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Disclaimer: The contents of this torrent were originally created by Razor1911 an

d Tanauser, as
such all nfo files were left in tact, while some folder names were changed. I cr
eated none of
the patches, all I have done is compiled the instructions and all required files
in a neatly
packaged torrent as I found it rather difficult to gather the required files and
for this particular game. I do not condone piracy, and I strongly urge you to pu
rchase this game
if you enjoy it. I however do believe in being able to FULLY test a game before
I purchase it,
without time limitations, or "demo" versions that do not show the full extent of
the game. Once
again, don't be cheap, if you like the game, PURCHASE IT. Without your purchase,
the software
developers cannot continue to make games, as it is un-profitable.
Now for the instructions :D
1.) Mount the first dvd located in the Game folder in some sort of software that
is capable of this
(I recommend Daemon Tools Lite).
2.) Run the setup.exe file located in the first dvd.
3.) Proceed through the install process, it will ask you for the locations of a
few files, proceed
to direct it to the file located in the root of the first dvd you mounted, u
ntil it asks for
the file named "disc2_0.sid", or similar. Once it asks for this file, yo
u will need to mount
the second dvd, and proceed as you did for the first dvd. Once the insta
llation is done, it
will simply close abruptly, don't worry, it installed fine.
4.) Copy the contents of the folder named "1" in the crack dir to the install di
5.) Copy rzr-etw8.exe from the folder named "2" to the install dir and run it.
6.) Copy the files from the razor1911 folder inside of the folder named "2" to t
he install dir.
7.) Repeat steps 5 and 6 for folders 3 and 4, replacing "rzr-etw8.exe" with the
similarly named
executable in each of these two folders.
8.) Delete the rzr-*.exe files from the installation dir, as they are no longer
9.) Copy the contents of the folder named "5" in the crack dir to the installati
on dir.
10.) Run install.redist.cmd from the install dir.
11.) OPTIONAL: If you would like the warpath campaign, COPY the natives folder i
nside of the
installation folder \data\campaigns to the "main" folder inside of the data
\campaigns folder.