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4g5" (123 mm) Auto-Lube System Owner/Operator Manual ass" (225 mm 7 rs ‘Do Not uso pump without pressure roliat v cerica sagucecnts wouai 9401 aa woo @ 2.5 amps odah oa024 20 3A woe 2 ape Beton ating | inst Protected feomuater spenptinalldirecrions, on tine Teinutes einimn Somtnutes maxim inanimate increments ‘powre maxima sn nour inerenenta Paap output 0.146 ou. fn. /adn (2.4 on/atn) Outlet Canaction s/e"er (ferale) ‘Opersting Preansre 2600 pas (248 bar} aservoir cnpect Bazan. in. (200000) (Gependingon the operating ‘taperature and type of lubricant) = 13° F(-25°C) to «258° F(670°C) 4000 psd +/- 250 pst (arebare) +/- (7 bars) lta i 3m, oy i i ooo ee +“ aif on bascaz2z0N ‘The chassis lube pump is electrically operated and used in a progressive type centralized lubrication systen. The pump consists of a purp housing, eloctricgearnotor, atiner anda plasticreserwir with stirring paddle. Thehigh operating pressure allows the punp to supply lubricant up toNLGT #2 rece, MOUNTING THE PUMP Select aneastlyaccensibleplaceot installationntich sUlowaccnes to the tiner an lubricant reservoir filler fivting. The puxp must be mounted vertically onan even surface by neans of two bolts. ‘TO PILL RESERVOIR PEL the reseroir thraughthe grease fitting locacedat the hase of the reservoir, using a hand operated. ‘grease pump. Refill reservoir ven grease reaches “WO mari locateden the reservoir. Pill the reservoir up to the "MAX" mack located on the reservoir 0 PRIME SYSTEM ‘ump & Supply Lina: After reservoir has been filled with recomended lubricant, loosen the supply Line ‘Eitting. Operate the pump unt] lubricant flows from alet, thentighten fitting. Pesdlines: Pre-fil each feed Line with lubricant before ‘comecting to cutlet of divider valve andbearing ‘TIMER OPERATION Whenthe timer reachesthepresetvaluethepumpuiltumon. ‘Thepumpremainsactatedforteperlodoftmethaispreseton theOntimer. fpowertothe pumplsinterupted, the Offtimerilleainthe accurulatedtime foraperodoffive days. When poweristumed ‘ackondurngthe ve dayperod,theoftimerwilresumetiming ‘omiheaceumuaneftmekreachedprortathepowerinuption. powerisnotrestoredbeforetheendofthefivedayperod,imer vwilbeginwtan Onperod. RemoveSealingPiug(item22)toaccessmanuallubeswitch, ‘imeradjustmentsortoviewthe system LED. 4 —s 7 2 3 1 TheLeDmarkecanenightswhen powerlsappledtothePC 2 TheLeDmarkedfrorrights when pumping lubricant 5 Depressingpushbutenfor2 seconds wilintateamanuallube eer ‘ottimerotaryswtch, Canbeadjustedto 1 Svalues(seechart bebo. Slontimerotaryswitch,Canbeadjstedto1 Svalues(sechar betow IMPORTANT: DoNotusethe Zero postionlocatedonthe Offime andOn Aimeswches. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Connectblackpowercordasfollows: RedwireconnectstoOff/On switch, toBampfus thentofattery(+). Wii wire connects toBattery() Greenwireconnectstogrounding wire, Printes Gircult Pump Board Housing