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A Star Is Born hy Celeste Clydesdale frassie begins ta “The Greatest Story Ever Told”) (dialogue over song intra} MR. SPIELMAN: — (clapping) Pinces everyone, places! It's ... show tiers! SONG: “The Greatest Story Ever Told” The Greatest Story Ever Told “I bring you good news of great joy that wil be for all the pede. Today, in the town of David a Savior ‘has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11 ‘STEVE WILKINSON CELESTE CLYDESDALE ees Latin Salsa J= 112 ‘nd Jeff Lams MR. SPIELMAN: (clapping) Places everyone, places! It' time? 3 mf CHOIR: unison _ 3. Bb] = Gta SS o — Qaw-ge tar Sots tales Sergetar We ve =F = Fe SL RE Sa es in ho KE ho-car Ags aye oye belbes Gastar okies 4) ogordes Gare Ko des es. ae == Es We meg ey d Gator perl = — [= FSS =e Sys-war €s €- Ner-ne Ex \egsscietarrg Gea NE En Sds-su © Copyright 1998 Word Music (adit. of WORD MUSIC) AI Rights Reserved. [EVEN IF YOU POSSUSS A CCLI LICENSE. YOU CANNOT COPY ANY MUSIC FROM THIS BOOK youve qustn abot CCL, plea 246 10 Wea a posis Gee Salher leg, WX mi Ones 4 agen-hes gore Yo~ bos es Esl we ee adyiortes 28 Teese & aske La lec en Wes hed-ce wi-wo yer aver Es AS Ror Sis. lo es Woes \oes “Wee Xe Nered en Wa Wi dod TA es \ges rele dhe REHES en WES bed, @ Nanos \o- &s 4a SEM RETEE eRe my toks QECrher Ws ond u tin Ne ST ces Nes dhep § derhes Gncter Chicos Y — i 4 Ca a aaa — : oe ogndugere bork 5 Es bo meer gheyd Cortes Tenap & Gist Yo Wren waees tegleu by == ==, Ge SS [peepee WDD WE Ln-dede Eg elSe-Ror Gi ss le es EX es \ees-he tle we neede en Na se-ded Ware bod © 62| PARTI EN cslgesttella gge nee O CE en Vo-wedcd Dev de ae (PART 1) De - 0, de - 0, — ME. SPIELMAN: We are rling, Lights... camera... Action! —£ Pr r ~ Se en No vr cd CHOIR: unison Xo- been Sey 2 pee == exbelen Exdeege ie KE hake “ot bon Re WW vests. A Benrig Sie se" RQ Seer MR. SPIELMAN: ‘We're rolling! SSS =S§ SS — a ===: ons rec ses Se Gee Wee ce MR. SPIELMAN: Cut! Cut! Cut! Track falls apart oe Stes“ SB AK Se hor MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: vy MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: 13 (at end of “The Greatest Story Ever Told") Cut! Stop! (ad lib,) Paige, get out here! Where is Mary? (stepping out shyly, holding the script and Mary's costume) _ .a awfully sorry sir, and audience. I tried to tell her it was time to start taping, but she went to wardrobe. ‘Wardrobe!? But, you have her costume right there! I know sir, but she said this was all wrong. She wanted an updated look—more pizzazz for the leading lady. ‘What! (turning to audience) Look, ladies and gentlemen, I'm terribly sorry about the delay, but you see, we're having a little trouble with our... (Sophia appears, making a grand entrance) Mr. Spielman! (music begins to “The Contract”) SONG: “The Contract” SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: SOPHIA: ALL KIDS: SOPHIA: (over the music of “The Contract”) (instrumental hit) 'm ready for my close-up! (hit 2) This side, fellows, it’s my camera-friendly side. (hit 3) Paige! Where did she come from? Where is Lisa? Lisa is supposed to be Mary! (hit 4) Break a leg! (hit 5) Someone told her to break a leg! And she did! I tried to help sir, I called 1-800-BIG- STAR (hit 6) and they said they had just the star we needed. What!? That’s right, sir, they said they had a leading lady who could even add her expertise. (hit 7) Listen, you behind the camera, (hit 8) my contract specifies I can only be shot with a soft lens. (hit 9) It captures my radiance. And Mr. Spielman... . (hit 10) (pulling out contract) Paige, darling, signed our agreement. Notice clause 56. (long list falls) (hit 11) I'll need my own dressing room with a BIG star. (hit 12) And number 