. Sp. FNASS.FAPS. Tel. Developmental Genetics.Tel. Sp.560012. (022) 27667554(R). FSB. FASc. Res. of India. Road # 41. INSA Senior Scientist. Montreal. VINAYACHANDRAN. FNA. Fax : 23600865. Sp.560012. Formerly International Coordinator & Sr. 2820408(R). CGO Complex. Bangor Surinder Mohan (b. 09845740257(M). FIInstP. pn. Govt. Canada J3XISI. Res. 1946) PhD. VIJH. Email: rvramanujan@yahoo. Wales.ernet.141001. UK. Bangalore . C.dbt@nic. Sustainable Agriculture/Improved Natural Resource Management. (080) 22933065(O). Email : ashok@ireq.m. Jubilee Hills. Punjab Agricultural 1 Main Road. (b. 1954) PhD. Department of Biotechnology. Sector 14.Biol. Oceanography/Ocean Modeling. 23546007(R). Sp. Ramanuja (b.400703. Email : d. Res.Millet Breeder). Vashi. Formerly Principal Scientist. Tel. DSc(Birmingham).iisc.. Molecular Biophysics Unit. Computational Biology/Structural Biology/Quantum Chemistry.N.. PhD. 92. Email : vinay@caos. FTWAS. Que. Block 4. FASc. Electrochemistry/ Solid State Science/ Chemical Physics of Interfaces. VIRMANI.iisc. Canada H2Y2E1. Tel. Sp. Email : Centre for Advanced Research for International Agriculture and Development (CARIAD). Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Lodi Road. Formerly Distinguished Professor. Res. Daljit Singh ( 0044-7799057846(M). Professor. RMV II Stage. FTWAS. Fax : 23600535. LL57 2UW. 1800 Montee St. FRS. Haryana Agricultural University. Derby DE 23 1WD.560012.virk@bangor. FIEEE. E-mail : s.(514) 6528234(O).s. Institute de recherche Indian Institute of Science. Res. New Delhi 110003. Navi Mumbai . Sp. Tel. Indian Institute of Science. Fax : 24360747. Tel. NE-307. Bangalore – 560094. Hsg. Littleover. VISHVESHWARA. Sp. Department of Plant Breeding. Formerly Professor (Sr. Soc.Fellows 1989 2004 1987 2012 1995 1990 2009 287 VIJAYARAGHAVAN. Vaigyanik Coop. 1938) FRSC. st st Bangalore .Julie Varennes Que.

Tel. (0124) 4195204(O). Sp. New Delhi 110070. JNU Complex. Institute of Physics. Tel. Department of Anatomy. . Canal Road. Gurgaon -122017. Res.. Fax : (0124) 2876302. Fax : 23346871.288 2011 2007 1994 2004 1991 2000 1992 Year Book 2015 VISHWAKARMA.I. (011) 26894316(R).. Marine Biodeterioration/Marine Biology/Oceanography. CI/1.O. New Delhi .D. FASc. Email: vrati@thsti.180001. (011) 26593216(O). Prem (b. Campus. CSIR. Jammu . Udyog Vihar Phase III. Sudhanshu (b. 26588687(R). New Delhi . Goa .110067. Formerly Director. Fax : 2569333. (0124) 2876301(O). Translational Health Science and Technology Institute. Res. TIFR Housing Complex. Sp. 1944) PhD. Email : viyogi@gmail.. (011) 26703677(R).I. Homi Bhabha Road. (022) 22782216(O). 1960) Ph. 1938) Ph. Director. 09419182833. 496. Ansari Nagar. New Delhi. All India Institute of Medical Sciences.110029. Sp.180001. Lucknow. Fax : 22804610. Sp.N. DAE Raja Ramanna Fellow. Flat 2B. Kolkata . 1960) Ph. ram@iiim. Sp. FASc. Indian Institute of Integrative Block Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Website: www. Dona Paula. VIYOGI. Email : 22804723(R). Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine./Operations Research/System Chemical Biology/Glycobiology/Drug Discovery. Fax : 26588663. WADHWA. 09811007944(M). (0191) 2569111(O) Diamond City North. Quantum Field Theory/String Theory/Quantum Gravity. Bhubaneswar. Molecular Virology/Vaccinology/ Biotechnology. 2009-10 VRATI. Mechanical Engineering Department. 1240. Experimental Nuclear Physics. 1950) Ph. Marine Corrosion & Materials Research Division. Shashi (b. Formerly Director. Director's Residence. Tel. Bidhan Nagar. International Centre for Theoretical Sciences of TIFR.. Res.400005. Res. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. 1948) PhD.I. Tel. 09322955391(M). National Institute of Oceanography.. Email : Ansari Nagar. Tel.M. Sector-23 A. P. 226037(R).res. FNA. 226256(O). A-11. PhD. Kolkata – 700055. Goa. FAMS.I. Council : Mem. N.400005.Distinguished Professor & Director.S.O.D.D. Vasant Kunj. Neurobiology/Developmental Neuro science. Dean..700064.res. Sp. Tel. FWAPS. Delhi.403004. FIANS. Gurgaon-122016. 2569444(R). Mumbai . Mumbai . Email : shashiwadhwa@hotmail. Pocket A. Res. FASc.110029. Sp. Industrial Engg. Vice-Chancellor & Professor of Eminence ITM University Gurgaon. Scientist F (Dy.403 004. Ram (b.aiims. Arun B. WADIA.. Res. Yogendra Pathak (b. 810 Bhaskara. Campus. Email : director@iiim. (0832) 226253. 09831037532(M). VRAT. 1948) MBBS. Sector A. Spenta Rustom (b. Tel. UPTU. FTWAS. Jammu . N.I. (033) 23182316(O). and Honorary Visiting Professor. 1/AF. Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre.D. (b. MS. Res. E-4. Dona Paula. Director) & Head. IIT Roorkee and Vice Chancellor. WAGH. Staff Quarters.O. FNA.

Sp. Sp. gdyadav@ yahoo. Tel. Umesh Vasudeo. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. FASc. 27193737(O). Fax : 25692259. Email : FIIChE. Ecology/Environmental Science. 43. 2009-10 . Pune . Jakkur. Website: (614) 292-2265(O). Ganapati Dadasaheb (b.res.(Yale). Yeshwant Ramchandra (b. JC Bose National Fellow. Ganeshkhind. (040) 27193241 (Tele fax). 1968) Ph. Bone Research Laboratory.. Paud Road. Hyderabad . Email : mohanwani@nccs. Columbus. Maitreya. Ganeshkhind. Osteoimmunology. Ohio 43210-1085. Pune . 25708000(O). FTWAS. Fax : 22082767.Fellows 2007 1982 1986 2011 2003 1993 289 WAGHMARE. Mumbai . OH 43017-2165. Emeritus Scientist. Nathalal Parekh National Centre for Cell Science. FMASc. Fax: 33611002. (022) 33611001(D) 33611111/2222(O). Council : Mem. (b. USA. Tel. th Res.rr. 1950) PhD. Tel. Mohan Ramachandra. yadavfna@gmail.html. Bangalore – 560064. 09440802800(M). Pune – 411007. FIChemE(UK). WALI.iictindia. Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine. Sp. Jhillu Singh (b. Chemical Engineering-Multi-phase Reaction Engineering/Green Chemistry & Technology/Catalytic Science & Engineering/ Nanomaterials & Nanocatalysis/ Biotechnology/ Energy Engineering. Nathalal Parekh Marg.500607. Tarnaka. Pune University Campus. Res. Dublin. FAAAS. Mumbai . Hyderabad 500607. CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow & JC Bose Fellow. Multifunctional oxides/Nano-materials/Geometric Phases. Former Director. (080) 22082842(O). Email: jsyadav@iict. Theoretical Sciences Unit. Tel. Scientist Res. NCCS Complex.1@osu. Email: vc@ictmumbai. The Ohio State University. 2021 Coffey Road. Shri Mangal Society. (b. 46/2A. University of Pune. FICS. 9. (020) 25410432(R).400019. YADAV. 5068 Winchell Court. 09833090510(M). Email : wali. Matunga. mwali@columbus. Institute of Chemical Technology (Deemed University). Vice Chancellor & RT Mody Distinguished Bangalore . Bone and Cartilage Cell Biology and Medicine. Sp. Sp. FNA. (614) 378-9052(M). Email: yrw37@ rediffmail.560092. Emeritus Professor School of Environment and Natural Resources. Mohan K. 23622774(R). Survey No. IICT Quarters. CSIR-IICT. Res. USA. Uppal Road. Uppal Road. (020) 25708102. 1937) PhD(British Columbia). Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. FTWAS. Organic Synthesis/ Natural Products. Tel. FMASc. WAGHMARE. 4 Cross.411038. Department of Physics. ViceChanellor’s Residence. Matunga. Omkar.D. 33611020. ChE. Tarnaka. Tel. Ph. WANI. 1937) PhD. 1952) PhD. Institute of Chemical Technology. Sector A. Theoretical Nuclear Physics. FNA. Amruth 27193456(R). Fax: 25435239.411007.

27547160(R). Hamdard Study Circle. NIO. 1947) Ph. Scientist G. Aligarh Muslim University. Kolhapur . Semiconductor Complex 26046745(R). Kalpataru Estate.226007. (022) 25595608(O). (022) 2774455(R). Tel. (011) 25087010(R). Formerly Director.D. Res. Koparkhairane. Mumbai. Email: mjzarabi@yahoo. 1931) Ph. New Delhi .110075.D. 502. Agronomy/CroppingFarming Systems/Organic Farming. Pamposh Enclave.(Toronto). Chairman.290 1999 2011 2009 1996 2014 1983 1994 1991 1989 Year Book 2015 YADAV. Mahesh Datta (b. 11. Plot 6. Res. (b. Aligarh. Physics Group. 2607025(R). (011) 26048848(O).(011) 26213249(R).Climate Change/ Palaeoclimate/Tree-ring analysis. Sector 14. FMAS. Res. New Delhi . Tel.E. YADAV.D. Saiyid Aftab Ahmad ( Email : zaidiaftaba@hotmail. New Delhi – 110062. 14. Sec. FNEA. (b. Sp. Sp. M. 53.400709. Taxonomy of Angiosperm. Formerly Scientist-inCharge. Mumbai. 'Nisarg' Gulmohor Colony. (011) 25095062(R). University of Kashmir.D. 1965) Ph. 09811779617(M).. New Delhi. Satisar. Associate Director(S).com. Email : Seikh Mohammad (b. Tel. Rattan Lal (b. Formerly Chairman-cum-Managing Director.D. Department of Faculty of Science. 1954) Ph. Dean.. Email : dpzutshi601@ gmail.410210.. 1956) Ph. Sp. ZAIDI. Res. 3-B. Andheri(E) Mumbai400093. YAKHMI. Coordination Chemistry. 09892991234(M). Srinagar..D. Nagar. Kendriya Vihar. YUSUF. Formerly Director/Professor. (0522) 2742907(O). CH-3. ZUTSHI. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. and DAE Raja Ramanna Fellow. Lucknow. A-601.416004.D. 09450394957(M). Tel. Res. 09833983074(M). Atomic Energy Education Society.J. Plot No.. Sector 11. Fax : 2740098. Link Road. 4B. Professor. Talimabad. Breeze Park. Superconductivity/Magnetism/ Molecular Electronics. Ram Ratan (b. Narayan Nagar. FNAAS. Formerly Adviser to Mumbai 400085. Email : sryadavdu@rediffmail. 9810055795(M). ZARABI. J. (0231) 2609389(O). Chemistry Dept. 1949) Ph. Magnetism Section. Magnetism/ Neutron Scattering/Condensed Matter Physics. Kolhapur . smyusuf1@yahoo. Faizabad Road. 09871088234(M). 1947) Ph. Director’s Bungalow. Microelectronics. Formerly Chairman.D.. New Delhi – 110062. D. Aquatic Ecology/Environmental Science/ Conservation. 09833945733(M). Solid State Physics Division. 7. Tel. Tel. Navi Mumbai . Sangam Vihar. Lucknow 226016. A. Res. S. (022) 28329444. FNIE. Email : smyusuf @barc.S.110075. Shivaji University. Dwarka. Dropadi Vihar. Tel. Res. Sp.D. Kharghar.416004. Res. YADAV.P. Mumbai. Sp. Lucknow . Ashadeep Apartment. 1946) Ph. Bldg. A 703. & Ex. Sangam Vihar. Director. Behind Dadu Chougale Nagar.. Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research. Trombay. BARC. Fax : 2692333. Flat No. FISA. Talimabad. Navi Mumbai .. FASc. Marine Pollution. . Email:rryadav2000@gmail. Sector-2. Dwarka. Jatinder Vir (b. C28.V. Sp. Sp. Email: rattanlal. Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany. Scientific Officer H & Head. Shrirang Ramchandra (b. Sp.zingde@essar. Email : ya_kmi@yahoo. Plot 64. 1934) Ph.yadav@gmail..

N. P. D. J. S. Bhargava. Arun Kumar Dey. J. Sumati V. Dhar.C.N. Shyam Swarup Agrawal. Acharya.L. Jnanendra Nath Chaturvedi. Ganguly. B. S. Banerji. Egami. Bhattacharya. .C. Chatterji. Ghosh. Bhargava.R. Samir K.N. S. Choudhary. Bhawalkar.L. Pandurang G. Drane. S.N. Bolin. A. Sadashiv Dayal. Krishna D. S.M. P. R.C. Ajit Kumar Bhattacharya.S. B. Charavartty.H.N. V. Satish Dirac.N. Das Gupta.N. Bhatnagar. M. S. Birendra S. Wazir Hasan Abhyankar. Agarwala. Doraiswamy. K.L. S. Debi Prosad Burridge. Ved Prakash Ajrekar. Bose. J. Bahl. Einstein.N. Bishwajit Choudhury. D.C. S.H.R.M. A. H.G.B. Bose. Chopra.R. R.R. Basu. Ratan Prakash Agarwal. Biswas. Arvind Bhatnagar.V. K. P. S. S. Nobuo Gandhi. Bhargava. R. Basu. Chatterji. Banerji. Arora. Das. Borton. Abidi.P.K.K. Crisp. Bhattacharya. J. Ashok Ghosh. Ghosh. Aiya. D. A. Dhawan. Gautam. Chinta Murthy. D.K. Dumir. Surendra K. J. A. Bradshaw. Rajeshwar K. Dhawan. Ashok Kumar Bose. P.V. S. Choudhury. Dayal. S.A. Das. Barnabas. H. Richard Henry Daniel. Ram Gopal Chatterji. Asundi.G. K.D.C. Chopra.S. Agrawal. S. Jyotirmoy Das. U.R. Bhattacharya. N. Bhatnagar. Bose. Chandra.R.DECEASED HONORARY FELLOWS. Dalitz. R. Bert Richard Bondi. H.N. Bose. Anthony D. Das. Jnanendra Nath Chatterjee. Ravi Shankar Chauhan. Dave. Pratap Chandra Dwivedi.P. Burma. M. D.P. Deodhar.B. B. Adyalkar. Hari Shankar Choudhury. Agarwal. Bahadur. H. B.R. A. J. Chatterjee. Bhide. Das. Ganguli.S.S.M. Banerji.D. B. Chatterjea. B. Bhargava. O.P.K. Hari Lal Bhatnagar. Ambasht. S. Bhattacharya.C.M. V. Sir Herman Borlaug.K. A.J.L.K. Bose. Bilgrami. Chandra. Chandrasekhar. Vinod Bharadwaj. G. D.K. Ayyangar. Banerji. R. Biswas. L. Datta. S. A. H.R. Dayal. S. N. FOREIGN FELLOWS AND FELLOWS Abdi. Dutta.K. Gandhi. Saradindu Bergstrom. Banerji. H. B.K.A. J.C. Candanat J.D.C. Baruah. Norman E. S.H. Samarendra N. Ganguli. M.K. W.K.C.M.L. Bose. Das. Sir Derek H. Ghosh. Doosaj.A. S. I. P. Chinoy.S Biswas. R. R. Dominic. Chandrasekhar. H. C. A. Hira Lal Agrawal. N. Bhargava. P.N. H. Chopra. Chhibber.K. D. G.B. Chatterjea. Abani K. K. S. Ghosh. Bagchi. D. Dehadrai.N. S. Bhonsle. Radhey S. Ghosh. S.N. Chandra. Bhachhawat. Ghosh. Chandel. S. Y. G. Champion. Ranjan Roy Das. J. Dey.D. Mukkattu R.K. P. Kameshwar S.K. Kartic Chandra Bose. K. S. Sukumar Bohr.G.V. Compton. A.R. Suresh Chandrashekaran. Bhide. Dhar. 291 Clarke.N. N.J.N. Asok Kumar Ghosh. Bhattacharyya. S. K. Chatterjee.K. Das Gupta. Ballabh. R. Karl Sune Bhakuni.

Lahiri. K.R.B. R.C. K. Jhingran.L.T. D. A. Ravinder Nath Kapitaza.S. Narayanam.S. Parmatma Saran Goodrich. A. Paranjpye.N. Kushwaha. Parulekar.C. Mishra. Mehra. Arun Patil. M. Kishore. K. Ratan Shanker Mishra.K. Lakhanpal. B. Pal. P. Nehru. R.N. Devendra Lal. Jhingran. Narasimhan. P.S. Harary. Porter. Normand. C. P. Misra. B. Gowda. Onkar Nath Pinford. Joshi.D.G. S. Hari Narasimhan. Mitra.K. Mani.S. Prem Chandra Nigam.N. S.K. Asoke Mowdawalla.Keshava Paul. Guy A.N. Har Gobind Khoshoo. Ajai Mathai. O. Guri. S. Murty. Kumar. Zakkula Govindeswamy. K. P. Dharam Prakash. S. Nayudamma.G.P.S. Sheo Pramanick. Mehrotra. Mehrotra.K. V. B. P. Luxmi Narlikar. Mohan. P. Krishna Behari Lighthill. Abhai Mansingh.S. J. Mitra. S. Menon. Bhuwan Chandra Joshi. M. T.N. A.R. Jhon. Paintal.S. Robert Husain. K.R.C. Kristiansen. Guraya. Mathur. R. Satish Chandra Panikkar. Gupta.D. P.T.L. Ramdeo Misra. Baron of Luddennam Prakash. Khorana. S. R. M. B. Ramesh C. C. Neergaard. N.C. Mukherjee. Maheshwari. Nag Chaudhuri. D. C. B. Govind Kisor Marshall.R. Kailash Pandey. Bal Krishnaji Krishna. Malik. Prasad. A. C. R.V. Gill. Mishra. G. Lahiri. Ramesh C.P. Chandrika . Nigam. A.N. Narain. Vijay Kumar Kapil. Manna. J. J. Anadi Sankar Gupta. A. Malik.P.S. Avula S. R. A. M. Paliwal. A. Hasan. J. Prasad. Khattri. Mathur.N.S.R.A. Kaushal Kothari.J. H. Majumdar. Sir James MacMahon. Mall. W.M. K.K.S. Lal. Reayat Khare. G.P.C. Nair.K. H. Ch.H. Mahdi Herman. Santi Ram Mukhopadhyay.S.K.F. Ishwar Prakash. Hahn.K.N. P. Y. Iqbal Singh Guha-Mukherjee. R. K. P.B. Year Book 2015 Krishna Murti. R. Jain.L. Y. Ajai Kumar Katiyar.K. Mehta. Govindarajulu. W. Gupta. Narayan. Misra. Ayodhya Prasad Misra.N. P. Surender K. Sipra Gulatee.K. Mahalanobis.C. King. Benoy K. Lallan Prasad Malviya.K.S.V. Khare. K. F.Izhar Iyengar. Jagat Narain Kashyap. S. Rajagopala Nath. V. Khan. Pant.W. Nataraja.G. Sheridan Joshi. Kapoor. Mohammad. Ram Chand Perti. Madhu Sudan Kapahi.K. Patnaik. V. Anil Kumar.U. Mishra. Mehrotra. Balakrishnan Nair. B.292 Ghose.L. E.P. Frank Hari Mohan Harley. Notain.S. Krishnan. Prem Behari Mehra. Naik. Mitter.B. S. Mansingh. Mishra. P. Mehrotra. Raj Mani Pandeya. Lakshman. S. Subhash R. Marchuk Gyani. P. S.G. Ramakant P. Nautiyal. P. D. Mu Shik John. Natarajan.S. Hararay. Piara Singh Goel.A.K.P. B.C. Mathur. A. P. Parja. Mishra. Janardhan.V. N. H. R. Prasad. Kapoor.P.M.S.K.D. Kichlu. J.P. Chandra Mookherjee. Patwardhan. P. K. Naha. D. N. A. C. Halukuru Sanke Grover. S. Krishna. Kanungo. Narasimhan. Parikh. S. B. R.C. Ponnamperuma. Mathur.K. Mushran. S. E.D. R. Lal. Pascal. Gupta.

Prasad. B. A.K. Ramachandra. P. Devendra Sharma.B.R.Deceased Fellows Prasad. Bhup Kishore Tandon. Toppur S. Stone. Schrodinger. Sen.B. Ray. Srivastava. H. Sen. E. Talukdar. N. Saksena. Singh.N. Roy.M. Siya Ram Srivastava.D. Sethna. Jagannath D. B. Hari S. Srivastava M.S.K. Mahendra N. S. J. A. Chandrika Thind.R. K. Strang. N.S. Sundara Ram. G. Robson. Ramaih. Rao.P.I. Srivastava. 293 Roy. Brahma Nand Sahni. Suresh K. S. Raju. Thakur.N. Vinodkant C. SHAH. B.P. G. Satya P. Balasubramaniam Ramaseshan. T. S. Tiselius. Ramachandran. Ramanna. Sethi. Ganpati P.D. Sen Sarma. Marshal H. R.K. Gopal Swift. K.B. Srivastava.P. B. Sulaiman. U. Rao. Richard E. Brajesh B. M. Homi N. Tej Narain Srivastava. Sushil K. Surendra Nath Sinha. Ilya Pullman. Tata. J. Swarup. Sugahara. Singh. Mallikarjuna Swamy Qureshi. K. Shiva Shankar Prigogine. L. Amar Singh. A.N. Schrader.S.S. Raychaudhuri.R. Patcha Ramachandra Rao.N. U.R.A. M. Randhawa. Yagya Datta Tikader. Mata Prasad.L. M. Sant P. K. Subbaraya. . Bhisham Pd. K. Tsutomu Sukhatme. Saxena. Srivastava. Sadhu. Peter Neville Rodriguez. Shyam Vir Singh. E. Ranjan. R.P. H. Sinha. B. Abdus Sampurnanand Sankaranarayanan. J. Ray. G. S. Singal. Raghu Prasad. Chandra Bhan Sharma. M.D. S. Reddy.N. Robbins. Placid Rohatgi. H.K. Sanga Sadasivan. S.D. M. Rabindra Prasad Putchala. Archana Sharma. Saksena.C. G. J. A. N. N.M. Sahni. Frederick C. E. Srivastava. Singh. Salam.K. P. Sati R. G. Geeta Tandon. Sankatha Pd. Sinha. Srivastava.H. Saksena.L. M. B. Sanjeeva P. Prasad. B. B. Rajendra K. Rao. Sanyal.B. S. Sabhasri. Hewson Hoyt Szabo. Prasad. Rawat. K. Srivastava.N. A. B. P. S. Tiagi. Hanumantha Rao. N. Satyanarayana. T. Ramamurthi.P.S. Tandon. Bernard Puri.K. G.N. Barry R. Y. A. G. H.Amal K. Sokolov. Ajit Kumar Saha.A.D. P. Narasimhiah Sethi.S.L.K. A. Saxena.K. R. Sahai. Srivastava.Syama P. Srivastava. Nadimpalli Appala Rajulu.R. Nath Talukder.L. Sachdev.C. Rai. D.K. Seshagiri. Sharma. Singh.V. R. Gurjal Madhava Richards.P. Sarbhoy. Titchmarsh. Puri. Anil Kumar Srivastava. Shukla. Russel.J.P. Sri Niwas Srivastava.V. Ram N. Rao. Prasad. S. Ram Avtar Siddiqi. Rao.N. Robinson. R. Tandon. Obaid Siddqui. Singh. P. H. R. B. Srivastava. Ranade. M.K. Sen. B. K. Saha. Sharma. Raja Ramdas. Parimal K.N. Srivastava. S.B. S.S. Saxena. P. Saha.P. Rao.P. A. J. Sur. N. Tandon. Shukla. Raychaudhuri.B. M. B. Srivastava. Schultes. Udai Bir Singh. R.S.M. R.S.N.L. L. Sivaraj Ramamurthy. K. S. V. Raychaudhuri. Amar Nath Tandon. Singh. R.M.E.S.Prasad Sinha.L. Sen. G. Srivastava. Rama Mohana Rao. T. Rao. Singh. Sen Gupta. Sen. Vishwambhar Purkayastha.N. Srivastava. Singh. Sundaram. Singh.

