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MODULE 1 como INFINITTVO ‘SUJETO & OBJETO en una oracién. 1.1 De los verbos que se encuentran en la columna de la derecha de cada grupo gscoia el ue comolete 1a oracién. jente y escribalo en su forma correcta en el espacio en blanco: Tralee truth all the time requires great courage ‘wash 2.-Tam grate ryoufor the floor. read. 3.-L always enjoy a good book. tell 4.- Fortunately, you are not good at _ ‘ Hie (gerundio inf Bai) bao Woah tag. wi rn de iver masa sae sweep 6- He advised _ ‘thase bonds last year. sleep Ie, dnd __ ‘_are essential activities (@ keep alive 8~ Really to others is not easy, our egocentrisin prevents it, $= We love ___ our friends. listen Ao. these spots is going to be difficult. cat SUJETO DIFERIDO: "TO + VERBO SIMPLE" 1.2 Exprese la misma idea de las sighlentes oraciones, valiéndose del infinitivo correspondiente como ‘sujeto diferido. 1.- Visiting friends is pleasant. . TERS ofan ween ascipaiiibonsiendangnagesis intersting. 4. Remaining silent is sometimes @ifficult. 5.~Criticizing others is easy. 6.- Combining forces is'spmetimes necessary. __7- Explaining the situation yas pot easv. 8.- Not orotesting against injustige is wrong. ORACIONES SIN UN SUJETO REAL 1.3 Con ia informacién esquematica que se le da construyalas oraciones correspondientes. 2,- John's book (7) 15.2 Complete utilizando la expresién the same as y la forma afirmativa 0 negativa del verbo entre paréntesis, segim convenga. ~The word assistance the word help. (mean) ‘sky. (be) Tight-angled triangle, the square of + the base or hypotenuse ‘the summ of the squares ofthe sides. (be) a bedspread. (be) ‘the word hat. (mean) 15.3 Complete utlizando la expresin like y Ia forma afirmativa o negativa del verbo en paréatesis, segiin convenga. 1 Apinguin. ‘a man wearing formal clothes. (look) ~ Joan of Arc. soldier to fight for France. (dress) ~ Sally, ‘me. I love books and classical music, she loves sports and popular music. (be) ~ A jasmine arose, but small. (look) ~ Sancho Paitza his master, Don Quixote. (be) 6. Syrup Thoney, (taste) ESTRUCTURA DE DIFERENCIA A camel is different from a dromedary. 15.4 Complete con the same as o different from segiin el contexto. 1.- An Asian elephant is ‘an African elephant .- Three divided by itself is ‘one multiplied by itself. - A myth is ‘a fable. .~ A simile is ‘8 comparison. 5. Ourleft side is our right side. 6.- Woman are ‘men, but the dignity of a woman is ignity of a man. MODULE 16 IGUALDAD 0 DIFERENCIA DE UNA CARACTERISTICA. ‘The square of the left is the same size as the sqaure on the right. ‘The square of the left isa different color from the sqaure on the right. 16.1 Guidndose por los datos, complete la iiltima oracién para expresar igualdad o diferencia de una carateristica. ~- My sweater is red, your skirt is red. My sweater isthe same color as your skirt. ~ This frame is oval. The painting a bought is oval. This frame is the painting I bought. 3.- The price ofthe ruler was seven dollars. The price of the book was five dollars. ‘The ruler is the book. 4.- That metal has high luminosity. This metal has a high luminosity. ‘That metal has this metal '5.- The il I need has a high viscosity. The oil you have has a low viscosity ‘The oil I neod has the oil you have, 6.- John's style is traditional, Peters style is moder, John has Peter's 7.