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Texas A&M UniversityCommerce

Teacher: Amnah Alqadhib

Daily Lesson Plan Form

Subject: Math

Grade Level: life skills

Mentor: Mrs.Buckley

Overall Goal of Lesson: Students will be able to count coins and identify the exact amount.
Instructional Objectives:
Students will be able to distinguish between dime, nickel, penny, and quarter
Students will be able to add coins together
Students will practice adding coins in different activities
Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) &
Key Vocabulary:
ELPS: (typed out completely)
Coins, Addition, Count, Everyday life, Solve
(A) apply mathematics to problems arising in
everyday life, society, and the workplace;
(C) select tools, including real objects, manipulative,
paper and pencil, and technology as
appropriate, and techniques, including mental math,
estimation, and number sense as
appropriate, to solve problems

Higher Order Questions:

How much money do you need to buy a certain item?
How can you add several coins together ?
Student Activities: (Keep in mind the following: Scaffolding, Independent or Cooperative activities, Groupings, Reading,
Writing, Listening, Hands-On/Minds-On, Connections to previous knowledge, etc)

Online Game
Matching Game
A grocery Store Activity
SPED Modifications & ELL Strategies
Using a counter tool
Smart board
Coloring book
Coins board

Anticipatory Activity for Lesson:

Adding and matching activities
Coloring worksheet

Time Allotted

Teacher Input/Lesson Activity:

Activity: At the beginning, students will identify the value of each coin. Then, I will
introduce the new topic of the lesson (adding coins).
"Money comes in two forms: coins and paper money.
You can put money together to make bigger amount of money.
For example:
I can add one dime and another dime together and have 20 cents
Ask the students to add two coins together and then practice activity.
Guided Practice:
Online game where students are going to practice adding coins together
Matching Cards, students will have to match a picture of coins with a card that has
the exact amount of cents
Independent Practice:
Grocery Store activity : students will practice adding coins to buy items from a simulated
Lesson Closure:
I will review the value of each coin with the students and ask them several questions to
assess their understanding before they start the independent work.
Assessment Methods/Strategies: A worksheet about counting coins and the students will do
it independently.
Additional Activity: online game

Resources (supplies, equipment, software, etc.):

Online games