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pasado de los verbos irregulares

pasado de los verbos irregulares


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lista de los verbos irregulares en pasado, presente y su significado en español
lista de los verbos irregulares en pasado, presente y su significado en español

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Published by: npl1984 on Apr 19, 2008
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Infinitive To be To build To come To cut To do To drink To eat To find To fly To go To have To hide To know To lose To make To read To ride To ring To run To say To see To send To sing To sit To sleep To swim To think To win To write Present Am/is/are Build/builds Come/comes Cut/cuts Do/does Drink/drinks Eat/eats Find/finds Fly/flies Go/goes Have/has Hide/hides Know/knows Lose/loses Make/makes Read/reads Ride/rides Ring/rings Run/runs Say/says See/sees Send/sends Sing/sings Sit/sits Sleep/sleeps Swim/swims Think/thinks Win/wins Write/writes Past built came cut did drank ate found flew went had hid knew lost made read rode rang ran said saw sent sang sat slept swam thought won wrote Spanish Construir Venir Cortar Hacer Beber Comer Encontrar Volar Ir Tener o haber Esconderse Conocer Perder Hacer o fabricar Leer Montar Sonar Correr Decir Ver Enviar Cantar Sentarse Dormir Nadar Pensar Ganar Escribir was, were Ser o estar

To understand Understand/understands understood Entender

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