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Differentiating Instruction Project

Lesson Plan Template

Label your file: LastName DI Lesson [insert number]
Differentiating Language Arts Instruction
Lesson Plan # 1
Your Name: Sophia Salani

Grade Level: 5

Date of Lesson: April 14Focus Students Pseudonyms: Theresa,

Target Area: Comprehension
STAIR Hypothesis Being Addressed:
Student ATheresa lacks the ability to recall major details in a story
possibly due to her lack of attention to the text. Theresa often omits
major words while reading aloud and minor details in the retelling of a
text and therefore is unable to formulate the overall plot of a text, as a
result of the missing information.
Student B Vivian lacks the ability to communicate her
understanding of the text possibly due to her lack of vocabulary to
retell the story, possibly resulting from the lack of story grammar.
Common Core State Standard:
Determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are
supported by key details; summarize the text.
Lesson Objective(s): Students will be able to retell major details of a
text, throughout the reading of the text Dinosaurs Before Dark.
Students will utilize story grammar (characters, setting, plot, etc.) in
order to retell the story, including the main idea.
Materials (note: list a technology-based instructional tool and/or
multi-media text for at least one of your two lessons and provide a
rationale for how this tool is appropriate for working toward your
instructional objectives and what you know about your focus students
new literacies):
Students will use a graphic organizer to help them organize major
details in the text in this first lesson.

LESSON OUTLINE (use bullets)

Introduction (participation norms, develop motivation and
interest, set purpose)
-Participation NormsFor both student A and student B, the
participation norms will need to be reviewed. Student A has a tendency
to be disrespectful, so it will be important that she understands this is
still a formal education setting.
-Motivation These students greatly enjoy both the outdoors and
adventure texts. Students have also been learning about explorers,
and will be able to activate their prior knowledge to better understand
the text.
-Set Purpose I will state to the students that the objective is to
improve our comprehension. By using the graphic organizer, students
will have a new tool in order to help improve their comprehension and
set them up for the second lesson.
Instruction (explicit instruction, modeling, guided practice)
-Explicit instruction Explicit instruction will involve the explanation of
the graphic organizer, and how the students should utilize these tools
in order to enhance their comprehension.
- Modeling I will read a brief story and model how I would focus my
comprehension in the first lesson, by using the graphic organizer. After
the short text, I will summarize the text using story grammar and
develop my own graphic organizer in order to help students summarize
the text.
-Guided Practice Throughout the usage of the website, students will
be monitored to make sure that they are practicing correctly.
Conclusion The conclusion will be to discuss and reflect on what we
learned and how it will help us in the future. Students will be asked to
discuss how they may use the graphic organizers in the future, and
how they could use them in other areas of school. Students will also be
asked to summarize the text and support their ideas using details, as
stated in the objective.
Ongoing Assessment (how will you know your students made
progress toward the learning objectives):
-Give students the tools to make their own graphic organizers in the
future, and
make sure they are paying attention to major details in

the text. Allow students to reflect on how they may use these tools in
the future.