H. Ramesh C. R. J. Jeevan Prakash Vij. Tiwari. Vishwanath. B. V. Verma.N.S.V. Year Book 2015 Verma. Ajit Ram Verma. Vijayaraghavan. M.N.N. D. Yosida.R. Yadav. Viswamitra.D. S. Wadia.A. S. Gregorio Waksman. S. Sibte Hasan .294 Tiwari. T. G. Trehan.R.A.S. Venkataraman. B. S. Andre West.P.D.H.S. Surindar Kumar Tripathi. Woese. D. B.N. Verma. Verma. T. Zaheer..G. W. Harbans Singh Weil.S. Philip Russell WASIR. Zaidi. G. Wallace. Constantin Varadachari.D. Vago. Venkatachala. Wever. Carl R.P.

CHAKRAVARTY. BHARATAM.Sc. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. Director.D. Kolkata.. InterUniversity Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. AYYAPPAN. Soumitro.D. Professor.D. Department of Chemistry. Hauz Khas. Dipankar. Saturn and Martian exosphere and on chemical modeling of processes in these systems. Ganeshkhind. Charusita.. Ph. thermodynamics and transport in liquids. Staff Scientist V.(Cambridge). New Delhi. Sabhyata. Ph.Sc. Kanpur.. for his original contributions in the field of fisheries science. She has unraveled molecular mechanisms responsible for seed and nodule development. these developments have resulted in substantial enhancement in sensitivity & resolution in both solution and solid state NMR. BHARDWAJ. 295 . He has also contributed significantly to nutrient management in aquaculture. Senior Principal Scientist. Pune. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Anil. FASc. and developing inter. BERA. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. FNAAS. by generating large scale sequencing data. New Delhi..D. for his contributions in understanding lunar-solar wind interactions. Uppal Road. He has also made substantive contributions on solar system X-rays including discovery of X-ray flares/emissions from Jupiter. BHATTACHARYA.. for his significant contributions to the taxonomy of soil-dwelling and plant-parasitic nematodes of natural forests and crop fields. FNA.D. Jitendra Kumar. especially for his studies on Dorylaimida and Mononchida. ISRO. Professor. Professor.Scientific Contributions of Fellows Elected in Year 2014 AHMAD. Indian Institute of Technology. Ph.D. Wasim. for his outstanding contributions in the development and application of new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques in chemistry. Ph.c. Tarnaka.(h. for his outstanding contributions in the field of electrical engineering. Department of Chemistry. Ph. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. for his outstanding contributions in understanding the evolution of neutron stars and  ray bursts. He has developed specific technology packages resulting in higher productivity in aquaculture. Hyderabad. for his significant contributions in the design of new organometallic catalysts based on a bimetallic platform which have been used in catalysing important organic reactions.. D. Secretary. FNA. Department of Zoology.. Trivandrum. Old Core Lab. Professor. Space Physics Laboratory.and intra­ specific linkage maps for chickpea. FIEEE. DARE & DG. FASc. National Institute of Plant Genome Research.. Ph. Aligarh Muslim University.D. Ph. New Delhi. FASc. for her pioneering contributions in generation of genomic resources in chickpea and lentil.. Ph. Centre for NMR & Structural Chemistry. ICAR. Jagadeesh. Ph. Aligarh. through experiments on chandrayan-1. BANERJEE. BHATIA.). Nematology Section. Krishi Bhawan. especially for his works on circuits and systems. FASc. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. D. Subbanna.D. FNAAS. FASc. Professor. for her significant contributions in introducing quantum effects in path integral Monte Carlo simulation methods and understanding the anomalous properties of water as well as relations between structure. Scientist H. FNAE.D. Pune University Campus. FTWAS.

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. in particular for his work on complex projective plane and contribution of the structure theorem for pseudomanifolds. for her significant contributions in determining the role of glutathione. for his significant contributions in the field of carbon sequestration and soil organic carbon dynamics. CHATTOPADHYAY..T.. Deputy Director. Indian Institute of Science. Ansari Nagar.. Nawal Kishore. non surgical treatment for severe pancreatitis has now been incorporated into standard of care. Indian Statistical Institute. Professor H+. Biological Sciences Division. GOPAKUMAR. GARG. she has also identified their various subtypes and mutants..D. Raja S. Jhunsi. Ph. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Professor. leading to the development of techniques for improving soil and development of soil quality index for utilization in slowing the impact of global warming. Ph. FNAAS. Banaras Hindu University. Ph. Head. DATTA.D. for proposing a new concept “Intron-ligand Synergism”. for his fundamental and very original contributions to string theory.D.C. DM. Division of Crop Production. Drug Development/Diagnostics & Biotechnology Division. Mullick Road. CHAUDHURI.D. salicylic acid and ethylene in combating environmental stress in plants. ICMR Virus Unit.D. Professor. Department of Gastroenterology. Tapan Kumar. mycotoxins and insects. S. Banerjee Road. Indian Institute of Science. Cholerae. MBBS.. FNAMS. for her outstanding work on molecular basis of reactogenicity of V. Cholerae strains. Department of Mechanical Engineering. GHOSH. She has also exploited tissue culture approach for the production of secondary metabolites and isolating novel compounds of medicinal value. Road. INAE Chair Professor. Pradip. Sharmila. especially for his works in thermal engineering. Her studies on the differential gene expression have provided a comprehensive picture of the requirement of infection by V. Professor.. for his important contributions in the field of botanical pesticides. based on this he theoretically predicted the structures of solvents to separate Actinides & Lanthanides..D. Bangalore..D. ID & BG Hospital Campus. for his studies having major impact on pancreato-biliary disease and pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis. Ph. Harish-Chandra Research Institute. Beliaghata. Indian Institute of Pulses Research. Molecular and Human Genetics Division. Varanasi. for his pioneering . GOSWAMI. New Delhi. for her noteworthy work on Hepatitis B and C virus spread in India. 203 B. Rajesh. Theoretical Chemistry Section. Ph. Keya. Trombay. Bangalore. DUBEY.. MD. 4. Ph. Kolkata. Scientific Officer (H). Ph. DUTTA. Dr. for his significant contributions in the field of mechanical engineering. Pramod Kumar. Chhatnag Road. quantum field theory and mathematics. Kolkata. Chief Scientist. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Kanpur. Ph. which has facilitated the development of strategies for the construction of non-reactogenic vaccine strains. Basudeb. GHANTY. Ph.. widely prevalent in the country.D. Mumbai. Kolkata. Kolkata. FNAE. Probir Kumar. Plant Biology Lab. Department of Botany. Runu. He has designed several plant based formulations which are effective in controlling bio-deterioration of food from fungi. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Principal Scientist.D.(Princeton). Arunava. Department of Mathematics. Allahabad. Associate Professor. Ph. for his noteworthy contributions to the field of Combinatorics and Combinatorial topology.C.296 Year Book 2015 CHAKRAVARTY.D.

Professor. He has also developed satellite image processing technology for monitoring of coastal areas. (Texas). Ph. Delhi. Staff Scientist VI. KRISHNAMURTHY. Ph. FNAE.D. Ph. for his noteworthy contributions in the field of mechanical engineering.. Chennai. especially in chemical reaction engineering and catalysis. Ph. University of Madras. for his noteworthy contribution to the understanding of the role of transcription factors in gene regulation in yeast and fungal system. for his extremely notable contributions in AIDS research in India. NATARAJAN. for his very significant contributions in the analysis of dusty plasmas. FNAE. Department of Chemical Engineering. Physics & Astrophysics Department. Tata Memorial Centre. New Delhi. for her excellent contributions in the field of supramolecular photochemistry.Fellows Elected 2014 297 contributions in the development of nanocides as effective alternative to toxic chemical pesticides..D.D. for his significant contributions in developing new asymmetric reactions and their applications in the synthesis of biologically significant molecules. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing. Satya Prakash Singh... Ph. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Ph.D. Research & Education in Cancer. 4 Kalidas Road. Professor. FNA. Ph. on next generation. for his contributions in the field of electrical engineering. Michael Aruldhas.. Kharagpur. Mechanical Engineering Department. . HAJRA. Sukumar.D. Giridhar.. Professor.D. Bangalore. Former Scientist 'H'. MARIA-JOSEPH.D. Professor. Taramani Campus. Laboratory of Eukaryotic Gene Regulation. especially for his work on power systems. Aruna Asaf Ali Marg. Forestry & Ecology Department. Indian Institute of Technology.D. School of Life Sciences. Jawaharlal Nehru University. MADRAS. University of Delhi. assessing the impact of cyclones and suggesting effective measures to minimize damage. for his elegant delineation of the adverse effects of endocrine disruptors. Signal Transduction Lab 1. Scientist G/Professor & Head. MISHRA. for extensively utilizing the remote sensing technology for biodiversity characterization and conservation. Professor.D. Ph. FIETE. Muralidhar. MOHANTY. He has developed the first successful indigenous Sero-diagnosis test kit for AIDS which was successfully commercialized and found useful internationally. Professor & Head. Ph. ISRO. for his significant work in the area of cell signaling. Avinash Chandra. KUSHWAHA. Department of Endocrinology. These nanocides can also be used as antidotes against stored grain pests. FIET(UK). NANDICOORI. Indian Institute of Science.. Ph. for his contributions to the field of chemical engineering. especially in the areas of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Radiation & Photochemistry Division. Trombay. Kharghar. FNA. Jyotirmayee. National Institute of Immunology.D. Associate Professor. Vinay Kumar. MUKHOPADHYAYA. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. FASc. New Delhi. Advanced Centre for Treatment. Navi Mumbai.D. Saumen. Indian Institute of Technology. New Delhi. KHARE. Krishnamurthy. Dehradun. Department of Electrical Engineering.... Kanpur. Scientific Officer (F). understanding of which has implications in pathobiology of human tuberculosis. FNAE. Department of Chemistry. chromium and hypothyroid status in pregnant rats. Mumbai. Rabindranath. Ph.

RAHA. He has used Candida albicans as a model system to investigate kinetochore assembly. New Delhi. Head. non-rigid and highly degenerated. Professor G. having huge impact on regional and national policies. SP Mukherjee Road. histolytica. Delhi. Ph.. MBBS. Kaustuv. Assistant Director Grade Scientist. for his extensive contributions in understanding the process of cellular response mediated by centromeres. Ph. Molecular Biology & Genetics Unit.. for his manifold contributions in the area of new born health. Professor. Kolkata. for his work focused on oral. Principal Scientist. Molecular Mycology Laboratory. PRAKASH. 7 SJS Sansanwal Marg. Dibrugarh. Department of Pediatrics. Regional Medical Research Centre North-east.. Emeritus Scientist.298 Year Book 2015 NAYAK.. for his major contributions in diabetes and cancer research.D. Maharaj Krishan. Scientist F. for his significant contribution to the area of rarity. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. He has also contributed to furthering our understanding of insulin resistance. for his pioneering work on biology of Anopheles dirus and malaria transmission dynamics in North-east India. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. warm. Ph. 4 R. He has developed a low cost lung surfactant commercialized and marketed in India. Tapan Kumar.D.D. Kolkata.(Cornell). Department of Atomic Energy. Ph. CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute. He has reported the periodicity of 33 Ma volcanism and also proposed the K/T boundary impact theory for Deccan volcanism.O. His research has established the importance of HPV infection in development and prognosis of oral and cervix carcinomas. Ph. Ph. ROY.. particularly in metastasis. Department of Oncogene Regulation. Kolkata.D.S. for her significant contribution towards stress responses in E.. Jakkur P. Chinmay K. Hyderabad. He leads the Indian group at the ALICE collaboration at CERN. Uppal Road. Mullick Road.. FASc. Ph. Sib Sankar. PANDIT. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. JNCASR.D. Om Prakash. 1/AF Bidhan Nagar. Department of Environmental Studies. Associate Professor. Anil. 1/AF Bidhan Nagar. MD. Sanghamitra. for his contributions to continuum percolation. having both scientific and social relevance. University of Delhi. statistical geometry and random graphs. New Delhi. and also established Neonatal-Perinatal data-base network and WHO inter-country studies on low birth weight feeding.rer physiol (Germany). FASc. PANDA. He has done outstanding work in fluctuations and correlations as signals of QCP phase transition. Vinod Kumar.D. Professor. PAUL. Rahul. Crystallography & Molecular Biology Division. for his significant contributions in the high energy nuclear physics. Ph. ROY. Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute.D. extinction and invasion of species in relation to genome size and ploidy. Cell Biology & Physiology Division. Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre..C. Ansari Nagar. Professor & Head.. to treat hyaline membrane disease. and demonstrating the mechanism of cell death in eukaryotes.(Michigan State). Dr. for his outstanding contribution in proposing Indian lithosphere as thin. Kolkata. SANYAL. Indian Statistical Institute. and their applications to physical problems. Bangalore. cervix and breast cancer.D.D. Theoretical Statistics & Mathematics Unit. PANDEY. . Ph. as well as to the Himalayan ecology.

Mumbai. Her group has extensively contributed towards understanding of resistance to apoptosis in Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).. Jankipuram Extension.. Ph.. SINHA. for his innovative work on studies of magnetic materials by neutron spectrometry. Scientist V. SINGH. 201 Biotechnology Department. Vijay Awadesh. SURY. Mumbai. Banaras Hindu University. FASc. VN Purav Marg. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). Rama Shanker. Rana Pratap Marg. for his outstanding contributions in the field of tissue transplantation by demonstrating biological patches in cardiac tissue and the role of such patches in stress condition. liquid crystals. Solid State Physics Division. for his significant contributions in the area of pathway engineering of secondary plant products. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. polymers and biological systems. Trombay.D. Ph. Mankhurd (E). Varanasi. Chennai. FNAE. 8th Mile. Ph.D. Ellora. Professor Emeritus. Mohammad Yusuf. Varanasi. Bangalore. for his valuable contributions to the research in classical and semi-classical fluids. Arun Kumar. Chief Scientist.D. Professor. Department of Physics. TRIVEDI. Professor (H) & National Coordinator. Principal Scientist. Balasubramanian. Manesar. SEN. for her significant contribution in demonstrating the key mechanism of cancer chemotherapy.D. Mysore Road. Professor. in particular for his work on congruence subgroup problems. VERMA. FNA. finite generation of group and infinite equation. Ph. Ph.Phil. Ph. Indian Institute of Technology. (New York. Ph.D. Central Drug Research Institute.. SRIVASTAVA.D.. he is the key person responsible for India’s exceptional performance in International Science Olympiads.. Indian Statistical Institute. Kanwal Rekhi Building. Sundararajarao. Professor. Mumbai for his outstanding contributions in communicating science among the students from school to the research level. Albany). Prabodh Kumar. Ph. FASc. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. He has carried out biochemical and genome-wide expression analysis and demonstrated involvement of various processes in detoxification of heavy metals in rice. National Botanical Research Institute.D. National Brain Research Centre. Powai. Science Olympiads. Sitapur Road.D. Department of CSE. D. NH-8. Yashwant. SCIENCE & SOCIETY SINGH. Department of Geology. Banaras Hindu University. for his outstanding research contributions towards better understanding of different generations of Precambrian mafic dyke swarms and volcanic of the Indian shield. Nainwal Mode.Fellows Elected 2014 299 SEIKH. Scientific Officer H. for his significant contributions to design environmentally benign protocols in organic synthesis and natural product modification.. He has also contributed in understanding sustained stress in developing progenitor cells..D. Lucknow.. Lucknow. for his manifold contributions in the field of computer science and engineering. Ph. especially in database and data mining. for his research contributions towards better understanding of Algebraic groups. SUDARSHAN. Professor. Group theory and Number theory. Rajesh Kumar. .

FIEEE. especially for his manifold contributions in teaching and mentoring Indian students. DAVISON.(Edinburgh. Suresh K. Nanduri R. Pro-VC (International Research). He has been intimately associated with Indian Science being on the SAC of V P Chest Institute. route de Saint Cyr. He is the world renowned expert in the field of Genomics. UK).. John (b. D.(Exon.D. for collaborating with over 20 Indian institutions and CSIR labs.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PRABHAKAR. MA02139. Member NAE(USA).).Chicago IL60637 USA. Ph. RMIT University. Dy. Cell Factories and GMO biosafety.Sc. (b. Australia. BHARGAVA. MC 5068 Room N-711. 1941). for his regular collaboration with researchers in India. Ph. USA. France.(h. School of Applied Sciences. 78026 Versailles cedex. D. Maryland Avenue. for his manifold contributions in the field of Respiratory Physiology. Johnson Professor of Computer Science & Engineering. MIT.3000.c.Scientific Contributions of Foreign Fellows Elected in Year 2014 ARVIND. 1952).D. Cambridge. 32 Vassar Street. He has trained a number of post-doctoral fellows from India and has established Young Investigator Prize in Respiratory Physiology for the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India. Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. College of Science Engineering and Health. 300 .. The State Center. Institute for Integrative Physiology. FNAE. Professor. mentoring numerous Indian students. 5841 S. for his notable achievements on genetically modified bacteria and plants. Ph.). Melbourne . The University of Chicago. and interacting with the scientists at various Indian institutes.Sc.D. Professor & Director. INRA.

Agricultural Toxicology. Vibha Plant Biotechnology. Sant Saran Plant Tissue Culture/Reproductive Biology of Flowering Plants/Plant Growth and Development. Plant Protection. (Mrs) Gro Harlem Environment. Soil Physics/Soil Conservation/Water Management. DADARWAL. Agicultural Engineering) Name Specialization ABROL. BHARGAVA. BHOJWANI. Subbanna Fisheries/Aquaculture/Aquatic Microbiology. Soil Science. Ranjit Kumar Parasitic Diseases/Parasite Chemotherapy/Parasite Immunobiology. Davis Joseph Agricultural Microbiology. Samarendra Kumar Agricultural Botany/Agricultural Chemistry. Bakhshish Singh Parasitology/Immunology/ Epidemiology. AYYAPPAN. Raj Krishan Soil Science. DAS. BAGYARAJ. GHOSH. Animal Husbandry. Pushpendra Kumar Cytogenetics/Genetics & Plant Breeding/Crop Biotechnology. Land Reclamation and Conservation Agriculture. Inder Pal ACHARYA. HULSE.N.SUBJECTWISE LIST OF HONORARY FELLOWS. Punyabrata Fisheries and Aquaculture including Fish Genetics. ADHYA. Chuni Lal Soil Science/Agroforestry/Crop Production. ACHARYA. GUPTA. Suresh Chandra Plant Physiology/Crop Physiology/Physiology of Flowering. CHATTERJEE. Tapan Kumar Environmental Microbiology/Climate Change and Agriculture. GUPTA. T. 301 . GILL. Soil Sciences. Soil Microbiology. Kalu Ram Soil Microbiology . CHAUDHARY. DHAWAN. AGGARWAL. CHOPRA. BRUNTDLAND. Industrial Biochemistry relevant to PostHarvest Technology. Pramod Kumar Crop Ecology/Simulation Modelling/Environmental Impact Assessment. Forestry. Virender Lal Genetics/Crop Improvement/Biotechnology. Radha Mohan Animal Genetics & Breeding/Biometrics/ Agriculture Research Management. Joseph H. Post Harvest Technology.Biological Nitrogen Fixation. FOREIGN FELLOWS AND FELLOWS Agricultural Sciences (Agriculture. BALYAN. Harindra Singh Genetics/Plant Breeding/Crop Biotechnology. Probir Kumar Agronomy/Conservation Agriculture and Carbon Sequestration/Soil Water Conservation. DE. Fisheries.

Agricultural Research & Administration. Akshay Kumar PRASAD. Mano Dutta PATRA. Fisheries. Mustard Breeding. Deepak PETER. Prem NAUTIYAL. Aquaculture Genetics and Biotechnology. Plant Breeding. Mahendra Nath KHUSH. Agricultural Chemistry/Soil Chemistry. Palpu RAI. Appa Rao POLUMETLA. Statistical Genetics/Agricultural Statistics. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions/Microbial Biotechnology in Agriculture. Molecular Plant Breeding and Agricultural Genomics. Epidemiology of Plant Diseases/Tropical Plant Diseases. Genetics & Plant Breeding/Biotechnology. Hari Krishan JAYAS. Grain Storage/Grain Drying/Grain Quality Monitoring. Sheo Gopal MOHAPATRA. Epidemiology/Disease Management/Wheat Improvement/IPR. Kuruppacharil Varkey PODILE. Lal Chand RAJARAM. Horticulture/Genetics & Plant Breeding. Biodiversity/Biotechnology/ Ethnopharmacology. Plant Molecular Biology/Plant Biotechnology. Soil Chemistry/Soil Fertility. Chandra Shekhar PANDEY. Sharad Eknath PENTAL. Agroforestry/Forest Ecology/Silviculture. Trilochan MUKHERJEE. Soil Science/Agricultural Chemistry.302 JAIN. Plant Pathology/Seed Pathology/Soil-borne Diseases. Plant Genetics/Plant Breeding/Plant Biotechnology. Soil Fertility and Fertilizer use/Cropping Systems/Sustainable Agriculture Agronomy.K. Plant Breeding/Genetics. Sanjaya RAMAMOORTHY. Grain Legume Improvement (Plant Breeding & Cytogenetics). Rajendra PUSHPANGADAN. Genetic Engineering of Corp Plants. Digvir Singh JUWARKAR. Ananda Kumar PRADHAN. Trichoderma/Fungal Genetics/Secondary Metabolism. Dharani Dhar PAWAR. Molecular Biology/Microbiology. NAGARAJAN. Prasun Kumar MUKHERJI. Veterinary Parasitology. Plant Microbial Interactions/Agricultural Microbiology/Microbial Ecology. Pramod Behari MISRA. Remediation of contaminated ecosystems/Wastewater reuse and recycle/Environmental Biotechnology/ Persistant Organic Pollutants. Jurgen KUMAR. Bharatula Year Book 2015 Cytogenetics/Plant Breeding/Agricultural Research Policy. Subrahmaniam NARAIN. Rajendra Singh PATHAK. Asha Ashok KHARE. Environmental Phycology/Cyanobacterial Proteomics and Genomics/ Abiotic Stresses. Wazir Singh LAL. Plant Breeding/Genetics/Biotechnology. Suman Kumar PARODA. Rup KRANZ. M. . Bhaskaran Pillai Mohan MATHUR. Soil Chemistry/Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition/Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Gurdev Singh LAKRA.

