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Lesson Plans

10-6-14 to 10-17-14
Teacher: Calla Page (under supervision of Tammi Browning)
Title of Lesson: Shape Haunted House
Grade Level: 2nd-3rd grade
Anticipated Time Needed for the entire Lesson: 2 class period
Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
Enduring Understanding: Artists and designers experiment with forms, structures,
materials, concepts, media, and art-making approaches.
Essential Question: How do artists and designers learn from trial and error?
Content Area Standards:
2nd grade- Experiment with various materials and tools to explore personal interests in a
work of art or design.
3rd grade- Create personally satisfying artwork using a variety of artistic processes and
Outcome(s)- Learning Targets
Students Can:
Create a haunted house using shapes
Brief Description of Lesson
Teach students about shape (word of the day). Show students how you can add
shapes together to create different more complex shapes (a haunted house). Pass out
shapes and glue. Teacher will show students how to add windows and make flaps for
windows. After windows are added Teacher will show students that they can draw using
colored pencils. Also show the students how to make a ghost with their hand. Each
student will do all of this twice, one for the community and one to take home.

Hand print


Construction paper shape cut outs (rectangles, triangles, window shapes)

Purple paper
White paint
Shape cut outs (orange circle, yellow or black triangle, brown rectangle)

Scope and Sequence (Ordered Flow of Lesson)

1. Students will enter the classroom and be asked to sit boy-girl-boy-girl.
2. Students will be asked what shapes are (word of the day!)
3. Teacher will show students how you can create a more complex shape using
smaller shapes (a haunted house out of rectangles and triangles).
4. Students will be given a cut out shapes and instructed to create their own haunted
house and purple paper.
5. Teacher will then show students how to create windows on their haunted house.
6. Students will be instructed to add windows to their haunted house.
7. Students will talk about monsters and be given pencils to draw different monsters
in the windows.
8. Teacher will show students how to create a ghost using their handprints and white
9. Teacher call students up individually to do their hand prints to avoid a huge mess.
10. Students will clean up. (students walk work to the drying rack, pick up colored
pencils, Teacher picks up glue cups).
Behavior Management:
1, 2, 3 eyes on me 1, 2, eyes on you. (Voices turn off)
Tootsie rolls and lollypops. We were talking now were not. (voices turn off)
If a student is being disruptive with students around him/her they will be moved
the private desk.
Lights off, mouths off
A separated
Es are not to sit by each other.
As are not allowed to sit by each other.
Anticipatory Set
Ask questions (What was the word of the day?)
Talk about the up coming holiday.
Show pumpkin final piece.
Students will be assessed on their use and understanding of texture.

Provide accommodations for A as discussed with Miss D: Provide his
own space and a bag of toys and supplies to occupy him.
Place a gate at the classroom door to deter A from running out
Jehovah witness in class (no holidays, government, flags)
Be aware of any specific disabilities and individual student needs relating to cognitive,
physical or cultural barriers. Note adaptations.