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Reading and Learn is fun:

Book Fair at Cecilio Lindo Morales School

The stories, the characters, and fantasy accompany us when we are children and
what better opportunity to celebrate the creativity that is in the wonderful world of
books as it is with a book fair.
The school Cecilio Lindo Morales, from Juan Vias region was the host for the
activity in which were invited many editorials.

Bible Society of Costa Rica was commissioned to support the activity by

presenting the Bible Museum to the children of this school. The teenagers from
open classroom "Hernan Vargas", a High School
attended the activity.
The kids sat down in reading position,



how the


translations are made, the importance of

reading it and curiosities of this book.
They showed



realized about this different book.


located in Juan Vias also

One of the little girl from fifth grade said: It is so nice that there is also space
for the Bible in the Book Fair, so people can be moved to God, this I have
never seen it before, its amazing.
The most little ones saids: How beautiful,
WOOWWW Look this Bibles, so many and
The children and teenagers happily received
booklets about values and posters all base on the
Bible. In this Book Fair the reading was
encouraged by "Story-tellers", as Ana Coralia,
who gave a message to the little ones and made
them feel how special they are for their parents
and promote to love one another Gods says"
The Bible remains and Bible Society of Costa Rica believes that the
contact that these kids had with the Bible changed their vision about the life and
that the Bible is not just another book, but they have seen that this wonderful book
really changes peoples lives when they come close to
this master piece which is Gods living Word and that
s why it has endured forever and ever.

Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.

Psalms 119:105