57, (hit 13) being a star, I do not follow animals or children. (hit 14) So, can you say “rewrite”? The kids and the manger scene must go. And finally, number 58. (hit /5) Spaghetti. Lots of spaghetti. My dear friend, Sophia Lauren, taught me something valuable when she said, “All I am I owe to spaghetti.” (hit 16) SPAGHETTI? (hit 17) That’s right, SPAGHETTI! (hit) (music ends) (Sophia walks ofp 15 The Contract “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11 CELESTE CLYDESDALE, DAVID T. CLYDESDALE, Arranged by David T. Clydesdale Steady tempo J= 120 [e) S27 78 rn yn 2) Thi ilu my camer rye ne e - = = 7 - SF (hit 1) (detached) (hit2) re MR. SPIELMAN: (hit 3) Paige! Where did she come from? Where is Lisa? Lisa is supposed to be Mary! ~ (hit 5) (hit 4) ‘mf legato (PAIGE): 1-800-DIG-STAR (hit 6) and they said they had just the star we needed. MR. SPIELMAN: | What!? (hit) (detached) PAIGE: ‘Thats right, sir they said they had a leading lady who could even add her expe (hit 7) SOPHIA: Listen, you behind the camera, F legato in) ’s Tcan only be shot with a soft lens. —_(hit 9) It captures my radiance. ‘and Me Spilman... oe 16 (SOPHIA): (hit 10) pulling out contract) Paige, darling, signed our agreement. Notice clause $6, (lng list falls) ' f] (hit 10) mf legavo (hit 11) VU need my own dressing $< tv room wit [BIG star. (hit 12) And number 7, (hit 13) being a star, I do not follow animals or children. (hit 12) (nit 13) nf = (hit 14) So, can you say “rewrite”? ‘The kids and the manger scene (hie 14) rust go. And finally, number $8, (hit 15) Spaghett. Lots of spaghetti. My dear friend, Sophia Lauren, (hit 15) taught me something valuable when she said, “All Tam T owe to spaghetti (hit 16) ALL KIDS: SPAGHETTI SOPHIA: (hit 17) That's right, SPAGHETTI! (hit) (music ends) (Sophia walks off) 4“ TA be be (hit 16) (hit 17) PAIGE: KID 1: KID 2: KID 3: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: Oh, Mr. Spielman, I’m afraid I've made a mess. What is it with her? I mean no children, and no manger scene . . . at CHRISTMAS!? And what is with the spaghetti? She's clearly overestimating the power of pasta. Paige, get her out here, please. Now cast, just stay calm. Ive seen this before. We've just got to get a few things straight. (to the audience) Ladies and gentlemen, bear with us, please. In a few moments we will have the cameras rolling. (Sophia enters) You called? Yes, Sophia, regardless of your contract, the spotlight in this show is on our Savior, Jesus. Now, it’s all about Him, humbling Himself, and being born on earth. The children and I have learned that we must also humble ourselves if we want to be used by God in this show or in life, period. Sophia, sit. Children, would you sing her our warm-up song? (music begins) (to the audience) They really “get down” on this one! SONG: “Get Down” Get Down “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.” Peter 5:6 Words and Music by CELESTE CLYDESDALE, Arranged by David T: Clydesdale 1950's Rock d= IR, SPELMAN: “They rely ‘gt doen’. CHOIR: unison J Yoo Xo le SNeolk EL KRK Wer GEL De \eackeke Woes DRS REE Wo mbes Me El Rede la Rabe MRY Klee ¢ Brvnileen Kd lech [is] crore souo nom sovo , Naa res (Giste Senor) Enos chee (Mrness wr Mes bo Ke hordes Wi) ConMiends: sl! enbron EV Ren =\ © Copyright 1998 Word Music (a div. of WORD MUSIC) AAI Rights Reserved. (2) [EVEN IF YOU POSSESS A CCLI LICENSE. YOU CANNOT COPY ANY MUSIC FROM THIS BOOK. you have quesions stout CCL peste al 134-2446 qn, (aad soLo) Nerrerd (as Nanare) & EL Made BH Moga Reader de Mer keblredc\s) T Lelia Weds Sy - (CHOIR) & se - \e- vel) RAAB = Ae V0) W = wi - Yeo- 21 Jee Qed EL Lew Wes SEN De~ SS a3 \en Vebewebatig. attceke ELC Relegl Rabe a Batre Kebve spe BE Me eek _& 29 Weg ia —= peed fall lt 2 SS Se =s 5 "Radin AR hele dBA = Weak, en kK 2, Veo a Q Pees wt a ac Palleer x 20 SOPHIA: PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: KID 4: KID 5: SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: VERONICA: PAIGE: Hey, hey, what’s with the back-stage crew and the kids stealing the limelight? I told you I don’t work with kids for this very reason; the “darlings” upstage me! Sorry. (clearing throat) Mr. Spielman, I guess we got carried away. Sophia, the kids and the manger scene are staying, and that’s final. The Author would want it that way. Well, clear out of my way. Now look, I've been in a lot of really big shows and I mean, REALLY BIG! And believe you me, I know j.ow it’s done and I’ve never heard of this “humble yourself—get down and then you're up” thing! Miss Sophia, think of a seesaw. One side is down, and that’s the human side—when we humble ourselves and realize that we need God, then the other side can go real high, and we can do anything God wants us to. Miss Sophia, can . .. can you act humble? (snickers) Of course. I can “act” humble. I can fake anything! You want humility? Well then, show me the money! ‘Well, you can’t fake humility. God knows our hearts. Just stop it, Sophia. Stop it! Stop all the acting and pretending. (music begins) Just look in the mirror. Can you live with yourself? Sophia, I was just like you. And one day I just stopped all the games. SONG: “A Star Is Born” 2 A Star Is Born “"Whoever lives by he trath comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God." Jobn 3:21 “You must be born again.” John 3:7 Words and Music by J CELESTE CLYDESDAI With energy J 116 Arranged by Dard dente VERONICA: “Just look in the mirror...” S010 (Paige) ® 2 mf Mare egads — de Schou SOLO (Priscilla) Ne Congreso \over Qd Xe goee Wbscue 1 (spoken) Paige, Priscilla and Veronica Bio gasses Noagers = ow es he bac B “ XQ SOLO (Priscilla) ‘SOLO (Veronica) 2 WAGrscatid we Greddy Reed me Weve Wvskon, Neeser Woo erage, AUThree NEM we Wamd a See me “her” 8 S- CHOU: unison Cabs te&6 Rene ager Senqeccentag (© Copyright 1998 Word Muse (a div. of WORD MUSIC) All Rights Reserved. [EVEN IF YOU POSSESS A CCLI LICENSE YOU CANNOT COPY ANY MUSIC FROM THIS BOOK, you hve questions abot CCL, pee all 002342446 22 es howd slgeeetes | : Nop Rereebeeor, SH KOE BE Weag - Kerve KF Eves \aes © issesimy (3) ontine \e~ Wag 2nd time to CODA SOLO (Paige) => mf Vers en All Three Ve velar [2] 010 (Pri) wk 2 Reade pedicle SOLO (Veronica) All Three Qeclkheod Rone \s ae aves (spoken) CHOIR: unison DS. al CODA% New SERA Weg QELS Cg wh L @ copa oe = = SSS +t SSS e \Ne ented XK edore S (2 A Qe wera Awd Gosordbn Werethar’. XK Aeiore QaCeastanerca Qa Gorardn LT Q shaved Kosa eyes Sremgre conver sp tshord, S\reekes , Now Coro cbeveor “Ys guege EV 00g Derdso Le me [s] EN es \ees \e — Vc BREN Eves Leds— Nv ee Wa cpeneci& EN es \ses bee Naqenactg Corskeo Hockd 28 MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: KID 6: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: KID 7: SOPHIA: (clapping) Great . . . great job! Okay now, the supporting cast and crew are ready for our Christmas filming—how about you, Sophia? Mr. Spielman, if you want Mary, I'll give you Mary— just give me the necessary information I need to develop my character. Now, was she naive, glamorous, royalty ... give me her character description. Well, Mary was a young, humble and righteous girl who... Not the “humble” thing again. Mary was chosen to be the leading Indy because she knew her God and followed His ways. ‘And, we develop our character by learning to walk and talk like Jesus. You see, He’s our example. You want me to be like this baby? That’s right. It’s all here. (holding Bible) Just read the script. You'll find all the answers! (music begins) Oh no, they’re gonna sing again!? SONG: “I Wanna Be Like Jesus” 25 I Wanna Be Like Jesus “For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of His Son...” Romans 8:29 Words and Musie by gs CELESTE CLYDESDALE Cool Jazz with a swing J=150 J-J=J eee ee SOPHIA: “Oh no, they're gonna...” 