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a as & Writing Guide Formal letters ‘An international TV company is planning to make a series of programmes, in English, about issues of interest to young people around the world. Could you help to present it? If so, write and tell us phrase bank Starting your letter Dear Si/Madam 1am writing to apply for + which a issues you think we should include, Bam wating to you aboutiwith regard to ae ‘Giving personal information hry we should choose you to preset the srs, scteen studing forthe pat yrs Write your letter of application. ap et 18 seo Sc Concuding jegin with ‘Dear ..” and use ‘Sir/Madam’ or hope my aplication wil aplication wll met with yout approval "To whom it may concem” if you don’t know the Me icetiinadmemntomsen oe {hope you wil find ths information of use BE Yours nutlyvours sincerely Give your reason for writing, Use linking phrases where appropriate. Close your letter with a set phrase. Finish with “Yours faithfully’ if you don't know the person's name or “Yours sincerely" if you do. Start a new paragraph when you change topic. 7 Letters of application require a formal style, Dear Sie or Madam (1) 1am writing to apply for the post af presenter for your fortheaming series. (2) ‘am twenty years old and forthe past two years | have baen working as a journalist fora oval newspaper. As the writer ofthe ‘Youth Today’ section, | spend a lot oftime interviewing Youn people on esis they nd important, In my free time belong to a drama group and hove peyed fraor roles in various shows 80 would be very much at ease in front ofan audience, Language ‘auld not be a problem since (3] my mother is English and 1am bilingual ‘The three issues | believe we must covor inthis series are relationships, heath, and careers. the relationships programme, we could deal wit possible areas of confit such a9 wth family aa triends, v9 well 2¢ (3) gi or boyfriends, Most young people have difficulties with relationships at some time therefore (3) 1am sure they would enjoy a focus on this issue. AS regards (3) health snost young people worry about how they look, guaranteeing that a programme giving advee and suggestions n this area would go down wel Finally (8), onthe issue of careers, I now 201 of young people worry about what Kind of profession thy should enter 90 8 programme tat gies them advice and information about this would, | think, have a strong appeal ‘hope you wil se mo asa sutable presenter anc that you Ike my ideas forthe programmes {ook forwara to hearing from you. () Yours fit (©) Miranda Jimenez. Writing Guide FU Contributions Atices — ——————EO——— irs sé s ;slttiazésS™ Competition entries Essays