.P. Rattan Lal Agronomy/Cropping-Farming Systems/Organic Farming. Aquatic Ecology/Environmental Science/ Conservation. SINGH. Kishan Plant Pathology/Sugarcane Research & Management. D. Jitendra Prasad Genetics/Plant Breeding. Monkombu S. SETHUNATHAN. Neelamraju Ganga Prasada Plant Breeding/Genetics. SRIVASTAVA. Kolluru VBR Microbiology (Soil/Agril. VIRK. ZINGDE. Plant Biotechnology/Algal Technology/Plant Proteins/Biogas Technology/Plant Tissue/Cell Cultures Phytochemicals. Narpinder Post Harvest Technology (Food Science & Technology). Ebrahimali Abubacker Plant Genetics & Breeding. Mahesh Datta Marine Pollution. Microbiology). Vishwa Raman Prasad Fish & Fishery Science. SINGH. Mulpuri Plant Genetics and Biotechnology. Cytogenetics/Sustainable Agriculture/Ecoconservation. TIWARI. Nambrattil Environmental Microbiology. SHARMA.Agricultural Sciences RANA. Bobby L. Disease Resistance Breeding/Disease Epidemiology and Control /Maize Breeding. SWAMINATHAN. VIRMANI. ZUTSHI. RAO. Udai Pratap Agriculture/Plant Sciences. SONI. Kamlesh Narayan Agricultural Engineering/Soil and Water Engineering/Water Resource Engineering. SINHA. SINGH. WILCOXSON. Shyam Kumar Plant Genetic Resources/Crop Genetics and Biotechnology. TILAK. Chandra Prakash Plant Nutrition. Rai Singh 303 Genetics/Genetic Resources Management/Biodiversity Conservation. Roy D. Hari Krishna Plant Breeding/Molecular Genetics. SUJATHA. Daljit Singh Genetics & Plant Breeding. Kirti Horticulture/Agricultural Education. SHARMA. RENFRO. SIDDIQ. Shashi Bhooshan Nematology. Dayananda Soil Sciences/Agricultural Toxicology. SHARMA. VENKATARAMAN. SRIVASTAVA. Diseases of Cereals. SIDDAVATTAM. Balbir Krishna Animal Production/Physiology. SINGH. YADAV. Surinder Mohan Sustainable Agriculture/Improved Natural Resource Management. Lalgudi V.

Rabindra Nath Genetics/Developmental Biology/Molecular Biology. Genetical. CHAKRAVARTY. BHATTACHARYA. Physiology of Reproduction/High Altitude Physiology. Amalesh Chandra Protozoology/Parasitology/Marine & Estuarine Biology/ Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecology. CHOUDHURY. DAS. Gobardhan Infectious Diseases/Genetic Engineering/Immunity. DAS. BAMEZAI. Wasim ALI. Taxonomical and Evolutionary Aspects) Name Specialization AGARWAL. DASH. BHATNAGAR. Qaiser Husain Nematology (Taxonomy and Ecology of Plant & Soil Nematodes). Chandi Charan Cytogenetics/Cytochemistry. R. Madhab Chandra Ecology (Soil Ecology & Vermitechnology. DAS. Samir Comparative Endocrinology& Molecular Signaling. DASH. Ashim Kumar Immunology/Molecular Biology/Genetics. Functional. Asit Baran Comparative Animal Physiology/Biochemistry. 304 . S. Shailja Parasitology/Experimental Filariasis/Antifilarial Drug Discovery/Vaccine Discovery. CHATTORAJ. Insect Physiology & Toxicology. BHATTACHARYA. Rakesh Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases/Vaccine Development/Bioinsecticides. BHAT. Molecular Genetics (Human/Animal). Population Ecology) and Environmental Science (Systems Analysis and Modeling. Hombe Gowda Sharat General Genetics/Human Chromosomes. Devidas Kisan Rao General & Comparative Endocrinology/Environmental Science/Comparatative Biochemistry. BHATNAGAR.N. Nematology/Taxonomy/Ecology. Genetics/Human Genetics. Hari Charan AHMAD. Najma Zaheer Metabolic Regulation/Aging Brain Diabetes. Environmental Conservation and Environmental Management. Entomology. BHATTACHARYA. Colonel Vinod K.Animal Sciences (Structural. Pushkar Nath Animal Genetics & Breeding. A. Nirmal Kanti Physiology/Embryo Technology. Cellular and Environmental Toxicology. Aditya Prasad Parasitology. DATTA-MUNSHI. Shelley Mechanistic. Fish Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology/Developmental Biology/Sexual Development.N. Developmental. Ecological. BAQUER. Environmental Laws). BHATTACHARYA. BELSARE.K. CHATTERJEE. Sher BALASUBRAMANIAN. BAQRI. CHANDRA. Jyoti Swarup Fish & Fisheries/Ecology/Cell Biology. Behavioural.

DESAI. KAPOOR. MAITRA. Aparna Developmental Biology/Insect Physiology/Comparative Endocrinology. Dipika Molecular Biology/Cytogenetics. DIGHE. DEV. GUPTA. Sushil Kumar Taxonomy. Motilal Biotechnology/Animal Reproduction/Reproductive Endocrinology MADHUBALA. Ecology/Evolution. Kottore Chidambaram Systematic Ichthyology/River Ecology/Zoogeography. GADAGKAR. MAHALE.Animal Sciences DEKA. Bhagirath Navinkant Marine Environmental Sciences. DUTTA. Raghavendra Animal Behaviour. JAFRI. Ahmad Khalil Fishery Science/Fish Biochemistry/Aquaculture Nutrition. GILBERT. KAMBOJ. Anoop Saran Fish Biology/Endocrinology. Rentala Molecular Parasitology/Cell and Molecular Biology. LOHIYA. Biochemistry/Molecular Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology. Tarini Charan 305 Animal Ecology/Entomology/Environmental Biology. KAUL. KHAJURIA. Smita Dilip Reproductive Biology/Protein Chemistry/Endocrinology. JAIRAJPURI. Rajan R. Purshottam Das Cell Biology. Uma Radiation Biology/Experimental Oncology. Amitabh Evolutionary Genetics/Population Ecology. Gopal Chandra Tumor Biology/Regulation of Gene Expression/Angiogenesis and Nanomedicine. Saumen Kumar Environmental Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology/Chronobiology. GEETHA BALI Behaviour/Neuroethology/Insect Physiology/Biocontrol. JAYARAM. MADAN. Braj Bansh Prasad Endocrinology/Neuroendocrinology/ Reproductive Physiology. MAITI. KHERA. GUPTA. Subhash Chandra Genetics/Cell and Molecular Biology. KAMBOJ. Biswa Ranjan Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology/Histology. Awtar Kishen Cytogenetics. Nawal Kishore Parasitology. GHASKADBI. LAKHOTIA. Satendra Parasitology/Animal & Plant Nematology/Biology of Birds. Vas Genetical/Taxonomical & Evolution/Ecology. Mohammad Shamim Nematology/Environment/ Taxonomy/Evolution. JOSHI. Lawrence Irwin Insect Physiology/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. P. Nirmal Kumar Reproductive Biology/Endocrinology. Kamal Kumar Parasitology. KUNDU. DUTTA-GUPTA. Surendra Madhukar Developmental Biology/Cell Biology/Evolution. Ved Prakash Reproductive Biology/Endocrinology/Drug Development. Hitopdeshak Ecology/Taxonomy of Mammals/Wild Life Conservation/Zoo Management/Museology (Animals). . GUPTA. DEVI. KOUL.

Molecular Taxonomy and Biodiversity Reproductive Biology. Sen Mammalian Cytogenetics/Human Cancer Genetics/Apoptosis/Biology of Telomeres in normal and Cancer Human and Murine Cells/Cancer and Normal Cell Line Authentication of Human and any Mammalian Species (A to Z). Sunil Kumar Immunology/Receptor Biology/Tumor Biology. MARIMUTHU. Michael A. Ajit Kumar Comparative Endocrinology/Animal Physiology. Devendra Tarachand Medical Entomology/Microbiology/BioContainment. Subeer Suhash Year Book 2015 Animal Biotechnology/Endocrinology/ Reproduction.306 MAJUMDAR. PAL. Sinnakaruppan Sericulture/Transgenic Biology/Baculo Virus Vectors. Vilaverthottathil O. Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology/Cancer Biology. Tokindo Developmental Biology. Chinmay Kumar Cancer Genetics/Developmental Genetics/ Functional Genetics. Iqbal Ahmad Developmental Biology of Animals/Embryology/Regeneration. MICHAEL. PANDA. PANDIAN. Tarala Deepak Reproductive Biology/Ovarian Endocrinology/Cell Culture. MEDDA. Taisei Radiation Biology/Medical Genetics. NOMURA. Kambadur Endocrinology/Biochemistry/Reproductive Biology. NANDEDKAR. PARKASH.Genetics and Fishery Science. PATI. Atanu Kumar Chronobiology/Animal Physiology/Ethology. MANNA. Jayanta Kumar Cell Molecular Biology/Developmental Biology/Genetic Engineering. Ravi Zoology/Genetics/Population Genetics. MURALIDHAR.R. Rachakonda Animal Physiology/Marine Biology/Invertebrate Endocrinology. MALHOTRA. NAGABHUSHANAM. NIAZI. Rajender Kumar Animal Physiology/Developmental Biology/Muscle Biology. MATHUR. MARIA-JOSEPPH. Purshottam Kishore Mammalian Reproduction/Early embryonic development in female/Cell Culture/Molecular Biology. Fish Biology/Ecology (Wildlife). MEHROTRA. Puvvada Kalpana Parasitology/Helminthology/Filariasis. NAGARAJU. MALHOTRA. MATHAVAN. Rajendra Shanker Cell and Molecular Biology. MURTHY. MALLICK. Royappa George Limnology/Freshwater Fisheries. Ganapathy Animal Behaviour and Chronobiology. . MOURYA. Thavamani Jegajothivel Environmental Biology . PATHAK. Y. OKADA. Comparative Endocrinology and Physiology. Birendra Nath Neurobiology of Sleep Wakefulness. OOMMEN. Javare Gowda Genetics and Evolution.

SAIDAPUR. Rakesh Kumar Applied Entomology/Radiation Biology/Animal Physiology and Behavior. Qamar Pulmonary Diseases . Genetics of Mosquitoes/Genome Evolution/Disease Control. Malkiat Singh Insect Morphology/Insect Systematics. SINGH. PURI. RAMAN. ROY. PRASAD. RANGANATH. Srinivas K. SHARMA. Chander Parkash Reproductive Physiology. SAINIS. Isan Kumar 307 Glial Neurobiology/Brain Ageing/ Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection. SHAH. RAI.Wildlife Conservation (Environmental Biology). Man Mohan New Drug Development/Reproductive Endocrinology/Fertility Regulation/ Osteoporosis. Palle Deva Neuroendocrinology/Fish Reproduction/Fish and Fisheries. Rajiva Molecular Cytogenetics/Human Genetics. Evolution and Behaviour. Rallapalli Comparative Animal Physiology/ Environmental Biology. Sreenivasulu Reproductive Biology. Reproduction/Developmental Biology/Stem Cell Biology. B. RAJPUROHIT. Polani B. SAINI. Lal Singh Animal Behaviour (Primate in Particular). RAHMAN.Animal Sciences PATRO. Fish Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology/ Developmental Biology/Sexual Development. SHARMA. Umesh Immunoendocrinology and Reproductive Physiology. Karamjit S. SAHA. Reproductive Biology/Animal Behavior/Evolution. Shashi Bhooshan Nematology. Sunil Kumar Parasitology/Malaria Drug Discovery. Parimal Veterinary Microbiology/Animal Health. Krishna Balaji Immunology/Radiation Biology/Medicinal Plants/Antioxidants. Rameshwar Neurosciences/ Electrophysiology/Brain Ageing. B. PURI. SESHAGIRI. PRASADA RAO. Bukkaraya Samudram Reproductive Physiology/Endocrinology. Mewa Animal Behavior/Ecology/Social Evolution. SETH. SETTY.Toxicology. PRAKASH. . Raman Vadilal Developmental Physiology/Animal Physiology/Comparative Chordate Anatomy. Zoology/Genetics/Evolution. SINGH. RAMAMURTHI. SINGH. Vinod Prakash Entomology/Malariology. RAO. SENTHILKUMARAN. Addicam Jagannadha Regulation of endocrine function of placenta in primates/Role of trophic hormones in differentiation of endocrine tissues/Role of estrogen in regulation of epididymal function. Nirmalendu Comparative Animal Biochemistry and Physiology. Bashisth Narayan Genetics. Hassan A. SHANBHAG. RAI. Ecology . SINGH. Bhagyashri Achut Comparative Endocrinology & Reproduction (Vertebrates)/Herpetology/Animal Behavior. Om Neuroendocrinology/Mammalian Toxicology.

SUBRAMONIAM. SWARUP. Ecophysiology of Fishes and Parasites/Toxicity in Fishes/Nematology. SUBHEDAR. Inder M. Hrishi Bhu Cell Biology/Histochemistry/Neurochemistry. Nishikant Kashinath Neurosciences/Neuropeptides/ Animal Behavior. VERMA. THAKARE. Umesh Chandra Cell Biology/Neuroanatomy/ Neurochemistry. Edathil Neuroendocrinology/Reproductive Biology/Neuroscience. Veena Parasitology/Helminthology. SUBBARAO. Jamshed Rustom Biochemistry/Endocrinology/Development. Chhail Behari Lal Fish Anatomy/Neurobiology. Kunio Molecular mechanisms of lens induction and eye formation. SINGH. Genetic Engineering & Genetherapy. Yagya Narain Entomology/Insect Neurobiology/Neurosecretion. Brij Mohan Fish:systematics & Morphology/Fisheries. Jagdamba Prasad Comparative Endocrinology/Chronobiology/ Embryology. TANDON. Shashi Bala Year Book 2015 Environmental Physiology/Cognitive Neurosciences. T. Pratap Narain Radiation Biology. TANDON. VIJAYAN. Ajai Kumar Endocrinology/Toxicology/Fishery Biology.308 SINGH. SRIVASTAV. TEWARI. SRIVASTAVA. Ganpati Prasad Cell Biology/Histochemistry. SRIVASTAVA. THAKUR. VERMA. THAPLIYAL. Crustacean Reproductive Biology/ Cryobiology. . TATA. R. Krishna Physiology of Fish Reproduction/Vertebrate Endocrinology. Sarala Karumuri Genetics/Malariology/Vector-borne Diseases.S. YASUDA. Vinayak Keshaorao Entomology. SINHA. Mahendra Kumar Neurobiology of Aging. Surendra Nath Physiology/Biochemistry/Aging. SRIVASTAVA. SINGH.

BACHHAWAT. Bruce Michael Biochemistry ALI. Ranjit Kumar Molecular Enzymology/Cell Biology. Immunology) Name Specialization ADHYA. Genetics/Biochemistry/Prokaryotes (Bacteriophages). Microbiology. Sharmila Avadhut Molecular & Cell Biology. BALASUBRAMANIAN. Anand Kumar Molecular Genetics/Microbial Genetics/Biochemistry. Gopal Structural Biology/Molecular Biophysics.Biochemistry. Basanti Photobiology/Molecular Biology/Developmental Biology. Mukul Kumar Host-parasite Interaction/Model Membranes/Targeted Delivery System. Bhabatarak Structural Biology/Biochemistry/Molecular Spectroscopy. Arun Baran Biochemistry/Microbiology/Antibiotics. AHMAD. BANERJEE. BANERJI. BASU. Sankar L. Mahtab S. Uday Biology of Malaria Parasite/Apoptosis and Cell Signalling/Free Radical Biology. Rakesh Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases/Vaccine Development/Bioinsecticides. Joyoti Cellular and Molecular Microbiology of Mycobacteria. BAPAT. Faizan Protein folding/Protein stability/Osmolyteprotein interaction. BHAKUNI. BISWAL. BANERJEE. Janendra Kumar Molecular Biology. BALASUBRAMANIAN. BANDYOPADHYAY. Dewan Singh Natural Products/Bioorganic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry/Marine Natural Products. Dorairajan Ocular Biology/Biochemistry. ALBERTS. Sudha Molecular Biology/Molecular Parasitology. Biotechnology including (Molecular and Cell Biology. BASU. BHATTACHARYYA. Biophysics. Purnima Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Eukaryotic Transcription and Gene Expression/Chromatin and Epigenetics. BATRA. Sandip Kumar Molecular Biology/Microbial Gennetics/Biochemistry. BAMJI. APTE. Manju Molecular Biophysics/Structural & Computational Biology. 309 . Padmanabhan Bio-organic Chemistry/Molecular Biophysics. BHATTACHARYA. Shree Kumar Molecular Biology of Stress and Adaptive Responses and Nitrogen Fixation. Structural and Functional Studies. BASU. BANSAL. BHARGAVA. Biochemistry/Nutrition. Asoke Bio-organic Chemistry. BALARAM. Nahid Biochemistry/Immunology/ Parasitology. BHATNAGAR.

DATTA. CHARY. DAS. CHAINY. Transcription/Chromatin Biology. Molecular Biophysics/NMR Spectroscopy/Structural Biology. CHATURVEDI. Chanchal Kumar Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. CHAUHAN. DAS. CHATTERJEE. CHATTOPADHYAY. BRAHMACHARI. Samir K. Maharani Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering. CHAKRABORTY. Parul Membrane Biochemistry/Biological Chemistry. Pinakpani Structural Biology/Molecular Biophysics/Bioinformatics. CHAKRABORTI. CHAKRABARTI. Samit Cancer Biology. Dipshikha Microbiology/Infectious Diseases/ Immunology. Ananda Mohan Molecular Biology/Microbiology. CHAKRAVORTY. Virander Singh Biophysics/Malaria/Tuberculosis/Peptides. DAS GUPTA. Mohindra Singh Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry. Mamta Molecular Virology/Cell Biology/Immunology. Dhrubajyoti Molecular Virology/Transcription/ Biochemistry. Amitabha Membrane Biology/Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology/Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy. Shantanu Structural and Functional Studies. CHAUDHARY.310 BRAHMACHARI. Kandala Venkata R. Kali Pada Biophysical Chemistry/Molecular Chaperone/Protein Folding. CHAWLA-SARKAR. Biochemistry/Cell Biology/Molecular Parasitology. Maitrayee Plant-Microbe Interaction/Photosynthetic Energy Transfer/ Structure-Function of Protein Kinase. DAS. CHATTOPADHYAY. . Bishnu Pada Carbohydrates/Protein Chemistry/ Immunology. DAS GUPTA. CHAKRABARTI. Vani Epigenetics/Functional Genomics/ Molecular Biology. CHATTERJEE. Asis Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. Dipankar Molecular Biology/Biophysical Chemistry. Pradip Kumar Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/Molecular Microbiology. Saumitra Molecular Virology/Molecular Biology/Antiviral Research. Smriti Narayan Biophysics/Microbiology/Free Radicals & Genetic Toxicology. CHADHA. Pijush K. Subhra Nutritional and Stress Genomics/Proteomics/Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering. CHATTOO. Bharat Bhushan Molecular Biology/Genetics/Biotechnology. CHAKRABARTY. CHATTERJEE. Year Book 2015 Biotechnology/Structural Biology/Genome Analysis. Vijay Kumar Biochemistry/Protein Engineering. Madan Mohan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. CHATTOPADHYAY. DAS. Gagan Bihari Nityanand Biochemistry/Free radical metabolism. Anupam Radiation Genetics/Cancer Genetics. CHATTERJI. Pradeep Immunology & Parasitology/Molecular Biology/Cell Biology-Apoptosis and Cell Signalling. Immunology. CHOWDHURY. CHAKRAVORTTY.

Rakesh Kumar JHANWAR. Biophysics. Functional Molecular Epidemiology & Biology/ Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression/Genetic Hypervariability/Molecular Pathogenesis/ Disease Intervention. Suman Kumar DHARMALINGAM. Microbial Genomics/Bioenergy/Biopolymers. Immunology/Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. Osamu IVANOV. Jimut Kanti GHOSH. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Enzymology. GHOSH. Plant Virology/Maize/Legume Viruses. Chitra D’SOUZA. Kasturi DATTAGUPTA. DNA Replication/Cell Cycle Regulation/Parasitology. Stanislaus Francis EHTESHAM. Biochemistry/Plant Tissue Culture/Plant Molecular Biology.Function Relationship in Proteins. Cell Biology/Drug Delivery. Chhitar Mal GUPTA. Rajesh Sudhir GOPINATHAN. John DHAR. Suresh C. Applied Enzymology and Environmental Biotechnology with special reference to Immobilized Enzymes and Cells. Jiban Kanti DAVISON. Vadim Tikhonovich JAGANNATHAN. Environmental Biotechnology/Microbiology/ Microbial Genetics. Cancer Genetics/Molecular Biology/Genetic Medicine.Biochemistry. Genetic Engineering. Biophysics. . Amit GHOSH. Molecular Biology. Munishwar Nath HASNAIN. Seyed Ehtesham HAYAISHI. K. Biochemical & Molecular Pharmacology. Balaram GHOSH. Richard Earl GANESH. Molecular Biology/Biotechnology/Genetics. Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Bioorganic Chemistry/Biochemistry. Membrane Biology/Medicinal Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry. Nasreen Zafar FORD. Kanak Lata DIKSHIT. Applied Enzymology. Molecular Biophysics/NMR. Bio-organic Chemistry/Nucleic Acids Peptides/Medicinal Chemistry. Namasivayam GHOSE. Chemical Biology/Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/Skin Biology. Madhu DUTTA. Biotechnology DATTA. Girjesh GOWRISHANKAR. DIKSHIT. GOVIL. Ranjit Kumar GOKHALE. Arvind Mohan 311 Molecular and Cellular Biology/Genetic Engineering/Functional Genomics. Biological Crystallography/Protein Structure and Function/Modeling. Karumathil P. Nagappa GAUTHAM. Enzymology & Enzyme Technology/Plant Biochemistry/Structure. Prahlad C. Biotechnology/Bioprocess Engineering. Biomolecular Structure/X-ray Crystallography/Computational Biology. Jayaraman GUPTA. Vipin Chandra KAYASTHA. KALIA. Molecular Biology. K. Molecular Biology and Cell Biology. Peptide Chemistry/Membrane Biology/Biophysical Chemistry. Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology/ Proteomics of Eye Diseases. GHOSH. Microbial Genetics/Molecular Biology. Tarun K. Venkataraman JAIN.

312 KHAR. Debashis Microbiology/Biochemistry/ Immunology. Gopal Chandra Sperm Biochemistry/Membrane Biology/Enzymology. MANDAL. . MUKHOPADHYAY. Ashok Sadanand Protein folding/Biological Data Banks & Data Mining/ Theoretical Molecular Biophysics & Bioinformatics. MUKHERJEE. MURTHY. KUNDU. Krishna Molecular Biology/Medical Biotechnology. Kaushala Prasad Radiation Biology/Free Radical Biology/Biophysics. Subrata Signal Transduction/Cell Biology/Immunology. Mathur Ramabhadra N. Vidya Vinayak Computational & Structural Biophysics. Valakunja Regulation of Gene Expression/Molecular Biology of Mycobacteria/R-M Systems. Om Prakash Enzymology. Chinmay K. MUKHOPADHYAY. MITRA. V. MADAN. MANDAL. Debasisa Bioinformatics/Biophysics/Structural and Computational Biology. Chitra Cancer Biology/ Glycobiology/Leishmaniasis. Iron Homeostasis/Host-parasite Interaction/ Gene Regulation. KOTHEKAR. MADYASTHA. MAJUMDAR. KOLASKAR. Chintalagiri Biophysical Chemistry/Molecular Biology/ Diagnostic & Nanobiology. Vinay Kumar Molecular Biology/Cell Biology/Biochemistry. Rama Mycobacterial Immunology. MISHRA. Amitabha Cell Biology. NAGARAJ. Subhas Chandra Genetics/Biomaterials/Regenerative Medicine/ Tissue Engineering. Sangita Immunology/Tubuculosis (Infection)/Cell Signaling. Rabi Theoretical Molecular Biophysics. MAJUMDER. Ashok Year Book 2015 Biochemistry/Tumour Immunology/Mammalian Cell Culture. MAITI. NOMURA. Ramakrishnan Peptide & Protein Biochemistry/Membrane Biochemistry. Balaji Infectious Diseases/Immunology. MALHOTRA. NANDICOORI. MAJUMDAR. MISRA. KITHIGANAHALLI. MUKHOPADHYAY. Hemanta Kumar Biochemistry/Parasitology/Molecular Biology. MOHANTY. Madhava Kattigari Bioorganic Chemistry/Xenobiotics Metabolism/Microbial Transformations. MAHAJAN. MUNIYAPPA. KUNDU. MISHRA. Motilal Molecular Biophysics/Biophysical Chemistry. Tapas Kumar Transcription Regulation/Chromatin Structurefunction/Small Molecule Modulators of Chromatin Modifying Enzymes. Nitai Chandra Molecular Biology. KOLLURU RAMAIAH. Suresh Kumar Molecular Genetics. NAGARAJA. K. MAJUMDER. Mira Applied Biology/Microbiology/Biotechnology/ Transfer of Technology. Taisei Radiation Biology/Medical Genetics. N. Molecular Genetics/Cell Biology/Genomics. Molecular Biology/Gene Expression/Translational Regulation. MOHAN RAO. X-ray Crystallography/Structural Biology/Protein Evolution. Rakesh Kumar Molecular Genetics/Genomics/Epigenetics.A.