5} Sion Espey ke la Keced Reber terhen- Yrolemt Dine&ne Sygnerbed Wekavera, “ly Cas oes wi slo gee ec yY soonberg Gisks Xo 25 Salogheo Ys agerdeller Co eek My Sweex Ye was eeu Qyeqneso See Mayor M\ © Copyright 1998 Word Music (a div. of WORD MUSIC) All Rights Reserved. [EVEN IF YOU POSSESS A CCLI LICENSE, YOU CANNOT COPY ANY MUSIC FROM THIS BOOK. you have etn about CCL, plea 900236-2446 26 se es \n ves bekecer Siewrerdodey si Qe Xe logue Bb Sren take NE= FESGPVeLO See Co- mck w@- roE\ S fal b capniets RHIWOGLELS — QgLESOVE ma, Gaske Ye——— sleoqviers Xoqnienner & [2] wok\ No queso de moskror Queeerese SSS Ss he Np dese. Der meyer — Geatesn Sow = Mow Asc Dissuaamen ds is = LS Rees nd ees oe Sy SS a 2S oe — sleep ere Pe ve 7 TESeee ger CO MS EL VY 7 5] mp W- m~E\ “Es- RY ~Wwen S Va ech Rakenudelte emi Bee bine ign verdad Mabe. Cis Vem wit Cedrrer § af Se Casto Xe ——— & leiese Le speresnberanGiele Yo ——— wv agero = Git pe = Nqgeunsaetts- wok — Yequesc Qerashres "7 eee ees® Ser Res KL se Reds tnao \pekeces Sacdinte\e * vetske Qa +g ws sao Qieo Qe Ne ~ Weschers SO cee wR. ec (vocal glss.) x SETI Ques Ser LO HR me E\ . uw 28 SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: Mr. Spielman, let’s cut to the chase. I didn’t come here to actually “become like Jesus.” I’m just acting—I’m an actress in a play. Let’s get going and let me act. Whoa ... whoa, right there! Sophia, woe to you! (walking away from her) Now, I'm sorry, but we just won't be needing you to play Mary after all. What!? What's that supposed to mean!? Jesus said, “Woe to you, you hypocrites,” seven times. Sophia, do you even know what a hypocrite is? It means, one acting a part, a character in a play. Now, the Bible warns us about hypocrites, Sophia—those who act religious—and He doesn’t want us to have anything to do with them. Now, I’m sorry Sophia, you just don’t have the right . . . the right attitude to play Mary. Never! Never in all my shows. You know, we have a contract. I am to bea star! Well, I just can’t allow you to walk out of here. But my contract states... VERONICA & PRISCILLA: (interrupting) Mr. Spielman, just a minute Mr. PRISCILLA: VERONICA: MR. SPIELMAN: SOPHIA: Spielman. We think Sophia would make a great star. Yes, if we only... (both girls whisper with Mr. Spielman) Oh, that’s perfect! (all giggle) Sophia, why don’t you go with these lovely young ladies to wardrobe and they'll fix you right up. Well, finally! Now, remember girls, I'll need to wear something bright and glittery. 29 VERONICA & PRISCILLA: Of course! PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: (Veronica, Priscilla and Sophia exit) But Mr. Spielman, what are we gonna do? The critics will be here and they’re gonna... theyre gonna give us terrible reviews without Sophia. They're expecting her, sir! Well, then that’s just the price we're gonna have to pay, Paige. Listen, God has given us a marvelous chance to share this with the audience. We need to take a stand (music begins) and be faithful servants. Now, I’m not after two thumbs up from Siskel and Ebert. No, it’s what God thinks that counts to me. We want heaven’s applause. SONG: “My Life’s Review” aes ; My Life’s Review ‘in memory of JoAnne Stankowski wine ood TR ee oa put you in charge of many things. Come and share your masters happiness” Matthew 25:3 ‘Words and Music by CELESTE CLYDESDALE. Arranged by David T. Clydesdale Tnderly J= 80 (MR. SPIELMAN: