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Mobile comunication

A lot of years ago, not many people were able to comunicate very well
The first was the language in all its forms
About 50.000 years ago, our first native residents only they talked and did gest
ures but all these were in presence
People used to invent really funny things to comunicate
Then when people evolved, new inventions were born,
like those:
Messenger birds
Smoke signals
sea bottles
But one day in a genius thought in a big idea, "The Thelephone"
The telephone was invented and created by Antonio Meucci in 1871
Alexander Graham Bell was the first that patented it in 1876.
If the telephone had not been invented, the world would be other.
It has been with us for changing our life
So, you need the telephono now. you're good at using a phone.
You don't hate it.
I couldn't be without a phone because it's to important to me.
After that moment, other companies have improved that invention
it was evolving, we used to use calls
then text messages
And these days we have smartphones
With the power of the internet in our hands
Those ones are used around the world