RAMAMURTHY. Kalluri Subba Neurochemistry/Aging/DNA-repar. ROYCHOUDHURY. RAY. PARMAR. PANDEY. RAO. Bhanuprakash Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Nutrition. QADRI. Susanta Human Genetics/Cancer Genomics/Cancer Cell Biology. Suryaprakash Immunology/Infectious Diseases/Vaccines. Subramania Chemical Biology.R. Structural Biology. SAMBHARA. RAMACHANDRAN. Arvind Complement Biology/Molecular Virology. . S. Sanghamitra Cell Biology/Signal Transduction. Kavirayani Indira Biophysical Chemistry/Free Radical Chemistry of Antioxidants/Radiation & Photochemistry. Biotechnology PADMANABAN. M. Dinakar M. Girish Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Protein Science Biotechnology. Ashok Microbial & Enzyme Technology/Food & Fermentation Technology. SANYAL. RAGHAVA. PRAVEEN. Biophysics. Rajan Structural Biology/Enzyeme Mechanism/XRay Crystallography. RAO. Prasanta Kumar Biotechnology/Immunology/Toxicology/ Environment Sciences/Cancer. Vishweshwaraiah Biophysical Chemistry/Protein Chemistry/ Enzymology/Nutraceuticals/Nutrition and Food Biotechnology.Biochemistry. Satyanarayana Molecular Biology & Cell Biology/Genomics & Human Molecular Genetics. Ayub Immunology/Microbiology/Biochemistry. RANJEKAR. Shelly Biochemistry/Biotechnology/ Molecular Plant Virology. RAO. Desirazu Narasimha DNA-Protein Interactions. ROY. Anil Kumar Biochemistry of Parasitic Infection/Metabolic Disorders. PRAKASH. REDDY. G. Surendra Singh Physiology/Biochemical Pharmacology/Chemical Pharmacology/ Medicinal Chemistry/Biochemistry/Chemistry. Balaji Structural Biology/Biochemistry. PANDA. Thandavarayan Microbiology (Enteric Diseases) RANGANATHAN. PRASAD. Kaustuv Eukaryotic Chromosome Segregation/ Centromere-Kinetochore/Epigentics. Ram Lipid Metabolism. Syamal Immunology/Parasitology. Dulal Biochemistry/Biophysics/ Biotechnology. Basuthkar Jagadeeshwar Genome Repair/Recombination/ Protein-DNA Interaction/Biology of Cellular Adaptations/ Computational Biology. Prabhakar Kamalakar Biochemistry/Plant Molecular Biology. PRAKASH. Govindarajan 313 Molecular Biology/Recombinant DNA/Malaria Parasite Biology. Gajendra Pal Singh Bioinformatics. RAJASEKHARAN. Sib Sankar Cancer Biology/Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Disorders. SALUNKE. SAHU. PRIYADARSINI. SAHNI. ROY. RAO. Rajendra Membrane Biology/Fungal Genetics/Drug Resistance. RAHA. Microbial Biochemistry. RASTOGI. SANKARANARAYANAN.

Molecular Biology/DNA Fingerprinting. Avadhesha Year Book 2015 Molecular Biophysics/Magnetic Resonance/Quantum Biology & Pharmacology. Epidemiology and Vector Control/TribalForest Malaria/Malaria in Pregnancy. Infectious Diseases/Protein Toxins. Microbial & Molecular Genetics/ Biotechnology/Molecular Biology. NMR/Biophysics. Chandrima SHANMUGAM. Reproductive Biology/Conservation Biology/ Microbiology/Extremophiles. Ranbir Chander SONTI. Theoretical Biology/Mathematical Ecology/Complex Systems. Narayanaswamy SRIVASTAVA. Structural Biology/Malaria/Protein Function.314 SARAN. Debi Prasad SASISEKHARAN. SHARMA. Biochemical Toxicology/Neurotoxicology/Developmental Toxicology. Molecular Plant Virology/Proteins Chemistry/Enzymology. Ashok Kumar SINGH. Materials Electrochemistry with emphasis on Batteries/ Fuel Cells/Supercapacitors and Solid Ionics. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Handanahal S. Biochemistry. Pratima SINHA. Ellora SEN. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics/ Protein Structure.S. Ramesh SHARMA. Vishwanathan SAVITHRI. Sisinthy SHUKLA. Microbiology/Plant Protection/Plant Genetics. Yogendra SINHA. Ranjan SETH. Structure. Molecular & Cell Biology/Immunology/ Molecular Medicine. Anil SARKAR. Biomolecular Structure & Function. Cell Biology/Physiology. Genetics & Developmental Biology. Molecular Biology/Yeast Genetics. SEN. SEN. L. Randhir SINGH. Plant Genomics/Bioinformatics/Plant Disease Resistance. Brahm Shanker SRIVASTAVA. Biochemistry/Molecular Cell Biology/Drug Delivery/Biotechnology. Radiation Biology. Biochemistry/Biophysics/ Microbiology. G. Tumour Virology/Cell Proliferation. Ramesh Venkata SRINIVASAN. Protein Folding & Design/Cell Surface Carbohydrate/Molecular Biology of Malaria Parasite and Anti-malarial Drug. . Ravindra Kumar SRIVASTAVA. Sudha SUROLIA. Cell Biology/Environmental and Cancer Cell Biotechnology/Human Genetics. Prahlad Kishore SHAHA. Neeru SINGH. Enzymology/Hormone Action Mechanism/Aging. Tilak Raj SHASHIDHARA. Function and Evolution. Parimal C. Wildlife Conservation and Genetic Diversity. Function and Interaction of Proteins. Lalji SINGH. Bam Bahadur SINGH. SHIVAJI. Somdatta SOBTI. Amit Prakash SHARMA.

Biotechnology SWAMY. Biochemistry & Protease Biology. Molecular Biology. Anil Kumar TYAGI. James D. Molecular Microbiology/Bacterial Genetics/Genomics. Structural Biology/Structural Genomics/Biochemistry. Krishnaswamy VISHVESHWARA. Mamannamana VIJYRAGHAVAN. Rishendra VIJAYAN. Rakesh Kumar VARSHNEY. WUTHRICH.Biochemistry. Microbiology/Immunology/Mycology/Lab Science. Molecular Genetics. Ram WATSON. . Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology/Nuclear Receptors in Health and Disease/Nuclear Receptors and Drug Metabolism. Snehasikta TRIPATHI. Umesh VERMA. Developmental Genetics. Chemical Biology/Glycobiology/Drug Discovery. Saraswathi VISHWAKARMA. Computational Biology/Structural Biology/Quantum Chemistry. Musti Joginadha SWARNAKAR. Molecular Biology/Protein Synthesis/DNA Repair. Stem Cell/Immunology/Molecular and Cell Biology. X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis/Protein Crystallography/ Molecular Biophysics. Rama Shanker VERMA. Anil Kumar TYAGI. Biophysics. Kurt 315 Protein Chemistry and Protein-Ligand Interactions/Lipid Phase Behaviour and Lipid-Protein Interactions/Biomembrane Structure and Function.

Nitya AYYAPPANPILLAI. Ratan Lal BOGGS. Electro-Chemistry/Thermodynamics/ Membrane Transport. Vinod Kumar ANAND. Organometallic Chemistry/Catalysis/ Sustainable Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry/Inorganic Reaction Mechanism. Organic Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry/BioOrganic Chemistry/Science Management. Amit BATTERSBY. Physical Chemistry/Molecular Relaxation/Biophysics. Organometallic Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry. Peptides and Peptidomimetics/Organic Synthesis/Bio-organic Chemistry. AHLUWALIA. Alan Rushton BERA. NMR & Polymer. Jagadeesh BHARGAVA. Density Functional Theory/Chemical Reactivity/Nonlinear Dynamics. Krishna Dulal BASAK. Inorganic/Bioinorganic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry/Proteins/Liquid Chromatography. Ravi BLOKHRA. Organic. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry. CHANDRASEKHAR. Vadapalli CHATTARAJ. Organic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry. Physical Chemistry/Theoretical Polymer Chemistry. Chemical Sciences . Photochemistry Ultrafast Absorptions & Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Applied Chemistry) Name Specialization AGARWALA. Ashok Kumar BANERJEA. Ajayaghosh BAGCHI. Physical.Chemical Sciences (Analytical. BHASIN. BORUAH. Organic. Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry. Umesh Chandra Inorganic Chemistry/Organometallic Chemistry/Reaction Mechanism. Kuldip K. Pratim Kumar 316 . Debabrata BANERJI. Srivari CHANDRASEKHAR. Organic Chemistry-Particularly Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Physical. Applied Chemistry. BHATNAGAR. Jitendra Kumar BHADURI. Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Kankan BHUSHAN. Photoresponsive Materials/Self Assembly/Molecular Probes. Biosynthesis of Natural Products especially Tetrapyrroles. Supramolecular Chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry. Inorganic. Romesh Chandra BRAR. K. Achikanath C. Amiya Prasad BHARATAM. T.Magnetic Resonance. Theoretical Chemistry. Suresh Kumar BHASIKUTTAN. James E. Enantiomeric Resolution. Surendra Prasad BHATTACHARYYA. Ajaib Singh CHAKRABORTY. Tushar Kanti CHANDRASHEKAR. Biman BAKHSHI. Organic Chemistry. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Green Chemistry/Environmental Chemistry. Physical Chemistry/Ultrafast Lasers/Organized Assemblies.

. Specially Cu-63 and Cu-65 NMR Studies. GANGULI. DHAR. Dip Singh Physico-Inorganic Chemistry/Copper (I) Chemistry in Pure and Mixed Non Aqueous Solvents. DHINDSA. CLARK. DHAVALE. Debabrata 317 Kinetic & Reaction Mechanism/Catalysis/ Photocatalysis. Laxmiprasad Dhanshanker Coordination Chemistry. Anthony Kevin Chemistry of Materials. Gautam Radhakrishna Supramolecular Chemistry/Crystal Engineering/Drug Design. CHEETHAM. Durga Nath Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Natural Products. GHANTY. FEREY. Sneh Kumar Physical Chemistry/Photochemistry. Namdeo Shriramji Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of Materials/Solid State Chemistry. GUPTA. DESIRAJU. GARIKAPATI. GHOSH. DAVE. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/Spectroscopy. Dipankar Electronic Structure of Solids/Nano Materials/Conducting Polymers. Purna Chandra Carbohydrate Chemistry/Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Amitava Inorganic Synthesis/Molecular Recognition/Supramolecular Chemistry/Photoinduced Processes and Electron Transfer. Kuldip Singh Inorganic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry/Biological Chemistry/Agrochemicals. Hirendra Nath Femtosecond Visible. Rup Physical Chemistry. Ashok Kumar Nanomaterials/Superconductors. DUTTA. GAJBHIYE. Infrared & Terahertz Spectroscopy/Ultrafast Photochemistry & Reaction Dynamics in Solution Phase/Ultrafast Electron Transfer Dynamics/Nanostructured Quantum Dot Materials.Chemical Sciences CHATTERJEE. CHATTOPADHYAY. Dilip Dattatray Organic Chemistry/Carbohydrate Chemistry. GOPALAKRISHNAN. GUPTA. Gerard Physical Chemistry of Solid and Material. DAS. Vinod Kumar Chemical Sensors/Waste Water Treatment/Electroanalytical Chemistry. DOGRA. Satya Prakash Quantum Chemistry/Biophysics/ ComputerAided Drug Design. GUPTA. Richard R. Tapan Kumar Physical Chemistry/Theoretical Chemistry/ Density Functional Theory. GUPTA. ERNST. GHOSH. DAS SARMA. GILL. Jagannatha Solid State/Materials Chemistry. Subrata Bio-organic Chemistry/Asymmetric Synthesis/Biocatalyst. Robin Jon Hawes Transition Metal Chemistry/Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy. Kailash Chand Nano-Biotechnology/Nucleic Acids Chemistry. Narahari Sastry Theoretical Chemistry/Computational Chemistry/Computational Biology. Swapan Kumar Theoretical Chemistry/Soft Condensed Matter Physics/Computational Materials Science.

Ramakrishna V. Ajit Chand NMR Spectroscopy. KOTHA. KHETRAPAL. Anil Physical Chemistry/Kinetics & Photochemistry/Nanomaterials. KUMAR. Ramesh Narain Organometallic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry. Giridhar Udapi Rao Physical Chemistry/Applied Chemistry/Applied Physics. Physical Chemistry/NMR/Structural Biology. KANT. KESSAR. Mukund Keshao Organic Chemistry. Eluvathingal Devassy Computational Chemistry/Quantum Chemistry. S. KUMAR. Faiz Ahmed Organic Chemistry. JAIN. Dharam Vir Singh Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. KISHORE. JEMMIS. KHANDELWAL. Pradeep Synthetic Methodologies/Asymmetric Synthesis/Total Synthesis of Biologically Important Natural Products. Physical Chemistry/Kinetics and Mechanism/Analytical Chemistry. KUMAR. Saumen Asymmetric Synthesis/Asymmetric Catalysis/ Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS)/Stereodivergent Synthesis of Compounds with MultiStereocenters. Mirza Mohammad Taqui Inorganic Chemistry/Homogeneous Catalysis. Satinder Vir Synthetic Organic Chemistry. KULKARNI. Malcolm Harris Magnetic Resonance.R. IYER. Subodh Organic Chemistry/Mol. KUMAR. Bishan Lal Inorganic Chemistry/Organometallics/ Analytical Chemistry. Chunni Lal NMR/Chemical Physics. HAJRA. Ahmed Medicinal Chemistry/Organic Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry. Anil Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and its applications to Quantum Computing and Biomolecular Structure Determination. .318 GUPTA. KHAN. Sivaraja Chemical Technology. JAIN. Vishnu Deo GUPTA. Shivayogi Pattadarya Organic Chemistry HOSUR. LEVITT. Vimal Kumar Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry. LEWIS. GURJAR. Yugul Kishore Year Book 2015 Organometallics/Coordination Chemistry. Mannepalli Catalysis/Materials/Organometallic Chemistry. Badar Taqui Coordination Chemistry/Bio-inorganic Chemistry/Organometallics/ Catalysis. Amolak Chand Organic Chemistry/Bio-Organic Chemistry. Lord of Newnham Inorganic Chemistry/Environment. KHAN. KATIYAR. Sarvagya Singh Kinetics/Enzymology/ Immunology/Physical Chemistry. Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry. JAIN. Anil Thermodynamics/Physical Organic Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry. KAPOOR. Nand Physical Chemistry/Biothermodynamics/ Biophysical Chemistry. HIREMATH. LAKSHMIKANTAM. KAMAL. KHAN. KUMAR. Sambasivarao Organic Synthesis/New Synthetic Methods. Krishna Physical/Surface Chemistry. KUNWAR.

K. Organometallic Chemistry. MAHAJAN. S. MUGESH. MUKHERJEE. Debashis Theoretical Chemistry. Tarlok Singh Metal Coordination Chemistry . Mass Spectrometry. Irishi Narayanan Organic Chemistry/Organic Synthesis Reaction Mechanism. Hiroshi Photochemistry/Laser Fabrication/Time resolved Spectroscopy. Organic Chemistry. K. G. Dandinasivara S. 319 . MAHADEVAPPA. MUKHERJEE. NATARAJAN. NARULA. Kunnath P. Govindasamy Bioinorganic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry/Chemical Biology. Prakash Dattatray Chemical Kinetics & Dynamics/Atmospheric Chemistry. Suraj Prakash Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry. MADHUSUDANAN. Manoj Kumar Physical/Theoretical Chemistry. NAIK. NEELKANTAN. Jyotirmayee Molecular Photochemistry/Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy/Supramolecular Chemistry. Ashwini Supramolecular Chemistry/Crystal Engineering. Shashidhar Srikantiah Organic Chemistry. Srinivasan Inorganic Materials Chemistry. Physical Chemistry/Chemical Kinetics/Radiation Chemistry/ Analytical Chemistry. MATTOO. Samaresh Biological & Bioinorganic Chemistry/Magnetochemistry. Metal Mediated C-S Rupture. Shyamalava Inorganic Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry/Biochemistry. MOHANTY. MISHRA. MASUHARA. Umesh Chandra Environmental Sciences/R&D Management/Radiation Protection. Goverdhan Organic Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry.Chemical Sciences LOBANA.A. NANGIA. MYSORE. Organic & Natural Products Chemistry. Mohinder Pal Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry/Development of Novel Synthetic Strategies in Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds/Heterodiene Cycloadditions.N. MEHTA. MISHRA.a Directed Approach. MEHROTRA. NAGANAGOWDA. MITTAL. MITRA. MAITY. Brij Nath Analytical Chemistry/Physical Chemistry/Forensic Science. Ashok Kumar Fluorescence Spectroscopy/Physical Photochemistry.C. Dilip Kumar Theoretical & Computational Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry/NMR Spectroscopy/Biomedical Magnetic Resonance. MALHOTRA. MAZUMDAR. Tulsi Radiation Chemistry/ Photochemistry/Laser Chemistry/Ultrafast Spectroscopy. Jai Pal Radiation & Photochemistry/Chemical Dynamics/Laser Chemistry. MISHRA. NAMBOOTHIRI.

RAO. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry.Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. Coordination Chemistry/Organometallics/ Catalysis. Thermodynamics/Non-linear dynamics/Solid State Processes/Combustion Chemistry & Propulsion. RAO. PANDEY. Suprabhat Medicinal Chemistry/Development of Fertility Regulating Agents. RATANASAMY. Sourav Theoretical Chemistry. PAKRASHI. . Surya G. Daya Shankar Organometallic/Bioinorganic/Supramolecular Chemistry. Basireddy Venkata Subba Asymmetric Synthesis/Medicinal Chemistry/Green Chemistry. T. Ramasamy Physical.320 NIGAM. Dipak Kumar Radiation Chemistry/Photochemistry/Ultrafast Spectroscopy. PANDEY. RAMARAJ. PATI. REDDY. Gudipaty Sreenivas Inorganic Chemistry/Organometallic Compounds . PRAKASH. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. PALIT. RADHAKRISHNAN. Paul Catalysis/Zeolites. Thirumalachari Inorganic Chemistry/Chemical Dynamics/Leather Science. Materials Chemistry. RANGAPPA. Haridas Photo-Chemistry/Chemical Dynamics/ Electron-Transfer/Supramolecular Chemistry. Naba Kishore Theoretical Chemistry. OGAWA. S. RASTOGI. RAMASAMI. Krishna Bihari Inorganic Chemistry/ESR Spectroscopy/ Mössbauer Spectroscopy. RAMA RAO. PERIASAMY. RAO. Gidnahalli Karagappa N. REDDY. PAL. ROY. Tarasankar Inorganic Chemistry/Nano Science/Catalysis. P. Raja Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Raghunath Prasad Physical Chemistry/Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium. Nallagounder Chemistry/Fluorescence Spectroscopy/Materials Chemistry.High Purity Materials. REDDY. Hira Lal Year Book 2015 Inorganic Chemistry/Magneto Chemistry/Electro Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry/X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy. Seiji Functional MRI. RAMANATHAN. RAO. RAY. Ganesh Prasad Organic Synthesis/Bioorganic Chemistry. Swapan Kumar Quantum Magnetism/Generalized Charge and Energy Transfer and Transport/Nonlinear Optics and Optoelectronics/Cold Lattice. RAY. Perumal Photosciences/Ultrafast Spectroscopy/Nanophotonics. PAL. Alla Venkata Organic Synthesis/Natural Products/Medicinal Chemistry. Benjaram Mahipal Catalysis/Green Chemistry/Nano-materials. PERUNTHIRUTHY K. Kalya Jagannatha Physical Chemistry. Chemistry of Materials. PANDEYA. PAL.. Satyesh Chandra Chemistry of Natural Products. RAMAMURTHY. K.K. Chebrolu Pulla Inorganic Chemistry. M. Venkatachala Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. K. Organic/Energy/Hydrocarbon Chemistry. Chintamani Nagesa R.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Arun Kumar SIVARAM. SINGH. Harjit SINGH. Venkatesan SURESH.& N. M. Polymer Chemistry/Photo Chemistry/Reaction Kinetics of Oxidation/Complexometry Science and Technology of Leather. Liquid Crystals/Surface Science. Organic Chemistry.Sacetals as the key substrates. Heterocyclic Chemistry/Supramolecular Chemistry.S. Musti J. Anil Kumar SINGH. SRIVASTAVA. Gurbachan Singh SINGH. Inorganic Chemistry. Sarjit Singh SANTAPPA. Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics/Network Thermodynamics/Biophysical Transport Studies. Physical/Theoretical/Organic Chemistry. Vishwakarma SINHA. Ramesh Chandra SUBRAMANIAN. Protein Chemistry and Protein-Ligand Interactions/Lipid Phase Behaviour and Lipid-Protein Interactions/Biomembrane Structure and Function. Polymer Science/Industrial Organic Chemistry/Science. Mushi SASTRI. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Development of New Methodologies. Chemical Sciences/Organic Chemistry. Malladi Narsimha SATISH. Prakash Chandra SRIVASTAVA.Chemical Sciences ROY.P. Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Bio-organic Chemistry. Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Harkesh Bahadur SINGH. Natural Product Chemistry/Microbial Synthesis/Prostaglandin Biosynthesis and Assay. Protein Structure/X-ray Diffraction/Peptide Design/Drug Discovery. Gangavaram V. Photochemistry/Time-resolved Spectroscopy. SIDHU. Jagir Singh SANDHU. Kattera Appanna SURYAPRAKASH. Rajendra P. Vinod Kumar SINGH. Analytical Chemistry/Nuclear Chemistry. K. Technology and Innovation Management. Glyco. NMR Spectroscopy/Liquid Crystals. Chemical Science/Organic. Tej P. Organic Chemistry. 321 Synthetic Protein Chemistry/Chemical Biology.Natural Product Chemistry. Nagarajarao SWAMY. Swaminathan SRIKRISHNA. Sheo SCHWARZ.and Peptide Chemistry/Drug Discovery/Organic Synthesis. Multicomponent Domino/Tandem Reactions Employing Oxodithioesters/Thioamides/S. SAMANTA. Helmut SHARMA. TIWARI. Theoretical Chemistry/Computational Chemistry/Computational Biology. Organic Chemistry/Organic Photochemistry. Organometallics/X-ray Diffraction/ Supramolecular Chemistry. Pashupati Prasad SINGH.Green. A. Maya Shankar SINGH. Anunay SANDHU. . Coordination Chemistry/Environmental Science. Organometallic Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry.

322 TYAGI. M. Avesh Kumar VARADARAJAN. Jhillu Singh ZAIDI. Organic and Biological Chemistry and Technology. Organic Chemistry (Natural Products). Polymer Science/Polymer Chemistry.P. Sandeep VIJH. Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.P. Mark Stephen WOLFRUM. Rajesh Kumar VENKATAPPA. Organic Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry. Coordination Chemistry. Chemistry. Physical Chemistry/Bio-polymers/X-ray Diffraction Studies. . Indra Kumari VARSHNEY. Jurgen Manfred YADAV. I. Srinivasan VARMA. Laser Diagnostics in Chemistry/Combustion/Catalysis/Systems Biology. VERMA. Padma VATSA. Organic Synthesis/Natural Products. VASUDEVAN. Photophysics and Photochemistry of Clusters/Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry/Coulomb Explosion. Ashok Kumar WRIGHTON. Saiyid Aftab Ahmad Year Book 2015 Nuclear Materials/Nano-ceramics/Functional Materials. Electrochemistry/Solid State Science/Chemical Physics of Interfaces.