nd be flthful servants...” [5] 19010 te Siemans mp Wander the one ah sorted v Sov Ree yy e- se ake Loe a mf EX Weave A See = Re merle, el Gore sve-\o eve Se & a UVe Me Foon, Yees es -raron ca Kromks ken Sr Qoerw Ee S Yer Des \e y she compra de No 36 MR. SPIELMAN: WISE MAN 3: WISE MAN 1: WISE MAN 2: WISE MAN 1: MR. SPILEMAN: WISE MAN 3: WISE MAN 1: WISE MEN 2 & 3: MR. SPIELMAN: WISE MAN 1: MR. SPIELMAN: WISE MAN 2: MR. SPIELMAN: Cut! Cut! (10 the audience) I'm sorry folks, but we're stopping again. (turning to the Wise Men) What is happening around here? You guys know this part! Do you like it? We thought it would be cool to get a little tension going, as to which one of us is offering the best gift to the Baby Jesus. It'll give it a new twist—a little greed and pride struggle. It’s just too boring as written—we just come in and set our gifts down, and we're outta here, Sophia suggested we “ham it up.” Sophia!? And we thought about it, Mr. Spielman, and we think she’s right! ‘We want our time centerstage too! Yeah! Boys . . . boys, you are the three Wise Men. Don’t be fooled. You've listened to her and now you're acting like her. (holding up a Bible) But we’re gonna do it the way it’s written right here in the Bible. Now, let’s review. The Wise Men searched for the star, and when they found it they were... (flatly) Overjoyed. Yes, they were overjoyed to find the star, which would lead them to the Christ Child. And next, they ... (flatly) Worshiped Him. Right. They got down and they worshiped the Baby, for who He was—their Savior—out of joy, and as a part of their worship. And then, they presented their gifts. (music begins) Remember what we learned earlier? SONG: “Get Down (Reprise)” 37 Get Down (Reprise) “But I, (Jesus) when I am lifted up from the earth, will ep fll men to Myself." Jobn 12:32 Words and Music by CELESTE CLYDESDALE pees Arranged by David T. Clydesdale MR. SPIELMAN: “Remember what we . SOLO (Mr. Spielman) mf’ Swor E x \ervonken & es Cased cHomr CHOIR MR. SPIELMAN CHOIR & MR, SPIELMAN CHOIR MR, SPIELMAN s = PSS SS tte nos crue Ghee a EL Elnas Vamerd tos Vamend Faster tempo «.= 88 foresc, eaccel. 4p. SPIELMAN: “Yes! That's right you've gotit!” CHOIR ov NIAC 3 wh ag ape rela Wo ow, Me GB] WO De \e denote RA X& soe \c\e Renee BtosSegdvad\ battle EL Prdelegl Re bre a Rekrede be YC Bae _ Xeon KOR: Xchecl 2 Re. ve Rede ke WEG ss foe PAIGE: “Oh, sir, I’m so sorry. . PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: MR. SPIELMAN: PAIGE: KID 8: MR. SPIELMAN: (at the end of “Get Down [Reprise]”) Oh, sir, I’m so sorry. I've blown our Christmas taping. I got Sophia and she was all wrong—and now the Wise Men, All these people have come to watch, and now they won’t hear... Paige . . . Paige, the Wise Men are fine—they’ve finally wised up. And as for Sophia, well, Herod couldn’t stop God’s plan, and she won’t stop us. You were trying to help; your heart was in the right place and that’s what God sees. (pause) But, you know there is something you can do. What, Mr. Spielman? Ask anything. Paige, would you be Mary? (looks surprised) But I’m just a back-stage . . You know the part, and you’ve been a faithful stage hand. (“Get Down [Reprise]” ends) So, I know that I can put you in charge of more. What do you say? (Paige looks around. Kids encourage her.) Well, I am the Lord’s servant, and if this is how I can serve, of course I will. (kids applaud) You know what, Paige? Your answer .... that’s just what Mary said when the angel came and told her she was going to give birth to Jesus. ‘Yes... yes, that’s right. Mary knew that God would see her through, and Paige, He will see you through, too. Now go on, hurry. Go get ready. (claps hands) Now, now, places everybody. Are the shepherds and Wise