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What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil? "Stop going in circles and get to the point!"

Using the Across and Down clues, write the correct words in the numbered grid below.


2 3 4

5 8 9 12 15 16 10



11 13 14



1. software that can be copied and used without payment to the author (8) 3. file which is linked to, and sent with, an e-mail message (10) 5. a computer program that prevents unauthorised entry into a computer system, stealing information or causing damage (8) 6. frequently asked questions (3) 10. the amount of data that can pass through a channel at one time (9) 12. to start up a computer (4) 13. 1024 kilobytes or one million bytes (8) 15. temporary memory used to access frequently used instructions, thus speeding up processing time. Also denotes temporary storage of world wide web pages by browser software (5) 16. a small file that a website automatically sends to your computer when you connect to the website, containing information about your use of the Internet (6) 17. a program that enters your computer and damages and destroys stored information (5) 18. clarity and sharpness of pictures and text as they appear on the screen or on paper, often measured in dots per inch (dpi) (10)

2. conversion of data into a format that cannot be read except with a special program. Used on the internet for secure transactions (10) 4. sudden failure of software or hardware, often resulting in no response to mouse or keyboard actions (5) 7. the smallest unit of an image on a computer screen (5) 8. 1024 megabytes or one thousand million bytes (8) 9. a copy of information on your computer that you make in case you lose the information (6) 10. unit of information equal to eight bits (4) 11. computer or software settings as set in the factory or by the software creator (7) 12. the smallest unit of computer information (3) 14. error or fault in computer software which causes it to malfunction (3)

Chiew N Pang

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