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Allgo embedded systems

Write test cases for a music player?

Adb commands?
Write a script to copy files from system to device?
Write script to create folder inside folder 1000 times?
Different tests for music player?
Traceability matrix?
Contents of a test plan?
Defect life cycle?
Android architecture?
What an apk file contains?
How do you collect logs for an android device?
What are your role in current project?
Monkey runner commands?
Magic box having three inputs one output, use any test techniques, write test
cases for that?
How do you collect logs in an android phone?
What is logcat and DDMS?
Sheorey digital systems
Written test: Questions based on software testing
Difference between digital and analogue multi meters?
Difference between smoke and sanity testing?
Difference between severity and priority?
Give an example with high severity and low priority in your current project?

What is regression testing?

ChitrChatr Communications
Have you used any regression testing techniques?
How do you test an application?
What is the difference between freeze and crash?
What will happen to the data filled once a freeze or crash occurs?
Have you done web service testing?
State an error that is device specific?
State an error that is application specific?
How do you observe memory flow of an application?
What is your way of approach to test an application?
How strong you are in query?