Men ready? WISE MEN: {answer from offstage) Ready! MR. SPIELMAN: We're ready! Okay. (to the audience) No, no, I mean it, really, we're ready! Now, you've watched behind the scencs, and we have taken care of a few small matters. And now, (music begins) we proudly present to you our Christmas special, “A Star Is Born!” SONG: “Star of Bethlehem with We Three Kings and ‘the Birthday of a King” 40 Star of Bethlehem with We Three Kings and The Birthday of a King “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying: ‘Glory 0 God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests.” Luke 2:13-14 Arranged by David T. Clydesdale and Jeff Lams “"" WE THREE KINGS (John H. Hopkins, Jr) We Noeshre Me ke Be-dx aan Wa-ben -o6 Res olan Loe \ Yes Beha unison SY Wo ss- kos, SR-AVESE Mas ko BAL ape THE BIRTHDAY OF A KING (Willam Harold Neidinger) . bs] == Ten la Reepeanrta Ob Re-g be BeLay nocd Te- Ss Norcgantes gnkas Whey -Ve - 08 =n Yooloal 31 m~AS eye POH Een \p. “EF Yor nde mas U 41 Wer rskion xe eyless ssp DA Rese beak e ad cae “0 =<=s Koro ape Salle wend Yo EN Ave \oup CS hes \es Avog les felon, Garton ot, Golo Aeron Woy Ron hamnerbeg Ske 48 unison Yer, Bake ot eh Gels Woy oes ete a Cl Mek SNoMae Routers & deg Salen dor KID: Just as the prophets promised, a star was seen, beaming straight down to earth and leading the shepherds ‘and Wise Men to a small village called Bethlehem. They found Mary and Joseph in a humble stable because there was no room for them in the inn. ‘The Baby jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. It was an ordinary town until our Savior was born there. His light can change our ‘ordinary lives’ into ‘something ‘extraordinary, even today. (whispering) Just follow the star. STAR OF BETHLEHEM (Rick Vale) [ss] sare Je CHOIR: mis, [56] Attttestower J=94 Tse slight rit fs \we Ke Btn, © Copyright 1995 and 1996 Erickson and Baugher Music 42 fai Mes RAR, Ree ver Wy & ee Ashe he Blin f Rake etn Me RRA zr Kreme oh Sahvaks c Aske Xe Relic [re] siome oh Slo de Rake & he - rit ASE Kaleo de Te~ VSa. MR. SPIELMAN: ALL: MR. SPIELMAN: ALL: MR. SPIELMAN: ALL: 43 (music begins) Ladies and gentlemen, this is the love story of all time. God Himself... ... the Father of Lights... «+. Would love us so much that He would send His Son, Jesus... ...our HERO... ... down to earth, to save Iis people from their sin. For unto you (pointing to audience) A STAR IS BORN! SONG: “A Star Is Born (Finale)” A Star Is Born (Finale) Words and Music by (CELESTE CLYDESD: Arranged by David T. Clydesdale With energy deus MR. SPIELMAN: “Ladies and gentlemen...” & u [is] CHOIR: unison asks ws = Qexe hee SSrengee com ~Se es-agd, Sy Aven Quen \usen wh Ree goedtsivas es BreeEh red dy => es Ke wt EL es \ees-Wve - Naa nce.d Ne 30 mM DE ad ane Var heard, ~ yy &e er e speCaske etc, GR HE WrErda 45 \navrots Mend wy Senge ve queGrcle Mca EM Corer 39 f Gade sand Gora Spice Senge conn = se estore S. denerahwsout Nop Besedeicas GS Gag EX acd Keckko he wi Eyes luc Vee Magerced— HV es legy-betle spares fl = EX es \weke lle ae WAGs Gaske vocrd \) KID 9: (music begins) (off-stage voice) Ladies and gentlemen, the role of Mary was played by our very own Miss Paige O°Connell. (applause) And the big yellow star, way the back, was brilliantly played today by Miss Sophia . . . Miss Sophia Spaghetti! SONG: “Curtain Calls (A Star Is Born)” 47 Curtain Calls (A Star Is Born) Words and Music by (CELESTE CLYDESDALE With energy J= 116 Arranged by David T. Clydesdale [4] CHOIR: unison f KID #9: “Ladies and gentlemen...” Cacho wade Bere Syes Senge Kano es\ord S Nene Crees en nt Ree Qesebss ver es BHCVE teno Mew RLS 25 EX nace \ees— NS \re~ Nespe nocd / EV es \geshee-te gh ROSS Ad EX es \qes bee, \aape aes Gas \c acd . 0 8068-97011- on