Zaynub Abid

30 Slaithwaite Road

David Cameron
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Dear David Cameron:
I am writing this letter to inform you on some major issues
concerning our lives and homes that need to be addressed
before they lead to disaster. Right now, there are several
problems to do with our planet, all of which are threatening our
futures. There are problems such as: poverty, threats to wildlife
and habitats, toxic water, toxic waste, pollution… The issue I am
most concerned about is climate change/global warming. All of
the issues are of the same importance, however, I believe that if
we can solve this, the rest of the problems can be solved too.
The reason I (amongst several other thousands of people)
believe this, is because most of the other problems are caused
by these two/one main issue/issues.
Climate change/global warming is, is the temperature increase
of our planet, which is caused mainly by greenhouse gases such
as CO2. This may not seem so bad for England having warm
weather rather than it raining all the time, although, as good as
the hot weather is, it has some serious repercussions. The one
big main one, is climate change. The seasons are changing,
which leads to other things having to change, like farming. Due
to the temperature rising, it means that the crops/ farming

schedule has to adapt to the new change, and that means other
countries are affected, as well as the farmers and the economy.
As well as farming being affected, sea levels are rising due to
the thermal expansion and melting of glaciers and ice sheets,
and the warming of the ocean surface; leading to increased
temperature stratification. These are just a few of the problems
created by climate change/global warming. All of this is
happening, just because of some gas going up in the air, and
causing there to be hot weather.
These problems weren’t as big at the beginning, so we didn’t
really notice them, until they became a serious game changer:
that’s when it became a big deal. So as we didn’t see those
effects at first, what to say we don’t see the ones that are right
in front of our faces? The effects are still growing and
multiplying, never the less, there are ways we can stop them
from going any bigger than they are. There’s many things we
can do, but the one main thing we can do, is reduce the amount
of CO2 that is released into the air. CO2 comes from many
different things, like cars, fires, construction, burning fossil
fuels… there are so many different ways that CO2 is released
into the air. To reduce the amount, we can do things like
promote cycling. There are countless cars all over the world,
which means the more cars, the more CO2. If people the
government and you improve cycle lanes/promote cycling, then
maybe people will actually use a bicycle. If that happens, the
amount of CO2 released will drop. As well as that, you and the
government could start using solar panels on your houses, 10
Downing Street… if you use solar panels, it would set an
example and you’ll be promoting them at the same time. You’ll
(and others if they do the same thing) be saving money and
making money at the same time. Its renewable energy, it’s
reducing the amount harmful gases that increase the amount of

global warming going on in the world, plus you’ll be saving/
making money. The government, and you could replace the
amount of non-renewable energy we use, to renewable energy.
You could use turbines, solar panels, HEP, damns/tidal barrage,
If we (as a country) work together to prevent any more climate
change/global warming, we could eliminate many other issues
along the way. As well as earning money at the same time, we’d
become a green world. We’d be saving more money, and our
futures/our children’s futures would be secure. If you actually
participate in any of these solutions, it would make a big impact
on our lives, as well as the world. So please try to take part in
any way that you can to protect our planet…

Zaynub Abid

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