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Universi Cerrarum Orbis Summi Architectonis Gloriam ab Ingeniis Tollerantiam, Gnionem, ‘Liberta, Uguagliansa, Prosperitatem Fratellansa €2.9 ME. Supremo Consiglio del 33° ed Ultimo Grado d’Ftalia del Rito eossese Antica eb Accettato Gran Secvetary 23.05. 2009 €.Y.. Mlustrious Brother ‘we are very honoured to accept Your kind request of contact with us. We inform You that the “ Grande Oriente Federale d'Italia” has had a Meeting, on last February 25", with the presence of the Most Illustrious Great Masters : Great Master of the “Grande Oriente Federale d’Italia” Great Master of the “Gran Loggia Regolare Indipendente d’Italia” Great Master of the “Gran Loggia Unita Indipendente” Great Master of the “Gran Loggia Madre C.A.M.E.A. (Center of Accepted Masonic Esoteric Activities ). They all have deliberated to recognise as only Supreme Conseil of 33° and last degree of Italy of RS.A.A., called “ C.A.M.E.A.” and his Venerable Souverain Great Knight. Brother Roberto Luongo 33", as only Guardian and Protector of the Scottish Tradiction in Italy. We inform You fratemally thatthe “Gran Lodge C.A.M.E.A.” will have a meeting of Great Lodge in Rome on June 27".2009 to celebrate its 50" Anniversary. Weare very pleased to officially invite You. ‘Your sincerely and fraternally, ‘The Grand Secretary Massimo Innocenzi, yaa