Petroleum Geology/Structure-Tectonics & Stratigraphy. Baldev Raj BAJPAI. Environmental Geochemistry/Water Environment/Rock-Water Interaction. Sourendra K. Mesozoic Vertebrate Palaeontology/Evolution of Mesozoic Mammals/CretaceousPalaeobiography of India. Earth System Science (Geophysical Sciences). Subhrangsu Kanta AGRAWAL. Govind Joseph CHAMYAL. Durga Prasada Rao DIMRI. Stable Isotope Geochemistry/Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry/ Palaeo Climatology. Metamorphic Petrology/Ore Geology. Dharma Pal Stratigraphy/Tectonics/Geodynamics. Shankar FYFE. Palaeoclimate/History of Science & Technology/Evolution of Mind/Traditional Knowledge Systems. Talat AJAI ARORA. GUPTA. Jitendra Nath GUNTUPALLI. Archana BISWAS. Anil Kumar 323 . Tropical Meteorology/Monsoon Dynamics/Predictability of Weather and Climate.R. Experimental Petrology/Thermodynamics. Cosmochronology/Geochronology/Mass Spectrometery. V. Vertebrate paleontology/Biostratigraphy/ Paleobiogeography. Geomatics/Environment/Natural Resources Management. Alok K. Anny CHADHA. Geo-Sciences. Laxman Singh DAS GUPTA. Geochemistry/Environmental Science. Paleomonsoon/Global Climates/Paleoceanography. Geosciences/Remote Sensing. Planetary Science/Space Science. Sunil BHARDWAJ. Rajender Kumar CHAKRAPANI. Prasad GUPTA. Kunchithapadam GOSWAMI. Oceanography GeographyScientific aspects) Name Specialization ACHARYYA. Quaternary Geology/Neotectonics.Earth Sciences (Atmospheric Sciences. Ionospheric Physics/Geomagnetism/Space Weather. Seismology. Somnath DASIKA. AHMAD. BHATTACHARYYA. Geosciences. Bhupendra Nath GOSWAMI. Earth Sciences : Oceanography. Vinod Kumar GOPALAN. Sanjib Kumar CAZENAVE. Geophysics/Fractals/Signal Processing. Vijay Prasad DORAISWAMY. Tropical Ocean Dynamics/Ocean-atmosphere Interaction/ Monsoons. Anil BHATTACHARYA. Geomagnetism (Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth). Solar System Studies/Solar-Stellar Relationship/ Geochronology. William Seffon GAUR. Igneous Petrology/Geochemistry/Himalayan Geology.

Andrew Herbert KOLLURU. Mass Spectrometry/Palaeoclimatology/ Mathematical Modeling. Seismology and Digital Data Processing).C. Geophysics (Exploration Geophysics. KRISHNASWAMI. Geomagnetism/Aeronomy/Space Physics. Numerical Weather Prediction/Tropical Meteorology/Monsoon Dynamics/Meso-scale Modeling/Climate Modeling. Syed Aftab KESHAVAMURTY. Sushil Kumar HAIDER. Meteorology/Atmospheric Physics/Monsoon Studies/Climate Studies. Syed Zahoor RAI. V. Gurbax Singh LAL. Oceanography and Limnology/River Water Chemistry/Weathering. Geo-Tomography/Earthquake & Engineering and Exploration Seismology/Mathematical Geophysics. Atmospheric Science/Atmospheric Chemistry/Ozone and trace gases.N. Oceanography/Biogeo Chemistry. R. Geomagnetism and Space Plasma Physics. Ram Gopal RAY. Giridhar MERH. Chemical Engineering/Polymers/Catalysis. Sukumar Shyamlal MOHAN. Marine Geology and Geophysics. Metamorphic Petrology/Mineralogical Thermodynamics. Hydrology. Krishna Sree KRISHNAMOORTHY. Structural Geology/Precambrian Geology/Metamorphic Petrology. Dhrubajyoti NAQVI. Structural & Metamorphic Geology/Quaternary Geology. Hydrogeology/Groundwater Hydrology. Janardan G. Structural Geology & Tectonics Ore Geology. KNOLL. Syed Wajih Ahmad NATH. Ravindra Kumar LAL. Sankar Kumar NEGI. Uma Charan MUKHOPADHYAY. Petrology/Tectonics/Environmental Geology. Oceanography. QASIM. Shyam Sundar RAJAGURU. KULANDAISWAMY. Anand MOHANTY. Hydraulics/Water Resources Engineering/Education Planning & Management. Sumit Kumar Year Book 2015 Geophysics/Seismology. Om Prakash PATHAK. Bhan Datt POWAR. Geophysics/Geological Sciences/Earth's Thermal Evolution. Paleontology/Geobiology. Geophysics/Exploration Geoelectromagnetics. Quaternary Geology/Prehistoric Environment. Oceanography/Aquatic Biogeochemistry/ Global Chance. particularly of W.India. Krishnapratap B.324 GUPTA. Tectonophysics & Electromagnetic Exploration. S. Sharad Narhar RAM. Metamorphic Petrology/Mineralogy/ Consciousness Studies /Disaster Management and Mitigation. Shyam MADRAS. . Harsh Kumar GUPTA. Avadh RAMESH. K. Planetary Atmospheres/Mars Aeronomy/Cometary Atmospheres. Maripi Dileep LAKHINA. KUMAR. PANDEY. Atmospheric Sciences/Aerosols/Radiative Forcing. Rengaswamy RASTOGI.

TIWARI. Ramaswamiah Precambrian Geology with special reference to sedimentation structure and stratigraphy. Geochronology. Ecology/Environmental Science. SAHNI. Rajagopal Aeronomy/Solar Terrestrial Physics. Sri Krishna Earthquake Source Studies/Seismotectonics Seismic Hazard. SRINIVASAN. Subhasish Eath Sciences (Geo-Sciences). Khadg Singh Neotectonics/Environmental Geology/Sedimentary Geology. SHETYE. TRIPATHY. . SRIVASTAVA. SOMAYAJULU. Ashok Vertebrate/Biostratigraphy/Biomineralization. SAIN. SHARMA. Sreedharan K. Rabindra Nath Chemical Oceanography/Marine Pollution. WALI. Arun B. SINHA.Earth Sciences ROY. Imaging Subvolcanic Sediments. SHENOI. Mohan K. Shiv Kumar Electrooptics/Spectroscopy/Experimental Mineralogy/ Petrology. TANDON. WYLLIE. Satish Ramnath Physical Oceanography. SRIVASTAVA. Deepak Chandra Structural Geology. Understanding Geotectonics. Oceanography/Geochemistry/Geochronology. VALDIYA. Virendra Mani Geophysics/Gravimetry/Tectonophysics. Carbonatite. SATHEESH.K. Physical Oceanography/Ocean Circulation/Satellite Oceanography. Aerosols/Clouds/Climate. Virendra Krishna Geology Geomorphology/Sedimentology/GeoEnvironment. Sadananda Satheesh C. Paleoclimates). SAXENA. Granite. YADAV. Ram Ratan Climate Change/Palaeoclimate/Tree-ring analysis. P. Peter John Experimental Petrology. Kalachand Inversion & Modeling of Seismic Data : Investigation of Gas Hydrates. Sampat Kumar Sedimentology/Quanternary Geology/Palaeoclimate. Rajesh Kumar Igneous Petrology/Geochemistry/Precambrian Geology. Mahendra Nath Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology/Tectonics/Himalayan Geology. Sisir Kumar Metamorphic Petrology/Geochemistry. SRINIVASAN. Bhamidipati L. Hari Narain Seismology/Meteorology. SEN. Marine Biodeterioration/Marine Biology/ Oceanography. SINGHVI. Kalyan Kumar 325 Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics/Potential Theory/Inverse Theory. SENGUPTA. VERMA. Ashok Kumar Geosciences (Quaternary. Oceanography/Ocean Modeling.N. SRIVASTAVA. Biostratigraphy/Paleoceanography/Marine Geology. Mandakolathor S. WAGH. SINGH. SRIDHARAN. Dilip Kumar Nonlinear Mathematics/Mathematical Ecology/Natural Disaster & Risk Management. VINAYACHANDRAN.

BAHL. Vivek Shripad Stochastic Control and Optimization/Stochastic Algorithms. Soumitro Nonlinear Dynamics/Chaos Theory. BAJAJ. Munirathna Civil Engineering/Information Technology. Shahid Abbas Electronics & Telecommunication. ACHARYA. Computer Science. BHATKAR. BHATTACHARYA. N. Bhargab B. Bikramjit Chemical and Material Technology. Computer Science & Engineering/VLSI Design/Nanotechnology. Damodar Industrial Engineering/Operations Research/Operation Management. ARUNACHALAM. Engineering Sciences. Dipankar Physical Metallurgy. BAHADUR. Jayesh Ramesh Cryo EM & Optical Microscopy/ Nanotechnology/Biomedical devices. Samar Kumar Chemical Engineering/Biochemical Engineering. BISWAS. Chemical and Material Technology. BOSE. Birendra Liquid Crystal Display (LCDs)/Displays . BORKAR. BANERJEE. Pulickel M. BANERJEE. Environmental Engineering/Energy Studies/Limnology. Infrastructure Systems/ National Security Technology. BASU. Sanghamitra Bioinformatics/Soft Computing/Pattern Recognition. Vasudev K. Gautam Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer/Boiling. CHAKRAVORTI. V. Suman Mechanical Engineering/Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences. BASU. Thekkethil Kochandy Satellite Technology. Electronics & Telecommunication. BELLARE. 326 . Kamlesh Kumar Information Technology. CHAKRABORTY. BANERJEE. Tarit Kumar Thermal Sciences/Computational Fluid Mechanics. ARVIND Computer Architectures/Programming Languages and Compilers/Hardware Design and Tools. BALAKRISHNAN. ANANDAKRISHNAN. BANDYOPADHYAY. AJAYAN. Information Technology.R. ABBASI.Engineering Sciences including Engineering Technology (Engineering and Engineering Science. Srikumar Physical Metallurgy/Electron Microscopy. Sivaji Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Equipment/Optimization of High Voltage System/High Voltage Fields. Vijay P.All Others/Liquid Crystals. Instrumentation) Name Specialization AATRE. ALEX. Om Prakash Carlion Materials.S. Computational Electromagnetics/Information Security/High Pefermance Computing.

Vasant R. Satellite Control Systems/Space Technology. Materials Science and Engineering. Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science/Nanomaterials and Alloy Development. G. Zeolites/Catalysis and Reaction Engineering. Membrane Separation/Transport Phenomena/Pollution Control. Sarit Kumar DEEN. DAS. Amitabha GOEL. Franz Josef DUTTA. Prem Shanker GOVINDARAJAN. Subhasis CHAUDHURY. Chemical Engineering/Rocket & Propellant Technology/ Polymer Science. Information Technology. Vasant Ranchhod GOYAL. Suhash Chandra GAIROLA. DUTTA ROY. M. Transport Phenomena/Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics. Rama GOWARIKER. Santanu CHEBIYYAM. Sirshendu DURST. Mohamed Jamal DEY. Multiphase Flow/Heat Transfer. Mechanical Engineering/Energy Sciences. Atul Harish CHOUDHARY. Information Technology. Dinesh Kumar GHOSH. Subhasish DE. Circuits/Systems and Signal Processing. Fluid Dynamics. Dwijesh K. Bhartendu Kumar GANGULY. Nanoelectronics/Optoelectronics/ Nanotechnology. Nuclear Materials/Ceramic/Powder Metallurgy. Computer Science & Engineering. Siva Ram Murthy CHHABRA. Engineering and Engineering Science/Chemical and Material Technology. Computer Science/Remote Sensing/Atmospheric Science.Engineering Sciences CHANDA. CHOKSHI. Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulics/Fluvial Hydraulics. Kundan Lal 327 Digital Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/Computer Vision. Bidyut Baran CHAUDHURI. Fluid flow measuring techniques with emphasis on laser Doppler and phase Doppler anemometry/Numerical fluid mechanics with emphasis on method developments/Turbulence with emphasis on anisotropic turbulence. Wireless Communication and Networking. Satellite Technology/Spacecraft Mission Planning & Operations/Earth Observation and Communication Satellites & their Applications. Machine Dynamics & Robotics/Manufacturing Science. Kamanio CHAUDHURI. Petroleum Engineer/HRD Specialist. Rajendra Prasad CHOCKALINGAM. . Computer Vision/Multimedia/Image Processing//Haptics. CHATTOPADHYAY. Chaitanyamoy GAUTAM. Bhabatosh CHANDRASEKHAR. Prasanta Kumar DAS. A. Computer Science/Pattern Recognition/ AI/Fuzzy Logic/Cybernetics. Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/Natural Language Processing. Pradip DUTTA MAJUMDER. Jyotirmay DAS. Electronics/Optoelectronics/Nanomaterials.

GUPTA. JAYARAM. KALAM. Rangachar Narayana Building Science/Disaster Mitigation/Structural Dynamics/ Random Vibration/Earthquake & Wind Engg. Malay Kumar Image & Video Analysis/Machine Intelligence/ Computer Science. KUNDU. MAITI. KOTHARI. Avadhesh Kumar Year Book 2015 Polymer Science/Polymer Blends and Composite Materials. KUNZRU. Rangachari Physical Metallurgy/Materials Science. Synthesis and Purification of Materials/High Temperature Solid State Chemical Sensors/Fuel Cells/High Temperature Reactions.J. Asok Kumar Mechanical Engineering. Anil Nuclear Reactor Engineering/Structural Engineering/Nuclear Safety. KRISHNAN./Nonlinear Systems. LELE. GUPTA./Aircraft Design/Technology Management. Sita Ram Electro-Chemistry & Industrial Chemicals. Thomas Information Theory/Signal Processing/Matrix Theory. Muralidhar Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer/Laser Instrumentation. GUPTA. Tarun Solid and Structural Mechanics. Dwarkadas Pralhaddas Power Systems/Energy Machines. Abdul Composite Material Technology/Rocket Technology and Technology Management. Vikram Semiconductor Physics and Technology.328 GUPTA. KRISHNAMURTHY. .C. Ashok Telecommunications/Computer Networks/Fiber Optics. Surjya Kumar Stress Analysis/Finite Element Methods/Fracture Mechanics. HARITSA. KASHYAP. Narinder Kumar Plasticity and Impact Engineering. Jayant Ramaswamy Information Technology. GUPTA. Shrikant Physical Metallurgy/Materials Science. A. KRISHNAN. MALLIK. Deepak Structured Reactors/Catalysis/Petroleum Refining.P. Ramakrishnan Image Processing/Remote Sensing. JACOB. KAKODKAR. KANT. IYENGAR. Kallarackel Thomas Thermodynamics of Materials/Extraction. Devang Vipin Chemical Engineering. GUPTA. Vikram Materials Science/Ceramics. Saurindra Nath Polymer Technology/Polymer Blends & Micro Nano Composites/Bio-degradable Polymer Systems. A. Sudarshan Kumar Transportation Planning and Engineering/Higher and Technical Education. JHUNJHUNWALA. HARINARAYANA. Santosh Kumar Polymer Engineering & Science/Optimization/Simulation of Chemical Engineering Systems. KUMAR. Anil Polymerization Reaction Engineering and Controls. Bhagwati Prasad Superplasiticity/Thermo-Mechanical Treatment/Grain Boundary Phenomena. KUMAR. MAITI. KAILATH. KHAKHAR. Suresh Chandra Control & Instrumentation/Space Technology. Oil & Paint Technology. KHANNA. Kota Aeronautical Engg.

Manohar Lal Technical Acoustics/Industrial Noise Control/Automotive Noise Control. NETRAVALI. Jagdish Electronic Materials/Laser Processing of Materials/Naroscale Characterization. NAIK. Wireless Communications. Ranjan Kumar MAMIDALA. Bahadur Chand Engineering Sciences-Vibrations/ Instrumentation Control/ Intelligent Control. Sushmita Computer Science. MISRA. Jagadesh Kumar MANNA. Nanoelectronics. NAKRA. NAIR. NARAYAN. MURTY. Physical Metallurgy/Phase Transformation/Nanomaterials/ Surface Engineering. . MEHRA. Sukumar Renewable Energy/Power System/Smart Grid. Narasimha Murty Pattern Recognition/Machine Learning. MITTAL. MEHTA. MISHRA. PADMANABHAN. Sanak Metallurgy/Material Science. MUSTI. Surya Pratap Process Metallurgy/Mathematical Modeling and Simulation/ Process Development and Control/Mineral Processing. Neelesh B. MUNJAL. Ashok Polymer Science & Engineering. Sanjay Fluid Dynamics/High Performance Computing. MITRA. Lalit Mohan High Temperature Composite Materials/Carbon Science & Technology/ Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology. Budaraju Srinivasa Nano Materials/Composites/Phase Transformations. MEHROTRA. Abhijit Civil Engineering/Structures/Sustainability. Kuppuswamy A. NATARAJAN. Kootalai Anantaa I. NARAHARI.Engineering Sciences MALLIK. Sanjit Kumar Analog and Digital Signal Processing/Image Processing. Arun N. Anurag Multiphase Reaction Engineering/Surface & Colloidal Systems/ Nanomaterials. MODAK. Communications/Networking. MASHELKAR. Mechanical Metallurgy/Metal Forming/Superplasticity and Plasticity. Niranjan Krishna Polymer Matrix Composites/Textile Composites/Aerospace Technology. PACHAURI. MISHRA. Raghunath Anant Polymer Science & Engineering/Molecular & Convective Diffusion/Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics/Rheology. Yadati Game Theory/Network Economics/Electronic Commerce. Rajendra Kumar Energy Economics/Energy Engineering. MUKHERJEE. Mineral Beneficiation/Biometallurgy/Environment/Corr osion/Hydrometallurgy. MITRA. Indranil 329 Electrical Engineering (Communications). Gopalan Madhavan Space Technology/Rocket System Design/Science and Technology Management. Jayant Moreshwar Chemical Reaction Engineering/Bioprocess Engineering/Systems Biology. MANOCHA.

RAMASWAMY. Balaji Sundar Wireless Communication/Coding Theory/Communication Theory. Ashutosh Nanotechnology/Colloid and Interface Sciene/Self-assembly. Computer Science & Information Technology. M.Circuits & System. Arogyaswami Joseph Electronics & Telecom/Information Technology. Baldev Metallurgy/Materials Science & Technology/Non-destructive Evaluation/Nuclear Technology. Surendra Microwaves/Electromagnetics/Space Communication/Satellite Navigation (GPS. GALILEO). Ashutosh Electromagnetism/Partial Differential Equation's in Engineering. Suryanarayana Computer Systems/Speech & Script/Natural Language Processing. Ganapati Digital Signal Processing/Soft Computing and Digital Communication. RAJ. A. RAO. SHARMA. Srinivasa Materials Science/Engineering. PAULRAJ. Subrata Materials Development including Cast Metal Matrix Composites /Nanocomposites and Energy Materials. PAL. RAJARAMAN. Rudrapatna K. REDDY. Aerodynamics. Nanoelectronics/Nanotechnology/ Microelectronics.330 PAL. RANGANATHAN. SARMA. Paranandi V. PRAMANIK. Sankar Kumar Year Book 2015 Pattern Recognition and Image Processing/Neural Networks. Raghunath K. SHARMA.Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence/Spoken Language System. Anurag Fiber and Integrated Optics/Gradient-Index Optics/Applied Optics. Surendra Signal Processing & Communication. Fuzzy Systems/Soft Computing and Data Mining/Bioinformatics. PATNAIK. Ramgopal V. SHARMA. Raj Human . PANDIT. Raj Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing/Analog VLSI. Vaidyeswaran Computer Science. . Man Mohan Mass Transfer with Chemical Reaction/Separation Technology/Catalysis with Ion Exchange Resins. SHYAMASUNDAR. GLONASS. PANDA. Fiber Optic Communication/Image Processing/Radio Astronomy & Antennas. PRASAD. Lalit Mohan Computer Science and Engineering/Electronics. Puranam Bhaskara S. RAO. SENANI. Arcot Thermal Engineering & Heat Transfer. RAMACHANDRAN. Water Resources Engineering/Irrigation Water Management. Aniruddha Bhalchandra Chemical Engineering/Multiphase Reactors/Cavitation Phenomena. RAJAN. SHEVGAONKAR. GAGAN. RAY. RAO. Palle Rama Physical & Mechanical Metallurgy: Alloy Development.

Dynamics of Mechanical Systems/Tribology. M. Chemical Engineering Kinetics. Kamala Prasad SINGH. Surface Engineering/High Temperature Deformation and Fracture/Impact Dynamics and Ballistic Penetration. Biomimetics/Nanomaterials/Biomaterials. Sundararajarao SUKHATME. Ganapati Dadasaheb ZARABI. Thermal Science and Engineering/Droplet and Spray Combustion. Thermodynamics and Kinetics/Solid Oxide Fuel Cells/Extractive Metallurgy. Computer Science & Engineering/Database Systems. Srikanth SRIVASTAVA. Siddh Nath VARMA. Thermodynamics/Nuclear and Hydrogen Storagematerials/High Temperature Oxidation. Mark Edward WINDLE. Parallel/Distributed Computing. Polymer Materials Science. Prem WELLAND. 331 Power Electronics/Electric Machines/Electric Drives. Polymers/Carbon Nano Tubes. Govindan UPADHYAY. Dharmendra S. Industrial Engg. SUDARSHAN. Alan Hardwick YADAV. Bhim SINGH. Sankar Kumar SRINIVASAN. SOM.D. Transfer Processes/Heterogeneous Catalysis/Environmental Engineering/Renewable Energy. Arvind SINHA. Nanoscience. . Digvijai SINGH. R./Operations Research/System Dynamics. Heat Transfer/Energy.Engineering Sciences SINGH. Chemical Engineering-Multi-phase Reaction Engineering/Green Chemistry & Technology/ Catalytic Science & Engineering/ Nanomaterials & Nanocatalysis/ Biotechnology/Energy Engineering. Polymer Science and Engineering/Rheology and Ultrasonics. Mobile Computing Wireless Networks. Bhabani P.J. Suhas Pandurang SUNDARARAJAN. Ram Prakash SINHA. Microelectronics. VRAT.

Statistics/Probability/Econometrics. Fluid Mechanics. AGRAWAL. Mathematical Modelling/Biofluidmechanics. Aloknath CHAKRABORTY. Srinivasamurthy BHATIA. Ramachandra Rao ADHIKARI. Mathematics/Algebra. Ayanendranath BASU. Uma BHANDARI. CHAKRABARTI. Statistics. Ramakrishnan BALASUBRAMANIAN. Ram Prakash BANERJEE. Works of Srinivasa Ramanujan/Complex Function Theory/Optimization and Control Theory. Manindra AMARANATH. Probal CIARLET. Sukumar Das ADIMURTHI. BAMBAH. Mihir B. Hydrodynamic & Hydromagnetic Stability. Philippe G. Computer/Information Science) Name Specialization ACHUTHAN. Abhoy Pada BAKER. Peeyush CHAUDHURI. Applied Mathematics/Fluid Dynamics/Numerical Analysis and Wavelets. Shashi Prabha BAISNAB. Arup BUJURKE. Fluid Mechanics/Dynamical Oceanography/Dynamical Meteorology. Applied Mathematics/Fluid Mechanics. Differential Equations. Theory of Computation. Prem Kumar BHOSLE. Fluid Mechanics/Magnetohydro Dynamics/Plasma Dynamics/ Astrophysics. Applied Mathematics/Boundary Value Problems/Integral Equations. R. Parametric Statistical Inference/Biostatistics. Paninjukunnath Applied Mathematics/Theoretical Physics/ Optimization/Approximation/Mathematical Modeling/Science and Spirituality Studies. Computer Science. Number Theory/Discrete Geometry. Ashwani Kumar BHARGAVA. Number Theory. Tirumalasetty ARUNACHALAM. Partha Sarathi CHANDRA. Number Theory. Fluid Dynamics/Boundary Layer Theory/Differential Equations/ Jet Flow/Tensor Analysis. Somenath BOSE. ARYA. Alan BALAKRISHNAN. Mathematics. BANSAL. Functional Analysis/General Topology.Mathematical Sciences (Pure Mathematics. Fluid Mechanics : Rotational flows/Physiological flows. Kripasindhu CHAUDHURI. Statistics. 332 . Operations Research/Biomathematics/Fluid Mechanics. Number Theory/Combinatorics. Nagendrappa M. Jawahar Lal BASU. Algebraic Geometry. Noncommutative Geometry/Operator Algebras/Global Analysis. A. Pudury V. General Topology/Mathematical Education. ADABALA. Applied Mathematics. Numerical Analysis/Mathematical Elasticity/Plates and Shells/Applied Differential Geometry. Ushadevi Narendra BISWAS.

