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Music Video Techniques

Introduction When Music Videos Were

First Established
Music Videos made there first debut to the general public in the 1980s on MTV (Music
Television). Music Videos started earlier before they were finally broadcasted, dating back to the
1950s with early music videos such as Elvis Presleys Jailhouse Rock in 1957. Musicals in the
1950s were also a short from of music videos during the era that they were being produced.

Introduction - How Music Videos Have

Changed Over Time
Over a long period of time, Music Videos were slowly improving on from what they were when
they first started. With brand new cameras being invented and editing technology also being
introduced, Music Video producers were able to get there hands on it and begin to make
masterpieces with what they were given. For example you can see the difference in quality of
picture and sound with Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock & Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars Uptown
Jailhouse Rock (

Uptown Funk (

Introduction - Comparing How They Have

Changed Over Time
In Jailhouse Rock, you will see that quality is not that good
but during its time period it was considered to be amazing,
in Uptown Funk the visuals that were being presented look
stunning with detail being shown in the background and you
will notice how vibrant the colours if their outfits are. The
sound is also at a lower quality with little crackling noises
being heard throughout the video and the background
music is very quiet, in Uptown Funk the sound quality is
clear hearing all of the lyrics clearly and also hearing the
instruments being played in the background of this song and
music video. The camera angles in Jailhouse Rock were
standard with just a tripod zooming in and out to get the
scene in frame with cameras switching once in a while, in
Uptown Funk the camera angles were more updated with
multiple cameras and a dolly being pushed with it filming so
they can get a smoother recording without any jumps.

Introduction Why Are Music Videos

The reasons why Music Videos are important is that the visuals that are being presented could be
telling a story of the song and showing the viewers what the song is about. The other reason why
Music Videos are important is that it demonstrates the artistic style from the producer of the video.
The main purpose that Music Videos are important is that they are promoting the song by the
band/artist, they also want to make sales of the music so the record label can make profit. They also
have the Music Video on YouTube and have somebody advertise before it plays because it earns
money for the record label. This ensures that the record will be making their money back from what
they spent on making the Music Video. YouTube has over 1 billion users and billions of views are
generated everyday.

The Purpose Of A Music Video Promote

The main purpose of promoting a Music Video is to sell the song, by having a bands song being
promoted this makes the band become more well known and in the process create more sales of
their other songs. It also attracts a bigger audience to the band by having their material advertised
and promoted on social media, television and radio. By being promoted this helps the band find
ground on where they should be promoted. An example of being promoted is MTV & YouTube. The
evidence backing this up is that MTV has grown over the years, branching out with new channels
being created and also by having their own award show.

The Purpose Of Music Videos Change

Change image is important as it will show the audience what the artist/band would be portrayed
as. By having a music video with the artist/band in it, you can see what type of people they
would, for example Justin Biebers music video for Girlfriend will show him with a girl treating
with respect and being a nice guy, this portrays him as a responsible young adult. By doing the
actions that the musician wants to do in his video, it will make the audience decide what type of
person he is. He changed his image because he could be branching out to a new audience and
wants to be taken seriously.

The Purpose Of Music Videos Focus

I used a group of people to answers
questions about Promotion and
Changing Image, these are the
answers I got.
The questions I asked were:
Why do you think Promoting is
Do you think its one of the main
purposes for music videos?
Why do you think changing image is
important for music videos?
Do you think that changing image is a
good way of promoting yourself in a
music video?

The Purpose Of Music Videos - Outlets

Outlets are online website/programmes that promote music, YouTube & Vevo advertise and
promote music by having to advertised on other websites to show off the artists music and get
them more followers. iTunes and Amazon MP3 sell music online for the public to download and
listen to, iTunes have a free track of the week, this is a good way advertising a band because
people could enjoy what's being played and spend money on one of their full albums in the
future. On YouTube, they will have a description below the video with links showing where to
download the music and it also has a link to the record label, this also advertises them. Here are
the current sales on songs from the last 24 hours on iTunes. The pros of music outlets is that
anyone can get their hands on the music easily, however the cons are that illegal downloading
sites are leaking music for free.

