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= Appendix 1 - Rhythm Section Appendix ‘This appendix was transcibed by drummer Kendrick Freeman, with input from Rebeca Mauledn-Santana, Larry Dunlap and per ist Michael Spito. Portions of the beginning section on rhythmic styles were previously published in "THE SALSA GUIDEBOOK" by Rebeca Maulesn-Santana and also "THE BRAZILIAN MUSIC WORKSHOP" by Antonio Adolfo, both available from Sher Music Co, PO.Box 445, Petaluma, CA 94953. NOTE: The following examples are simplified arrangements of styles that have a rich tradition, each with many variations, These are offered as starting points only, not as definitive "beats". Please see the "Sources" Appendix asa place to begin listening. EXPLANATION OF NOTATION Drumset 7 A |__j _f j ide cymbal bell of ym. crash ey cowbell hichat —(halfopen) (open) (with foot) (closed) | J — < = — i = crave erosvstck—=ightou—milletom ——Toweom = Unssdrum optional or shone stroke Timbales stick — Both shells) —— x x a = cha cha bell mambo bell open open erosstick——sides-_muffled stroke LIT tone REL tick (macho) (hembra) hembra) (LI press) ‘on muffled hembra Bongo (macho) (hembra) Se slap. H =heel Tete L_ 0= open Congas A (igh) Low) 2 e * . E = — Heheel — T=t0e — M=mufled —-S= slap B= bass 3-2 Son Clave 2-3 Son Clave 3-2 Rumba Clave 2-3 Rumba Clave