article by Reed Davis


any people don’t realize,

but in

countries people are dying left and right
from leaders that violate human rights.
Many innocent citizens have been
harassed, tortured, and even killed by
people who violate these human rights.
In some cases their own MILITARY
supports and commits these violations
themselves. These acts must be stopped
In Africa, Argentina, Chile, Cuba and
even the United States people’s natural
human rights are being violated as we
speak. The leaders who support these
violations of humanity are mostly
military leaders, communist leaders, or
dictators. But sometimes even a
democracy violates human rights.

are routinely denied adequate food,
medical aid,and shelter from oncoming
monsoons” (Shaw, 1).
Below is a graph of Myanmar estimating
the killings and displacement of their

Luckily our president is working to help
these people and fix the economic
instabilities in Myanmar.

Who is responsible?

The leader of the authoritarian state of
Cuba is Raul Castro (congressional
digest, 7). He has violated the people’s
harassment and so on (Congressional
Digest, 7). People like this should be
stripped of power and replaced. They are
doing more harm than good.


“Why would someone ever do these
things to another human being?” that is
a good question. Religion plays a big role
in human violations. In Myanmar, their
government and people do not “support”
the Christian and Muslim faith. “The
women have reportedly been raped and
used as sex slaves by the military and
local militias and police have blocked aid
to the destitute” (Shaw, 2). The local
militias in this country cause devastation

The leader of an organization is almost
always to blame for this wrong doing.
Some leaders do not receive any
punishment what so ever for their crimes.
However, a town in Russia recently
resolved an issue dealing with a spiritual
group living in a cave. “The sects spiritual
leader, Andrei Kuznetsov (who merely
spiritually guided the people but never
joined them in the cave) was charged with
the crime of creating an organization that
violates human rights” (apocalypse not, 1).
These types of people are almost always
cruel to others. Sometimes the victims
don’t even know their rights are being
It is terrible knowing that many people
are being tortured, shot, arrested, etc. but
KNOW… there are good people out there
trying to help. Maybe YOU could become
one of these people and help prevent
human rights violations.

to Muslim and Christian property and
engage in unthinkable acts to their
people. “Over the past year attackers
have torched villages and killed more
than 1000 civilians, while driving more
than 100,000 into squalid refugee camps
where they

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