The Purpose Of Music Videos Extension

Of Income (Branding)
Extension of Income is usually
done by having another
production (Film, TV, Game etc.)
being linked with the music video
and also being played across its
platform. This helps the
Artist/Band get more publicity
from a different fan base, for
example Adele Skyfall was linked
heavily and used as the official
song for the newest James Bond
film Skyfall. Adeles track sold
600000 copies in the UK and sold
2 million in the US.

The Purpose Of Music Videos Synergy

(TV & Adverts)
The Christmas advert for John Lewis this year used Tom Odell Real Love as their song, the
advert really helped the sales of his music because the visuals in the advert matched with the
music. Tom Odell also used Monty The Penguin as his single cover giving John Lewis some
more publicity. As you can see the video is viewed many times showing that it is popular

The Purpose Of Music Videos Synergy

(TV & Adverts)
Another example of synergy within TV and adverts is Nike The Last Game. This promoted their
products and footballers within the advert, however it was also the success of the music which
helped them gain publicity and views on YouTube. Eagles Of Death Metal Miss Alissa became
very popular because of the upbeat track matching the features within the advert, this helped
them gain popularity with a new fan base and in the process gain them profit from album sales.
Since appearing they have had their songs implemented into the popular culture.,_Love,_Death_Metal

Producer Strategy Major Label

A Major Label is a mainstream record company that usually holds chart music artists/bands, the
labels hold large amounts of money so that they can spend more on getting advertised and make it
look amazing. When signing to Major Label, artists/bands can gain instant fame because they could
be signing to a world famous label that everyone knows about. An example of a Major Label would be
Universal Records who have such artists like Weezer & U2. Universal bought Eagle Rock
Entertainment showing that they were a Major Label and that they well established

Producer Strategy Independent

Independent Labels are record labels that have non-mainstream artists/bands that have not peaked
into the charts but are respectively well known. They mainly focus on one genre of music, they have a
small budget compared to Major Labels. They are mainly targeting their artists/bands at a smaller
crowd. For example Young Turks is a small label focusing at a smaller audience with artists like FKA
Twigz. This shows article below shows that FKA Twigz and Young Turks are slowly rising up in a
respective way.

Producer Strategy Self Produced

Self Produced are unsigned artists that usually make their own music videos, they usually advertise
themselves through social medias such as Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Example of a self produced artist would be Astroid Boys. This website article promotes their new song
and how they were an independent group and how they were self produced

Styles Live In Concert

Live In Concert is a type of music video when they put live footage of the artist/band playing at
one of there concerts with pre made music over the video or just keep the live footage with the
sound as a whole, This creates an allusion throughout the video. An example of this is Hacktivist
N**gas in Paris

Styles Animation & Green Screen

Animation is also used within the music video industry, it can be used to show what the music is
about and the story behind the song, this helps show the audience visuals of what the song is
about. A green screen can be used when doing some parts of animation. Green screens are
mainly used for effect in other videos, such as being in a different location. Example of
Animation being used is in Enter Shikari Slipshod and an example of animation with a green
screen is Tony Christie feat. Peter Kay Is The Way To Amarillo

Styles Interpretative
Interpretative music videos is when the video is displaying visuals that are to do with the lyrics
that are in the song by the artist/band. Examples of this being used in music videos is in Sia
Elastic Heart

Styles - Narrative
Narrative is when they portray the meaning and thoughts behind the lyrics that are in their
music video and song. This shows the audience what their song would be about and why they
wrote it. An example of this being used is in Taylor Swift Never Getting Back Together, this song
is about her ex-boyfriend when they broke up. The lyrics have meaning as she talks about having
sleepovers with friends and getting off with random people, this shows the meaning behind her
lyrics and how she is getting over her ex,

Styles Impressionist
Impressionist is when it gives the audience an idea of how the music video is represented and
how it can be portrayed by the audience, this involves the visuals in the music video and it can
also be to do with the lyrics. Example of this being used is in Gorillaz Clint Eastwood.