Mathematical Sciences

COX, David
DANDAPAT, Bhabani Shankar
DANI, Shrikrishna Gopalrao


Statistics/Applied Differential Geometry.
Fluid Mechanics/Flow Stability/MHD.
Lie Groups/Ergodic Theory/Probability
DEO, Satya
Algebraic & Differential Topology.
DEY, Aloke
Analysis/Numerical Approximations/Fourier
Analysis/Complex Analysis/Finite Element
Methods/Computer Aided Design.
DUBE, Shobh Nath
Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer.
DATTA, Basudeb
Combinatorial Topology/Convex & Discrete
GEETHA, Srinivasa Rao
Mathematical Analysis/Functional
Analysis/Approximation Theory/Wavelet
GHORPADE, Sudhir Ramakant
Algebraic Geometry/Coding
GHOSH, Jayanta Kumar
Mathematical Statistics & Applications.
GHOSH, Mrinal Kanti
Stochastic Control/Stochastic Dynamic
Games/Mathematical Finance.
GOPALA KRISHNA, Jonnalagedda Innovative Psycho-Mathematical Management
Techniques/One/Sev Complex
GOVIL, Narendra Kumar
Approximation Theory/Complex
Analysis/Fourier Analysis.
GOYAL, Anand Narayan
Astronomy/Information Theory/Integral
GUNDALA, Ramanaiah
Applied Mathematics/Fluid Dynamics.
GUPTA, Manjul
Functional Analysis-Schauder Bases,
Decompositions/Scalar & Vector Valued
Sequence Spaces/Operator Theory - Ideals of
Linear Operators, Hypercyclicity &
Approximation Property.
GUPTA, Radha Charan
History of Mathematics.
GURJAR, Rajendra Vasant
Algebraic Geometry/Commutative Algebra.
HANS-GILL, Rajinder Jeet
Geometry of Numbers.
IYER, Jaya Naganathan
Algebraic Geometry.
JAIN, Amolak C.
Computational Fluid Mechanics/Heat
Transfer/Hypersonic Rarefield Flows.
JAIN, Ashok
Mathematical Modeling/Science & Society.
JAIN, Padam Chand
Applied Mathematics/Numerical
Analysis/Computational Fluid
Dynamics/Computer oriented Algorithms for
Nonlinear PDE.
JAIN, Pawan Kumar
Functional Analysis/Complex
Analysis/Function Spaces/Inequalities.
JAIN, Rajendra Kumar
Stability of Fluid Flows/Hydromagnetics
Existence/Uniqueness of Solutions of N.S.
Fluid Mechanics/Biological
Oceanography/Physiological Fluid Dynamics.
KADALBAJOO, Mohan Krishen
Numerical Analysis.



Year Book 2015

Combinatorics of Block Designs/Design of
KANDASWAMY, Palanigounder
Atmospheric Waves/Convection/Lubrication
KANNAN, Varadachariar
Mathematical Modeling.
Theory of Optimization/Mathematical
Programming/Operations Research.
KESAVAN, Srinivasan
Partial Differential Equations.
KHANDUJA, Sudesh Kaur
Algebra/Valuation Theory/Number Theory.
KHARE, Shabd Sharan
Algebraic Topology.
Functional Analysis.
Mathematical Physics.
KULKARNI, Ravindra Shripad
Differential Geometry/Riemann
Surfaces/Discontinuous Groups.
KUMAR, Bayya Venkatesulu R.
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential
Equations/Bio- Fluid Mechanics/Parallel
Numerical Algorithms & High Performance
Computation/Mathematical Modeling &
KUNDU, Debasis
Statistical Signal Processing.
LAL, Shiva Narain
Analysis/Mathematical Programming.
MAJUMDER, Partha Pratim
Human Genetics/Biostatistics.
MANDAL, Birendra Nath
Water Waves/Integral Equations/Integral
MEHTA, Vikram B.
Algebraic Geometry.
MISRA, Gadadhar
Operator Theory/Operator Spaces.
MISRA, Jagadis Chandra
Modeling/Mechanics of Solid and Fluids.
Fluid Dynamics/Graph Theory.
MOHAN, Ratnakaram Nava
Science/International Education.
MOHANTY, Ranjan Kumar
Applied Mathematics/Numerical
Analysis/Differential Equations/Computational
Fluid Dynamics.
MUKHERJEE, Shyama Prasad
Statistics/Operations Research.
MUKUNDA, Narasimhaiengar
Classical & Quantum Mechanics/
Mathematical Physics/ Theoretical Optics.
MURTHY, Chivukula Anjaneya
Pattern Recognition/Image Processing/Soft
MURTY, Vijayakumar
Number Theory/Algebraic Geometry and
Inforamtion Technology.
NARASIMHADEVARA, Vijayaditya Information Technology.
NARASIMHAN, M. Seshachalu
Analysis/Differential Geometry/Algebraic
PAL, Nikhil Ranjan
Computational Intelligence/Pattern
Recognition/ Bioinformatics.
Algebraic Geometry/Differential
Algebra/Algebraic Geometry.

Mathematical Sciences



Probability Theory/Quantum Information
PARTHASARATHY, Rajagopalan Representation of Lie Group.
PASSI, Inder Bir Singh
PATHAK, Ram Shankar
Distribution Theory/Transform
Analysis/Wavelet Analysis and Applications.
PEDLEY, Timothy John
Biological Fluid Dynamics/Biomechanics/
Mathematical Biology.
PONNUSAMY, Saminathan
Complex Analysis/Special
Functions/Function Spaces.
Mathematical Statistics.
PRASAD, Dipendra
Automorphic Representations.
PRASAD, Phoolan
Partial Differential Equations/Fluid
Dynamics/Nonlinear waves.
Lie Groups & Algebraic Groups.
RAJWADE, Anant Ramchandra
Algebraic Theory of Numbers.
RAKA, Madhu
Number Theory/Algebraic Coding Theory.
RAMAMRITHAM, Krithivasan
Database Systems/Real-time Systems/WWW.
RAMANAN, Sundararaman
Algebraic & Differential Geometry.
Partial Differential Equations/Nonlinear
Functional Analysis/Control Theory.
Number Theory.
Nonlinear Dynamics/Time Series Analysis.
RAO, Calyampudi Radhakrishna Statistics/Matrix Algebra.
ROY, Bimal Kumar
ROY, Rahul
Probability Theory.
RUDRAIAH, Nanjundappa
Applied Mathematics - Fluid Mechanics.
Analytic Number Theory/Elementary Number
Commutative Algebra.
SANKARAN, Parameswaran
Topology/Algebraic groups.
SAXENA, Ram Kishore
Special Functions/Integral Transforms/
Fractional Calculus.
Multivariate Inference/Directional Data
Analysis/ Reliability.
SESHADRI, C. Srirangachari
Algebraic Geometry.
SHAH, Nimish Arun
Lie Groups and Ergodic Theory.
SHARAN, Maithili
Applied Mathematics/Environmental &
Physiological Fluid Mechanics.
SHARMA, Divakar
Estimation Theory.
SHARMA, Ramesh Chandra
Magnetohydrodynamics/Plasma Physics/
Stabilities in Geophysics/Oil Recovery.
SHARMA, Vishnu Dutt
Applied Mathematics/Quasilinear Systems of
PDEs/Nonlinear Gasdynamic Waves.
Fluid Mechanics & Magnetohydrodynamics.
SHOREY, Tarlok Nath
Theory of Numbers.
Combinatorics/Graph Theory.
SHUKLA, Jang Bahadur
Mathematics/Astronomy & Its History (History
of Mathematics & Astronomy).
SINGAL, Asha Rani
General Topology/Mathematics Education.
SINGH, Ajit Iqbal
Functional Analysis/Harmonic Analysis.


SINGH, Kamla D.
SINGH, Mahendra Pal
SINGH, Sarva Jit
SINGH, Surjeet
SINGH, Vikramaditya
SREEHARI, Maddipatla
SRIDHARAN, Ramaiyengar
SRIKANTH, Pannapalli N.
SRINIVASA RAO, Killampalli
SRIVASTAVA, Abinash Chandra
SRIVASTAVA, Kailash Nath
SRIVASTAVA, Krishna Mohan
SRIVASTAVA, Radhey Shyam
SRIVASTAVA, Ramesh Chandra
SUJATHA, Ramdorai
SUNDER, Viakalathur Shankar
SURESH, Venapally
SURY, Balasubramanian
TAMIZHMANI, Kilkothur M.
TANDON, Prahlad Narain

TEWARI, Udai Bhan
THAKARE, Nimba Krishna
VAIDYA, Arun Madhusudan
VERMA, Jugal Kishore
YAU, Shing Tung

Year Book 2015

Mathematics (Differential Geometry).
Theory of Relativity/Geometry.
Applied Mathematics/Bio-fluid Dynamics/Air
Pollution Modeling.
Applied Mathematics/Theoretical Seismology.
Theory of Rings/Abelian Groups.
Theory of Functions.
Probability/Stochastic Modeling/
Characterization Problems.
Dynamical Systems/Mathematical
Modelling/Computer/ Information Science &
Nonlinear Functional Analysis and
Applications to Differential Equations.
Fluid & Biomechanics/CFD/Ancient Indian
Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum/
Quantum Groups & Algebras/Special
Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer.
Mathematical Analysis/Applicable
Mathematics/Mathematical Physics.
Entire Function/Integral Equations/Solid
Fluid Mechanics/Plasma Dynamics.
Fluid Mechanics/Biomechanics/Shock
Fluid Dynamics/Numerical Simulation of
Shock Wave Problems/ O.R.
Algebra/Algebraic Number Theory.
Operator Algebras/Functional Analysis.
Algebra/Number Theory/ Arithematic
Algebraic Groups/Number Theory.
Integrable Systems.
Non-Newtonial Fluid Mechanics with
applications to Physiological-Fluid-Dynamics/
Synovial Joint Mechanics/Mathematical
Modelling of Human and Biological systems
and Disposal of Liquid Effluents.
Harmonic Analysis/Functional Analysis.
Mathematics (Classical and Functional
Analysis, Algebra, Discrete Mathematics).
Theory of Distributed Computing.
Topology/Fuzzy Mathematics/History of
Theory of Numbers (Mathematics).
Fluid Mechanics/Magnetohydrodynamics.
Commutative Algebra.
Algebra (Cohomology of Group/ Group Rings
and Algebraic Coding Theory).
Differential Geometry/Differential Equations
and General Relativity.

Medical & Forensic Sciences
(Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Anthropology,
Psychology and Forensic Sciences, Human genetics,
Reproduction Biology, Neurosciences, Molecular Medicine)


ACHARYA, Subrat Kumar
ADAK, Tridibes

Medicine/Gastroenterology/Liver Diseases.
Medicine/Clinical Immunology/Rheumatology.
Human Genetics/Neurogenetics/
Developmental Genetics.
Surgery/Genitourinary reconstruction.
Clinical Pharmacology/Human
Toxicology (Environmental Carcinogenesis).
Pediatrics/Clinical Trials/Pediatrics
Gastrointestinal Biochemistry/Oxidative Stress
and Pathophysiology.
HIV-1/AIDS, Gene Therapy.
General Virology/Immunology of Viruses/Viral
Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Pediatrics Gastroenterology/Pediatrics
Infectious Diseases & Nutrition.
Urology and Renal Transplantation.
Human Genetics/Epigenetics/Biochemistry.
Radio-diagnosis/Medical Education/Hospital
Pharmacology/Medical Education.
Cell Biology/Cancer Chemotherapy/Metabolic
Molecular Biology of Infectious
Pediatrics/Pediatric Gastroenterology.
Paediatric Surgery/Hepatobiliary-G1
Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases.
Diarrhoeal Diseases/Leishmaniasis/HIV/AIDS.
Neuroanatomy/Developmental Neurobiology.
Medical Mycology.

AGREWALA, Javed Naim
AHUJA, Gulshan Kumar
ANAND, Anuranjan
ASOPA, Hari Shanker
ASTHANA, Omkar Prasad
ATHAR, Mohammad
BANERJEA, Akhil Chandra
BASU, Anirban
BHANDARI, Mahendra
BHARADWAJ, Dwaipayan
BHARGAVA, Vinod Kumar
BHAT, Manoj Kumar

BHATNAGAR, Veereshwar
BLAKEMORE, Colin (Brian)




Year Book 2015

Microbial Biochemistry/Immunology.
Medical Virology/Biotechnology.
Medical Virology/Biochemistry/Molecular
CHATURVEDI, Umesh Chandra
Medical Microbiology/Virology/Immunology.
Molecular Medicine/Infectious
Diseases/Molecular & Cell Biology.
Liver Disease/Molecular Epidemiology.
DANDA, Ajit Kumar
DAS, Bhabani Sankar
DAS, Bhudev Chandra
Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular
Virology and Human Molecular Genetics.
DAS, Mukul
Biochemical Toxicology/Chemical
Carcinogenesis/Xenobiotic Biotransformation.
DEO, Madhav Gajanan
Pathology/Cell Biology/Medicine.
DEY, Chinmoy Sankar
Signal transduction/Diabetes/Drug resistance.
Molecular Epidemiology/Genetic
Toxicology/Nanomaterial Toxicology.
DHAWAN, Bhola Nath
DORAIRAJ, Prabhakaran
Cardiology/Clinical Research/Genetic.
DUTTA, Guru Prakash
Immunology/ Contraceptive Technology.
FLORA, Swaran Jeet Singh
Toxicology of Metals/Drug
Development/Chelation Treatment.
GANESH, Subramaniam
Human Molecular Genetics/Neuroscience.
GANGAL, Sharad Vishwanath
GANGULY, Nirmal Kumar
Tropical Medicine/Public Health/Health Policy.
GARG, Pramod Kumar
GOURIE-DEVI, Mandaville
GHOSH, Kanjaksha
GOSWAMI, Ravinder
Endocrinology/Hypocalcemic Disorder.
GOYAL, Ramesh K.
Pharmacology/Basic and Clinical Medical
GUHA, Sujoy Kumar
Biomedical Engineering.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
GUPTA, Narendra Prakash
Medical Microbiology/Virology.
GUPTA, Rakesh Kumar
Magnetic Resonance.
GUPTA, Satish Kumar
Reproductive Immunology/Vaccines/Antibody
GUPTA, Suresh Chandra
Medical Pathology.
GUPTA, Yogendra Kumar
Neuropharmacology/Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology.
HABIBULLAH, Chittor Mohammed Gastroenterology/Hepatology.
HANDA, Sukhdev Swami
Pharmacognosy (Drugs from plants)/Herbal
ITO, Masao
Physiology/Neuroscience/Motor Control.

Medical & Forensic Sciences



Clinical and Pre-clinical Cancer Research
using Molecular Imaging/Magnetic Resonance
Imaging (MRI) & in-vivo NMR
Spectroscopy/Functional MRI
JAMEEL, Shahid
Molecular Virology.
JANA, Nihar Ranjan
Disorders/Mental Illness.
JOHN, Thekkekara Jacob
Infectious Diseases.
JOSHI, Preeti Gangola
KALRA, Veena
Pediatrics (Pediatric Neurology and Liver
Diseases of Children).
KANG, Gagandeep
Vaccines/Public Health/Microbiology.
KAPOOR, Rakesh
Medical Science.
KARTHA, Chandrasekharan C.
Pathology/Cardiovascular Biology.
KASHYAP, Vijendra Kumar
Medical & Forensic
Biology/Biological Medicines.
KATOCH, Vishwa Mohan
Medical Microbiology/Mycobacteriology.
KAUL, Chaman Lal
KOSAGI, Sharaf Jagannatha Rao Neuroscience.
Internal Medicine/Nutrition.
Clinical Pharmacology.
KULKARNI, Shrinivas Krishnarao Pharmaceutical Sciences.
KUMAR, Rashmi
Pediatric Neurology/Infectious Disease.
KUMAR, Vijay
Molecular Biology/Biotechnology/Medical
LAL, Sunil Kumar
LEVI, Francis
Oncology/Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences.
MAHAJAN, Ramesh Chander
MAHAPATRA, Ashok Kumar
Medical Science/Neurosurgery.
MAJUMDAR, Siddhartha
Medical Biochemistry.
MALLICK, Birendra Nath
Neurobiology of Sleep Wakefulness.
MALVIYA, Anand Narayan
MANDE, Shekhar Chintamani
Macromolecular Crystallography/Protein
Structure & Function.
MATHAN, Vadakenadayil Ittyerah Gastroenterology/Epidemiology/Medical
Medical Microbiology/Virology/Immunology.
MEHRA, Narinder Kumar
MEHTA, Veer Singh
MISHRA, Gyan Chandra
Cell Biology/Immunology.
MISRA, Sri Prakash
Gastroenterology/Endoscopy/Liver Diseases.
MISRA, Usha Kant
Clinical Neurology/Neurophysiology/Tropical



Year Book 2015

MOHANTY, Sureswar
Head Injury/Brain Tumour/Brain Edema/Neuro
Cancer Biology/Cancer Genomics.
MUKHOPADHYAYA, Rabindranath Virology/Therapeutic Proteins/Viral Vector for
Gene Transfer.
MUTHANE, Uday Baburao
Medical Science/Neuroscience.
NAG, Devika
NAIR, Gopinath Balkrish
Medical Microbiology.
NATH, Indira
NESTER, Eugene William
Microbiology/Genetic Engineering.
Internal Medicine/Immunology/Hematology.
NOMURA, Taisei
Radiation Biology/Medical
PAL, Gaya Prasad
Anatomy/Biomechanics of Spine.
PANDE, Jitendra Nath
Respiratory Medicine/Clinical Epidemiology.
PARAMASIVAN, Chinnambedu N. Medical Microbiology/Immunology/Molecular
and Cell Biology.
PAUL, Vinod Kumar
Pediatrics/Neonatology/Public Health.
PILLAI, Madhavan Radhakrishna Cancer Biology.
Cardio-Respiratory Physiology.
Neuromuscular Diseases/Clinical
Neurophysiology/Infections of the Nervous
PRASAD, Rameshwar
Chemical Pathology.
RAGHAVAN, Sathees Chukkur U. DNA Repair/Cancer Biology/Genomic
pharmacology/Cerebral stroke.
RAI, Phulena
Veterinary Medicine/Parasitology/
RAMAN, Rajiva
Molecular Cytogenetics/Human Genetics.
Eukaryotic Gene Expression/Infectious
RAO, Chilakalapudi Durga
Molecular Virology/Molecular
RAO, Gullapalli Nageswara
Ophthalmology/Health Planning & Policy.
RAO, Kanury Venkata Subba
Immunology/Peptide Synthesis.
RAO, Salem Ramachandrarao V.S. Cytogenetics.
RATH, Goura Kishor
Medical Sciences/Radiation Oncology.
RAVINDRANATH, Vijayalakshmi Neuroscience.
RAY, Kunal
Molecular Basis of Human Genetic Diseases.
REDDY, Janardan K.
ROY, Subimal
SAKSENA, Vimal Chandra
Pharmacology & Therapeutics.
Molecular Parasitology.
SARIN, Shiv Kumar
Gastroenterology and Hepotology.
SARKAR, Chitra
SATYAVATI, Gowdagere Vedanti Pharmacology/Medicinal Plants/Scientific
SAXENA, Pramod Ranjan
SAXENA, Rajiv Krishna

Medical & Forensic Sciences


SEHGAL, Subhash C.
Medical Microbiology/Infectious Diseases.
SEHGAL, Virendra Nath
SENGUPTA, Ram Prasad (Robin) Neurosurgery/Voluntary Work/Education
SETH, Pradeep
SETH, Shivadayal
Molecular Immunology/Medical Microbiology.
SHARMA, Surendra Kumar
Internal Medicine/Pulmonary Medicine/
Clinical Immunology/Critical Care & Sleep
SHARMA, Yagya Dutta
Molecular Biology/Immunology of Malaria
SINGH, Prati Pal
SINHA, Subrata
Molecular Oncology/Immunology.
SISODIA, Sangram Singh
Neurobiology/Biochemistry/Cell Biology.
Cancer Biology/Genetics/Virology.
SRIMAL, Rikhab Chand
Pharmacology/Toxicology/Natural Products.
SRIVASTAVA, Padma Vasantha Stroke/Multiple Sclerosis/Vascular Dementia.
Infectious Diseases/Medicine/Visceral
SUR, Deepika
Clinical Medical Sciences/Epidemiology/
Clinical Trials.
SURI, Anil
Cancer Biology/Cell Signaling/Gene Silecing.
SUSARLA, Krishna Shankar
Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences/Infectious
TAKEDA, Yoshifumi
Bacteriology/Infectious Diseases.
TALWAR, Gursaran Parshad
Endocrinology/Reproductive Biology &
TANDON, Nikhil
Endocrinology (Diabetes; Thyroid disease;
Metabolic Borne Disease).
TANDON, Prakash Narain
Neuro Surgery/Neurosciences.
TANDON, Rakesh Kumar
Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine.
TEWARI, Swarup Narain
Forensic Science, Medicolegal Toxicology
Narcotic Drug, Firearms, Documents &
Physical Chemistry.
THAMPAN, T.N. Raghava Varman Molecular Endocrinology
(Molecular Mechanisms in Estrogen Action).
Human Genetics/Pharmacogenetics/Medical
TOLE, Shubha
Neuroscience/Developmental Biology.
TRIPATHY, Sriram Prasad
TYAGI, Jaya Sivaswami
Molecular Biology/Genetic
VALIATHAN, Martanda V. S.
Cardiac Surgery/Cardio Vascular
VARMA, Shambhu Dayal


VRATI, Sudhanshu
WADHWA, Shashi
WANI, Mohan Ramachandra

Year Book 2015

Molecular Virology/Vaccinology/
Neurobiology/Developmental Neuroscience.
Bone and Cartilage Cell Biology and
Medicine, Osteoimmunology, Arthristis, Stem
Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine.

S. MHD/Plasma/Heat Transfer. Physics (High Energy Physics). Rabin BANERJEE.C. Mustansir BECKER. Ashoka 343 . Ravindra Eknath ANANTHAKRISHNAN. Anil K. Radio Astronomy/Interferometry/Lunar Environment. BHANDARI. Physics. Gautam BHAWALKAR. High Energy Physics (Theory). Narendra BHAT. Solid State Physics/Amorphous Semiconductors/Nano-Crystalline Semiconductors. Satish Chandra AGRAWAL. Indrani BUDHANI. ANDERSON. Theoretical Physics/Cross Disciplinary Physics. BHATTACHARYYA. Edwin D. Experimental High Energy Astrophysics/X-ray Astronomy. Dipankar High Energy Astrophysics/Computational Astrophysics. Prahlad Chandra AMRITKAR. Srikumar BARMA. Semiconductor Materials & Devices/Solid State Electronics/Materials Science. Solid State Physics/Low Temperature Physics/Thin Films/ Materials Science. Complex Systems/Nonlinear Dynamics/Chaos. Astrophysics. Nuclear Geophysics/Astrophysics. Bimla CHADDAH. Critical Phenomena/Turbulence/Non Linear Dynamics. Jayanta K. Subray Venkatraman BHATNAGAR. Dilip Devidas BHOWMIK. Lasers/Non-Linear Optics. Bal Krishna AGRAWAL. Condensed Matter Physics/ Nanomaterials/Superconductivity. Hardias BANERJEE. Nuclear Physics/Electronic Instrumentation. Statistical Physics. Praveen CHANDRASEKHARA. BOSE. Applied Physics) Name Specialization AGARWAL. Raman Spectroscopy. Ranjan Kumar BOSE. Spectroscopy/Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Astronomy/Astrophysics. B. Ramesh Chandra BUTI. CHANDRA. Low Temperature Physics/Superconductivity. Experimental and Theoretical Physics. Girish Saran Quantum Optics/Laser Physics/Statistical Mechanics. AGARWAL. Plasma Physics. Supercondutivity Magnetism/Low Temperature. Technical Education/Solid State Physics/Electronics & Telecommunication.C. BHATTACHARYA. General Relativity/Quantum Theory/Geometry.Physical Sciences including (Astronomy. G. Physical Metallurgy/Electron Microscopy. Minko BANERJEE. ASHTEKAR. Dwarka Nath Particle Physics/Phenomenology. Solid State Physics. Abhay Vasant BALKANSKI. Philip Warren ANUPAMA. Condensed Matter Physics/EPR/NMR. Shanti Swaroop BHATTACHARJEE. BHATNAGAR.

