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Within the United States there is an estimated 71 million dogs and more than 73 million
cats that establishes an uncontrollable problem for shelters and animal care services to struggle
with (PFI). While it would be more than ideal to keep and care for all animals that enter shelters,
it is simply unmanageable to provide efficient services and healthy environments to all who
desperately need it. Euthanasia is a necessity to control the overly populated community of cats
and dogs while also providing a peaceful and ethical option for suffering animals. With only a
straggling 13,600 animal shelters nationwide, 7.6 million companion animals enter animal
shelters each year which causes most and many caring services to become overpopulated and
unsanitary healthy (ASPCA). While no shelter wants to put animals to rest, they struggle with the
need to make more room and accommodate the next batch of animals coming in as days
continue. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Journal communications reported that a rescue center had up to
20 dogs all housed in one cage experiencing little human contact and no fresh air, while
aggressive dogs were handled by isolating them within completely darkened rooms called the
box(PETA). While these dogs may not be fighting for their lives, no one can argue they are not
living happily. As humans, how do we determine the quality of life? Does a poor, helpless animal
emotionally scarred and injured from past experience deserve to continue living in sufferage?
How would you feel if you were locked up in a dark room all hours of the day? Consider if its
worth being cooped up for an unprecedented amount of days in gruesome circumstances
experiencing no love or care. Furthermore, shelters that offer euthanization provide a painless
and quick death to animals that could be suffering from injuries, sickness, or even emotional
destruction. Many pets may find it impossible to find a home because of past tragic experiences,
either coping in an aggressive or shy manner. While the fragile companions could be difficult to
care for and too emotionally wrecked to enter a new family, euthanasia seems like the only
option. Until sterilization requirements have been implemented to impede the populations of
dogs and cats, euthanasia is the most logically ethical solution to a disturbing problem. Shelters
are not deliberately killing innocent animals but find it as an unavoidable answer for
overpopulated shelters and agonizing animals.

All living things whether animals or humans deserve a fighting chance to be with a
family that supplies loving care and belongingness. There is an estimated 70-80 million dogs and
74-96 million cats owned within the United States that illustrates the unforgettable and
unbreakable bond between animals and their owners that should never be broken or prevented
through the permit of Kill Shelters (ASPCA). When approximately 2.7 million animals are
killed a year, these shelters are inhumanely eliminating any chance a pet may have in finding a
loving home and destroys lives through various processes that are devastatingly jaw dropping
(ASPCA). There are a variety of kill methods shelters use that not only cause painful death but
could be related to the gruesome killings of Jewish members within the second world war. Many
kill shelters still use ancient and inhumane methods to rid of animals such as gas chambers,
decomposition chambers and electrocution (PETA). Outdated techniques that cause suffering and
pain used to murder animals that are unwanted or neglected does not end the problem but
ignorantly promotes the killing. How would you feel if you had to give up your pet and he or she
was murdered in such a way? Also, plenty of struggling abused animals enter shelters looking
for companionship and care, but authorizing kill shelters validates more abuse those animals will
experience. While there is an overpopulation of animals within the United States, we as a nation
must find a more humane and ethical solution to fighting this overflow. Wouldnt you agree that
if kill shelters were destroyed more animals would be adopted and taken from the hands of
death? Instead of massacring millions of animals a year, sterilization programs must be of focus
to prevent overpopulation, kill shelters and provide a happier ending to animals that enter
shelters each day. While animals and humans are undeniably different species, it is currently
legal to murder healthy happy animals, however it is not legal to murder healthy happy humans.
Although many can argue that the country is overpopulated and many hospitals, orphanages, and
adoption agencies are struggling to manage everyone is an efficient manner. As human beings
and companion animals share drastic difference, the hypocrisy instilled in the national against
animals exacerbates the unethical treatment they receive.