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EVENT 2 - 5". GRADES I SEMESTER I, CONOCIMIENTO A. CARDINAL AND ORDINAL NUMBERS Write CARDINAL and the ORDINAL aumbers in the blanks: (0.5 each\(6 p.) NUMBER| CARDINAL NUMBER ORDINAL NUMBER | 17 8. NATIONALITIES Complete the blanks with the correct NATIONALITY: (6 p.) 1) Ivana is from Russia. She's. 2) Bratwurst is German, He's 3) Aki is from Japan. He's 4) Maria is from Mexico. She's, 5) They're from Brazil, They're. “What rationality are you? II. COMPRENSION POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES Complete the sentences with a POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVE(6P.) 1) Her name's Teresa. 2) name's Eduard. 3) We're students. .. teacher's name is Maria. 4) Tim Peruvian, ...cocnn-ne-family is from Lima, 5) It's a Chinese restaurant. ..........--name is Merry City. 6) A: What's phone nuraber? B: My mobile number? It's 07700900156. 7) They're Scottish. . .udasimame's Macleod. TIT. APLICATION DATES Write the DATES the way you WRITE and the way you SAY them: (8 p.) 1)15/01 (~ We write: We soy : IV.LISTENING Listen and complete the gaps: (12 p.) Hi, 'm Mike. What's your? ?. Hannah. 2 2 Hannah! o>o> What's your phone3__? It's 7894 132 456. 4 _. See you on Saturday. Bye. Goodbye. w>o> 5 , Mum. This is Hannah. 8 Nice to meet you. Nice to”, you, Anna, ®_____ name's Hannah. Sorry, Hannah. Hi,2__. You're early! Hello, Mrs Archer. How are ©___? I'm very well, 2 you, Anna. And you? 7a thanks: It's Hannah, Mum. B >aOD> OBOO> 2)22/09 (2 > We write: We say : ay2s12 We write: We say : 4)01/06( 7" We write: We say : by eyes ) was} V. READING Read the paragraph and answer the questions: ( 4 p.) My Friend Peter My friend's name is Peter. Peter is from Scotland. He is Scottish. He is married and has two children. His wife, Jane, is American. She is from Boston in The United States. Her family is still in Boston, but she now works and lives with Peter in Milan. They speak English, Scottish, and Italian! Their children are students at a local primary school. The children go to school with other children from all over the world. Flora, their daughter, has friends from France, Argentina, China and,Brazil. Hans, their son, goes to school with students from South Africa, Portugal and Spain . Of course, there are many children from Italy. Imagine, French, Argentinian, Chinese, Brazilian, South African, American, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese children all learning together in Italy! 1)What nationality is Peter? 2) Where is his wife from? 3) What are the children’s names? 4) Nome four NATIONALITIES that appear in the text: