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Amelia Solis

643 W. Collin St #101
Corsicana, Texas 75110

EC-6 Bilingual General

On July 22, 1985 I turned eleven years old. It was also the day I had arrived to
the United States of America. About a month later I started school. I was a sixth grader
attending a school full of English speaking students. I did not know the language. All I
could speak at the time was Spanish. I had to attend an ESL class for one hour a day.
My ESL teacher’s name was Mrs. Piña. She was the shortest teacher I had ever seen in
my life and someone I will never forget.
I am now married to a wonderful man named Manuel who supports me in every
way. We have a black, playful Labrador dog named Tonka. We enjoy traveling during
the summer. We have been to Florida, San Antonio, Oklahoma, and New York. We
spend most of our time with family. I have two brothers and one niece. We enjoy my
father’s cooking. My parents, my brothers and I get together on the weekends and cook
The first year in the United States I struggled so much with the English
Language. Although I tried hard, it was not enough for me to learn each and every word
in the English dictionary. Because there was only one ESL class, I had to be in a
classroom with students of all ages. I had to learn from the beginning like a first grader
would. My ESL teacher always had different ways to teach us. She made sure we
understood the material. She was be very excited to see us every day. Mrs. Piña taught
me how to sound out the alphabet letters with sounds and movements. Until this day, I
still remember the shortest, most intelligent teacher I had ever met at the age of eleven.

She had supported me throughout my high school years. I . By that time I was able to complete my homework all by myself. I completed junior high and it was time to start high school. had taken the time to sit me down with all of those little kids so I could learn my numbers. we moved to Ennis. I was involved in several curricular activities: theatre arts.At the age of twelve. I graduated as a junior at the age of sixteen. I was not sure if I wanted to leave all of that yet. I then understood why it was such a good idea for me to learn with them. and continue my studies. After counting to one hundred out loud. It was a new school again with new students but the same English language. show choir. and doing everything that I was supposed to do at my age. During my first ESL class the teacher introduced herself and asked if anyone wanted to introduce themselves but no one did. One of my ESL teachers in high school encouraged me to move up. Piña. It was actually not very hard for her to notice since I was the only one with my arm up. I felt so confident in myself. Texas. I was afraid to go to a middle school. I met so many wonderful people in that school. I had received my schedule and I noticed I had two ESL classes. I was so thankful that Mrs. and French club. I raised my hand as high as I could so the teacher would notice me. Then she asked. It was not until we moved to Ennis that I realized I had learned so much that first year. speaking. My counselor had given me the option to stay another year and continue my arts or graduate and move on. writing. how was I not going to believe that I could do more outside of high school? I took the next step and I could not have thanked her enough. my sixth grade ESL teacher. By that time I was reading. “Who knows the numbers in English?” I was so excited I knew the numbers all the way to one hundred in English. Because I had all the required credits. one act play.

.started college right after I graduated and I now have two associate degrees. Mrs. or like my high school ESL teacher that brought out the best in me. I want to be a teacher because I want to be able to give back a little of what has been given to me. I want to be there when a student thinks he or she cannot learn or does not believe in themselves. who taught me how to count in English. The first degree is from Cedar Valley College and the second is from Navarro College. Piña. I want to be that teacher my students remember. I want to be like that short most creative ESL teacher.