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Natalia Nava. a Escaping From Feat — S° she muttered, Lucas rose up to his feet and bt) ‘D hare a bedroom, but Ella is now having nightmares ran to the door “it’s locked!” he said. Gabriella began to worry. Ella looked through the window. 4, (58 —sreyeted, Fier fe bun ec. ao thought, They all heard a “boom” They all froze. They knew what was happening. Lucas looked at Gabriella; his look said “do something”. She gave him a look saying “I don’t know” Ella was just confused. ‘They heard Germans talking and her mom yelling “kids run! Don’t worry about met” Then it en oo! {vas all silent another boom and they heard a thump. Gabriella fought the tears back: Ella. “Out the window, now” she had to take care of them, since mom was gone. First went Ella, 50 lighted thanks to the fire. When Gabriella got out, Germans soldiers burst through the door Teekily, Gabriella flashed but they saw the window open. One of them went out to investigate, \ Weary he spotted them. He said something to the others in German, Then he said to the kids She thought. It did, but Ella took his place “it’s too dark!” 4 chairs, “That should shut Lucas up. We can’t use light, well get caught!” Lucas laughed, “Wow you're so Gabriella rolled her eyes. muh, see there”s some wax candles over there.” dumb! Just close the cave with the rock. Di a Natalia Nava ‘Thursday, May 22, 2014 Gabriella closed her eyes and took a deep breath “I just want to kick him out or turn him in to the 4 Germans” she thought. Then she closed the cave and turned some wax candles with heat. Ella Ove dy Me began to worry “w-wewhere will we sleep? Or what are we going to eat, we need mom!" she started sobbing. Lucas and Gabriela both rolled their eyes. "Worry eat” Lucas said. Gabriella : calmed her down and said “for now, we will sleep on the floor. We will eat some food 1 have ges a te here somewhere...” “Is it expired?” Lucas asked. “No I brought it here yesterday.” Lucas siggled “you still have parties with your dolls?” He laughed “No just that I dint like dinner, so! CA aan | Sem, a fealty brought some food here” she explained. candles off.” So they did. Gabriella woke up from a terrible nightmare Germans everywhere, taking them, one by cone. She yelled “Aaaaah.” It must have scared Ella because she woke up sereaming 'Y ARE WE sews) htve SH “GERMANS, GERMANS” “WE ARE GOING TO DIEEEEE” “ “Shhh, calm down” “it was just a bad dream” Lucas calmed her * cali ect caught.” He was very wise sometimes when he wasn’t fighting with Gabriella, Ella changed her 3 mind a lot “I’m hungry”. “Ok, there’s some bread” “sit on the rock table please” she served some bread and they ate together. “It’s cold here” she said. “Well we can go out to the village and ask $04 Puy for some help” Gabriella suggested. “Ok well meet here when the sun is hiding in the CX a ‘mountains.” And they went out. They hid the “badge of shame” in their clothes. Their usual Reg, f of 6 response was “Shoo, go away” not telling why or who, Finally, Gabriella knocked on a door. ng f he ¢ “Hello?” “Help we need some stuff to survive” A dark haired woman answered the door she asked “where are your parents?” Gabriella bit her tongue “German. ... Ummm” “Escaping from fear eh?” “Wait here I’ll be just a moment” Gabriella thought “how can you escape from fear? Fear follows you everywhere?” When the woman came back she carried a little box. Even ‘Natalia Nava ‘Thursday, May 22, 2014 though Gabriella I i ied pretty things, she accepted it, “Thank you” she said with excit They all met at th ae \¢ cave that afternoon like Lucas had said. Lucas and Ella had some food whik Gabriella was happy wit 0 pPy with her box. “A beautiful dark haired ‘woman gave it to me” She said with asmile, She o “ pened it, 2” they all said, Insi Whoa” they all said. Inside there was some blankets, pillows, food, and anote. The note said: De 7 ear kids, here is some stuff for you to use, I hope you find a good use to it! Anytime you need Something, just come to my door ill help you well days Ana “That woman is so nice, we can have it all!” Gabriella said. She put the pillows on the floor with some blankets; it seemed nice for them to sleep well. She served a good meal every day, And every time they needed something they'll goto the lady. She had a kid about the same age of Gabriella, they always met and played together sometimes he gave her some more food when the lady wasn’t there. The woman always kept them save she acted them as their mom ‘even gave them money. She was very nice. “Boom, boom" the sound from outside came into the cave. Gabriella woke up with a smile “the war is ending!” Lucas explained. Two years later of suffering, they had survived. Gabriella was 18 years old, Lucas was 16 years old. Ella not pest anymore, in fact a decent child was 8 years old. Outside everyone was cheering. They all looked at each other. Gabriella moved “Freedom” Ella murmured. They all showed the Star of David the rock. Amazing. No Germans. Ella asked. Gabriella put her arm around them both. “We proudly. “So, what do we do now?” live happily together” they all smiled. ‘Natalia Nava ‘Thursday, May 22, 2014

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