Atomic. Partha (Sarathy) GHOSH. Nuclear Physics. Hari DATTA. Solid State Physics & Technology of Thin Film & Nanomaterials/Surface Science/Solar Energy. Chandan DAS SARMA. Statistical Physics/Biological Physics/Complex Systems. COWSIK. Naresh CHAPLOT. Gravitational Waves/General Relativity. Debajyoti CHOWDHURY. Jayaram N. Sanjeev Vishnu DRESSELHAUS. Mildred S. Infrared Astronomy/Interstellar Medium/Astronomical Instrumentation. Quantum Field Theory/Gravitation and Astrophysics. Sub-Atomic Physics/Theoretical Physics. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Cosmology/High Energy Physics.344 CHANDRA. Theoretical. Arnab Rai CHOUDHURY. Claude N. Atomic and Molecular Physics. Astrophysics/Elementary Particles/Cosmology/Gravitation. Bijoy Kishore DASGUPTA. Deepak DHURANDHAR. GAMBHIR. Joyanti COHEN-TANNOUDJI. Surface & Nanoscale Physics/X-ray Physics/Ion-solid Interactions. Dipankar DASS. Bhupendra Nath DEWANGAN. Condensed Matter Physics. Ajoy Kumar GHOSE. Samrath Lal CHATURVEDI. CHIDAMBARAM. Foundations of Quantum Theory. CHOPRA. Molecular and Optical Physics. Theoretical Astrophysics/Solar Physics/Magnetohydrodynamics.D. Bulusu L. Debashish CHUTIA. Subhash CHENGALUR. Condensed Matter Physics/Neutron Scattering/Lattice Dynamics. Ramanath DAS. Quantum Information/Stochastic Processes/Quantum Phase Space Distributions. Durga Prasad DHAR. Condensed Matter Physics/Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics/Structure & Dynamics of Condensed Matter. N. Spectroscope observations in Solar Corona. Swapan Kumar DATTAGUPTA. Material Science/High Pressure Physics/Neutron Crystallography/Nuclear Technology. Molecular and Optical Physics/Quantum Information. Shashikumar M. Sushanta DEEKSHATULU. Rajagopala CHITRE. Solar Physics/Gravitational Lensing/Physics and Astrophysics of Collapsed Objects.Planetary Nebulae. Jyotindra N. Communication & Upper Atmosphere/Space Science/Applied Physics. Swarna Kanti Year Book 2015 Atomic. DESAI. Yogendra Kumar GHATAK. Satyendra Nath GHOSH. Statistical Physics. Electronic Structure of Solids/Nano Materials/Conducting Polymers. Fiber Optics/Quantum Mechanics. Materials Science/Metallurgy/Electronics Materials. Radio Astrophysics. Plasma Physics/Solid State Physics. Kasturi Lal CHOUDHURI. DEV. Remote Sensing/Image Processing/System Engg. .

Anjan High Energy Physics. JOG. Theoretical Astrophysics/Cosmology/Gravitation. . Condensed Matter Physics/High Density Matter/Plasmas. JOGLEKAR. JAUHARI. Rajesh Theoretical Physics/Quantum Field Theory/ String Theory. HOME. Budhiram Kulanand Theoretical High Energy Physics. Hem Chandra Standards/Optics/Quantum Optics. Rohini Madhusudan GODWAL. GUPTA. KHARE. Manoranjan Prasad X-Ray Diffraction. GUPTA. JHA. GUPTA. Parshotam Dass Laser Plasma Interaction/High Intensity Laser/X-ray and Plasma Diagnostics. Arun Kumar Particle Physics/Astro-Particle Physics. GUPTA. Sunil Kumar Physical Sciences. Krishnaswamy Astronomy/Astrophysics/Satellite Technology/Remote Sensing. KASTURIRANGAN. Synchrotron Radiation Sources. Arun Mallojirao Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics/Classical and Quantum Transport/Mesoscopic Systems/Stochastic Processes. KAPOOR. JOSHI. Satish Dinkar High Energy Physics Theory. Narendra Pal Solid State Physics/Materials Science/Lattice Dynamics. Pradeep Kumar Lasers/Biomedical Applications of Laser/Nonlinear Optics. GUPTA. Ajit Keshav Extragalactic Astronomy/Theoretical Astrophysics/Data Analysis. Mohan Forensic Ballistics/High Speed Photography/Quality Testing and Evaluation of Materials and Products. Astrophysics. Murli Manohar Spectroscopy.Physical Sciences 345 GODBOLE. Vishwambhar Dayal Study of Macromolecules. GUPTA. JAYANNAVAR. GUPTA. Superconducting RF Cavities. George Remote Sensing/Space Instrumentation. Shyam Sunder Nuclear Physics/Nuclear Particle Detectors/Particle Accelerators & Applications. GOYAL. Sudhanshu Shekhar Solid State Theory/Opto Electronics/Raman Spectroscopy. JOSHIPURA. JOSEPH. Magnetism/Superconductivity/Vortex State Studies/Exchange Bias Phenomenon. JOSHI. GOPAKUMAR. KAW. Chanda J. Dipankar Foundation of Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Information. NMR/NQR/Mu-SR. Laxmi Chand Superconductivity and Magnetism in quaternary borocarbides. Shri Krishna Solid State Physics. GUPTA. Predhiman Krishan Nonlinear Plasma Theory. Ashok Kumar GROVER. KANDPAL. Pankaj S. Avinash Plasma Physics/Statistical Mechanics. Yashwant Astronomy/Astrophysics. KEMBHAVI. Valence Fluctuations and Heavy Fermions. JOSHI.

LAL. Parthasarathi Theoretical Physics (Field Theory). VLSI/Semiconductors Devices. Sulabh Kashinath Year Book 2015 Superconductivity/Magnetism Nano Functional Oxide. Gopal KRISHNAMURTHY. MAJUMDAR. Radio Astronomy. Parmatma Chandra Semiconductor Materials/Electronic Devices/Solid State Electronics. Particle Theory/Field Theory/Cosmology. MARTIN. Pronab Kumar Fourier Optics/Holography/Image Processing. KUMAR. MATHUR. MAITI. H. Physics/Electronics/Information Technology. Mambillikalathil Govind K. Siddheshwar Cosmic Rays and High Energy Physics. Suresh Chandra Time Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy/Microwaves/Speech Processing. H. LOGAN. David Edwin Theoretical Chemistry and Physics/ Condensed Matter Theory/Quantum manybody theory.R. Bansi Dhar Biomolecular Electronics/Biosensors/NanoBiomaterials/ Ordered Molecular Assemblies. Narendra Superconductivity/Disordered System/Statistical Physics. MOHAPATRA. Rabindra N. Saburo Cosmic Rays. Andre Jean Particle Physics/Mathematical Physics. Waman Sadasheo KRISHNA. MEHTA. Phool Chand Molecular Spectroscopy/Electronic Structure Theory/Biomolecular Properties and Reactions. MIYAKE. Naba Kumar High Energy Physics/Neutrino Physics/Particle Detectors. Elementary Particles. Chintamani X-Ray Spectroscopy/Solid State Physics/Materials Science. MITRA. Ravinder Kumar X-ray & Y-ray Astronomy/Space Instrumentation.S. MENON. Krishan Physics of Materials. Asoke Nath Nuclei/Particles & Fields. MANI. KULKARNI. MISHRA. Satya Prakash KHOKLE. Condensed Matter Physics/Statistical Physics/Quantum Many Body Theory. MANCHANDA. Girijesh Kumar Nuclear Physics & Accelerator Based Materials Science and Applications. Conducting Polymers. MONDAL. Kalobaran Correlated Electron Systems/Electron Spectroscopy/Magnetism and Super Conductivity. Surface Science/Material Science/ Nanotechnology. LAL. Atomic and Molecular Physics/Theoretical Physics. MITRA. Muthusamy Theoretical Physics .346 KHARE. LAKSHMANAN. Alak Kumar Magnetism/Low-Temperature Physics. Neeraj KHARE. MUKHOPADHYAYA. MALHOTRA. MONDAL. MANDE. . MEHROTRA. Particle Physics. Biswarup Theoretical High Energy Physics.Nonlinear Dynamics.

OGALE. PADMANABHAN. High Pressure Physics/X-Ray Crystallography/Materials Science/Creativity. PRAKASH. Rajaram 347 Superconductivity/Valence Fluctuation/Mossabauer Spectroscopy/Instrumentation. Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics/Quark Gluon Plasma. Tapan Kumar NITYANANDA. Shobhana NARAYAN. Modification and Characterization. Sudhakar Field Theory/String Theory/String Cosmology. Yash High Energy Physics/Communication/Education. Anand Prakash Condensed Matter Physics/Ion-Solid Interactions/Ion Beams Studies of NanoMaterials-Synthesis. Erode Subramanian Condensed Matter Physics/Instrumentation. Syamala Vemuri NARASIMHAN.K.N. NARAYANA. Roddam NARASIMHAM. Satishchandra Balkrishna Materials Science/Advanced Materials. PANDITA. Experimental Condense Matter Physics/Light Scattering/ High Pressure Research. Superconductivity and Condensed Matter and Materials Science. Condensed Matter Physics/Liquid State Dynamics/Electron Fluids/Nano-Science and Cold Atomic Quantum Gases. PATI. PATI. Chandrabhas NARLIKAR. Dhananjai Ferroics and Multiferroics/Phase Transitions/Materials Science. K. PANIGRAHI. Jayant Vishnu NATARAJAN. RAJASEKARAN. PANDEY.N. . PANDEY. Guruswamy Quantum Field Theory/High Energy Physics. Fluid Mechanics/Aerospace Engineering/Atmospheric Dynamics. Kuppusamy Theoretical Physics/Solitons and Modulational Instability/ Nonlinear Fiber Optics. PANDEY. PAL. PORSEZIAN. Optics/Gravitating Systems/Statistical Aspects of Astronomy. Srinivasa NAYAK. Radhakrishnan NARASIMHA. Thanu Quantum Theory/Gravitation/Cosmology and Structure Formation in the Universe. PANDA. RAJAGOPAL. Cosmic Rays/Particle Physics. Cosmology and Astrophysics. Prasanta Kumar Field Theory/Quantum Computation. Satya Aeronomy/Space Physics. Jogesh Chandra Theoretical Particle Physics. Experimental Solid State/Materials Physics. PATHAK.S. PATEL. Pran Nath Theoretical High Energy Physics/Astroparticle Physics. Arun Kumar Quantum Information/Quantum Computation/Quantum Theory. K. Rajendra Condensed Matter Physics. Anil Kumar Star Formation/Star Clusters/Gravitational Lensing. C. Prem Chand Satellite Oceanography/Atmospheric Sciences/Climate Change and Polar Research. PATHAK. Anant Vishnu NARLIKAR. PRASAD. Laser/Quantum Electronics/Bioengineering.Physical Sciences NAGARAJAN. Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Science/Nanoscience.

Inter-disciplinary Approaches to Science. Srikanth SEN. Abhijit SEN. Sumathi RAO. Theoretical Particle and Astroparticle Physics. Udipi Ramachandra RAYCHAUDHURI. Shasanka Mohan SAGAR. Condensed Matter Physics. Atmospheric and Aerosol Chemistry/Oceanography. Astrophysics. Vinod Chandra SAIKIA. Dhruba Jyoti SAMI. Radio Physics/Electronics/Time & Freq. RANGANATH. Varun SAHNI. Soumitra SHARMA. Optical Astronomy/Star Clusters/AGNS/GR Bursts/Astrophysics/Microlensing. Solid State Physics/Experimental Physics/R&D Management. Amitava SENGUPTA. Magnetism/Superconductivity/Alloys/ Multiferroics. Mohammad SAMPATHKUMARAN. Diptiman SENGUPTA. High Energy Physics/Foundations of Quantum Theory. RAMAKRISHNAN. Subramanian RAMASAMY. Milan Kumar SARIN. Nuclear Physics/Acceleration Physics. Tirupattur V. Theoretical Physics/Applied Physics. Manmohan SARKAR. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics/Quantum Field Theory. Crystal Growth. Standards. High Energy Physics/Gravitation & Cosmology/String Theory. Narayana RAO. . Condensed Matter Physics/UHV Based Analytical Instrumentation//Particle Accelerators. Atmospheric Science/Space Physics/Electronics. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.Experiments and theory/ Development of Beamlines for Indus-2 Synchrotron. RAMAMURTHY. Astronomy/Astrophysics. Ram SAHA-DASGUPTA. Surinder Mohan Year Book 2015 Particle Physics/Field Theory. P.Gobbalipur S. Particle Physics : Field Theory & Phenomenology/Astroparticle Physics. Materials under high pressures . Field Theory/Particle Physics. Tanusri SAHNI. Echur V SANYAL. RAO. Particle Physics. Saurabh Dilsukhray ROY. Krishnendu SENGUPTA. Cosmology/Gravitation/High Energy Physics. Probir ROY. Ashoke SEN. Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Science/Electronic Structure. Durga Prasad ROY. Arup Kumar RINDANI. D. Particle Physics/Neutrino Physics. Liquid Crystals/Optics. Space Sciences/Space Technology. R. Utpal SASTRY. Technology and Society. Condensed Matter Physics/Surface Science/ Nano-materials/Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering. Plasma Physics. Amit ROY. V. String Theory. Condensed Matter Theory. Amitava RAYCHAUDHURI.348 RAMACHANDRAN.

SRINIVASA RAO. High Pressure and Shock Waves Physics/Neutron and X-ray Crystallography/Nuclear Explosions. Bikash Chandra SINHA. X-ray Astronomy/X-ray Instrumentation. Nuclear Physics. Applied Optics/Coherent Optics/Optical Metrology. High Energy Physics (Experimental). Hydrogen Storage Materials and Hydrogen Fueled Devices. NanoMaterials (Fullerences.Physical Sciences SHASTRY. CMR and Multiferrocie Materials. Solid State Physics. Badanaval V. SRIVASTAVA. Microwaves/Molecular Interactions/Phase Transitions. Virendra 349 Condensed Matter Theory/Statistical Mechanics. Nanotubules Graphenes. Condensed Matter Physics. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics/Soft Condensed Matter/Light Scattering. Energy/Plasmas/Applied Physics. Prakash C. Mahendra Singh SOOD. Quasicrystals. K. Ferromagnetic Relaxation & Superconductivity. Chandra Mani SRIVASTAVA. Bal Krishna SRIVASTAVA. Balajapalli Sriram SHIVPURI. SINGH. Shyam Lal SUBRAMANIAM. Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum/Quantum Groups & Algebras/Special Functions. Quark Gluon Plasma/Particle Physics/Cosmology. Yashwant Condensed Matter Theory/Statistical Physics/Theoretical Biology. Chandra Prakash SINGH. Dinesh Kumar SRIVASTAVA. Solid State Physics/Superconductivity/Quantum Hall Effect. X-Ray Crystallography/Crystal Physics. Ram Krishna SHRIVASTAVA. Killampalli SRIVASTAVA. SINGRU. Pyare Lal SRIVASTAVA. Astronomy & Astrophysics/Star Clusters/Stellar Population.K. Astronomy/Observational Cosmology/Signal Processing. SINHA. Cosmic Rays/High Energy Physics and Astronomy. Metal Nanoparticles and Oxide Nanostructures). Prabodh SIKKA. Nuclear Physics. Semiconductor Physics. Kulinder Pal SINGH. Superconductivity. Quark Gluon Plasma. Satinder Kumar SINGH. Rajpal Singh SODHA. High Energy Physics/Quark Gluon Plasma/Early Universe Cosmology. Theoretical Physics/High Energy Physics/Foundation of Quantum Mechanics. Onkar Nath SRIVASTAVA. SREEKANTAN. Solid State Physics/Theoretical Physics/Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. Annapurni SUBRAHMANYAN. Ravi . Ajay Kumar SOOD. Crystallography. Ramesh Chandra SRIVASTAVA. Keshav Narain SHUKLA. Ramesh Madhao Nuclear Physics/Band Theory of Solids/Positron Annihilation. Krityunjai Prasad SIROHI.

Asokan High Pressure Instrumentation & Research/Amorphous Semiconductors/Fiber Optic Sensors. Cosmic Ray Astrophysics. Theoretical Nuclear Physics.350 Year Book 2015 SUDARSHAN. SUNDARRAJAN. VARMA. George Particles/Quantized Fields/Dynamics Foundations. VASAGAM. Seikh Mohammad Magnetism/Neutron Scattering/Condensed Matter Physics. Govind Radio Astronomy/Cosmology. Parma Nand Nuclear Physics/XRF Technique. WAGHMARE. SWARUP. TOWNES. C. Condensed Matter Physics/Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy and Infrared Spectroscopy. YAKHMI. SUNDAR. Mahendra Pratap Solid State Physics/Plasma Physics. Ganesan Condensed Matter Physics. VENKATARAMAN. Sir Arnold W. Umesh Vasudeo Multi-functional oxides/Nanomaterials/Geometric Phases. WAGHMARE. TREHAN.S. WADIA. Jatinder Vir Superconductivity/Magnetism/Molecular Electronics. . Charles Hard Physics/Astrophysics. VIJAYARAGHAVAN. Yogendra Pathak Experimental Nuclear Physics. VIYOGI. VACHASPATI Theoretical Physics. Ramanuja Solid State Physics. Yeshwant R. Ram Kumar Plasma Physics/Classical and Quantum Mechanics. YUSUF. Ramaswamy Manicka Space Guidance & Control/System & Engineering/Engineering Education. Ennackal C. Spenta Rustom Quantum Field Theory/String Theory/Quantum Gravity. WOLFENDALE. VERMA.

Photosynthesis/Leaf Senescence/Plant Photoreceptors. Plant Pathology (Rice)-Epidemiology/Disease Resistance/Chemical Control. Plant Morphogenesis/Biotechnology. BEACHY. Vishwas Anant BASU. Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Biotechnology/Cell and Tissue Engineering/In-vitro Secondary Metabolite Production. Plant Physiology/Plant Biochemistry/Medicinal Plants/Algology. Mycology/Microbiology/Plant Pathology. Madhoolika AHUJA. Palaeobotany/Palaeopalynology/ Biostratigraphy/Environment. Plant Sciences/Agriculture. Hari Om AGRAWAL. Photosynthesis/Plant Molecular Biology. Genetics/Plant Pathology. Molecular Biology/Genetics/Biotechnology.C. Ecology/Environmental Science/Global Climate Change/Air Pollution. Population Biology/Ecology/Evolution. Nirmal Kumar CHAKRABORTY. Virology/Microbiology/Biotechnology. Plant Breeding/Genetics. Cytogenetics/Taxonomy/Morphology/ Biosystematics Biodiversity Evaluation and Conservation. Seed/Soil-borne Diseases. Molecular Biology/Biotechnology/Virology. Plant Pathology/Soil Microbiology. Prakash Singh BISWAL. Naresh CHANDRA. Sharmila 351 . Ecological. Vaidheeswara BAHL. Quantitative Genetics/Plant Breeding/ Participatory Plant Breeding/Biodiversity. Chittranjan BHATLA. AGARWAL.Plant Sciences (Structural. Kamaljit S. Abiotic Stess/Genome Sequencing. Plant Physiology/Seed Physiology. K. Plant Proteomics/Molecular Biology/Biochemistry.P. Paramvir Singh ARNTZEN. Rathindra Narayan BASUCHAUDHARY. Champok Lall CHAKRABARTI. Vernalization/Growth Hormones. Genetical. BANERJEE. Udaya Chand BOISSYA. Manju BANERJEE. Sarmukh Singh BISEN. Bharat Bhushan CHATTOPADHYAY. Satish Chander BHATNAGAR. Plant Improvement. Genetics & Plant Breeding/Biotechnology/Agriculture. Plant Defense/Medicinal Plants. CHANDRA. BAWA. Roger N. Functional. Yash Pal Agriculture/Crop Physiology/Land Use/Climate and Agriculture. Niranjan CHAKRAVARTY. Reproductive Biology/Systematics/ Environmental Biology. Prem Nath BAULCOMBE. Charles Joel ARUNACHALAM. Microbiology and Biotechnology. Ashok Kumar BIR. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry/Plant Growth and Development. S. AGRAWAL. BHATIA. David C. Taxonomical and Evolutionary Aspects) Name Specialization ABROL. Debasis CHATTOPADHYAY. Suchitra BAPAT. G. Sudhir CHATTOO. Developmental.C.

Vibha DHILLON. Sudip CHATURVEDI. Ecology/Floristics/Integrated Resource Management in Watersheds of Mountain & Desert Areas. JAIN. Lakshmi Sita GAUR. Sampa DATTA. Ecology. Madhav Dhananjaya GANUGAPATI. Plant Biotechnology. Bikram S. Plant Breeding/Quantitative Genetics/Biotechnology/Plant Genetic Resources. Photosynthesis/Photobiology/Biophysics. Baldev Singh DIKSHIT.352 CHATTOPADHYAY. Genetical aspects). Floristics/Taxonomy of Angiosperms (Orchids)/Plant Conservation. Harish Chandra DUBEY. Nawal Kishore DWIVEDI. Sudhanshu Kumar JALALI. Plant Pathology.D.R. Ram DHAR. Genetics/Biotechnology/Plant Protection. Harish Chandra CHAUHAN. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chloroplast Structure/Genetics and Photosynthetic Function. Year Book 2015 Developmental Biology/Signal Transduction. . Microbial Physiology/Fungal Biotechnology/Agricultural Microbiology. Premananda DAS. Reproductive Biology/Male sterility. Arumugam GOHIL. Mycology/Plant Pathology/Soil Microbiology. Cell Biology/Cytogenetics. Harsh Ji DAS GUPTA. Bushan L. Ravinder Nath GOVINDJEE GROVER. Plant Biotechnology & Morphogenesis in Plant Tissue Culture. Plant Pathology/Angiosperm Taxonomy/ Bioprospection. Akhtar IQBAL. Indranil DAS.Soil & Nematophagus. Uppeandra DHAWAN. Bioenergy. Plant Pathology/Microbiology/IPM/Research Management. R. Plant Physiology/Plant Molecular Biology. GNANAM. Anil GUPTA. Rama Shankar GADGIL. Shyam Vir Singh CHOWDHERY. Plant Tissue Culture/Biotechnology/Plant Molecular Biology. Cytogenetics/Ethnobotany. Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. Swapan Kumar DAYAL. Bharati GHOSH. Plant Molecular Biology (Functional. Raj Kumar HUSAIN. Plant-virus interactions/Transgenic virus resistance in plants. Echiambady R. Sibdas GILL. Taxonomy/Ethnobotany/Medicinal Plants. Plant Biotechnology/Plant Physiology/ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Muhammad IYENGAR. Microbiology/Plant Pathology/Angiosperms' Taxonomy. GHOSH. Developmental and Environmental Botany/Medicinal Plants. Physiology/Stress Physiology/Molecular Biology. Plant Systematics/Ethnobotany/Conservation Biology. Conservation Biology/Plant Ecology/Exsitu Conservation. Mycology-Aquatic. Plant Physiology/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Anupam DUBE.

