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The Emergency Call Pillar

The Emergency Call Pillar from Trans Data Management


Bright-orange RAL 2004


Fibrous glass reinforced, unsaturated solid colour epoxy polyester,

4 mm thick, 30% fibre content
Specific gravity, 1.5 kg/dm3
Colour fast and weather resistant
Flame retardant
Temperature resistant from -50 C to +120 C
UV radiation is absorbed

Degree of Sealing

Splash proof

Housing Openings

2 inspection covers, fitted with safety lock type KABA 1031

Opening for hands-free telephone panel


Emergency call pillar: 42.5 kg

Packaging: 15.5 kg

The Emergency Call Pillar

Front View

Side View

Rear View

Hands-free Telephone Panel


Press the key briefly

- Wait

Base Plate

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