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Ingles II

Cintia Castillo Munguia

Mdulo IV Unidad 1 Actividad 2
Additional practice with but and and/Prctica adicional
en el uso de but y and
Julian Dirr
Exercise 1
Completa los enunciados utilizando but o and. Puedes buscar las palabras que
desconozcas en tu diccionario.
In summer, it is hot and dry.
The car was expensive, but I bought it.
It was a very long week, and by Friday I was exhausted.
The exam was difficult, but I passed!
Hanna is smart and beautiful.
The bridge looks steady but it is dangerous to cross it because it is very old.
I handed my homework late and the teacher did not accept it.
Shes a nice teacher but shes too strict sometimes.
It was a beautiful day, but it started to rain.
Exercise 2
If people took more care about recycling, there would be less pollution, but they dont. The
problem is that its the responsibility of the government and the schools to teach people how
to separate their garbage and throw it away correctly, but they dont care because they
wouldnt make money with it. If people were told and shown how to recycle, they would do
it, but if nobody does it they wont learn it. My neighbor always throws his plastic garbage in
a hole in his garden and at the end of the month he burns it, but if he threw it away correctly,
he wouldnt need to pollute the air every month and would have a nice garden without a black
burning hole.