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Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award NATPE Dally 2015 . Day 2 . January 21 BBB) Foltow cisneros Media on Twitter: @CisnerosMedia Gustavo Cisneros In 1970, when Gustavo Cisneros was named CEO ofthe Venezuelan family business Cisneros Media, founded decades earlier by his father Diego, it looked nothing lke the Florida-based ‘multimedia company now run by Gustavo’s daughter, Adriana Cisneros. “I never imagined the landseape of media that exists today,” says Gustavo, now chairman, “That landscape presents challenges, bu it also presents great opportunities, which makes this an exciting time for television, ‘Consumers are much more demanding today because the new technologies allow that. They are demanding more and better content that can be accessed onall devices at al times. So we have to position ourselves to optimize and monetize that content inall its diferent forms.” Back when Gustavo took over the company, it was only nine years since it had bought its first TV station, which over the years and ‘under the watch of Cisneros and his brother, Ricardo, hecame Venezuela's number one television network, Venevision. The company also expanded into distribution with Venevision International and television production with Venevision Productions. ‘But it was in 1992 that Cisneros Media was catapulted into one of the most influential media companies in the world. At that time, Cisneros, along with Mexico's Grupo Televisa and American entrepreneur Jerrold Perenchio, fequired the US-based Spanish-language media ‘company Univision Communications. Atfirst, Univision was usta few US. television stations. But over the decades it has grown into ks ia Sead ‘4 multimedia company that has dominated the fast-growing US. Hispanic ad market. I's continuing to expand into Spanish and Enlish- language original productions, broadcast and cable TV networks, and digital platforms. ‘In 2007, Cisneros and his partners sold Univision to an investor group for a cool $13.7 billion, “We have been in Spanish-language TV in the US. from the very star.” says Cisneros. “Our ‘company was an exclusive content provider for Univision for more than 20 years. We evolved and increased the market significantly fand diversified its content, to a point where Univision now competes with, and often beats, the top English-language broadcasters During those years, Cisneros also opened production studios in Florida. "We produce fore than 1,000 hours of Spanish-language content on US, soll each year, including soap operas for traditional audiences, TV series and super-series for younger viewers, as wel Inever imagined the landscape of media that exists today. That landscape presents challenges, but it also presents great opportunities. Gustavo Cisneros “weet your news #NATPEZO1S and follow us @NATPE tall shows, reality shows and news maguzines;” hesays ‘Today, Cisneros produces programs such as talk show EI Palenque de Enrique Santos (The ‘Arena with Enrique Santos) and telenovelas like Cosita Linda (Sweet Ting). Under Adriana’s leadership, the company fs focused on three core businesses, including Cisneros Media and a real estate subsidiary. “Cisneros Real Estate is our newest division,” says Cisneros. “It is anchored by Tropicalia, 2 sustainable tourism real estate development in the Dominican Republic” ‘A third business unit, Cisneros Interactive, focuses on interactive advertising, gaming and e-commerce, Adriana was instrumental in launching the division, “Multi-platform programming is just as important in Spanish: speaking countries as itis for the U.S. Hispanic marketplace because both have high levels of internet usage and smartphone penetration” he says, Gustavo is a recipient of the 12th annual named Brandon Tartkof! Legacy Award, in honor of the late NBC Entertainment president, to be presented here at NATPE this evening. "Brandon was 8 visionary and a reat inspiration to all of us in the ‘media business” says Cisneros. “It isagreathonorto bbe receiving this award, and even more special to. be receiving it alongside ry daughter, who will ead the company into the: future