Styles Surrealist
Surrealist is when the music video is not realistic, this can help display the lyrics that are in the
song so they can make a masterpiece of a music video. Example of this being used in music
videos is in Dizzee Rascal Couple Of Stacks.

Styles Pastiche
Pastiche is when they use a technique that has been used in previous pieces of work such as TV
shows, movies and video games etc. An example of Pastiche being used is in Lady GaGa
Alejandro has similar styles in her video to Madonna Vogue.
Lady GaGa -
Madonna -

Styles Parody
Parody is a type of music video that uses the styles of other famous Music Videos, TV shows and
Movies etc. It then proceeds to make them humorous and make fun of the people who were in
the video. Other reasons why they do this is for entertainment purposes for the audience.
Example of this being used is in Blink 182 All The Small Things, making fun out of boy bands.

Styles Homage
Homage is when the music video is paying respect to a person or something that has inspired
the artist to make the video what it is. An example of this being used is Justin Timberlake paying
homage towards Michael Jackson in the video for Take Back The Night.

Styles Influence Of Commercials

The Influence Of Commercials within music videos is that some products would appear in the
video giving it some screen time and in the process advertise the product. This can be a deal
between the brand and the artist or the product being used as a prop without any intension.
Examples of this is Fergie Glamorous, who is promoting her glamorous life.

Techniques Cutting To The Beat

Cutting to the beat is technique that uses the music and shot, making the musics beat go in
time with the shot on screen, this is effective because it makes you feel like you are apart of the
video. An example of this technique being used is in The White Stripes Hardest Button To

Techniques Effects
Effects are used when the video has been produced and the effects are put in to make the final
video to give it that full effect of what is going to be. The black & white effect gives the audience
the idea that video is meaningful and has a message behind it. Sound effects are also added in
for other scenes that are in the background of the video. Any effect that is needed for the video
will be added at the end. An example of a music video with effects is Soundgarden Black Hole

Techniques Miming & Lip Syncing

Miming & Lip Syncing is an illusion that is used to give the idea that the artist/band is playing the
song on the spot whilst being recorded. This can show the emotion of the song with facial
expressions and body movements suggesting what they are singing about. An example of this
technique being used is in Blink 182 Adams Song.

Techniques Multi-mage
Multi-mage is the use of multiple shots in one edited shot on screen, this technique is very
useful as you can make all the different shots match and look like they are in sync. Examples of
this being used is in Example Kickstarts.

Techniques Camera Movement

Camera Movement is important as it shows the transition from one thing to another, this helps
focus on the artist and what they are doing throughout the video. They make sure that all
important details are featured with in the video, for example the background, what the
artist/band is wearing and what they are playing, this helps the audience get an idea what type
of music they and what their background is. Making sure smooth camera movement is key
throughout any music video because the audience will get to see it all in detail.

Techniques Angles
Camera Angles are important as it can be used to create emotional responses, such having the
camera look up at some someone makes them look big and strong when having a camera
looking down on someone makes them look small and weak. The camera angles can also catch
different views of the video and surroundings which helps show more detail within the video.
The camera angles can also capture the scenery showing what's behind them and etc. Examples
of useful camera angles in music videos are Placebo Pure Morning & Linkin Park In The End
Placebo -
Linkin Park -

Techniques Survey Monkey

I used Survey Monkey to collect peoples thoughts about the techniques that are used in music
videos, these were the responses I got from the survey.

Techniques Survey Monkey

Techniques Survey Monkey

Techniques Survey Monkey

Techniques Survey Monkey

Techniques Survey Monkey