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Transmittal Report:

Created by AutoCAD eTransmit Domingo, 20 de Enero de 2013, 03:18 p.m..

This is a transmittal based on planta Galpon.con arq dwg.en coordenadas arregl
Root Drawing:
planta Galpon.con arq dwg.en coordenadas arregladas.dwg
AutoCAD Font Map References:
Imagen JPEG References:
foto 1 catana\CIMG0661.JPG
foto 1 catana\CIMG0662.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0023.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0029.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0030.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0036.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0038.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0041.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0043.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0046.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0127.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0129.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0130.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0131.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0134.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0138.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0140.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0141.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0142.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0143.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0147.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0150.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0153.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0154.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0155.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0167.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0168.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0169.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0170.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0171.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0176.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0177.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0178.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0179.JPG
fotos galpon\IMG_0185.JPG
The following files were excluded from the transmittal:

The following files could not be located:

Notes for distribution:
Raster image files:
Paths may be present on references to raster images. Make sure these paths work
or that the root drawing is using the correct references.
The AutoCAD variable FONTALT was set to:
C:\Documents and Settings\Personal\Datos de programa\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2008\R17.1
Please make sure that the FONTALT variable is set to this file or an equivalent
before opening any drawings. All text styles with missing fonts are automatical
ly set to this font.