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846 7 Street Apt. A
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Bowling Green, OH
Expected Graduation May 2015

15465 County Road M1
Napoleon, OH 43545

Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
Current Grade Point Average: 3.86

Henry County Hospital

Napoleon, OH
Dietary Aide

May 2013-Present
Use knowledge of diets to prepare patient meals
Member of tray line, dish room, and cafeteria teams to assemble, provide, and serve food for patients and employees
Provide a pleasant experience to patients to ensure satisfaction

Riverview Frosty Boy

Senior Server

Ensure customer satisfaction through quality of purchases and service
Lead and oversees employees, which involves to resolving issues and monitoring efficiency of workers

Napoleon, OH
May 2009-Present

St. Aloysius School

Bowling Green, OH
January 2013 - Present


Co-manage after school care program for 40-60 children ages K-8

Create a positive and educational environment

Provide direction for rule and policy enforcement to workers and children on a regular basis

Henry County Hospital

Napoleon, OH

May 2014 - Present

Assist Dietitian in creating and delivery presentations at various events. Past presentation topics include:
o Womens Health Night
o Employee Wellness Nutrition 411
o Kids Cooking demonstration at Holgate Middle School

Assist Dietitian plan and organize educational tools and materials for patients

Shadow Dietitian in inpatient and outpatient settings

Keep current on nutrition-related topics by attending educational classes on breastfeeding and viewing webinars

Launched and manage hospitals Pinterest page for nutrition education for employees and the community

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BGSU: Bowling Green, OH
Data Collector/Assistant

November 2014 - Present

Collect data related to weight, height, BMI, body fat %, and taste change in freshman participants

Trained on using BodPod and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machines

Developed recipe to be used in upcoming research study


Napoleon, OH

February 2015 - Present

Help set up and prepare food as well as attend breastfeeding support group

Assisted with height and weight measurements for the "Help Me Grow" screening for children

Literacy in the Park


Planned and created a presentation board on Mindful Eating for children

Interacted with children and parents by discussing the topic of Mindful Eating

BGSU: Bowling Green, OH

April 2014

Wood County Committee on Aging

Bowling Green, OH

February 2014
8 hours of supervised service learning with meal preparing, meal packaging, Meals on Wheels, and congregate meals.

30th Annual SCAN Symposium

Huron, OH
Attendee and Volunteer

June 2014

Represented at booth for Sport Dietetics -USA to promote sport nutrition lifestyles

Educated on current nutrition information related to sports, cardiovascular, and wellness nutrition

Wood County Hospital Health Fair

Bowling Green, OH

June 2014

Assisted Dietitian in determining patients height, weight, BMI, and % body fat

Owens Corning Health Fair

Toledo, OH

May 2014

Interacted with employees discussing Mindful Eating and provided answers to nutrition-related questions

Leadership Academy 2014

BGSU: Bowling Green, OH

November 2014

Premier Annual Leadership Conference consisting of small group sessions targeted on leadership development

Partook in workshops to develop and determine necessary skill sets to achieve personal and professional success

Food For Thought

Crossroads Church: Ottawa Lake, MI

November 2014

Helped set up mobile food pantry as well as assist participants in food selection

6th Annual Food and Nutrition Symposium

BGSU: Bowling Green, OH

November 2014

Attended conference on contemporary and current topics in nutrition

11th Annual Improving Perinatal Care

ProMedica St. Lukes Hospital: Maumee, OH

December 2014

Attended conference on current breastfeeding practices and relations to maternal and infant health and nutrition


ServSafe Certified

CITI Training Biomedical Research with Human Subjects

2012 Present

2014 Present

2012 Present


Student Nutrition Association

2014 Present

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN)

2012 Present