~'gold outside- Be clgsefngar) tp the miarket (2)- 9.» Mark - on the telephone 10.- early - for the game (?)- eee, oe coe Yap man ets ry eat $\ubeeany Snes en el Jaro fay alguaes esioiantes PRA acie x eb lat any word , “Tey mur nas Prot Nemo ci “el mn ye 10.~ Are there going to be easy solutions? (hes. seluciones, Mopute2 § 27-11-% ( Fi Connates ‘guiéndase por la informaciin dada entre 1 34 e | duc et). fab, carve Iesmine ~~ wie Wore Creer tteeka es = Dike 15 ber (Sess wee a Woe 6 conf bar PEs pane crouaresepuney,s 0 Seine AAMT vq due?’ “WL Aer (Te ae eeu 2x0 tee 6 Whose brings are thes? ayetes They eaves lor. (Louise top owper) "efit! lm BOLOE OANE aM HeRE aso 8 Whose tickets are those? ates. Eeyore ov (Weare the owes), os ). De quer Son cao" 9. Whowe pen shat! Wis CYoumrethoowaen. Eee ca ploma Wie your (Youare > oq ate berg are those? Eke oxve—cur (You and Mark are the owner) SONS 15 22 Be Seemperes MINE, YOURS, HIS, HERS, OURS 0 THEIRS, segin lo pida el amet o 1 This is yours. [left e' at ome. : * 3: Helspovekt , but we didn' bring 3-__ VCS" is the blue book ith his initials, i hhas my name on the first age. Yoo? : Nea, Be Nai 35h Si beau fp aes ea ee A oe Be ern Pea tly ETS tener Bey testy epi oe 8s 4 ~ONE-ONES SO casaminen anne onerig pyle os 1 espacio en blanco con una linea 1.-Ineed dnather AAC __, please bring it to me. Wie Gal. WexT FARSTYS! 2. Laura is going to buy several —_—— Ww eat Helen dhoose, number one or number two? °) eas of 4 Lean't buy the blue © NES . They are not my size. axe ‘5. Who brought these _—_? Tig 'c 6. The GAC. inthe middle and the_OQ€_ at the end afe Ulan, tee ati 7.~Can you give me those__—_? need them for school. WO 36 USA pura 8s Five__——"_ are for John, the other_OQESare forPeter. THESE 9.- This OE. is Louse’, that _ OVE is mine. q Moree! 10~ You may take the small _ QUE. , the other QUES are for the church bazaar. They are three in a4 i 7 Fins RONOMBRES INDEFINIDOS 2.4 Complete Fuiéndose por cl contexto, con Is palabras de la derecha. 1 ‘shouted happily at the wonderful news. * 2.- [saw stniling faces 3. =" “Was the way it should be. everybody/everyone 4 There were children everything weno 5. You cannet please ev 6.- They placed guards. oe 7. SHERIT AVG’ _ looks perfect. John is going to be pleased. 8.- Was EVERY EQOA at the auditorium listening to the lecturer? T= That letter will arive SONEXINEL __ today: Don't be impatient 2.-Did_2OMEPODV call the doctor? 3. The prize is hidden SONAAE NG _ in his room, somebody/someone 4-.The patty: Christina. something mga 51 ‘in my shoe is bothering me, tay somewhere Aidqus il finally find the answer to the problem, sometime. _ out of the reftigerator? tracts the attention af a small cil: a flower, a little B can Team cae ee ra 4 iin wea} may po it toes mde ls Monterey 5 Did Mary ada his ‘unt to med) a difergt taste 6. ‘from Littletown could identify John Gilford. 1 Bhel Tand practically. 8 can win the prize, The lckets ae fre. aside the envelope. Tabody no one ved on the 8:00 o'clock train. nothing TM do it anyway. nowhere ‘the table. I painted it 5 minutes ago. /~ Weave no money ) anybody/anyone at the station. anything ‘in the room. anywhere for Christy and her birthday is today. MODULES & * 2q-1(-98 Caso) Objefosqve NO denen unidad. ‘He put out the fire before leaving. The snow in my hands feels packed. ‘Individuo en particular, o grupo de individuos determinados. Z [ PLURAL: OMISION SINGULAR & PLURAL. USO. ‘Trees provide shade for us. ‘The tees in our garden are full of blossoms Flowers are beautiful ‘The orange tree is especially beautiful. Déctors are usually specialized nowadays. ‘The lowers he has in his hand are for Mary. SINGULAR: USO Did you seethe doctor today? Ua individuo de Ta especie, sin deferminario, uno cualquiera. Casi siempre, GatanivOp. ‘como complemento de la oracién, no como sujcto. Tneed a flower for Debbie's hai, 5 Wo ywoo A flower fell on the floor. Una ov co:tade em elo? gah’ of I is examining a patient's chart od oN 73.1 Guidndose por el contexto, complete con la forma correcta del sustantive que aparece entre paréntesis Y los articulos THE 0 A/AN sila situacin los pide. ; 3 1.+ The coat near my blue suit belongs to my sister. (oat}-+iQorC1On delermnada 2X are necessary in our dit. (vegetablej-»- Pura - eralabendd los, vn cus das 3. received a decoration latyear. (Gra Clak)-poMWSION Pow 42 We invited 0 fy. Clow and MV to our house stray. Or and CBG ea Mr Willamsanye Blavak Gores SPOTS Se cath ae roling (rain oy 6 ced love and protection. (child) “ 7.-Tlove init) Borla Ga Indtuduas de uae 8. Ineed to sign gid letter, please bring me =~ from my desk, [have several there. (pen) oooh ca gxSAS | was that revolutionazed culture, (printing press) Gi 5 10.-Did you tlk to ¥- He wanted to see you. (teaches) AL. are seldom wom in our country. (winter clothes); 2 ‘wat buming brightly inthe fireplace. (beautiful fire) f\. ss inies an, 050 [eases dea Eeapcoes 4 “The sun will melt the snow soon. | Theat i world.ewrds instromento: the guitar, the piano, 1, dinner, supper, “Spanish have different “The new English books rived Woy. See Saee ike is studying law. \OXES = We have class on Saturdays. Mothe’s Day in theUS. is hesecond Its fivenow, Til be there at seven | 3.2 Utilice THE en los caso que lo pida el contexto, ex los demas casos deje el espacio en blanco. 1 Did you visit _q~=-_ old church near TWE. river? .s 2- AWE _ sun was out early today. C\ Sat sao Ler 3.-is the concert going to beat ~~ Sorat ~~ _97 4.- We are not taking ~~ _ cheraisty this semester. Wins 6 CHE, _ jail is in poor condition, they are going to rebuil it 6. At what time do you usually have _ccs=_ breakfast? 7~ co Paychology is my favorite subject. °\ 9.0 8.=Twant to go to_—=- heaven. Noyures. Ww al ala 9. SAME. Earth is the third planet in our Soalr System, La. 10.-Tim taking this report to ~~~ class. Yo etou tere 11. Mr. Benson is THE museum to my students 12 Mrs. Clark will Ther children to_--~ college." 13.- Our next program will be presented on >= _ Thursday. 14.- They go to_~- _ work at ny seven every day. MODULES Uso de THE como indicador the posesién. 41 elarticulo THE donde convenga. Le University of Wi is in Madison. Uo. 2.- Quebec City is the capital of. Province of Quebec. 3.-Did you see___——_ John's sister yesterday? + Laval University is an important University in Quebec. Se the voices of the children were loud and clear, La vow-de tes. ave 6- A WL State of Alaska isthe forty-ninth state of the United States. 7.-_—= Mexico City was established in 1521. 8- == Vassar College is a women's college. '9.