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683959 Trail

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Published by: Andreas on Jan 26, 2010
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1 large cardboard box with at least 5
sides (solid top)
Heavy duty Reynolds aluminum foil
Staple gun
About 4 wire coat hangers


With sharp knife or razor, cut around 3 sides of solid top so it will lift up as
a lid. Cover all sides on inside (top included) with 3 layers of foil, shiny side
up. Secure with staples. Straighten wire coat hangers. Poke through box on both
sides to form rack a little above halfway to the lid. Bend both sides of hanger
down on outside of box to form a hook. Repeat with other 3 hangers with equal
distance between them. To Use: Start charcoal fire. Put single layer of hot
coals in 9"x13" metal pan. Set box on top of coals, open side down. Make sure
lid is closed. Now you are ready to bake. When baking, make sure you check every
5 minutes or so. This oven has tendency to bake faster than regular oven.
Inexpensive thermostats may be used to gauge oven temperature.




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