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SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- The article published in the american newspaper The New York Times, that proposes an intervention in the Dominican Republic, is neither an editorial nor a report made by a journalist of that newspaper; it’s an Op-Ed by a third party.

The author of the aforementioned article published in The New York Times is not a journalist; Roxanne Altholz is a lawyer for the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) and a teacher of the Human Rights Clinic of Berkeley. Both institutions were plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Dominican Republic (specifically, CEJIL is represented by Altholz) before the Inter-American Court on Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica, in the case Yean and Bosico, when the Dominican Republic was accused for the first time.

Later, in 2008 Mrs. Altholz, representing CEJIL, requested the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights precautionary measures for alleged threats made by the dominican government to people of haitian descent. This was later proved to be groundless.

Even in Mrs. Altholz’s official biography, it’s stated that she currently has “open legal actions” against the Dominican Republic.

All of the above shows that the article of The New York Times was not a journalistic piece, nor was it written by a non biased commentator, but by a lawyer currently representing interests engaged in litigation with the Dominican Republic.