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Cauguiran, Ruechelle Marish M.

POLSTR W 6-9pm

J.P Morgan Chase & Co.

Performance Areas

Business Objectives

1. Growth

Introduce one new product to attract new


2. Productivity

Decrease cost of electronic banking by 10%

3. Employees

To increase incentives for excellent employees

by 5%

4. Profitabilty

To increase profit of investment banking by 8%

5. Shareholders Wealth

To increase dividends by 2%

6. Social Responsibility

Allocate 5% of income to JP Morgan Charity


7. Reputation

Do not allow reputation index to decrease by

any more than 4%

8. Market Position

Increase market share by 10% of existing share

9. Technological Position

Increase demand for mobile access to financial

services products and banking by at least 10%