Plant Sciences JAUHAR. LAVANIA. Bhavdish Narain Microbial Diversity and Ecology. JHA. M. Sanjay Plant Adaptation and Climate Change Biology/Metabolic Engineering/Bioprospecting genes/Enzymes. KOHLI.V. KHURANA. KHURANA. KUMAR. KIRTI. S. Umesh Chandra Molecular Cytogenetics/ Karyobiology/Gytogenetics in Plant Breeding. KHAREEDU. Virendra Cytogenetics/Mountain Ecosystems Conservation and Development. KHANNA. P. LALORAYA. Bryology. Christian Plant Ecology. KOTHARI. KUMAR. Malathi Plant Molecular Biology. KUMAR. Sushil Plant Biodiversity/Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Paramjit Molecular Basis of Cellular Differentiation/Genetic Transformation of Crop Plants/Genomics and Bioinformatics. Plant Physiology/Plant Biochemistry/Animal Endocrinology. Venkateswara Rao Plant Molecular Biology/Transgenics/Functional Genomics. Har Darshan Algology/Microbiology/Environment. KRISHNAMURTHY. KHANUJA. KRISHNAMURTHY. KHANNA-CHOPRA. JOHRI. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Plant Morphogenesis/Reproductive Ecology/Histochemistry. JHA. Pushpa Physiology/Bio-chemistry. KESAVAN. A. Surinder Pal Pteridophytes/Angiosperms/Systematics/ Cytogenetics/Floristics. Prem Prakash 353 Plant Cytogenetics/Biotechnology/Plant Breeding.M. Suman Preet Singh Molecular and General Genetics/Plant Improvement/Biotechnology. Ravinder Kumar Ecology/Forestry/Weed Science/Ecophysiology. KORNER. Sumita Plant Genetics/Plant Biotechnology. Mangrove Forest/Ecosystems/Ecology/Biological Oceanography/ Ocean Management/Environmental Affairs. KAVI KISHOR. KHULLAR. Plant Physiology.B. KUSHWAHA. KAPOOR. KUMAR. Jitendra Paul Photobiology and Signal Transduction/Molecular Genetics and Genomics of Higher Plants. Parthasarathy Chenna Genetics/Radiation Biology/Sustainability Science. K. Satya P. Sanjay Plant Reproduction/Functional Genomics. Renu Plant Physiology.L. LAKSHMIKUMARAN.S. S. K. .N. LAHIRI MAJUMDER. Pulugurtha Bharadwaja Plant Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Plant Tissue Culture/Transgenics/Plant Biotechnology. KUMAR. Singh Ecology/Biodiversity/Geoinformatics. Bhavanath Marine and Environmental Biotechnology/Plant Molecular Biology/Applied Microbiology.

Satish Chandra MALIK. Resource Assessment. Madhavan P. Taxonomy/Ecology/Ethnobotany. and Field Cultivation (Aquaculture) and Nutritional aspects including Anti-Oxidants of Seaweeds/Bioremediation. PANGTEY. Plant Biotechnology/Genomics/Transgenics. Aditya Narain RAGHAVENDRA. N. Forest Ecology/Phytogeography/Vegetation mapping. Mycology/Plant Pathology/Microbial Biotechnology. Plant Ecogenomics/Sustainability/ Conservation Biology. Radhey Shyam MOHAN RAM. Plant Physiology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology. Akhouri Balram PRASAD. C. PASCAL. Membrane Bioenergetics/Plant Physiology/Photosynthesis/ Biochemistry/Cyanobacterial Physiology. Radiation Genetics and Chemical Mutagenesis/Pesticide Biology/Cytogenetics/Bio-technology. Chander Prakash MANILAL. Taxonomy/Conservation/Endemic & Endangered Plant Species. Plant Growth Substances/Plant Tissue Culture/Plant Microbe Interactions. Molecular Genetics/Developmental and Stress Biology. MANOHARACHARY. Taxonomy of Flowering Plants/Ferns of Uttarakhand. Venkata Subbarao PRAMER. . Virology/Plant Pathology/Cell Culture/Parasitology. Sunil Kumar NADGAUDA. Biology. MUKHERJEE. Ajay Kumar PARTHASARATHY. Lok Man S. Plant Biochemistry/Molecular Plant Physiology/Plant Molecular Biology. Prasanna K. Extrachromosomal DNA Replication/RNAi Suppression. Environmental Plant Physiology/Mountain Ecology/Physiology of Medicinal Plants. Jafar PAL.354 MAHESHWARI. Karl MATHUR. Jean-Pierre PEDDI. Rajani Satish NAYAR. MARAMOROSCH. Vispy Minocher MEHROTRA. Ashwani Kumar Year Book 2015 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Ashwani PARIDA. Shri Narain MEHER-HOMJI. Biodiversity Conservation/Plant Ecology & Taxonomy. Yash Pal Singh PAREEK. Holenarsipur Y. Maharaj K. Amita PALNI. Ecology/Plant Geography/Bioclimatology. David PRASAD. Agepati S. Crop Physiology/Genomics/Abiotic Stresses. Kattungal S. MOHANTY. Microbial Ecology/Research Administration. Physiology of Plant Growth & Development. Plant Biotechnology. Physiology and Biochemistry of Cyanobacteria/Nitrogen Nutrition/Salt Stress and Adaptive Responses. Manoj PUROHIT. Molecular Plant Physiology/ Biotechnology/Genetics/Nanotechnology. Plant Molecular Biology/Biotic & Abiotic Stress Responses/ Molecular Breedings. RAI. Mycology/Plant Pathology/Soil Microbiology. NIZAM. Plant Cytogenetics/Cell Biology/Mutation Breeding. PANDIT.

RAWAT. Parth Sarathi Earth Observation/Remote Sensing/Ecology/ Natural Resource Management. ROY. Arun Kumar Cytogenetics/Cytochemistry/Cell Biology. Reproductive Biology of Seed Plants/Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology. Plant Biotechnology/Secondary Metabolites Food Biotechnology. Anireddy S. SANE. SHARMA. SANDHU. SHARMA. SHARMA. SHARMA. Manju Plant Anatomy/Biotechnology. Lekshmy N. Vudem Dashavantha Plant Genetics/Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Munivenkatappa Taxonomy and Conservation.N. RAJAM. REDDY. RAVEN.Plant Sciences RAINA. SHARMA. Marine Biology/Marine Wood Biodeterioration/Mangrove Ecology. Neera Bhalla Tissue Culture/Transformation of Brassica and Legumes for Abiotic Stress Tolerance/Developmental Biology. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). REDDY. Gyana Ranjan Plant Biotechnology/Environmental Biotechnology/Medicinal and Aromatic Plants/Mutation Research.S. RAMAKRISHNAN. SAMANT. Manchikatla Venkat RNAi/Plant Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering & Polyamine Biology. REDDY. SANTHAKUMARAN. Gokare A. RANGASWAMY. Sumitra Cytogenetics/Cell Biology/Tissue Culture. RAMACHANDRA. Malireddy Kodandarami Plant Sciences/Biotechnology. Rameshwar Prasad Genetics/Plant Biotechnology. Rajindar Singh Microbiology/Mycology/Cell Physiology/Molecular & Membrane Biology. Soom Nath 355 Cellular & Molecular Cytogenetics/Molecular Biology. P. Ecology/Sustainable Development. Balram Genetics & Plant Breeding. Gopal Singh Plant Taxonomy/Natural Resource Ecology & Conservation. Nanjangud S. Plant Sciences/Agricultural Sciences/ Biochemistry. Peter Hamilton Plant Sciences. SHARMA. SANGWAN. RAO. Reddy Attipalli Climate Change and Photosynthesis/Biofuels. Raghavendra Ramachandra Taxonomy/Biodiversity/Medicinal Plants/Conservation/Phytogeography. SEN. Eklabya Forest Ecology/N2-fixation/Watershed Management/Biodiversity Conservation. Rajendra Singh Plant Secondary Metabolism/Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology/Secondary Metabolomics and Synthetic Biology. Sher Singh Plant Taxonomy/Biodiversity Conservation and Management/ Medicinal Plants Conservation. SARIN. Arun Kumar Structural and Functional Genomics/Post Harvest Physiology/ Regulation of Gene Expression. ROUT. Prafullachandra Vishnu Photosynthesis/Plant Biochemistry/Plant Molecular Biology. SANJAPPA. . RAVISHANKAR. Prakash Chand Plant Molecular Biology/Plant Genetics and Cytogenetics. SHARMA.

Rakesh TUTEJA. Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding and Plant Genetic Resources. Ecology/Ecosystems Analysis/Ecophysiology. Taxonomy/Lichenology. SINCLAIR. Prabodh Kumar TULI. Cytogenetics/Plant Genetics Resources. Jamuna Sharan SINGH. Suresh Chandra TANDON. Plant Health Clinic/Food Security/Pesticides/Integrated Pest Management. Plant Physiology/Plant Biochemistry/Plant Molecular Biology. Reproductive Biology of Flowering Plants/Pollen Biology and Biotechnology. Plant Virology/Biotechnology. Physiological and Molecular Basis of Stress Response/Physiology of Water Use Efficiency in Plants/Canopy Photosynthesis. Plant Molecular Biology/Stress Tolerance/Plant Biotechnology/PlantMicrobes Interactions. Plant Stress Physiology & Environmental Science/ Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals/Environmental Biotechnology. Kailash Chandra UPRETI. Coastal Vegetation/Mangroves/Seaweeds. Gopal Krishna SRIVASTAVA. Sudhir Kumar SRIVASTAVA. Jagmohan SINGH. Mycology & Plant Pathology/Transfer of Technology. Baishnab Charan TRIVEDI.P. Molecular Plant Physiology. Dalip Kumar Year Book 2015 Plant Genomics/Bioinformatics/Plant Disease Resistance. SINGH. Prem Shankar SRIVASTAVA. Plant Molecular Biology/Pathway Engineering/Environmental Biotechnology. Radhey Shyam TRIPATHI. Yeast Genetics and Epigenetics/ Chromatin Structure/ Gene Silencing/RNA. . Kaushalendra Pratap SINGH. James B. Pramod THOTTAPPILLY. Ecology/Forest Science/Environment. B. Applied Botany/Plant Microbe Interactions/Plant Biotechnology. Akhilesh Kumar UDAYAKUMAR. Morphology of Angiospersm/ Seed Pathology. George TRIPATHI. Ram Badan SINGH. Kundaranahalli R. Narendra TYAGI. Krishna Pal SINGH. Anurudh Kumar SINGH. Palaeobotany/ Morphology/Pteridology/ Cytogenetics. Hunthrike Shekar SHIVANNA. Biodiversity/Taxonomy and Conservation of Bryophytes. Rudra Deo TRIPATHY. Surendra Pratap SINHA.356 SHARMA. Tilak Raj SHETTY. Alok Krishna SOPORY. Plant Tissue Culture/Transgenics/DNA Polymorphism. Makarla UNTAWALE. Photo Biology/Biotechnology. Plant Virology/Horticulture/Biotechnology. Molecular Genetics/Genomics/Biotechnology. Ecology/Environmental Sciences. Dalbir SINGH. Arvind Gajanan UPADHYAYA. SINGH. Plant Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics/Food Biotechnology. Plant Biotechnology. Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Mahendra Pratap SRIVASTAVA. Plant Pathology. Lichen Taxonomy/Ecology/Environment. Weed Biology and Plant Invasion/Plant Population Ecology/Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Management.

Drought Resistance in Crop Plants/Global Climate Changes & Crop Responses. J. Dry Land Farming/Soil Fertility Evaluation in River Valley Projects/Watershed Development. Anupam VELUTHAMBI. Karuppannan VENKATESWARLU. Satish Chander YADAV. Taxonomy of Angiosperm. Plant Virology/Plant Pathology/Plant Protection/Molecular Biology. . Plant Pathology/Plant Virology/Biotechnology. Hriday Narain VERMA. Dinesh Chandra VARMA. VERMA.Plant Sciences UPRETY. Shrirang Ramchandra 357 CO2 Enrichment Research and Technology/ Photosynthesis. Cytology/Genetics/Reproductive Biology (Plants). Plant Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering/Plant Molecular Virology.

Jyoti Kirit PATHAK. Climate Change Technology Assessment/Energy Modelling/ Power System Modelling. KUMAR. Science & Society. Environmental Sanitation and Technology/ Sustainable Development/Social Reform and Social Action. History and Philosophy of Science. Bindeshwar RADHAKRISHNAN. Gopalakrishnan NARAIN. Ethics. Koppillil RAO. Science & Technology based entrepreneurship. Theoretical Physics/Science Education. Environment/Public Health/Sanitation. Kumar Jyoti PARIKH. Paruchuri Gangadhar SINGH. Digital Materials (Nanostructural Semiconductors)/Science Education Research/Promotion of Research in undergraduate Community. Physics/Electronics/Popularisation of Science. Science Policy. Anil Prakash Environmental Conservation/Small Micropower Energy/Value addition in HortiAgriculture.Science & Society (Philosophy of Science. K. Popularization of Science) Name Specialization JOSHI. 358 . Science & Society/Engineering Sciences. Bidare V. Sunita NATH. History of Science. S & T Management. Vijay Awadesh SUBBARAYAPPA. Arvind NAIR. Space Technology/Space Applications/Space Programme Management.

L. Dhar) 64th Chandigarh Panjab University 65th Tirupati S. Sukhadia University (Prof.1 1994 3-5 1995 31-Nov. P.2 1996 October October November 24-26 23-25 11-13 1997 1998 1999 . N. Institute 69th Bhopal Barkatullah University 359 Year February December February February February March February February February February February February March March February February March October April April February March October October October 3-5 26-28 6-8 7-9 3-5 10-12 16-18 15-17 13-15 26-28 24-26 1-3 17-19 6-8 26-28 24-26 4-6 20-22 20-22 24-26 5-7 4-6 22-24 27-29 23-27 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1973 1975 1976 1977 1978 1978 1979 1980 October November 5-7 2 1981 1982 October 27-29 1983 October November October October November January May 11-13 3-5 25-27 8-10 7-9 6-8 3-5 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1990 1991 December February 19-21 9-11 1991 1993 November 24-26 1993 September November October 29-Oct.V. Saha Birthday Centenary Session) 63rd Bangalore Indian Institute of Science (Dedicated to the memory of Prof. College Allahabad University Allahabad University L.V.A. College Agra University Banaras Hindu University Gujrat University Ranchi University Roorkee University Vikram University Banaras Hindu University Allahabad University Jodhpur University Bhagalpur University Saurashtra University Delhi University Bhopal University Gauhati University Nagpur University Allahabad University Cochin University Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute 53rd Goa National Institute of Oceanography 54th Madurai Madurai Kamraj University 55th Gwalior Jiwaji University 56th Jaipur Rajasthan University 57th Tiruchirapall Bharthidasan University 58th Jammu Jammu University 59th Hyderabad Osmania University 60th Allahabad National Academy of Sciences. India (Diamond Jubilee Session) 61st Meerut Meerut University 62nd Udaipur M.N. University 66th Aurangabad Babasahab Ambedkar Marathwada University 67th Bhubaneswar Utkal University 68th Lucknow Central Drug Res.G. M.ANNUAL SESSIONS (Since 1957) Session City Institution Date 26th Aligarh 27th Jabalpur 28th Agra 29th Gorakhpur 30th Allahabad 31st Dehradun 32nd Allahabad 33rd Allahabad 34th Muzaffarpur 35th Agra 36th Varanasi 37th Ahmedabad 38th Ranchi 39th Roorkee 40th Ujjain 41st Varanasi 42nd Allahabad 43rd Jodhpur 44th Bhagalpur 45th Rajkot 46th Delhi 47th Bhopal 48th Gauhati 49th Nagpur 50th Allahabad (Golden Jubilee Session) 51st Cochin 52nd Bhavnagar Aligarh Muslim University Mahakoshal Mahavidyalaya Agra University Gorakhpur University Allahabad University D.R.S.

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1987. 1984. 1989. New Delhi - November. 1988. 1986. 1987. 1988. Madurai - February. Allahabad - January. 1986. 1989.Prospects & Problems” National Seminar on “Electronics for Teaching and Mass Education” Symposium on “Desert Ecology” Symposium on “Recent Trends in Geomagnetism” National Symposium on “Inputs of Science & Technology for the Development of Waste Lands” National Symposium on “New Materials” National Symposium on “Utilization of Living Resources of the Indian Seas” Symposium on “Science & Technology for National Development : Vision. 1990. New Delhi - November. Bombay - July. Pondicherry - 361 . Hyderabad - Symposium on “Inerface of Physical & Biological Sciences” National Conference on “Short Term and Long Term Hazards of Pesticides and strategies for their safe use” Workshop on “Ganga as Resource . New Delhi - April. Opportunities. 1986. Allahabad - October. 1986. Jammu - March. 1989.List of Symposia/Seminars/Workshops held in the recent past October. 1990. New Delhi - October. Allahabad - May. New Delhi - March. Tiruchirapalli - December. Challenges and Implementations” Symposium on “Frontiers of Modern Biology” Regional Seminar on “Public Policy Implication of Biotechnology for Asian Agriculture” Workshop on “Natural & Cultural Sites along Ganga” Symposium on “Cultural & Natural Sites along Ganga : Our Unique National Heritage” National Symposium on “Indian Geosphere and Biosphere Programme” National Symposium on “Sustainable Management of Natural Resources” September. 1987. Jaipur - April.

Allahabad - November. Aurangabad - May. Pune - National Symposium on “Science & Technology in 2000 AD and Beyond” National Symposium on “Environment & Development . 1996. Calcutta October. 2001. 1999. Bangalore - December. Bhubaneswar - October. 1994. Tirupati - October. 1993. Goa - October. New Delhi September. 1994. Allahabad - November. 1995. Allahabad - December. Bhopal - April.A Scientific Approach” National Symposium on “Science & Technology for Development New Directions in the Changing Scenario” Symposium on “Meghnad Saha’s Contributions and the Journey Beyond” Workshop on “Soil and Environment” Symposium on “Science and Law” Symposium on “Industrial Biotechnology An Indian Scenario” Symposium on “Mantle Dynamics” Symposium on “Water Resources . Legal and Social Implications of Human Genomic Research” Symposium on “Science and Technology for Sustainable Development” Symposium on “Science and Technology Education . 2000. Krishnan Birth Centenary Symposium on Condensed Matter Physics” Symposium on “Information Technology and its Applications” Symposium on “School Science for India of Tomorrow” “Brain Storming Session on Mathematical Modeling for Glacier Studies” Symposium on “Harnessing Science & Technology for the New Era” Symposium on ‘Coping with Natural Hazards” . 2000.Concerns and Perspectives” “K. 1998. Allahabad - November. 1998. Allahabad - August 2000. 1997. 1993. 1997.Scientific Management” Symposium on “Emerging Health Issues in India” Symposium on “Ethical. 1991. Allahabad - October. Udaipur - September. Lucknow - December. 1993. 1993. Meerut - February.S. Chandigarh - December.362 Year Book 2015 May. 1991.

2011. Kolkata - December. Jodhpur - 363 Symposium on “Biodiversity : A Scientific Approach . 2010. Jaipur - October. Shillong - October. Goa - December. Mysore - November. Chandigarh - December. 2013. Thiruvanthapuram November. Allahabad - October. Varanasi - December. Creativity and Excitement)" National Symposium on “Climate Change – Research. 2006. Jaipur - November. 2005. Mumbai - December. 2003. Awareness and Capacity Building” Symposium on “Sustainable Management of Biodiversity using Science & Technology” Symposium on “Nano-science & Technology for Mankind” Symposium on “Space for Human Welfare” Symposium on “Desert ScienceOpportunities and Challenges” . Ahmedabad - December. 2004. 2007. 2012. 2014.List of Symposia/Seminars/Workshops October.Agenda for the 21st Century” Symposium on “Astronomy in the New Millennium” Symposium on "Science & Technology for Desert Development" Symposium on "Excitement of Science" Symposium on "Science & Technology in the Service of Society" Symposium on "Novel Approaches for Food and Nutritional Security" Symposium on "Novel Approaches for Bio-medical Research" Symposium on "Science and Technology and the Young (Career. 2002. 2008. 2009.

Fiber Optics/Quantum Mechanics. M. Malik Prof.V. A.K.K. Singh Prof. K. Girjesh Govil Prof. Ramachandran Prof. R. Ajoy K.R. R.S. Sankar Kumar Pal 2010 Prof. C. Amit Roy Prof. Rastogi Prof.K. Kapur Prof.SECTIONAL PRESIDENTS (Since 1971) Physical Sciences 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Prof. Joshi Prof. V. Patnaik Prof.P.G. Mani Prof.M. Bellare 2012 2013 2014 Prof.L.N. Sushanta Dattagupta Prof.P. J. Sood Prof.A. Suresh Chandra 2007 2008 2009 Prof. Kushwaha Prof. S. Verma Prof. R. Krishnaji Prof. B. R. Nuclear Physics/Acceleration Physics. Khetrapal Prof. Rastogi Prof. Bhide Prof. Chandrika Prasad Prof.R. Narashimhan Prof.N. P. H. Hari Narain Prof. Taqui Khan Prof. Balasubramanian Prof.S. Nigam Dr. L. S. K.P. Shetye Dr. J. Valdiya Prof. 364 .G. Ajit Ram Varma Prof. S. Mashelkar Prof. R.M.L. R. G. Goverdhan Mehta Prof. Satya Deo Dr. Ashok Misra Prof. R.C. Mittal Prof. Dutta Roy Prof. Ghatak Mathematics Chemistry Geophysics Physics Mathematics Chemistry Physics Mathematics Chemistry Physics Mathematics Chemistry Physics Mathematics Chemistry Geomagnetism Statistica Genetics Geology Physics Physics Polymer Science Chemistry Physics Mathematics Chemistry Physics Chemistry Engineering Physics Computer Science Molecular Biophysics Physics Physics Polymer Science & Engineering Mathematics Materials Sciences/Solid State Ionics/ Solid State Electronics Engineering Physical Oceanography Pattern Recognition and Image Processing/ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems/ Soft Computing Organic Chemistry/Bioorganic Chemistry/ Photochemistry/Photobiology Cryo EM & Optical Microscopy/ Nanotechnology/Biomedical devices. D. Raja Ramanna Prof. Kasturirangan Prof. Bambah Dr. Algebraic & Differential Topology. Prem Narain Prof. J. S.T. Anil K. H. Singh 2011 Prof. Ramachandra Rao Prof.K.S. Nitya Anand Prof.

Sinha Prof. J.K.K. (Mrs.K. Vijayan Prof. Nikhil Tandon 2009 2010 Prof. M. M. V.P. R.N. Salunke Prof. Bhargava Dr. Pramod Tandon Prof. Dwivedi Dr. Veena Tandon Dr. P. K. Sharma Prof. Ganguly Prof. Swaminathan Prof.V. Raychaudhuri Prof. Thind Prof. K. S. Peter Prof.P. S. Paramjit Khurana 2011 2012 2013 2014 Prof. P. Madhav D.Y.Sectional Presidents 365 Biological Sciences 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Dr. Parasitology/Helminthology.Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath Dr. G. Qasim Dr. G.S. Asis Datta Prof. R. Srivastava Prof. K. Gadgil Prof.P. Jain Prof. Srivastava Dr.N. Anupam Varma Prof. Khanuja 2007 2008 Prof. S.) Kasturi Datta Zoology Botany Zoology Botany Zoology Botany Zoology Plant Breeding Botany Zoology Molecular Biology Zoology Botany Neurosurgery Botany Entomology Plant Sciences Molecular Biology Oceanography Entomology Plant Physiology Life Sciences Plant Science Molecular Biology Life Sciences Zoology Botany Molecular Biophysics Medical Sciences Immunology Immunology Neuro Biology Structural Biology Molecular Biology Molecular & Cellular Biology/ Genetic Engineering/Functional Molecular and General Genetics/ Plant Improvement/Biotechnology Plant Biotechnology Endocrinology (Diabetes.(Mrs) Archana Sharma Prof. T.N. S. Sipra Guha-Mukherji Prof. Tandon Dr. Padmanabhan Dr. Ch