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Zoe Reynolds

Position paper
British literature

In this paper I will discuss what I have learned throughout my study of truth and its
meaning. As well as consider what I have learned,myself,through my Literature Review. Also
evolve on the matter of the bible and what that has to do with truth,and my beliefs.
Throughout my personal discovery on the meaning of truth,what is truth? It has actually been a
struggle and a hardship for myself to really understand what truth really means. What is deeper
behind the word, and the definition.
When researching for the necessary tools to write my Literature Review,on the many
different philosophers of this century,and what they had to say on the meaning of truth. It
puzzled me on how very different and somehow the same their answers were. Whether it was in
the form of an equation,or a paper,even a poem it all had the same manner of truth being
mysterious and unable to truly understand. I dont know what exactly I was was expecting,but
not this,I was hoping for a description or a bigger picture for me to understand truth. Though
instead,it seemed I was dug even further down,with questions. Looking into things I hadnt
understood,how a simple word could be broken down Into a math like equation.
Bertrand Russell one of the three philosophers that I had used as examples,in my
Literature Review,believed that truth, was inevitable. He once said It is possible that life is one
long dream, and that the outer world has only that degree of reality that the objects of dreams
have; but although such a view does not seem inconsistent with known facts, there is no reason
to prefer it to the common-sense view, according to which other people and things do really
exist.This made me consider the fabric of reality of possibly being something questionable,of
course I had my senses,but it made me actually go over what Russell was trying to explain on a
wider scope than expected. Truth is unavoidable,it's always there it's just harder to see when
you don't look. There is truth in everything and from what I have perceived in my researching of
truth,is that truth is not necessarily what you want to hear but what you want to learn.
In the bible in the verse John 14:6- I am the way,and the truth,and the life. No one comes to the
father except through me.So Jesus is the truth he is the way and also the word.As a christian I
believe that the bible is true,becasue of my beliefs and my spirituality,Gods word in our
heart,mind,and soul helps us know we are listening to the voice of truth.Truth is in God,truth is
the law how we are to treat one another,not in falsehood but in truth and salvation in each other
and God. In Proverbs 3:5-6 it says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your
own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,and he will make your paths straight. This
verse speaks to me substantially,not just because I really need this verse in my life right now,
but,also because of the word trust. I believe in truth there is also a lot of trust. You need to trust
someone to believe that what they are saying is in fact the truth.

throughout the bible the word truth, comes up hundreds of times. This is very important
to God for us to know through his scripture and word, that God is truth. He is the light the truth in
his word is what we should live by.To have faith in our God,trust that he is leading you on the
path of righeousness to him the Lord. Yes,nowadays truth has been demoralized,shrunk to the
point of people are ignoring the meaning all together.Not paying attention to the sanctity of it all.
What I believe is that God is truth.He is our way,our faith,salvation. We must trust in
him,as a christian I believe that truth is a very important part of our lives not just to christians but
to all who believe in the word or just believe in being truthful and not relying on the falsehood
that our society has embraced. What is truth? Truth is always and forever will be God.


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