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Your name Shannon Coyne

Student Teaching Winter 2015
ts first

Description of
(Track 1 class)

How are you applying

your knowledge to
meet the individual
and cultural needs of
the student?
(1st 4-5 weeks)


EX: What do you notice

as strengths,
differences, and/or
Imagine really wants to
be successful and
complete his
assignments but
doesnt comprehend

EX: What is your plan to

engage this student with
the material based on
their needs
I have been taking
Imagine and Tamara out
in the hall to reduce
room for distraction and
give him more aid with
work/directions. I try to
make our hall sessions
valuable and engaging
so they are motivated to
learn with me.

Tamara gets distracted

so easily and doesnt
put school as a priority.

I take Tamara and

Imagine out in the hall to
eliminate distractions



How are you applying

your knowledge to
meet individual and
cultural needs of the
(2nd 4-5 weeks)

How are you

applying your
knowledge to meet
individual and
cultural needs of the
(3rd 4-5 weeks)

I have experience with

taking Imagine out just
alone. He is quite
successful with the
guidance of me in his
questions/assignments. He
can be successful when
all/most distractions are

In collaboration with
Jose, I have put
together a reading
binder that contains
passages for each
grade and reading
level. Imagine is one of
the below grade level
students and this will
help him move up in
grade leveling. This
measures reading
fluency and
comprehension which is
something he needs
extra support in.
Tamara is another
student who will be
taken out individually in

Tamara has been out these

past few weeks so I
havent been able to apply



Troy is below grade

level significantly but
wants to do his work
for his teachers. May
have a sleeping
disorder sleeps so
hard during class.

Ricardo is an intelligent
student but has little to
no motivation to
complete his

Armond is also an

and help focus her on

her work. Allowing her to
work with one other
student provides
aid/assistance in
completing the work and
allows her greater
opportunity to focus and
remain focused.
I work one-on-one with
Troy to avoid him falling
asleep. When working
with me, he wants to
complete work for me
and is frequently
successful. I ask him
different questions to
make sure he is engaged
in the material.
I constantly encourage
Ricardo to complete his
work and remind him
that I know how capable
he is. This motivates him
to finish his work so that
I am satisfied with his
completion. I cannot
bring him into the hall
with others because he
gets distracted so easily.
I sit next to him in the
classroom and aid him
along which results in
completion of his work,
for the most part.
I will take Armond in the

any more knowledge to

help meet her needs. To be

the hallway with the

reading binder. I will
monitor her reading
progress through the
reading level binder
passages and

Troy has been

incorporated into small
groups working with me
out in the hall. He does
well and really does try to
participate in the work. I
have noticed he benefits
more in smaller groups
and doesnt fall asleep in
these groups.
Ricardo has been working
with me in a group of 3-5
students. He participates
but doesnt always
understand directions
asked of him. He
completes his work when
he has help and discussion
amongst his peers. Small
group work works well with

Troy has recently

moved out of the state
so the progress with
him has ended. Im
hoping he will be able
to receive support at
his next school.

Armond has been

Armond went to the

I have seen more

progress with Ricardo.
After completing my
poetry unit, he seemed
to more motivated
within his academics
and has turned in
completed work.


intelligent student but

has no enthusiasm for
his education. He
recently admitted
(stated) that he cant
see? Im not quite sure
if this is believable as
he writes very
proficiently and neat.
He has no drive and no
interest in learning or
in school in general.

back of the room with

me or in the hallway.
There, I read the
material/text to him and
allow him to complete
the given work provided
with the reading. He has
no trouble answering
questions or writing, he
just needs text to speak

benefitting from text to

speak. I continue to read
him assignments, texts,
and questions where he is
to record his own answers.
I know he is more than
capable of doing his work,
but we do not know his
motivation mindset. He
definitely lacks
independent skills and
ability to reflect on his own

optometrist and
received glasses and
has been doing much
better independently.
He no longer needs text
to speak from me and
has been completing
his work and turning it
in. He has been a good
student and the new
glasses have really
benefited him.