- Wenever do business with _——_MirKing’s company. Uso de THE oon nombres USO nombres de: S€Q ‘océanos 36% Sec “mares 56% Avenue avenidas Dey gol golfos Tovteusbglevares Rivev tos nwee Mountam vangg cordilleras Gea) bahias gins roses acu anymontaias grupos de: LGKE lagos LAKE ‘nombres de: lagos Cerbeyeeontnetes ccontinentes Counkey paises paises Prov meesprovincias provincias he estados estados Skate ciudades CN ciudades: \shouna islas. r islas 2 Escriba THE donde, a4 aqoeonrwudowne ne 4 Be Ber bot bert our hosand mies on soo 7. My friends, the Herreros, live in_ ~~~ _Argentinalioue\ve Ae More Over = \e fet Union and ~_ United State id i Olympic 3 IM Sovran Fa Une STS SAE AS 4. Tighe <=, Feypt and _“*"—_ Sandi Arabia. ne ETN RAST SS nom coal Spas apa of 9 Rrvine of Buz. : 6-_7—~_Lake Titicaca is high up in THO __ Andes, between. —~_ Peru and Bolivia. . =e ai ‘Ngan is another name for Holland. ymgterdam isis fagital owls. ANH Serre at prempegyerce = ores ot 12 Qt: OM Eee Sudan extends from \€ Atlantic Ocean to Hg _ Red Seain_Aa— Africa. iy +42 persian Guttis an arm of _+ 1. tndian Ocean. 10.- They established a new branch store on _—“—~"_ Fifth Avenue, Uso de A/AN para indicar medida base. 43 Complete expresando la medida base comespondiente Tygy havea pec on he fourth of Jal. They havea pel eo 4¥eQue ‘eggs cost sixty cents, Eggs cost sixty cents, en Its price per gallon is five pesos. It cost five pesos Ge on. 44.» Mary has a piano lesson every Monday. Mary has a piano lesson once a week 5.- An ounce of that perfume sells for ten dollars. That perfume sells for ten dollars aA Ounce _ 6 Apel of tenis i ‘shoes costs approximetely forty pesos. Tennis shoes costs approximately forty pesos re [iy cates ge palin gasoline every twenty-five miles. It gts twenty-five mil pate ‘sts conse pesos. Lette slisfortweepens & Lead '9.- Every piece weighs ten pounds. They weigh ten pounds a 10.- His speedometer indicates seventy-five. He is driving at a speed of seventy-five miles - Tho y omision de A/AN, 4.4 Complete utilizando A/AN donde sea necesario. .- Artist are interested in —- _ beauty. = The Johnsons are coming and we have _~_ little milk, please buy two quarts. ong gime. = What _Ca_pity! She broke aut Louise's old vase. Helen Peters is ___ real beauty. 6.- He doesn't pay his debts. I's _\__ shame. ‘What _ cj time they had ai the party yesterday! 8- Itis five ahd the plane doesnt leave until five-thiry, We have __~ litle time to talk. .- _C\_few of his friends are giving him a surprise party. 10.-Pity is noble feeling. 11. What —Gwaste of time and _— effort 12.- His mother possesses _— beauty and _—_ S"tisineton, HACER ee cosine es pl atl -2-mm_\W thesalad now-Yo Vas (a Cvealods aha 3.- Our janitor all the repairing in our school, ‘What is she going to _ ‘Doz _ ? She's going to play.™. ‘Are you \\ XT the washing? E 6 Mrs. Keat 1 beautiful cake yesterday. It is for Anna's wedding. ‘What is he ‘7 He's painting his boat. 8- Ihave to the cleaning before noon. 9.- What did he. 7 He swept the floor. 10.-They are TFholes in that board now. 11 She alway her dresses. 12.- We can 2 a tall building here. MODULE 5 PRESENT PERFECT You pencils. Sharpen two more and leave the others for another occasion. Ths ‘novel many times. Its my favorite one. PRESENT PERFECT CONTINOUS He has been working on that report all moming, ‘Those faucets have been dripping for a long time. Please fix them. EXPRESIONES DE TIEMPO. ‘Cuando fa expresin de tempo engloba el momento: 30 far Tepeatedly*vepelcdamer!“ordinarily* Ndmananet= justt Justo vp to now ‘always*cxcegr?continually*¢ on} nuamo recentiy* Ne up to the present mlbstoet wen|